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1, Report #1097300
Nov 06 2013
04:35 AM
Entity: Manchester, Internet
2, Report #973502
Nov 25 2012
05:46 PM casino 888 sister casinos RIPP OFF CASINOS , Internet casino, do not use, they offer you deposit bonuses and then come up with part payment deposit bonus, have you ever in your life heard of this before, iv not and iv been around alot at casinos, ripp off, there apart of casino on net, 888 sister casinos, be aware of there sick tatics on deposits and if you want to cash out? lol, well the best bof luck,  STAY AWAY
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #808062
Dec 12 2011
07:11 AM
Club World Casinos Manhattan Slots Blocked account. No refunds. Internet
Simply: Accounts blocked. No refunds. No reason for blocked accounts. No mail response. Steal money. No explanations.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1159677
Jul 05 2014
06:07 AM
Station Casinos GVR, Sunset Station, Fiesta Henderson, Wildfires. GREEN VALLEY RANCH / SUNSET STATION / WILDFIRES Henderson NV
If you plan a visit to Las Vegas, avoid the following casino's : GVR aka Green Valley Ranch, Sunset Station, Fiesta Henderson and any Wildfire casino. They have tighten the machines up so bad that you will never return. First of all don't say I never warned you about them. Green Valley and Sunset Station particularly have changed management and have been stealing from locals for sometime now. They are thieves and as well know gambling is at our own risk however that said, you can avoid being trapped by these certain casino's.Station casino's are at it once again cheating players out of money faster than they know. The service is horrible at the restaurants as well. They went into bankruptcy once before and are heading that way now hence why they are taking in more money. They need to cover losses and they are doing it at the expense of players. They do not like locals in fact they scam them every month with tons of worthless mailers and a point system that is not worth playing for. They have taken away many perks and so if you decide to play go anywhere besides a Station Casino.Gambling is fun if they let you win a little to play but not when they do it deliberatly. STATION CASINO'S STEAL DAILY FROM PLAYERS!!! 
Entity: Select State/Province
5, Report #148121
Jun 30 2005
05:46 PM
Casino Classic, golden Palace, online Casinos ripoff TWO CASINOS ROBBED ME IN TWO DAYS Internet
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1102880
Nov 28 2013
06:26 PM
Wildfire Casinos / Green Valley Ranch Station Casinos Unethical Business Practices by Station Casinos las vegas Nevada
Station Casinos at it once again tightening the machines to a point of illegal operation! The Nevada gaming board should investigate all Station properties especially Wildfires, Sunset Station,  Fiesta's, and Green Valley Ranch. They have not been paying according to Nevada law and is under suspicion by locals. It is one thing to play for entertainment but it is another when the casino deliberatly scams locals on machines. The players card is one of the triggers the company uses to track where you play and this we believe is wrong and an invasion of our privacy.**ATTENTION LAS VEGAS LOCALS!**DO NOT PLAY AT STATION CASINO PROPERTIES BECAUSE THEY ARE  SCAMMING LOCALS. THEY EVEN FORCE LOCALS TO PLAY A MINIMUM OF 5 POINTS BEFORE A SWIPE AND WIN ON THE MAILERS. DO NOT BE LURED INTO THIS SCAM!!! IT IS NOT WORTH LOSING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THIS CORRUPT CASINO COMPANY. **TOURISTS VISITING LAS VEGAS BEWAARE!**TOURISTS BEWARE OF PLAYING  AT ANY STATION CASINO PROPERTY WHICH INCLUDE : PALACE STATION, SUNSET STATION,  WILDFIRES, FIESTA'S, GREEN VALLEY RANCH, OR RED ROCK! THIS CASINO COMPANY IS CORRUPT AND HAS BAD MANAGEMENT. THESE NEW MANAGERS HAVE TIGHTEN UP THE MACHINES AND DO NOT PAY WELL. YOU ARE BETTER OFF PLAYNG ON THE STRIP. IN ADDITION STAY AWAY FROM ANY BOULDER HIGHWAY CASINO AS WELL!!!
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
7, Report #331034
May 07 2008
01:49 AM
Jet Casinos They ripped off Internet
We created a website, from scratch (images, creative and code) and it has been blatantly ripped off by I have no information on this casino, so it is hard to find out anything about them. Any help or advice would be lovely, as this could damage us on Search engines. James LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
8, Report #561004
Jan 27 2010
09:03 PM
Terribles Casinos Whiskey Pete's Buffalo Bills Charged for movies we did not watch Internet
 We stayed at Terrible's Casino in Primm NV on two separate dates in 2009. We received an offer in the mail in October for two free nights and a Kenny Rogers concert. Also another offer in November that stated two free nights and $100 to spend at the Fashion Valley Outlets connected with Terrible's Casino. The offer for the outlet stated that for a predetermined amount of points we would get another $50 to spend in the outlet. When we went to Redeem the points we were told that they had not been used the first day and therefore were not valid. We were never made aware of this fact. we were also told at that time that we could not use our $100.00 at the mall because it had expired at midnight the day before. Both times upon checkout we were told we did not owe anything. When we received our credit card bill it had charges on it both times Once from Buffalo Bill's and once from Whiskey Pete's. I then called the casino accounting department and was told that we should not have been charged that all was comp. I Was told by a lady in the accounting department that the erroneous charges would be removed at once. To this day they have never been taken off our credit card bill. I have called several times to no avail. The last time I spoke with someone they said we had watched movies that totaled over $70.00 and were being charged accordingly. We never go to a casino to watch movies. Upon seeing the charges on our credit card bill we contacted Chase and filed a report to have the charges removed. We received a letter from the credit card company stating they had contacted the casino and were told we had watched movies and would not remove the charges. I feel the burden of proof lies on the casino to prove we did watch movies. Terrible's has lost three great customers. We will never return.  
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1612
Jan 02 2002
12:00 AM =
while trying to purchase tickets at we were under the impression that we had the right to confirm the tickets that we were being offered,but unfortunatly we were given tickets that would totally screw are trip and now we must pay 300.00 or more becasue they wont let us move our departure times. so anyone out their want to protect themselves just stay away from If you want to help send a friendly shoveit to them at, thank you! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1874
Apr 18 2000
12:00 AM
Internet Casinos Don't Payoff
Bewawre of the call of the Internet Casinos of big pay-offs! They don't always pay what they say. is a prime example of this! They list there rules and do not adhere to them. They say they pay true odds but don't. They claim they have knowledgeable,helpful, friendly customer service representatives and all I found was that they were friendly. I complained to them about not paying what they advertise. ie: you can bet 3 times your wager on Odds bets, Odds Bets are on/off during come out rolls(standard practice in the gambling industry) and payouts were not at true odds. Their reponse was; After thorough investigation of your claims, our team of Computer Technicians has determined that all of the Casino rules were adhered to in your game transactions. However, the misunderstanding you encountered has prompted us to look into revising the rules to ensure that they are more clearly stated. Thanks for your valuable feed-back. This is what I received after 6 days of emails! They offered an all expenses paid 3 day 2 night Vegas vacation for signing up but have failed to deliver on that promise also.My overall experience with this online gambling establishment was at the very least infuriating! Here is another example of their knowledgeable staff after I complained again; I do not fully understand what may have happened as I am fairly new here and Craps is not my strongest area, knowledge wise. I'm going to investigate the gaming transactions and if I am not fully satisfied with my conclusion or want verification I will forward everything I found to another representative that will be in tomorrow so they can continue the investigation. This is a speedy response? My problem started on a Friday night and I didn't receive an answer until Tuesday! How about this one? Really shows alot about this site; I acknowledge that the difference between each of these bets is not clearly explained in the Placemybet rules page.We are now in the process of revising and republishing the Craps Rules page at Placemybet to ensure that such a misunderstanding does not occur again. Closing the barn after the horse is gone? It seems to me that a site that is involved with handling peoples money would have their rules clear and concise. However, I have visited the site to check if they have indeed changed the rules or claified them and they have not. I have been to other Gaming sites and what I noticed as far as pay-offs are concerned is that others have a decimal point for paying you TRUE ODDS. PlaceMyBet has these decimal points too, However they do not use them! Instead they keep the difference. They do not tell you that you have to wager a cetain amount to receive true odds. So what they do is net a neat little profit on each wager, whether you win or lose, they make money! Point at stake, you bet $3.00 and you are to receive 6 to 5 odds. you win! Great right? Not exactly, because they pay you only $3.00!! True Odds should be $3.60, so they neatly pocket the .60! You bet $4.00 at 6 to 5 they pay you $4.00, they pocket .80! Hmmmm they made $1.40 win you win!! Does that sound correct? My advice to all is beware of what is said and what actually happens. If you are going to gamble on the net start with a small deposit and see what happens first before risking more than what you already do when you gamble. Here is a little update. 3 days after filing this report I was contacted via email saying that they were sorry I hadn't recieved my vacation package that was a bonus' for new players. They said that they needed my address!!!!! That info was given along with my email address when I joined. Funny how they can have one but not the other. Anyway, 8 days later I still have not received anything. Definitely beware of this site. I went back over my files and found that I had contacted them 15 times via email and still never got all my questions answered. Does this sound like someone you want to do business with? Think twice before you venture out into the so called fair gaming world.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #433723
Mar 13 2009
12:26 AM
Station Casinos they fill you with happy talk, until the Truth comes out Las Vegas Nevada
I worked for station casinos in 2006. The probation time was 90 days. On the 89th day of my employment, I was phoned by my supervisor and he asked me to come into the Station casino (Red Rock) I was based. I worked at several of their properties and was treated fairly at some and treated very poorly at others. I was an entertainment technician, doing setups for outdoor concerts. I worked my tail off getting ready for Red Rock's grand opening in April of '06. With the exception of my supervisor, I was virtually ignored by other Team Members, finding them unfriendly and totally lacking in humor and helpfulness. I was laid of on the 89th day. On the 90th day, I would have been permanently hired. The reasons for my layoff were extremely vague. the supervisor said that I did a great job, but was lacking in one area of wireless monitor systems. At no time during my employment, was I offered anything but a manual for the mixer (Yamaha DM 2000), where a brief tutorial, without interruptions would have done the trick. However, a cutthroat attitude existed and, literally, some of the other techs hardly ever talked to me and I was treated as an outcast from day 1. I was harrassed at other Station Casino properties, where they would send me to fill in. I was given no chance to demonstrate my skills and, despite what I was told during orientation, there was nobody who would help me. The entertainment directors (higher ups) treated me as an inferior person. I have never had problems in the workplace, yet trouble found me at each turn, with the exception of Texas Station, where I was treated with respect. During orientation, we were advised to stear clear of union organizers. As I was laid off, I understood why. They want no protection for their employees. I used to frequent the Santa Fe (before Stations took it over). It was a friendly atmosphere and I spent time at the bar on several occassions, talking with the owner, Mr. Lowden, who is a first-class person. When Stations took over the Santa Fe, they changed the payout, glitzed the place up and, essentially ruined a great local atmosphere. They will take every last cent from a gambler, something that Mr. Lowden would never allow to happen. I believe (I have no proof), that their player's club cards actually trigger CD Roms, making it impossible to ever win at an electronic machine. In the Lowden days, they offered $2 more...$5 minimum. The staff is uncaring (with the exception of a few oldtimers who stayed on after the switch). It's not difficult to see how the greed of the Stations' owners ended the company in bankruptcy. They have legally stolen from the locals. Finally, the sign at the Fiesta (Royal Flush Capital of the World) was taken down, because it simply was not true. A decade ago, local vegas casinos made sure that the locals were not fleeced and a regular was treated with kindness and respect. ever since the beancounters took over, all semblence of fairness is gone. All they want is your money and they treat their employees like crap. this has happened all over Vegas and makes one wish for the atmosphere of the '90s. It's not surprising that business is way down, and the further it sinkis, the more the casinos program their machines to pay out less. This is a fact. Stan Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #1045738
Apr 24 2013
05:08 AM
Best World Casinos - Camelot House First Payment Centre UK, Lottery Watford, United Kingdom Internet
please see the letter i got  - obviously a scam. Hotpicks Program Draw held on 1st March 2013 Dear xxxxx,  We acknowledged the receipt of your email. In regards to our previous email, we referenced that your email were allocated to Best World Casinos Ticket Number: 06-09-23-31-35-48 Bonus 11, Plus No: 14-23-24-43-44-49-48 and File No: BWC-UK-3-31300-2013, which successfully emerged you as a Prime winner in the Group E to a winning payout amounting to 603,313.00 (Six Hundred and Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirteen British Pound).  You have been awarded the sum of 603,313.00 (Six Hundred and Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirteen British Pound). To apply for this claims, print out the below FORM, You must fill in CORRECTLY the entire required details provided. This will be the only Application considered for the payment processing, If you do not fill in all the required fields, your Application will not be processed. In order to process your claims as quickly and securely as possible, you are required to complete the below Verification for processing. This is in accordance with section 13 (1 (n) of the National Lottery Act of the United Kingdom Gaming Commission as adopted in 1993 and amended in 1998. This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds. Upon completion, send via email attachment or fax back to +44-800-011-2602, that way your payment shall be process through our Paying Agent within 48hours of the receipt of the Verification Form. NOTE: Incomplete Application or Application received after 7 Days will not be processed. We look forward to receiving your Verification Form. Yours Sincerely, David Solomon Program Manager We subscribe to the Code of Lottery on Practice of the Gaming Commission of UNITED.
Entity: Watford, Internet
13, Report #1092894
Oct 18 2013
12:40 PM
RTG CASINOS ONLINE slot nuts & slots of, would not let me withdrawl after the playthrough amount with a no deposit bonus, trace id # 21466337 internet
i played slotsnuts with a free 200 spins on builder beaver with the code winme200,and then i kept winning and eventually had a withdrawl amount with the comps. of $482.00 and change, so i filled the withdrawl form and got a tracer I.D. # of  21466337. i was told that i put  another code in and it cancelled out the amount i could withdraw.  Also slots of madness did same thing, and Slots of Vegas,.... i won $250.00 on facebook (saved it on my wall ) and could never get the winnings EVER... so as you can see im not very happy with the  Live chat online and the NODEPOSITCASINOBONUSES.COM WEBSITE PLEASE HELP CUZ IF THEY ARE TAKING MY MONEY IMAGINE THE POOR PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DEPOSIT $$$ CREDIT CARDS, BANK ACCOUNTS AND WHATEVER ELSE THEFTS OF ALL SORTS , ID , ETC. THANK YOU  robbin,yucaipa,california.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1151551
Jun 02 2014
03:31 PM us the Best SCAMMER in Online Casinos! Internet
If there was an award for Best in Scamming Bitcoin gamblers, I am sure that Satoshibet would win it many times over. I cannot believe that I managed to fall victim to their scam, but I am hoping that my story will deter future victims from making the same mistake as I did. My story with Satoshibet starts a few months ago when I stumbled upon their promotions page and thought wow, this actually sounds great! They were offering plenty of incentives and bonuses and I decided that I could make a small deposit to give them a try. I have made several deposits over a few weeks to take advantage of their promotional offers, which sounded quite good to me at the time. I was not to know that Satoshibet was not going to honor any of the promotional offer rules when it came to my future withdrawal and they would just lock me out of my account instead. No rhyme or reason and no explanation. I tried to log in numerous times and I was unable to do so. Customer support was vaguely helpful but nonetheless my account is still locked. I have not been able to contact anyone for a long while – about two weeks and I am not sure what is going on. I would like to get my account reopened so that I can at least withdraw my deposit. I don’t care that much about the winnings, I just want my deposit back. If they are scammers on a grand scale, which I think they are, they would do the exact same thing they are doing – ignore every bit of communication and not give a damn about their players. Why would they reply to me anyway? They have my Bitcoin, they achieved what they wanted!
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1155627
Jun 18 2014
05:57 AM are one of the biggest SCAM casinos online today
Bitzino is running a very interesting scam, which you may not notice at first if you don’t have the experience of dealing with such a thing. When you finally notice it, however, it will be too late to save your Bitcoin and it will be gone. You will go through all the usual processes – you join Bitzino, you make a deposit, receive the bonus, and gamble. Pay attention when you are placing your bets, because you’ll notice that the amount of BTC being deducted from your account is way more than you initially thought. This happens on a sliding scale - the bigger the bet, the bigger the skimming. I only noticed this after I placed a few bigger bets. On a large scale this is a great scam. By the time you notice it like I did, it may be too late to do anything to remedy the situation and Bitzino will deny any such thing happening. They are liars! I couldn’t believe my eyes when they smugly told me that the fact that they were stealing my BTC from my account a small portion at a time was in fact my fault. Bitzino told me that I was to blame for the fact that my money was being stolen from me by them – according to them it was I who placed bigger bets and didn’t realize it was happening. I do not play under the influence of any illegal substances, so I know for suret what amounts I have been betting. I hate being accused of something I didn’t do and I can’t wait for this nightmare to be finally over. I am no closer to finding any answers and I will never use this website again. Scammers and liars! Avoid!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1138208
Apr 11 2014
07:40 PM
2 YEARS AGO THEY DID A UP GRADE TO THE MACHINES AND SINCE THEN NO BODY CAN EVEN GET A SMELL OF A JACKPOT , THE OPERATORS HAVE RIGGED THE MACHINES FROM THE FACTORY CONFIGURATION TO KEEP THEM FROM PAYING ANYTHING , THE INDIAN GAMING COMMISSION SHOULD GO INTO THESE CASINOS AND CHECK THE MACHINES FOR BEING TAMPERED WITH .The indian casinos in and around shawnee Oklahoma are riggeing their slot machines so they will never pay out any money , this is not gambling its stealing . The Indian Gaming Commission needs to be notified It makes the Indians look really bad. If you fix a machine so it can not operate as it as designed then that is stealing/ theft .
Entity: shawnee , Oklahoma
17, Report #1173436
Aug 30 2014
02:53 PM
Slots Inferno Real Vegas Online, 99 slot machines DO NOT PLAY AT THESE CASINOS Costa Rica Internet
Just like the other individual, I have not been paid by these casinos.  They are a total rip off!  I've been owed $4k since February and they have no intention of paying this out.  What ever you do, don't play at one of these casinos
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1223356
Apr 18 2015
05:42 PM
Thunder Valley casino Rigged slots unfair payouts compared to Regulated casinos. Lincoln California
I play here 3 times a week it's a fun place to play and I reccomend going however this place is very greedy with the only goal in mind for them is to make you lose and enjoy yourself. In other words you can't win here on slot machines they pay about 45% or less... This is an unregulated casino with fair table games,poker,video poker but not slot machines they need to be investigated.Lotto tickets pay out about the same 50% they change the virtual rng for less big hits no jackpots but still the smae payout%. There are less and less quarter and dollar slots and more penny 5 cent machines making it almost impossible to win. people do win here but your chances are abysmal. In Vegas and reno your gettting 95% payback on slots here your getting illegal in most jurditicrtaions 40%=75% 95% just a mix overall your not getting a fair game here. The video poker paytables are set as low as the legal minimum wich is 7/5 but pays out still a respectable 96%.
Entity: Lincoln, California
19, Report #208908
Aug 31 2006
04:57 PM
Worldwinner ripoff Internet
Billed my mastercard $20.00 for sevice I did not request. (((ROR redacted email address for security purposes))) Mary jo Chesterland, OhioU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #210204
Sep 09 2006
12:04 PM ripoff Internet
my wife deposited a total of $750 into the account. and they held it but, i never see there numbers on there checks compared to the withdraw of my account. now they say i owe $3949.50. I do not know why when my account was limited to $750 till it was clear. the checks do not match and i have nsf in my bank account cause of this action. i also having a problem in contacting them for more info. they E-mailed back and said they can not give customer service number out. come on!!! is someone else having this RIP-OFF? I do not know what to do. Thank you, Everett mission, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #210899
Sep 13 2006
08:04 PM
Bodog Casino ripoff rigged software Internet
The software for the casino is very heavily rigged. You have no chance of winning. If you win on sports bets, the casino software gets even tighter to try to cause you to lose back what you won.I was using this site for months and every time it's the same. Sometimes you can play video poker all day and never once hit a four-of-a kind. Only bet on sports or racing here. Don't bet on any of their casino games. Robert santa maria, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #172695
Jan 21 2006
03:45 PM ripoff Central America Internet, Would not refund my money after I could not get into the poker game I had prepaid for, and I could not get into the game. Crooks beware, beware. Central American crooks, the USA will not help you! Stephven Decatur, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #172345
Jan 19 2006
10:42 AM ripoff doesn't pay out winnings Internet
I won about $25 worth and when i went to cash out it said a check would be mailed soon. 4 months later, sill no check. They dont respond to emails. Anon Ridgecrest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #193573
May 27 2006
01:30 PM ripoff Internet has got to listed as the worst site on the internet. They get you to join and then if your lucky you win one big pot. After that look out because you will no longer have any sign of a winning streak. And when you question it they also come up with a excuse it is never them. But let me tell you something about there card dealings you will hardly ever get a hand that you could win with and if you do you will end up losing anyway they let you win a little to think that you are getting a good run and all of a sudden bang all your money is gone. Then they will sometimes give you a comp to keep you comming back only to lose more. They have what they call random jackpots what a joke you never even come close to winning one and talking around to others on the site no one has ever wona jackpot except for when they first join and after that it is a constant losing streak. I would not recomend this site to anyone encluding my dog. They should be banned from the internet. Bob Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #212425
Sep 23 2006
12:49 PM
Plasmanet - ripoff New York
freelotto is internationaly known and internationaly works. I am from Pakistan and i am a international player of freelotto. from 10 days i have been daily reciving emails that i have won $1 million please confirm your pin code that you are Mohiuddin Hassan i have tried so many times to click the links for confirmation but they dont work i don't know why i also have tried to login into my account of, but it's not allowing me to logon and displaying a message that you're no longer eligible to play freelotto i dont know why. I sent so many emails to but no reply send so many emails to prizecoordinator but no reply and still the email comming in different templates that please confirm your pin code now will the company would mind telling me that what's this and why this for? if it's like this it seems that you dont want me to confirm my pin and you're trying to pass the time so i'll not be able to confirm my winnings in time but if it's not like that how else can i confirm my winnings and become able to receive my money. Thanks Mohiuddin KarachiPakistan
Entity: New York

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