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1, Report #2346
May 29 2000
12:00 AM
Airtouch Cellular
I established a cellular phone account with US West Cellular (now know as Airtouch) in 1992. In March 1994, I began receiving phone bills for a phone number that did not belong to me. I immediately notified Airtouch. The account was finally corrected and when I transferred my account, the account was paid in full. After I transferred the account, Airtouch apparently charged off a balance due for the calls that belonged to someone else and sold my account to a collection agency that is now showing on my credit report, twice. Once from Airtouch and once from the collection agency.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
2, Report #15277
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
Cellular One Fraudulant Billing!!
Below is a copy of a letter that was just prepared to be sent to Cellular One. As of today, I was told that regardless of the problems with Cell One, I was still under contract. They did not seem to agree that a contract had to work in two directions. They have refused to cancel service without an early termination fee! I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I am hoping that there are others out there who have had the same problems. If so, please e-mail me and perhaps we can unite and fight this company and teach them that we will not tolerate being screwed! My e-mail is mauch6@mchsi.com Thanks for reading!! **************************************************************** To Whom it May Concern: I am writing this letter to inform Cellular One that my cell phone service has been terminated. This has occurred because Cellular One has failed to fulfill their end of the contract agreement. Because of this, the contract has been terminated. When my service plan was renewed in June 2001, I was advised that I would receive Free Night's and Weekends as well as 300 Use or Lose minutes in addition to the 400 minutes included with my plan. On several occasions, I had to call customer service and remind them that I was to receive these benefits. Only after 15-20 minutes on the phone was my account credited. I was informed that the appropriate changes were put into the computer system so that this would no longer be an issue. When I received my statement for the service period of 01/11 through 02/10 I had the same problems once again. I did not receive my 300 Use or Lose minutes, I was charged for Nights and Weekends, AND I was charged for calls made at night! I called the customer service number on January 18, 2002 at 5:45 pm. After I was hung up on the first time, I talked to another rep on the second call. She made the appropriate credits to my account and gave me a new total for that month's statement. She further stated that all the necessary changes had been made to the system (this is the second or third time I had been told this over the past few months!) and I would no longer have to deal with this issue. I told her that if it became an issue again at anytime for the remainder of my service period it would be deemed breach of contract and service would be discontinued. I asked her to document that in her notes on my account. She stated that she had done so. Well, guess what! I just received my next month's statement (02/11 03/10) and I have once again been charged for Night's and Weekends. Not only have you breached the contract, but also I consider this fraudulent activity on behalf of Cellular One. I contacted the Customer Service Department on February 20, 2002. I advised him that service needed to be terminated immediately and that I would not be responsible for any early termination fees since this was a Cellular One problemNOT mine! As of February 23, 2002 my service has not been discontinued. I called again today and was told that it would take 30 days notice for the service to be stopped. In a day where large corporations are being investigated by the government for fraud and questionable business dealing, I would think that Cellular One would be a little more cautious. I can only wonder how many other customers are being taken advantage in the way you have tried with me. Not everyone inspects their statements like I do. I trust this matter will receive the attention it deserves as soon as possible. I can honestly say that I will never deal with Cellular One again. I will also be telling my co-workers of these issues and they may want to consider a change of provider.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3, Report #753833
Jul 16 2011
01:25 PM
Consumer Cellular Overbilling internet
Consumer Cellular has tried to double-bill me twice.  The first time they sent a second invoice for a bill that I'd already paid.  The second time they said they didn't get my check.  When I called the bank I found that Consumer Cellular had cashed it.  Now they say they have no record of it, and they're threatening to disconnect me.  I think I'm going to disconnect them first:-)This company targets senior citizens.  
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #650515
Oct 13 2010
12:41 PM
Cellular Sales BEWARE...SERIOUSLY. Internet
I won't go into too much detail simply because my wasted breath and time isn't exactly worth it.  I'm not sure how or why individuals would purchase from this company.  Granted, when I worked for them, I did my very best to actually help every customer, regardless if I was making money off them or not....well, I got in trouble for doing this.  I was told to basically ignore the customer or put them on the phone with customer service. I was born and bred for customer service and this rule just didn't fly with me.  Nor did the lying, scheming, backstabbing and adultery.  I am a Christian and went to work for this company because I believed the lies.  I actually ended up pulling away from my faith and family because it was too much on my plate to deal with.  In the end, my gut finally led me in the right direction and I left abruptly.  I couldn't help it.  My health was failing and the stress of that job was taking years off my life.  I was only there for a handful of months, but that was long enough to know something about that place wasn't right or ethical.  Treating customers as if their too stupid to realize what they're getting into with Cellular Sales is just plain mean.  I'm sincerely sorry for the way I may have swindled customers during my short stint there.  There's no telling how that hurt those customers after I left.  Out of 2 paychecks, I only received $600...only missing about $2000.  I'm not mad at the people in the backoffice, however.  I seemed to get along with those individuals and they, to me, seemed to know and understand how some shady, shady individuals operated and my dismay with them.  I really can't say I blame one person or another...I won't even throw anyone under the bus by calling them out.  I'll just take the high road and I'll put this out there for prospective consultants so they can steer clear of this company.  In the end, when you despise your job so much that your stomach is in knots over going there, it's definitely time to move on.  I'm still praying for some friends who are still there.  I'm just ecstatic that I'm not. 
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1029565
Mar 09 2000
12:00 AM
Airtouch Cellular Service
In August 1999 I purchased a Motorola Cell Phone. Being a recent widow, my children wanted me to do this. I explained to the salesperson that I would not be using it for anything other than 911 and wanted that programed on the Quick Key. The Salesperson signed me up with Airtouch basic service for 9.93 per month. I have recently learned that 911 answers any call regardless of whether you have a particular service. Therefore, I call Airtouch to cancel. I was informed that would cost me $300 surcharge if I cancelled before August of 2001. I told them most emphaticly that I was not told that at the time of purchase and I had no intention of paying that. He replied that it was in the information mailed to me after they set up the account. I, of course, maintained that was AFTER THE FACT and had no intention of paying this rip-off. He then said they would just send it to collection. I HAVE BEEN IN BUSINESS MOST OF MY ADULT LIFE AND HAVE WORKED DILIGENTLY TO GUARD OUR CREDIT STATUS AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO THAT AS A WIDOW. But I am not naive enough to believe one such incident can ruin a 50 year four star credit rating and refuse to be intimidated. This is exploitation and I have filed a report with the proper BBB office and am sending a notice of my actions to Airtouch. If they are contracting with agents they need to be responsible for the actions of those agents.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
6, Report #448222
May 02 2009
07:27 AM
Cellular-Blowout.com Cellular Agoura Hills California
These people are theives!!! They took my money in mid December 2008 within a matter of an hour of placing the order. My order was on 'backorder' and finally in mid February, I cancelled my order online. Tried calling and calling and calling and no one would ever answer and the dial by directory just hangs up on you!!! I have emailed them so many times I just lost count and they emailed me back and said 'a customer service rep will contact you' that was exactly one month ago!! I have a lawyer working on getting my money back and having them pay for my attorney fees. We will see how important a $75 is to them when it turns into thousands in legal fees!!!! Southernbelle Columbia City, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Agoura Hills, California
7, Report #392906
Nov 19 2008
01:56 PM
Alert Cellular Alert Cellular Warning!! Burbank California
I went to this store to get a new phone. My old phone was not working right and it was time for an upgrade. I explained this to my sales associate, Michael Walden and told him that I just needed to exchange my phone. Michael explained that I had to pay for my phone and that I would get a mail in rebate form that would reimburse me for my payment. Additionally, he also said I was paying too much for my text messages and told me I could save more money by adding family unlimited minutes to my plan. This sounded like good advise, so I said sure. I was in a bit of a rush, so I paid, set up my phone and left. It wasn't until the next day, when T-mobile sent me a text message congratulating me on my new phone line edition that I started to get suspicious. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I called T-mobile directly and asked them if there had been a mistake. There hadn't; their computers showed that the previous day I had activated a new phone line. A little upset, I drove to the mall and waited for the booth to open so that I could get all my questions answered. Two hours later, Michael and the manager Ryan showed up and then Michael explained that I was not eligible for an upgrade, so he opened a new line for me. When I told him that I did not want another line that I only wanted to exchange my phone, he said that there was nothing he could do. I then turned my attention to his manager and asked if there was anything he could do to help me he said he would have T-mobile waive the activation fee and not to worry because the new phone line won't affect my bill. That night I called T-mobile again and told them what happened and they explained that I could return the phone within 30 days without suffering any penalties. I went back to the store the next morning and I told Ryan what the T-mobile rep told me and he said he would accept the phone back. I had everything they had given me only 2 days before and was finally getting some sense of relief when he told me he could not accept my phone because it had a scratch on it. There was no scratches on that phone. I had used it twice and only to call T-mobile, but he refused to accept it. Now, as you can imagine, I was PISSED. I left the store angry and bitter that these crooks were getting away with ripping me off. A month later, I get my cell phone bill, and I see an extra charge of $35 dollars for a phone activation. Again, I called T-mobile and I asked why I was being charged an activation fee and they explained that it was from my august 20th activation. We were now on Sept. 23. I called Michael Walden from Alert Cellular only to be told that he no longer works there and that Ryan, the manager only comes in after 2pm. I left a message for him to please call me back. I called him everyday for 3 weeks until finally I got a hold of him and explained that I was being charged the activation fee that he promised to waive back in August. He said I had to wait for T-mobile to send me my next bill and that it will show up then. If not, to call him and he would take care of it. When my next bill came, there it was again, my activation fee. I called Ryan, and guess what, Ryan no longer works there, and the new manager doesn't care what Ryan promised. Not only did these guys do things without my consent, they lied to me and made me waste hours of MY TIME trying to fix all the problems they've caused me. And on top of all that, my rebate was denied because they gave me the wrong form for the phone I purchased and my 30 days are up. Today, Nov. 19th, was the last straw. I called T-mobile and filed an official complaint against these guys! They should not be allowed to continue doing business this way! If you have been jerked around by these guys, call T-mobile and file a complaint against them so that T-mobile will seize allowing them to sell their products and services. To think, these crocks have access to my personal information! It's terrifying! Mcah Hawthorne, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Burbank, California
8, Report #1093075
Oct 19 2013
10:03 AM
US Cellular US Cellular is horrible! Dubuque Iowa
I was with US Cellular over 20 years and I'm finally switching to a great prepaid company! I have been ripped off long enough as I'm paying $65 mo for just unlimited calling and text which includes a 20% discount. After dealing with horrible customer service and wrong billing I decided it was time to jump ship. I can't wait for my new smart phone and I will be paying $35 mo for unlimited text, talk and internet. They also treat me with RESPECT. US Cellular treats their customers like cattle at the DMV. What a joke...I've spent over 15 hrs on the phone and in their stores in the last few weeks trying to change my plan which never happened. They just sit at the store and look at you then walk in the back room and leave customers waiting for hours. The other day I was there standing outside the store with a bunch of people on Wacker Drive in DBQ waiting for the store to open as they stared as us from inside and they waited for the last second to open the doors. When they opened the rude guy with grey hair said thanks for getting the paper which was on the ground. I guess he expected us who were waiting for him to get off his butt to open get his newspaper. He probably expected us to serve him coffee too.This company reminds me of how they run the government, what a joke. Why I put up with them for so long is beside me!
Entity: Dubuque, Iowa
9, Report #330134
May 02 2008
12:16 PM
Choice Cellular Cell Phone Buyer Beware Hudson Florida
Found this company on Ebay selling broadband cards, Ebay is correct when they say, Do not conduct business outside of Ebay Briefly, needed to get a phone and broadband access in southern Georgia. This company mis-represented the plan they sold me, they actually sold me a plan $100 a month more than I was quoted theygave me me an incorrect quote on the price of the phone, and when questioned about it, said they could not compete with online prices. (original quote they gave was the online price Sprint was offering and they sent me a Sprint phone). Added an extra charge of over $170 for something, they say it was an accidental duplicate overcharge, thing is, nothing I ordered could be duplicated by that amount. Forwarned is forarmed, buer beware Butza Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Hudson, Florida
10, Report #1012
Dec 17 1999
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS cellular phone service
I purchased a nokia sprint phone in October 1999 and called for phone service. I gave the representative my information and address and this information was supposely keyed in. I had requested service for $100 a month, road side service, and insurance that would cover if my phone was lost,stolen,etc. In mid November I inquired about changing my service. The representative assured me that it would be changed that day to delete road side service and service would now be free and clear with 500 minutes, my monthly bill would be $70. In December I called and inquired about my statement, and was told that I the statement was returned. I confirmed by address and was told my street address had avenue instead of drive. Since they would have to send me a duplicate statement they would have to charge me. I complained that wasn't my mistake but theirs. Today December 17th, while on the road trying to use my phone I found out it was turned off. I got to work and called the toll free number and was told that I was pass my current limit of $200. In order to have my phone turned back on I need to pay the current bill of $171.88. The total bill was now $290.00. I was also told that my service was never changed and that they had deleted the insurance instead of the roadside service. They couldn't do anything now until I paid the current charges. I gave my bank card # with the visa logo, but was told that since the card have another address on it (previous address), they can't use it. Even though I told them the bank card goes to my PO address. They refuse to take it. I asked to speak with a supervisor about my account and was told that I needed to speak with collections. The representative put me on hold for about 10 minutes, then came back and said that he would need to receive my payment first, or he could give me collections number. After me complaining he finally transfered me to collections. The representative there asked e a series of questions then said that I couldn't speak with a supervisor I would need to call back to the service department. He stated the supervisor would not speak with me. I left with no phone. I asked for their corporate telephone number and was told he just can't give that information to anyone. I've never had such poor service where I'm being charged for their mistakes. I'm asking for your help, seems no one won't listen. I don't have an address, because they never sent me a statment.
Entity: westwood, Kansas
11, Report #447968
May 01 2009
06:38 AM
Cellular-Blowout Cell phone Agoura California
(Cellular-Blowout) What a gip, I want my phone or a refund. I ordered a phone over a month ago and had no response. I called and left many messages emailed only to have my email sent right back with no response. My next inquiry will be with the states attorney. Dave Seminole, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Agoura, California
12, Report #185747
Apr 09 2006
07:23 PM
Cellular Choices rebate scam Largo Maryland
I also bought 2 cell phones( Cingular V551) from Cellular Choices with 4 promised rebates totaling 300$, you get a list of stringent things you have to do to qualify for the rebate with only a short window of time 6 months in the future. I send everything in a timely manner, including a copy of a current phone bill, and only to find out that they notified me through e-mail that The UPC code you submitted is not valid for this promotion, Your submission was postmarked after the valid time frame. B.S., they just trying to scam people. I was soooooooo disappointed by how they do their business. I will never do a business again with Cellular Choices and I will tell everyone I know about this unethical company. DONT ORDER FROM CELLULAR CHOICES! THEY WONT GIVE YOU YOUR REBATE! David Alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Largo, Maryland
13, Report #192651
May 22 2006
06:51 AM
Cellular Choice ripoff Phoenix Arizona
Purchased 3 phones with promise of full $200 in rebates on each phone. Filled all the requested info. Received notice that 4 of the #100 rebates are in process of being issued, and two were invalid. Faxed added copies of phone bill from Cingular as requested, but have not recived any rebates (long due) and invalid status of two appreciation rebates remains as before. Numerous phone calls and E mails are of no avail. Would reporting this to FCC be of any help. It is obviously a fraud. Jerome Longmeadow, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
14, Report #201032
Jul 14 2006
08:10 AM
US Cellular Insurance Scam ripoff Chicago Illinois
I would like to start by saying, I am not interested in getting in a debate, I have read other posts and some of you should either get into law or a life, whatever fits. I will ignore any rambling non-productive rebuttals, so do us all a favor and save your fingers the effort. I will break this down simple and try not to ramble either. The housing screw fell out of my Razor (crap) phone, I located the screw and and the hole was stripped. The phone worked fine, however, you had to pinch the housing where the screw was missing, this was a pain in the butt so I took advantage of the insurance and brought it to the service center in my area. The place was a mad house (was not the weekend, Thursday at 3:00 PM)this place had to be close to capacity. I took this as a bad sign, obviously I wasn't the only one with an issue. Regardless, I waited in line for an hour, they took my phone and another hour later I was paged. They said it had to be sent in and gave me a loaner. They needed to make a copy of my license, they took it and I waited another 15 minutes, finally I asked the guy who took it (he was talking sports with another employee while I stood there)and he said oh yeah, sorry hold on well he lost it and I was pissed, however, yelling at these apes does nothing so I left, two days later I got it in the mail. The loaner was chipped and banged to hell and the battery only held a 15 minute on-call charge. After Four weeks I called customer service and was dished a big plate of apathy. Three days after that, I received the post card notifying me phone was ready (why they can't call is beyond me). I went to the aforementioned service center and waited another 30 minutes (still packed to the gills at 8PM on a Tuesday) handed them the loaner and waited 45 minutes, finally I went back up to the window and the crack head working their (same guy that lost my license) said oh here, it was sitting here the whole time she (pointing to a girl socializing at the register) was supposed to notify you. Well my phone was RUR'd (Returned un-repaired) due to water damager which is crap, I have never had it in the rain, I carry it in a protective case, I do not bring it in the shower with me, I am aware of the damage steam can cause. Before all you solder iron heads start with your well actually's. I was a Motorolan Bench Tech for 6 years; I am very familiar with RUR's and the repair process of communication devices. I took the unit apart and there is NO water damage, all it needs is the housing framework to accomodate where the screw was missing. This is either a case of apathetic customer service neglect or an insurance scam of sorts. I am sick of apathy, I am sick of being taken advantage of and I am sick of feeling helpless against organizations. What I want is not some mind numbing rebuttal of an obviously bored individual (again you'll be ignored, I won't read it). I want someone here to give me a plan, or send me the addresses of the executive staff so I can mail this complaint weekly to their offices. Thank You Marc Chicago Heigts, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
15, Report #118531
Nov 17 2004
07:12 PM
Cellular One ripoff Cobleskill New York
Biggest rip off cell phone company. Make any changes to your account and they slam your bill. Mine was slammed by $400 dollars over the regular amonut and $35.00 over the second month. All I did was add a second line that was suppose to be free for 3 months with extra minutes. Those minutes weren't added to the account. After disputing the bill for 3 months, i was given a payoff price. I paid it, and now I get a letter for collection saying I never paid. They say I have 18 more months on this contract for a phone that is not usuable, but the contract date was 10 months ago ( the original has more things written on it then my copy too) Good Deal?......Unless 14 dropped calls in 20 minutes is acceptable to you, and having to dial several times to get a connection. Susan Iwishi didnthave cellone, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Cobleskill, New York
16, Report #160023
Oct 08 2005
01:08 PM
Universal Cellular ripoff Orlando Florida
i sent my audiovoc cell phone to universal cellular for repair. i was called on august 18 2005 and told the charge would be $95.00. i had sent a $15.00 money order with the phone and was only supposed to have my account charged $80.00. This is october 8th, still no phone. I have talked to the company several times and each time there was another excuse why the phone was not repaired. i talked to someone named javier on september 26th 2005 and he said the phone was repaired and would be mailed on september 26th it is october 8th, still no phone and now no one will answer the phone. i have left many messages and no one will return my call. i have sent several e-mails and no replies. it is obvious i have been ripped off. Phyllis Sterling, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
17, Report #160653
Oct 13 2005
02:32 PM
Cellular One RIPOFF misleading information, false advertising Nationwide
I signed up for a contract with Cellular One in February 2005. I was without a job for one month between June and July. Cellular One cancelled my service and turned my account in for collection after only one month when I explained to them that I had a job lined up. I was told by the company that if I paid only $25.00 by July 15, 2005 that I would have my service turned back on. Instead they cancelled my service and turned my contract in for collection. The collection bill is now $700.00, this is fraud if you ask me! Also if you look at the zip code 16301 www.cellularone.com shows no service in this area. How can they even sell me a contract in the first place when there's no service. I believe this should be checked out as soon as possible! You can't sell something that isn't available! Paul Oil City, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #149780
Jul 14 2005
06:03 PM
US Cellular ripoff fraudulant billing Princeton Illinois
About 2 weeks before my contract expired I was contacted by a rep from US Cellular trying to get me to renew my contract. I was thinking about changing service and didn't renew after the rep said there wouldn't be a change in my service if I didn't renew. When I got my next bill I was charged $331 dollars for calls. Upon checking I discovered that they had charged me for Night and Weekend calls. When I contacted them they said that I never had that service. Sure enough I wasn't chrged for the service on THAT bill. I then faxed them a copy of the previous months bill showing the charge for nights and weekends and explained that their rep said there wouldn't be any change in service. Their position then was that Nights & Weekends ended with the expiration of my contract no matter what I was told by the rep. US cellular was not willing to come to agreement with me on the bill and is still pursuing full payment. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and state attorney generals office. Jim Bluefield, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Princeton, Illinois
19, Report #140977
Apr 29 2005
05:18 PM
US Cellular Rippoff represntatives promise anything Madison, Wisconsin
I and my family and friends have had several very bad expierences with US Cellular. Their representatives will promise you magical expriences with their services just to get you to sign. But when the service turns out to be worthless and overpriced the their customer service people who are horrible to talk to, tell you verbal promises dont mean anything. My mother who is 65 was told she had an international calling plan. When she went on a trip and came back she had a huge roaming bill. When she tried customer service not only were they abusive, but they told her the date the international plan started wasnt for another week. Even though it was the clearly the representatives fault who signed her up, that put in the wrong date US cellular would not admit anywronging doing. US Cellular forced this 65 year old woman on a fixed income pay 250 dollars for their mistake. So beware US Cellular representatives will tell you anything to sign you up but they are not bound to honor verbal agreements. Ray bend, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Madison,, Wisconsin
20, Report #235734
Feb 12 2007
07:59 PM
Entity: California
21, Report #93250
Jun 01 2004
04:20 PM
Cellular One ripoff Duluth Minnesota
I had Cellular One out of Mn. for over 4 yrs. I did not use the phone that much so I decided to cancel the service with them. This was in Nov. of 2003. I sent my bill in with the payment and told them I wished to cancel their service. Anyway they continued sending me bills. Finally in Feb. I called them asked them why they were billing me as I cancelled the service and no longer used it. They told me that I couldn't send a cancellation with the bill, that I had to write or fax to a different place. By this time the bill was for $55.20. I faxed a letter off on Feb. 23, 2004 cancelling the service and sent a check off Feb. 24, 2004 for $55.20. In Mar. I get another bill for $48.79 from them. $28.92 for past due bill and $20.00 for reconnection fee, that I didn't order! I asked them how they could reconnect my cell phone without me requesting it and they said that I hadn't contacted them. By this time they were phoning almost daily! Anyway they did give me back the $20.00 and now they still say I owe them $28.92. Also say now they are turning it over to a collection agency. What a rip off. So far I have not paid them the $28.92. Sarah Brainerd, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Duluth, Minnesota
22, Report #68956
Oct 13 2003
10:31 AM
Cellular One ripoff Amarillo Vermont
Ripoff Cellular One Amarillo. They turned off my phone in May 2003 and I requested a final bill but they would not send one instead they continued to bill me and are still billing me monthly charges. I do not have a contract it is only month to month. The service has been off since May 2003. Vickey Amarillo, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Amarillo, Vermont
23, Report #177558
Feb 22 2006
03:32 PM
T-mobile Cellular ripoff Martinsville Virginia
received poor service from t-mobile, phone cuts off when talking on it of goes dead. called customer service many times with no result. Linda martinsville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Martinsville, Virginia
24, Report #196728
Jun 16 2006
10:42 AM
Movida Cellular ripoff, deceptive, untruthful Internet
i had bought a movida cullular phone, because i was told that it was only 10 cents a minute, and free nights and weekends. i was given $25 to start(airtime) and i purchased $30 in airtime. i used the phone for 3 days, and when i checked my balance, the $25 was gone. i then called the company, and they told me it was not 10 cents a minute, that it was 25 cents a minute. i then told the individual that the representative at the wal-mart(where they have a standing deal with them)said it was only 10 cents a minute. i have a phone that is 10 cents a minute! why would i buy one that is more. even their brochures do not say anything about 10 cents or 25 cents per minute. they are fraudulent, and deceptive, and i would suggest not going to wal-mart, or anywhere else they might be sold to buy one. Richard NATALIA, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #344118
Jun 25 2008
12:31 PM
Cellular-Blowout JUST PLAIN ROBBERY Anoka California
This was the first time ordering a cell phone online for me. I should have done my research before I placed my order with this company. I purchase a motorola phone for $261 and never got the phone. I have called numerous time to speak to customer service but each time I do, I get a recording, informing me that they arent talking customers calls and to email them. What kind of company doesnt pick up its phone for its customers? I would advise anyone reading this not to order from this company. I had to go to the bank and cancel my debt card and fill a claim against them. Hopefully my bank will forgive my stupidity and give me some if not all the money back. ONCE AGAIN DO NO ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THEIVES!!!! Angry consumer Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Anoka, California

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