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1, Report #1036573
Mar 20 2013
08:58 PM
charlie mohammed Charlie mohammed fruad united kingdom, California
Hi I received an email from this person saying I received 4 million dollars from the next of kin... he asked for my information I gave it to him without thinking and my I'd picture.. he keep calling me to open an account with them to receive my money I goggle the information and it came out he's a fraud well the company now I'm concern because he has my information.....
Entity: united kingdom, California
2, Report #155886
Sep 03 2005
09:08 AM
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1054559
May 29 2013
06:05 AM Charlie Goss Horrible customer service!!!! Internet
 This is my correspondence with the OWNER Charlie Goss of minus the incredibly rude conversations via phone with customer service regarding where & when this order would be fulfilled & if I could pay to upgrade shipping to get it shipped & delivered timely. After all this & mind you a deleted condescending email from this Owner, this tracking number that was created on the 23rd has not left the company and is NOT in fact in transit! This ticket is closed. If this problem is not resolved this ticket will be automatically reopened with your next reply. General Post Reply where's my order Ticketid: 0DC65-1DFF2 Status: Closed Priority: Normal Order #: 183279 candace said on May 28, 2013 05:28 PM #6 Once more. I paid for a product & accepted the terms of 3-7 business days, which would at the latest would have been Fri the 24th, not a holiday. I was given the run around regarding shipping & the holiday weekend as to why it was shipped later than the terms agreed upon. Your company is at fault here you moron. I should have stuck to local businesses for my business as this wasn't such a great deal after all. The precut product is what made it an attractive deal. The first & last transaction with Pooldeals. Thanks again. IP: charlie goss said on May 28, 2013 05:11 PM #5 We offer lots of covers. You chose the one that takes 7 business days to ship. We also sell ones that ship the same day. Your cover shipped on time, and we do list all ship times on our website.  Perhaps you need some THERAPY. it's a pool cover for god's sake. And it was delivered on time. --- Message Edited on May 28, 2013 05:11 PM --- Reason for edit: IP: candace said on May 28, 2013 01:17 PM #3 Ticket priority Low Thanks pool deals for your below standard customer service. When asked if I could pay to upgrade my shipping the answer was no. Not only that but this package due to it being a holiday weekend should have been out last Thursday as that was the 3-7 business day max. Instead of today the 28th! I needed this product by the 30th & thanks to your horrible customer service it will not happen. IP: charlie goss said on May 28, 2013 12:40 PM #2 Hello, This order has shipped with UPS. tracking #: 1Z61414603 You can track this shipment at Thanks again for your order. Pool Deals Support candace said on May 25, 2013 02:23 PM #1 Hello. I placed an ordef May 15 & the 3-7 business days to ship has passed & the order has still not been sent.  I absolutely need this by May 30th or I will hv to go purchase it locally. If this can not occur then this needs to be cancelled. On the confirmation & after speaking with customer service this should have shipped by this past Friday at the latest. Thanks Candace Top
Entity: Internet
4, Report #552596
Jan 11 2010
03:18 PM
Charlie Falk Auto, Charlie Falk Title Keepers Virginia Beach, Virginia
In December 2008 I paid what I believed to be my last payment for a vehicle loan for a 1998 GMC Jimmy that I purchased in July 2005 from Falk Motor Company, Inc. I called that same month to request the title for vehicle and was informed by Holly in the finance department that I was behind on my payments and that I would need to pay a little less than $3000.00 in order to get the title for my vehicle. Since I had never received any notices telling me that I was behind or missing payments and according to my own credit report I paid on time every month I was sure that this was a mistake that could be cleared up rather quickly. In January of 2009 after I gathered my financial records I again contacted Holly at Charlie Falk and requested my financial records from them so that I could compare the two and see where the mix up had been. Holly refused to provide this information and I was informed that Charlie Falk had no obligation to provide me with my financial records from them and that I owed $1500. I was also informed by Holly that my December payment was never received and that a repossession order had been issued for the vehicle. I had the receipt showing where the payment was made and provided this information to Holly. After much back and forth it was determined that the payment had been made, however, it was not credited to my account correctly. In February 2009 I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. I informed Holly of my move well in advance and gave her my new address and phone number where I still reside today, to which I received threats of being arrested for abandonment of the vehicle and repossession since it was left at my previous residence in Arizona. I contacted a lawyer in TN and asked their office to contact Charlie Falk. When the lawyers office contacted Charlie Falk they received the same resistance. The manager of the finance department said that I would not receive the title to the vehicle and that they were going to reposes the vehicle. Later that same month I received a voicemail on my cell phone from Charlie Falk stating that the issue was being resolved. After February 2009 I never again heard from Charlie Falk. No letters, no phone calls. On January 5, 2010 my Mother-In-Law called and informed me that a man had come to reposes the vehicle. Immediately I called Charlie Falk. After finding my account Holly stated that I owed a little more than $1500.00. She informed me that if I could pay half right then they would accept that and clear the account. I told her that I could not and I again stated that I wanted my financial records to which she again refused. I informed her that if I was found to owe the money I would more than gladly pay the balance, but that I was not going to hand over $1500.00 when I do not have any proof that I owe the money and why would anyone pay off a $13000.00 car loan and not pay the last $1500.00. Holly put me on speaker phone with her, myself and another female who refused to identify herself and I was told that if I didn't turn the vehicle over I would be arrested. As of today, January 11, 2010 the vehicle is scheduled to be picked up by the repossession company from my mother-in-laws house in AZ. On Friday, January 8, 2010 a female from Charlie Falk called my mother-in-law and told her that if she did not release the vehicle to the repossession company she would be arrested. I checked my credit report today and although the vehicle was purchased in July 2005 it was not reported to my credit until March 2009. All records prior to March 2009 show that the vehicle was paid on time every month. As of March 2009 it shows no payments have been made and is negatively affecting my credit and states that the account has been turned over to a collection agency. I have done everything I know to do to get this taken care of. Please help to get this resolved. I want the title and the negative history removed from my credit report. Thank you.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
5, Report #566005
Feb 07 2010
05:09 PM
Charlie Mack Carlie Mack First Out The Limo Charlie Mack Is A FRAUD Phila , Pennsylvania
Charlie Mack owes me money because he told me that he could get me Jamie Foxx and I gave him money as a deposit then he said that Mr.Foxx could not do the show and now all I want is my $20,000.00 back but now I can not find him.
Entity: Phila, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1003307
Jan 25 2013
12:21 PM
Charlie Biggings Construction Charlie Biggings Fraud Memphis, Tennessee
Charlie Biggings Construction:  Fraud Fraud: A deception deliberately practiced to secure unfair or unlawful gain. A piece of trickery: a trick, one that defrauds, one assumes a false pose, an impostor.   Mr. Biggings started on my bathroom the first week of December, from then on; he had other guys to come over to make matters worse. I explained to him that I dont like strange men in my home, in which he continued to allow them to come. He lied to me, saying that he had to go to his other job, leaving them alone in my house while I was at work. I purchased all of my materials myself and was only supposed to pay him for his labor. Every time I turned around I had to buy more boxes of tiles, rocks, and etc. The materials were being destroyed, and wasted by the workers, because they were trying to make them work. There were times when I tried to contact him and he would not answer his phone or return my calls. Mr. Biggings lied, saying it would take him 3 weeks to finish my bathroom. I had a leak in my kitchen ceiling, coming from the bathroom he was working on, which lead to my bar area when it rains. The leak is still there! This 3 weeks project, turned into a 5 months project, and is still not completed.  Mr. Biggings was paid in full and more, my stupid mistakes thinking he would do right. Had I research and checked the report before I hired this MORON, I would not be in this situation and could have saved myself from having headaches, wasting money, and time. He had the audacity to ask me to write a letter of recommendation, so heres my recommendation, DO NOT HIRE MR BIGGINGS FOR ANY JOB!     Respectfully submitted
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
7, Report #1004663
Jan 28 2013
09:05 AM
Charlie Biggins Construction Charlie Biggings Fraud Horn Lake, Mississippi
Fraud: A deception deliberately practiced to secure unfair or unlawful gain. A piece of trickery: a trick, one that defrauds, one assumes a false pose, an impostor.   Mr. Biggins started on my bathroom approximately the first part of June, 2012, from then on; he had other guys to come over to make matters worse. I explained to him that I dont like strange men in my home, in which he continued to allow them to come. He lied to me, saying that he had to go to his other job, leaving them alone in my house while I was at work. I purchased all of my materials myself and was only supposed to pay him for his labor. Every time I turned around I had to buy more boxes of tiles, rocks, and etc. The materials were being destroyed, and wasted by the workers, because they were trying to make them work. There were times when I tried to contact him and he would not answer his phone or return my calls. Mr. Biggins lied, saying it would take him 3 weeks to finish my bathroom. I had a leak in my kitchen ceiling, coming from the bathroom he was working on, which lead to my bar area when it rains. The leak is still there! This 3 weeks project, turned into a 5 months project, and is still not completed.  Mr. Biggins was paid in full and more, my stupid mistakes thinking he would do right. Had I research and checked the report before I hired this MORON, I would not be in this situation and could have saved myself from having headaches, wasting money, and time. He had the audacity to ask me to write a letter of recommendation, so heres my recommendation, DO NOT HIRE MR BIGGINS FOR ANY JOB!     Respectfully submitted
Entity: Horn Lake, Mississippi
8, Report #445592
Apr 21 2009
05:01 PM
Charlie Biggins Construction Charlie Biggins Construction Memphis stole our $1,200 House Plans Memphis Tennessee
We loaned our custom home plans to Charlie Biggins of Charlie Biggins Construction a few weeks ago to get a written estimate on building our new custom home. Mr. Biggins never gave us the estimate and wanted to rush into building the house by doing soil testing, sewer treatments, and so on. We asked for the estimate first because we wanted to know the cost of the house. We were not comfortable with building a house without knowing the total cost. I don't know anyone that would be. Mr. Biggins kept putting us off saying he was out of town or whatever. This was a red flag for us. Finally we asked for the plans back and long story short, he never gave us the estimate. We asked that he just give the plans back. The plans cost us $1,200 for the license to build. At our request for the plans he then informed us that he thought he needed to be paid for his time. I don't know where he pulled this from. We've had several home builders review at the plans for an estimate and no one asked to be paid for their estimate. We told him that he never mentioned anything about a payment for the house estimate and we didn't sign anything saying we'd pay him for the estimate. We asked for the plans again. At that he said he was keeping the plans and hung up on us. In our opinion, this man is a very shady character, unreasonable and a thief that can not be trusted. Lucky for us we only gave him a copy and not our original set of blue prints. I thank God this man showed his true colors before we got into a business deal with him. His actions prove him to be a dishonest liar and a thief. Beware of Charlie Biggins, avoid him like the plague. Likeitis Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
9, Report #747513
Jun 30 2011
11:19 AM
I never thought I would be using this site to write about this obviously, crazed individual.  Just to advise, he has multiple fraud actions against him. Not to mention, a long criminal history. I do not understand how someone like this can be funded by the State of New York, but still steal, lie and cheat those that utilize his facility. I understand that the State of New York is in fact investigating these fraud actions, but yet, he is still being allowed to hold fund raisers.  I believe this individual to be a sociopath. He needs some sort of counselling. I am not here to make fun of this person, he very much needs help.  I did in fact have an affair with this person. He acted in a civilized manner, until I asked him a question, that was when he became enraged. He even threatend to hurt me. I pray this person either goes himself to get help or someone out there help him.
Entity: STATEN ISLAND, New York
10, Report #134596
Mar 11 2005
10:48 AM
PMA, Charlie Timmins Ripoff SCAM contiues King Of Prussia Pennsylvania
I lost a considerable amount of money due to the false promises of one Charlie Timmins of PMA. I discovered through this website a number of others who have experienced the same. Checking with the BBb was no help but I met someone in a networking group who had the same awful experience with PMA as I did. I was put in touch with a number of other who have been fooled throught the years. The following is a short version of those who have been taken. Measures are being put into place to stop this scam. More entries here and other places help. James S. Magnolia NJ I was promised a job, I didn't get 1 lead Brian W. Noth Wales Pa. My money was stolen Jim B. Paoli pa. My original resume was better than PMA,s Valerie G. Phila. Pa I was duped Edward R. Cherry Hill, NJ I was told it would be a quick search, I found it on my own 8 months later Jeffrey S. they said the employer would pay me back Scott Y. Wilmington De. Lies lies and more lies Susan A. Chadds Ford, pa They took my money and once I complained, they never took my calls again These are just some complaints, the list is too long. BEWARE Helen sewell, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
11, Report #186717
Apr 14 2006
09:28 PM
Rule Amoco - Charlie Rule Ripoff Fraud Deceit and vehicular destruction Knoxville Tennessee
The tensioner wheel was whining so we took our car to Rule Amoco. We had bought tires and oil changes there before and had come out ok, so we thought they were straight. they told us that they could plainly hear the timing chain rattling and that it would have to be replaced. We left the car there for the repair, which took 2 weeks and they said they also had to replace the water pump. The original quote was $400.00 then we recieved a phone call after they said we needed the water pump as well saying that the cost would now be $750.00. When we arrived to pick up the vehicle the price had jumped again to $785.00. Just glad to have our car back and fixed, we paid and went home. Within 2 days the engine was ratling loudly and leaking oil from the spark plug tops. We spent the rest of this first week trying to get back into contact with Rule Amoco. When we finally did over the phone, they were very rude with my wife and eventually hung-up on her. Then I also tried to contact them from work to finally have the mechanic who worked on our car agree to fix the damages for free. The whole second week of us having our car back and leaking oil was spent trying to again contact the mechanic to set up an apropriate time to bring the car in. Several different men answered the phone each time and said that the mechanic was not in today or that he was unavailable. After a week of this sort of response I begain to realize that they were just giving me the run-around with no intentions of coming good on their word. Frustrated, we finally called another mechanic just to try to stop the oil leak. No sooner did the new mechanic open the valve cover was he right back in the lobby telling us how lucky we were that the car did not burst into flames with me, my wife, and my 2 sons in it. The timing chain was an old timing chain, not a new one as we were charged for. The guides were not replaced. The timing gears were not replaced. The cover gasket was also not replaced but instead reused. To make matters even worse, the starter and ignition had been put in a bad state by the mechanics at Rule Amoco trying to start the car without setting the timing gears.Now we are stuck with once again repairing the parts that we are now convinced did not need fixing to begin with, and also repairing the damages incurred by them while they were fixing the so-called problem. To sum up these people destroyed a car we payed $20,000.00 for to make $784.00 off of us and causing damages to our car that were not previously existent in excess of $900.00. We ended up paying them to tear up our car! And now we have to pay someone else to fix what they didnt fix AND what they tore up in the process!!! Jesse Lafollette, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
12, Report #113755
Oct 19 2004
08:23 PM
Mr. Charles Mangle of Mangel Construction Co. was hired by me to construct a new home. Mr. Mangle received payments to buy materials and was never seen again; however I did have a chance to recieve his licence #428219412 (which may be a host also). Mr. Mangle recieved thousands of dollars from me for work he did not preform. Thanks Karol clarksdale, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: CLARKSDALE, Mississippi
13, Report #215480
Oct 12 2006
04:44 PM
Marshall Media - Charlie Marshall Ripoff! scam artist Con Artist Burbank California
INVESTORS BEWARE Marshall Media a Scam!!! They are fraudlently soliciting money from investors around the world using illegal sales practices. They don't have technology nor legitamate business. Fraudulently raising capital by name dropping and falsely using fake names in PPM organization. The money they raise is solely for the purpose of enriching themselves. Charlie Marshall is a professional conman and is stealing your money with the help of 3 con artist salesmen from Orange County, California. If you have already been a victim of their scam, request audit and get your money back. Frankie Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Burbank, California
14, Report #384863
Oct 25 2008
07:19 PM
Charlie Brackett DEAD BEAT DAD!!!! Cocoa Florida
Charlie Brackett is such a Dead Beat Dad. This man has 6 kids from 5 differnt baby mommas and can't pay nothing for none of them. This man lives about 4 minutes away from his children (my children) and he can't even call them or much less come visit them. They get NOTHING from him for their Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, NOTHING! I am so damn tired of this man it makes me sick. He is a DRUNK like the rest of his family and they all suck! The man pisses himself he drinks so much. Gives a whole new meaning to a Golden Shower! His momma runs behind him cleaning upp his messes. She needs to pay his Child Support if she wants to help out. She needs to open her eyes and realize her son is CRAP! My daughter wants to change her last name she is so over it and she's only 12. To have a child make a decision like that on her own is horrible. If anyone thinks that this man is a man.....LOLOLOL, your kidding yourself. I can't even say how far behind he is in Support because im not sure there's a number that goes that high. Forget about the money these children need a daddy. But he's more interested in that next beer. Beware women of cocoa, he's a slim ball! In the end he will get his, he'll die alone without his children by his side. Julie Cocoa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Cocoa, Florida
15, Report #401330
Dec 14 2008
07:47 PM
Charlie Mack A Fraud and Con Artist Uses Will Smiths Name To Rip People Off Phila Pennsylvania
Charlie Mack aka Will Smith's security guard has ripped off millions of people with his fake basketball ball games,hip hop shows and false hope that he advertises on the radio safe streets and peace but he gets this money from the people in the poor community and does nothing in the community to give back to the poor but he takes from them and uses his relationship with actor Will Smith to get people to invest in him and believe in what he is doing but his main goal is to rip people off. Charlie Mack has been around since the 80's as a security guard for The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff and from that relationship he has built a lot of relationships with people that makes him look like he is big time but he is really nothing at all just take a look at his track record since the 80's he has done nothing to help anyone but himself he is not for the people stay away from his events he is only thinking about himself. Customer Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phila, Pennsylvania
16, Report #569756
Feb 15 2010
01:19 PM
Charlie Southall dragonfly productions is a nasty piece of work, Brighton, United Kingdom
I have also sadly come across Charlie Southall of Dragonfly Productions and I can confirm that he is both very unprofessional and unreliable.  He also used threatening behaviour making abusive telephone calls, sending threatening emails and becoming obsessive over the issue.I personally witnessed this behaviour when I was with a colleague of mine having a business meeting.  They got another one of his threatening messages and I was very shocked how they went from having business dealings with him and when he didn't get the contract he took it personally and started a hate campaign that lasted for months.In the end I think they had to take legal action to get him to stop.DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHARLIE SOUTHALL PERSONALLY OR PROFESSIONALLY - If the police are still looking for him regarding the assault charge this is his last known address:Address:14d Walpole TerraceBrightonEast SussexBN20EDUKPhone number:02032 868 545Mobile:07811 406 662
Entity: Brighton, Select State/Province
17, Report #790016
Oct 18 2011
06:23 AM
charming charlie don't work here! they scam on girls telling them they have the job leave them hanging! ., Nationwide
Okay, so i appled online and i got a call not even 20 minutes later from a manager i guess from a other chaming charlie location where i live because the location i was applying for was not opened yet. He told me to go ahead come in for a interview the next day, so i went for the interview it all went good he seem to had really like me and thought i was very applicant for the position we talked about the training before the store opening and few things about the company at the end of the interview he said i am going to make you a offer .... you got the job! h said that he would do our background checks which for me no problem at all and he would email us telling us he did that then a week before training he would call to let us know where to go and all this other stuff. i  was very excited because i have been unemployed for several months and needed this job i mean needed it and i was looking so forward to working for this company. he told me if i knew anyone else who were looking for a job to tell them to apply for charming charlie blah blah etc. so i told my bestfriend she got called for a interview and everything he told me he told her she also got the job. well i never got a email conformation like he said and it was a few days before training day i never got a call! i even called him twice never got a call back or a text or emails. then my bestfriend said he called her telling her where to go for training etc she went to work that training day. before training my parents happen to be at the mall they walked in the store and confronted him(manger) he said he nevered hired me or said none of that! that who they saw working were his choosen workers! basically saying the interview was a lie and that i lied. bullsh*t!  so i called the copporate they didn't say anything just transfered me to the store operations which ranged and ranged i left a message just giving my call back number blah blah and never got a call back! this company sucks in communication and lies to young girls saying they got the job and they are left hanging! never work here. so now i have no choice but to go higher with this because people need to be aware of this scam this company has going on.
Entity: , Nationwide
18, Report #875414
Apr 28 2012
04:27 PM
Charlie Porter Bait & Switch Horse Trader King City , Missouri
Charlie Porter uses the bait & switch method of drawing in unsuspecting horse shoppers. I emailed and called him about a beautiful black QH gelding advertised for sale.  The photograph in the ad showed a man mounted on the horse holding a billowing rodeo flag.  The horse was described as bombproof, extremely well-trained and his personal riding horse.  The gelding was very, very handsome, registered, young, and sound...and way under market value. Days later he answered my inquiry with the news that the black gelding had been sold.  However, he sent me a link to dozens of other horses he had for sale. Funny.  A year later, the black gelding's ad was still online.  And guess what?  I was beginning to catch on to some of the trader's tricks by then, so I Googled Charlie Porter's name and found THIS SITE!  Ha ha, I'm a convert now!
Entity: King City, Missouri
19, Report #457430
Jun 01 2009
03:09 PM
Life Employment Owner Charlie Hoovler Financial Ruin Lafayette Indiana
I was contacted by an employee of Life Employment and told they had a job I would be perfect for. I never asked them to find me a job and I already had a job and wasn't even looking for a new one. I asked about fees and was told that ALL FEES were paid by the employer; that there would be no fee to me. I was told that they couldn't tell me anything over the phone; I would have to come to their office. Since there was no out of pocket money to me and being curious, I met with the company. That day I was told I had to sign a paper before they could tell me any information. I was on my lunch hour and was in a hurry and quickly signed the paper. Once they told me about the job, it was not something I was interested in and said goodbye. A few weeks later, I received another unsolisitated call from Life Employment and was told again they had a job that I would be perfect for. I met with Charlie Hoovler and because of the job he described; I said I would be interested in meeting with the company. I was currently working for an IT company making $60,000 a year and worked M-F, 8-5. The job I was being offered was for one of our competitors and I was told by Charlie Hoovler the job paid $53,000 and the hours would be the same. I said I didn't want to take a pay cut, but he told me that the new company was offering paid training. Being in IT, training is very important because technology changes so fast. After meeting with the company, I accepted the position. However, after working there only 2 weeks, I gave the company my notice. Nothing about the job was what I was told it would be. When I asked about the paid training I was handed some old books to read. I was told I would be in a management position as I was in my old job, but I was not. The main problem was the hours. I was working 60 hours a week and told I would also have to also work weekends. I have a brother, with a young wife and 2 small children, that is in Iraq and I help them in my free time. I told the company that I could not work those hours and that the hours were supposed to be from 8-5. I was told that it was just a busy time, but the other employees said that was how many hours they always worked. I was also not given any compensation for extra hours and overnight stays out of town. I gave them my notice and quit. I had no job for 6 months and ended up having to borrow $15,000 just to keep up on my mortgage. A few months later I received a summons that I was being sued in small claims by Life Employment for not staying at the company 90 days. I see that I signed something saying I would stay 90 days. Whenever fees were discussed, I was always assured that I would pay nothing and the 90 days was never mentioned. All Life Employment did was ask me if I would be interested in the position and then send my resume to the company. If I had been looking for a new job, I could have given my resume to the company myself. During the small claims trial, Life Employment had a lawyer and I didn't. I thought small claims were for both sides to tell their story but when one side doesn't have a lawyer it is not a very fair process. The judge didn't even speak to my witness and didn't want to take any of my evidence. When I talked about how many hours I was working the judge actually said that there are always things about a new job you won't like and that he worked a lot of hours. I don't understand how a business can just call people, lie to them about the conditions of a job and when you find out they lied and quit, they sue you. It is a deceptive business practice and should void any contracts. Not only do I not have the money to pay the small claims judgment, but I am working in a temporary construction position, because that is the only job I could find. I am also being told that they will put a lien on my house if I don't pay. Life Employment didn't lose any money, but I have lost over $30,000 in wages. I owe a credit card $12,000 that I had to borrow to pay my mortgage, I only have a job for a few more months and then I am unemployed, and now somehow I am suppose to pay almost $5,000 to a company that did nothing but lie. I don't have money for an attorney. I did nothing to deserve this and I consider myself fairly intelligent but if they could take advantage to me, then this could happen to anyone. John Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Lafayette, Indiana
20, Report #1021973
Mar 01 2013
08:50 AM
Charlie Southall Dragonfly Productions Liar, fantasist, Wlater Mitty Internet
This company is NOT to be confused or associated in any way with  Dragonfly Film and Television Productions which really IS a credible and entirely legitimate broadcast television company [1] Charlie Southall is a 'Walter Mitty' creating the fantasy of running a London-based TV production company working with Blue Chip cleints... He was recently 'caught out' trying to claim credit for the award winning One Born Every Minute - A programme made by another company! His claims with regards to blue chip clients CANNOT be verified. And the reality is he trades on another company's good name and reputation. He is also not averse to lying about more successful companies The following facts are worthy of note, and we offer them in  the interests of protecting the public. Please note that the information here has been gathered from official UK government records... It IS  checkable. According to Companies House [2] data gathered and referenced at Duedil - A UK company reference source - [3] - Dragonfly Productions UK Limited was launched in January 2005 by  Charlie Southall. Official UK Government data reflects the company was  not incorporated until 27 May 2005 and was in fact dissolved on 22 Nov  2011 following moves to have the company struck off. UK Government information [4] makes it clear that: Sections 1004 and 1005 of the Companies Act 2006 set out the circumstances in which the company may not apply to be struck off. For  example, the company may not make an application for voluntary strike  off if, at any time in the last 3 months, it has traded or otherwise  carried on business This, combined with official records clearly indicates that Dragonfly  Productions UK Limited, the company started by Southall in 2005 has not  traded since at least the 22nd of August 2011. Further noteworthy information is that the trading and registered  addresses for this, now defunct company were in fact  mailing/accommodation services provided by SRC Taxation Consultancy Limited [5] There is actually no evidence the company was ever actually operated from London. Official records of Directorship accessed via Duedil [6] show Southall as having utilised the Dragonfly brand several times -  These records show two manifestations of 'the company' that have folded. The current manifestation of Southall's 'Dragonfly' productions is, in fact Dragonfly Digital Video Services Ltd[7] which, according to oficial records has both its registered office and trading address as: Blenheim House 56 Old Steine Brighton East Sussex BN1 1NH United Kingdom It was incorporated on the 10 Mar 2011 This is, of course entirely at odds with the claims to be london based or established in 2005. Furthermore, the address used is ALSO found to  be the address of SRC Chartered Accountants [8] a company that does offer its clients both mailing-accomodation and registered office addresses. In fact 18 Soho Square, the address claimed to be Dragonfly's 'London  Base' is merely a Mailing Address & Meeting Room facility in central London run by Callitech Limited, Trading as 'Moneypenny'[9] - There is no physical presence of the company there, and the facility is used by many dozens of clients. Part 5, Chapter 6 of the Companies Act 2006 concerns the trading  disclosures, brought into force by the Companies (Trading Disclosures)  Regulations 2008 (as amended) on 01 October 2008. According to that  statute every company must:[10] The company must show in legible lettering, on all business letters, order forms and any of the company's websites: the place of registration the registered number the registered office address, and if it is being wound up, that fact Attention is drawn to the fact that not only is the place of  registration missing from any material published by Charlie Southall in  relation to Dragonfly productions, he repeatedly mis-represents his  business as 'London Based', citing the Soho address. Clearly this is a material matter, as truly London based production companies can command much higher feees than those outside London. In a self-published article, Southall is described as - [11] With an Audi sports car, a Soho office - Factually, he has no Soho  Office, merely paid access to a public meeting facility there. Researching the issue with respected legal sources [12] we discover that: The tort of deceit provides a civil remedy for an individual who has relied on a false representation to their detriment and requires the following elements to be proven: An individual has made a representation to another party which is false The individual knows it to be false or was reckless as to the truth of the statement There is an intention to deceive and it is acted upon Loss is suffered as a consequence Clearly then there is a wilfull mis-representaion of this company  being London Based which, if relied upon by a client could cause loss  in the sense that London rates are charged for a provincial service. It is then prudent to check and cross check all other claims of this company. References: 1 2^ 3^ 4^ 5^^ 6*BADV046-1111.txt^ 7^ 8
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #436139
Mar 20 2009
08:20 PM
Promotion Monster; Charlie Adams FRAUD, SCAM, TRANSFER STOLEN FUNDS Barcelona Spain
This company is contacting individuals who have their resume posted on 'Workopolis' with a job opportunity as an Advertising Agent. The company is offering $1570 USD per 2 weeks, + 2 paid weeks vacation for an online part time job. The company begins by giving you a few simple advertising responsibilities. Then the FRAUD begins! They send you an email with details of your next task, which include the purchase of Google Ad Words which is necessary for the balance activation with Google (and each Ed word has a USD face value amount). Then the following day the company is going to deposit a large sum on $$$ into your account, they adivse you that they are having a problem recieving payment from one of their foreign clients; and ask if they can deposit their $$$$ into your account. A very large amount of money is deposited into your account ($$4500-$5000 CDN). You are instructed to go to the bank IMMEDIATELY and withdraw it. They ask you to withdrawl the amount and go to Western Union and send the $$$ to a 3rd Party. The $$$ that is originally sent to your account is STOLEN. If you withdraw the $$ and make the successful transfer. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE BANK BACK. I was lucky, the bank manager notified me of the SCAM. Charlie Adams is a SCAM artist. Everything sound too good to be true!! He is a professionl THIEFT and CRIMINAL. BEWARE!!! Unhappy UnHappy Land, Ohio
Entity: Barcelona, Nationwide
22, Report #498642
Sep 22 2009
10:07 AM
charlie baucom trucking, baucom lies about company rules to intice drivers athens, Alabama
Just wanted to let you know buacom trucking will lie to get you to work for them.They told us we could take the truck home then threatende to call the sheriff when we went home.We decieded to quit and they put misuse of equipment on our dac report
Entity: athens, Alabama
23, Report #446844
Apr 27 2009
11:43 AM
CCS-Agent Charlie Keys Intimidation and Harrassment to Rip me Off Newton, Massachusetts
I am a graduate student of about two years who like everyone else, is struggling in this economy. I do not feel I deserve special treatment but I placed my student loans in forbearance in 12/08 until 6/09 due to hardship and for some reason they were kicked out of forbearance. No one contacted me or let me know until CCS called me threatening litigation, at which point I told Charlie Keys, the agent I was working with that setting up a huge auto draft from my account was not feesible. She would not let up and that is what occured. However, I have just moved, found a permanent job and just got settled, all of which I informed her, only she bullied me into setting a draft that should have come out of my account every pay period which they ultimately held a week and a half before trying to pull it. That caused late fees, overdraft fees, not to mention Ms. Keys calling me, at my private number and my job, yelling at me for something beyond my control. No one will help me and everytime I call CCS, the supervisers hang up on me. I need some help. With Ms. Keys having my bank account no. I am afraid she will mess with my account... Erica Jackson, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Newton, Massachusetts
24, Report #452544
May 16 2009
04:31 PM
Charlie Falk Auto mulitple mechanical issues with car Portsmouth virginia
when i thought i was actually being helped at i dunno.. when i pulled into the dealer my vehicle was on the verge of dying they knew this because i made them aware of that, so i bought this car its a 2001 galant, i've had it for about 3 weeks its already been in the shop 2 times for a strange noise that's commin from the passenger side like a low grinding and it only does it when the car is first ran after sitting for a few hours, and it affects the brakes to the point they almost dont stop . after a few stops they adjust eventually but abs brakes shouldn't be doing that period thats a serious saftey issue! so its been in the shop two times the first time nothing second time it stopped for a few days but is acting up again, i live an hour and a half away from work! so getting a ride every time this happens isn't exactly easy for me , now its week 3 they took my first car payment, and i ran the car 15 minutes down the road go into a store come back out and its dead completely can't even be jumped, they stated i may have lef the light on, when actually today was the first time i ran the ac so the alternator i was told was probably bad from day one and just used the last bit of juice when i used the ac, so i advised them that its broad daylight i didnt have any lights the car didnt even attempt to start the radio flickered for about 10 seconds an nothing so now its saturday , once again their shop is closed i had to leave it in the parking lot keys in it and they are towin it to their shop and i will probably be out of a car AGAIN for who knows how long i've asked for temp vehicles no one seems to be able to help i'm not trying not pay for my car i will pay but its only been 3 weeks 3 trips to the shop and once again i'm out of a car with an hours and then some drive back and forth to work and i was stranded ! i feel hopeless and stuck .. and majorly inconvienced and this is something that should have been tested i feel along with the brake system. and come another week it wont even be their problem anymore due to the fact its almost at 30 days and i've already had these problems and they know i can't go anywhere else due to my credit issues ! so i'm literally ball and chained and stuck ... i mean they've been nice enough to take a look at it and attempt to fix it but its getting to the rediculous point of mulitple attempts to repair the same issue and now a new one is arriving ! Njnikkie RICHMOND, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Portsmouth, virginia, Nationwide
25, Report #471183
Jul 18 2009
09:57 PM
Charlie Faulks Unlawful Business Practices Virginia Beach Virginia
A few years ago me and my wife went to Faulks to buy a car. We found a nice Mercury. We filled out all the paperwork, used our old car as a trade in. Not to mention put down a 20% down payment. Eight days after we signed the contract and drove it home, we woke up to find the car gone. We called the police to report it stolen and they told me the car was repo'd. We called Charlie Faulks and they said yes it was, because they decided they did not want to finance us. They did not offer any assistance with getting our trade in back. We had to find a ride out to Suffolk, Va to pick up the car and drive it back. The interior was wrecked which we recieved no compensation for, nor or all the gas. We then had to go to the area headquarters on Virginia Beach Blvd and fight to get our down payment back. Do not do business with Charkie Faulks. Thier finance company is located overseas to avoid prosecution for thier criminal activity. Mike Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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