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51, Report #1148301
May 30 2014
05:05 PM
Charter Communications Charter Worst Service and Customer Service EVER!! Portage Nationwide
I have been in business for decades and never have seen such horrendous service but even more disgusting is the customer support. We have spent hours on the phone trying to resolve our issues. They schedule appointments for technicians to come to our office and they do not even show up for their appointment. I try to submit support tickets online and it will not let me complete them. I submitted a request for new service and I got a phone call back within 10 minutes. That is very deceptive to me and unethical. They only care about getting new customer and not taking care of their current customers. If I can not be heard here then I will but a few thousand or hundred thousand shares of stock and express my concerns as a partner! These companies get too big and do not care about their customers and that is a problem in my humble opinion. I look forward to hearing from a high level executive reaching out to take care of our issues.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #309350
Feb 15 2008
10:25 PM
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS My charter phone bill this month was over $900. SAINT LOUIS Missouri
CHARTER offered an unlimmited internatinal long distance package last year. And it was a great service until this happen. They are saying the offer expired three months ago. but they never told me, never sent a letter or call me to notify me. so i kept calling my country as usual thinking i have a good plan. but what was my surprise when i open the bill, $918 RIDICULOUS! I called customer service, but nobody was able to fix anything. 2 hours on the phone, they just kept passing the ball to a higher customer service level, i know i made the calls, but it was THEYRE FAULT for not notifying the customer when they make changes to your account. they have the worst customer service ever! I even spoke to a supervisor, but she was talking like a machine, same speech over and over. Sir. I understand your frustration, but at this point there is nothing we can do about, your offer expired a few months ago. But she could not explain to me why i was able to make those calls for two months without being charged. i guess they just noticed and decided to charge me all that money. I dont know what operating sistem they use, but obviously i does not work, not counting they useless c.s. representatives. jose fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
53, Report #314697
Mar 04 2008
03:38 PM
Charter Communications Charter ripoff--rate hikes, mystery service calls, poor service, worse customer service Clarksville Tennessee
Charter Communications, Clarksville TN. Anyone else have problems with these jokers? I've had their services for nearly 3 years now, and when I deployed to Iraq, they DOUBLED my cable/internet fees, explaining over and over that I was under some sort of promotion. OK, I can deal with that. I've experienced two rate hikes during a 15-month tour to Iraq. I can even deal with that. What I can't handle is the fact that I set the account up for auto-payment from my debit card, and after 13 months, they quit charging my card, then added late-payment fees because THEIR system failed to charge my account. After spending 45 minutes on the phone from IRAQ (their system kept hanging up on me when they attempted to transfer my call), I was finally able to get through to a representative that explained to me that not only was I liable for the $5 late payment fee, but I was also going to have to pay a $30-something fee to have my services turned back on. So a huge storm blows through Tennessee and ALL the cable/internet/phone providers are having issues with their services. My wife was without internet for over a week. After calling and complaining multiple times, they explained that they were doing their best to restore service, and that they were going to adjust my bill for the days we had no communications. Got my bill yesterday, lo and behold, they charged me $70 for service calls to fix their own lines!! They never entered my house except to verify the service was working. So now I waste another hour of my precious phone time calling and getting hung up on before I finally talk to a manager (Robert) who immediately removes the $70 in service calls from the bill, but does nothing for the 'adjustment' we were promised for the lack of service. He also added my wife's name to the account so we wouldn't have any more problems with her trying to access the account. Mysteriously, my wife had no internet service this morning when she woke up, and Charter now swears that it somehow has something to do with my home network, which has been functioning fine since I installed it 14 months ago....hmmmm....makes me wonder. Charter has been steadily ripping people off with mystery rate hikes and unannounced charges in the hopes that the customers will just pay the bill. NOT ME!! I redeploy in 40 days and am immediately shutting Charter off. Way to go, especially when Charter is steadily losing customers to Clarksville Department of Electricity. Moral of the story: WATCH YOUR BILLS!! CALL AND COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY LITTLE CHARGE THEY TRY TO TACK ON!! Jn fox Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
54, Report #280983
Oct 25 2007
09:22 PM
Charter Communications Charter cut the cables to my satellite dish and refused to fix it!! Turlock California
I came home from work to find that my satellite wasn't working. I went out to the box and noticed that the wires had been severed. My neighbor noticed that I was looking at the satellite box and said that Charter had been out earlier because the neighbor that I share a duplex with was getting Charter cable and high speed internet installed. We then called Charter and asked them to come out and fix their mistake. They told me that it would be a minimum of (5) days!! I was so pissed off, I hung up on them. My husband called back and asked to speak to the manager. Bruce (their manager) then told my husband that it was against the law for them to fix it. When my husband asked him to quote the penal code he was referring to, he just stuttered and said well, it's against company policy. So now they are refusing to even touch the mistake they caused. I then called Dish Network, and they told me it was going to be a charge of $49.99 to come out and fix CHARTER's mistake. I had to cancel a party I was hosting because i don't have satellite to show the football game. So now I am out the money I spent on food for the party. Dish Network told me it would be 4 days before they could come out. Then, I come home from work the next day only to find out that Charter had been out messing around with some wires again, but didn't even bother to touch their mistake they had made. They also left live wires exposed from the cable box. How is this safe???????? Tapley Turlock, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Turlock, California
55, Report #372562
Sep 13 2008
09:43 AM
Charter Communications Charter Needs to Be Fined or Shut DOWN Roxboro Nationwide
The cable account was past due and service was interrupted the morning of 9/7/08. I called Charter Communications, paid the past due amount using my VISA debit card and was given a confirmation number. Our service was restored before I ended my call. In subsequent days, we have been contacted by Charter about the acount being delinquent. On each occasion we told them of the transaction on 9/7 and provided them with the confirmation number. On 9/11, we were contacted again by the local office to provide evidence of our payment. ONCE AGAIN, we gave them the confirmation number along with our assertion that our service could only have been restored by someone who represented the company and restored it upon a successfully completed transaction. Additionally, I visited the local office in person, spoke with persons named Candace and Christy, who informed me that while the system documentation shows that I called on 9/7 and reported a service interruption, there is no record of payment being received. I requested that they enter my confirmation number to verify the transaction; they stated that they had no way of doing it. (What, then, is the purpose of a confirmation number if it is not to CONFIRM payment?) They did state that codes rather than names are assigned to company reps who enter notes into the account. I inquired as to why the code associated with the man with whom I spoke on 9/7 had not been tracked and why he had not been questioned as to how he produced a confirmation number without a financial transaction having been conducted. Christy had no explanation, but assured me that she had contacted her supervisor, Gloria Surles and the matter is being examined. As of today, 9/13, there has been no activity on my checking account related to this transaction. I am closely monitoring it. I fully expect this matter to be investigated. Our service is scheduled to be interrupted again on 9/16, but I am not comfortable making additional payments until this matter is resolved and action is taken against the responsible--or more fittingly, IRRESPONSIBLE party(ies) who mishandled this transaction, failed to make accurate documentation, and issued a confirmation number of which validity cannot be confirmed or denied by the other persons to whom I've spoken within the company. Furious in nc Roxboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
56, Report #383029
Oct 20 2008
03:23 PM
Charter Communications charter accepts payment one month and not another??? Baraboo Wisconsin
10/20/2008 , went to the local office today to pay my cable bill,and after writing checks for 6 months there they tell me they cant accept my check i have to pay with cash or money order. i asked why and the lady tells me because you bounced a check in may of 2008. i told her that was from a different checking account and i paid for the check and the bounced fees.and that i have been paying them for 6 months with this checking account and she tells me that she cant take my check because she got into trouble last month even though my checks have all cleared. so i then called the 800 number and spoke with someone who didnt understand any english and kept saying the same thing overe and over im sorry this happen to can pay by debit and i said that my debit card is through my checking account.are you gonna accept my payment online. she said yes. i keep asking how come after 6 months cant i pay with a check? she wouldnt answer me or put me on mute or something. so i told them i am going with dish network and i am and my bill is going down $40.00 a month also. they really need to have better people working for them and ones that can understand english and speak english. Minue978 wisconsin dells, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Baraboo, Wisconsin
57, Report #355192
Jul 24 2008
11:58 AM
Charter Communications Report Charter Problems to FCC and State Attorney General Simpsonville North Carolina
Charter Communication is the only bundle communication provider in my area and they have taken full advantage of the situation. It took several months for our service to be set up properly and that took place after contacting the FCC and the State Attorney General. Now our phone and internet service is not dependable. It has worked on and off over the last month. Numerous calls, time, promises to have supervisors call back, send a tehnician, etc., have not resolved the problem. Therefore, I have again started the complaint process with the FCC and the Attorney General. I'm searching for another provider to meet my communication needs, but in the mean time I will depend on our government agencies to police Charter. I have spent far to much time and energy trying to get the services I pay for and require for my personal and business needs. My hope is soon competition will come to our area and force Charter to be a responsible communication provider. Glor Catawba, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Simpsonville, North Carolina
58, Report #1086839
Jun 17 2014
11:53 AM
Charter Communications Mr. James Rutledge CEO/Charter Communications Charter Communications RIP OFF/SCAM SELL/ James Rutledge NEVER replied New Jersey
 We had decided to hook up in Charter Internet. Their Internet Service has shut down 3-4 Times! In no more than a 6 week period... I have NEVER had the internet ever shut down before Charter!! EVER!!!... I get a call one day: We would like to bundle your Internet with Cable TV. You will get ALL the same Channels as DISH!... So? I signed up for the Bundle. After it is installed.... Many of the same Channels showed up. However? There were 'Not available with your current plan.. On over HALF the Channels I had. So? I had to buy their 'Gold Package'!! It cost me $125.00 apprx... The first Month... The cable has gone down... At least twice. The Techs have had to come out twice? To repair.....What the first Tech who installed (wrong)... Causing lines to travel down it.... We do NOT get 'All the Same Channels!! As DISH!! At all...... Then? The internet? Has shut down 3 times at least... NEVER before... Have I EVER had that happen. My screen distorts/ digital squares a lot.....  It is choppy ( watching a movie, it like 'skips' and goes past something you miss? Great?.. Huhh?? I wrote a letter to Mr James Rutledge CEO of Charter Communications.... Telling him.. That we were told; It depends on the Tech... Some charge so much for coming out. Others charge differently.. What?..... First? I'm told by the 'Slick Salesman'... You'll get ALL the same Channels as DISH!! And had to PAY... $125.00 apprx... And still do NOT get all the same Channels as DISH.. DISH never had Screens have digital problems... Nor shut down/black out..... Every other internet provider has NEVER shut down on me... EXCEPT CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS....!!?? This is sickening.. Mr Rutledge NEVER wrote me back/called/nothing.......'Who Cares.. He seems to have as his motto. We do NOT get all the same Channels as DISH, as the Salesman promised. The screen distorts quite a bit/digital squares of the face, or whatever is showing at the time it does it?... RIDICULOUS.... To promise the 'same channels as DISH? And NOT get them? Is FALSE Advertising... Deception..... Then? to have to PAY... For the Gold Account.. And STILL not get all the Channels as DISH?....... Is also deceptive and FALSE PROMISES.... I sent a Certified/Return Receipt Letter to Mr. James Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications. No one called. No one emailed me.. EXCEPT?   My 'New Bill next to pay is MORE!! I just read it $202.00.. For services of Charter, that has shut down once or twice. The internet has gone OUT.... 3 or 4 times... My screen, distorts... While trying to watch a movie. Digital squares appear several times.... It's really sickening.. To be LIED TO.. Just to get a Customer.. Made FALSE PROMISES... Not get the same Channels as DISH..... And no other ISP I've had... Has shut down as Charter has..... CHARTER COMMICATIONS IS A 'RIP OFF'...    
Entity: Internet
59, Report #1341593
Dec 05 2016
10:00 PM
Charter Communications Charter Spectrum, Charter internet, Charter Television Liar Liar Pants On Fire. Classic Bait and Switch Nationwide
 I dont know where to start. I have charter internet and have for about 2 years. I called to bundle my TV with them to see if I could save some money. After talking to their sales rep, I was told that I would get all of these channels, a home phone (which we have never had. We like most, just rely on our cell phones), as well we would get upgraded to the 100 mb download speed. So I went ahead and canceled my service with Dish Network. When the service guy got to my house, he installed everything for the TV. But he had no record of any internet speed upgrade. He and I called the service department, and they said that they could not and would not upgrade my internet service unless I paid an additional $60 per month. They admitted that their sales rep did promise the upgrade, but that they would not honor it because she was wrong. My business is custom software and online services. So a fast internet is very important to me. But Charter was completely unwilling to work with me or take any actions to fix their own error. I kept asking for the next level up representative, and after talking to 5 different people, I got nothing but the feeling that they could care less if I just took a hike. And the fact that I was only saving a cost of about 10 dollars per month, but getting a service that has a completely antiquated look and feel when it comes to their TV software, I was happy to say, just take this crap away. Charters DVR box is HUGE. It is also out of date, and their user interface is complete junk and hard to figure out. I now have to call Dish Network back and ask them to come out and re-hook up their equipment. So in addition to the hassle of all of this and now multiple days of m y schedule tied up, I have to pay Dish Network a service fee to reconnect something that was already hooked up and fine until charter deconstructed everything. I would strongly suggest staying away from Charter as a whole. If you are looking for a company that focuses on good customer service, then I would go anywhere else. Anything has to be better.
Entity: Nationwide
60, Report #1171950
Aug 24 2014
09:23 AM
Charter Communications Charter Cable, Charter Internet, Charter Phone The absolute worst service I have ever had in my entire life! Fort Worth TX
Dear Charter Communications, It is amazing to me that your organization fails to understand the value of a customer.  I have been a customer since moving to Fort Worth 18 months ago.  That is 18 months that you have been getting my money in exchange for your service.  Throughout the month of July, your Internet service was DOWN or UNAVAILABLE more than it was up.  I depend on the Internet for my business.  I scheduled an apt for a technician to come out and then sat at my house for 3 hours and no one showed up.  I rescheduled another apt and sat at my house for 3 more hours and no one showed up.  I called and ripped your customer service rep a new one and scheduled yet a 3rd apt.  Finally he showed up...45 minutes after the 3 hours window and right when my 1 year old daughter was suppose to be going to sleep.  Turns out that the source of the problem was that another one of your technicians messed up the signal to my house when installing service for one of my neighbors.  So your technician cause the problem, I lost service for the better part of a month and wasted over 10 hours of my life waiting around for your technicians.  All I ask for was a credit for the month of July when my service didn't work.  The best you can do is $10.  Really?  $10   I warned the customer service rep that I would cancel my service and I wasn't joking.  I am canceling my service as soon as I find a replacement.  What makes it even worse is that I hate DirecTV as well and I have been waiting for my contract to expire so I could consolidate my cable service with my internet service both with Charter, but that will obviously not be happening.  So congratulations, you have lost an Internet customer and the opportunity to earn a cable customer all over just $46.  Well really just $36 since I did take your $10 credit offer before I cancel the service.  Might I add that each time I have called in to speak with a representative I have had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to reach a human after jumping through your automated gate keeper designed to keep customers from reaching a human.  Thank God I had this experience before I switched all my services to Charter.
Entity: Internet
61, Report #356138
Jul 27 2008
10:45 AM
Charter Communications, Charter Cable Bad customer service, lame excuses, terrible cable service provided, high prices St. Louis Missouri
When my family and I moved to Augusta, GA we had no choice but to use Charter as our cable provider because we live on the Army post, Ft. Gordon. We were only going to be here for 6 months so it didn't make a lot of sense to us at the time to go with satellite as they require a contract that includes terms of service. Now I wish we had. To start with, when I called to set up service they said they had to send a person over to do a sight-review to make sure I could get cable in my area. This seemed silly to me since they are the only cable company that ran lines out here and should know we can receive cable. After the technician called and told me that I could indeed get cable, I had to call Charter again and wait again for someone to come out and install. The installer came out and told me that the main box that receives the signal isn't on and he can't do that. So, what was the sight-review for? What did that person actually do? They obviously didn't check to make sure everything was functional. So I had to call again to make yet another appointment, for two weeks out, and when I asked to speak to a manager, the customer service agent hung up on me. To be fair, I was agitated about the situation, but not rude or swearing. There was no reason for him to hang up the phone. After I was finally able to get cable, internet, and telephone service installed, and it took the installer 3 and a half hours to do this, my service was poor. The picture tiles and freezes. You can't watch a TV show without missing parts of it because of these issues. I called Charter again and they said it was probably my cable box and sent another technician out to see us. He said it wasn't the box, but the signal and that wasn't something he could fix. So I waited for a different technician to come out to correct the issue. To date, I've had at least 5 different technicians come out in the 5 months that I've lived here and not one of them could fix the problem or even tell me what it is. Fortunatley for us, my husband is being reassigned and we're getting out of Charter's grasp. As you can tell, the cable provider I've hired is not holding up their end of the contract to provide consistent service to my home, unless you consider bad service all the time consistent. They're prices are outrageous and every month I have to pay for service that was unusable it makes me angry. I've tried calling to get refunds for the times when my service was unwatchable, but was only able to get about $150 back. I pay that much every month and don't think it's worth it at all. This is the worst cable company I've ever hired, and we move all over the country, and do not recommend them to anyone... ever. Erica Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
62, Report #401335
Dec 14 2008
08:02 PM
Charter Communications - Charter Cable, Installation disaster on a 1890's historic home in Greenville South Carolina
November 19, 2008 DAMAGE TO HARDWOOD FLOORS IN RECENTLY RESTORED HISTORIC 1890'S HOME UNRESOLVED I am normally a patient understanding man. However Charter Communications has pushed me to my limit. I am a design/build project coordinator for new construction and remodels. I handle everything for my clients from concept to competition. A high speed internet connection is very much a necessity to my livelihood at home, in the office and on location.. In this case I was hired to restore and renovate a 1980's home in Greenville which was the original first home of Mr. Mills. I tried to use my Sprint wireless service; however the speeds are just simply inadequate to perform the tasks that I need to do on a daily basis. I searched to find a high speed internet service provider in the area that would better support my needs. While I was warned by neighbors and other members of the community not to use this company, they seem to have a corner on the market. Verizon's FIOS service is not available and Charter was the only provider in the area that I could choose from to get the service that I needed. In this six month time period, I have had more issues with our service than any other cable internet service provider ever. ACCOUNT SETUP; I initially attempted to setup new service through their online website. The only service I wanted was the high speed internet; however after completing the process which took a great deal of time, I was told that I would be contacted by a Customer Service Agent who will further aid in the new account setup. TWO DAYS LATER when I received the call, I was greeted by an individual who didn't speak English as their native language. In other words their English is quite limited and at time I couldn't understand what was being communicated. I was amazed that even though I completed the personal information profile and service address information for the new account setup online, I was still being asked all the same questions over the phone. Within the phone call, the representative made several attempts to sell/upgrade me to various different packages, even though I made it very clear that I only wanted high-speed internet service. Unable to fully understand what was being communicated to me because of a language barrier, I asked to speak with another representative. The representative became very persistent on being able to help me telling me that another agent wouldn't be able to assist me any different. When I asked for his name or company ID number, I was quickly ask to wait while he would put me on hold to transfer me to another agent. After a 20 minute wait on hold I was finally assisted by another person. I was disappointed that I had wasted so much time completing the process online to establish a new account when I still had to provide all the information over the telephone and waste more of my time. I was even more disappointed to discover that after all of this, the earliest appointment for service activation/connection was TWO WEEKS AWAY. When all I was requesting was Internet service and even the old cable from the prior tenants was still connected to the house, they should have been able to establish the account, mail me the modem so that I could have connected it to an existing line in the house and then offer the option for a service call if that didn't work; But that is not their policy. The modem itself is a whole other issue the fact that claim to provide the equipment for you yet they bill each client a $3 rental fee per month for a modem that only costs $20. Then if you ever move or discontinue service, and don't return the modem, they have enough nerve to charge a client a large equipment fee for a modem which you have paid for after 6 or 7 months of service. INSTALLATION DAY; after waiting 2 weeks for Charter's technician's to come out to the house to perform a new install I waited all day for the moment of arrival. It was a hectic day for me as I needed to get out of town to return to Palm Beach in order to pickup and bring back historically correct antique lights which were needed for the project here in Greenville. It was getting rather late and I wasn't sure if they were actually going to show up. The technician did finally show up, however he seemed extremely frustrated, angry and rushed. After some light conversation I soon found out why; it seems that the poor guy was by himself and had several more clients to see before he could end his day. Even though there was an existing cable to the house and several outlets around the interior of the house, his orders were to run a new cable from the house to the street and also to install a new box. All which caused so much trouble for me later on as I will explain. First, while I would have liked to have had the cable outlet in the media room with all of the other media equipment, this would have required him to get a cable under the house, run it through the basement and then up to that room; which would have been extra work for him and put him farther behind in his schedule. I tried my best to be accommodating and let him offer suggestions. He suggested that I let him install the outlet in an adjacent room; he also asked if it was alright to run the cable and attach it to the exterior of the house as it would make the run much easier and shorter for him. I went with his suggestion assuming he knew best in order to complete a professional job and I went back upstairs to work. Shortly thereafter he called for me and had asked that I test the connection to confirm it was working, sign his paperwork, and give him the required payment so that he could be on his way. After all appeared to be functioning I did as he requested so that we could both depart and be on to our next obligation. He left, very quickly, without informing me of any problems that occurred. It was upon my return that I had noticed exactly what occurred the night of the install. Being in a hurry the technician removed all of the old pre-existing cable from the house in order to install the new cable, and he just left all of the old cable on the ground around the yard. I also noticed that he had left a few tools and a box of cable ties on an exterior window sill; I figured that this was because it was dark that night and he was in an extreme hurry to leave. But I have a feeling that he knew he had just made a major mistake and wanted to get out of here before anything was noticed. After going inside I continued to notice what a rushed and sloppy job he had done. Installing an outlet in the side room he drilled from the outside in, and obviously not taking the proper precaution, he completely misjudged the point of entry and while drilling thorough the wall he had made a 6 inch gouge, about a inch deep into the top of the original hardwood floors of the home which I had just had completely restored. It's still sitting that way-damaged! I had to also personally clean up after him; removing the saw dust which came from drilling into the hardwood floors as well as debris from the cable itself which the technician had just left laying around the area inside the house where he was working. They charged me for this installation service call so why didn't they clean up their mess? I forgot to mention that a real outlet was never even installed; instead a cable was feed through the wall from the exterior and just an end piece installed on it making it look as if it's a half finished job. Also after installing a new exterior box the technician didn't even bother to hookup/tie-in the cables that he had disconnected from the old box these are the cables that go to the other outlets throughout the home. Imagine just how horrible that looks and how I feel to have something ruined like this on one of my projects. Not to mention that the homeowner is more than upset and has refused final payment until I have properly corrected the damage. After all we had just spent $8,000 restoring the original floors and having them restored and refinished. I now have a very upset client, am unable to collect on my final bill because until this is resolved, and I am able to proceed with the repairs the job is not finished. I deserve and am due compensation for this I have been trying to get a resolution for months and I am being ignored. This is holding me up from attending to other projects. (I do have pictures of the damaged floor that I have attached one for your reference.) After returning and finding the damage I called the 800 customer service number which I had for Charter Cable's Customer Service. Several times I was lost in a loop within the automated system as I was transferred from department to department each time having to call back to start over. On top of which, every time I was transferred to another department or agent I had to explain the entire incident all over. After nearly 2 hours I was told that this was a matter that had to be handled with the local branch office. I was given the number to call, which was (864) 235-6181. When attempting to call that number all it did was ring ring ring not even a computer system picked up or a voice mail box to leave a message. I verified that this was the correct number through information and an online search. After spending a half day trying to get someone on the other end of the phone at the local office, I called the 800 number once again and this time I was told that they would be mailing me a damage report. After six weeks of waiting and not receiving the damage report as I was told, I was a little upset. Not having the luxury of spending another half day on the phone I send out an email trying to get a resolution to this matter on September 17th (see attached email) When I returned to Greenville once again several weeks later, I called to follow up on where the situation was. I was informed that a damage report needed to be opened. So as of October 27th I had been informed that to date no report was filed or notes made. I was told that a DMA claim could be completed over the phone. After going over all the details I we completed the claim and I received a DMA conformation/claim number of 7098997. I was told that by opening this claim report the issue will be rectified within 5-7 days. On either 11/6 or 11/7 I called to follow up on the claim. Once again I got a representative that could barely speak English who told me that it was still in process. I asked to speak with his supervisor, he then placed me on hold, transferred me to think that I was speaking with a supervisor after explaining the entire situation all over again to him I was told the same thing that the DMA claim was under review. I also discovered that the first agent just transferred me to another employee and not a supervisor as I had requested. Much to my amazement and frustration I then demanded to speak with a supervisor once again. I spend nearly 1 hour on hold and finally was able to speak with a supervisor (JC Extension # 833084 Employee #839281) After re-explaining the situation once again fully noting that the floors are damaged and that I am unable to leave town because my client deems the project is not yet completed and refuses to issue final payment until I have rectified this problem and properly fixed the floors. Because I will have to be here when the cable company finally decides to come over to take a look at the floor damage as well as then having to stay and oversee the repairs so that I can report back to my client, finalize the job and collect payment. I am now 2 weeks behind schedule for another client in West Palm Beach because I am stuck here dealing with this. My client here in Greenville is completely upset and dissatisfied and is wanting to charge me a daily fee each day this goes un resolved because it is affecting her from putting the home on the market with her realtor, since her realtor advised that she would have to remove the listing while she awaits the first floor flooring to be repaired and refinished. If this continues any further she will be seeing legal action against me. I told JC that my only priority right now was to rectify this so that I can return to my regular course of business in Florida. I stressed that my phone number will be changing and that I wanted this noted in the file so that contact is not lost. My other concern is that the weather is getting colder and I need to have this issue resolved so that the repairs and restoration can begin before the cold weather starts to have a negative impact on the possibility of ever getting the floors to match the second story. I pleaded with him on getting a solution, expediting this seeing all of the trouble that I have gone through and the time that I have put into this. JC had told me as other had previously told me that there was nothing that he could do as it was under review at the local branch. I asked who I could call and speak with directly over at the local branch so that I could get a person on the phone who would be able to get this issue finally resolved and put to rest. He then said that it was against policy to give me a phone number and had told me that I would have to drive to the office located at 17 Lindsay Ave. in order to speak with someone over there to rectify this situation. On Monday 11/10 Without any prior notice, a man by the name of Kevin Galloway appeared on the doorstep of the property. After announcing himself he informed me that he was here for the claim. I was more than happy to see him, but had asked why he didn't call first. His response was that he would have but there wasn't a phone number in the system. Kevin was very helpful apologetic and assured me that this situation would be rectified. He explained to me that as a new supervisor he would see to it that he would personally follow up on this. I explained to him that my frustration was not only with the installer who had done a poor job, but also that my biggest frustration was with the breakdown in communication between the departments within Charter Cable, their poor customer service, lack of knowledge of the issue when I would call back having me to re-explain the entire issue each and every time I placed a call or even when I was transferred, lack of follow through and lack of customer service knowledge. I should have been able to setup the DMA claim on my very first call to customer service instead every time you call it seems that a different answer is given depending on the individual that you are speaking with, whether it be true or false. After seeing the damage, and taking the time to listen to me and all the problems I have had over the course of these past several months; Kevin turned me onto the company's public relations director Liz Walker and provided me with her phone number which is (864) 254-7429. That Monday afternoon, After Kevin had departed; I immediately called her and began to give her the description of what had happened, how I had been treated and the lack of proper response and resolution in a timely fashion. Liz said that she would get back with me and asked what phone number was best for reaching me. I gave her what she requested and also informed her of the urgency to resolve this, stating that it is a top priority for me so that I can get this job completed, try to salvage any goodwill in my clients opinion, collect my final payment and move on to getting back to my other clients in West Palm Beach who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the delays as the holiday season approaches. It is now a week and a half from when I first contacted Liz and was assured by her personally that she would be following up and I have not yet heard back from Liz, nor have I heard back from Kevin. It's now several weeks since I finally received confirmation that my complaint was officially written up and months since my floors have been damaged and I had initially submitted a request for action. I have not yet received a proper answer, nor have I receive compensation for the damage which has occurred. I am still requesting that Charter Communications live up to its obligations and follow through doing the right thing. I am no longer holding my breath and waiting patiently. This issue is now costing me by not being able to attend to my other client jobs, not being able to receive final payment on the job here in Greenville, and what's worse is that I am soon going to be charged daily fees by my client until the job is complete or possibly having to deal with legal action by my client if she proceeds with that option which she has the right to do. I NEED HELP! I am now requesting the help of the Local and/or National Media, City Counsel, Government Regulators, and/or Legal Counsel, to help me finally get this resolved. Charter Communication is unresponsive to customer complaints and seems to believe that they have no obligation to the consumer. I think that this is directly related to the fact that they have no competition in the area. The state needs to work harder to deregulate so more like companies can come in and create competition. That is the only way Charter will clean up their act and become more responsible to its clients. If anyone can please help me I'd so greatly appreciate it. As you can see from the damage to the property and what I have already been through dealing with client schedule delays and other work issues, the amount of time that I have put into dealing with Charter Cable and feeling as though I'm being stalled or ignored - I feel that I deserve compensation and I believe Charter knows that as well and has simply been putting me off/stalling me and making things very difficult just to see if I will give up. Months ago I would have been very happy with just being issued a check so that I could simply proceed with carefully repairing, restoring and refinishing the floor But now that I have been given the run around or have been ignored and this has stretched on to the point that it's costing me client satisfaction, scheduling issues, reputation and more. I'm not just asking for your help for myself; I am sure that I am not the only person out there trying to deal with a company that doesn't seem to care about its customers or how it conducts business. Please help me and hopefully it will set standards and expectations that help to protect others like me from the same treatment. Thank you - UPDATE as of December 14, 2008 After sending the above email on November 20th, I was contacted by Michael Henry and Pat Hayes(last name spelling unknown) by phone on November 21st ; both individuals had left a voice mail message for me. I attempted to return both of their phone calls, first on November 21st, then again on November 24th. Unable to reach them, I had left messages each time I called. I have never received a returned call from either Michael or Pat. For reference I also have attached the few responses I received by email after sending the email to members of charter's corporate team on November 20th. The morning of November 21st I was informed by neighbors that people were seen at the property; after returning to the property that afternoon I noticed that an unannounced visit had been attempted by Bonnie Lopez and Kevin Galloway as I had discovered their business cards which they had left at the door. Later that evening, Kevin Galloway had showed up once again unannounced and apologized for dropping the ball. He went on to explain that he was new and had mistakenly given me his incorrect phone number the first time he was out to the property to inspect the damage and process the claim. I followed up with Bonnie Lopez by phone and email; explaining that I was out of town trying to attend to other business and returned just to get this resolved. I then worked with her and submitted the estimates for the damage claim report that she requested on Friday November 28th. I followed up on December 1st resending the documentation to ensure that she had received the information as I didn't want to risk any miscommunication during the Thanksgiving holiday period. I was assure by Betty that this would be handled for me, after explaining to her in detail that that I was back in town just to take care of this matter I was assured that it would be handled and resolved promptly. On the evening of December 2nd or 3rd I woke up from a nap around 7pm alarmed to see a van parked in the front of the house and someone with a flashlight walking around the property I felt alarmed and called the police. Shortly thereafter I then discovered that it was a charter employee who (again unannounced) was sent out to perform a cleanup install I had asked him why he was working so late and why he didn't call, he informed me that the number he called which was listed for me was the wrong number. He went on to further apologize for startling me saying that at this late hour after dark he has run into many problems of these sorts. On Tuesday December 9th I was contacted by Erica Brown. She called to ask for my mailing address, saying that they had it wrong in the computer system. Knowing that I've continued to provide this information on numerous other phone calls, and knowing that I continue to receive my billing statement to the correct address I confronted her on why she needed this information once again. Her answer was that she needed to mail me a damage claim report. I once again mentioned that this needed to be expedited, explaining that this has gone on for months, explaining that this information was already submitted once, that Kevin had already previously been out to the property for the claim report inspection and submission and that I would simply email her all of the information again for her records. Later in the afternoon on December the 9th on another phone call, Erica had said that I needed to speak with Betty Strimco (last name unsure of spelling). I immediately called Betty and was informed that this needed to be handled as an insurance claim. I was told that I would need to meet an insurance adjuster out at the property to make the report. I informed Betty that I had been trying to resolve this for months now Explaining that I had to return to West Palm Beach to attend to my other clients; after all I had been up waiting in Greenville for charter after being assured that this would be taken care of promptly and that I had wasted enough time waiting for a resolution which never came. I explained that I now have to make arrangements now to fly back to meet with the adjuster. This upsets me for many reasons and one of which is because I find it odd that this would necessary after the report has already been submitted, filed, along with photographs of the damage both from what I submitted and also from an employee of Charter Cable after they had sent Kevin out who had already done the previous inspection prior to submitting the DMA report/claim. On December 12th I received an email from Erika Brown stating that she will not be able to settle my claim that she needs the claim to be submitted by the owner of the property. If this was the case why hadn't this been brought to my attention months ago. It's been made very clear that I was hired as a design consultant to work on the home. The owner refuses to pay my final bill because of this issue; until the matter is resolved I am being fined a daily fee of $150 which began as of November 3rd. This matter is now looking at serious legal issues and I cannot get the cooperation of Charter Cable. To add insult to injury, the owner of the home of which I was hired to take care of and restore now has to deal with an issue which she is furious over, an issues which has caused problems for both her and myself, an issue that I have been trying to resolve so that the job can be completed and she can be made happy and any further legal problems can be avoided. I've had so much added aggravation over this that I cannot believe that this is being handled this way.. After this has been drawn out for months, it's now costing me dearly. After I've been told that I need to fly back to meet insurance adjusters especially now, after I had just previously spent almost 2 weeks in town waiting on charter to resolve this issue without any proper follow through as was promised on Charter Cables end. I feel as though I am being given the run around a run around that is solely at my expense while it appears that no consideration or support is given on behalf of Charter Cable. From here I am demanding action be taken; calling on any source that can help me get this resolved without getting the run around Greenvilledesign Tampa, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Charter Communications
Entity: Greenville, South Carolina
63, Report #232065
Jan 22 2007
06:51 PM
Charter Communications Slow installs, missed appointments, lies, no calls back Riverside California
Called and scheduled service to be installed on 1/16/2007. Services were supposed to be installed within a four hour window from 1PM until 5:00PM. Keep in mind my front door was open from 1:00PM until 4:00PM ish. At 1:00PM PST, I get a phone call from Charter stating that I'm not home, and asking when I will be. First of all they called my home phone number!! Secondly, I specifically made sure I was home from 11:00AM until now. It's 5:44PM PST, and no show yet after 5 phone calls. Also, I keep getting promises of people calling me back and no calls, this is after of course 4 out of the 5 times I called being told that they are only about 20 minutes away. charter sucks!! Justin Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
64, Report #1021578
Feb 28 2013
12:49 PM
Charter Internet Charter Communications Charter Internet Stole My Money Sales Bait and Switch Madison, Wisconsin
Charter Internet Stole My Money. Now I understand why Ripoff Report exists - because now I have been ripped offby Charter Internet/ Charter Communications and want you to know about it.  I have been a Charter customer for over two years for both high speed internet and telephone/landline service. In Dec 2012 I had a review of my account and found they finally had a much faster speed internet package available for about 40. more per month. It would be worth it I thought as I work from home mostly so always want the fastest speed available.  In the sales call I was told this speed internet package required me to pay a 99.99 one-time installation fee - we discussed that two or 3 times in the call, and I HAVE NOTES ON MY BILL I Saved from this conversation.  I agreed. Sales rep got me an appointment for tech to come and work on the pole and etc. Sales rep ALSO erroneously told me the tech would be installing fiber optic line to enable this upgrade. When I met the technician and told him about the FIBER OPTIC LINE and he laughed incredibly - and said that Charter does not even install fiber optic line- apparently this salesperson doesn't even know what they are selling.   They did the work that took them perhaps 30 minutes. It worked. For about 30 minutes after they left. Then my internet went out. Completely. I had to call Charter back and have a tech return a couple days later and lo and behold it was a DEFECTIVE MODEM they gave me so they replaced it. Fine. Still I work AT HOME so image my DISTRESS at NOT being able to work at home for even a day or two on my UPGRADED SERVICE. I had to go elsewhere for wifi to do my work and it was a mess of inconvenience for me also personally. It also knocked my printer offline and then I had to sit on the phone with another rep from my printer company - TWICE because of Charter's defective modem.  Lots of wasted time. But not the big issue.  IMAGINE MY SURPRISE AT MY BILL a few weeks later when I see a 396.55 CHARGE TO MY CARD. There were all these other things like buying the router that I was not told about, ok those were small like 29.99 but the REAL ISSUE was the INSTALL was billed at 199.99 NOT 99.99 as I was told on the phone - it was TWICE THE PRICE QUOTED. I am NOT old NOT hard of hearing and WROTE DOWN THE INSTALL FEE ON MY CHARTER BILL after discussing it 2 or 3 times DURING THE SALES CALL.  I called AGAIN and explained what I thought was their oversight and asked for an adjustment. Put on hold, supervisor, Rep came back Mr Riser and said OK that adjustment was approved to what you were quoted on the phone as the price. I felt good and that this was fair because that was exactly what it should have been: 99.99 install, NOT 199.99. I told him I really appreciated Charter honoring what they quote in their sales calls.  I wrote this down too that Mr Riser got me the proper adjustment to a 99.99 install fee as originally quoted in the sales call. Mr Riser also said he made NOTES IN MY ACCOUNT. I asked him to verify that yes NOTES WERE MADE IN MY ACCOUNT as to this adjustment. I asked for any more proof he could give me - no that's all I can tell you and all that you need.  IMAGINE MY SURPRISE AT MY BILL a few weeks later THAT THE FULL 396.55 CHARGE TO MY CARD WAS PUT THROUGH ANYWAY! I called a THIRD time TODAY and spoke to a rep and a supervisor rep Chuck. I told Chuck I was STARING AT MY NOTES FROM THE FIRST SALES CALL and also at my notes from the ADJUSTMENT CALL that it was NOT POSSIBLE I misheard the sales rep say 99 instead of 199 as I am NOT old or hard of hearing, made notes, and I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT FOR 199 AS I CANNOT AFFORD THAT RIGHT NOW- despite that I'm on auto bill with Charter so they sure got their money. To add insult to injury, the highest speed they have now DOES NOT SEEM ANY BETTER than what I had before. I considered having them downgrade me back to what I had, but 1. I don't want another service call that I have to let them into my house a THIRD TIME for something that was caused by their sales rep's incompetence, and 2. it seems every time a tech comes here and touches the cable or my laptop or the router, something else always goes down requiring more of my time to figure it out, like a peripheral such as a printer, and I don't have this kind of time to waste. SO MY VIEW IS THAT CHARTER STOLE 100.00 FROM ME FROM QUOTING ME 99.99 FOR AN INSTALL THAT WAS BILLED AT 199.99 DESPITE MULTIPLE QUOTES VERBALLY AS TO THE 99.99 PRICE AND THE CUSTOMER'S NOTES AS TO SUCH DURING 1. THE SALES CALL AND 2. THE ADJUSTMENT/COMPLAINT CALL. They were NOT even willing to give me any partial adjustment for my time and inconvenience in having to call multiple times and that I was ASSURED this was taken care of in the ADJUSTMENT CALL, and I now see Charter as a company that does not conduct fair business dealings. They CERTAINLY do NOT work by the motto the customer is always right!!! Not by a long shot!!  If there were another ISP provider here, I would switch TODAY that is how unfair this is. But there isn't, they have a monopoly on this area, so I have no choice.  I just don't want them back in my house, back on my computer, switching anything around again that will just cost me more time and lost money. so they win: CHARTER STOLE MY 100.00.  All I can suggest is if you buy service from them, maybe WASTE MORE OF YOUR TIME and call them BACK the second day after the quote and ask for the quote to be verified so you are not SURPRISED by a higher actual cost.  I'm on to the Better Business Bureau NEXT. Thanks, Charter. 
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
65, Report #1165861
Jul 29 2014
01:10 PM
Charter Communications Charter Cable Charter Communications Caters To New Customers And Rips Off Valued Existing Ones New York New York
Charter Communication offers special packages, and reduced rates to new customers. However, valued customers, such as my Father in law, who have had Charter for over 10 years or more,( since Charter was Marcus Cable) are raked over the coals, paying $30.00 more a month for internet services, and $110.00 more a month for cable. Also in this month, as a Charter member, you were FORCED to obtain DVR boxes or not be able to watch your own television. Only $19.99 a month for the boxes, and $6.99 per box for service fees. Marvelous.....I think I will dig the Dish promotion coupons out of my recycle bin.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #730868
May 18 2011
07:55 PM
Charter Communications screwed customer, incentives not being honored, scam sales techniques Saint Louis, Missouri
I have been a long time charter customer, basically because I have no alternative options. I have always paid my bill but in rough times, you try to cut corners on monthly expenses. Charter had all of a sudden increased my bill because a promotion period expired. So immediately I had to start looking at what my options were. I consulted with a sales person a time or two to check in on what they can do to lower my bill or remove services. The removal of services would cost me more, but they offered me a bundle that would maintain my previous rate, which was better than the extreme increase that I was dealing with.All of these conversations were on the phone and through the instant chat option they have. I explained that I did not need a phone, but if there was an incentive and a rate guarantee for 24 months, I would move forward with purchasing of the bundle in return for a $400 gift card for a promotion they were offering. There was a whole discussion around the gift card and questions around what I needed to do to achieve that gift card. I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for my gift card to come in the mail... so installation of the phone service was done and paid, 4-6 weeks later I start following up with Charter, and thirty conversations  and five (5) months later via online chat and phone, I STILL HAVE NO GIFT CARD!!! Additionally, on my bill I was charged 20-30 dollars extra each month for fees and taxes for the phone alone, which I didnt even want, and I was not disclosed the amount of the taxes when they sold me the service. As a single parent, I actually justified my continuance of service knowing that I couldnt lower my service offerings for any better rate, and I could use the gift card to help offset the purchase, I was counting on this gift card. Like I said, I have contacted Charter probably thirty times asking about the gift card, where was it, what if anything I needed to do, and I was continually told to wait it out....just keep waiting they said. Finally at this point 5 months later, Im livid. I have no resolution -- I have escalated the issue three times with the promise that its in the mail! or the forms are in the process now and call this number to follow up with the claim number xyz. I have done everything they asked, and I wait, follow up, wait some more, follow up again. Five months later, with no call or follow up from Charter, I am now being told that I am not eligible for the incentive card. WHY???? Because I talked to an agent. I DIDNT ORDER ONLINE, I USED AN AGENT! I explained that I had conversations via online chat and telephone to understand completely the service offerings and to understand what my options were. If I didnt know what services to order or what specials they had, how would I have known about the incentive. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SALES PERSON SOLD ME A BUNDLE, WITH THE FACT THAT I WILL RECEIVE AN INCENTIVE GIFT CARD. They refuse to escalate any further and referred me to call Corporate office. I told them that I had an entire converastion about the incentive and in the five months of continuous calling, I was NEVER told that there was an issue. Ill be paying a visit to corporate office this week. This is unresolved and they say they cant do anything about it. I say its false advertising and poor customer service and management.
Entity: St Louis, Missouri
67, Report #601611
May 10 2010
12:21 PM
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS Terrible service, non disclosure of fees, terrible customer service Ny, New York
I ordered high speed internet from Charter Communications for 79.99 a month. They provide terrible service which is always going out and the email quits working. After six months they decided to add 9.99 a month for equipment rental without notifing me. Calling customer service never gets anything fixed. They do not speak very good English and are hard to understand. They always think deleating cookies and temp files will fix all problems. It does not fix anything. Then they say I might need new parts or equipment. They are only 6 months old. After waiting on hold while they check my account they hang up on me.When I could not get anywhere with customer service, I ask to speak with the supervisor. She just yelled at me when I ask her why they raised my bill and told me I got free service for 6 months. I don't think 79.99 is free service. When I said this was non-disclosure of fees, she hung up on me.For 79.99 a month I should get unenterrupted service. They moniter my email account and decide which emails I can view. They also will not let me have a home business and send emails. They block my emails if they are business emails. They do not let me forward emails with pictures, only text.      
Entity: Ny, New York
68, Report #603741
May 16 2010
10:53 AM
Charter Communications Fond Du LAc, WI Improper billing Shawano, Wisconsin
Charter has screwed up our billing good.  Last month we were ready to cancel service as the price was higher than we felt we could afford.  A service rep refigured the package we have and gave us an amount we felt we could handle.  She told us to send in a check for a certain amount which we did. The check was received by Charter and cashed electronically.  It appeared on our bank statement as paid but within a few days we had a message to call regarding a problem.  They had sent our check back to the bank apparently for lack of funds although we had several thousand dollarns in that account and the bank had paid on it.  Neither they nor the bank couild say what the problem was. I subsequently talked with a couple of different people and could not find the problem but they kept insisting the error was ours.  I gave a credit card number to a rep to make payment for the month, but a couple days later received a letter telling us we were going to be cut off for not paying and our account would be sent to a collection agency.  Talking to them did no good.  We were told to fax our bank statement to them if we wanted a $25 returned-check fee removed from our bill.  Since no bill ever came we were unaware of this. The bottom line is they screwed up and don't believe a word we say and also refuse to call our bank to verify we have funds to pay our bills.  We have never kept them waiting for a payment and have never been in arrears in any way.  They tell us we must send a cashier's check for bill payment so as to verify adequate funds.  This is just TOO much.  
Entity: Shawano, Wisconsin
69, Report #1073442
Aug 06 2013
09:50 AM
Charter Communications Ripoff,unprofessional,liars Hickory North Carolina
I have a on-going issue with  Charter Communications for quite some time now. It started with my internet not operating one day. To make a longer story short, they discontinued my modem and didnt inform me. So when they finally came out they replaced my modem with a new modem and router in which they didn't inform me I would be billed for the router. 2 hours after they installed it, the new router stopped working. Going about a month without internet but still paying for it, I started complaining on B.B.B. sites and any other site I could find. Finally someone from Charter received my complaint and fixed everything within a week. I was actually pretty happy, until..... I recently had to move furniture around. I unhooked the cable and hooked it back up. All the cable t.v. would say is one moment please. Trying everything and even calling I had no luck in fixing the cable t.v. Charter made yet another appointment to come out and fix the problem. When the guy came out he was on my livingroom floor getting ready to pull the box out and asked me why the cable line was so far from the t.v. I explained I asked the past tech guy to install the line on the left side of the window but instead he put it on the right side. I had a couch there so I didnt notice until after he was long gone. The present tech looked at me with a smile and said I won't get paid for it but I'll install it the correct way, just for you. I brushed it off and showed him the basement/crawl space, then left him to his work. After he finished he walked over to where I was with my oldest daughter and grandkids and said he was finished but needed a favor. He led me to the porch and asked me to brush off the cob webs on him. I told him to hang on, I'll go and get the lint roller he can use. When I went to hand it to him, he turned around with his back facing me and asked me to do it. I then rolled his shoulder area quickly and told him, There ya go. He then turned his head looking down at his butt area and asked if I could get the webs off there. I handed him the roller and told him he could reach it and walked away. I didn't see him until he came back out and said he was finished and he started to walk to his van. Then he walked back and asked me if I had a pen he could use. So I walked him inside and handed him a pen. As he jotted whatever down he explain everything should be fixed. He then handed me the tore up piece of paper he wrote on and said call this number if I have any more troubles at all, anytime of the day or night. He said the number would bypass the electronic system. So then he left. A couple hours later I went to change the channel for my son's favorite cartoon channel and it said One moment please, again!. So I did as he said and called the number he supplied and who answer's the phone? It was the tech that was out that day! Instead of him giving me a Charter phone number, he had given me his personal cell number!    This tech serious crossed the line! Asking me to wipe webs off him and his rear, offering to fix the cable line just for me? and now his personal cell number?!?! I'm disgusted Charter has these kind of people working for them and their customer's have to go thru so much crap. I just want a service that I pay for monthly to function properly... not all this hassel, insults to my long term marriage, embarrassing me in front of my kids and grandkids, or just the headache! They are unprofessional, uncaring and seriously need to babysit their tech's a little closer! My stomach has been in a knot because of this. I'm so upset and disgusted this happened in my own house where I should feel safe from this kind of treatment. If anything more happens to my service I will just have it shut off to avoid anymore issues with Charter, I refuse to be put in a situation like that EVER again!
Entity: Hickory, North Carolina
70, Report #1017349
Feb 20 2013
11:31 AM
Charter Communications Charged $1874 EARLY TERMINATION FEE MADISON, Wisconsin
In August 2012, I signed up for Charter Communications Internet & Phone service after seeing their television commercials in my area.  I signed up on the internet and it showed an approximate billing of $130 per month with Internet + 2 Line Phone System.  It took almost a month for them to install the service after going back and forth between my local people and the national call center.  After it was installed the phone service was a nightmare - you have to have a college degree in computer science to figure it out - never could get it to work as advertised. After my bill changed the next month to an even higher monthly amount, I decided to cancel the service and go back to Knology.  I received a final billing which was again high then a day later received a final final bill which included an Early Termination Fee of $1874.78.  NO ONE - not even cell phone providers have an early termination fee that high.  I called in to customer service and she said my contract was for 24 months - which the printout I had from initial signup was for 12 months and I find NOTHING on what my employee signed and what I printed off the internet showing early termination fees.  She said there was nothing she could do about it and the full bill plus this outrageous early termination fee was due immediately.  She wasn't willing to discuss it at all. So, in the mean time she turned it over to collections - thats a joke.  They added their fees to it and refused to deal with it and referred me back to Charter for dispute.  And they kept calling until I sent them a certified letter showing that we were in dispute and that Charter isn't willing to explain this, isn't willing to send me documentation signed by any of my employees or myself, isn't willing to send me copies of what I agreed to on the internet - which is apparently different from what I have printed.  The customer service woman stated she didn't have anything but the employee's name that was on site the day the service was installed and now they are calling his home and cell phone in an attempt to collect this debt.  She said they don't have an EIN or SSN associated with this account.  This was clearly a business account - not a personal account. I am NOT going to pay $1874.78 in EARLY TERMINATION FEES.  That is clearly above and beyond any legal fees a company can charge.  And the early termination fees are shown on 4 lines of the bill simply as Et Fee (3 Lines @ $500 & 1 Line at 303.78) because the woman says their system wont let them put in anything above $500 on a single line.  Huh?  And the other $71.00 is a wired router charge that will be returned when Charter wants to get realistic about their charges. As for the commercial -Total BS - Get a $500 Pre-Paid Visa Card when you sign up - ONLY and ONLY if your monthly total is over $1000 - So that means only if you are a large business that has money to throw around. Downtime - about 10% weekly (especially if the weather was raining) A phone system that a college professor could not figure out.
Entity: MADISON, Wisconsin
71, Report #1003552
Jan 25 2013
07:26 PM
Charter communications Michael Henry, Jennifer Page Improper termination of services, reprisal Saint Louis, Missouri
Two years of constant cable television problems (tiling, pixilating, total freeze ups) were finally resolved after Charter Communications replaced corroded terminals on poles bringing lines to my location and replacing the line from pole to my house. So I asked for the credit that their customer service reps told me could only be applied when the problem has been resolved.) I got jerked around by customer service so often that I filed a BBB complaint. A Charter rep called me shortly thereafter. He proposed a reduction in my bill over a two year period instead of an outright credit. I declined this offer. Charter reported the complaint resolved to the BBB. Not true. I could not get the Charter rep (Harold Kersey) who made the offer to call me back. I could not get anyone higher up to handle my complaint (Michael Henry). I filed a small claims suit in the *^th District Court of Michigan. A subpoena for the last two years of customer service and technician records was ordered. It went unanswered by Charter. One week before court Charter's Escalations officer, Michael Henry, offered to settle for my claim for the damages I asked the court to award. However, their offer of settlement denied all my allegations and asked me to forfeit any future suit against them for any reason. I declined to sign the settlement because of the conditions and denials. On the day of court, no one showed up to represent Charter. I was awarded a default judgement for the damages claimed and costs. Three days later, Michael Henry sent me a letter informing me that Charter was going to terminate my cable television and internet services in less than 30 days. The company claimed that their terms of agreement allowed for this when we determine that the use of Services interferes with our ability to provide Service to you or others. I called Michael Henry and asked that this be reconsidered. I explained that I had never complained about my internet service. I also explained that the tv signal problems appeared to have been resolved some months ago and were no longer an issue. He called me back a few days later, with his paralegal (Jennifer Page) conferenced in on the call. It was explained to me that they had discussed my case with the local office and the decision to terminate service was upheld. I protested that the internet shoulod not be affected, I had no complaints about this. I protested that it was not proper to ask me to settle under the terms offerred. Ms. Page explained that those were standard terms. She said that I would not have had my services terminated if I had accepted the offer. I have never, in more than 10 years of service, refused to pay a bill , or make a payment on time. I believe that this termination of services is a vindictive reprisal for refusing their settlement offer and terms. The default judgement awarded less than $100 costs to the total award.   Mr. Henry admits that the expenditures for replacing equipment and the refund he complains that I cost the company do not jeopardize Charter's financial solvency. So how does my continued service interfere with Charter Communications ability to provide services to me and others? Its just spite, its no such reason at all.  A complaint has been filed with the Michigan Public Service Commission. I do not have much hope however for a satisfactory resolution. The industry is not really a regulated utility. Its a damn local monopoly that likes to push its customers around.  Charter Communications' customer service reps are adept at dropping calls , failed transfers, forgotten holds and dead end voice mail messages. Service technicians know that old equipment in need of replacement is the root of many continuing service problems. Most techs try to placate, or numb the customer with totally redundant box swaps, fitting tightenings and other nonesense that requires you to be home for half the day and still have the problem. Not all however. A couple of senoir techs really took the problem to heart. The problem was solved signal wise. But I've been terminated for my attempt to get the company to honor their promise for a credit when the problem was resolved.
Entity: Saint Louis, Missouri
72, Report #1059236
Jun 14 2013
03:36 PM
Charter Communications Unreasonable Business Model St. Louis Missouri
Charter Communications offers a 30Mbps plan for $30 per month with a data cap of 250GB for a 30 day billing period regardless of how many people, devices, or services are in a household.250GB downloaded non-stop (excluding upload packets) would be reached in18.5 hours at 30Mbps55.6 hours at 10Mbps111.1 hours (4.6 days) at 5Mbps370.4 hours (15.4 days) at 1.5Mbps250GB per month is 8.3GB per day which translates into an average of:0.6 hours per day at 30Mbps1.9 hours per day at 10Mbps3.7 hours per day at 5Mbps12.3 hours per day at 1.5MbpsThese averages are regardless to the number of persons, devices, or services a household may have.  The fact that anyone can exceed Charter's 30Mbps data cap at 1.5Mbps in half a month should be a warning sign that the data cap is unusually low. In addition, going to Charter's Ultra 100Mbps package for $90 per month only doubles the data cap.  Which means the aforementioned estimates above would be doubled.... still easily achieved in less than 30 days (except for 1.5Mbps which would be right at a month or a little over). Charter's acceptable use policy asserts that exceeding the monthly data cap is an excessive use of bandwidth.  Something hard to believe since Charter's network is designed for speeds in excess of 100Mbps (in order to guarantee 100Mbps per household).  Not to mention each home's speed limit is enforced by the cable modem itself.  Hard to say someone is using excessive bandwidth when their speed is a trickle of the ISP's maximum. What seems clear is the data speeds of these plans Charter offers is nothing more than a distraction for what the plans truly are.  Charter is actually selling data cap plans that happen to also vary by speeds. My household happens to be quite tech saavy.  Charter's data caps have not kept up with the times given all the things that can easily eat up Charter's data cap in one month for things such as security cameras, slingbox, netflix, cell phones, high def video chats, WebEx for online classes, overall browsing habits, etc. I see no legitimate reason why Charter would compel its customers to pay more money for a faster speed when people are just fine browsing at slower speeds with no data cap.  Charter's business model relies on artificially constraining data usage and it does not foster customer loyalty nor getting new customers. Charger should consider basing all data caps to equal an average of 8 hours of downloading per day for the advertised speed.  This would come to:30Mbps x 8 hours per day = 3.24TB monthly cap (108GB / day)10Mbps x 8 hours per day = 1.1 TB monthly cap (36 GB / day)5 Mbps x 8 hours per day = 540 GB monthly cap (18 GB / day)1.5 Mbps x 8 hours per day = 162 GB monthly cap (5.4 GB / day) 
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
73, Report #1036869
Mar 21 2013
06:59 PM
Charter Communications Over charged since I've had their sevices, Internet
I have had charter for about 6 months now. When I first signed up I had just internet for what was supposed to be $29.99 a month. My first bill was $64. I knew is would be a little higher the first month because of instillation fees. But as the months went on my bill went higher and higher. Then 2 months ago they had to send a tech  to my house because my modem stopped working. They charged me $45 for that, and I had to call and get those charges taken off. They said they took it off my bill but it was still on there. Then I ordered cable with them this past month. I was told my bill was going to be $185 for the first month, turns out it was $301. Needless to say I am cancelling with them. My bill was NEVER what is was advertised as.
Entity: internet, Internet
74, Report #1100835
Jun 16 2014
09:36 AM
Charter communications Bad service and just plain tired and irritated Smithfield Virginia
I have read so many things about charter that I hate to just add to it, but i have had it. i have been with charter for years. The tv service and internet has been ok to poor. I have 4 kids a wife and a dog and somebody is always over here. All my services are being used by somebody at some point if the day. We'll ever since around February 2013 I have noticed about once or twice a week my internet goes out. The modem just goes all green then by morning it's back on. I called they give me all kinds of excuses none fix the problem. I was paying for their speed boost for years never got the speeds promised. Instead of a refund they wanted me to pay another 100 plus dollars to get a special line and that would ensure I get the speeds promised ( up refundable) . Now get this they take my money for years offer no reimbursement then want to charge me even more money to get what I was already suppose to be reciveing. This is not even why I am writing this. I amcurrently using    y cellular data because at 130am my internet has went down again this is when I get a chance to relax everybody sleep I put in my headphones load up my call of duty and no service. this is the 4th time this week. Ever since August of this year my service is going down at minimum 3 times a week from anywhere to 3-5 hours. If anybody offers anything close to a descent data service out here I'll pay.i have called the phone company to see if they will give me three DSL lines. I am willing to pay for a product but I will not continue to be cheated. I am very unhappy. 
Entity: Smithfield, Virginia
75, Report #1117349
Jun 04 2014
03:36 PM
charter communications advanced billing, changing prices, no detailed billing, late fees
I ordered charter cable TV service and did a bundle for TV, internet and phone service. The price for the bundled package was $29.99 for TV $29.99 for internet and $19.99 for phone service. Charters famous commercial states no other charges like the other companies so I was a little surprised that my monthly $79.97 services package ended up being $124.00 per month. Plus when I ordered the service on 01-03-2013 I was told it was free installation and free equipment and the soonest They could get a tech out was 01-19-2013 stinks I had to wait 2 weeks but oh well. Then I get my first bill 4 days later for $224.00! So of course I called and was told that I had to pay for the install and a month in advanced. So I asked how much the free installation was and was told $19.99 and still charter couldn't tell me what the other $44.00 in charges was for not to mention they sent me my first months bill and tacked on 2 full months plus a late fee of $7.95 4 days after my service started? Oh and what about charters no gimmicks and fees commercial? Isn't that false advertising? Then I noticed my monthly $224.00 bill turned into $300.00 in November 2013 I guess charter decided to up the price after a year of service how ever I haven't had charter service for a year yet its only been 10 months. I also noticed my TV portion of the monthly bill was running me between $49.99 per month up to $79.99 per month and when I called I was told I kept ordering TV channels from the cable box. OK first of all I had no clue you could do that but soon realized you could when I watched my mother in law who has no clue she just flips through the channels and when she got a blue screen asking OK or cancel she just clicked OK. Any ways I find it to be a scam being charter is going to charge me for these stations so called ordered from the box but can not give me s detailed TV bill? How am I supposed to know what was so called ordered? 
Entity: Select State/Province

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