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51, Report #106036
Aug 29 2004
10:49 PM
Cingular Wireless false advertising rip off Nationwide Internet
I purchased Cingular service while I lived in Washington state. My wife and I looked at many wireless companies before chossing Cingular. The most important factor in choosing Cingular was that fact that they covered Wyoming. Cingular only depicts coverage, no coverage, or future coverage on thier maps. So when we got this service we assumed all would be fine. The service worked great in Washington state. For the most part the service worked in Wyoming. We lose coverage on the highway all the time. We have been in Wyoming for two months now and our daytime minutes have been disappearing. First the minutes just plain didn't add up. Contact a Cingular rep who agreed. She said just to wait and see if the system fixes itself. I call back because we were being charged minutes from our plan for calls that do not go through. Network busy is the main message. As I looked through my bill we were being charged 1 minute for each call placed in the same minute of the day. e.g. I call 555-5555 at 2:39 pm on july 25th. Call does not go through so I try again. Well I tried four times and we are charge four minutes for calls that we received a network busy message and call failed. Cingular said that is not possible. They pulled up the same calls and found them and told me that Cingulars roaming partners charge differently. Now we are over 100 minutes over our monthly DT minutes and there is nothing they can do. I tried calling my wife for 4 hours on night 4 to 5 times and our and never got through. Not one single connected call all network busy or fast busy tones and I was charge minutes for each call even though I never was connected. I want out of my contract and would like to find out if there is someway of getting out without paying fees. I have 18 months left of my 2 year agreement. I am paying for a service. I am not getting that service. I agreed to pay for a service and Cingular agreed to provide it. From my viewpoint they are in breech of contract. This is crap and I want out from Cingular without paying the termination fee. Can anyone help? Adam Wheatland, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
52, Report #68330
Oct 06 2003
10:55 AM
Entity: California
53, Report #117341
Nov 11 2004
01:43 PM
Cingular Wireless Ripoff on Rebates Chanhassen, Minnesota
I purchased a phone from Cingular Wireless which had a rebate. I sent in all the information I had. I received a letter stating they had not received all the information a month later - no receipt. I called and explained I had not received a reciept since I had ordered my phone from Cingular over the phone. I was told to send a copy of my contract. I resent all the information - AGAIN I received a letter a month later stating they had not received all the required information. The information they were stating they had not received was on the first page of the rebate form. So for the third time I sent the informaion. This time I received my information back UNOPENED stating the offer had expired. I was told to send a letter to the office of the president, Greg Kubal, which I did . To this day I have heard nothing from him. Cingular does not honor their rebates if they can keep from it. Susan calhoun, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chanhassen, Minnesota
54, Report #91485
May 14 2004
12:58 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Atwater California
I used pre-paid services from Cingular Wireless for more than a year, purchasing $20 calling cards for 90 days. They always had a rule that if a customer adds funds within a 14-day grace period after the card expires, all the previous balance would be carried over. This rule was clearly written on their website for KIC prepaid services from Cingular Wireless. I took advantage of this rule almost always, adding funds after cards expired (sometimes, in several das) and my previous balance was always carried over, but today Cingular Wireless ripped me off. This time a card expiration date was May 13, 2004 with a balance over $62 and I purchased a $20 airtime card just several hours after the card expires (May 14, 2004). Airtime balance should have been more than $82, but it turned out to be $20 even. I called customer service and they deny that they ever had a 14-day grace period for balance to be carried over for pre-paid services. I even asked to get connected to the manager and he also denied that they had a rule of a 14-day grace period for the balance to be carried over. I went to their website and the info about a 14-day grace period was missing. Looks like that Cingular Wireless changed Terms and Conditions about a 14-day grace period, but they did not send me a written statement in the mail, or email, or even an short message to my cellphone, as a company with a good customer service would do. They claim they did send an SMS message to all the customers, but I never got it (I never disregard any messages, especially from customer services). This is the story of ripping me off by Cingurar Wireless. I feel robbed in the middle of the day. Customer service of Cingurar Wireless company is very unfriendly and they just lied to me denying that their Terms and Conditions for prepaid services have been changed. I have my credit card statements with the dates of paying for Cingular Wireless prepaid services, which prove that I always paid for services $20 every three months after card expiration dates and my last airtime balance of more than $62 clearly showed that my balance was always carried over. Cingular Wireless customer service refused to return my money to my account, so, I will be using their services for the last three months since the money I paid for the last $20 3-months card is non-returnable. Magomed 95616, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Atwater, California
55, Report #86434
Apr 02 2004
08:49 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff dishonest unbelievable Atlanta Georgia
Have the same problem as a previous post this week. Signed one contract... got 2 phones, now they want a ridiculous abmount of money for 2 contract terminations. when we only signed one and only get one bill! They owed us our deposit back for over a month and told us not to worry about the bill until it was dealt with but as soon as they so called adjusted it they turned off the service within 48 hrs. Now they want over $600 to terminate the service. Just a dishonest, greedy way to keep you obligated and to stop you from changing services. They need stopped! S.Thomas Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
56, Report #93988
Jun 07 2004
05:08 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Madisonville Kentucky
I'm a cingular user for over 4.5 yrs., I always paid my bill, the months that I'm disputing about is Oct, Nov, Dec of 2003. It's now Jun 2004, for 8 month I tried calling cingular about a bill that was not true, and everytime I'd call cingular they told me to deal with it. When I go to there Main office the manager tells me to deal with it. When I call them they hang the phone up. Now it's 8 months pass I find out that they put it on a charge off, that is not what I wanted them to do. All I wanted them to do was to bill me for what I used. No matter if it was at to Main store or customer service on the phone, cingular wireless told me to deal with it and pay all of my bill. I don't dispute that I have a bill, but that the bill is too excessive, and now my phone is turned off and my credit is bad. I can't get another service now. Teresa Madisonville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Madisonville, Kentucky
57, Report #94441
Jun 10 2004
04:23 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff of minutes Ocala Florida
Don't have much to say except the fact that they steal your minuts, you never can win they say you use it you know you didnt and that is it, you have to pay for the exceeding minuts. what can you do they are a big company, if you don't pay the bill they report to your credit history, they don't have to prove that you use it and you have no way of proving that you didn't all your costumers have already that particular phone number and there is nothing you can do. I am very sorry this happens in this country I was ripped off on my rollover minuts they did not like the fact that i accumulate about 2000 minutes and they stole it what else can I say I had to pay over 400 dollars I got rip off by this disonest company I wish there was anything I could do the only thing I can do is let people know before they make there choice. Marcus orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
58, Report #123376
Dec 17 2004
03:13 PM
Cingular Wireless lies deciet demeaning ripoff Nationwide
December 5, 2004 Called to find out if they offered the service we needed. Unlimited internet access with USB cable to my laptop and family time. Phone service for about $100 a month and Unlimited Internet Service for $19.95. We were so excited, we would have it all for a fraction of the cost. December 15, 2004 I recieved my phone (had to be mailed from Cingular to my daughter's and then forwarded at her expense on to me). Searched all over Phoenix Arizona for the internet cable (USB port) that the customer representative(one of many) guaranteed me existed. After an exhaustive search of 6 long hours and countless wireless, electronic and computer stores. I found out that the LG 1300 does not have a USB port cable. Called the company, I was on the phone for the next two hours with a Mr. Patterson (apparently the only person at Cingular with an ounce of brain matter). There is indeed no such animal for the LG 1300. I could not exchange my phone in a store, because we bought them over the telephone. December 15 1700-or so. Ordered another phone and cable from the company for a total of $221.88. Charged to my credit card. December 16, 2004 Decided there had to be a quicker and easier way. Went to the local Cingular store in Goodyear AZ and purchased the phone needed for Blue Tooth connectivity to my phone. Called the company for assistance setting up my internet service. I was informed that the Unlimited Internet service that I could access over the laptop was $79.95 a month. The only access available for $19.95 is on the window of the cellphone and you can only go to websites they have selected for you. Dropped Cingular in favor of returning to T-mobile where I have both a cell phone and Unlimited Internet Service really for about $88.00 a month total. (Now you would think it was just about over) Not so, sock breath! December 17, 2004 Cingular charges my account for the phone that I ordered on the 15. Again, for an additional $221.88. I have to go through Barry Stanton in Customer Services to Financial Services, and on hold for 10 minutes, to Diana Derose in Financial Services for a 20 minute wait to talk with Kristy MacAfee in another department for another wait to talk to the floor supervisor Ken Swift to have to print up my Visa bill where I was charged again, and fax it to them. And by the way, we were criticised that we used the US postal service to Same Day the phone from my daughter's house to me. When we should have gone to UPS, it would have been cheaper. I went to UPS to send the phone back, and found out that next day service at UPS is $40.17. Is this the end. I doubt it. I have cautioned my daughter, that the packing sheet that came with my phone said that we only have 15 days from the time the phones are sent to us to cancel the contract (Buyer's Remorse). One the phone, we were told that this policy has changed to 30 days. But of course with all the lies and deciet, I believe that we will end up paying a long contract with these jokers unless we hussle up and get out of the contract by December 20. Lizabeth Copperas Cove, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
59, Report #151002
Jul 23 2005
12:21 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I was an ATT wireless Customer for many years, with no real issues. When Cingular bought ATT Wireless, I signed a new contract. This was the family plan, free cell to cell / free nights and weekends including 1,100 anytime minutes. I Received my first bill in June 2005 it was not unreasonable. The next bill for July was over 500.00 dollars, I got in touch with Cingular immediately. In all cases listed bellow except the last one , I called them: The first customer care (lol) person I spoke to was Angela Kane on 7/5/2005, She said this would be resolved in 7 to 10 days, it was a billing error. Spoke to Ron Edward on 7/11/2005, He said it would be definely taken care of be 7/12. Spoke to Bruce Bennet 7/12, he said it would be taken care of by the 13th. of July. Spoke to John Highlan 7/15/2005, he said it would be taken care of by 7/18/2005. It is still not been taken care of as of 7/23/2005. I am being told now it will take till 7/25/2005. But they did call about the bill, wanting too know why it hasn't been paid. Are these people kidding, incompentent, or is Cingular plain dishonest? Ed Stamford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
60, Report #148932
Jul 08 2005
01:10 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Lubbock Texas
I/we are former A T & T Wireless customers and have been for many years. A couple of weeks ago, I went into the Cingular store in Longview because I was having problems with my cell phone equipment. In addition to having to purchase another cell phone, though I have insurance on the old one, I had to pay 18.00 migration fees because the salesperson said the the A T T equipment does not work on the Cingular network. They should have thought about that when they purchased the company. The second complaint is that Cingular to Cingular calls are supposed to be free, but they are not. I/we have three separate phone numbers. We are charged for some of our Cingular to Cingular calls. Cingular has a nice prosperous rip off going here. At this rate, they will recover all of the money spent to acquire A T & T Wireless. John Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas
61, Report #193651
May 28 2006
10:16 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff very much Internet
This company will help me in the business hours of the day, as far as adding minutes to my phone. Looks like I have to go to another phone service provider. For all of you that like to rebuttal, Rebuttal against yourselves, and have fun doing it, it might be good for a laugh. Scott urbandale, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
62, Report #135678
Mar 19 2005
05:42 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff, false billing, Sulphur Louisiana
My contract was up on Feb 24, 2004. On March 4th of 2004 I personally went to the store and ask to pay my entire amount due and cancel my services. The lady at the Cingular desk gave me a figure to clear my account. I wrote a check for that amount. My service had already been turned off and I did not want it renewed. That was communicated quite plainly to the lady. Later I started getting a bill from Cingular. I sent a letter explaining that my account had been closed and paid in full. They responded that there was not any way the local office could have known my entire balance and the Cingular Representative at the desk gave me the wrong information. With all the technology that exists today that does not seem like a valid statement or reason to keep on billing me. Then they reported me to the three Credit Report Companies. I corresponded with and reported Cingular to the FCC and the Attorney General. Then the President of Cingular called. He was rude and belligerant. My advise is to use any wireless company except Cingular. Clarence DeQuincy, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sulphur, Louisiana
63, Report #229449
Jan 08 2007
08:55 PM
Cingular Wireless Identity theft Louisiana United States nationwide
I was a victim of identity theft. Cingular wireless was one of the accounts opened in my name. I filed charges and the man was arrested, he paid the bills off. Cingular will not provide me any info on the account. They would not send me any bills or paperwork on the account. It is the only negative item on my credit report. I have disputed it, even listing the name of the District Attorney that had the case with his phone #. They have refused to remove it. What can I do? I have been violated, and cannot do anything about it. S somewhere, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #227311
Dec 27 2006
09:06 AM
Cingular Wireless Fraudulent Billing Ripoff Nationwide
I have been a customer of Cingular for almost 5 years now. My last 2yr contract was signed with them 21 months ago (contract renewal is in late March '07). Until recently, I have had no major complaints about them, and in fact, was very pleased with their service. I signed my current contract at the Cingular kioske at the local mall. The Cingular store in my town has horrible customer service, but customer service at the kioske is excellent (or so I thought). I made it very clear that I wanted the family plan that had free nights/weekends, free mobile-to-mobile, and free nationwide calling area (no roaming). I made sure to tell him I wanted the nationwide plan because occationally I go to GA to visit a friend (I'm in NC). Four months ago, I started traveling with a new job. In the space of six weeks (covering two billing cycles) I was in TN, GA, and VA. When I received my next bill, I had $160 in roaming fees. When I called Cingulars customer service, I was told that I did NOT have the nationwide plan. She was very helpful, and changed my plan retroactively to the nationwide plan when I explained that I had asked for that when I signed my contract (I could not find my copy of contract and they could not send me a copy). The following bill had another $65 worth of roaming charges on it. I called customer service again, only this time, the customer service rep was extremely rude. I explained to her what had happened the previous month, and what the previous rep had done. She informed me that it was a legitimate charge and I just needed to pay it. I disagreed with her, and she put me on hold to speak to someone else. When she came back(again, being very hateful), she told me that the reason there were roaming charges was that the roaming was for international calls, not nationwide, I had made and received. I then informed her that I have never made or received an international call, EVER. She put me on hold again to speak to someone else. When she came back this time, her tone of voice was completely different. APPARENTLY, Cingular billing had made a mistake (imagine that), and charged me international roaming charges made on calls from VA to NC. Cingular corrected the charges, but I am getting tired of having to call them every month about my bill. A couple of months before this happened, I also had to call them for $50 worth of charges for a new phone they said they had sent to me after I made a broken phone claim to them. I had never made a claim (my phone was just fine), and I had never received the phone they claimed to have sent to me. They removed the charges, but I have learned that I have to go over their bills with a fine-tooth comb. Beware of their billing mistakes!!!!!! Heather Graham, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #233617
Jan 30 2007
06:09 PM
Cingular Wireless rebate offer run-around, scam Atlanta Georgia
In September 2006, my wife and I extended our contract with Cingular Wireless and bought/upgraded two cell phones. At the time, they were offering a $50 gift card/rebate with each cell phone (IMEI number) purchased. The next day, after we made the purchase, I completed and mailed out the gift card/rebate submissions for both cell phones. Using the site, I could check on the status using both cellular numbers; one individual cellular number and status search per time. Keep in mind that BOTH numbers worked in the search query. Mid-November I received only one gift card. I waited until the end of the month to see if the second card would arrive, keeping in mind to allow the four to six week time frame specified, it didn't. At the beginning of December, I contacted Cingular using the provided e-mail address on their rebate website/page. I received a response telling me that they had no record of the (second IMEI number) submission and that I would have to resubmit the information, which I did the very next day. Six weeks later, I checked their website and found no record, nothing. I sent a follow up e-mail to check on the status and again they say they have no record of my RESUBMISSION. Based on the experience in trying to get this issue resolved, I guess Cingular thinks honoring one rebate is good enough and that if they keep giving me the run-around, I will give up. Charles Puyallup, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #102176
Aug 04 2004
04:39 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Alton Illinois
Yes, I was ripped off by cingular, I had a Ericsson T61, with a payment plan of 49.99 a month with 3000 minutes from 9pm to 7am.. well my first months bill was a 100 dollars and I thought it was a little high, I was never out of my area, but yet I received roaming charges, there were calls on my bill to different states. I don't no anyone in any other state than my own, so I would of liked to know why they were on there. Yet, I went ahead and paid the bill, to keep my phone. Well the second bill came around and I had said no way. There were calls again to different states, cities I have never heard of and plenty of roaming charges. My bill is now up to about 2,000 dollars and I don't plan to pay it. I have asked many times for the billing statement with all the calls, where they were and the amount of them, I have yet to receive that. If Cingular would help me out it would move alot faster, I want the bill and I am willing to pay for only my calls, and not the rest, or the roaming charges because I was never out of my range. So if Cingular would work this out with me, I would continue their service. And if Cingular does not work this out with my, I can always take my business elsewhere, like U.S. Cellular... They care about their customers and their bill is always right and if they arent', they either fix it or write the bill off because it was there mistakes. That's all I have to say, Cingular needs worry about the customers before U.S. Cellular gets all their business Janelle Jerseyville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Alton, Illinois
67, Report #100170
Jul 22 2004
11:24 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Miami Florida
Cingular wireless service is crap. I have purchases several phones with cingular wireless and all the service has been crap. First they give me a free phone ( I have 2 lines) and those phones turn off, bad reception or cant make a call. then they give me another one (x2) and those dont work. then they come out with the LG phones so i decide to get those (x2) and they are crap also. I am on my 5th phone on one line and my third phone on the other line. and everytime they keep giving me the same piece of crap phone. they tell me that i have to buy a new phone if i dont want the LG phone. I have a computer full of complaints with cingular and they refuse to give me a better phone. and every time i am in the store returning or repairing my phone there is someone in there returing the same phone. Common sense, the LG phones are crap. Yvette Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
68, Report #100256
Jul 23 2004
01:16 PM
Entity: FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina
69, Report #100970
Jul 28 2004
09:47 AM
Cingular Wireless rip-off! Dallas Texas
Changed plan to nation plan from local plan on telephone. Several months later my son inlaw went to florida with my phone, recieved 1400 dollars in roaming charges in one month. I called twice during month to make sure son in law did not go over my minutes, and was never advised about roaming fees. Contacted Cingular and was advised employee only changed my minutes not my plan. Cannot get Cingular to do the right thing. They advised they only go by contract that I signed not what I did on phone. I started paying 100 dollars a month and have received notices that I was being taken to court for not paying the whole amount at once. Dennis garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
70, Report #147002
Jun 21 2005
05:29 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff cingular wireless company sucks Baltimore Maine
over billed me $950.00 the first month! Over billed me $700.00 the 2nd month! Customer service SUCKS!!! I want OUT! Better wireless company's to go with! Cingular SUCKS and sould be on the Oprah show to show the public how they RIPP OFF Customers!!! Edward Sch Haven, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maine
71, Report #131711
Feb 17 2005
11:05 AM
Cingular Wireless Ripoff dishonest and fraudulent services from ATT, Cingular Wireless Atlanta Georgia
I was a loyal customer with AT&T for 3.5 years. I was always very pleased witht he service I received from them, that's until they decided to merge with the Snakes from the Pit of Hell: Cingular Wireless. Each month there's fraudulent charges, my bill flucuates from month to month, but that's not the biggest issue here. I added a new line of service 8/04. It was at this time that I was approached by a customer service rep for the new line and the the free phone. I informed him that I was moving to a new city and didn't want to add another line because I was concerned about the service there. He assured me that it wouldn't be a problem, so I signed a contract. Since I moved, I have not been able to get ANY service on my cell phones. I contacted the now Cingular wireless, and they don't give a damn. They said that if I decided to cancel the contract, I'd have to pay the $175.00 fee for each line of service. They don't care about the fact that they gave me incorrect information. They don't care that I've called them every single day for the last 2 months because I'm finding error afte error on a bill that I don't even understand. If there's an attorney out there who's willing to help, please contact me. I'm sure there's some sort of consumer lawsuit we can do considering I see multiple complaints on this site just like mine. Sophie Chesterfield, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
72, Report #134767
Mar 12 2005
08:09 PM
Cingular Wireless cingular wireless ripps you off Keyport new jersey
cingular wireless charged me a return check fee of 80. 00 for a check that did not clear my account . i payed the fees then they hit me with mutible fees good to be a big company haaaaaa i use my cell phone for about 20 minutes a month and i am on the 30 dollar plan yet i receive bills in amounts of 134.00 then after i pay them they hit me with a 84 dollar bill??? that's 29.95 per month this company is a corporate rip off and should not be patronized when they were at@t controled it it was ok however when the companys merged greedy board of directors came up with ideas to legally robb the general public by charging excessive fees from almost anything to the drop of a hat in this present economy this should not be allowed i feel a class action would show these big rippoff companys like cingular wireless the the general public will not be pushed around into paying fees on everything your board of directors say should be deemed legal in my opinion your should be held liabel and lawyers should hit your company with fees the people will speak and one of them has spoken John keyport, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
73, Report #122508
Dec 12 2004
07:08 PM
At&t Wireless, Cingular Wireless Throughly Disgusted. Rip-off! Redmond washington
This is how it all began I had gotten service with them in 2003 this was a disaster waiting to happen. I cancelled service paid them the 600 dollars they said I owed. Then sept of that they same yr I recieve a collection letter on behalf of there company. I immediately dispute the amount in that month I had called customer service to have the problem resolved. In this one month I went back and forth between customer service, recievables management and collection. All 3 departments said one of the other departments can send me a copy of the bill but they said we cant guarantee you a copy of the bill just request it. Because of this company I have not been able to get a credit card,loan or anything else I have needed. I now work for this company because it was the only cell phone job available when I needed one and then when I worked for the company they still could not help me. Because of this company I have been unable to get a loan so I can start my own cell phone company authorized dealer and improve cell phone customer service problems. That is why I have the job with them today. I have hired an attorney that says it should be taken care of by the 18th of Dec but I will believe it when I see it,since I now work for the company I have inside information. I would love to join all 60 of us in a class action lawsuit because I will be quitting the company very soon because I think I have found a way to get my loan even with my credit the way it is. On my credit report is shows 2 different collection agencies is trying to collect the same debt TWICE. This is very illegal as you might as well know. I have the ceo of cingular wireless his email address. If your group would be interested in contacting me further about this matter me having inside information about the company I believe we can win a class action lawsuit. I would love to be in charge/help insure a sweet victory for all of the people involved. I believe there is enough people where stan stigman would want to settle with us before it even got to court. I am so glad this group has been created because people need to take a stand and say enough is enough. If anyone has any questions please contact me at Thank You for your time Anthony Anthony olive branch, MississippiU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #595253
Apr 21 2010
12:20 PM
AT&T WIRELESS - CINGULAR WIRELESS Internet Charge is Outrageous Internet
I have been with AT&T for about 6 months now and I am already on my 5th blackberry 8900 smart phone. AT&T advertises that they have the best 3G network for internet services; this is totally untrue. I pay the minimum $30 a month (min for smart phones) for service that I do not get. I have spoke with technical support numerous times and they say the reason is that it depends on where I am located. I understand the designated towers that help to gain internet connections, but how can a company advertise that they have the best network? Technical support has also investigated my phone and says that the phone is working probably. Every time I try to use my internet, it takes forever to load and I can not log into websites. My phone will display 3G, GSM, and Edge depending on my location. My smart phones speed does not increase with any of these networks. My WiFi is also on at all times and the WiFi does not increase the speed. The only comparison of the network AT&T offers is a slow dial up version of the internet. I am not an internet expert, but I know that I am getting ripped off. I am stuck with this blackberry smart phone until my next my next upgrade. I would cancel my internet to save money, but I need the internet so I can receive emails that are directed to the email application in the phone. The email application works like an SMS and has no comparison to an actual inbox. I wish there was some other alternative.
Entity: , Internet
75, Report #65317
Aug 05 2003
08:09 PM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Lubbock Texas
I have had a Cingular phone for a few years now, and repeatedly fought the over-billed wars. (And they want us to allow them to take it out of our bank account directly?) My particular complaint was while in Washington DC, I called Cingular and asked whether I would incur roaming charges if I made calls. I have a preferred nation plan. I was told no. I also explained my grandson was with me, also a congular customer, and wanted to know if we could know if he would know if he would be billed for roaming by having roam or cingular extend show on the face of the phone. The representative indicated that was correct: cingular phones only charged roam or extend when calls indicated such. I asked the representative to make a note of that call. Then he gets a $300. bill for calls made in Washington! When I contested this, I was told since he had a different plan his phone did not show roam or cingular extend. (This has not been our experience. It has shown roam at other times.) When asked to explain why the representative would have told me it would I was told, She probably thought he was on one of your lines. NOT. After years or arguing about astronaumical charges: too few minutes, bad transission, misunderstanding about night-time versus mobile to mobile minutes, etc. I have finally cancelled my service. They cut off my phone so quickly I could not retrieve my phone numbers from the system's phone book. Patricia Spring, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lubbock, Texas

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