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26, Report #147328
Jun 23 2005
10:05 PM
CNAC - Dan Nelson ripoff, Major ripoff, Harassment, PURE HELL Des Moines Iowa
My husband and I purchased a car from Dan Nelson in des moines iowa in October 2003. It was a 1994 pontiac sunbird and was a piece of sh** from the very start. In december the transmission went out, and on the way to the shop the heater core and radio went out also. So in the dead of winter no heat to get there. They told us the heater core was not covered under warranty and neither was the radio. They never fixed it right so we stopped paying it we told them to come get it, that we was not gonna pay for it, since it is undriveable. Every bump ya hit makes ya think that you will be thrown off the road at any time. So now they have started calling me everyday on the phone and asking me when I am gonna pay the lemon off. I said when I find a job. Well now they have taken it upon themselves (1 in particular) to find me a job. Even thou I am almost a 1000 miles away. My word to the wise or unwise, yeah the cars look good on the outside but pop the hood do a thorough investigation at the motor, etc. Better yet, run the opposite direction. Jenny bham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
27, Report #73084
Nov 25 2003
01:51 PM
J.D. Byrider/CNAC sold me an overpriced piece of junk. ripoff! Milwaukee Wisconsin
I purchased a used vehicle (Chevrolet Lumina Euro 1990) from J.D. Byrider/CNAC on 08/26/2000. In 10/00 the vechile's rack and pinion was not functioning correctly(before I purchased the vechile I asked the salesperson was the stearing wheel supposed to be so tight. he told me yes it's an euro sport it supposed to be that way). J.D. Byrider told me that I would have to pay for the repairs. I only had the vehicle not even 2 months and it's already broken down. In 11/00 I went and purchased a new vehicle from another dealer. I returned J.D. Byriders vehicle. In 2001 J.D. Byrider sent me a notice stating they sold the vechile for about $1,700.00 give or take a few hundred. Now (11/2003)I recieved a notice from Ameristar Collection Agency stating I owe J.D.Byrider $8,028.59. I was told by an older woman that once they sold the vechile I should not have to owe anything. Especially when I'd returned the vehicle. If they would have just fixed the problem without me paying out of pocket for a vechile that shouldn't broken down within no more than 2 months. Amanda milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
28, Report #80829
Feb 18 2004
09:28 AM
JDBYRIDER/CNAC ripoff, rude, overpriced, junky, dishonest, thieves, incompetant, cheaters, unprofessional WAUKEGAN Illinois
my car is a piece of junk. it has been at JDBYRIDER since 12/26/03 till now 02/18/04. i have engine problems, transmission problems, idle problems, you name it i have it with this car. when you call them they are too busy to talk or you get switch around to 5 different people. who try to sugar coat the problem. no one is never available when you need them but they are quick to call you when you are a day behind on your payment. i had this car a year now. the first car was total out due to a ccident insurance paid off. some one pocket the check. that is not my fault. i refuse to pay for something that i can not drive. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE A CAR FROM THEM. THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN. REBUILD CREDIT MY BUTT. PS THE NEW NAME FOR THE WAUKEGAN SITE IS NOW CAR CREDIT AMERICA WHICH IS STILL JDBYRIDERTO ME. Shirley waukeagn, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: WAUKEGAN, Illinois
29, Report #58812
May 29 2003
08:21 AM
JD Byrider And CNAC ripoff, dishonest, misleading, unhelpful, con artists Duluth Minnesota
My husband and I purchased a 1992 Buick Century from Jd Byrider. We went through them because they always say in thier ads that they helped with the credit challenged, and that thier vehicles were covered under an excellent warranty. We even bought extra coverage for repairs if we needed them. Not even a month after we owned it, the car blew it's air conditioning unit wich ended up siezing the whole engine... After that fiasco, it was in the shop every other month for work on it's fuel sensor. Every time something would happen to the car, it would never be covered under any part of the warranty. We would have to shell out $300.00 out of our own pocket (not including towing ) to have this fixed... by a garage that Byrider took it to. After the third time it went down, the garage we had look at it said that the senser was put in wrong. We had just gotten back, not even a week went by, and ( I must add that we were financially strapped so CNAC offered to put the car repair on the end of our loan ) the car's fuel line blew off the gas tank at a corner stop leaving my whole family stranded with gasoline POURING all over the block. That was the last straw. After thier mechanic looked at it again, they said that they had no idea how that line could have come off but guess what... now it needs an engine... We talked to the district attorney here in Minnesota but he said the lemon law in this state only covers new cars. It's still at the garage it was towed to by CNAC (yes, they offered to replace the engine and put the difference at the end of the loan) but I refuse to use anymore money to fix this lemon... I'm paying for a car I can't use and STILL riding the bus... I got screwed on this deal... I hope that someone reading this will take this into consideration,... No matter how bad you need a car, no matter how bad your financial situation or your credit report is,JD Byrider and CNAC IS NOT the way to go.... Lynette duluth, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Duluth, Minnesota
30, Report #112540
Oct 12 2004
09:54 AM
CNAC, JD Byrider strong armed and lied to. Rip-off! Mishawaka Indiana
My husband and I bought a car from JD Byrider/CNAC in October of 2002, we have paid for every payment, although we have had some payments get behind, we have never failed to make a payment. We are down to 5 payments owing and let me tell you, CNAC is getting real pushy about our payments. I was treated with total disrespect by one of their managers and when I reported him to the main office, I thought I would get someting done about it, but I didn't, yes they called me and listened to my complaint and they said they would do something about it, but I am still getting calls from the same manager that I requested not to ever call me again. Three weeks ago, I was contacted by this manager, I told him that I could not come in that day because my husband, who is an over the road truck driver, had all the money with him and he was not at home yet and would be home the next day, his answer to me was, Maybe you should just bring the car back. Again, I am down to 5 payments left, my thoughts on this is, they know I have a nice looking car and they could sell it again and get more money out of it. This past week I was 6 days past my payment and I was told that if I did not have the money in by 3:00 that day, they would come and get my car, I say this because I was told by Carmel, Indiana that they don't threathen to Repo your car, they would not do that!, YES THEY DO! I would never send another soul to JD Byrider/CNAC to buy a car. I was going to buy another vehical from them but with the experience that I have had, I would not and will not send anyone else to them, in fact I will do what ever I can to discourage anyone from going to them. By the way, the money I took into them that day they wanted me to bring my car back was my sisters house payment, but they didn't care where I got the money, just as long as I got it! I am very disapointed in the type of people they have working for them, it seems like every time they get someone with a heart, they get fired or move on to other jobs, I guess you can't have a heart and work for CNAC/JD Byrider. Viola Elkhart, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Mishawaka, Indiana
31, Report #108477
Sep 15 2004
07:47 AM
JD BYRIDER CNAC ripoff, Messed up my credit, sold the car at auction. AKRON Ohio
My husband and i have 3 kids and 3 foster kids 6 total. we bought a car from jd and it was not safty checked at time of purchase.they told us to test drive it and see if we liked it. we returned and said It feels like something is wrong with the front end she said well i will just write front end elignment needed. I said well i'm not a machanic so i dont know if thats it. well we had no idea that they would put us through what we went though! we had the car in the shop more than we drove it and they kept our car from us because we got behind on one payment while it was in the shop from lack of work transportation! so after 5 to 7 times of we will get it fixed, the manager Adam says All I owe you is a front end alignment and slams his fist on the desk.we said to him is that really how your going to act knowing that we didnt say that? he said yes. we took the car to another machanic and they wrote down everythign wrong with the car, we took this info back to Adam and he said he refused to do the work. tha car was marked unsafe to drive from the other machanic and we could not ride our kids in this car. we made a bold move and told jd here is your car back gave them the keys and left. they sold the car at auction and put the remaining balance on our credit that is to this day Incurring Intrest!!!!!! we told them we would sue but the attorney said since they put front end elignment on there wasnt anything we could do! If anyone has any help for us please let us know. thank you and may god bless and keep you all. p.s we also asked them to for give us this dept in the name of jesus and they said no!!!! we also filed a claim with BBB and they couldnt do a thing either. Julie AKRON, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: AKRON, Ohio
32, Report #129504
Feb 16 2005
07:04 PM
CNAC - JD Byrider ripoff dishonest fraudulent overcharge crooks ignorant idiots lemons uncooperative Alliance Ohio
The biggest mistake of our lives was to get a car (actually, TWO cars) from JD Byrider. We were living on a very low income, with limited credit (not BAD credit, unestablished credit) and had tried several car lots with no luck. We had been walking everywhere for the previous 6 months, and it just wasn't working out. It took them 5 hours to get us financed, and by then, we were about to walk out the door. We should have. We viewed several cars that day, including a 1993 Ford Escort wagon with over 300,000 miles on it. Of course, we turned that down. What we did take was 1991 Grand Am with 102,000 miles. It ran fine for the test drive. Of course, they charged us $6500 plus the standard (for those crooks) 24.99% interest rate. And they deferred the down payment, with interest, and added interest to their mandatory junk warranty. The very next day, the car broke down. We spoke with them on the phone, and they agreed to pay the towing charge for the 30 miles, and fixed it free of charge. Two days later, we picked it up. On the way home, it broke down. So we called them again. They had a bit of an attitude that time, insisting that the car was fine, but agreed to fix it again. See, they claimed it was just the water pump, which they kept replacing. Anyway, they fixed it again. It broke again. Thats the third time. Now we were pissed. We demanded a rental car, which they refused, until we told them they could take their peice of junk and shove it. We got a rental, and they finally fixed the alternator(ie the real problem)at a local dealership, on our insistence. They were rather nasty about all this, but we forced them to deal with us, which we found, is how you must treat them. Over time, the car was alright, we had it for about a year, made all of our payments early, drove it in every month because they would not give us a payment book, and the hell if we were gonna trust them to properly credit it. Now, towards the end of the year, the car started overheating, and smelled very strange. We had a mechanic look at it, and it was determined that the wires were literally melting, and that the car was a fire hazard. JD Byrider didn't care. The warranty was up and that was that. The Alliance JD Byrider is owned by Courtesy Kia of Alliance, and the deal was, that after 6 months we would be able to trade up into one of their brand new vehicles. HA! We tried at 6 months, they couldn't help us. We tried again at 12 months, and though they were glad to let us sit there for 2-3 hours, they still wouldn't finance us. So we had no choice, it was either fix the whole electrical system (costing thousands of dollars) or trade in the car for another JD Byrider lemon. We chose the latter. After another 5 hours of finance work, we were approved for another car. This time, we got a 1992 Chevy Lumina, for over $7000. We made our payments early, like good little troopers, and had no immediate problems, except having to buy it new tires immediately. Two months later, JD Byrider had a talk with my fiance. It turns out that our previous car did indeed catch on fire, giving the new owner 2nd degree burns over 70% of his body. He sued, of course. Anyway, after having this car for about 10 months, it started leaking oil profusely (it had been leaking about a quart every 3 months anyway). It seems that leaks had sprung out of every gasket. Odd, wouldn't you say? We contacted JD Byrider several times. It wasn't their problem. So we kept dumping in oil (it got to the point of dumping in 4 quarts EVERY TIME we drove ANYWHERE). Eventually, the motor blew, and we made a decision. We had already paid $2,000 for a car worth only $600 (kelly blue book value) in prime condition. We would NOT pay another $5,000. So, with help from family, we bought a car straight out from a private owner, and voluntarily returned the Lumina to JD Byrider. They held my fiance against his will for 40 minutes with threats and told him he couldn't turn in the car. They went so far as to chase him out the door, still griping, with the keys in their hand, trying to get him to take them back. But we drove away, honking and waving, with his brother driving us to our waiting new car. Now they plan to auction off the car, and will supposedly put that amount towards our balance. They have added $800 in fees, which we plan to contest, and we are planning on filing bankruptcy against their ridiculous loan. The point is, if places like this were REALLY out to help people, there would be leniency, lower payments, and lower finance rates. They aren't concerned about taking a chance on people with bad credit, they make it HARDER for people with bad credit to get better credit. They will not negotiate any parts of any contracts or payment agreements. JD BYRIDER: YOU SUCK If they want to do us a favor, they can go out of business and stop scamming decent people. Raymond Boardman, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: Alliance, Ohio
33, Report #149123
Jul 09 2005
05:30 PM
CNAC, JD Byrider Ripoff artists, dishonest, RUDE, unfair Indianapolis Indiana
I was finally able to get a lease through a reputable finance company and was going to suprise my wife. When I called and told her we were going to pick up our brand new car, she informed me that she had just made a payment over the phone a couple of hours ago. I thought, no problem, I will just give them a call and ask them to reverse the charges, problem solved. So I thought. I told the rep that I was currently in the middle of leasing a new car and my wife had mistakenly made a payment earlier. As soon as I mentioned that I would like to have them return my money, the representative I was speaking with got all defensive and informed me that he could not reverse the charges. I asked why, and he informed me that a payment was due that day and it did not matter that the car was being paid off by the dealership I was leasing from, and just flat out refused to discuss it any further. I feel that I should get my money back, simply because the car was being paid off by the dealer, so there is actually nothing to be paying on. Michael Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
34, Report #165941
Nov 27 2005
01:30 AM
CNAC JD BYRYDER ripoff rude employees leaches Madison Wisconsin
In Jan of 2005 my husband and I were in need of a van as i was about to have another baby. Due to our bankruptcy we could not get any financing from any where. I was looking on the internet for bad credit good credit so on... found JD Byrider. Wish I knew then what i know now. Not only is the van we are paying for over priced within one month i had promblems with vechicle. When i contacted the madison dealer to inform them that i was having promblems i was then informed that the warranty only covered engine trouble nothing more. Great!!!! was not aware of that or misunderstood when it was told to us according to them. Then in March of 2005 my husband began the process of going army active. In that process he lost his job and we were unable to keep up with payments. so i called cnac who said they would work with me on my payment. when i explained to them that we were living off of my sons surviours benefits of 440 a month they said that was our problem and they would have no choice but to begin the process of repo on the van. Well five months later and now three months behind my husband is sworn in active duty, i about to lose our only vechicle and i get five to six threating calls a day even from my account mgrs. cell phone. Trina from Milwk. WI. I admit we fell behind but i was honest with them the entire time and kept them updated. Now here were are one month to christmas and they want to garnish our wages which even in the army is not very much for a family of seven on a E4's Pay. If any one knows how i can get out from under CNAC please let me know Jennifer woodruff, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
35, Report #159448
Oct 04 2005
02:20 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC Rip off at it's finest Louisville Kentucky
My experience goes like this: I was young, bad credit, son had just had heart surgery, etc. I went to JD Byrider and they had me fill out some information for a credit check. They told me they couldn't quote the price or let me test drive until this was done. A day or two later I received a phone call stating that I had been approved for a bank loan on one of the newer cars. I drove my beat up little car on the lot (where it died.) My dad and my infant son were in the car behind me. My father left me and my son and went back to Indiana. After waiting forever, the salesman told me that the bank loan, in fact, didn't go through. He told me I still qualified for a car. It was late and he told me I had to hurry and pick out a car. The car I picked out, I was unable to test drive, because they were getting ready to close. I asked if it had been wrecked and they stated no. I asked them if I could come back the next day and pick a car. They told me to go ahead and sign for this car and they would honor me bringing it back the next day. I tried to bring the car back (which, in fact, had been wrecked) and they told me I drove off the lot, so it was mine and they weren't taking it back. I turned in the keys and told them I wasn't taking it. They told me I would have to take this other car in order for them not to press charges and ruin my credit completely. Once again, I was not given a choice. I took the car. The back door wouldn't open, the back windows wouldn't roll down, the radiator hose was leaking, etc. etc. It was a mess! Needless to say, I paid thousands on this car worth about 200 dollars. I was about 2k short on payoff when I said I wasn't going to do it anymore. I had it towed back to the lot. (At this point I hadn't driven it except the first couple of months after I bought it because it kept breaking down.)I handed the keys back and told them to shove it. Didn't hear anything out of them until May, when I received a paper from my employment place stating they were garnishing my wages for OVER and almost DOUBLE the 2k I owed when I turned it in. I never received court documents. Recently, we were attempting to buy a house and I received a call from my mortgage broker asking me about my business relationship with CNAC and JD Byrider. I said I had no current business. She informed me the company has been checking my credit every 1-2 months. This has been going on for a couple of years. Needless to say, I hope the company goes UNDER. I hope those that are behind this know what it feels like to not be able to buy groceries, etc. because they have to pay out a VILLAIN! I am now in the process of paying about 12k on a 92 Geo Prism that ran for approx 3 miles after I drove it off the lot. Thanks JD Byrider and CNAC! Crystal Mt Washington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
36, Report #184342
Mar 31 2006
03:29 PM
CNAC - J.D. Byrider ripoff garnishing $16,000 10 years later Louisville Kentucky
I bought a car from J.D.Byrider 10 years ago only to return the car 3 days later because the car was a piece of crap. Now, 10 years later without any warning, they are garnishing my wages, not only that but $16,000 worth. The car wasn't even worth $2500. Leon Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
37, Report #185968
Apr 10 2006
09:09 PM
Cnac, j.d Byrider, ripoff, fraud Mesa Arizona
i have bought my second car from cnac, j.d byrider and have not recieved my liscence plate since i have bought the car, which was 10 months after the purchase the car they told me that i would have to go up to the motor vehicle dept to resolve the case, i did .... the mvd reported to me that cnac should have the liscence plate its been ten months ..... Also my car recently broke down funny it does after the warrenty is up my, engine blows out and now that my warrenty is over i have to pay for a new or used engine !!i was upset cause i am about to deliver a baby they said i would have to pay 1400 to fix the problem ..well i needed a car so i told them to fix it then they call me and say that they can pay fr half of the damages funny .. they also ripped me off i am paying 12000 dollars for this car after looking on the blue book the car with the miles of purchaseis only worth max 6000 so i am paying double for the car that is not even worth please help ..... Melissa apache junction, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
38, Report #187697
Apr 20 2006
12:21 PM
J D Byrider - CNAC ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
This autombile company is the worst automobile company that I have ever done business with! They sold my wife and me a mini-van that started having engine problems only few months of driving! They told us that our warranty that we bought for the mini-van at the time of the sell did not cover the parts of the engine that needed to be replaced! We had to pay out of the pocket to have the vehicle repaired and they still wanted us to pay for the monthly payment! Not to mention that they did not offer loaner car services which cost us more money! The manager on this site was very disrespectful towards my wife and I during this entire incident. To make a long story short, we did contact PA Office of Attorney General who did assist us in making JD Byrider give us another vehicle. Unfortunely, this vehicle is currently having the same issues as the last vehicle that we purchased from them! Something must be done about this horrible company that prey on comsumers! Everyone must contact the PA Attorney General and file an online complaint. Also, we all need to get together either by phone, e-mail or in person and organize so that we can all pool our resources together to prepare for a class action law suit! If there are others who feel as convicted as I do that something must be done, feel free to contact me at my e-mail adress. I am certain if enough of us put our heads together we can do something about these consumer thieves. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from all of you, Anthony. Martin Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
39, Report #170220
Jan 03 2006
09:43 AM
I am writing to let everyone know that this person JOE JOHNSTON keeps calling about my son who i have told that i do not see him every day he lives in south bend i live in warsaw. I have ask someone else that has called me in the past not to call me but they do not understand what that means. I do not appreciate him calling me and saying bad things about my son i will not listen to that from anyone i understand that my son is late on his payments but come on he does still pay his payments yes it is ruining his credit but that is his business not mine or theirs. And to tell me he is going to issue a repo for the car because he won't call the guy and give him more references i have talked to my exhusband about this because we both have cars from this place and we both agree we will never buy another thing from them. My husbands car will be paid off in 2 weeks and this man sent him a notice not to miss his payment, does he think he is going to repo this car. Ha! Also he called me and asked if I would be making my payment on time well if he new what he was doing he would know that my payments come out of my checking account of course when i told him that he said I didn't realize that well check your records mister as you can tell i am really fed up with these people. My sons business is his business not mine he is 29 years old. But just because he don't want to give this person a reference list I say back off people. I believe these people are just rip-offs to make money for the car more than once. I am canceling my account so they don't take it out of my account. I am also thinking about changing my phone number, and would love to give them their van back that I bought from them 2 years ago and let them know what they can do with it. I would appreciate them getting a copy of this e-mail so they know what is going on this man is calling me and didn't even realize that my ex and I had vechiles from them. Just please let the owner or president of this company CNAC know what his people are doing. Thank you so much. I did not know where to turn about this. They will never be recommended by my ex or myself. We will tell anyone who wants a vechile from them not to go there. That's pretty sad. They are the worst people to deal with. Other peoples business is not our business. Thank you for listening. I hope this will be taken care of. Penni warsaw, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Mishawaka, Indiana
40, Report #179729
Mar 07 2006
08:36 AM
I purchased a Dodge pickup in April of '04 from CNAC as a last resort due to my credit issues. I paid faithfully for over a year.I got a new job and my pays were on the opposite weeks as I had initially started with. I asked them if I could move my payments to the appropriate weeks and they said I could not because I was not on track with payments. I said I would be if I could reset the schedule to fit my pays. In this same time a new staff took over my acct. he would call my entire family all within minutes of each other and this is due to the week between pays. I would then have to pay a service fee (not a late charge of course) so they said. All because I was constantly off a week. What really irked me the most is this became personal with this new staff and he would intentially harass my family even if he had spoken to me earlier in the day. He would then leave msgs that he had looked into my personal checking acct and also even knew that I went and looked at a horse one day. Even though it was a friends horse I should of told him I needed something to drive to work, as he was threatening to take my vehicle. He even told me I had another car and it was never late, being my wifes car. Well I saved those msgs he left and he reposessed my vehicle for 453 dollars and put me in quite a bind. Now wants 906 dollars to get it back and says he will sell if for as minimal amount as he wishes and I will be responsible for the rest. I am so glad I found this site so to make it easier to know that I am not the only one that was a victim. Oh and did I mention that the truck's power steering pump went, the brakes went, I found out it had been wrecked. I could go on but what is the use. don't want the hunk of junk back but now my credit is going to be worse! Is there someone out there that could possibly let me know if this is condoned! Thank you for listening Ernie roaming shores, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: ASHTABULA, Ohio
41, Report #189946
May 04 2006
09:51 AM
CNAC- JD Byrider ripoff Bedford Heights Ohio
I have a 1996 pontaic sunfire that has 180,000 plus miles on it, I had the car since feb 2003, and I still owe $2750.00. I cannot trade the car in at another dealership because CNAC is not reporting my credit history to the credit bureaus as positive, which is making my credit score very low. If my payment history was bad CNAC would have repo my car immediately (but that is not the case I have been paying bi-weekly since feb 2003 and still is paying). No warranty, High mileage, old car. They take advantage of people with less than perfect credit. Angela Euclid, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford Heights, Ohio
42, Report #199980
Jul 08 2006
07:55 AM
CNAC - JD Byrider ripoff Cranston Rhode Island
I recently purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider due to my financil situation. The vechicle I purchased I had for three months and put on less than 2000 miles. The first 30 days the alternator had to replaced, the rear seat belt was broken and it the car mis fired. Check engine kept coming on air bag light, gas cap, low coolant. had diagnostic done and now it is the evap system. They said I would have to take it the Ford dealership and was told it would cost $500-$1000 to repair. Keep in mind i have only had the car three months. I spoke to the Joe the general manager to no avail, my son visited him and told him unless they made good on the repairs he would return the keys to the car. We then had a joint meeting with the general manager and the mechanic and still nothing was settled. When he refused to do anything my son and I went to JD Byrider to return the keys to CNAC. The CNAC rep would not even come out of his office and continued to speak with the general manager ignoring us. We were so frustrated we explained the keys were on the counter and we no longer wanted the car. Today July 8, 2006 I receive a call from CNAC saying my payment is late. Well I was shocked but not suprised this Antonio rep had no idea of what transpired last week. He then proceeded to threaten me with lawyers and saying how he is going to ruin my credit and will consider it a repossesin, which they cant. These companies always stress the fact they are seperate companies but they are not. They treat people with little or no respect. They do not honor their agreements but expect the customer to pay through the nose for their cars. They put you in a little room with cameras and treat you as lower than life. They need some serious customer service training Rebecca warwick, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Cranston, Rhode Island
43, Report #204641
Aug 05 2006
12:20 AM
CNAC, JD BYRIDER The biggest auto scam there is FAIRFIELD Ohio
In Sept 2000 I needed a car. I went to JD Byridder and got the lies. First off they wanted 12 references, which they later used to call and harrass everyone as well as give out personal account information. When I went to test drive a 93 white Ford Aspire, I noticed the transmssion was slipping really bad. I took it back and told the sales man I didn't want the car since it had issues. He said since I Stil had to bring in my down payment he would have the service guys fix it and it woud be ready for me in a couple of days. 6 days later I got the car, only to have the transmission go out again,I ended up having to rent a car to get back and forth to work. I was really not happy. The mechanic Brian said there was nothing wrong with it other then it was low on fluid...hmmm funny I just had it checked when I got gas before I brought it in and it was fine. I had a family emergency which ment I needed to move back home which was a little over a hour away. I told Rob my salesman that I was moving and I needed to give them my new address, he told me I coudn't take the car that far. I said fine then yu can keep it and started to head out the door. Half way across the lot he ran out to tell me he spoke to his boss and I can take the care but I needed to give him my work number, my address, my parents number and address as well as 2 other people, okay fine I did that. In feb 2001 I moved back home. In June of 2001 it went out again and this time I was able to get help in getting it fixed but I had to bring it back to Fairfield. I took a week off from work to stay with a friend while they fixed the car(should have left the P.O.S there the first time, but being young and in dire need of a car I took it back. I told them if it happened again they were keeping it, the mechanic assured me it wouldn't happen again. Then in Oct of 2001 when my girlfriend was on her way to get me from my second job that was over 15 miles away the transmission fell out AGAIN! I had it towed to the shop in town and they said the transmisson was shot I tod him it had been fixed 2 or 3 times already. Todd at Village Automotive showed my the transmission it was a piece of junk. It had never been replaced or serviced AT ALL! I was heated. I called JD Byridder and told them where the car was and that they needed to come and get it because I wasn't paying for a car that spent more time in the shop then on the road, and the salesman told You will pay for the car wether we come get it or not I told no I wasn't and he needed to come get it before the shop had it towed out for being a junk car. I went back to the shop and told the guys what was going on, and I got my stuff out of the car and left. Todd called me at home 2 hours later to tell me they had come and got the car. I had not heard anything from JDByridder for about 5 months. The guy that called yelled at me, cussed at me and then informed me that all the times that they had fixed my transmission was charged to my account so now my 3995.00 car was now 7995.00. I told him I wasn't paying it. that if they had been legit and not shady, maybe I'd work with them. He proceeded to yell and cuss some more I hung up on him. Now it is 2006 and I have moved to another state over 2000 miles only to have that crappy car lot right up the street and I have met a lot of people who have had issues with them in my new state as well. Including my friend who has been in a legal disput with them for over 2 years. Too make it even worse they are now runnng a special $299.00 and yu drive today My new friend was in need of a car and called the number on the flyer. She was talking to them. I asked her who the car dealer was and she told me it was JDByrider. I took the phone from her and told the guy she wasn't interested and he said he wanted to know why and I told him, he said he was sorry that I had such a bad experience in Ohio, he went on to say that the company was having some problems which had all been retified and that, then he asked me if I was in the market for a car! I said I was going to be nice and just say no thank you and I hung up. So now I have CNAC on my credit report saying they repo'd the car which wasn't rue because I paid my car note even when I shouldn't have and I gave them back the car. So how can you repo something that is already given to you? This company takes avantage of people and its not right, you can put bows and flowers on a pile of shit bt its still shit. Cheryl Chandler, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: FAIRFIELD, Ohio
44, Report #206124
Aug 14 2006
06:12 PM
BEWARE BUYERS---do not buy a car from jdbyrider of erie pa they will not honor the warrent ythey give you. I bought a 1999 graNDAM FOR THE WHOPPING PRICE OF 15.000, to only discover the car isnt worth 4.000----1st 24 hrs the alternator went locking the car in theft mode. i couldnt drive the car because of an aftermarket theft system that was inastalled and i wasnt aware of...3rd week of haveing the car the strut springs broke in the front end. 2 weeks later the exhaust went. severalcalls where made to the company,but tot his day i have not received a responce on when they will fix my car. it has been a year now and i still havent herd anything.. i recently ran a car fax report to discover the car had been involved in 2 front end collisions. that explained why the head lamps fell out 1 month after i had the car...and was never made aware of the wrecks. it had been inim still makeing my payments on time and never been late. but i cant get my car fix unless i pay out to do it.... i have paid to reepair all the problems and still jdbyrider has not reconized me as haveing a problem with the junk they sold me.i just get ignored....i,m tired of being ignored and will half to sue jd byrider for selling me a lemon. maybe i,ll just drop thhe full coverage insurance that they make you get and then i,ll get their attention. they,ll come to repo my car,,,but they wont fix it...sofar this heap has cost me over 2.000 in repairs and almost 8,000 in payments with 8.000 to go yet....yep i recomend jdbyrider to the states attorny general and for lots of law suites... James manassaspark, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: ERIE, Pennsylvania
45, Report #39254
Dec 27 2002
08:20 AM
JD Byrider and CNAC ripoff BBB Scam doesn't help Indianapolis Indiana
We bought our Caravan in 2000 and it has been nothing then a pain. It has been in the shop over 10 times. We had to repair the transmission twice and the belt four times. Our contract says nothing about late fees but yet I just found out that I'm being charged a fee everytime I'm a couple of days late. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau but they really don't help. If I can give anyone advice DON'T buy a car from them I would rather have no car then put up with the BS you get from them. The Van has been in the shop more then we have driven it. Debbie Westfield, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
46, Report #220119
Nov 11 2006
11:10 AM
J.B. Byrider, CNAC Payoff amount ripoff Champaign Illinois
we got a van and it was nice of course it was high mileage for the year but we needed to start somewhere so we went and traded it off for a truck somewhere else and the pay off amount was different than my recipt they told me that the interest it on a day to day balance so it i would of paid it off that day it would of been that amount the balance was 130.00 dollars more and all i will get back is 65.00 they ripped me off the balance owed on the vechile should of been what was on my recipt than they asked me for another payment after they were paid off because they said it was a mistake they had me down for a different vechile they said sorry for the mistake i said what ever they was just trying to get an extra 250.00 out of me so whatever you do keep all your recipts and every record and if you ever deal with them keep everything i mean everything Jamine tilton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Champaign, Illinois
47, Report #220443
Nov 13 2006
08:44 PM
CNAC Financial Services weird letter in the mail by these guys ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I recieved a letter in the mail today by CNAC and saying your pre approved. Well I know the internet very well so I went to this site to see if they were on here. BAM popped up them lol. So first thing I guess I need to rip this letter and cut this card. Secondly, I'm wondering why these guys sent me a letter? My score is about 700 last time I checked and I have a couple of online business. So I'm wondering why or how did I get a letter can anyone tell me how this company sent me this? Cause I feel bad for everyone and yes I have a car but I'm wondering why these people have my info for. Bill atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
48, Report #74583
Dec 09 2003
03:48 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC It's a rip-off DON'T DO IT Milwaukee Wisconsin
I've read quite a few of these rip-off reports and I concur... JD Byrider is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now it is a given that people buying a car from this company have had or currently have some credit issues, myself included, but to be blantantly misled is wrong. I bought a 1991 Chevy Lumina Minivan in 2001. It only had 66,000 miles on it and appeared to be in good condition. I did test drive it and it did seem at that time to ride ok. Fast forward to December 2003. To date I have replaced the transmission, the heater core, the alternator, the starter, the battery terminals, the brakes (front & back), the water pump and the radiator. This has all occurred in a 9 month span and to make things interesting, the engine went out on it back in October. I contacted JD Byrider who gave me the run around. I asked them how I could accelerate/reduce my pay out because I only had 3,000 left on it to pay. I spoke to 4 different people who gave me 4 different answers. I was finally told that they couldn't make that decision because they sold my account to another company. When I asked the name, address, telephone number and name of the account rep, I got nothing. I was told that I couldn't deal with him directly, but that the Byrider rep would email the new company rep and pass my information along. This process took a month with me calling back daily to find out what was going on. I have never missed a payment. I have not stopped paying on the vehicle yet, even though I can't drive it. I finally went to the Better Business Bureau with my complaint and proof! all of a sudden I was sent a letter from Byrider giving me the name, address and telephone number of the company who bought the loan. To make a long story short, the company is EMCC in New York and the offer they gave me was: I pay another $1000 in payments, pay them $1,000 up front and surrender the car for them to resell at auction. They were serious and that is why I still have my car. I can get an engine put in for $2,000 and still have my car. If I pay them $2,000 AND give up my car, what do I have? One last thing, I was mailing my payments in anywhere from 1 to 3 days BEFORE the payment was due and you know what they are doing? They are holding the payments an extra day or two which applies more of your payment to their interest and less to your principal amount. This usually is only a few dollars, but it is still wrong. I caught them doing this on 3 separate occasions and again I went to the BBB with a complaint. Within 2 weeks I got another letter from Byrider saying that the amount they collected (due to the unreasonable holding of my check for 2 days after my payment was due) was reversed out of their interest amount and applied to the principal amount. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS, CHECK YOUR BALANCES EVERY MONTH!! For those of you who needed a car, I understand why you bought it here, but if you care about your friends, family members or co-workers who may be in the same boat, steer them clear of JD Byrider. D. Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
49, Report #106699
Sep 02 2004
12:11 PM
CNAC- JD Byrider unfair practices and lies Ft Wayne Indiana
We have been paying for a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire for almost 1 year now. EVERY payment has been on time or early. We recently moved to AL. from Ohio, and we were called and told by CNAC that we were NOT allowed to take the car from there, and that it was listed in our paperwork, which I am unable to find listed in mine. they said that if we didnt send them a monthly payment for 1 month ahead of time and a $200.00 processing fee along with it within 1 week, they would re-po the car and we would be paying the balance for it through payroll deduction. I dont believe this is fair at all, we paid on time and we should be able to take the car anywhere we move, as long as we notify them and keep making our bi-weekly payments on time. We shouldnt be forced to pay a processing fee and monthly payments ahead of time now. They have called our families demanding to know what we are going to do, and they live 4 states away, they have no ideal what our business is. I have called them and asked what we can do, cause I dont want to lose my car after paying 1 year on it and our down payment. It is a good car so far, no problems. Hard to find at buy here, pay here types. I have read many stories online about CNAC and JD Byrider today. If I was to do it over again, I would NOT buy from them again. Please do your homework andmake a informed decision before buying from them! I wish I had! Connie Decatur, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Wayne, Indiana
50, Report #114942
Oct 27 2004
04:47 PM
JD BYRIDER - CNAC Financing rip off Saint Louis Missouri
JD BYRIDER IS A COMPLETE RIPOFF, DO NOT BUY, VISIT, BROWSE THERE LOT BUYER BEWARE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT When I first got the vehicle the check engine light was on. They told me I had to take it 20 miles to get it fixed, I had to make the trip 4 times just to get the car fixed. They couldn't get the part in, or they didn't have the time. The van wasn't even clean when I got it. There was food and bowls and trash under the seats. It was disgusting to get to the point, since I had to make so many trips to get the problem fixed, I was fired from my job. Luckily I got a new job, but when I explained to them why my payment was late my account rep told me she didn't care and it wasn't her problem. If they are supposed to be such a good company and have good people working there, why wouldn't they care. How am I supposed to get to work to make the money to make the payment, again my account rep told me that wasn't her problem. When I asked to speak to her boss, she told me he said the same thing. My wife called them back and spoke to her, and she told my wife that her boss wasn't even there. Tthe lady had lied to me over the phone. What kind of company is that, I ask you. Tthis is to everybody who reads this, DO NOT BUY FROM JD BYRIDER, DO NOT USE CNAC FINANCING, do not even go to their lot, they will blow smoke up your ###. Justin hazelwood, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri

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