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51, Report #1087387
Sep 25 2013
07:29 PM
COMCAST INFINITY aka Comcast Sucks Scrambling cable channels CO
Comcast is NOW scrambling of former in the clear QAM channels it re-transmits from local over the air broadcasters, Those of us with NEWER TV's capable of receiving DIGITAL Cable QAM channels can no longer receive them. We now must rent a converter box from them. Low ens ones are currerntly FREE but that will not be that way for long. Low end ones, do not have A/V connectors. Giher quality converts have monthly charges. This is an OUTRAGIOUS RIP OFF whoe only reason is to extract more $$$ from customers. Converters can not be found at dept stores, since OTA digital channels are not the same as digital cable QAM channels. There are NO dept store options for buying converters that will de-scramble the BROADCAST channels. OTA is out of reach in our area. Thanks comcast, you can kiss our A**. We will no longer deal with you. greedy losers.
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52, Report #1101853
Nov 24 2013
11:59 AM
Comcast Comcast customer service SUCKS Somerset New Jersey
  I am customer of Comcast for a long time but recently had multiple SUPER BAD experiences with their customer service. I cannot think of any bad service worse than theirs. I changed houses and asked them to move my service to my new house. They took 2 weeks to do so - that too when I spoke to their head of customer service and threatened him that I will cancel my services with them.   Their customer service is PATHETIC. Their agents don't have any courtesy to talk to customers; they have no idea of what’s happening with the account. It took me almost 20 calls and cumulatively over 8 hrs on the call. This SUCKS! Agents keep transferring the calls to other agents as they have no clue on the status or plan.   My services get intermittently get disconnected without any prior notification and when I call COMCAST customer service, I understand it’s happening due to outage in my area. When I called their customer service and told him that I am unhappy with their customer service, he simply asked me to disconnect my services with them – IS THIS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE COMCAST CAN OFFER?   My sincere advice – DO NOT use Comcast services until you don’t have any other option.  
Entity: Somerset, New Jersey
53, Report #1099886
Nov 16 2013
11:52 AM
Comcast Cable Comcast Xfinity Two year agreeements Oregon
 In November of 2012 I had my cable, internet and phone moved over to my new home with Comcast.  This past month, October 2013 I cancelled all my services with them and changed over to dishnetwork.  The first time I called to cancel comcast the customer service agent said it was all taken care of and that I would recevie boxes to send my equipment back and would also be receiving a refund since I had paid for the entire month and only used 10 days of service.  Last week I received a bill in the mail stating that I owed Comcast $303.00 in new charges.  This was not equipment charges but cancellation and hookup services.  They cancelled my service and then charged to reinstall the same day. Customer service was able to reverse the charges but told me I would still be responsible for early termination fees on my account.  I didn't sign a two year contract.  The service rep of course told me that they could not locate a copy of the agreement and that I would have to either go online or to the local service center to get a copy of the two year agreement. I no longer have an account with comcast so going online isn't possible you have to have an account to access service agreements, past customers do not have access to that feature.  Every phone number I have gotten for the local service center goes straight to the main comcast number where the service department tells me they cannot help. I am tired of being dragged around by this company.  It is quite crazy that if I did have a two year contract that my service had gone from $113 to $146 dollars per month within the first year of a supposed 2 year contract.  This company owes me roughtly $100.  I have asked to see the service agreement that I signed and they cannot produce it.  This is not how a business should run,  if I refused to return my equipment I would have been turned into the credit agencies but they can withhold my refund and then lie with no consequences, unacceptable...
Entity: Sandy , UT 84070-3302
54, Report #1142282
Apr 28 2014
09:02 AM
Comcast awful customer service! Comcast ripping people off! Bad experience! Nationwide
I have NEVER had such a nasty experience with anything that I have with Comcast! Here is the story:I was living in a condo where the cable was included and I have to pay only for the internet. I chose Blast Internet and was paying $34.99 per month plus all the fees. The total bill was $43.47.In the begging of April I was moving to the new community. I called Comcast to set up the move. The representative informed me that the cable is not included anymore, and asked me what services I want to have.I told her, that I want to keep my Blast internet as to the cable I only watch TNT, FX, SYFY and NBA. The representative told me that these channels are in the Digital Starter package and the price for the internet and this cable will be $54.99 + fees.I agreed even though I couldn’t understand why the bill is so high. I will be paying now $73.47 for internet + cable TV with Digital starter package.My services worked for 3 days, after that everything went OFF and it says: Requires Activation. Called Comcast 5 times to do the activation – nothing helped. Finally they said that the technician has to come over to see what’s wrong. The technician came on April 23.Mind you, I was without service for 2 weeks already. The technician has to re-wire the house, because however connected it the first time made a mistake! Also the technician informed me that I have only Limited Basic TV. I was really frustrated.Called Comcast AGAIN!!!!! Spoke with really nice representative who informed that the $54.99 per month is a promotion for Blast Internet + Limited Basic TV! I was like: ‘But that’s not what I was told!” He apologized and told me that he will contact the Resolution department so they can fix the situation. The resolution department then informed him that even though they don’t have the package for this price – they will create the package specifically for me, so I will have Digital Starter TV + Blast Internet for $54.99. The representative informed me, that Resolution department will create a package and will take them 1-3 days and they will contact me. NOBODY DID!I called the Resolution department on April 25 to check the status. The representative was really nasty and told me that the only was he can do it is for me to pay $89.99. I got frustrated and told him, that the previous representative assured me, that they can do it and about the price and also he was in contact with the resolution department. “That’s not true! I apologize for miscommunication……….” And so on and so forth. I asked to talk to the supervisor – He said that the supervisor is not available and he can create a memo, so that the supervisor will get back to me within 24-48 hours.Guess what? Nobody did get back to me. Today is April 28, I will pay for this month service which I didn’t have $73.47. I called Comcast again – got the same response about $89.99 + fees.Comcast is ripping people off. In my new community Comcast has internet monopoly, so not any other company can provide the internet service. And as everybody knows, only when you bundle you can get the decent pricing.My friend lives in North Miami – she is paying $64 for Blast Internet + Digital Starter package (fees included). And since I live in the community where Comcast has monopoly – I will pay $105 per month for the same services!!!!!BIGGEST LEGALIZED SCAM EVER!!!!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! COMCAST IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!!!!  I would gladly cancel the service, but I can’t, because nobody will be able to provide internet for me. I'm stuck with Comcast!After so many years with Comcast this all came as a nasty surprise! I was really under the impression that Comcast has nice service in all areas!! I was mistaken!!!!!! I would NEVER recommend Comcast to anybody and will definitely post my story everywhere!! What and awful, nasty and frustrating experience!!!!! BAD BUSINESS!!!! AWFUL COMPANY!!! 
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #1200184
Jan 08 2015
11:48 AM
Comcast Home phone mysteriously changed by comcast, no customer service Nationwide
Sometime during Oct., 2014 I lost the ability to receive or make calls from my home phone. After many days of insulting and frustrating conversations with Comcast's customer service folks I was told my number of 20+ years was just an alternate number that I might not be able to get back, and that my primary number was changed on Nov. 26, 2013 to (((Redacted))). I never approved this change. Comcast said they had no work order or documentation to explain this.Has anyone else experienced having their phone number changed by Comcast without authorization, had their phone # changed to a number similar to (((Redacted))), had a similar phone service outage issue?Also, does anyone share my concern there could be fraudulant computer issues going on at Comcast?Comcast is reportedly having major service outages and their call center agents are having computer problems as well. A) I've notified the FCC.B) I'll be calling the corproate office.C) I still await a fix!
Entity: Nationwide
56, Report #1182379
Oct 11 2014
11:26 AM
Comcast Xfinity Comcast slammed my home phone illegally ! Nationwide
10-09-2014 07:55 PM Yesterday after trying to get phone support for a Comcast login issue with no success, (the support, person Kathy could not even log in to my account) I was transferred (with long holds telling me how great Comcast is and trying to sell me something) to a Retention Specialist (Joe) who also could not log in to my account. He did try to upgrade me of course. At the end of this over an hour long exercise in futility I flatly told Joe to NOT change anything. After I had hung up my wife tried to call me on our land line home phone and it went to a not available message. Now today, after several hours I find out that Comcast has ILLEGALLY slammed my home phone and now I have no emergency 911 available. (This is what the phone is for) [I assumed both Kathy and Joe are out sourced due to the thick Hispanic accent] I never gave or was asked verbally for permission to do this. I was not transferred to a third party recording verification, and certainly did not sign a document. {As required by law.} I am hoping that comcast will see this and take action as I am now coming up on 76 hours and still have no phone. Tomorrow I will submit a report to the FCC, and have already made one to Consumeraffairs.
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #1191279
Nov 25 2014
08:37 AM
Comcast Xfinity Comcast uses deceptive business practices Philadelphia, PA Nationwide
What ever you do dont use Comcast.  They will fraudentally bill you and never answer a straight forward answer as to why.  You will be transferred to an overseas call center and you will only get broken English nonsence
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #1150752
May 29 2014
08:56 PM
Comcast or Xfinity Comcast/Xfinity Business Internet a SCAM Nationwide
It is not possible to do something as simple as DISCONNECT your internet service with COMCAST. Probably because COMCAST does  NOT want you to disconnect. 1.  It is not possible to disconnect your service on the internet, even though you can pay them directly by signing on to their site.  There is no email address you can email to, even though they are an internet provider. 2.  You have to call to disconnect, but they do NOT pick up the phone.  I have called two or three times every month for the past five months.  You cannot leave a message.  They are ONLY open from 8-5:30PM. 3.  If you finally get someone to pick up, they will tell you that they have to transfer you to another number, which does not pick up.  4.  When they trap you into their deals, you have to work really really hard to disconnect.  I am a business customer paying $100 a month for fast connection.  Can you imagine what they do to the other customers. 
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #1242739
Jul 18 2015
04:09 PM
comcast xfinity comcast customer nonservice nationwide Nationwide
 I orders comcast internet and there rwally limited channels just the locals. After swnting up the order and paying $100 deposit I keept recieving emails saying there was one more step eventhough I had a scheduled install date so I called. Talked to a guy for awhile he found no problems after a coue days still getting emaila I called again this time I was told I have a $380 overdue from years ago at a differant address a addresa I did not live at was told they where sending me some fraud papers fill them out send them back but there where going to be collection calls than was told to just ignore the calls I did. I answerd one due th the fact it was conctant calls it was comcast saying that I owe I am a liar and I will not get service untill I paid the full due eventhough i never had service at the given address
Entity: Nationwide
60, Report #1298981
Apr 10 2016
07:39 PM
comcast xfinity Comcast ripping off customers Palm beach Florida Nationwide
I am a customer of Comcast less than six months, when I signed in. In January 2016. There was a promotion price of 19.99 a month for a year.Since then, they change the price once, and in April. They double my price. Or even triple. When I complained to customer service billing department. They told me that I have to sign for direct payment. And they removed all kind of promotions that I was not aware of. I talked to other people and they told me that Comcast is known of doing those kind of ripping off customers by changing prices after you sign been for a special price.
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #1309336
Jun 03 2016
12:21 PM
Comcast Xfinity Comcast Overbills and Make No Apologies Fort Lauderdale Nationwide
Comcast does not give a damn about you. They will not take responsibility for anything they do. I have had them for over 10 years and over the last 6 years they have managed to slither their way into my wallet in the form of random rate increases to the tune of $260 per month!!! At one point I apparently had 5 cable boxes and at least one modem rental. I have never had more than two at a time, one of them being the dinky little “main” cable box. I filed a complaint against them with the BBB and got a NIGHTMARE representative named Luis J. I explained that a rep calling himself an “escalation agent” located (where else!) out-of-country promised me a free month of service after Comcast drafted almost $400 out of my account around Christmas time (!!!) when they were only authorized to take $187.00 which resulted in three(3) NSF fees of $35. This “rep” told me they couldn’t refund the fees but when I threatened to cancel he offered me a month free.  Afterwards he tried to sell me the sun and moon and when I refused he became rude and eventually “got disconnected”. The free month never happened and they kept telling me “there is no record if it”. I also had the TERRIBLE experience of speaking with the WORST manager EVER at an Xfinity location named Vanessa Johnson. She was terribly rude and basically called me a liar. The day after I left her a service suspension train began and has been going on ever since. I pulled every single bill statement from 2009 to 2016. Of course, Comcast doesn’t want to let me see anything over a year online so I had to dig them up in my garage but, believe me, I learned to keep the paper statements a LONG time ago. Based on the statements and the itemization on THEIR bills, I was charged for one standard box and 3 HD DVR boxes at $9 per month! Let’s not forget the Modem! I have had my own modem since the internet called for them and have NEVER had one from Comcast. They have been charging me a $6 modem fee since 2010. LET’S CALCULATE, SHALL WE?? So, Comcast wants to curtly deny me a month of free service? Ok, FINE… but let’s see how much I paid Comcast for services I never had… 07/01/2009 thru 01/01/2015 = 66 months I had ONE HD DVR and ONE STANDARD BOX and NO MODEM. 2 (x) $9 (+) $6 = $24 per month $24 per month for 66 months = (DRUMROLL, PLEASE!) $1,584.00!!!   $1,584.00 PAID TO COMCAST FOR SERVICES I NEVER EVER EVEN HAD!!!!   They have overbilled me to the tune of $1,584.00 in a 5.5 year period but the idea of giving me a month of free service at a measley amount in comparison is unheard-of??? WOOOOOOW.   The best part of this? They informed me when I asked how to get them out of my life forever that I am UNDER A TWO YEAR CONTRACT!! I have NEVER been under contract and now I am conveniently stuck with them?   After all of this was argued with BOTH of the reps, Luis told me there was nothing else he could offer me and “we are not going to reverse policy to keep you as a customer, we just aren’t”. DISGUSTING.   Oh! I didn’t even mention the notes in their “system”. An off-shore agent (shocker) told me in a chat that she cannot help me. When I asked why she copied and pasted the notes Luis J. put in the system:   THE CUSTOMER MADE CONTACT AGAIN VIA EMAIL COMMUNCATION AND IS VEERY UPSET THAT SERVICES WERE SUSPENDED. THE CUSTOMER CLAIMED THAT WE NEVER FOLLOWED UP WITH THEM. I SENT AN EMAIL REPLY WITH AN ATTACHMENT OF THE PREVIOUS EMAIL COMMINICATIONS RECEIVED AND REPLIES SENT WITH THE MOST RECENT ON 5/31/2016 ADVISING THAT THE ACCOUNT REVIEW WAS COMPLETED. WE WERE NOT ABLE TO SUBSTANTIATE THE CUSTOMER'S CLAIM THAT A FULL MONTH OF CREDIT WAS OFFRED DUE TO A DUPLICATE PAYMENT DEBITED FROM THEIR ACCOUNT. THE DOCUMENTATION REFLECTED ON THE ACCOUNT IN REGARD OF AN ADJUSTMENT WAS DUE TO A DUPLICATE PAYMENT IN THE AMOUNT OF $196.97 BEING REVERSED BACK TO THE CREDIT CARD USED TO MAKE THE PAYMENT WHICH WAS COMPLETED ON 11/20/2015. I APOLOGIZED FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY HAVE CAUSED HOWEVER, WITHOUT SUFFICIENT DOCUMENTATION WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE A CREDIT FOR ONE MONTH OF SERVICE AS THIS IS ONLY PROVIDED IF SERVICES WERE NOT RENDERED, NOT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES. UNFORTUNATELY WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO RESTORE SERVICE WITHOUT PAYMENT BEING MADE FOR THE COMPLETE PAST DUE BALANCE AS WE HAVE EXHAUSTED ALL PAYMENT EXTENSIONS AND PREVIOUS PROMISE TO PAY THAT WERE SET UP WERE NOT KEPT. THIS IS OUR FINAL DECISION.
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #1364442
Mar 28 2017
10:16 AM
Comcast Comcast Business Lies and Steals from hard working Americans Nationwide
DO NOT SIGN UP WITH COMCAST BUSINESS Contracts are a scam by this internet giant. They lock you into an agreement and deliver the worst customer support. The technicians lie. My internet has intermittent issues.  I have contacted comcast numerous times and they did their typical song and dance in blaming my competency and equipment. A few techs actually saw the problem. If you get a sub contractor like I did one of the times, they tell the truth and made it clear it is not just me having the issue, it is comcast's infrastructure in my area. But it would cost too much to replace it so we are stuck with an ongoing problem. I can accept this. But why lie to me? Why blame me? Why not give me a credit in the months I exprience several days of no service and call it a day?Why? Because they employ some of the most miserable reps because these people get attacked by a frustrated public. Comcast fails to own their problems and pins the consumer against their staff.   On March 3rd I cancelled my business service. I was told I would receive a refund and would NOT get penalized with a cancellation fee. 25 days later still no refund and service not cancelled. Now I am told I have to pay for this service. I did not even know I had service until today. I would have at least used it. SCAMMERS! LIARS! FRAUDS!   GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!   STOP THE THEFT!!!
Entity: Nationwide
63, Report #63335
Jul 10 2003
07:01 PM
Comcast ripoff customer service liars Illinois USA
Comcast LIARS And Customer Care Representatives Are USELESS the business that doesnt care about its customers ComCrap Westmont Illinois ..... Comcast would charge me one price, I go to pay it and I get a different price. I pay the money. They tell me they are going to turn it on. I wait for the installer to come, never comes here. I call them up to find out when it is going to be installed and now they can't find my account information. So they can bill me but not know my account information? How does that work? I ASKED ABOUT RECEIVING CREDIT ON THE ACCOUNT AND THEY TOLD ME NO. IF you ask me Comcast has horrible customer service and the Internet is Fast when it is connected. When they were ATandT Broadband the company was good never once had a problem with the Internet connection. I almost forgot to mention when I first gave them the money for the bill, they gave me a confirmation number. I called up to see why the didn't turn it on. They told me I never gave them the money. How did I get a confirmation number then? Mike Westmont, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Westmont, Illinois
64, Report #79383
Feb 05 2004
06:02 PM
One Saturday morning on 09/27/03 while me and my wife were at a friends house, a representative from COMCAST tapped on the and convinced us with a hot deal 6 months free high speed internet and 3 months free for cable plus a credit bonus of $150.00 as cash buy back program if we cancel the satellite service. The rate for high speed internet was to go down from $45.00 to $24.99. The deal was too good that we did not hestitate to sign up for it. The sales rep filled out the service and installation order form no 48539 which also included her rep # 43444,Ph number 214-493-3343. The nightmare started when the installers did not arrive until after 2 days after we called Comcast numerous times yet the installation was supposed to be done that very day we sighned up for it. One month later we got a bill in mail we called the Phone number on the service order form,talked to the rep who got us the deal,she told us that we should not be worried about it her supervisor will take care of it. Two months later both the cable and highspeed internet were cut off due to non payment. I went to Comcast location in Irving Tx disputed the charges and I was told that it was a vendor who gave us this deal; what they can offer is me 6 months free for high speed internet, S150.00 credit but I had to pay $128.00. Two weeks later another bill came that we have to pay $297.00. Comcast cut off the highspeed internet and cable. I tried to call the same rep who signed us the deal and the person who answered the phone said that she does not know the person we are trying to reach. There are 2 other People who were done treated the same way we were treated. It So disgusting and annoying that we have gone through this. I have just signed up with earthlinks DSL I am comfortable with it. PETER Irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: ARLINGTON, Texas
65, Report #194816
Jun 05 2006
08:31 AM
Comcast ripoff, cheaters, Ann Arbor Michigan
When I signed up I was promised a $50 Visa gift card for ditching the dish I never received it. I called numerous times over the next 18 months and have still not gotten anything. They said that the card was sent on different days but I never saw one. They also said they would give me a deal on the services when my 18 month deal was over and they jacked up the prices on my, my friend who got the deal from the same person as me one day later, has not had the increase in price. But her mother who got it a weak later again from the same guy got jacked up before the 18 month promotion ended. Nicole Clinton, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Ann Arbor, Michigan
66, Report #151329
Jul 26 2005
03:20 PM
Comcast ripoff Coatesville Pennsylvania
NEVER, EVER allow your Comcast bill to be sent in late. If it is late, you are pretty much forced to pay reconnect charges. Without a credit card, or time to take off work and run to a payment center, you automatically lose. When they took over the airwaves, we were forced to buy cable even to get local stations. We accepted that fate, then we realized we are PAYING for TV, that is FILLED with commercials. Why are we paying for that? Who is getting that extra money? I thought Comcast had finally gotten into the 21st century when they started accepting 'check by phone'. The problem is - they only accept check by phone if you pay on time. Once you are late (and yes, I am ALWAYS late), that option is taken away. But you may still mail your check or bring it by the office. I tell them I'd like to get it paid before the cable guy comes around and threatens to turn it off. I ask them if they see how nonsensical this is?? Yes, they do see it but there is nothing they can do about it. The cable guy DOES come around (AFTER I've sent the check, of course) and tells me I can pay him. But I've already paid and don't want to pay double! He tells me I can pay check by phone. I say, I TRIED to pay check by phone and they wouldn't let me! The secret is - he has a little code up in the corner of his turn off notice. If they put that code into their computer, you are then ALLOWED to pay check by phone. NO SENSE, NO SENSE!!!!! Basically, if late, you must now wait until the cable guy comes around with a bright neon notice he places on your door. Your account is LOCKED until then. Maybe this is their way of giving the cable guys a boost to their self esteem? They've always gotten a bad rap, now they can appear to be the good guy? Since I didn't have the foresight to WAIT for the neon notice, my check wasn't applied to my account. Because it COULDN'T be applied! And the service was turned off. Now, lucky me gets to pay reconnect charges. I don't THINK so! I've got some reading to catch up on............. Mary Downingtown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Coatesville, Pennsylvania
67, Report #161350
Oct 19 2005
03:17 PM
Comcast Thief, Ripoff Richmond Virginia
Comcast billing department took $96.75 out of my checking account on September 28, 2005. I notified Comcast the money was illegally taken out since I had cancelled my account on September 16th. I phoned Comcast customer service on September 28th and informed them of the unauthorized withdrawal. I also told them I needed the money returned immediately because I'm unemployed and had just enough money to cover my bills. The first rep I talked with blamed me for the withdrawal. I requested to speak with a supervisor and I was connected to a rep name Jeremy, who did his best to help me. He contacted the accounting department and someone told him they would credit my account. Jeremy called me on September 30th and informed me someone in accounting contacted him and said they would not credit my account until I returned their modem. I shipped Comcast the modem on October 3rd. They received it on October 5th. I phoned Comcast again on October 10th and talked with a rep name Patrick. He sent accounting an urgent notice to call me. No one ever called. I phoned Comcast again on October 12th and spoke with Betty. She filed my request for a refund for the third time. It's now October 19, 2005 and I still have had my money returned to my account. I've had two automatic drafts to bounce since Comcast illegally took the money from my account. I've been charged $40.00 for the drafts. Money I don't have. Comcast constantly brags about their customer service. I'm one example to show they lied. I want my money plus the overdraft penalties. Cardell Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
68, Report #314646
Mar 04 2008
01:37 PM
Comcast overcharge epidemic Homewood Illinois
so i guess i join the ranks of thousands of people who have been ripped off by comcast. i too had my cable cut off and not only did they not automatically adjust the bill, but they fought me on the phone and told me it was my fault i was charged more than i received. yes i failed to pay my bill but when i do not receive services i do not expect to pay for them. so as it stands i have a delinquent on my credit report which by the way is a joke. they couldnt even spell my name right after 2 years of service (platinum cable and internet) and monthly phone calls inquiring of my bill. then they charged me every two months, which is ridiculous. i dont want to pay $350 at a time I would rather pay $175 at a time. and to boot, no relief from customer service. this company should really be ashamed to call themselves a provider of anything besides a headache. Leslie Lfusinato Chicago Heights, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Homewood, Illinois
69, Report #253866
Jun 12 2007
12:11 AM
We have been loyal Comcast Customers for 12 years. Mainly because it had a cable monopoly in our County (Montgomery). However, Verizon was finally accepted by our County Council, and once we were able to subscribe many did. We were lucky to get Verizon FIOS in our neighborhood. Even with the new competition, Comcast got worse. Last Sept. they charged us an extra $2 a month, just to be able to watch our Washington Nationals on TV. We were already getting games on two channel, without cable. At the end of the season of 06 we get a $2 increase. And, this year 07 we get another $2 increase in April to be able to watch the Nats. Now, we have about 4 channels to watch these games on...two of which still remain free. Comcast has continued to take channels away from its basic and preferred customers to try and force them to go digital. We bought a new HD tv from Circuit City (report filed) and agreed under pressure to try Comcast Digital for 2 months FREE. We had to pick up the box ourselves - and when Circuit City came out with the tv, etc., and connected everything up, the box was not working properly, so we called Comcast, and were told by their customer service that they could not help us with their own converter box...we had to call Circuit City and they gave us a hard we told them to come and take everything back...they did send someone over and fixed was the converter was a Comcast problem. For all of the years we have lost service for hours and days. Our bills often were incorrect. The bill we received after we agreed to the FREE digital service showed charges for the digital service..and then we were told those charges were not covered in the free service. The converter box was turned off often..and we had to have a customer service rep. send a signal to start it up again. We then got another bill and it was now $35 a month more...we called and asked what for...we were told it was for the HD and digital service. We decided to cancel, since we were unabl to watch anything due to the converter box going out again. We notified Comcast that the box had been disconnected, and took the box and the remote and all of the cords, etc... back - we had to wait in line, as many others were doing the same thing. When it came out turn, we were told Oh, you will have to get another box we said we did not want another, and the customer service person insisted, and we insisted...and finally she said ..but, you won't be able to see these channels ....(the ones that were recently moved to digital) and we said, we will do without them..knowing we were goinig to get Verizon anyway. Some of the things we have gone through with Comcast are outlandish. And, Comcast could care less. They have rude and insulting and incompetent customer service, if you can ever get to a live person. Each time you call they insist the problem is on the inside, when every time it has been on the outside. There are always outages..when you call...the recording tells you if there is an outage in your area and that they are working on it. When you wait 20 to 30 minutes, to get a live person, you are told there is no outage in your area, so you have to tell them, that the recording told you so..and then they spend another five minutes, with you on hold, only to come back, and say...oh, there is an outage in our area and we are working on it..... They will set your account up to be shut off if you are 10 days late on your payment. They will charge you late fees. They do not care if you had a death in the family, or if you were away, or in the hospital. Comcast needs to be shut down. If anyone in Montgomery County, Maryland reads this, and they have Comcast, please switch to Verizon. A notice just came out that Comcast will be taking the NFL Channel off of the basic and preferred package, which means our Redskins games, and if you want to see them you will have to subscribe to their Sports package...just another way to rip you off...and get more money from you. Also, anyone in Montgomery County, who really wants to get rid of Comcast, write a letter to the Montgomery County Council at 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850 - Its the County Council who agreed to let them in,and its the county council who needs to take responsibility for this outrage. We say....out with Comcast Anne marie & chuck Germantown, MarylandU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ComCast
Entity: ROCKVILLE, Maryland
70, Report #58105
May 23 2003
06:23 AM
Comcast ripoff deceptive company Norcross Georgia
Comcast took over AT&T's cable business early this year. Under AT&T, I received the Digital Package which, in addition to Expanded Basic, included Channels 120 to 147 plus the music channels. AT&T charged $42.95 for this package. When Comcast took over, it revamped the lineup and advertised that it was improving the service by adding more channels. Comcast changed the Bronze Digital to Digital Basic, excluded the movie channels (143-147) and substituted uninteresting channels that meant nothing to me. In addition, Comcast raised its price to $49.99 and advertised that it had improved the lineup. Further, Comcast bills indicate that I still have the Digital Bronze Package which includes Music Choice, Encore and Encore Plex. I called Robin of Comcast to complain; she indicated that I should still be getting the movie channels; however, the technician wiped out my ability to get any of those channels. Comcast boasts that it provides a better deal than the Dish Networks but this is not so since Comcast is expensive and did not keep the bargain to provide me with the channels under the Digital upgrade. Presently, under Digital Basic I am paying $49.99 for Expanded Basic (2-78) plus channels like ESPN News, C-Span 3, NASA, Shop NBC and other similar channels. Glenda Douglasville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
71, Report #91255
May 13 2004
05:13 AM
Comcast Cable ripoff Boston Massachusetts
This Cable Monopoly Slowly and quietly is ripping off the customers in the Boston and Metro area by shobving packages down their customers thorat whcih are of poor value including channels in Russian, Japanese and spanish,plent of tv guid channesl with nothin gon them,Theie cheaper package is a little bit morre than basic, as they give us less and ask for more money. I have referred this matter for the Boston Cable VCommision which in turn did not investigate but sent my complaint over to them, thus not doing their job.Their packages and channels assigned is the worst of any city in the country for any city I have ben in,this includes the depp south. Please forward this to the right person at the FCC for their review as the local cbale regulatory agecny here is Boston are sitting on their asses and doing nothing to investigate Comcast and their unfair and illegal practies, Afeter Susan Wornick of Channel 5 informed many consumers fo the Tier Buy Package for stations many subscibers did not want on a TV Buyer Be Ware package.It seems quietly they have eliminated this Toer Buy program quietly and the only way now you will find out if you ask about as they want manysubscibers to take the most higher packages wich averages almost $90 per month.Comcast is ripping up off. Please do someting to help. Cleveland DORCHESTER, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
72, Report #85991
Mar 30 2004
05:08 PM
Comcast ripoff dishonest billing Sacramento California
If I had known about this web site I would have filed this report sooner. Last Sept., 2003 Comcast came out to upgrade my cable box to digital at their request not mine. After the change out I found out I did not need a converter box to watch standard basic channels. They had descrambled their channels in August of 2002. The only reason I needed a box was for PPV. (I have never use PPV as long as I have had cable.)a month and the new digital box So, I have been paying for a Cable Box for a year when I really didn't need it. (Also, for my VCR.) The new digital box would increase my converter rental from $3.25 a month to $5.00 a month. When I called for the removal of the converter box I got the same run around as others. They said they couln't stop charges for the box until they picked it up. (which was 5 days out.) I told them I had already diconnected the box and wasn't using it. That made no difference. I wonder how many other people are paying for a cable box they don't need? Didn't the telephone company SBC get sued for this kind of practice? Earl Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
73, Report #277454
Oct 06 2007
01:00 PM
Comcast Attempting to extort Lynchburg Virginia
My landlord pays a commercial cable bill to Comcast for the entire building (his office and several rented rooms, including mine). This past Thursday (I just learned) they came out and put a block/trap (a piece of hardware) on the line to my apartment for the purpose of preventing me from receiving the TV service which my landlord pays for (a commercial/bulk account for the entire building) and I'm therefore entitled to. The excuse given to him (Comcast refuses to discuss the matter with me) was that there was a splitter and line from that splitter to my apartment, which was installed by Adelphia, Comcast's predecessor so that my internet service (which I still pay Comcast for) would work. This is apparently an attempt on Comcast's part to extort payment from me for television service which my landlord has already paid for, and which I am not receiving. Clearly this is unacceptable behavior on the part of Comcast. Mike Lynchburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lynchburg, Virginia
74, Report #178943
Mar 02 2006
11:33 AM
Comcast ripoff, fraudulent billing Philidelphia Pennsylvania
This has been an ongoing problem for about a month and I'm at the end of my rope with Comcast. this all started with a billing being paid late. after I paid the bill on the phone with a service rep and asked to have my digital cable reconnected I was told that they would have to send a tech out to my complex and such so i said fine then i received a call back from some little condesending man saying that they would not reconnect my service because of a 890.04 bill. I almost lost it. It turns out that an account was opened in my name in August of 1996. When I told them that was impossible because I was not living in Florida in 1996, the basically told me too bad deal with it and pay the bill. I called several time and finally got someone to listen who said that they saw the problem and that they would adjust the account and finally cable was restored. then a week later the cable was cut again. And then again we called and was told that it was a mistake and they would fix it. so it was fixed again and then three days later the same issue came up. I provided proof to comcast showing that i was living in mississippi at the the the time this other account was opened in my name and they just don't care. I got so fed up that I just paid 525.00 to directTV to have their services. My husband is not dealing with it. I have read some other horror stories and the CEO of comcast should be shot. Korall Miramar, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
75, Report #180064
Mar 08 2006
03:06 PM
Comcast unprofessional Oak Park Illinois
I have ordered Comcast services back in December of 2005. They were supposed to come out and install 2 high definition boxes and Internet service. They have promised me on several occasions that they are going to come out on specific date with a certain time interval, a total of 5 times. After the time interval had elapsed, I would call and ask where the technician is, they would say he either came out or it was the wrong date. It was a very frustrating situation. I would take the time off from work to wait for someone who does not show up. I was very patient and gave them many chances. On February 25, a technician came out. He installed the high definition boxes, but claimed that he did not have the modem for the internet. He also claimed that he installed the lines for the internet service. I called Comcast while he was still at my home to ask what is going on. The lady on the phone demanded that he would come out and install the internet service by the end of the day. He said he would do that. I waited all day for him to come back. He never came out. I called Comcast and informed them. They stated that they would have some one out by Thursday. I waited on Thursday, March 2nd, again no show. I called Comcast again; they claimed someone did come out. If that is the case, I asked, why he did not ring the bell, I was home. They claimed someone came out on the following day in the morning. I told them I didn't request for someone to come out for that time. I was at work. Finally, on Monday March 6, 2006. I went out and bought my own modem. I called them again and told them that I installed the modem but I am not getting any connectivity. They said they can't see my signal either. It turned out that the technician who came out on the 25th did not complete the job and did not install the wire. The line was dangling from my fence. Yet, he put in his paper work that he completed everything. So they promised that a technician would come out on Tuesday, March, 7th, and for me to wait between the times of 4-6 in the evening. Again, no show and I called them. They claimed that the technician is supposed to come out on Wednesday. I explained that I was promised that date and I had to cancel several appointments and leave work early. I had asked how many times I would be inconvenienced. I spoke to several supervisors and I did not get anywhere with them. This process has been exhausting with no resolution. I feel because COMCAST have a monopoly in this area, they can play around with costumers and waste our time. Lina Burbank, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Oak Park, Illinois

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