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51, Report #41562
Jan 15 2003
10:48 AM
CONSUMER FIRST Scam consumer fraud ripoff TAMPA Florida
Consumer First sent me a letter about a cusumer card for 5,000 dollars.I was excited about the whole thing.It sounded great.To find out later it was to good to be true.With no phone number to contact them about questions i got on the computer to check it out.Come to find out I discovered it was a fraud.I have been ripped off before so thank you people out there for letting people like me and others know about this scam from Consumer First. Shawn 68781, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
52, Report #40368
Jan 06 2003
07:49 PM
Consumer First consumer rip-off fraud Tampa Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
53, Report #32125
Oct 09 2002
09:36 AM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud Tampa Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
54, Report #30860
Sep 23 2002
03:03 PM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I received a form telling me I was pre-approved for a Platinum Credit Card with a credit limit of $5000.00, all I need do is sign the form and send in $45.00 or $49.00 for Rush delivery. It seems funny there was no phone to contact them by or a website where they could be reached. I'm alittle smarter than that, I put it thru my shreader, I hope everyone who reads this will do the same and report them also! John Akron, Ohio
Entity: Tampa, Florida
55, Report #34440
Nov 06 2002
05:08 PM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud Tampa Florida
This absurd company, Consumer First, offered me a credit card to boost my credit with a 5,000 dollar limit. It even goes as far to say they are a credit provider for a platinum card. What I recieved, after three weeks, was a catalog and a card that is not a credit card as suggested. There is a 35% down-payment, and 15% shipping and handling fee for all purchases made through this catalog. I am furious now because they have my 45 dollar processing fee, and how do I know I'll even get that back with their supposed 30 day money back guarantee, if I can't even get a hold off them. Consumer First supplies no phone or fax number. Not even an e-mail address. So what happens when I send the catalog and card back and do not recieve my refund? They can easily dodge me through the mail. Also, it took nearly 3 weeks to recieve this package, so they could technically say that the 30 days were up by the time I sent it there. This company sucks. Being in my mid-twenties, I just needed to establish some credit, and have been trying to get on with a legitimate credit card company. This company has just confirmed my suspisions that the entire world is corrupt and all anyone ever wants is your Money! Cody Round Rock, Texas
Entity: Tampa, Florida
56, Report #48737
Mar 11 2003
08:58 AM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
We received the exact letter from your file. I can't belive we fell for this. We were trying to rebuilt our credit and just purchased a new truck when this bullsh*t came in the mail. I only hope I can get them in time. I haven't received any of their worthless crap yet, they just made off with our $45 bucks. Sean Hubbard, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
57, Report #43999
Feb 03 2003
06:10 PM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I sent 49.00 dollars for membership for a credit card.Consumer First cashed my check on 1-17-03 and I never recived my credit card.I can`t get a phone# to ahold of them I`m very pissed off this company needs to be STOPED!!!! Dean Unionville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
58, Report #46139
Feb 19 2003
10:20 PM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
I was really overjoyed when i got a mail from the Consumer First,Tampa,Florida, offering to give me a Platinum-visa credit card with a credit limit of 5000 dollars and 0% introductory APR. I mailed a check payment of 45 dollars which was supposed to be my membership fee,upto now am still waiting for the credit card-five weeks down the line.Any effort to bring the fraudulent and unscrupulous operators of Consumer First to justice will be appreciated. Ezekiel Gaithersburg, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
59, Report #49159
Mar 14 2003
12:58 AM
CONSUMER FIRST consumer fraud ripoff TAMPA Florida
I got hosed. i thought i could get a $5000 credit limit & rebiuld my credit. Think again. i sent my $49 and got a fake card and a magazine to order merchandise out of. plus i didnt even get that until 2 months later. CONSUMER FIRST is a rip off scam. They made me think i was getting a real credit card and sent me a piece of cardboard. Jennifer bremerton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
60, Report #49172
Mar 14 2003
07:29 AM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Co Tampa Florida
they sent me a statement saying that i was automatically approved for a card, all i needed to do was send $49, and they haven't sent it. i found out it's a scam i got a statment in the mail the ohter day from consumer first, saying that i had already been approved for a credit card with a $5,000 credit line. all i needed to do was send either $45 for delievry and processing, or $49 for Rush delivery. so i sent the $49, and still have gotten no response from them. so i was looking on the internet for a number to contact them, b/c i was upset, when i came across a reported document of them being a scam. now i am out of $49, and there's nothing i can do about it. i made a copy if the letter they sent me, just incase they never sent the card. Michayah columbia, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
61, Report #48918
Mar 12 2003
11:34 AM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud Tampa Florida
Rec'd a credit application from Consumer Frist . They advised I was approved for $5000.00 mastercad . For fast service they said send $49.00 to speed del. of credit card . I Over nighted check for $49.00. under the date of February 20, 2003 check was cashed Feburay 28, 2003 . Today attempted to pull up Consumer First on the net. and found you site with 6666 complaints . I in turn called them at 1-813-879-4752 they told me that this card has not been sent. I asked them if this is a real Master Card they advised me it is a store CARD!!!! I advised them I wanted my money retured overnight as i overnighted 2 them . They said NO ...and said have a nice day .... I advised them that I was going to ATTEMPT to get all the people they have scammed together for a Class action law suit againt them .... so I ask anyone that whould like to join me in the attempt to SHUT them down !!!!!!!!! . Just reading this site has made me so upset !!!!! Michele 12203, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
62, Report #50286
Mar 23 2003
06:56 PM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
Consumer First had sent me a accptance lettrer inquiring that I had already been approved for a 5,000 dollar credit line. It would only cost me $49.00 for a membership fee. Well like other individuals I thought this was a good credit card and sent my money in. After some weeks had passed I was getting curious when my credit card would be arriving seeing it should have already been here. So I had recieved some information in the mail my checks were bouncing and I had insuffient fund. Which never happens but after sending my check to them. The next day I recieved another acceptance letter from the same exact company Consumer First and it read the same as the other letter. So as I thought to myself this is wierd I looked for a number to call to explain to them I had already sent my check in. Well there is no number. I decided they must have a web site so as I got on the internet to look them up I came upon a sit of their rip-off scams they pulled to others. There nothing but sloppy scams artist. Becky Jordan, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
63, Report #50302
Mar 23 2003
11:37 PM
Consumer First consumer fraud ripoff Tampa Florida
Hello my name is Jorge and I have recieved a Letter stating that I have $5,000 dollars in my name and that all I have to do is send $45.00 for the processing fee that is associated with that and I did and I havent recieved anything from them, I have a copy of the letter they sent me and a bank statement that shows that they have taken out the money and I have not recieved anything. Please Help!! Jorge Chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
64, Report #46064
Feb 19 2003
02:56 PM
Consumer First, (National First) rip-off Tampa Florida
I was one of the unfortunate ones who believed what I was reading and sent a $49.00 check for what was supposed to be a $5000.00 credit card. I am a single mom who cannot afford to give money away, especially to those who have no conscience about ripping anyone off, no matter who they are. I guess I'm one of the luckier ones who did not give my information over the phone and had to close their bank account. Does anyone know how to get a refund when it's a check? This site gives you information if you had paiod over the phone but not by check. I learned a valuable lesson for the future, DO NOT trust everything you read!!!! Too Trusting Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
65, Report #49448
Mar 16 2003
05:01 PM
Consumer First ripoff Tampa Florida
i was suppose to get a credit card ( master card ) but all i got was a catolge to order from. i paid $49.00 for a credit card and i recieved Nothing in return Melanie Harrison, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Consumers First, Florida
66, Report #72895
Nov 23 2003
11:03 PM
Consumer Preferred/Consumer First ripoff, credit card scam Tampa Florida
I received a certification letter for a guaranteed credit card with a $5,000 credit limit from Consumer Preferred (formally known as Consumer First). The only fee was a $45 or $49 (rush) processing fee that was guaranteed to be returned if not satisfied. I wrote the check on 11/3/03 and it was cashed 11/10/03. To this date I have not received anything in the mail regarding my card. I decided to search the internet for a web site or phone # since one was not provided (should have been my first clue). I found a web site that is not valid and close to 100 entries regarding this company on this rip off site. People have complained of not receiving any info, receiving a cataloge instead of a credit card, only getting an answering machine that says to call back during normal business hours regardless of the time your calling, one person was lucky enough to get a person and was promised their refund check only to receive a check that was stop paid. Most people think they have no recourse......this is not entirely true. I encourage us all to contact your Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, even a consumer law firm to encourage a class action suit. Some firms take your business without you having to make direct payment to them as they take their fee out of whatever money is received in settlement. The American Consumer is not powerless to scam artists such as these! Please contact me through the rebuttal key if you receive or find any other info on this matter. I refuse to let my $49 slip away. Amy Cleveland, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
67, Report #77382
Jan 19 2004
06:49 AM
Peoples Credit First, Consumer Preferred, Consumer First Companies sued by Federal Trade Commission, Receiver Appointed Tampa Florida
The Federal Trade Commission sued Peoples Credit First, LLC and Consumer Preferred, LLC, f/k/a Consumer First, LLC, On November 10, 2003. The same day, the FTC received a Temporary Restraining Order from the Federal District Court in which the case was filed. The TRO enjoined Peoples Credit First and Consumer Preferred from further violations of Section 5 of the FTC Act, froze all of their bank accounts, and appointed a Receiver for the companies and charged him with investigating their activities. The Receiver has determined that the business of Peoples Credit First and Consumer Preferred will not be operated henceforth, and he is returning all new membership fees to the consumers who sent them. Existing customers of Peoples Credit First and Consumer Preferred will not receive any refunds unless and until (i) the FTC ultimately prevails in its lawsuit, and(ii) the Receiver is able to liquidate the assets of Peoples Credit First and Consumer Preferred and raise funds to distribute. Consumers with specific questions may e-mail the Receiver. Mark J. Bernet, Receiver - Tampa, Florida U.S.A. Mark Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
68, Report #34119
Nov 03 2002
06:08 PM
consumer first aka peoples first consumer almost caught me, big joke tricks and lies false promises fraudulent ripoff Tampa Florida
i guess i was one of the lucky ones, we put 2 and 2 together and looked this great deal up hopes for a christmas and home repairs, then we saw and read all the stories and looked at this paper and it was not a credit card! only it was not written for people to understand at a first excited glance, then it became a horrible event as we read on about all these people we were glad we looked this so called company up first. No return phone numbers, only slight difference is they reversed there name and changed there po box # how can people be so deceitful and let families who need a break and deserve something good for themselves and there families crush there dreams and destroy any trust and take there little but needed money. This is one of the most rotten things to do i hope people look at these reports first i am glad we did. Before they take there last $50.00 for the month and expect something huge besides the actual headache and misfortune of this very raw deal through this wanna be gonna be rich sob's!!!! ashley lewis, New York
Entity: Tampa, Florida
69, Report #43002
Jan 27 2003
05:35 PM
Consumer First Aka First Consumer RIP-OFF WARNING! SAME COMPANY Tampa Florida ..Thank You Rip-off Report
Thanks to I was able to stumble across another potential scam. I received a letter that was an EXACT copy of their example letter. I was suspicious as I noticed no guarantee of a credit card, just a platinum card. I continued to look over the letter and noticed no phone number and no listed terms and conditions on the letter. All there was was a statement of Terms and Conditions included in your Membership package. We became very excited as my credit is not good at this time and we thought to use it to help resolve an issue that we could pay but would help if we could pay it off faster. After bouncing it around, I decided to do a web search. I placed in the words Consumer+First. But I couldn't find anything on that name (the plus sign means the search must include both words). What I kept finding was First Consumer notices. I decided to take a look. I saw one good report out of seven I read but again, nothing that really showed me it was the same company. So I then decided to check out this website because I was sure it was a scam even if I didn't find anything on Consumer First. I clicked on the link that led to the UPDATED info How to deal with phony credit cards;lo and behold. An exact replica of my letter right down to the signature. I got lucky. I know it. But we all need to know that First Consumer and Consumer First are the same companies. Here are the hints I look for when deciding if an offer is legitimate. 1. No terms and conditions listed? Not a credit card. 2. No Visa/Mastercard or similar symbol? Probably not a credit card. 3. No toll free phone number? ALL valid credit card companies want you to keep in touch. It saves them money tracking you if you are late and helps resolve your complaints quicker. (Yes, I know but believe me, they don't always go out of your way to be a pest.) 4. Does your letter say Member of FDIC? No? If it's a bank, I wouldn't put money in it. That's the symbol that protects banks from losing money and going bankrupt. Remember those recent times? I do. 5. No Email address? Again, it has become an important tool in banking these days and credit cards are banking. If the too good to be true credit card offer doesn't have an e-mail address, odds are, they don't want to be contacted. Why? Good question. Not a valid offer. 6. Hey remember when they say reserved a card for you? Notice that letter never says credit card in it? Maybe because they only want you to think it is a credit card. My letter is long but I hope it helps. If you think my advice is bad, give me a call, I used to sell vacation spots and could probably offer you a few condos. Good luck folks and remember, research and wonderful websites like these are our best tools for protection and getting back on our feet! Thanks again! Jessica Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
70, Report #48537
Mar 09 2003
11:10 AM
Consumer First ripoff consumer fraud ripoff consumer rip-off fraud corruption Tampa Florida
I recieved this Guaranteed Approval for Platinum Card! No phone number to make inquires and so I looked them up and sure enough! They are rip-offs! they ask me to send them 45 dollars one Time membership fee or 49 for rush! Dave 45505, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
71, Report #63996
Jul 17 2003
06:54 PM
Consumer First rip-off scam dirt bags Tampa Florida
I sent Consumer First a $49 rush processing fee for what I thought was going to be a credit card; only to recieve (over a month later) a catalogue with a crap card that I could only use with their company. I also sent everything back to them for their GUARANTEED refund if I was not satisfied and that has been over two months ago. I was totally ripped off, don't let it happen to you!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie Lowell, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
72, Report #45770
Feb 17 2003
05:44 PM
Consumer First rip-off thieves Tampa Bay Florida
I am one of many whom have been decieved thinking could be helped with bad credit to have the chance to achieve good credit. All that you get for $45 is a stupid book to buy stuff with that will keep anybody in debt. This so called business is is the type of bull shit that Osma bin Laden is involved with. I hope they rot in hell. Denny Bellefonte, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa Bay, Florida
73, Report #45951
Feb 18 2003
07:57 PM
Consumer First rip-off con artist Tampa Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
74, Report #45711
Feb 17 2003
11:56 AM
Consumer First ripoff fraud business Tampa Florida
They said I was automatically approved for a credit card with a one time annual fee, which they have cashed for $49.00. Lindsay Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
75, Report #45833
Feb 18 2003
10:26 AM
Consumer First ripoff deceptive company Tampa Florida
I also received a letter of acceptance from Consumer First. The letter states that I was already accepted for a platinum card of a balance of $5,000. I was to send $45 for processing or $49 for rush service to get my card. I was lucky and just send my check yesterday. After going on this website today and discovering the MANY fraud reports of people getting ripped off, I was able to go to my bank and stop payment on that check. I did further investigation and reported them online to the better business bureau. This is where I found their phone number! So...I did call them and ask them about their company and they are a catalog company. These credit cards are not for instant credit, but to buy merchandise from their catalog. It is VERY misleading and the letters make people feel that they will be getting a credit card for $5,000! The letter does state that you get a 30-day money back guarantee. On these letters, they do not list their phone number. If you have been a victim of this company and need to contact them regarding your refund, here is their phone number! 813-879-4752 Heather Ham Lake, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida

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