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26, Report #335792
May 30 2008
12:03 PM
Wachovia - Credit Acceptance Corp Collected on money not owed Credit Acceptance Corp Roanoke, Virginia
Credit Acceptance Corps (Wachovia) collections department called me several times a day for over three months. I had contacted Wachovia's fraud department concerning a bill I had received from a creditor, which shouldn't have been billed in the first place. This bill took place well after I had closed my account at Wachovia!!! The fraud department agreed with me and eliminated the amount due from that incident. The Resolution Team refused to honor or even communicate with their fraud department. Finally I got so very tired of dealing with them that I paid the $60.00. How come more than a month AFTER I paid them are they still calling me to collect? Gary Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
27, Report #240244
Mar 22 2007
10:23 AM
Credit Acceptance Double the Trouble with Credit Acceptance Corp Livonia southfield Michigan
I also had car fiananced through credit acceptance in 2001. One month after purchasing the car it needed a timing chain. This was covered by the warrenty at the time. But soon after the warrenty expired the whole car started to fall apart. After paying repair bills to keep the car running i didnt have nothing left for the car payment. So aftr a being behind a couple of months I asked them to come get the car, they said they didnt want the car just their money. I told them i didnt have the money so therefor come and get your car; that never took place. I eventually had to stop paying for the car altogether because had to get another car. I started recieving collection notices from Credit Acceptance towards the end of 2005 for the balance owed on the vehicle which was around $2,600. I contacted them to make payment arrangments on the outstanding balance not one, not twice, not just three times but in all nin times. The last person i spoke with told me that i need to make a four hundred down payment and they would accept two hundred a month to pay it off. I told them i didnt have that type of money and offered $100.00 down and $50 per month she told me that they are unwilling to accept that, I then suggested again to come and get the car. anyways they ended taking me to court for double the amount owed and the orginal cost og the car. Carol Detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
28, Report #519406
Nov 04 2009
11:29 AM
CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION Credit Acceptance Corporation did not honor their use car warranty. Internet
My husband purchased a 2001 Chrysler 300M in November 2008. In April of 2009 the car began having overheating problems.  First it was diagnosed as a bad water pump.  Credit Acceptance paid for that because it only cost them $100.  Then again it overheated beginning in August.  This time it was diagnosed as needing a new head gasket which cost a whopping $1170.  The waranty company sent someone out to the repair shop to look at the car and based on their findings, stated that since the problem wasn't internal, they would not cover it.  Since when does a car overheating not consist of an internal problem.  So me and my husband had to come out ofpocket $1170.  Needless to say, the car is still overheating and the problem the car is diagnosed with now is needing a head cylinder.  The warranty is not covering this either.  Please do not deal with Credit Acceptance Center or anything they have to offer.  Their customer service is always rude, and they don't honor their contract agreements.  Yes some people have poor credit which is why they turn to this company but I don't think that people should be disrespected and taken advantage of because they have poor credit, especially when they are trying to get their credit together.  My husband still has a carnote with this crappy company.  He's paying them $300 a month for a car that is sitting in the drive way because we can't afford to have it repaired and the warranty won't pay.  Beware of Credit Acceptance Corporation..ripoff snakes!
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #582799
Mar 18 2010
09:58 PM
Credit Acceptance Credit Acceptance repo'd our car even though we made the payments Internet, Michigan
My husband and I bought a car and financed it through Credit Acceptance. We've made several payments through Western Union and also by phone with check card. Then on a friday a ruck backs into my driveway, an hour before we are due to take our son to a cardiology appointment for a follow up on his heart surgery. The many who is from Quicksilver Recovery informs us he is there upon request of his contractor Credit Acceptance to reposses our vehicle because we are $900 dollars in arears. Despite calling local law enforcement, and talking to the company on the phone, we have no choice but to let the repo man take the car, but with a verbal agreement from an agent at credit acceptance that if we can fax over reciept and bank account info proving we made the payment that they would have the car brought back because of company error. So my son has missed his appointment and we're calling all over to get rides to the bank to get paperwork proving our payments. Once at the bank we fax the papers over, not once, not twice but three times until they get it. So upon calling back in reference to having our car returned the lady I spoke to laughed at me and asked if I was retarded because everyone knows they do not get thier car back after it has been reposessed. I then state the representatives name I spoke to and stated what he had told me and she referred me back to the company who put me on hold for 10 minutes and referred me back to the lady who called me retarded. So in the end after being bounced around the phone line and insulted they tell us if we want our car back we have to go get it, in Manasses, a 2 hour drive from my home. My husband then has to call out and get a ride all the way to Manasses Va. to pick up our car, and only mode of transportation, misses a whole days wages at work, and ends up waiting three hurs for the man who owns the lot to get back from Hanover County. Our experience with this company has been absolute horrible, they deserve a class action lawsuit as I see many similar stories. I deserve to have this removed from my credit being that the mistake made was the company and no fault of my own. I wouldn't entrust my dogs life to this company or even that of a common sewer rat.
Entity: Internet, Michigan
30, Report #574007
Feb 23 2010
07:21 PM
Credit Acceptance CAC Credit Acceptance financed vehicle without title, vehicle sold with forged carfax...important link inside. Southfield, Michigan
Firstly, a well researched and irrefutable article on CAC's buisness practices, to help you make an informed decision about using them as a financing source... Credit Acceptance provided funding for my vehicle without ensuring that the dealer partner who signed the paperwork was able to obtain a title for the car.  I went to the DMV and tried to change the address on my registration, they told me that proof of ownership would be required when the registration needed to be renewed next year...After talking to the dealer and credit acceptance, both blaming each other, I do not have the required proof of ownership information to register the vehicle. After realizing that I would be unable to register my vehicle, I decided to try selling it by using an investment account of mine to pay off the car and hopefully release the title.  After taking my payoff amount, credit acceptance told me that it would take them 30 days to get me my title...35 days after funds were taken from my bank account, I have no title, and credit acceptance continues to refer me to a variety of reps who tell me that the title is being processed without providing an ETA. Along with the 20% interest rule 78 loan and a top dollar price for a car that was mediocre at best, the dealer partner who sold the vehicle and loan utilized an incomplete carfax(omitted second page) to attempt to prove the car was accident free.  When my first buyer showed up to look at the car and ran a came back dirty, rear end collision damage. The vehicle has encountered a number of very extreme mechanical problems some of which have been very costly repairs and resulted in costly towing fees. Among mechanical problems encountered... Engine Replacement, Transaxle Replacement, Catalytic Converter & Oxygen Sensor Replacment, 2 Batteries, Fuel Leak, Brake Failure(sudden onset, highway speeds, brake hose popped) The warranty company which covers the car and has a partnership with CAC has repaired the 2 major(engine and transaxle) failures with parts which are clearly much older than the originals, as evidenced by excessive corrosing, poor compression on the new engine, and the transaxle turns fluid black and burnt in only 2000 miles. CAC financed this vehicle, despite the apparent lack of a title, and the accident damage at a wildly inflated price(170% of KBB's excellent condition value), my only saving grace has been a stable salaried job that makes enough money to cover all these costs. I went for this loan knowing I was getting the short end of the deal in an attempt to build credit, assuming that the car would be reliable and would hold its resale value well enough that I wouldn't loose every dime I spent.  I got nothing but a worthless car without a title, and a bunch of big repair bills.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
31, Report #446395
Apr 24 2009
11:42 PM
Credit Acceptance If they say credit acceptance RUN AWAY FAST!!! Southfield, Michigan
Credit Acceptance is a total scam, on there website they say 100% Approval Guaranteed, so I contacted on of there dealers. They just bring in a recent check stub, and phone bill. I am not going to lie I do make really good money, but I had some medical issues, and with my medical pay not even being enough to pay my house payment. My credit got crashed to the bottom. I have been back at work for around a year, and was trying to rebuild my credit, that was the reason for going to there dealer. They put me in the cheapest car on the lot, on Saturday with a LARGE down payment. Well on Monday the dealer called and said Credit Acceptance did not believe my income. They wanted tax returns, so I sent them. The next day they contacted my employer and asked them for a letter stating how long I have been with the company, job title, and salary. They sent them a letter , with the CEO signing the letter. About two hours after, the letter was sent that was not going to work. They wanted my employer to send a full report of my salary , and it had to how that it was printed on the companies payroll system. Ok I had to call several people at the corp, office to get this. They all said we have never had to do this before, and I could not find anyone in payroll that could print it showing that it was from the companies system. Well after calling around corporate for about 2 hours I finally got payroll's manager, finally someone that could get what I needed . They faxed it right to me, and I sent it in. I was thinking after all of that everything should be fine. Well guess what the next day I got another call wanting my bank statements for the last year. Ok I had that at home , so I ran home and got the file and took it back to work, and faxed it all in. They showed deposits for each month around $4000.00 sometime more. So that was not good enough. They still was treating me like scum, making like comments like you cant bring home that much. I replied as nicely as I could that they better watch what they say , and I don't know what kind of person you think you are dealing with but I will not deal with that kind of S*** .The lady on the phone hung up on me, then I got another phone call , CA wanted copies from my employer of my last six pay checks that I had cashed. At that point I was thinking everything I have been though and now they want me to do more. At that point I could not deal with it anymore. I said I am not dealing with payroll to kill another day to get this, if you cant approve me on what I have already sent than just for get it. I did advise them that they where committing false advertising that has been over a week ago I still have the car, but the loan has not been approved. I called the dealer and said Ill bring the car back just give me my down payment back. We they said just wait and we will get it worked out. I still have the car but I called CA just today and they had another list of things for me to send. They I was told the loan was still not approved or funded. What do I do, I mean the dealer has my money and don't want me to bring the car back. But they bank has not paid them. I just cant understand all of this. RL Dalton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
32, Report #1253717
Sep 09 2015
06:05 AM
Credit Acceptance credit acceptance is nothing but a scam! La Quinta california
I got a car for around $3,000 financed through credit acceptance. I drove around the block the car seemed fine. It was ugly but I was desperate. I put a down payment on the car and drove off the lot. In just a few days the car broke down and continued to break down before I even made my car payment. I tried to explore options, and I talked to credit acceptance and even battled all the way to the owner of the car lot (I didn't know about lemon laws back then, or many of my rights) so because I couldn't come to a resolve, I stopped paying.   This was in 2007.. fast forward I had a child that died in 2012 and have been off of work from 2012-2015 but prior to that I was on the same job from 2008-2012, anyways they claimed they served me at an address where I lived in 2007 but had not lived there since prob around 2008. Its funny how they can find your money but not you to serve you. In the state of California you can't be sewed if you can't be served so they simply send someone out to serve you and lie and say you were served.   I finally after over a year of looking got a job this past march and credit acceptance is garnishing my wages, and the $3,000 they claim is now $9,000   People you have rights!!! if you were served the judgement can be thrown out and wage garnishment set aside and you can even fight the debt. I hired a lawyer! these people ripped me off and now are taking my money and I have a one year child!   For anyone looking here is the name of the lawyers representing me, Higbee & Associates, and they do offer payment arranagments and reasonable rates.    
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #267023
Aug 12 2007
07:43 PM
Asset Acceptance Credit Abuse, wrong credit information Warren Michigan
This company have the wrong credit information they will not let me speak with a manager they accused me of opening up a account that i have no knowledge of. Latasha muhammad dolton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Warren, Michigan
34, Report #131866
Feb 18 2005
02:16 PM
Asset Acceptance Ripoff extortion Warren Internet
The Asset Acceptance LLC Story: Monday February 7, 2005 I came home from work and had a letter from a company called Asset Acceptance LLC. It was a letter informing me that I was in collection to them for $314.36. I thought this was really odd since I had just gotten a mortgage back in August. At that time, my mortgage broker and myself went over my credit report several times. We cleaned it up and I paid off some additional debt, but this figure of $314.36 was nowhere on that report. The next morning while at work, I decided to call this company to find out about this collection letter. My first thought was that I had been a victimn of identity theft, but I knew I needed to speak to someone before jumping to conclusions. February 8, 2005 at 9:58am: I called and was transferred to a man named Jack Earle. I quietly and calmly explained to Mr. Earle that I was unfamiliar with this particular debt and asked for more information. At all times throughout the conversation (and a subsequent one several hours later), Mr. Earle was loud, rude, and obnoxious. He yelled at me, ridiculed me and tried to make me feel foolish. Apparently this company believes that instilling fear and anger in a customer is the best way to get paid. How wrong they are. Anyway,I explained to Mr. Earle that I believed that this debt was not mine. He asked me if I was Laura B. Gorman, I said I was. He then recited my social security number and asked if it was mine, again, I said it was. He then said yeah, you thought this was identity fraud didn't you? Well it isn't, and you owe us $314.36. I asked him what company I owed this to, he said it was from an Associates Mastercard/Visa from 1993. I explained to him as best I could (although it's difficult o get a word in edgewise when dealing with Mr. Earle) that I had paid this debt many, many years ago. He then got very loud and rude and told me that he didn't care how old the debt was, the most important thing was that I owed the debt. I explained to him that if in fact the debt was mine I would happily pay it and pay it in full, but that I would need verification of this debt before I went about writing random checks to random people at random companies for a 15 year old debt that I believed had been padioff many, many years ago. Mr. Earle did not like that response and loudly told me to just pay the bill Laura, you know you owe it he then wanted me to write him a check for $300 or I was wasting his time, at that point, I have to admit, I laughed at him. Mr. Earle was being ridiculous and we both knew it. However, Mr. Earle did not find the humor in the situation whatsoever and said well you know what? Thanks for calling in because now I have your work number, he then repeated that I was wasting his time and hung up on me. Immediately after his phone call I went on line and did some research. I found that according to the FDCPA, AAL is required to provide me with validation of this debt. Meaning that they must show me where and how this debt came to them. It was further stated that I can request this information of them over the phone or in writing. I also looked in Statute of Limitations and found out some interesting things. Firstly, SOL only covers lawsuits, not debt collections, but if forced to go to court, this would be helpful information. I then set about finding out the SOL for Massachusetts where the debt originated; it is 6 years. Rhode Island where I currently live; 10 years. And lastly, Michigan where Mr. Earle was calling from; 6 years. I also set about trying to prove that I had paid this debt. I had several things in my favor, the least of which being that I got a mortgage through a reputable, established loan company (Sallie Mae) just this past August. The second thing was that I request my credit reports every 3 months from each of the three credit bureaus, so I KNOW my credit history. While at my desk, looking aroudn on-line for any helpful information, my phone rang, and thus began Jack Earle's harassment of me. It was precisely 11:41 am. I answered the phone by stating my full name, I heard a pause and then Jack Earle's familiar loud voice screamed Hey LAURA I FOUND OUT WHERE YOU WORK-AND THAT'S GREAT BECAUSE THAT IS JUST ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. NOW I CAN TRACK YOU DOWN ANYWHERE. (please note that I work for a major university and if you know my first or last name, you can look me up right on-line, hardly the move of genius, it's not like I'm trying to hide!) Mr. Earle then went on to loudly proclaim that he's very good at what he does and he WILL get this money from me. Told me that instead of arguing over the amount of time that has passed I need to just pay the bill. I explained to him that I had already paid the bill and that I would be happy to prove that to a lawyer a judge, but not him. He told me that if this was paid in full it was my burden to prove it, I explained that it was not my problem and he told me that he was going to aggressively pursue this debt and ruin my credit if I didn't write him a check for the $300.00. He then told me that I was wasting his time and hung up on me. Again. That night I went home and combed over my credit reports from the last year. It was good news and bad news: there was no mention anywhere of this credit card or this collection company. So it's good in that it shows that it's not on my credit report but what's bad about that is that it doesn't show that it's paid...and it doesn't show if it wasn't paid either. So it's really anyone's guess what judge would say. However, being an educated consumer, I knew that I had some rights. The idea that a company can just call you up out of the blue some 15 years after a debt was incurred and demand payment is absoltuely beyond my comprehension. I think that the fact that I paid it is almost irrelevant, to me the insult lies in that they can harrass and come after you at any time for any thing and it's somehow legal? So like I said, I went over my credit reports and found nothing to indicate anything either way. No phone call from Mr. Earle on Wednesday, February 9th. Thursday, February 10, 2005 I mailed Mr. Earle a certified letter asking him to please provide validation of the debt in accordance with the FDCPA. I further asked that he no longer call me at work and to communicate with me only through the mail. It is now February 18, 2005 and I have not heard from him yet. However, I have followed all the rules: I wrote to them within the 30 days and am hoping that this resolves itself as I am trying to buy another home. I have no idea how this is all going ot unfold, but I will say this, if I owe this money, I will pay it immediately. However, I will not allow ANYONE to call my work, scream at me and demand cash from me or they are going to ruin me. To me this sounds a lot like blackmail and I believe in my heart that no judge in the world is going to stand for the harrassment and extortion of a decent human being. This company is disgraceful and the people that work at this company should be ashamed of themselves. It's one thing to be a debt collector, it's quite another to be a mean, nasty person to a perfect stranger. The bottom line is that I am ready to go to court if need be. I have no intention of letting these creeps steamroll over me because they think they can. Not going to happen. And that is my Asset Acceptance LLC story. I know there are more out there! Laura Providence, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #263538
Jul 26 2007
09:55 PM
Asset Acceptance Credit Reporting Warren Michigan
I have made several attempts to validate an entry on my credit report because I believe that it is not mine. The debt was supposed to belong to Household/Orchard (HSBC) Bank originally. I wrote HSBC directly and asked for documentation of the debt. They removed the entry from my file. Asset Acceptance purchased the debt, but is refusing to validate it or remove it from my file. Numerous attempts via written correspondence to get them to honor my rights per the FCRA have proven unsuccessful. My efforts have been met with statements generated from their office, stall letters, and just simply being ignored. I have also disputed this debt with all three of the CRAs who claim that the debt has been verified, however, none have been able to provide me with any proof, or documentation. I also have a letter from the original creditor apologizing for the inconvenience of the entry being on my file in the first place. Asset Acceptance has been totally uncooperative and has exercised blatant disrespect for the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Trich701 Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Warren, Michigan
36, Report #259084
Jul 06 2007
11:25 AM
Credit Acceptance Corp. Harassing employer to gain access to employee information Southfield Michigan
Credit Acceptance Corp. is harassing us, as the employer of one of their account holders. The company has engaged in 3 to 4 phone calls a day trying to contact an employee. We have verbally informed them to cease and desist. We have sent a registered formal letter demanding that they cease and desist. They informed us that untill we gave them another number to reach this employee by they would not stop calling! The only step left is to file a formal complaint with our State Attorney Generals office but I am not certain that will do any good as this is not fraud, it is harassment. Naomi Elko, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
37, Report #105868
Aug 28 2004
12:03 PM
National Credit Acceptance rip-off! Sacramento California
dear sirs: This collection organization has no sense of decency. they are telling me for the past three years my wife I are related to a person who owes them money. I have been told I and my wife are lying, after repeated attempts to have have them stop they, nca have sent a subpoena demanding evidence about this persons affairs. We have told we have no idea who she is. we have an appointment with a lawyer wed. Gregory victorville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
38, Report #204438
Aug 03 2006
06:54 PM
Credit Acceptance Corp. ripoff, Paid twice in 1 week Iowa Internet
This company has already been paid twice this week from us, go figure, this isn't the first time, and shall I go on? well, there service department is crap also, when confronted by problems under warranty, will the solve the problem? Of course not, even when it's in writing! If you rebuttal this one, go for it, between yourselves, I don't have the time. Scott urbandale, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #201260
Jul 15 2006
02:56 PM
Credit Acceptance Corp rudest people in the world to deal with Southfield Michigan
i have a car financed with credit acceptance corp and i have never been late, have an excellent payment history with them. i had some medical problems and called cac and asked if i could sned one half the payment and one halftwo weeks later. they said yes, your payment history is excellent. well they sarted calling me and calling me, rudest people of all time, after telling me it was ok. i would call them and it would take over an hour each time because they would put uyou on hold. on one day i was disconnected 2 times after being on hold for over 45 minutes then having to start all over again. the customer service reps were awful, plain nasty people. i had nver been late or ever asked to delay a payment, still pay on time. the dealer put a box in the car that sarts chirping when its 3 days before the payment is due. my payments are paid one week in advance, the chirping sound still goes off every time you start the car or shut it off even thought the payment has been posted. when you call, the customer rep transfers you to the people who have the box, usuall after a 45 minute wait and if you dont get disconnected, then that rep comes on and says you have to be transferred back to the cac customer rep. this can take up to 2 hours. on one weekend, my payment has been made 2 weeks in advance and my car was disabled from starting on a saturday morning, i could not reach a rep until monday morning and the excuse was :we sent out a new code but it must have not gone thru, sorry. dealing with these 2 companies is a nightmare, i have written letters and emails complaining and you never receive a response. never. John akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
40, Report #218165
Oct 28 2006
07:49 PM
Credit Acceptance Corp dishonest scam of repair warranty and reposession Southfield Michigan
My name is Lytonia. I financed a 2001 dodge ram through credit acceptance. They told me if anything goes wrong with this vehicle that I can call (wynn's warranty company). Yeah right, scam scam scam. The contract said that they warranty internal lubed parts in the motor. My husband Jesse and I took it to a repair shop when the motor went bad. oil was everywhere. The inspector said it was lack of maintaining oil changes. We showed them that we got the oil changed by dodge every 2 months. they still did not honor the warranty and snatched the truck. Now is this right? I think not. Please people do not finance through credit acceptance. or use wynns warranty insurance. Lytonia birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
41, Report #217939
Oct 27 2006
08:46 AM
Credit Acceptance Corporation 6 YEARS LATER, CAC STILL RIPPING ME OFF!!! Southfield Michigan
In May of 2000 I purchased a car that was financed through Credit Acceptance. Due to a divorce and loss of income my vehicle was repossessed in 2003. I received a letter from CAC stating that I owed $1800 after it was sold at an auction. Due to a pending divorce settlement that went on for years I was unable to pay it in full at that time. During the these years CAC sent me several settlement letters offering to settle the debt for as little as $700. I did not reply as I needed to wait until the divorce was finalized and all monies discharged. My credit report read repossession with a balance of $1800. In September of 2006 I sent CAC a letter stating that I was financially able to pay off the the debt and was told that it was $1800. I sent them a check for the full amount and asked for a letter stating that it was satisfied which they did not send. They them reported it to the Credit Bureau with a balance of $400 dollars. When I called to inquire about it the representative was rude and stated that it was a interest bearing account and that the $400 is interest that is owed to them. He was very nasty and said when do you plan on paying it because it will still be accruing interest. Is this legal? I could have waited out the time and let this debt disappear in the seven years, but I wanted to pay them what I owed. I also could have setteled it for less as it was charged off and they never expected to get paid. Now I wonder if I just should have let it go as I do not have $400 to pay on this accruing debt. Do you or anyone have any thoughts on this. I would welcome them. I am trying to build my credit back up after divorce, but it seems like the creditors and the credit bureaus are working against me. And the more I read about this company, I must have been really desperate. Come to think of it I was and I needed a car and due to divorce and loss of income I took what was offered. I advise you out there not to make the same mistake. Thanks for listening and I would welcome any advice. Sharon Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
42, Report #343066
Jun 23 2008
06:56 AM
Credit Acceptance Erroneous Reposessions and Extortion of Repossession Charges and Fees Southfield Michigan
On April 29, 2008 I purchased a vehicle from Matthews Motors in Clayton, North Carolina. Matthew Motors financed my vehicle through Credit Acceptance. It was never brought to my attention that there was no grace period allowed when making your monthly payment. Your payment is due on the due date thats it no exceptions. You may as well be dealing with a loan shark. My first payment was due on May 29, 2008, since I had recently changed banks the check ordering process delayed the mailing of my payment until June 7, 2008 On June 12, 2008 my vehicle was repossessed. According to Customer Service Representatives this was because my check had not yet been received. So I was instructed by Mr. Washington in the Repossession Department to go to my bank and issue a stop payment on check# 2001 that had been mailed on June 7, 2008. Then I was to go to Wal-Mart to make an Express Payment of $338.66. I was to then call the repossession department at (800)634-1506 and gave them the reference number and once payment was verified. I could go and pick up my vehicle. As if this wasnt enough I now have to pay the person holding my vehicle a $25.00 storage fee. I was also told by Mr. Washington that I would be responsible for paying the total repossession fees of $330.00 with my June 29th payment. He assured me that there was no other payment arrangements that could be made for paying off these fees. I received a call June 20, 2008 from Credit Acceptance Representative Latonya Pope who informed me that my payment was not showing on my account. She was able to call Wal-Mart Express Payment to verify that a payment had been made by me. For some reason my payment got posted to the wrong account. Ms. Pope advised me that she would make a note in the system and that should take care of the problem. Ms. Pope was also kind enough to arrange for me to pay the repossession charges over the next three months with my regular payment. Let me commend Ms Pope by saying she has been the only person that I have dealt with at Credit Acceptance who actually treated me with customer service and seemed genuinely concerned about getting my problem resolved. When I got off the phone yesterday I assumed everything had been corrected and that the next 3 monthly payments that I made would be in the amount of $428.18 which included 1/3 of the repossession fees. When I arrived home from church today, my 7 year old looks out the window and asks me mom where did you park your car. I immediately get on the phone with Jeremy a supervisor at Credit Acceptance who was very rude and in my opinion has no business being a customer service supervisor because he has no people skills whatsoever. Jeremy went on to tell me that there is nothing that he can do. He advised that I had no choice but to call the repossession department the next day at 8:00 CST. The problem I have with this is I'm scheduled to be at work at 8:00 EST. This makes twice that I have had to deal with the mental stress of this situation as well as having to take 8 hours of my PTO time to get these matters resolved. I live in an apartment complex and do you know how embarrassing it is to have your vehicle repossessed in the broad daylight not once but twice in one week over the same payment. I know that I am just an account number in the Credit Acceptance big book of business, however, what has happened to me is and countless others is an outrage Had these terms and conditions been explained to me I would have never agreed to purchase the vehicle under this type of agreement. I am a single mother with two children and I raise them on one income. I dont have the best credit in the world but I am working on trying to get it back in order. I cant afford to lose my job because my vehicle was erroneously repossessed not once but twice in one week. I am probably wasting my time in hoping that an effort will be made to correct this process. However, I'm prepared to take this as far as I have to take it to see that these unfair trade practices are stopped. I'm going to tell my story to anyone who will listen. I'm going to spare the next person from having to go through the embarrassment of erroneous repossession and extortion of fee's that should have never been incurred. I have therefore written to Matthew Motors, the Credit Acceptance Shareholders, Board of Directors, Internal Relations, The Michigan Better Business Bureau and The Detroit Free Press and Im prepared to take this as far as I can take it. This has got to stop Credit Acceptance is not helping people repair their credit. When you help someone you listen. Credit Acceptance is not in touch with their customers and aside from Latonya Pope customer service is non existent. Advocate for the Consumer Advocate for the Consumer Princeton, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
43, Report #222997
Nov 30 2006
06:47 AM
Credit Acceptance total ripoff and rude and dishonest people Michigan
Oh my gosh. Where do i start? Okay so my credit isn't the best. So my car broke down and i bought a car and it was financed through credit acceptance. I was thinking wow, they are willing to take a chance on me. Boy i think it's the other way around. Everyone who finances through them are taking a huge chance and risk on them. My grandfather had passed away and his funeral was in New York at the end of October. I called to let them know that i would be paying my payment late when i got back. It was due Oct 31. I was told not to worry that everything will be okay. That was fine and they were sorry for my lost. Of course i thought everything was fine. I get back and that very next night in the middle of the night they came and got my car. It was in the middle of the night while i was sleeping. Holy crap! They told me that i would have to pay 300.00 for the repo fee and the towing charge and the storage fees. They wanted 1600.00. So i got the car back and it was a mess. All of my stuff was thrown all over the car. I have a pick up and there were cans, broken bottles and empty cigarette packs in the back. I am so upset about this. It smelled horribly in the truck. So i am about to leave and turns out that they lost my license plate. I called Credit acceptance and they said that it wasn't there problem and if i don't pay my next payment on time they will come and get my truck again Is this place for real? I am trying to rebuild my credit and this company isn't any help. Even after paying the 1600.00 to get the car, they told me after i payed that i still owed another 250.00 dollars and that they will add it to my account. This place is definitely a scam. If there is anyone out there that has a lawyer or if anyone has any information on a lawsuit i would really like to be included please. You can email me at (((ROR REDACTED EMAIL FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))). I am very interested in making CAC pay for all of the suffering and trouble that they have caused the people who finance with this company. Hopefully this company will way too may customer complaints and someone sees this and makes them close for good! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Marie hoffman estates, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Michigan, Illinois
44, Report #222885
Nov 29 2006
01:40 PM
Credit Acceptance Reposession when they weren't even the legal lein holder. ripoff Southfield Michigan
I purchased a 1999 Dodge Stratus from CAC in March of 2003. I was using automatic payments from my account but because I was paid on a biweekly basis and CAC could only set up payments on a monthly date basis, it just wasn't working well so I cancelled my automatic payments. In June of 2003 I moved to a new house and informed CAC of my new address and phone number when I moved. In September of 2003, CAC reposessed my car for the payment being 2 weeks late. In October of 2003 I received a phone call from the dealership I bought the car from telling me I needed to come in a sign over the title because it was never processed with CAC as the lein holder. Stupidly I did this. CAC sold the car at auction for approximately $3500. Total loan was $7311.10 ($11,990.40 due to 25% interest rate). I paid $291.40 for approximately 6 months. Now 3 years later I have received notification from a law firm that CAC is demanding payment in full of $9048.35. First CAC was not the legal lein holder when they reposessed the car. Second, total loan with finance charges was $11,990.40. $3500 was paid at auction and another $1750 paid in payments. How does this equal over $9000 owed. I have tried negotiating through this attorneys office with no avail. Please, stay away from Credit Acceptance Corp. Read the other complaints on this site. They are all true. This company will call day and night starting 3 days before your due date and hound you until the payment is credited. This happens monthly. If you run into financial problems, there is no compromising. I have no problem paying this company what I owe, but I will not pay extra considering they heXX they put me through when they reposessed my car at 10:30 PM on a Wednesday night, when I lived literally in the middle of nowhere and had a kid that I had to get to school the next day and a job I had to get to. Julie NORTH LIBERTY, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
45, Report #232537
Jan 24 2007
09:26 PM
Credit Acceptance Ripoff, Thier repo man assaulted my husband Detroit Michigan
Credit Acceptance sent a tow truck to repo our car. My husband wanted to see the repo order,and when he went to look at the papers, he was hit by the repo guy. When I went to call the police they ran off with our car. We would not have given them a problem with the reposession, but we wanted to make sure the order was valid. This man hit my husband in front of myself and our child. We are persuing legal action. Elizabeth Portage, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
46, Report #233059
Jan 27 2007
04:46 PM
Credit Acceptance Corp ripoff made false arrangements and then repoed my car Southfield Michigan
Nice to know I'm not the only one. One month behind, I called and made payment arrangements, but today they came and repoed the car before the payment arrangement date that was agreed upon. How can this company keep doing this to people? No notification? Now it looks like they will be charging me some kind of repossession fee....this is crap!! Debbie Tonawanda, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
47, Report #225155
Dec 13 2006
10:45 AM
Credit Acceptance Corp Dishonest Employees and Business Dealings Ripoff Southfield Michigan
Credit Acceptance agreed to work with me after I was off work sick & repoed my car anyway. Now they're charging me over $400. repossession & other fees, including past due & current payments. They never honor what the previous representative says, the call @ all hours of the day w/recordings, they're people are extreemly rude & they flat out lie. I feel like they prey on customer's w/past credit issues. They should be stopped! Kurt D. Gary, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Gary, Indiana
48, Report #258327
Jul 02 2007
06:47 PM
National Credit Acceptance Inc just cleaned out my acct Ripoff Sacramento California
Help, Just went to the grocery store and found that all the funds in my bank account had been taken by NCA. This, after repeated attempts to make suitable arrangements to repay a debt to circuit city that they had acquired. I've been trying since Dec. 06 to try and make a payment schedule that would not completely bankrupt my family. I've even had a lawyer submit paperwork on my behalf in the last couple of weeks, because they refuse to give a proper $amount of what my account is. Have recieved no paperwork from them, and was sued back in March of 07 after I had been making payments to them. Guess I should fill in some of the holes here. Had spent most of 06 being browbeat and cursed by an individual who worked for the company, (can't remember his name), but was never able to speak to a supervisor, or anyone with a bit of sense until Dec. 06. Thats when I talked to a girl named Christina. Started making payments of a $1000 a month. Thought things were going well, bill coming down from $8400. So made a payment in Jan, another in Feb. So I'm thinking the total would be about $6400 in Mar. But no, while I was oversea, the company cashed the check early Feb., then the next week sued me in court bumping up the total to over $12,000. Imagine my surprise to hear that. That was the point I looked into atty's. So far, the company has not responded to the payment request sent in by my lawyer, and now they haved cleaned out my acct. So, right now with no work, no money coming in till I go back to work next month, I am now unable to pay bills, buy food. Thanks to NCA I now have a $1 negative balance where I had money to take care of my family for the next 2 months. Any advice, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert apple valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
49, Report #218084
Oct 28 2006
07:41 AM
Credit Acceptance Corp ripping off and over charinging me on the repossession Southfield Michigan
I was 1 payment behind by 7 days and Credit Acceptance snatched my vehicle. I didnot want to waist any time on getting the vehicle back(2002)dodge durango. It was 5 miles from my house. I called and got the balance it was $2294.89. I talked them down to $1694.99. The balance was paid in two weeks. I kept conversation with them in the process. They didnot tell me that my durango was almost 200 miles away after everything went through. This durango had multiple damages when it was redeemed. Please donot use credit acceptance corp!!!! Jesse birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
50, Report #226317
Dec 19 2006
05:09 PM
National Credit Acceptance charged me $7.22 interest a day, then garnished my wages!!! Sacramento California
National Credit Acceptance ripped me a new one, when they acquired my account and charged me $7.22 interest a day for many years until they decided to garnish my wages. They ripped me off big time, now I'll be paying them for about 4yrs. until they get all the money owed and all the interest too. The interest is more than the original amount. This place needs to be shut down!! National Credit Acceptance is a scam. Scams are illegal!!! The SOL was clearly up on the account. I WAS RIPPED-OFF!! T doddsville, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California

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