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1, Report #77953
Jan 23 2004
04:33 PM
J.C. Anderson ripoff! Montreal Quebec
Person called claiming to work for a Fraud Detection Service. Gave the routing number to checking account and said that someone had ordered merchandise on checking account. Wanted verification on the following numbers (being the checking account). 3 or 4 days later a check came to the bank by wire service. The number on the caller ID had a 514 area code. When you call the number it rings once and goes directly to a dial tone. Following the dial tone about 5 seconds later there are 3 beeps as if a person began dialing. The person who called gave a (866) number saying it went to the company where the merchandise was purchased. When you call that number it has a messege claiming to be customer service... but you can tell it is a cell phone. Iesha Englewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
2, Report #209701
Sep 06 2006
10:06 AM
Pinnacle Locators ripoff Kitchener Ontario Canada
Warning, if you recieve a letter stating you won $250,780.00 from Pinnacle Locators, it is not true! I recieved one and the $3500 check they sent to cover processing fees bounced!! My husband and I feel pretty stupid, But thank God we did'nt send them any money! Please do not respond to this letter, you will also feel stupid, and maybe even lose out on some hard earned money you can't afford to lose! Barbra London, OhioU.S.A.
3, Report #193681
May 28 2006
05:13 PM
MyCanadianPharmacy ripoff Toronto Ontario Canada
This company is a complete fraud. I continue to receive spam from them. I was curious about thier claim of being a bbb member so checked it out. They are absolutley fraudulent and the bbb has many reports on them. They are not a member and have been repeatedly told by the bbb to remove any claim to be so. I am sure the verified by visa and other claims they have on thier site are fake too. I would not order anything from this site as it is more than likely only a credit card number gathering web site. I tried to send them an email through thier web site but of course it came up with a page that could not be displayed. I just wanted to get this out for anyone looking. D Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
4, Report #216300
Oct 18 2006
03:44 AM
AMDN ripoff Graham Washington
To whom it may concern, I got this letter in the mail say I have some Unawarded Funds and I must send a fee of $20.00 so they can send it to me so I thought I would look up the name and address to see if this was true are no but I could not fine any thing ,so this is why I am sending you this e-mail to see if you can help me out. and when I send the money I must send it to The post office box and ehe state says Graham WA so thi is all I know Thank You Margie Compton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Graham, Washington
5, Report #203674
Jul 30 2006
08:06 PM
NETCAREPHARMACIES ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Internet
I cancelled an order five minutes after placing it; sent several e-mails to several addresses such as, customercare, customerservice, etc., all on my hard drive and saved as documentation; called their phone number during business hours and left a message that they'd better cancel the order of I will report fraud to my bank. There is nothing at all on their webpage where you can leave a message, only their addr. of info@....... I do not see a charge of $46.20 plus or minus, but there is a charge showing for the service fee of $19.95. Arlene Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #271102
Aug 29 2007
01:16 PM MAJOR RIP OFF Internet
Holy Crap!! I can't even believe all these people have been ripprd off and the company is still in business!!! I too have been scammed. I ordered a dvd set of the TV show Becker for my father in mid July, thinking they were a good company due to their boasting of quick service and rapid response to any problems (HA HA). Come the begining of Aug. and still no dvd's. Then my mother states their credit card has been charged only 2 days after the order was placed, and still no shipment. Contacted the company by e-mail (the only way you can) 3 times with no response. Finally found a phone # and guess what? Its and answering machine!!! And of course, no return call!! Whoever this Jeff guy is, he's full of s*#t!!! To say that they are not a scam company. O.K. Jeff then how do you explain ALL these reports? And then to say that you're having technical difficulties...oh please, to you really think anyone is buying that?!! AND if you're company is not a rip off, then WHERE ARE MY DVD'S AND REPLYS TO MY E-MAILS?? I only wish I had found this info out before I placed the order, I could have saved myself and my parents a HUGE headache!!! J green Brook Park, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #306277
Feb 05 2008
08:58 AM
Connect3d didn't receive rebate Internet
Never received Connect3D 512Mb SD Memory Card for $20 with a $20 manufacturer rebate in February 2007 Roswell900 westerly, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #334940
May 26 2008
05:50 PM BEWARE of Wilmington Delaware
I, too, fell to be a victim of I applied for a loan and was not informed that I would be charged $19.00. To date, I have not been contacted on whether I was approved or denied the money but assume that I was denied because NO MONEY has been deposited into my account. I am concerned b/c this company has my account number and I do not know what to do to stop further debits from my account. PLEASE HELP!!! Janet Elizabethtown, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
9, Report #353883
Jul 21 2008
05:23 PM
I had the misfortune to beleive in this companies claim of being able to provide tv programming over the internet, primarly NASCAR coverage. They didn't deliver anything except a bill to my credit card for over $50.00 and refused after several attempts by me to get even a partial refund, even though they promise a refund within a cancellation in 7 days, which I did. Don't waste your money on these clowns, they will RIP YOU OFF!!!! Dick xxxxxxxxx Ellijay, GeorgiaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #354307
Jul 22 2008
01:58 PM scam ripoff frauds theives Internet has been drafting money from my checking account for a pay day loan that i never requested. i do not know how they got my checking account number but the did and they went into my account and took my money. i tried to call them to ask them to stop but all i got was a recording. i cannot get them to stop. i am also getting overdraft fees from them taking all this money out of my account. i want my money back , but have had no luck with this. i don't know where to go for help. Lisa gaffney, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #85678
Mar 28 2004
08:19 AM ripoffInternet
Another victim of Of course I should have known better but I did it anyway and sent Lilhost money. Never send money to a company who flat out refuses to give a phone number or physical address. I was sold on the fact that they do have super fast customer service when you had questions prior to buying. I was a reseller for them and sold two websites when I was buying two for myself. I decided to wait until I saw if I was making money before selling anymore. Sure enough, no sales, customer service went from nice to mean and all promises not kept. Do business with them if you want to but you'll lose everything you spend. I would be interested in any class action suit. Steven niles, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #85591
Mar 27 2004
04:31 AM SCAM Regina Saskatchewan
On March 4, 2004 I was checking my bank account and ran across a check I did not write, nor authorize. I called my husband and he had not heard of the company either. Made contact with the number on the bottom of my check and it was to CCR who was working for I explained to the man that I had not authorized this deduction from my account and had never heard of the company before in my life. He said that something should have come in the mail that I had to fill out, so I thought maybe someone had stolen my mail or it got put in the wrong box and someone filled it out forging my info. He informed me it would 10-15 business days and I would receive a refund. By March 26, 2004 I had not yet received my refund of 139.00 so I called the company back and was then told it would be another 15-30 business days. I told the lady that is not right how can they just steal my money. She went into greater detail on the mail thing that I had to call them within 10 days of receiving the mailing and then they would not have deducted from my checking account. I was floored. When I asked how they got my bank info she informed me it was an affiliate company of that had given them the info, so I asked for the name and number of that company and she refused to give it to me. I called my bank and found out that I needed to file a despute on the check, which I have now done. In the process of finding all this out the bank cashier researched the check for me and found out it was a paper check. It was printed on paper and looked nothing like my original paper checks at all and did NOT have my signature on it. A friend of mine found Rip-offreports.come when she went to search for again and that is when I was really made aware that I had been ripped off. Not just for a product, but totally stolen from. I hope this will cause everyone reading this report to check over their bank statements closely every month, and to open junk mail and then put it back in the envelopes these companies send with it and mail their junk back to them. Still infuriated that they got my account info without my knowledge and counterfitted a check and are can get away with that. Sabrina Snow Hill, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Regina, Saskatchewan
13, Report #104556
Aug 20 2004
12:30 AM
Divineo Inc ripoff Calgary Canada
I ordered a product from and I haven't recieved my product yet. It's been a whole month and my friend and I both recieved the same exact emails from them saying the same things. Everytime we tell them about our problem on their support forums, our comments get deleted. This is ridiculous I paid $40.00 for this item and I want it or my money back. Jake Maryville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #290993
Dec 12 2007
01:41 PM Thieves on the Net Ontario Canada
Well, I found this site too late. I've already been conned by these people. Pretty sad too. I was ordering the Smurf collection for someone's birthday. Mary Elgin, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Ontario
15, Report #272515
Sep 05 2007
10:28 AM never got my product Internet
never recieved my videos.ordered two different box sets and they never responded to my phone calls or emails.this is an over the border scam.when you call them they click you to a voicemail that NEVER get answered.DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE RIP OFF ARTISTS!hopefully that helps somebody so they don't get hosed as well. Mainebones middletown, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #300997
Jan 17 2008
01:52 PM
American Grant rip off WashingtonDC
A gentleman said his name was Simon Brown,( which would be ironic with his accent ),and gave me a government id # pts 0079, at 1500 freedom ave, washington dc.Gave me a web addess of, which I felt was suspicious because it did not have a .gov address. Gave me a phone number of 2046681100 and had a number that showed up as 515-6394 that showed upon my caller id when I hung up on him and they called back. They are very persistent, and the 204 number shows up as available in Manitoba. Good luck, and be weary off phone solicitations, as they would contact you by mail if they were as legitimte. They would then be punished for fraud by the us mail as government fraud Nice try hanover, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #322619
Mar 31 2008
03:33 PM stole my money Quebec canada
I ordered 3 toys from this company and i've gotten nothing! it's been 2 weeks. Also the website said they are in NY. and there not there in canada! i just want my money back................. Mizz long beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #80376
Feb 13 2004
06:23 PM ripoff Quebec Quebec
my bank statement showed charges from that were taken from my account without authorization. They had my check card number and claimed i purchased medical services through them. they said i signed up for healthcare privledges and gave them my card number,$38.95 was stolen from my account.I have never given anyone my check card number. They are not willing to resolve the issue but are very willing to try to justify the charges that are totally fraudulant. they told me that commwealth healthcare privledges provided me medical consultation. This is an absolute lie and never happened. What did happen is this scam got my card number and stole my money. John newportbeach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Quebec, Quebec
19, Report #95814
Jun 21 2004
05:51 PM ripoff Victoria British Columbia
I, sent in a money order that was cashed on 4/7/04 and still haven't recieved my merchandise. I keep emailing nicekicks but they don't respond. Is there an alternate contact? Milton tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
20, Report #366077
Aug 23 2008
09:10 AM I was scammed Internet
I was scammed by I did do my research on the internet regarding this particular company. The steps I took are as follows: - I paid Wire Transfer - I sent and email with my information to let them know that it was paid. etc. - Up to this day I haven't gotten any feed back I am truly pissed off to know that in looking for Data Entry Jobs - at home these a-holes are the first to be on the internet and there is no way, I am seeing any benefit from this. All that I can do now is write this and hope that it is reported and prevent others from falling in the trap. Remember nothing was set confirming that they received my payment therefore they are just playing a very NASTY GAME. Hosein Port of SpainTrinidad and Tobago Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Work at Home Scams click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Home Based Businesses
Entity: Internet
21, Report #372326
Sep 12 2008
12:25 PM Bring it on bastards! Internet
These bastards tried to deduct monies from my account causing an NSF of $30.00. How to I go after these bastards who hang up on you when you call to clarify how they received your info. Thye ask for your Social ( as if ) and when you don't give it to them they simply hang up. ther has to be a way to trace this number back to someone, compnay or person ( 877-295-2267) HELP! Ebony Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #732874
May 25 2011
06:13 AM
Union Trust Company Internet, Internet
I received an email from Ms. Leila ali and she want to know about charities in our country Ms Leila ali wants to share her assets to the charity in our place because she told me that her husband is bedridden and wants to give money to the charities thru me. so I thought that it is not a scam. she send her picture and i send my picture too so that she will know about me. after 2 emails. . she replied this, From: Mrs leila Ali <> Subject: Thanks Randy To: randy Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 5:45 PM Hi Randy, Thanks for your reply. Due to the challenges that we are facing now in regard to health of my husband, I will like to entrust part of the funds to you. I will like you to have the fund and use it to identify and help any less privileged kids that you can identify. The attention of people toward our family is getting too much and I will like to be closer to my husband to secure him from public interference and also to take adequate care of him. I told him about you and he also consented that we should give you part of the funds out of our own benevolence nature. I have therefore informed our lawyer and fund managers about this issue and they will arrange the document that will legalize this intention of ours. I therefore urge you to contact Mr. Sami Qasem the manager of Union Trust Company via email: and ask him to give you more details about the fund from me Mrs. Leila Ali. They name of the company is Union Trust Company located in London. He is also aware that you will contact him as I have given him your name and email as well. I will not be available to access my internet for some time just because we are going into a long time of medical attention/care for my husband but please take good care of yourself and make good use of the fund as we gave it to you with trust. Yours, Mrs. Leila Ali. and then she forward Mr. Qasem, her account manager to me to continue the transaction. This is his  email: Union Trust <> wrote: From: Union Trust <> Subject: Attn:Randy 19/05/11 To: randy Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 5:59 PM Dear Randy  Thank you for contacting us. This is to notify you that we got a legal order today from our law unit on behalf of Mrs. Leila Ali ordering us to transfer part of her fund deposited in our security company to you as the beneficiary which amounts to US$7Million. Hence, as the new beneficiary of the sum being legally bestowed to you by the above named benefactor Mrs. Leila Ali, we will urge you to feed us with the informations stated below to enable our office start processing the transfer of the fund to you; 1. Your full name. 2. Address/Phone Number/Country. 3. Occupation. 4. Possibly, a scan copy of your ID card or number for identification purpose only. Kind Regards, Mr. Sami Qasem, Manager, Union Trust Company. 185 marsh wall London, e14 9sh Phone: 447024099519 Fax: 447024099519 Web: Union Trust is a subsidiary of Sifygroup Limited India. Reg:254698302                         So I only forward my ATM card account number but i am not sending my passport coz i am worried about it if this is a scam. He called thru mobile with the number +2348037972768 Now he is asking me about the lack documents, This is his latest email. Dear Randy, Thank you for your mail as we have taken record of your bank account details in Saudi Arabia but you failed to feed us with the other requirements which we will attach along side your bank transfer form as we forward the fund to our bank agent for wire. Once again we urge you to give us a scan copy of your UTILITY BILL and your PASSPORT or ID card via email.   We await your response. Kind Regards, Mr. Sami Qasem, Manager, Union Trust Company. 185 marsh wall London, e14 9sh Phone: 447024099519 Fax: 447024099519 Web: Union Trust is a subsidiary of Sifygroup Limited India. Reg:254698302                          ****Internet Email Confidentiality Footer**** Privileged/Confidential Information may be contained in this message. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message (or responsible for delivery of the message to such person), you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone. In such case, you should destroy this message and notify the sender by reply email. Please advise immediately if you or your employer do not consent to Internet email for messages of this kind. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of The Union Trust Inc. or its subsidiaries shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it. ______________________________ ________ Union Trust Inc. Pls let me know if this is really a scam.. thank you and best regards
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #784968
Oct 05 2011
10:04 AM
purchasing bulldogs with counterfeit checks Internet
I am a bulldog breeder and received an emil from a person whos email is claiming that he wants to purchase a bulldog pup from me. He writees in very broken english making it seem like he is not from this country. He tells you that payment is on the way that he is sending you your money plus additional monies to cover the expense of the agent he has hired to fly to your area and then rent a car & drive the puppy  to it's new home.You will receive a check from Charles V. Brown Trucking LLC sighned by charles V. Brown. DO NOT CASH OR DEPOSIT this check it is counterfeit. I have all ready contacted the FSG bank and they have told me that they have closed this account due to the fact that these checks are COUNTERFEIT. Beware I have also contacted the police so they can investigate this gentlemen and hopefully stop him from ripping other people off.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #851518
Mar 09 2012
08:22 PM
uksteroids stole my money, Internet
Uksteroids sells body building supplements, steroids and HGH /the contact guy is Pete uses many last names sweet talks u and emails every day to get u send Western union or bank transfer to UK You will never hear from him again once u send ur money. SCAM SCAM dont send any money.edws
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #457764
Jun 02 2009
12:43 PM
PASSPORTTOFUN Unauthorized Debit Card Charges Internet
What are these charges for? I do not know what passport to fun does. These charges were unathorized charges. Posting Date Description Amount 04/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 04/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 04/15/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 04/15/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 03/17/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 03/17/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 03/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 03/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 02/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 02/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 02/15/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 02/15/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 01/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 01/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 01/15/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 01/15/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 12/17/2008 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 12/17/2008 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 12/16/2008 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 12/16/2008 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 Joanna Corona, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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