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26, Report #457764
Jun 02 2009
12:43 PM
PASSPORTTOFUN Unauthorized Debit Card Charges Internet
What are these charges for? I do not know what passport to fun does. These charges were unathorized charges. Posting Date Description Amount 04/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 04/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 04/15/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 04/15/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 03/17/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 03/17/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 03/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 03/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 02/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 02/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 02/15/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 02/15/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 01/16/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 01/16/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 01/15/2009 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 01/15/2009 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 12/17/2008 Debit: $19.95 from merchant PASSPORTTOFUN24 PASSPORTTOFUN244095560 888-999-0557 CT 99999999 PASSPORTTOFUN24 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 12/17/2008 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 12/16/2008 Debit: $19.95 from merchant SHOPPINGESSEN52 SHOPPINGESSEN526695855 888-999-0564 CT 99999999 SHOPPINGESSEN52 With Card ************7793 -$19.95 12/16/2008 Transaction Fee: $1.00 With Card ************7793 -$1.00 Joanna Corona, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #476791
Aug 05 2009
04:13 PM
Jobsolutions Crooks Minneapolis Minnesota
I received a letter with a check for 3,795.00 from this company also. They said I was selected to represent their company as a mystery shopper. The first thing I did was looked at the check,which I knew was fake. I used to be a Loss Prevention Officer,so I can tell the difference. There was no return address,and there was a Canadian stamp on the envelope with no postmark. People need to be careful, if you think its to good to be true,it is!! Ms. ke-ke Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
28, Report #525509
Nov 18 2009
06:18 PM Crdit Card Scam Internet
Super devious and hard to reach. I cancelled the trial, received email confirmation and was billed anyway. $50 for this total scam. The site is worthless as other writers found. Don't know how I didn't see this coming and advise all to avoid this website!
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #784968
Oct 05 2011
10:04 AM
purchasing bulldogs with counterfeit checks Internet
I am a bulldog breeder and received an emil from a person whos email is claiming that he wants to purchase a bulldog pup from me. He writees in very broken english making it seem like he is not from this country. He tells you that payment is on the way that he is sending you your money plus additional monies to cover the expense of the agent he has hired to fly to your area and then rent a car & drive the puppy  to it's new home.You will receive a check from Charles V. Brown Trucking LLC sighned by charles V. Brown. DO NOT CASH OR DEPOSIT this check it is counterfeit. I have all ready contacted the FSG bank and they have told me that they have closed this account due to the fact that these checks are COUNTERFEIT. Beware I have also contacted the police so they can investigate this gentlemen and hopefully stop him from ripping other people off.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #1013437
Feb 13 2013
08:05 AM
Cigirex smokeless cigarette, Internet
Cigirex is a scam to get your credit card, then keep charging you. I purchased their starter pack for $20 shipping and handling, they kept charging me $7.99 per month for refills, they charged my card 3 times before i got my first refill pack.  When it showed up in the mail(From the UK) i tried to contact them several times, good luck getting a real person on the phone. each time i was assured that I would not not be charged again, then the next month there was the charge... I had to cancel my card to get it to stop.  Again dont give these crooks your credit card!
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #466468
Jun 30 2009
01:58 PM
I was looking for Dreamweaver 8 and I found They were selling the program for $59.95. I filled out the order form, made my payment and I was directed to the download link. Once there, I was able to download the program with no problem. To their credit, they did specify at the bottom that a serial number for the program would be emailed within 12 hours or less. After 24 hours, I hadn't received any emails. I emailed the company (or individual) and got no response. Then, I went to paypal for help and all they could do was email Apparently, they (or he) did respond to paypal. Their response was Check your email. After that, I continued to email them letting them know that I have not received it, but no one ever replied. After 14 emails to the company, I finally came to the conclusion that I was not going to be getting a serial number to open Dreamweaver 8. I've been buying online for years and never got scammed until now. I guess it had to happen sooner or Stay away from There is no doubt in my mind that the site was set up for the sole purpose of ripping off American consumers. By the way, they have other sites that are similar looking and work in the same manner, so becareful!! Mark Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
32, Report #465796
Jun 28 2009
04:04 PM ripped me off for $19.95 Internet
I responded to an add in the paper for movie extra's for my son. I was asked for $19.95 right then. Then I would be able to log onto the site and create an online portfolio, next he would be called for work the next day. I was never able to log on using the login and password we were given. I have called the company's member services number many times but only get a mailbox and no one returned my calls. I only hope I can reach someone to cancel before I loose any more money. Ripped off Calera, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #448796
May 04 2009
08:49 PM
RIBC Bogus checks Brandon Manitoba
They must be writing checks from all over. This is drawn on a First Fidelity Bank. The accounts owner is Serapios Tortilla Factory. I have not checksed the routing #s as of yet. But if you do not know any one can check routing #s of banks to see if they are legit. Since I don't enter these type of contests, I knew right away it was not something that was legit. Mdwestgirl Midlothian, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Manitoba
34, Report #455031
May 25 2009
04:46 AM Fraudulent and Deceptive Business Practices Internet
I should have checked out the problems associated with this service as documented by many other victims on Ripoff Report before having subscribed. After subscribing, I conducted a People Search on myself, as well as on relatives and friends whose locations I know. All these searches came up empty. This is a fraudulent business enterprise. Even if you select customer support, there is no link to activate! Leo Chalfont, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #732874
May 25 2011
06:13 AM
Union Trust Company Internet, Internet
I received an email from Ms. Leila ali and she want to know about charities in our country Ms Leila ali wants to share her assets to the charity in our place because she told me that her husband is bedridden and wants to give money to the charities thru me. so I thought that it is not a scam. she send her picture and i send my picture too so that she will know about me. after 2 emails. . she replied this, From: Mrs leila Ali <> Subject: Thanks Randy To: randy Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 5:45 PM Hi Randy, Thanks for your reply. Due to the challenges that we are facing now in regard to health of my husband, I will like to entrust part of the funds to you. I will like you to have the fund and use it to identify and help any less privileged kids that you can identify. The attention of people toward our family is getting too much and I will like to be closer to my husband to secure him from public interference and also to take adequate care of him. I told him about you and he also consented that we should give you part of the funds out of our own benevolence nature. I have therefore informed our lawyer and fund managers about this issue and they will arrange the document that will legalize this intention of ours. I therefore urge you to contact Mr. Sami Qasem the manager of Union Trust Company via email: and ask him to give you more details about the fund from me Mrs. Leila Ali. They name of the company is Union Trust Company located in London. He is also aware that you will contact him as I have given him your name and email as well. I will not be available to access my internet for some time just because we are going into a long time of medical attention/care for my husband but please take good care of yourself and make good use of the fund as we gave it to you with trust. Yours, Mrs. Leila Ali. and then she forward Mr. Qasem, her account manager to me to continue the transaction. This is his  email: Union Trust <> wrote: From: Union Trust <> Subject: Attn:Randy 19/05/11 To: randy Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 5:59 PM Dear Randy  Thank you for contacting us. This is to notify you that we got a legal order today from our law unit on behalf of Mrs. Leila Ali ordering us to transfer part of her fund deposited in our security company to you as the beneficiary which amounts to US$7Million. Hence, as the new beneficiary of the sum being legally bestowed to you by the above named benefactor Mrs. Leila Ali, we will urge you to feed us with the informations stated below to enable our office start processing the transfer of the fund to you; 1. Your full name. 2. Address/Phone Number/Country. 3. Occupation. 4. Possibly, a scan copy of your ID card or number for identification purpose only. Kind Regards, Mr. Sami Qasem, Manager, Union Trust Company. 185 marsh wall London, e14 9sh Phone: 447024099519 Fax: 447024099519 Web: Union Trust is a subsidiary of Sifygroup Limited India. Reg:254698302                         So I only forward my ATM card account number but i am not sending my passport coz i am worried about it if this is a scam. He called thru mobile with the number +2348037972768 Now he is asking me about the lack documents, This is his latest email. Dear Randy, Thank you for your mail as we have taken record of your bank account details in Saudi Arabia but you failed to feed us with the other requirements which we will attach along side your bank transfer form as we forward the fund to our bank agent for wire. Once again we urge you to give us a scan copy of your UTILITY BILL and your PASSPORT or ID card via email.   We await your response. Kind Regards, Mr. Sami Qasem, Manager, Union Trust Company. 185 marsh wall London, e14 9sh Phone: 447024099519 Fax: 447024099519 Web: Union Trust is a subsidiary of Sifygroup Limited India. Reg:254698302                          ****Internet Email Confidentiality Footer**** Privileged/Confidential Information may be contained in this message. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message (or responsible for delivery of the message to such person), you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone. In such case, you should destroy this message and notify the sender by reply email. Please advise immediately if you or your employer do not consent to Internet email for messages of this kind. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of The Union Trust Inc. or its subsidiaries shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it. ______________________________ ________ Union Trust Inc. Pls let me know if this is really a scam.. thank you and best regards
Entity: Internet, Internet
36, Report #944672
Sep 21 2012
11:26 AM Blackmail, Fraud, Deceptive, Scam, Internet
I recieved an email from this company stating I was on their list as a potential sexule predator. They wanted 100 dollors to remove my name.  I am not a predator or have ever been investigted as one.  If this was a legitamant site they would not remove a name for money. They have posted my picture and email address on their site. I sent an email to the their legal dept. and have not got a responce. I believe they are using dating sites and Craigslist to fish for names. If anyone is starting a lawsuit against them I will gladly take part in it.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #942737
Sep 18 2012
12:09 AM Scam, Blackmail, RipOff, Slander Internet
I was recently sent an email from telling me that I had been entered into their system as a predator. I thought ok this weird, I clicked on the link and there was a picture of my google plus profile picture and my name. I do not use this email address for anything except school, work and online purchases. It tells me that if you would like to take your name down, you can pay $100 dollars and to have your name removed. Obviously this site is bogus, what site would let you take your name down if you were in fact a predator? If anyone knows what to do in this situation it would be much appreciated if you could help me out.
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #898727
Jun 17 2012
10:55 AM Purely Fraudulent Scam Artist Internet
I paid $99  for a membership into this site to bid on auction items.  The only thing posted most of the time was bids put up by  I had one successful bid and it was for a $50 Home Depot card.  Then I was charged $99 a second time by them for a membership I didn't ask for.  Could not contact them by phone as it was not on their website and they would not respond to e-mails.  Not they cannot be found on the Web.  I contacted my credit card company and they have refunded all the additional charges to my card that I did not authorize and I am still waiting to see if they will refund the additional $99 membership.  Time factor plays a big role in getting the refund.  I would recommend  that anyone who had a problem with them contact your credit card company and file a complaint.  Keep complaining until you get some action from them and they stop charging your account.
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #928055
Aug 16 2012
07:43 AM
Indyfighter Scammers Edam, Saskatchewan
Got this International Award Payment letter in the mail ,the other day , just a date of this yr, no month to ad, just a time, no time or day ,( Am or Pm)..asking me to send $ 20.00 can dollars, for entry and registration, for $ 15,000.00 cad, but in Bank check US dollars, what a Scam or a stupid joke, this International Award Payment Center has to be stop, Asap, before anyone else get rip off, has anyone look to see if their such a place or a person called A. T. Lee Program Coordinator, and what get me us that how many people are getting this trash, and this guy is spending $ 3.00 for every letter to mail it.. post offices got to open there eyes more to scam mail..this for reading this...trash!!!!!!
Entity: Edam, Saskatchewan
40, Report #1046578
Apr 26 2013
10:03 PM
paydayloan internet Internet
Angie from Allentown,pa. I apply paydayloan just to borrow about 2 grand online. Then that same day I got a call from them saying that approve so I'm thinking OK I probably gonna get it, they ask me to go on the website and go to freescoreusa. com so I did everything they told me to do. After it done they immediately hung up the phone on me and I thought it was the reception but I call them back and they never pick up the phone on me. then few weeks later they called me n left me voicemail saying some crazy shit, they said that I owe them money which I was never recieve from them and saying that I'm in big trouble I was completely loss ,I got more mad when they said they have a lawsuit against ma and they going to have FBI come and arrest me for not paying the money I owe them when I never receive any money from them and they stay threatened me about it I just dont pick up there call when they are soo unprofessional and rude.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #1137411
Apr 08 2014
09:33 PM
newdesignershoesoutlet The biggest RIPOFF China Internet
I was surfing the web for swaroski figurines at a lower cost than sold by swaroski.  To my surprise, I found this website listed had swaroski items at a fraction of the cost.  It's true, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.   I ordered the Swaroski Blue Jays, they run around $1700.00 retail.  This company was selling them for  $195.00.  The package came from China very poorly packed.  When I opened it, it smelled.  The declared value was $6.00, based on the import document.  I opened it and they sent me Parrots and not even close to Swaroski standards, they wre chips and most of the crystal has fallen off in the box.  I contacted them and after several e-mails the agreed to credit my card for the amount paid.  I had to send them pictures. Please don't be fooled by the pictures on their website, you are not going to receive what you think you ordered.  Buy from a reputable seller.I have sent several e-mails to designers that this company is claiming to have the real deal. Please Do Not Buy From This Company,  it's Fake!!
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1191968
Nov 29 2014
09:48 AM
EVOW Scam profiles Nationwide Internet
In the past few weeks the dating site EVOW has been over run with fake profiles from men that all claim the military as their occupation. They are either widowed, disabled but all claim to have kids. The age range seems to be from mid 40's to mid 50's. Every greeting starts out using the rude moniker of babe, they are all looking for their soulmate and are in a rush to get personal information like phone numbers and'or email addresses. The replies also all say I will like to know you better and distance doesn't matter when they are in love. Based on the communications I have had it seems that more than one person is answering responses. I have played along on the website and when I ask where they are originally from because English isn't their original language, they get defensive or verbally abusive or any other means they think will keep me in line and playing along. Even trying to become endearing as if every single female is desperate to find a true love even though we have never met. I reported every profile that contacted me in that manner to EVOW personally and never recieved any acknowledgement from the site admins at all. I know that as far as the site is concerned, none of the men tried to scam anything from me where it can be seen but the sheer number of these profiles should warrant a serach of the IP addresses or some other basic reaction. Maybe EVOW is the base of operations for the scammers, I do not know but that would explain why they do not have an inerest in ackinowledging my complaints in any form at all. I know these profiles are scams because a few years back I was contacted on another date site in exactly the same manner with the same wording and once I communicated off of the site I was asked to send electronics overseas to a military guy who can't imagine never communicating with me again and would repay me when he was released'.  LOL   So stay away from    
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1197884
Dec 28 2014
03:22 PM
korsshop scammed corona california
Do not order I ordered a purse. Took my money immediately And the sent a conformation number. They never email me back. So it dispute. .
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1243088
Jul 20 2015
02:20 PM
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1231929
May 28 2015
10:12 AM
Dresslily Do not buy! Scam site! Internet
 Ordered on February 2nd, shipped on March 23rd. Refund promised on May 23rd. It is now May 28th and I do not have my money.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1267915
Nov 14 2015
07:17 AM Email scam Internet
 Received 2 emails from this same address in the last week. Have seen others post that it is a scam. The email has all of the hallmark signs of a scam....poorly worded language and grammar, lack of identification of a name, generalized referrals to a courthouse, etc. For those interested, here is the link to additional information on this website:
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1212361
Feb 28 2015
09:07 AM
Castle Payday Beware!!!!!!!! Cincinnati Nationwide
You know sometimes we fall short of Funds and need temporary help...well seemed like this offer came right on time..I held on to the letter for several days...debated if I wanted to even give it a try..well I made my mind up ..I  will give it a try ... I thorally read all the information front and back of approval letter...and I thought to Myself something doesn't seem right.It never disclosed all the Important information such as the interest %  rate or installment payments....I have a Home Loan and Car Loan and there is no company in the world that shouldn't be able to disclose that information  FIRST!!!  With any company that allows you to make your Decision if you want choose or not to choose to go forward....So here's the thing that go me..NOT JUDGING...but there all Foreigners and when asking them questions about the loan they kept pushing me to go on line to fill out app...I didn't feel I put the paperaway..Get this the next day I called them again and I talked to a lady that said she would stay on the line while I Complete application..seemed weird but I completed  the application up to my address and my intuition said NO ARE YOU CRAZY..READ SOME REVIEWS !!!    I want to Personally THANK ALL THE PEOPLE...who Saved ME:)  after reading all the Horrible and Devistating All have been through So Much...there's not enough Words that Explain what this Scam of a company has done to YOUR LIVES...They need to be Shut Down Immediately!!!!! Ruining People's Lives...Thank You  Reviewers...Your Feelings and Words  have Deeply Saved Me!!     I Hope My Review... Saves the Next  Person and thereafter.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1214899
Mar 11 2015
08:28 AM
EmeraldLUX - e-cigarettes E cigarette scam Internet
In reading all the other comments by people, it is obvious what a scam this is.   Shame on Walmart for allowing a scam through their website survey.  Hard lesson learned. My wife and I contacted Christina at 888-412-6086 3/11/15 at approximately 9:15 a.m. Her script was so rehearsed. No doubt she goes through this all day long because of the scam.  She claimed she had no supervisor and didn't know any corporate address. She said they have no company address.        Flags to everyone !!! My wife works in a legal department and in court gives exceptions.  We explained that the doctor said I cannot use the product and that meant nothing. Someone needs to address this.Think of the frustration of the people who took the time to complain like we are doing. Think of all the people who are not brave enough to express how they feel and how they got ripped off. Think of the people who overdrafted on their card because we all live paycheck to paycheck. This was free.     Any time anyone asks you for a credit or debit card for shipping be leary..... Christina did say that on the website: that there is a place to file a complaint.  I am asking that everyone who reads this file a complaint. And let us not forget the better business bureau. File a complaint.  How many people did they scam out of $114.95?   How many people will chalk it up to a bad experience and tell everyone they know not to buy the product?    And in social media, how many will share their story?   It's up to us to fight this scam.Good luck to everyone, and as Christina said..............shame on you for not reading the fine print.  
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1331543
Oct 04 2016
10:45 AM
 Made a purchase Kohls dept store with electronic check, items purchased had fit issue, returned to store for refund, told me 7-10 days hmm since when..nothing on receipt about this so called wait period..After learning check was cashed 2 nd day after kohls recieved it..Demanded my money back..Refused to give me my cash back and forced me to take store credit..I am LIVID..So they cashed my check and refused to give me my cash back even with receipt..I told them I did not want 80.00 worth of store credit..wanted my money back..They are crooks not use a bankcard or check.They will force you to take store credit even if you have a receipt.They will steal your money...Hassel Free Refunds? Please define your meaning of that Corporate..You are nothing but a bunch of Crooks..Will never do business at any of your stores ever again..You are theives..
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1348597
Jan 09 2017
11:02 AM
99Santa Utter rip-off! . Internet
I ordered several items on line that were intended for Christmas gifts.  To ensure that they would arrive on time I paid extra for a two day shipping window.  It is now Jan 10 and I have not received anything that I ordered from 99Santa.  When I complained I got a ridiculous answer from Elf#1 that in no way addressed my issue. I have tried several times to contact them but only receive random emails from random Elfs containing no significantly uselful content.  Do not do business with this online company since I believe they are a scam. La Vonne, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Entity: Internet

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