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51, Report #31411
Sep 29 2002
10:13 AM
My wife and I both went through divorce and bankrupcy in prior marraiges and ended up getting suckered into this and have made several offers to pay off account but dispute over limit fees {over 350.00)and get nowhere except threatened with a bad report on my credit ...duh. cant talk to the disputes dept as they have no phone # and am tired of hearing threats from non english speaking people who, well lets just say I could talk to a tree and get more of an intelligent response wanted to pay the acc. off but am getting nowhere DONT LET THEM FOOL YOU TOO!!!! APPARENTLY WHEN YOU GET A CARD FROM THEM YOU OWE TWO OR THRE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN FEES before you even use it. Jeff Greenville, Michigan
Entity: BOCA RATON, Florida
52, Report #32072
Oct 08 2002
04:16 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Boca Raton Florida
I have been receiving calls on my cell phone for a Steve Gomez from Cross Country Bank. I am not Steve Gomez, and do not know who this is. They will call numerous times each day. I called them to get my number on a no call list, and the lady who I was talking to was a real bitch. She told me that she couldnt do that and that I had to write them a letter for that even to be considered. I did not take this for an answer, and the employee saiddidnt you here what I said? in a real snotty way. Then she said why dont you call back later and hung up on me. I felt like ringing her neck right through the phone. As far as Im concerned this person should be fired(I dont know her name because she hung up on me). It looks like other people are having a problem with these people to. I thought it was just my number. If they continue to call I think I will take legal action. sean chicago, Illinois
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
53, Report #30532
Sep 19 2002
04:27 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Internet
I am a credit card holder of cross country bank and you are right they are a rip off. The first 3 months of holding the card they failed to send my bills and when I did receive a bill it had late charges on it for the 3 bills that I never received one. I called the company and told them that I never received a bill and to take off the late charges and they told me that the bills where mailed out but must have been misrouted. That's not my fault that the bills were misrouted. So I still had late fees on my bill for 3 months. Ever since that day of calling the company, they have been calling me at my house and at my employment. I have been making payments on my bill but they should not be harassing me at my home my employment. I work at a hospital in the emergency room. And they persist on calling me there at work. I have already gotten in trouble for these phone calls because the phone is for medical reasons only. I would think that if they are so worried about the payments that they would make sure that they wouldnt call at my work so that i dont loose my job. It wouldn't be so bad if they would only call me once a week, but this is every day maybe 6 times day and always 4 calls in a row which adds up to be about 24-30 times a day. Crystal Mount pleasant, Pennsylvania
Entity: Internet
54, Report #31569
Oct 01 2002
11:39 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff screwed others too
I had an acct less that 3 months and closed it because they were trying to charge me for invalid reasons when tying to speak with them and make good on anything i owe they made mistakes, they sent info straight to a collection and then lied to collection and said limit was one thing when i had proof it wasn't so. When I tried to contact them they avoid me or just wont have anything to do with helping. Company tried to rip me off for hundreds and won't even put a real representative on the phone to take this like a real person and handle this business. CROSS COUNTRY BANK ARE THIEVES and I have other victims who told me of their problems with same crappy bank. Victoria New York, New York
55, Report #32408
Oct 12 2002
11:38 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff business Sacramento California
IT was the tenth when they called.They ask if I wanted to pay by phone with a check dept.They said they could hold it until the eighteenth.I said ok and they can take out 150.00.They tried to take out 200.00 the very next day.they did this three days in arow.THey say they were wrong but won't fix it. wendy sacramento, California
Entity: Sacramento, California
56, Report #48817
Mar 11 2003
05:37 PM
Cross Country Bank rip-off
they give u a credit card a tell u that u have a 2500.00 credit limit.but charge u 2300.00 just to use my credit is shot.please tell me that i'm not they want to pay 2500.00 back even though i only spent 300.00 u tell me George houston, TexasU.S.A.
57, Report #12919
Jan 31 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Crountry Bank ripoff ..harassing phone calls
We do not now, nor have we ever had a Cross Country Bank credit card. However, we continue to be harassed by this company, seven days a week. The son of friends of ours apparently put us down on his application as an employer. When they first contacted us, we gave them our friends phone number, since we don't have his and he attends college in another state. It has been an ongoing sereies of harassing phone calls for months now. This company achieves nothing by calling our residence. There should be some action we could take against this company. Mary jacksonville, nc
Entity: Florida
58, Report #59049
May 31 2003
12:24 AM
CROSS COUNTRY BANK ripoff Nationwide USA
Entity: DELWARE, Utah
59, Report #54353
Apr 24 2003
08:56 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff abused & mistreated Wilmington Delaware
I have not put any charges on my card in along time.I pay $50-$100 every month and they still say there is a balance owed while late fees are added i have written them about this they have not called or sent me anything on this. Well two weeks ago they called and got of ahold of me i told them the about the same problem they said they would get back with me never did. I give my father money and he writes me a check well they sent me a bill for $553.25 on March 31,2003 on 04/24/2003 my father open up his bank statemments that have his checks that he has written and there is one from cross country bank for $185 that he did not write out a check for just because he has written several for me does not give them the right to go ahead and take it out of his checking account just cause they know his account due to him written me checks before. If they did that why are they still saying it hasnt been paid and charging me latepayments over due payments and saying they havent received a payment when they did my took out $185 from his checking account which they shouldnt of he did not okay it nor did he write a check they did it on there own just because they knew his checking account when he has written me checks before. I have ask them to send me statements on my charging since i havent charge anything in along time which my account should be paid off. I have call several times requesting this information and i have not received not one thing on it or heard from them.Know my dad has told his bank they want him to say yes to go and get cross country bank for fraud and they said they would go after me too. Anne 90805, California U.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
60, Report #14996
Feb 24 2002
12:00 AM
61, Report #15332
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
cross country bank ripoff scammers
62, Report #34214
Nov 04 2002
06:40 PM
Cross Country Bank Double Cross ripoff Late charges Boca Raton Florida
I have been ripped of by Cross Country Bank ... I was charged a late fee even when I made an Online payment prior to the due date of the payment. I was asked by the bank to write a letter detailing my transaction, fax to them, and they would review ... they reviewed and denied reversing a blatent and fraudulant late fee. This specific problem cascaded into hundreds of dollars of late and over limit fees and further interesting problems. The company Cross Country Bank is a late fee / over limit fee machine. This company has to be stopped ... put in its place! I have since ripped up my card with the 27% interest fee attached, and have brought the card under the limit (but at a significant expense). Ed Roseville, California
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
63, Report #13690
Feb 09 2002
12:00 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff -More Info on your favorite Crime Sindicate, Boca Raton Florida *UPDATE Retraction info unsound
For All you Pi--ed Off Credit Card Holder's of Cross Country Bank I have found more exciting news from corporation commission on this Foreign company for Profit. Company Name : Cross Country Travco, RPS,Inc Cross Country Staffing AKA 1-800-347-2264 (call it see if good) Cross Country of Delaware,Inc Principal Address: 6651 Park of Commerce Blvd.,NW Suite 200 Boca Raton, FL 33431 Mailing Address: Same as Above Chaiman: Bruce Cerullo 40 Eastern Ave. Malden MA. 02148-9104 E-Vice-Pres: Thomas Dircks 535 Madison Ave New York,NY 10022 Pres/CEO: Joseph Boshart 6651 Park of Commerce Blvd.,NM Suite 200 Boca Raton, FL 33431 Corp Fin Officer: Lori Livers 535 Madison Ave New York,NY 1002 Vice Pres: Stephen W. Rubin,ESQ.: 1585 Broadway New York,NY 10036 Company Names:Cross Country Travco RPS, Inc Cross Country Staffing, Inc Cross Country of Delaware, Inc It is amaazing how many times this company has changed its name in 15 months, must be hiding something!!!! If writing to Cross Country Bank doesn't produce results start writing certified mail to these board members. At least any way this information is good way to start a class action suit on the unsavory practices of this company.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
64, Report #23727
Jun 30 2002
01:08 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff rip-off business bank from hell Boca Raton Florida
Approx. 09/01, annuel fee added to account. overlimt\it fee added. Disputed. said they wd fix. Paid by phone min balance the next month. over limit fee again! called. said wd fix. Did not fix. I did not pay again. Talked to several represenitives. unable to fix. Bank has called my work & home #'s several tmmes a day. I agreed to a tentive settlement. payoff in 2 months. they faxed me an agreement for 6 wks. And took the money from my bank account without my conset. looking for an attorney? deborah fresno, California
Entity: boca raton, Florida
65, Report #45709
Feb 17 2003
11:49 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff no response Wilmington Delaware
Real simple, had a credit line of $1100 2 years ago,got into a financial bind and made some late payments. They popped me with overlimit, late Fee, and Interest which added up to $100 per month before equity. I closed the account asked them to stop the run up and work a plan. This was all in writing to them and they declined to work with me. At $1500 I said jam it until you get real. Currently they ran the account to $2461.00 before they stopped adding to it. They have now sent their 3rd collection agent on me. The other two I responded promptly and inform them of the situation and they need to take me to court to work this out. They don't respond back. Imperial Collection has now written to me with the same old rhetoric. Cross Country could have settled at $1500 they are idiots. Don't let them intimidate you follow the law, don't dodge them. I may seek an attorney since I have $2461.00 to play with. Better an attorney get it than Cross Country. Steven Spring Hill, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
66, Report #44210
Feb 05 2003
08:04 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff victimized many consumers Wilmington Delaware
What do you do when you call a phone number, ask for a person (i.e., relative, friend, co-worker, etc...), and the person that answered the phone call says I'm sorry, but nobody lives here by that name.... Most people, including myself, don't call that very same number again. NOT Cross Country Bank!! They love to call you back a couple of hundred more times. I have never even had dealings with them before. Matter of fact, I had never even HEARD of them before they started calling my home. They would ask for a person I had never heard of, my wife and I would say just that, they would feed us something about faxing them a statement, I would tell them they were crazy if they thought I was doing that, etc...Here's what I did and it didn't take long for things to change (they definitely stopped calling). Sent e-mail to Found her name here: Here's the gist of the e-mail I sent. Ms. Carole Hoffecker 555 East Lookerman Street Suite 210 Dover, DE 19901 Ms. Hoffecker: I am writing to file a complaint against a business that is chartered by the State of Delaware. The name and address of the business is: Cross Country Bank 800 Delaware Avenue Wilmington, DE 19801 or Cross Country Bank P.O. Box 310711 Boca Raton, FL 33431-0711 I, like many others you may or may not have received complaints from, are receiving harassing phone calls and messages on my answering machine. The messages indicate that they need a person, a Mr. Anthony Ammons (unsure of the spelling of the last name), to call them immediately regarding his account. The problem is that I have never heard of Anthony Ammons and I DO NOT have an account with Cross Country Bank. It's obvious that this Mr. Anthony Ammons gave Cross Country Bank an erroneous phone number (my current phone number) to avoid this Bank. After doing some research on the Internet, I found that many others have experienced the same type of harassing phone calls from Cross Country Bank, whether or not they have an account with Cross Country Bank . I, in particular, had never heard of either Cross Country Bank or Mr. Anthony Ammons before I began receiving these telephone calls. After receiving a message on my answering machine everyday for a month, I call to inform Cross Country Bank that Anthony Ammons does not live at this number, and I have never even heard of him before. They tell me that I need to fax them a statement that I am not Anthony Ammons, and that I have never heard of him before. My reply was that this is the same as an individual that calls my house and ask for someone that does not live at my house, and I inform them of this. The usual response I get is thank you, sorry to bother you, and they never call back. If I had to fax a statement to every person that calls my house because they have a wrong number, I would be faxing statements at least 4 times per week. This is ludicrous. Something should be done about Cross Country Bank and its procedures. I am asking that you or your administration please review this companies policies and ethical background to stop this unwarranted harassment. I do not feel it is necessary or my responsibility to fax a statement stating that I am not the person they are trying to reach and that I have no relationship with this person. I am including some links that I found through searching on the Internet that have statements made by other people regarding this company, Cross Country Bank.!&q1=ALL&q2=&q3=&q4=&q5=cross&q6=&q7= I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the statements made by other people, but I would definitely say it is a matter worth looking into further. I will be contacting my congressman here in...Here is my address for any future correspondence...Thank you Steven Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
67, Report #45367
Feb 13 2003
07:41 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff Boca Raton Florida
You know maybe they are within their legal rights, I do not know. But yes I have had a card nearly maxed out there (I've had the card for 5-6 years) anyhow with the interest of the next month charges it has put it over the limit. I then get a $30 fee for over limit. It may be legal but doesn't seem right. I have called them and they said no neogitation on this. Tom garner, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
68, Report #33104
Oct 22 2002
06:01 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff business from hell Boca Raton Florida
Cross Country Bank Are The Most Deceiving, Lying Bunch Of People. That Put Bogus Late Charges And Overlimited Fee Charges On My Account And Then Claim They Will Take Them Off If I Pay This Much Money. Well I Paid Them, And Of Course They Now Claim Oh Those Charges Are Legitimate And The Request For Them To Be Taken Off Was Declined. None Of The Charges They Put On My Account Were Legitimate, I Always Paid My Account Until They Screwed It Up. They Need To Be Put Out Of Business. I Don't Understand With All The Complaints, That Nothing Has Been Done To Them. Debra Lincolnton, North Carolina
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
69, Report #32976
Oct 19 2002
09:49 PM
Cross Country Bank bogus billing fees and phone harrassment! Boca Raton Florida
My nightmare began the moment I got my first billing statement. Where I noticed that I had been charged an over-limit fee on the card. I promptly called the customer service to let them know that a mistake had been made on my billing statement. The customer service agent rudely replied we don't make mistakes! people just read the statements wrong. I replied well your company has made a mistake because I did,nt go over my limit. Mind you my limit is $350 and I only spent $180. When I mentioned that to the agent he told me that they charged the annual fee of $100 dollars and the application fee of $50 dollars to my card. I was so upset I told him that it was their fault that I was over my limit and that I was told that the annual fees and application fees were going to be applied in my first billing statememt not the card itself! He in turn replied we can bill you the fees in any way we want. I told him that I wouldn't pay for something that wasn't my fault Then hung up the phone. Then 2 weeks later I and my family began recieving phone calls on a daily basis sometimes as much as 10 calls at a time or more. It got so bad that they would call every 1-3 minutes just to harrass my family until I paid. Which I ended up doing anyway but by the time I decided to give in and just pay them they had tacked on so many fees that my bill ended up being over $500 dollars. Now even after calling customer service and cancelling the card they are trying to charge me for next years annual fees even though I have cut up the card and have closed my account with them! I hope that other people who read this will tell their friends and family like I did That CrossCountry Bank is a bunch of crooks that will do what ever they can to get more money out of you even as far as harrassing you and your family over the phone! Melissa Honolulu, Hawaii
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
70, Report #33045
Oct 21 2002
12:12 PM
Cross Country Bank visa corruption Boca Raton Florida
I was just called by a party who identified themselves as Cross Country Bank from Boca Raton, FL. between the hour of 2pm-2:15pm on Oct. 21, 2002 at my home. They asked for me stating my name . I said yes and gave them my full name. They said yes and that they would like to settle my account with them. They mentioned something about $600.00 that I owed them. I interupted them and explained to them that I never had an account with them. She then gave me the last 4 digits of a visa card number(which I forgot) so I could identify the card. I told her I didn't own such a card with that number. She, a woman informed me they would settle for a lesser amount and I said I wouldn't as I didn't have an account with them. Her statement was that she was going to file a report with the credit bureau for non payment. I can't remember precisely as I was very angry as she insisted I owed them money, and that was going to give me a bad credit rating. I told them again I didn't owe them any money. She then told me this report will be filed and it will appear on my credit rating. When I asked her for her name as I wanted to file a complaint. This is when she hung up on me. john bayside, New York
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
71, Report #32932
Oct 19 2002
10:29 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff the business that doesn't give a dam Willington Delaware
I believe that Cross Country Bank only hires people for harrassment! This company could give a damn about your personal life and the things that can actually happen to human beings! This company must be full of super robots because, all they think they are entiled to is harrassing you for an amount owed! I understand that I owe this company money. What I don't understand is, when I changed my address in April I recieved my statement in May and then in June I didn't receive my statement! And me being a busy person(which Cross Country Bank can not seem to justify that there are actually busy people in this country)with going to college full time and being employed full time. That I did not realize that I had not been sent a statement! So ofcourse, I begin to recieve these messeages on my home phone that I need to contact Cross Country Bank. These messages that they leave are an voice automated message from one of there Trillion telemarketers they have calling to harass you and at that, they do leave there name and tell you to get in touch with who every is leaving you this message! Right! So any normal person who Does care about there credit will call back, like I. And when you do so, you say I just recieved a message from so and so and i was wondering if i could speak with them. Well, they make you give all your account info and after that they inform you that they have no clue who tyhis person was that called you and let a message for you but, they would sure be able to help you!! Why does this bank leave you messages to get in touch with them and when you try too, they have no clue who the hell you are talking about! Why? So this particular day I spend exactly One Hour on the phone trying to get in touch with some type of Supervisor and they just kept tranfering my call and transfering my call and giving me the run around! So I said screw this company and the next person I talked to which was they 16th person I had spoke with in an hour's worth of my busy time I closed my account! Ok so now where I stand with this company is... In June of 2002 my account had become over the limit according to Cross Country Bank, because they did not receive there payment for June! Well I wonder why...I did not receive a statement...and they did not want to reverse that penatly against my account because supposully I am late. And that's why I closed my account because they are SOB's!!!!! And now it is October 19th,2002 and my family is being completely harrassed by this shit whole of a Company! They call before 8am and after 9pm(which is against the law.) We have to hang up on them because they are threating us in the way of Granishing our wages and say that everytime they call and receive no payment they will be sending a report out against My credit... And when we tell them that I am not available, they begin to harass my family who does not even have a credit card with them! Unbelievable...get real...Cross Country Bank...You are breaking the Law! I have proof right here in fvront of me that you are breaking the Law!...I have phone records that date back to June of 2002 that show consistent phone calls back to back from your Company! The funny thing is, is that my limit on my card is $350.00 and I when they started all this shit in June of 2002 my card was over the limit becazuse they did not send me a statement and charged me $35.00 late fee and $35.00 over the limit fee... So my balance would of been $420.00 and they just keep and charging it up... I planned on paying this company but after spending an Hour on the phone and them not giving a damn about what happened to me and not allowing me to speak with an supervisor...i just figured that Cross Country Bank really did not want my cooperation with there policies and for that.......... Cross Country Bank has harassed me and my family so much, that I have proof, proof and more proof of their unlawful Business ways and if they continue we will Take action! Arin Anaheim Hills, California Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cross Country Bank
Entity: Willington, Delaware
72, Report #32943
Oct 19 2002
12:28 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff victimized many consumers abused & mistreated Boca Raton Florida
This company starts calling at 8 a.m. and through out the day asking for someone who does not live here. I've told them there is on one here by that name and their 8 a.m.calls wake up the children and I was told to just deal with it. Last week I told them their calls where harrassing us and he told me I was going to find out what harrassment was as he screamed at me. I tried to report this to someone this mornin g but was told to write a letter because they did nothave a supervisor for me to talk to. This has been going on for over two months now. I am under doctor supervision for high blood pressure and I don't need the added stress Arlene San Bernardino, California
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
73, Report #77775
Jan 22 2004
11:20 AM
Cross Country Bank harrasses and over-charged me. Little Rock Arkansas
I have been riped off and I continue to recieve harrassing phone calls from cross country bank. When I initially recieved the card I was charged a fee of $150 when they originally told me the service charge would be 35 dallors. the have continued to charge overlimit fees to my account each month and it continue to grow. i have tried to no end to get it resolved but i haven't gotten anywhere and they have always offered me a pay off charge which i don't feel that i owe because it is all the overlimit charges i was not aware of and i have pleaded with these people and get no where... Help me Please!!!! Paula 72204, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Little Rock, Arkansas
74, Report #75999
Dec 27 2003
06:59 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff pre-approved credit line increase offered then denied Boca Raton Florida
I obtained a credit card from Cross Country Band in early 2002. I made all payments on time and incurred no late or overlimit fees for nearly a year, then... In December of 2002, I received an offer from them stating that, because I was such a good customer, my credit limit was going to be increased. All I needed to do was cash a check they sent to me to activate the credit increase. I phoned them and asked if it was legitimate. They said yes, just cash the check and I would get the automatic $200 credit increase; which I could use for Christmas presents or whatever I needed it for. I wrote the check to myself; put it in my bank account, and used the money for Christmas gifts. About a week later, I got a notice from my bank that said Cross Country had refused to honor my check. I called Cross Country but the insisted I was not entitled to the increase, even though I had the blank check they had sent me and had called to confirm the credit line increase. They basically said there was nothing I could do. The supervisor would not help either. So, I had to come up with the $200 to cover my bank account, which made me get behind, after which I started missing payments and accruing late fees with Cross Country Bank. I have since called Cross Country Bank, with no luck. They either put me on hold for up to 20 minutes, or disconnect me, or I get tired of waiting and give up. I have actually gotten through to a real person, after which they tell me there is nothing they can do. Ms. No-Name Eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
75, Report #202375
Jul 22 2006
07:51 AM
Cross Country Bank ripoff class action results please Willmington Delaware
I paid this company off last year and my credit report still doesn't reflect this. I filed a report with trans union and thought it was taken care of but not done. Also when I was going through my paperwork I found a return receipt requested to a John B Pacanowski from the Cross Country Claims administration dated 2002 in Nov. I remember vaguely that it was about a class action suit and was wondering if anyone else knows about this and what was the result. Please advise? Just a word of warning. Don't get involved with them if you can avoid them. They also go by the name of Applied Cards Systems. Be wary!!! Diane Cambridge, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Willmington, Delaware

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