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1, Report #858642
Mar 24 2012
06:23 AM
Desktop Publishing LLC Justin Christianson Marketing Class Scam Austin, Texas
I signed up for a four-week marketing class on January 20th 2012 via a teleseminar hold by Perry Belcher and moderated by Justin Christianson. Justin informed me on Jan. 31st that the class was going to be delayed due to a seminar Perry was holding, which sounded reasonable. The first call was held on February 6th. There have been no calls since then.As I grew more impatient, I submitted another question on Feb. 28th asking why there was no communication since the first class. I did not receive an answer, so I requested a refund on March 3rd and again on March 8th. Both requests were changed to solved on March 16th, however I didn't receive any explanation or money.I still have not received a refund of the $299 I paid for the class, nor have any of my requests been answered. I had a short exchange with a member of Ryan Deiss' support team, but they informed me that they were unable to help.Considering Perry Belcher's existing criminal record, I'd advise anyone to avoid both him and Justin Christianson, unless you have 300 bucks you'd like to get rid off. I thought he'd learned from his mistakes, but apparently I was mistaken.
Entity: Austin, Texas
2, Report #968610
Nov 13 2012
01:28 PM
Desktop Publishing LLC Shoestring, Zendesk Total scammers!! They don't deliver any product and do not responed to repeated complaints.Big rip-0ff!! Beware!! Austin, Texas
Desktop Publishing LLC is a scam!  Buyer Beware!!! They do not deliver any product, take your money and do not respond to repeated complaints. Don't be fooled like me.. Rip Offffff!
Entity: Austin, Texas
3, Report #45787
Feb 17 2003
07:55 PM
JMW Publishing Company ripoff Internet Worldwide
These people offer you a chance to have your poetry published for the price of 3 or 5 books which is fourty dollars.COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! They don't send you anything! Sarah Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #976336
Nov 30 2012
07:28 PM
5, Report #127045
Jan 12 2005
11:31 AM
Lowestcosthost ripoff! Ladenberg Pennsylvania
They are a internet hosting provider. They stopped functioning one week ago without giving any explanation to customers. I cannot access my e-mails neither my web page at their servers. There is no way to contact them and their web page doesn't work anymore. No phone numbers.... Juan pablo QuitoEcuador
Entity: Landenberg, Pennsylvania
6, Report #27066
Aug 16 2002
06:42 AM
yahoo magazine ripoff Bolder Colorado
why did magazine go out of business. called 800 told I would get another magazine,i have 10 issues coming dave west haven, Connecticut
Entity: Other
7, Report #63217
Jul 09 2003
08:33 PM
Spiegel FCNB ripoff scam Oregon USA
Spiegel - FCNB Even MORE CRAP about Spiegel ripoff liars victimized us BeaverTOWN Oregon ..... I've read numerous posts, with people giving phone numbers, addresses and websites to call, go to or send payments but NONE of them deal w/Spiegel. None will accept my Spiegel account number and not one single live person came to the phone. Any one have a single discussion w/a live person lately, about SPIEGEL? Here is the Oregon's Attorney General's website.. Please go and send an email to him about FCNB and Spiegel. Here is a great tidbit issued by the Attorney General Of California: 1747.40. If a card issuer fails to give a timely response to an inquiry of a cardholder concerning any debit or credit applicable toan obligation incurred through the use of a credit card, he shall notbe entitled to interest, finance charges, service charges, or any other charges thereon, from the date of mailing of the inquiry to date of mailing of the response. 1747.50. (a) Every card issuer shall correct any billing error made by the card issuer within two complete billing cycles, but in no event later than 90 days, after receiving an inquiry. (b) Any card issuer who fails to correct a billing error made by the card issuer within the period prescribed by subdivisio (a) shall not be entitled to the amount by which the outstanding balance of the cardholder's account is greater than the correct balance, nor any interest, finance charges, service charges, or other charges on theobligation giving rise to the billing error. (c) Any cardholder who is injured by a willful violation of this section may bring an action for the recovery of damages. Judgment may be entered for three times the amount at which actual damages are assessed. The cardholder shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred in the action. 1747.60. (a) Every retailer shall correct any billing error made by the retailer within 60 days from the date on which an inquiry concerning a billing error was mailed. (b) Any retailer who fails to correct a billing error made by the retailer within the period prescribed by subdivision (a) shall be liable to the cardholder in the amount by which the outstanding balance of the cardholder's account is greater than the correct balance, and any interest, finance charges, service charges, or other charges on the obligation giving rise to the billing error. (c) Any cardholder who is injured by a willful violation of this section may bring an action for the recovery of damages. Judgment may be entered for three times the amount at which actual damages are assessed. The cardholder shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred in the action. (d) As used in this section, an inquiry is a writing which is posted by mail to the address of the retailer, unless another address is specifically indicated by the retailer for the purpose of mailing inquiries with respect to billing errors, then to such address. Joni Diamond Bar, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Beaverton, Oregon
8, Report #395106
Nov 25 2008
06:03 PM
Myrecorp fraudulent account access Internet
I have other spyware but this company scanned my computer and reported that I had several instances of malicious or unwanted spyware on my computer. I was charged $79.95 but was unable to locate the software to download. I was emailed an activation code but was unable to find the site to download from. I have never had this problem before end will be very hesitant and sceptical of future downloads which is unfair to so many reputable companies I have dealt with in the past and in the future.Talk about stupid and I am supposed to be a half-way intelligent person. Keith lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #971478
Nov 19 2012
03:24 PM
Xlibris marketing services , Internet
While the publishing of my books was done in a satisfactory manner, their marketing service was a huge ripoff. I paid them over $1,000, and they promised to send out one million emails advertising my book. I never even got a list of who they sent it to. Stay clear of their marketing service as it sucks! 
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #1122430
Feb 10 2014
04:16 PM
This is warning to anyone who is looking at using this so called company for establshing a website online. Please review ALL other reviews online that are legitimate, not their own reviews. You will find that they are a scam. They take your money and then do not deliver their service. They say they have a 30 day money back guarantee but will attempt to push their delivery of services beyond that time frame. I gave them 7 days and they kept making excuses and say they are working on it, when it fact they were not working on it what-so-ever. Unfortunately, I read the reviews after I consulted with this company and now I am ina dispute to get my money back. They are a total waste of time, will not deliver the service they offer. Buyer beware and look elsewhere for services.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1068034
Jul 18 2013
09:54 AM
publishamerica book printing fredrick Maryland
I had two books published by PA, and my second book was a disaster they repeated chapters and paragraphs,even though I told them about it. Now they want three hundred dollars to give me the rights to my book.If your smart you will stay clear of this company. Also they wont send you royality checks they claim you didn't sell enough of your book.They need to be closed down!!
Entity: fredrick, Maryland
12, Report #1289470
Mar 12 2016
03:02 PM
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1151638
Jun 02 2014
10:04 PM
T.G.I.M. Digital Publishing The God in Me Digital Publishing, LLCEric L. Jones (Sr) Ripping Off Disabled People & Organizations & Disadvantaged Kids Kansas City Missouri
TG.I.M. Digital Publishing and it's founder, Eric L. Jones (Sr.) a convicted FELON, has been targeting Disabled Individuals and Diabilities Groups as well as Organizations that help Disadvantaged Youth. The Game.  Writing workshops (that never come about once they have been paid for) and helping organizations and individuals publish books (both e-books and books in print) which both further individuals as writers and serve as fund raisers for organizations. Oh, T.G.I.M. has a VERY slick looking Web page and boasts of connections in Africa and all over Europe.  They also have a Face Book page with two hundred and fifty some likes right now.  Point is, all of this does not mean a thing. They don't come THROUGH.  They Keep needing a little more money and a little more time.  They'll FINALLY get your e-book on their site AFTER you have given them $700 to $900 (keep in mind that these are dedicated individuals with disabilities that he is targeting.  People on limited incomes)  To get the book in print they need those e-books to sell and they just need a little more time and money from YOU  Money that is NOT written into the contract that Eric Jones (the owner and only REAL employee of this VAST enterprise) has you sign, which, conveniently says you will pay a fee....but they don't have that fee written in yet and...he has people who are going to back you financially so you don't need to worry about it and he is just really doing all this for the kids Well, he even told one writer that he had $90,000 in financial backing for a book that had not even been PUBLISHED but he needed $700...then it was $900. Then, since the printed book had NOT came out (and some of her peers had pre-ordered and chose to ask PayPay for $45 in refunds until he actually got it out in print), he charged HER $140 because he had to REFUND $45. Then he needed a few more $.  And there were delays getting it out into actual print form.  Then it WAS in print form and he was going to be using that $90,000 in financial backing to get her on book selling tours and out promoting and signing her book. Then he wanted the author to sell his writing seminars to the community organizations that she had connections with as she is well known in the disabilites communities.  Please keep in mind that Mr. Eric Jones is actually NOT a writer, Has NEVER held a workshop, has NEVER written anything himself and does not hold a DEGREE in writing.  He's an ex-FELON.  That's his talent. The author did not do this.  Independent of T.G.I.M. Digital Publishing, she had organizations that were interested in her speaking AND in her actual book.  She's a well known speaker in the disabilies community.  No, I cannot give her name as T.G.I.M. has the writers sign a contract' so it can milk them and any organizations they are associated with dry before they are able to complain. By the way, her bookk actually sold well.  Both Amazon Barnes and Noble indicated that, when they finally got the book in, they sold a MASSIVE number of copies.  The author and her charitable organizations that she indicated as recipients of this money have not seen a CENT in royalties and T.G.I.M. is not bothering to answer her phone calls.  Oh, and she paid for 100 copies of her own book so that she could distibute them.  She has never seen them. But, I can complain. Then, when Eric Jones (Sr) and T.G.I.M. Digital Publishing could get no more money out of this author, they moved on to another well known charitable organization and are now telling them that they can publish for them and help them make money  Only they will now just run into a little trouble and need a few dollars at t time from standforthe now (an anti bullying campaign.  Then they will move on to some other organization. Don't fall for it!  Read up and Know.  
Entity: Kansa City, Missouri
14, Report #145823
Jun 11 2005
04:51 PM Remanufactored/Sold inks as genuine Shenzhen China
I confirmed over and over with this person, Lisa Yang that the inks I am purchasing are genuine and not refilled or remanufactored and she confirmed over and over again that they are genuine however after sending the money and recieving the inks, they are not genuine and they are refilled! Lana Bayonne, New JerseyU.S.A.
15, Report #1124
Jan 12 2000
12:00 AM
bogus web page cd
Isent to Media Graphics International Inc. for a web publishing kit. when I went to install it,itwould only let me prpceed so far and no farther. when I called 1-800-679-6730 I was told that they did not handle that and was given an e-mail address which turned out to be a bogus e-mail.I still have not been able to resolve this. Sonja Wyant
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
16, Report #159592
Oct 05 2005
12:31 PM
Surfdocs ripoff plagerized, cut and pasted book seller Escondido California
SurfDocs sells online books. I purchased one for a bred of dog titles Pekingese Secrets After I purchased it on line, I downloaded it. (for 24.00) I was disappointed to find that the content is exactly like information in other publications, (like it was cut and pasted) Dont fall for their con. Be very wary !!! Richard rosemount, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Escondido, California
17, Report #2085
Apr 16 2000
12:00 AM
Work from home PC jobs
This company advertise a work from your home business using your PC. For a fee of $89.00 they will send you a copy of the details and a database of companies that you can contact to offer your services. The package included a 90 day guarantee with full refund if you don't received any business. After returning the entire package and contacting the company at the number supplied they refuse to return my funds. After numerous trys of contacting this company I still have not received anything verbal or written from them. A total ripoff scam.
Entity: Laguna Hills, California
18, Report #66771
Sep 10 2003
12:51 PM
Bookman Marketing ripoff Martinsville, In 46151 Indiana
They Promised to deliver my books to more than 15000 buyers and owners yet I didn't sell not one book nor had not one contact. Jerry Jackson, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Martinsville, Indiana
19, Report #173933
Jan 30 2006
02:43 PM
Docugraphix poor quality goods, terrible customer service, NO BUSINESS LICENSE, ripoff Internet
whatever you do, avoid docugraphix. it is a printing company with some of the worst product, worst customer service i have ever seen. i heard they do not have a business license Dave Marietta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #360273
Aug 07 2008
08:43 AM
Lexmark Corporation, Lexmark Corporation Poor printer support Internet
Since owning a Lexmark 75X printer I have not been able to get proper driver and printer support. The operating system that I am running is Windows XP Professional with SP3. When going to the web site for Lexmark, I found that this printer is no longer supported. The contact number on their web site is not correct but I was capable of contacting the about 1 1/2 months ago. Once I talked to tech support I was informed that this printer is no longer supported because it was over 3 years old. I even talked with the supervisor and he to stated that the 75X printer was no longer supported. The tech and supervisor were very rude to me and all that they wanted to do was sell me another printer which I was not interested in. This printer uses up ink cartridges very quickly and it never has run correctly with the XP Profesional operating system. In the past I also had this same problem. I would not recommend this 75X printer or any Lexmark printers to any of my peers or organizations I have supported in the past. I work with computers at a tech level as myself. I usually don't have these problems. Paulajean anne CONVERSE, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #384062
Oct 23 2008
08:51 AM
Allstate Imaging Printer Cartridges Chatsworth California
Their ink cart's may be good- but I wouldnt know. They didnt give us the time (one month) to try them and immediately started a HARD sell approach, calling every day and pressuring us into buying MORE which turned out to be at inflated prices from the original cost. So I would say their tactics are less than desirable. It took ALOT to get them off my back! The problem was that they dont tell you the entire truth up front. Which is that they EXPECT you to purchase a minimum of 12 cartridges, even though you tell them youd never use that many in 2 years! And, they just dont let up- and are VERY insisitant and do not back down. I finally got mad enough that I just hung up each time they called and finally after a couple days, they stopped calling. Good luck to anyone to deals with these sales people. If they have such great products, why the HARD SELL?? Wise up Allstate!!!!!! Djdb Tamaqua, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
22, Report #92991
May 26 2004
05:13 AM Bait and switch! ripoff scam cheapo business cards Lexington Massachusetts
DO NOT REORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! I re-ordered business cards from these people. The first set looked great. When I received my re-order it was on totally cheap stock! I complained and they said they'd recently changed their stock, but felt it was every bit as good. What a ruse! They should have DISCLOSED that they were changing their stock. Be prepared for extremely OFFENSIVE MARKETING tactics, popups, a string of unwanted phone calls and emails. UGH! I paid $90.00 for cheapo business cards... LOTS OF COMPLAINTS about these guys. BUYER BEWARE!!!! K Tumwater, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Lexington, Massachusetts
23, Report #627124
Jul 28 2010
12:18 PM Unauthorized charges to my checking account Internet, Florida
We found an unauthorized charge to our checking account in the amount of $4.72. This was by a We,ve never been to this site, nor purchased any screen savers. Googled the site and it does not exist. Googled the phone number (321-348-9626) and it brought me here. Ah-ha! a ripoff! Went to my bank and they've covered the four bucks and change. Better yet, they're looking into the company.
Entity: Internet, Florida
24, Report #500841
Sep 26 2009
03:40 PM
K1 Creative K1 Enterprises Unethical, Greed, Criminal Eureka, Missouri
K1 Creative is run by an unethical business man by the name of Wayne Kissel.  His greed, and tight grasp on control have nearly run his business into the ground. He has broken Missouri Labor laws and has been caught, been found guilty, and punished for doing so. And despite this the Missouri Department of Labor has  several statements that he continues to illegally adjust employee time sheets. He has been accused of bogusly inflating invoices for multiple customers. K1 Creative has an extremely high employee turn-over rate, and manages to only keep one or two employes consistently. Discrimination and favoritism is common in the workplace. Let this serve as fair warning. If you looking to do business or accept a job position with this company, just walk away.
Entity: Eureka, Missouri
25, Report #456021
May 28 2009
01:17 AM Shoes Quality Simply Pathetic US Internet
I ordered a Custom Nike Dunks High (Back to the Future) pair of shoes from I got the shoes in damaged form with their stitching torn off and the sole of the shoe broken. I called the customer care and they told me that they couldn't refund my money because damaged product was not refundable. I find this utter nonsense because what other kind of product would get a refund! Robert p us, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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