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26, Report #129514
Jan 31 2005
02:20 AM
WPI*IFRIENDS ELITE ripoff Billing on credit card Florida Internet
Have just received telephone call from my bank asking if I recognised a whole series of billings from WPI*Ifriends - totalling 450USD. As i didn't, bank have cancelled the charges and also replaced credit card. What I want to know is how they got my card number Alex DevonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Florida, Florida, Internet
27, Report #309484
Feb 16 2008
02:34 PM
Capital Distribution Group Send 20 & We'll Send You 9000!!! Toronto Ontario Canada
For about 2 weeks I'd been receiving unsolicited phone calls late at night and the callers all had an American accent yet despite my polite 'No Thankyou', the calls continued until 18/02/2008. On this date I received a letter in the post the envelope of which struck me as odd; although my address was correct, the envelope was marked Air Mail yet the franked top right hand corner said Royal Mail Postage Paid GB. Curious, I opened it to find 2 A4-size sheets inside, each crudely printed on an ink jet (as opposed to the litho-type printing used by genuine companies) in green and red. Comparing mine to those already featured in Rip Off, my letter appears to be identical in every respect to those which other people on this forum have received ie you must reply within 7 days to claim your 9000. However, it is odd that the claim form isn't dated and the covering letter states that the cheque will only be paid to the sender who's claim form bears the winning number - yet there's absolutely no indication of what the (so called) Number actually is! The final clue that this is a full-blown scam surrounds the company's (so called) promotion of fine Jewellery which, in this case, is a Diamond and Sapphire Pendant layered in 14 karat gold. In reality, it's probably cheap rubbish dipped - or plated - in gold. Look at the word Karat. In the English language, we spell that word with a 'C' - Carat - and 14 is most unusual; 9 carat gold is the norm whilst 18 carat is also well known but 14???????? REMEMBER! To win genuine prizes, you need to enter competitions and if you win, genuine promoters never beg for money up front on the scant promise of a massive win. Think For a Moment. Would you give a complete stranger a cheque for 9000 or send him / her a piece of valuable jewellery????? I rest my case. Nigel Plympton DevonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
28, Report #224048
Dec 06 2006
01:54 PM
South African Airways Express Lied to, ripped off, and dismissed ripoff Johannesburg South Africa
While traveling from Gabarone, Botswana to the United States in August the ticket agent for South African Airways Express in Gabarone told us that it was Company policy on that date, because of the threat of terrorism, that passengers check all electronic goods in their baggage. Upon completion of our flight we discovered that it, in fact, there was no such Company policy, and that my computer had been stolen. When contacted, SAA Express said that it was company policy to NOT reimburse passengers for stolen electronic goods if they were stolen in checked in baggage, and because their web site warns passengers not to check in electronic goods they had no liability. When informed that we were directed by their employees to check our electronic goods in our baggage, and therefore, believed we had no choice, the response of Customer Serices was too bad. All of my appeals went for not. We were informed that they conducted an investigation, but neither I nor any of my witnesses were ever interviewed. They now say the case is closed. Clearly, we have an airline that implicitly condones the criminal behavior that they apparently can't control of its employees. At the very least, they refuse to take responsibility for their employees. My advise to the public is, do not use South African Airways Express in your travels unless you absolutely have to, and even then don't take anything more than a toothbrush with you. Alexander Devon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Johannesburg, Nationwide
29, Report #55799
May 05 2003
08:11 PM
Innovational Services Peter O Kane Mike Aquilino Pscho Babble ripoff fraud business Haverford Pennsylvania
Beware.. This is Voo Doo Pscho Babble. Meant to confuse you and take your money. I checked their credentials. They have done this before as The Raphael Group. Bob Devon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Haverford, Pennsylvania
30, Report #83460
Mar 10 2004
05:32 PM
Moving Services - Moving Star Moving Services is moving scam ripoff North Miami Beach Florida
Moving Services tried to rip me off, and got some of my money! I am getting prepared for a move to Japan and was looking for a moving company and getting quotes from some companies online (my first mistake). Anyway, I had them set up to come get my things and had to give them my CC # (another mistake). Just more than a week before they're supposed to come, I was talking to my friend already in Japan and he was telling me to make sure I have documents and stuff for customs. He knew somebody that just arrived and couldn't get his things because he didn't have the customs paperwork! I call this guy I was working with (Victor Dominguez) and ask him about this and about the weighing of my goods, which I know would be done at sometime. He assured me that I needed no documents and my stuff would not be weighed! I became more curious so started to do some research. I read some interesting things on and I found the company name on one of their black lists. I also found the owner's name with another company-- Moving Star-- and found some reports on this site about Moving Star. I tried to contact this Victor to question this, but could not get through. I was continually put on hold, disconnected, and got no call back. So, I decided to send him an email requesting to cancel my move. Within 10 minutes of sending this email, I received a call from a dispatcher at the company saying he got an anonymous email from me saying I want to cancel this. He basically told me that they were going to charge me 30% of my estimate ($630) and he hung up on me! Less than 10 minutes after that, I received an email from Victor (who, by the way, was not there to talk to me) quoting their Order for Service that states all cancellations must be made within 10 business days of scheduled move date. Their Order for Service also states that contracts will not be accepted without a complete item list (which I never sent) and that this Order for Service must be signed and faxed back to them (which it never was)! After being hung up on by the Moving Services dispatcher, I was concerned and decided to contact my credit card services and inquire about stopping something from being charged. The gentleman with the CC company asked if this was the $630 charge just made to my account by Moving Services. Apparently, just after the guy hung up on me, he immediately charged my card!!! Now I am in the process of a dispute of these charges. I am also going to try my best to ensure that this causes Moving Services more than the $630 they want to charge me! Andrew devon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Miami, Florida
31, Report #30129
Sep 16 2002
10:34 AM
Raylene Van Worth is a rip off fake Sittingbourne
I live in England and was recently sent a letter from Raylene telling me I am coming into a very lucky period in the next month. The letter asked for my birthdate and also asked me to send 19.95 for a personal reading and a lucky Charm. It appears that she is now extending her fraudulent claims outside of the United States. I believe that she has probably bought lists of peoples names from database companies and is doing huge mailshots probably all over Europe now. How many people in other coutries is she trying to con and how can she be stopped. I did not send her any money but sadly I am sure lots of people have. Thank you for the rip-off report. When I did a search of her name your site came up, so at least some people may be spared being conned. Valerie Crediton, Other CLICK HERE: Raylene Van Worth Psychic Ripoff Victims: get your money back NOW! **UPDATED info: Contact the New Jersey United States Postal Inspector IMMEDIATELY!
Entity: Sittingbourne, Other
32, Report #47107
Feb 26 2003
06:06 PM
Personal Marketing Associates consumer rip-off fraud King Of Prussia Pennsylvania
Entity: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
33, Report #839918
Feb 15 2012
08:28 PM
Simmons Their Beauty Rest-Black-Devon extra firm mattress is an absolutely terrible mattress. Norcross, Georgia
I tried out a Simmons Mattress (Devon, Beauty Rest-Black) in the store but when it arrived at my house, it was a completely different mattress.  While the mattress is supposed to be extra firm, in the store, it felt comfortable.  I have had the mattress in my house for four nights and each night my fiance and I have to get up and take advil or move to another bed or couch in the house.  The mattress is making our bodies ache.   When we contacted the company, they have given us the run around, saying that they can't take it back and that they can't help us with the warranty , that we have to go through the company from which we bought it.  To top it all off , the box -spring arrived damaged and the mattress slides off the box-spring. Please do not waste your money on this very expensive mattress so that you won't have to waste your time dealing with Simmons.  They are an unreliable company.  No wonder they declared bankruptcy a few years back.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
34, Report #523710
Nov 14 2009
03:08 PM
Steenmick Auto & Empire Auto Devon McDonalds Auto Dealer Bronx, New York
Devon McDonald stoled my money. He promised to sell me a car 325i BMW that he purchased from an auction as a dealer. He asked for a Three dollars certified check depoist to clear the car from the auction which was half the price of the car. I have been waiting for this car to be transported from an auction in Illinois and each week is a different reason why the car has not gotten to me as yet. On 11/13/09 He informed me that the car has arrived to his place and he is having it checked out and would be deliver to me that day. He also wanted me to put insurance on the car, but failed to provide me with a VIN # Since then his phone has been turned off and he has not returned any of my phone calls   
Entity: Bronx, New York
35, Report #798088
Nov 14 2011
10:50 PM
Turod Armstrong Hotstar Website Design Devon the designer Scam, unprofessional, AVOID!!! Internet
Don't be scammed!!! I hired this guy to do an extremely basic wordpress design for me. It looked good at first, but after I paid him I realized that it was loaded with broken links. When I brought the problems to his attention, he ran away with my money and stopped responding to my emails. I would not recommend working with this guy ZERO professionalism and inflated/fake resume.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #1199405
Jan 05 2015
06:01 AM
mighty deals sold me a faulty android tablet Internet
I brought a android tablet from an online company called mighty deals. It did not work properly on arrival I have sent several emails that they ignore. Before the product arrived they answered all emails with any questions asked so I know that they do get them. I have explained my problem to them and have had no reply. I have since found a website call trust spot where a lot of people have had very similar problems  with mighty deals. They do not have a phone number so can not speak to anyone in person
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1185626
Oct 29 2014
10:36 AM
We took out finance for our caravan with them through CARLOAN4U after setting up the agreement we changed our bank, we have now sent them 5 direct debit forms all off which haven't been processed by advantage. Everytime they failed to take payment via direct debit we paid by card via the telephone. The last time we made a payment the lady assured she would telephone on the number I provided for her, after approximatly 8 weeks (2payments) we hadn't heard anything from them assuming they had taken it from our bank. I then visited my bank to check this and they have no acknowledgment off them trying to set up the direct debit. We then contacted them to discuss this and make payment. We were then told no we are taking the caravan and you have to pay 6000 still in interest. I then contacted my solicitor who contacted them, he also told them again we wanted to make payment. Dispite us trying to set up direct debit, which they said we could only do via there form which they have managed to not process 5. I also asked for there bank details to set the direct debit up in my bank. Or if they could set it up on the telephone, both options were refused. We have done everything in our power to make payment to advantage finance, but they have made it impossible for us to do so. I have now contacted there governing body the FLA who have opened a case to try and resolve the issue and make sure they are following the correct code off conduct. They have also requested they put a hold on any proceedings until they have resolved the situation. Despite this advantage sent 3 men to collect the caravan, they were aggressive, had no ID. Luckily the police drove past and told them that they had to get a court order and that they had to phone them before visiting. it was very frightening, thankfully the police were in the right place at the right time. MY brother also videoed them for evidence, hopefully the FLA will resolve the problem. As my solicitor said they are sharks and they've opened a trap. BEWARE PLEASE DON'T USE ADVANTAGE FINANCE OR CARLOAN4U  
Entity: Internet
38, Report #1188176
Nov 11 2014
10:31 AM
wells fargo brokerage very poor services very rude reply delaware Internet
 This guys have most terrible services with highest charges. I have 401k account with them and wanted to buy ETF USLV but not allowed to buy even with my cash account. When I followed up on phone they said that I can close my account. I swear that if not for my company policy on 401k accounts I would have dumped this guys. Ever hear broker trying to interfere with your investments you buy from your cash brokerage account. Aviod this disgusting broherage at all cost.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1164588
Jul 24 2014
07:29 AM sally take the money and run run run.... BIDEFORD DEVON UK
I bought a lovely art deco lamp from SALLY at Deco World in Bideford in Devon UK. All went nicely inc transfer of money (£300) then nothing nothing email nothing telephone: all phones disconnected HALLELUJAH have been ripped off: no lovely lamp ; no momey ; no contact; would love to know how people think that doind this is fun...does the money make them happy??...sad people....sad world..... 
Entity: BIDEFORD, Select State/Province
40, Report #1319922
Jul 31 2016
09:03 PM
pep boys bad work King Of Prussia Pennsylvania
I took my 1996 ford truck to get a manifold exhaust gasket replaced and when i picked it up it was worst than it was before i gave it to them. i had a warrenty but it didtn matter they still denied eveything....DONT GET A WARRENTY its not worth spending 80$ or more on warrenty that you wont be able to use because pepboys will find a way to lie about the service done. this is not a good place for some things need fixed on a car because they dont have the experience needed for all work.
Entity: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
41, Report #1384606
Jul 11 2017
09:23 AM
Profit limited James Taylor internet cheat selling ebay accounts devon Internet
this business is a sham i had close shave and lucky escape with this company and one of his sales people when she called me and i have spoken to others on facebook since and even guy in the north who actually worked with him who have similiar stories from them and i have now been directed to read numerous reports on here about their dubious dealings - selling ebay accounts and taking money on western union from people - its all there with proof - read about Bar Land and his complaint, just incredible. the owner also owns a few other companies and scam sites all with bad names. ive been told he that he owns powesellershop, topratedaccounts, powerselleraccounst and profit and many others and he can also change his name whenever he wants. i even read stuff on facebook about the owner posting videos about himself on youtube using professional actors playing as him, so if they call - run !!!
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1388018
Jul 25 2017
09:02 AM
Axiom America Unknowledgeable, Inexperienced to Repairing Equipment they Sell/ Horrible Customer Service DEVON Pennsylvania
If you could bear with me for a few minutes I'd like to paint our frustrating picture for you and the entire experience we have had since making our purchase with AXIOM AMERICA. We purchased two printers from Axiom the first week in January 2016, one of the biggest mistakes we have ever encountered is Axiom! We purchased both the Mimaki TS300 and a Mutoh JV900 in the same purchase order. Fuzion put 50% down, making a wire transfer on January 25th. We were so excited to take possession of both printers on February 9th, 2016. Between Feb 9th and approximately 2nd or 3rd WEEK in March several service techs from Axiom traveled to set up the printer. From what we came to understand the initial tech Axiom sent was not educated on the MIMAKI TS300 and the ink was run through the wrong lines and, obviously, the printer was not up and running when he left our shop. When the next service tech came to our shop the last week of February/first week of March he was so angry at the condition of our BRAND NEW printer. He told us the ink was running through the wrong locations and he had to flush the entire system. Over the next several weeks Techs from Axiom came out to get it up and running. At one point we were told our NEW Mimaki would need a new main board BEFORE we ever even got one print from it. At this point we asked Axiom for a NEW Mimaki TS300 in exchange for this one.. Because with all the errors that were made by the Axiom installation techs we felt we had a defective machine. I didn't want a rebuild. We didn't know what problems their mistakes would cause in the long run. Axiom told us they would not replace it. At this point I contacted MIMAKI DIRECTLY and our Rep, Steve was to bring in Mimaki's tech. in which we have much gratitude. We still had to go through Axiom to get registration information, dongle key code, etc. before we could fully use the printer. AND WE WERE BILLED AND PAID FOR THE FLUSHING SOLUTION to clean out the erroneous ink streams. One week after warranty we had problems with the printer stopping mid-print and we were told we needed a new motor. The service call was a minimum is $600 + travel, labor and parts. Fuzion is a one man show. Our output is not huge volumes and we do this because we love it. Ideally, we would love to grow our business and have been talking about adding additional printers and heat presses. Tom has the clientele but he is still paying off two printers that are not running - the MUTOH didn't run from day one buy AXIOM blamed our IT for messing with them when attempting to get them running. Two weeks ago the Mimaki started banding badly (I'm unsure if I'm explaining it correctly) but there are lines running through the prints every 1/2 or so. Tommy ran several head cleaning but it wasn't helping and it seemed like the black printer head was clogged. With several very angry clients because Tom was running behind due to the motor, I sent Axiom a service requisition because we needed someone out quickly. The tech came out, soaked the head IN SOLVENT!!!!, THE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO - IT IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE SOAKED IN WARM WATER). The tech ran tests and we were up and running again, $1,000 later. After 3 or 4 days the same thing started happening again and we were told it needs a new printer head. A $3,200 part. Tom is able to get a few prints from it after running it through cleaning again and again but he is wasting so much consumables. We NEVER want to work with Axiom EVER again! Just a side note so you know how Axiom is so dedicated to their clients the Mutoh hasn't given us more than 20-25 prints since it was installed. After installation (at the same time of the Mimaki) they ran test prints and they would come out fine. After a couple days it stopped printing. Our tech would call their tech and they insist that our tech did something wrong. When Tom or our tech would call for help Axiom would refer us to Ergosoft (software), Erosoft would refer us to Mutoh, Mutoh said it was an Axiom problem and around we go. For an entire year we have probably logged on 80-100+ hours with techs, all of which pass the buck. When Axiom's tech was out for the Mimaki he told us that the MUTOH needed a new main board. I guess the problem is that the printer and computers are not playing nice and one doesn't recognize the other. However Axiom, just last week, offered to sell the Mutoh for us and they would give us an excellent price for a new printer! With both issues with the MIMAKI AND MUTOH we went directly to the manufacturers. Both companies sent out Service Techs from their local offices and we didn't have to go to a 3rd party and more importantly we never have to see AXIOM again.
43, Report #1387105
Jul 21 2017
06:19 AM
DecisionOne Decision One - Epson Repair Company - A $4600 REPAIR AND STILL DOESN'T WORK DEVON, PA, Pennsylvania Nationwide
While I am a small business & only one voice I have started to write, and will continue to write to as many of Decision One affiliates, headquarters, clients, manufacturers, forums, etc to get me story out to as many as I can. I have contacted BBB, several Chamber of Commerce where D1 has business with my review and complaint on the disgusting treatment & service that D1 provides. I have never been so angry and appalled at the business practices of a company! And if I can make one person, one corporation, one industry to steer clear of D1 I will be satisfied. That doesn't mean I'll stop my crusade, just that I'll be satisfied, be in Epson, 3M, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Southwest, American Express, American Airlines, the list goes on. For a company to advertise as their Mission Statement to deliver outstanding technology support services to organizations is laughable. Digital Imaging Services, what do you get when you combine more than 50 years of service expertise with 75 years of manufacturing experience? I can tell anyone and everyone what we got, RUN AROUND, EMPTY POCKETS AND STILL AN UNREPAIRED, USELESS specialty, wide format printer. Regardless of manufacturer, age, location, or function of your systems and technology, D1 can service it locally, reliably, and cost-effectively on your or your client's premises. With benefits such as Extended life of technology investments..... NOT OUR EXPERIENCE. DecisionOne- provides a flexible suite of services that are specifically designed to support business and mission critical environments by minimizing systems downtime and increasing systems efficiency and performance, while reducing operating costs. ....... NOT OUR EXPERIENCE. But the very best of all, Full maintenance - DecisionOne takes the first call and provides onsite support until equipment/service is repaired/restored - this statement from D1 couldn't be more of a LIE. MY VERY UNFORTUNATE STORY AND EXPERIENCE WITH DECISION ONE If I could rate DecisionOne a negative number I would rate them at -1000. DecisionOne must have an exclusive contract to perform service on the Epson wide format specialty printers. I am a one man shop and my volume in February 2016 was, at maximum,10 prints a day. My F6070 was about 18 months old at the time and started giving me poor print quality. Epson Tech Support had gone as far as they could go before sending out a Service Tech, Larry on Feb 6, 2016. The print head was replaced the first time. Larry thought the new print head was defective and had DecisionOne order another. Over a two week period Larry came out 4 or 5 times. He was able to get a few good prints after several cleanings and tests and after a week the printer would begin banding again. Larry and I had conversations from initial contact several times since Larry gave me his cell number. Our personal Tech called Epson several times but they were unable to get the printer up and running to get a quality print. I called Larry and left several messages on his cell asking if he would call me back. On April 12 I spoke with Vickie, A/R at DecisionOne trying to collect on the invoice of $4,500 to NOT repair our Epson F6070. I told her that I would not pay the invoice since the printer was never fix. I gave Vickie our entire story and she sent a DecisionONE in-house email to Deb on April 12. I do not know the position Deb held in the company. One April 13 I was sent an email by Deb stating, at no time should a customer call DecisionONE directly, they must call Epson first. Mind you that each time we called Epson we would have to go through a series of test, fix attempts and the hours accumulated. In the mean time we have irate customers at this time and have lost several clients. And by this time we were coming very close to our 90 day warranty work. On Sunday, April 17 I sent Deb, D.O., an email stating that I contacted Epson April 12 and again on the 15th and I was still waiting to hear back from Epson. (Vicki, A/R followed up with me on April 14 confirming if I had called Epson. On April 13 I spoke with Eric at Epson for approx 45 min. giving him all information on our circumstances. Eric understood that we were experiencing the same issues as we had in Feb.) Our owner had to leave the office and wasn't able to talk with Eric further trying to fix the matter and Eric said he would contact us on the 15th). At this time we had completely no confidence in DecisionOne's ability to help us. Nor did we feel that Epson was willing to do anything else for us. Sept 1 Vickie called me again. I told her that the matter had never been rectified and the Epson F6070 was still down and out. At that time Vickie copied me on an e-mail that she sent to Mark (last name withheld), Director of Field Operations and Mike (last name withheld, unknown position) asking them if they would please contact us. Mark replied with that email, The account appears to be in IL, therefore I will ask Steve (last name withheld) to contact the client and have a discussion with her. Coping Steve on this e-mail. I am still waiting for the phone call from Steve or Mark or Mike or Larry, Friday, February 12, 2017. However I did speak with their Collection Agency who told me that they were willing to drop our cost from $4500 to $4000 and again to $2250. I told the Collection Agency in January that DecisionONE is welcome to come get their expensive parts because they have never fixed our printer and have cost us several lost accounts, revenue. So this is where we stand. Of course now I have asked for advise from my legal counsel again (he had made a suggestion that I offer only the wholesale cost of the parts, that DecisionOne should not profit from the parts, nor will we pay for the labor or travel costs). Truly what a HORRIBLE company! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I urge any potential clients of this corporation to think twice about using/contracting with this company.  Their lack of knowledge on repairing speciality equipment is false and this only reflect negatively on your company for sending your customers to them!  EPSON, THIS IS DIRECTED SPECIFICALLY TO YOU ON OUR CASE COMPLAINTS SENTBBBBIZAPEDIACHAMBER OF COMMERCEISHCC RIPOFF.COM EPSON  
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1386777
Jul 19 2017
05:40 PM
Neon-Cat Cattery Marian Gooding-breeder Devon Rex breeder Fort Worth Texas
We purchased a kitten from this breeder, and we had to put our kitten to sleep at 9 months of age because he had FIP. It's a fatal virus passed on genetically. We researched and found similar complaints from families on the complaintsboard website. We also discovered false advertising on the breeder's site specifically stating negative tests for the underlying condition which causes FIP. She states that her cats are in excellent condition and she does routine ultrasound testing on all of her breeding cats (she has 16 of them currently). If this was true it would cost a fortune for her. Ultrasound testing costs around $500. We know these are lies because we contacted the vet she works with, who conifrmed they have no medical records on her adult breeding cats. You may see her information on her website at and read complaints from other families here-(((REDACTED))) Pleasedo careful research before choosing to buy a devon rex kitten from this breeder. She charges $900 for a kitten, which is less for a devon rex, but don't be fooled. I would insist on medical records for the adult cats, which I guarantee she will not have anything to provide. I wish we did this beforehand, it is sad to actually realize she does not care about these cats. She has inhumae practices, and if you notice from the complaintsboard she has a pattern of either ignoring families, blaming families or their vets. She will blame anyone else instead of taking responsibility for herself. She has been doing this for so many years and needs to be stopped. 
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
45, Report #211323
Sep 16 2006
11:45 AM
Helston Garages Cornwall, Carrs Of Exeter Lack of knowledge about their own cars. Ripoff Useless lackadaisical uncaring Exeter Devon United Kingdom
Thanks for dropping by. My name is Penn and for the past 20 years I have been confined to a wheelchair following an accident in which I suffered a spinal cord injury to my neck. There are two items that I just could not do without. The first is my electric wheelchair, and the second is my specially adapted motor vehicle. Without either of these mobility aids, I am confined to my house. I decided to put together this web page which describes the experiences I have recently had with a local Chrysler dealer here in the South West of England. Everything you read on this page is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. I haven't elaborated, dramatised, made anything up or said anything that isn't fair. Carrs of Exeter have various outlets in the Southwest of England. They also deal in prestige cars such as Ferrari. Everything on this web page has come about because of the way C.O.E dealt with my situation knowing full well how incapacitated I was without transport. I recently took my Chrysler Voyager to them because the ABS warning light would not go out. Because of the complex nature of the fault, a registered Chrysler dealership were the only people who could work on the car. I had found out that certain Chrysler vehicles between the ages of 1991/93 were subject to a recall because of the very problem I was experiencing. I informed Carrs of my findings but they totally dismissed this as ridiculous even though I informed them of where I had gained the information. They obviously did a bit of homework and then admitted that there was indeed a recall and offered to undertake the work. This was where all my troubles started. They started work on my car and then informed me that there was a component that needed to be ordered. When I asked how long it would be before my car was going to be fixed and ready for collection, the only answer I received was, six days, six weeks or six months. I was now virtually housebound without transport. As the weeks passed by, there was still no sign of my vehicle being returned to me. You can understand that after three months without a car I was getting extremely desperate. All I would get in response to my inquiries about when the part was going to be available was it is on backorder, we don't know when it's going to be available I then started researching this matter myself using the Internet. With the help of some American friends I managed to locate more than one outlet in the United States that could provide me with the exact part needed to complete the recall on my vehicle. In the meantime, I was still being told that the part would not be available until the end of April. This is when I got the local media involved. After a phone call from consumer journalist Natalie Cornah who works for Spotlight television, a hydraulic assembly mysteriously appeared and was fitted to my car within two days. Somewhat sooner than they had been telling me for weeks on end. We can only guess why. My car was now finished with all faulty parts replaced. Carrs of Exeter kindly offered to carry out the MOT free of charge. I thought, that's very kind of them so I took them up on the offer. Well, they managed to find nearly 1000 of repairs that needed doing. I thought, who are you trying to kid? And rejected their offer to carry out the work on my car. I was then given the bombshell. Two of the components that had been replaced, one of which was the one I'd waited for, were not part of a recall. I knew for a fact that the Hydraulic Assembly was part of the recall and I should not be paying for it. They would not have it, if I wanted my car back, I was going to have to hand over 3000. I could have taken legal action there and then but that would have meant my car being impounded at Carrs of Exeter for many months. I needed my car, so under duress, I reluctantly paid the 3000. I then took legal action against Carrs of Exeter to claim back what I had paid them. I have been reimbursed for the hydraulic assembly which Carrs of Exeter initially denied was part of the recall. There is also the subject of cost. Why are these parts so incredibly expensive? The hydraulic assembly was 1050, more than twice as much as I could have got it from the United States. I know that garages have to make a mark up on components, but surely this is bordering on the ridiculous. After all the heartache, inconvenience and enormous expense, my car is now actually worse off than it ever was before going into Carrs of Exeter for the recall. I cannot drive the car for more than a couple of miles without the brakes binding. I have had two garages try and find out what is causing this binding. Neither of them have been successful in finding out what is wrong. All I say is that this problem WAS NOT in evidence before the recall. I am now in the process of purchasing a European car. Regrettably, my Plymouth Voyager will either have to be scrapped, or sold for a pittance because of what is still wrong with it. I have asked myself in the last few weeks, was it really worth it? After paying my legal fees, I came out of the case with just over 200. Carrs of Exeter would not reimburse my legal fees even though they were in the wrong. I wasn't going to let this large company get away with lining their pockets with my money. I am pleased I did it, even though I lost out financially in the end. I regret ever taking my car to Carrs of Exeter. I expected my car to be repaired in a reasonable and acceptable time, regrettably, I got neither. This has been an awful experience which has made me come to a decision that I would never contemplate purchasing another Chrysler product again. Penn BrixhamUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Chrysler & Chrysler Products
Entity: Exeter, Devon
46, Report #221185
Nov 18 2006
01:57 AM
Chalex Research, Egli Technology, Chales Ireland, Technology Codes, WBI Technology, Quadrate Digital Fraud European Comission Funding IR35 tax dodge, breach of employment law Torquay, Devon United Kingdom
Chalex research and it's 'captive companies' are involved in European technical and scientific research programmes. Undeclared sister companies are registered in Ireland as it is seen as a developing country and is entitled to more funding, yet all employees work in Devon in the UK. The managing directors run several companies, entering 'captive' companies into projects to increase their funding allocation. These companies are often managed by directors under assumed names. The company breaks many rules in European funding which are there to govern how public money is spent. They are abusing the system and have become millionaires by defrauding public money. The European Court is already taking legal action against them, as are a number of research consortia, and they are slowly being removed from the projects the have mismanaged. Kevin ExeterUnited Kingdom
Entity: Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom, Nationwide
47, Report #1221495
Apr 09 2015
03:53 PM
The Horticultural Correspondence College The Horticultural Training College Limited ,trading as The Horticultural Correspondence College, Ripoff - Didn't Send Certificate After Successful Completion of Course, Ignored emails Devon England
I paid in full for the course, successfully completed the course, and then never received my certificate for completing the course.  They made excuse after excuse.  I emailed and they kept saying they would send it, but  HCC never did and then ceased to answer emails.  This school is a complete scam.  What good is to complete the course, if they won't provide the certificate for my porfolio?  They are cheaper than other schools for a reason.  Skip it and use another online correspondence school.  I will never use them again.  Also, the books are small paper bound presentations and not real books.  They are hard to read due to the size of the books and the pictures are few and tiny.
48, Report #591065
Jun 30 2010
07:34 PM
Devon Howard DSH Housing group, Quality Wholesale Homes, Goldbilt homes, Goldbuilt homes, Forever homes, factory wholesale homes, devon s. howard, justin kerns, dave higbee, dave higby, doug spicer, mark gibson, It's time FBI do SOMETHING about this Nationwide Con-Game ,DSH , QWH , GOLDBILT , GOLDBUILT Internet
It really upsets us whenever we hear of new rip-offs by these con artist varmints deposit collection scams.  The primary varmints/scammers names are DeVon S. Howard (DSH) and sons and Dave Higbee. DBA's include: DSH Housing Group, aka Factory wholesale homes, aka Goldbilt homes aka Goldbuilt homes aka Quality Wholesale Homes, aka Forever homes aka... the list of company names goes on and on. Each time the courts, attorney generals and their victims catch up to them, they change the business name, address and location and start up scamming new victims. We were victimized by these jerkz last fall, but were successful in getting our money back by using the BBB arbitration service. Since then we've tried to help others recover their money. But since DSH continues to scam others without any repercussions, and it's such an easy and extremely profitable swindle, it's apparent these varmints WILL NOT STOP until the laws of this country are enforced by the FBI and the players all land themselves in jail for as long as it takes to pay back all their thousands of victims. The only way this is going to happen is for EVERY ONE of the victims to get involved and file complaints with the FBI, demanding they do something about it. We posted a link to a page with law enforcement contact information, but it was removed by the rules on ripoffreport. So we'll try again to get this info to the victims - the web address of the court docutments (you can use to win your case) are at J E R K Z dot com.  There you will find instructions on steps to take to get your money back.  I think it's going to be a lot harder for the victims now than it was for us...since the company is operating solely via Internet with NO physical address and keep changing their phone numbers, emails and such. We advise victims to name DEVON S. HOWARD personally and collectively all DBA's in small claims court (if your loss is $5000 or less).  If loss is greater than $5000, best thing to do is contact the American Arbitration Association and your local Attorney General's division of consumer protection, plus any manufactured housing devisions of your State government for help and/or advise.  MOST IMPORTANTLY: DON'T GIVE UP and SPREAD THE WORD to everyone in your network of contacts and news media to warn others to avoid these people no matter how sweet they make thier deals smell!! I wish all victims of this swindle great success with their recovery and prosection efforts. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
49, Report #299355
Mar 04 2010
08:21 AM
Entity: BRONX, New Jersey
50, Report #593686
May 02 2010
09:17 PM
Realtytrade, Realty Trade, Virtual Group, Don Biggs, Jack Devon, Tim Harrison DON'T LIST WITH THEM UNLESS YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR REFUND AGAIN Orlando, Florida
I just had the most frustrating conversation with Realty Trade regarding my refund which I was informed that i am not going to get. I spoke with a customer representative by the name of Angela & explained that I had sent my letter registered mail for my refund.   She stated that they did not have a copy of the letter & asked me to fax a copy & the signature card which I did. When I called back, she stated that because I sent the letter prior to the expiration date of my contract, that the letter was not valid.  I explained to her that I had called to check on sending the letter just prior to expiration date & was informed that was okay.  Of course there was no documentation that I had called. She stated that I needed to send the letter within 10 days after the end of the contract.   No where in the contract does it state that the letter cannot be sent prior to the expiration date. This is not right & I believe a way to hold on to the money.   This is nothing that can be done?
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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