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1, Report #569643
Feb 15 2010
08:28 AM
DISH NETWORK dish network Crooks, Thiefs, liars, Internet
Up until last week I was a customer for 8 years.  Feb 1 they changed my plan without telling me and nearly doubling my cost.  After being transferred 3 times and put on hold for almost 25 minutes in total,  a supervisor only wanted me to commit to a 2 year plan.  Also they said I was responsible for equipment maintenance even though I am leasing the equipment.  I have been on the same plan for 8 years without any changes.  Now I am being charged $30 to send back the leased equipment even though my plan says they will pay the return cost.  The supervisor just repeats like a parrot that my new plan requires I pay return cost even though I never changed my plan.  What a bunch of crooks.  Stay away from dish.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #7938
Nov 19 2001
12:00 AM
Do not get Dish Network
I have had Dish Network for approx 6 months. For the first month or so it was fine. Other than a few times of getting no reception during bad weather, it was OK. Recently, for some unknown reason, the reception problem has gotten so bad that watching a show has become impossible. Approx every 10-15 seconds, the screen will go blank and a box will appear that states the signal has been lost. Of course, I called them and one of their technicians walked me through a series of diagnostic tests using the remote...which did nothing to solve the problem. Since then, I have called at least 3 times and gotten the same lack of support. They actually told me that even though I do not get a constant signal for more than 10 seconds, I still have to pay for the service and I'm obligated to do so for 12 months. I asked if they could send someone out to inspect it and was told it will be $119 just to get someone out there. I was even told by someone there to take the receiver to a friend's house that has Dish Network to see if it works for them...doesn't seem like a standard customer service policy to me. I asked how I can terminate my contract...they said by paying us $240. So even though I am paying them for a service, basically it's up to me to fix any problems...what a policy!! After some investigating, I found out that there are local cable companies that offer incentives for switching over to their service. I have since given in and am going to pay the $240 to Dish Network just to end this madness. However, I am receiving $200 in coupons to use for my new cable service. Don't make the same mistake I did...go with cable least until the science of satellite TV is enhanced....or Dish Network takes a SERIOUS look at their customer service policies!!
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1358251
Feb 25 2017
10:29 AM
Dish network Unauthorized charge Nationwide
 I contacted the Dish network website phone number supplied from web site to become a possible new customer.The rep.that I talked with presented what sounded like a good deal.Going forward with the deal I had made clear understanding that I would not be moving until April so do not charge me until then we'll the next morning I see I was charged $49.95 and I was overdrawn at this point.I called the number with his extension and it rolled back to dish main number and they told me that they had no idea what the ext number was and who that person was and they could not refund me for 3 to 5 days.Asking to talk to a supervisor they put me on hold and hung up.This made me furious and I called 4 more times with the same result.then in a email I have another invoice showing another install response for Comcast.I have been scammed..What a day..Please help me
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #310509
Feb 20 2008
01:21 PM
Dish Network NFL Network Nationwide
Well, after getting me to buy the HD package and the TOP 100 Dish network today decided to make the NFL Netowrk availible on the TOP 200 package (additional $15 per month). They did this with no notice or consideration of the consumer(s) that purchased the package. On their contact phone they have a select 1 for NFL Network they knew what they were doing and just wanted to rip off the consumers again. Not just charge it to new but stick it to the existing. David Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #276133
Sep 26 2007
05:15 PM
Dish Network Don't Trust Dish! Pasadena California
Watch out for when you cancel Dish! I decided to switch companies after Dish has started a new policy of flashing pop ups when your account is past due. Now, poor planning on my part when we signed on, but the bill is due the 27th and we always have paid on the 10th from day one which is 2 1/2 yrs and not have had any issues with pop up reminders. I called and told them to cancel our service on Sept 16th, which they did. It is now the 26th, and I am still waiting for my boxes for the receivers which is a total of 3 receivers, they have only sent 2 boxes and I am trying to get a 3rd one. Meanwhile, their automated phone system says they disconnected us for non payment, I had fits about that, and my account is noted we voluntarily disconnected. I get a final bill stating service interupted due to past due oweing. I got 3 calls the first week w/out their service saying if you don't get the boxes in 7 days to let them know, which I have done, customer service is horrible, you can't understand them hardly, then I am told 3 different dates to when the boxes were shipped out. Why is it that they waited 9 days AFTER we disconnected them to ship out boxes? Then today 9/26 I get automated call stating they are have already started the process of charging my credit card for the receivers. How can I send them to them when I have no boxes? I called corporate office 303-723-1000 who put me to the customer service department of the executives. I was told no charges have been put against my debit card. I asked how they can just charge my account when they are not authorized to do so. I was told it is in our contract. What contract? We never signed a contract believe it or not. I do not trust them. So now i have to cancel my debit card so they don't charge me. They pulled the same stunt with some family a couple years ago, and long story short they turned them into collections and they had to fight against it.They apparantly like to stall and everything waiting until the time is right to send the boxes knowing that it can take 7-10 days for them to receive the receivers and by then its too late per contract So my suggestion to you is to never pay on line and go to a local center if possible to pay them or send money orders so they don't try to pull this same stuff on you. Dishstinks central point, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #318919
Mar 18 2008
08:23 AM
Dish Network, Dish Network Nightmare Littleton Colorado
On March 7, 2008, I called Dish Network and scheduled an appointment for new services. The cost was $149. for equipment. The CSR Jonathan was very professional and pleasant. He referred me to the scheduling unit located in Tampa, Florida and that's where the nightmare began. I was given a five-hour window (12:pm to 5:pm) for installation on Friday March 14, 2008. At 2:30pm, I became concerned and called for confirmation. I spoke to customer service and they guaranteed the appointment. The technician never came. I wasted five hours of my valuable time. After speaking to several incompetent representatives from the U.S to Milan, I was ready to cancel the service. On March 16, 2008, I received a call from Dish Network wanting to reschedule the appointment. The appointment was rescheduled for Tuesday, March 18, 2008 (8:00am to 12.00pm). I called mid-morning to confirm, only to be told you don't have an appointment. Enough is enough. I cancelled the service and requested a refund. I am also considering filing a lawsuit for breach of verbal contract. This company sucks! Customer service representatives lied to me repeatedly and some were rude and couldn't speak English. I spoke to several people who have Dish Network and all lodged complaints about service and equipment. Now I will share my horrible experience with any and everyone who will listen. Stay away from Dish Network. Dee Winter Garden, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
7, Report #290944
Dec 12 2007
11:06 AM
I signed up for their service with the $10.00 off a month HD package and $10.00 a month for programming package for $20.00 off each month for 10 months. I sent in all required material (I have copies) and waited the 12-14 weeks. My bill did not reflect the credit so I contacted them. First mistake. 1) Chatted online in August 07-was told to wait another 12-16 weeks. This is after I already waited this amount of time. 2) Called and spoke with customer service and was told they would take care of it and it would be on the next bill as I should not have to wait the 12-14 weeks again. Credit did not show up on the bill. 3) Called again in Sept 07 and spoke with a supervisor and was told the credit would be on the next bill. Nope 4) Called and spoke with account cancellations in Oct 07. He went through the whole song and dance about keeping me as a customer and of course the $150.00 fee I would incur if I canceled as I was under a 18 month contract. Interesting as I thought I was under no contract when I signed up and in fact my paperwork says nothing about 18months. This time I was promised it would be credited the following day when my new bill came out. Nope. 5) Called again in November. Was told I was given wrong info and that I had to wait a cycle period and that the credits would be on the next bill-Dec. Nope. 6) Dec bill came and still no credit. Chatted-was told that I needed to send in the rebates. NO KIDDING! Where do the chat people come from? 7) I called again-no supervisor would talk to me. Instead I was told that the supervisor would take care of it and that ,he was a good guy and his word is gold! and that the credit would reflect on my bill this last Monday the 10th. I went online on the 13th. Still nothing! To this date I have never seen so much incompetence in a company. This company has told me nothing but lies and nobody at Dish Network appears to care about their customers. I signed up with a promotion of $20.00 a month credit for 10 months. Lie after lie and still nothing from these people. I have been told different stories. I have received misinformation from the chat group which at this point have proven their worth or lack of as it is clear they lack the type of training to deal with customer issues. I have since filed a complaint with the California State Attorneys Office, FTC, and BBB, and will be pursuing all other complaint recourses available to me. Lee Dye Lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
8, Report #281612
Oct 29 2007
12:22 PM
Dish Network dish network, satellite, customer service, Nationwide
9/28/07 Opened Dish Network bill and it was $389.44, $300. showed as Equipment Fee 9/28/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Mark (language barrier) and he said the charge was for a receiver that was replaced in my residence in July. I told him that I did not have possession of this receiver and why was I being charged? Mark hung up on me. 9/28/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Sidney, and told him that I needed to get my bill straightened out and the previous technician had hung up on me, he apologized. I gave Sidney the Technicians name (Kevin), and Tech # (6144) and he said that he would sent the information to upper management. 10/1/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Alissia, I explained once again that the $300.00 charge was not mine and the equipment was removed from my residence on 7/14/07 and I needed this matter resolved, she took my cell phone # and said I would receive a call in 24/48 hours. 10/3/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Jackie, she claimed that she had just started working there and would try to get a hold of a Supervisor, I was put on hold for quite some time, then she got back on the phone and said that she was speaking with a Supervisor and put me on hold again, then the line went dead. 10/3/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Paula, I again explained the situation, and she said she would add more notes to my account, and to be patient, it may take a few days, she advised me to call back again on Friday 10/5/07. 10/5/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Amber, I again explained what was going on, and she apologized and promised that a Technician would call me on Saturday 10/6/07. 10/6/07 No Call from Dish Network 10/8/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Carol, she said that Management notes said that the receiver that I was being charged for was on its way in, and do not charge the customer for the receiver. Carol said she adjusted my account and it would be 24 to 48 hours before it would be approved. 10/10/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Maria, I needed to check the status of my account and the $300 that they were saying was going to be withdrawn from my account. Maria said that the charges will be reversed and the $300 will not be charged to my account. 10/10/07 Called CFCU, spoke with Sally, I briefly explained my dilemma and she said to stop by a branch and fill out an Amount Dispute Form 10/11/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Yvette, yet again explained the situation and was getting rather annoyed that this was taking so much of my time and effort. She said that she sees a note on my account that $300 will be applied to my card. I was put on hold for approx. 30 minutes, then she came back on the line and verified that it was removed from my account today (10/11/07) this payment is scheduled to be withdrawn on 10/12/07 10/12/07 Called Dish Network, spoke with Shane, he said that the account still showed that $389.44 was to be withdrawn today. 10/12 & 10/13/07 I watched my account and nothing was withdrawn 10/14/07 - $389.44 was withdrawn from my account by Dish Network 10/15/07 Called Dish Network, and spoke with Michelle, I was NOT happy, I explained that Dish Network has now lied to me countless times and she said that she will correct it, it will be sent to management and it would now take 7 to 10 business days to post to my account. I told Michelle the names and dates of when Dish Network employees also promised me the same, and that I was no longer going to use Dish Network once this matter gets resolved, she said that there was a note on my account from 10/10/07 that the $300 credit was disapproved. I was so furious, that I hung up on them. 10/15/07 Went to CFCU and filled out a Written Statement Under the Penalty of Perjury. 10/15/07 Contacted the NYS Consumer Protection board and filled out a complaint online 10/15/07 Filled out an Online complaint to Dish Network 10/17/07 Received a letter from the NYS Consumer Protection Board, they sent a letter to the Dish Network Dispute Resolution Team 10/24/07 Called Dish Network, and the automated billing said that I have a credit of $258.00, I immediately needed to talk to a person, spoke with Sam, I told her briefly about the situation, she put me on hold while she looked at all the information, then she said that the $258 credit was because they were taking out for the October billing cycle, and I told her that in NO WAY should they be doing that. That was my $300 and I want it back into my account, and that they were not going to be using it to apply it to my account each month, Sam apologized and said that $300 would be put into my account in 3 to 5 business days, I told her that I have already contacted the NYS Consumer Protection Board, and as soon as I was done with this matter, I would be getting rid of Dish Network, she again apologized, I hung up. 10/26/07 Called Dish Network and canceled my automatic payment. 10/29/07 Received a voicemail from Scott at Dish Network, and he said for me to call him in regards to a complaint that I filed with the Consumer Protection Board. I called Scott back at (720) 514-7312 and I explained my exhausted efforts to resolve this matter with Dish Network, and he said that he understood. I made it VERY clear that they need to put the $300 back into my bank account, and that it was very unfair of them to try to apply the money as credit to my account. He said that he would adjust the $258 to $300 and that it would be in my bank account on Friday 11/2/04, and if it was not, then to call him back. I said that I will call back first thing on Monday 11/5/07 if the money is not there. He said that if this caused any type of fees from the bank, and that I could prove it, then Dish Network would cover these charges. I said that there are none that I know of, just that $300 of my money was missing, and that I have spent countless hours trying to resolve a problem that they created. He said that Dish Network will credit my bill for 1 month of free service for my time spent on this matter. Ithacagirl Newfield, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dish Network
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #376677
Sep 28 2008
06:47 AM
Dish Network Dish Network ripoff in sandwich Englewood Colorado
Recently I canceled my dish network service. When speaking with their customer service I was informed that they will be sending me information in regards to ship back their equipment and to follow the instructions inside the package. Well I sent back the equipment in the alloted time that was allowed for UPS shipping. So you would think that would be the end of it right. No it wasn't three days later Dish Network removed from my checking account $400.00, needless to say I didn't have that kind of money in my account. I contacted the customer service department again and they told me that they were sorry and would credit back my account immediatly. That didn't happen. I contacted them again and was told 3-5 business days, the third time I contacted them it was 5-7 business days. Well needless to say at this time my checking account is overdrawn. When talking to their customer service department they are very unprofessional and you are unable to understand them. With an e-mail to their customer service I had advised them that they had removed the funds from my account and should return them along with all the overdraft fees. Their response was that they will credit my account and it will take 3-5 business days and they are not responsible for the overdraft fees and that per my contract they are ablel to remove the funds from my account. Well I don't have a signed contract with them. I am in the process now of writing every chairman of their company to have my $90.00 returned. I have spoke to several friends of mine and have found that Dish Network is very unprofessional and difficult to work with. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Angry Customer In Sandwich Sandwich, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
10, Report #958902
Oct 23 2012
01:45 PM
Dish Network Dish Network is a Fraud Internet
Dish Network is a Fraud, or should i say false advertisement.I signed up for dish through a promotion. Promotion starting from $19.99  and up,I signed up for the $39.99 a month with HBO,CENIMAX, SHOWTIME,AND STARZ free for 3months.However every month I'm calling regarding my bill being twice as much.Each customer service person told me something different. When i looked at my bill i was being charged the regular price of$59.99 a month.Every month my bill as been $100 plus.I was told that i was being charged for the equipment every month and for Hd.Things that were suppose to be free and also after the 3months was up they were charging me full price for movie channels that i canceled.Which explain why the bill was never $39.00,and they charge a month ahead of time.Which was not disclosed when signing up. I'm so dissatisfied i can scream because on top of that they lock you in a 2yr agreement so if you try to cancel they would charge $200plus just to cancel.I'm so upset and feel its wrong how they can be so dishonest just to get customers.
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #1189123
Nov 15 2014
01:35 PM
dish network Dish Network, a cheap sucker company Englewood CO
We were not satisfied with Dish Network and switch to its competitor. We paid the amount in full and close our account. However this loser continue bill us for $15. When we refused to pay the illegitimate charge out of the principle, they tried to screw us up by filing false negative report on me to credit bureau. I have excellent credit score and able to dispute Dish Network's nonsense and have credit bureau remove the shit. THIS IS CHEAP, INFERIOR SERVICE EVIL COMPANY. Stay away from them to avoid the trouble!
12, Report #25680
Jul 30 2002
04:34 AM
Dish Network ripoff Littleton Colorado
I recently contacted Dish Network Corporate about one of their customer service agents calling me a f***ing bitch. I was told by Mark 19Y that he would do everything he could to find out who it was that i spoke with, but because i had used my cell phone he could not guarantee this. He asked why i had called and i told him that i wanted to know if i could pay my bill at the end of the month. He stated that he would allow me to pay it on the 31st of July. I called on the 26th of July 2002 and asked the customer service rep why i was getting a disconnect message on the tv.. She stated that that was a warning and that she saw in the notes that i had until the 31st of July 2002. That was it. I woke up on the 30th of July 2002 and found they had disconnected my service. When I called dish, i spoke with Brenda 929 who was very rude and nasty.. She stated that there were no notes from Mark about delayed billing for me, just htat they had taken care of the employee who had called me the above. I called back and spoke to another supervisor and she stated that the only notes that she had in my account was that i had tried to used credit card auto pay on the 26th of JUly. I explained that i had NEVER done this because on the day in question i was at work. When i demanded an investigation into my account and deleting of information she got very rude. We have had problems with Dish Network from the very beginning. We are out several thousand dollars due to improperly installed service. YOu are literally at their mercy because you invest alot of money with them and if you leave, you may as well throw your money out the window. Charlie chat is a joke. They will only let you talk to him if you are going to say something nice. The government needs to step in an do something about this company. Why as consumers are we required to put up with name calling , bad attitudes and outragious lies. DO NO GET DISH NETWORK NO MATTER WHAT THEY OFFER YOU... THEY LIE AND DECEIVE PEOPLE. DO MAKE THE MISTAKE THAT I HAVE MADE Nancy Holden, Maine
Entity: littleton, Colorado
13, Report #209326
Sep 03 2006
06:12 PM
Dish Network ripoff Anadarko Oklahoma
I have been a loyal DishNetwork customer for 3 years, 3months and five days. Until today and I have finally had enough with their attitude towards customer service. We have experienced satellite service interruptions on a daily basis since we moved to our new home in 02-06. Today call number one resulted in my common sense being questioned as to whether the weather was causing our loss of service. Finally, we were told by a very abrubt customer service technician to switch out our living room box with the one in the bedroom, run a check switch test on it and call them back. Result, same problem. Call #2 and an even more rude technician questioning whether we are sure we moved the box and ran the check switch test, result was the same and she informed us that it would be necessary for a field technician to come to our home to repair the problem and his estimate arrival to make repairs would be in 10days. Ten days!!! Are you kidding, is the guy coming by stagecoach or pony express, I mean because we are only 45 minutes from a major city by automobile. Dishnetworks reply: Take it or leave it, ten days or nothing!!! We ended call number two frustrated and uncertain of what recourse or action we should take with these totally unagreeable, rude, unprofessional idiots at DishNetwork. My sister was visiting and having been a former DishNetwork customer herself she set about using some tricks that a technician had taught her during one of her many problems with their service and she managed to get our television service back on in the living room only to have them retaliate by removing all of our most frequently watched and favorite channels so we proceeded to make our next call to DishNetwork in hopes that we could get them to restore these channels so this poor old retired couple could have some form of television during this dreaded 10 day wait. Call #3 we got none other than the energizer bunny technician named Cindy that couldn't shut up long enough for us to get a word in edgewise and after screaming at her to shut-up and requesting a Supervisor that might have enough sense to listen to us and might have enough customer service training to resolve our problem we got Eric who finally got on the line after listening to our recorded conversation with Cindy. After trying to turn this into a personal issue instead of a business related issue we were informed by Eric that we had caused them so much distress with our repeated calls for help that 10 days were no longer an option and it would now be longer if we chose to have a service technician at a cost of #49.95 (minimum) to come to our home. We ended the call with telling Eric that we thought it was time to investigate a new means of satellite service from one of their competitors. Eric decided it was time to bring out the big guns and threaten us with the old you have a contract agreement for 12 months that you signed with us when you moved to your new home and you will be forced to pay us an early cancellation fee ($200.00). It is quite apparent that DishNetwork should rename their service associates/technicians because SERVICE is the last thing that DishNetwork offers to the consumer. We would advise any consumer from any state in the United States to rally together and get DishNetwork right where it hurts in their wallet. Refuse to do business with them, refuse to refer anyone seeking satellite service to them and maybe once their accounts begin to fall drastically some one sitting up their in the ivory towered power offices will take notice that DishNetwork needs to make some vast improvments in the field of CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Lewis S. Anadarko, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Anadarko, Oklahoma
14, Report #215634
Oct 13 2006
03:58 PM
DISH Network ripoff Atlanta Georgia
DISH has lied to me from the very beginning of service. They have not provided what they said they would. Upon cancellation of the service they debited my checking account for $1,000.00 saying they had authorization (which they did not) to charge me until they received their receivers back in the mail. Candace Victoria, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
15, Report #142816
May 15 2005
06:53 PM
Dish Network ripoff Internet
I was intersted in getting satetille tv but couldn't dedice which company to go with and then all the sudden I get a phone call from a dishnetwork representative with a great offer that seemed too good to be true. I went ahead with it and I order it. as the representative told me the package offered 4 free resivers two with DVR and 2 regular ones. The channel package was 120 plus starz and the person I talked with ganranteed that my bill would be no higher than $47.50 a month so I was pleased so far. The installation day came and it was all going pretty good until the installation guy told me that they had sent 4 DVR reseivers insted of two FIRST mistake. Before I knew it the guy was gone and two of my tvs didn't even have service, I also didn't have any of the channels the representative had offered me. I called up Dishnetwork and all they had to say is that the guy that offered me that great deal didn't work directly for dish, he was just a certified representative or something and if I wanted to get the exact service he said i would get it would cost me about 75 dollars. Of course I said no cuz I obiously got ripoff so I said please come get all this stuff out of my house. I talked to an account specialist and she told me I was not gonna get charge for anything because it is not my fault that was lied to. But now I found out that they charge my credit card for 150 dollar cancellation fee which I feel is a ripoff because I never got any service and I cleared this all 10 minutes after the installation guy left. I hope this will help me or someone else in any way. Carlos caldwell, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #157408
Sep 17 2005
09:53 AM
Dish Network ripoff Alanta Georgia
after being a faithful customer of dish network for six years, i have decided on finding a new satellite service to go with. we had the abc channel for about five years and one day it wasn't there anymore. when i called about it,they told me it had moved out of my area. then i purchased a espn game plan for i could the watch west virginia and maryland game and when we turned it on, it said it was blacked out in our area. so i called them and the represenative said there was nothing they could do and plus i was charged five extra dollars for ordering it. now im stuck having to pay a 25.00 dollar payment for nothing. i dont recommend this satlelite company to anyone. Vickie amigo, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #167572
Dec 11 2005
12:45 PM
Dish Network ripoff Birmingham Internet
Dish Network - Deceptive Business Practices I strongly recommend everyone stay away from dish network. Early in our contract with dish, we called them to have our receiver serviced. We were told that since we did not buy the equipment from them, they were unable to service the equipment. OK. So they can't support their own product since we purchased through a reseller. So we suffer through our 2 year contract and decide to cancel. We call the same number. Now they said that we must return their equipment or they will charge us. Wait. Now its suddenly their equipment? When it needs fixing its not theirs, but when it comes time to charge money for it they will claim it in a heartbeat. They are full of contradictions. * For an extra $49.99 we can upgrade to a free PVR. Nope, its not free. You don't even own it. Its the dish's. * The reseller said that after the contract is up the equipment is ours to keep. More lies. According to Dish this free equipment isn't ours. We don't have to return it to the reseller, but we have to return it to Dish or pay charges. * Dish says they stand behind their resellers... but they won't service anything the retailer sells. Please please do not be duped by Dish. They are very shady. Take a few minutes to search the web for Dish network customer complaints. Danny Daniel Odenville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #59795
Jun 06 2003
08:28 AM
Dish Network ripoff Arizona
Dish Network has a policy that they will charge you 39.95 to install a system. If you cancel before they install anything, you will still be charged 20.00 and have a difficult time getting your 19.95 back in a reasonable time. Potential buyers BEWARE!!!BEWARE!!!BEWARE Tmar Anytown, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #104481
Aug 19 2004
02:34 PM
Dish Network ripoff Englewood Colorado
I am a dissatisfed customer of DN. I switch my provider from Direct TV to SBC using DN equipment. Upon canceling and switching I was told that I did not need to return the equipment it was mine to keep. After a month went by DN withdraw four hundred and fifty dollars and one cent from my checking account without proper notification or letter of mail. I notify DN in regards to this matter and was told if I return their equipment my account would be adjusted. My credit card number and social was given for reference purpose, DN assure me that no money is taken without my consent. I agree to this and found out they are not solid on their foundation of words. My account was budget for expenses and costs now I have a overdraft of insufficient funds($165.00 worth) due to this unexpected withdrawer. Can you tell me how do I get DN to pay for this matter. Katrina Morris Chicago, Illinois Katrina Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
20, Report #103742
Aug 15 2004
12:47 PM
Dish Network ripoff Denver Colorado
Everyone says they switched to Dish and are happy. I didn't, and here's why - I can only get DISH where I live, in the Bank Lofts downtown. They told me they would come and install on Monday, Labor Day, between 12:00 and 5:00. They never showed, and then had the nerve to call back and ask if I still wanted it. I told them I'll read a book; I couldn't afford to waste a day off of work for them to not even show up to install. i guess they figure if we have no options we are stuck with them screwing us around from before we even HAVE the service. Brenda Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
21, Report #293668
Dec 21 2007
01:48 PM
Dish Network deseption Ephrata Pennsylvania
This all started in October when my wife and I subscribed to the Dish Network.When my wife had the conversation on the phone a person named Josh he promissed us if we took the up grade to the $19.95 program we would be able recieve Court tv,cops and the health channel.The promise was also given if we took the local channels we would get Fox 29 in Phila. Pa. We were also promises according to the advertisement a free DVR up grade with the $29.95 package.The person came for the instalation he did not have the DVR and told us we were not to get it.We were told by josh that the installer would have our certificates for the free items we wanted to choose. Iwas told to go to there web site to down load the info for my FREE gifts this is when I found out I hade to pay shipping on any item I choose.I called Dish network to talk about this (after 3 hours) to get some one who had a brain that the instlation company was a 3rd party vendor and they have nothing to do with this. I spent the next 2 weeks trying to get to some one from the Corp office to speake to.I was given every thing from a bogas phone number to false web sites.I have not o date been able to get on there I thought since I can not get the local chanels I was promissed I would cancel them to save the money.I was told you signed a contract and you will have to pay$5.0 for something else I have no idea what nthat is because the woman i was speaking did not speak very good english. At one point I did speak to some one from the dish network and they agreed to ship me the DVR for free and fix my problems with the up grade to get the wanted shows.I thanked her and she stated that will now cost you $49.95 wow would she have fixed the problem I would have beeen had again. I was going over my bank statement to see that the instaltion company charged me $30.0 for the free instatlation. I may not be the smartest person on the earth I can tell when I am being taken over.I can,t believe a company can get away with this type of out and out theft.I feel their contract is to protec6t them not them and the consumer.What a bunch of decievers Rich ephrata, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ephrata, Pennsylvania
22, Report #198949
Jun 30 2006
01:16 PM
Dish Network ripoff, NO HELP! Internet
Paid bill, and now there is no balance, so, am still trying to get a warm body on the phone, for all of you rebuttlers, I have already done the obvious, punched in 0 no operator. So, go figure, still haven't gotten any help, so have at it, rebuttal each other. Scott urbandale, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #178098
Feb 25 2006
01:15 PM
Dish Network ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Dish Network has over charged us for movies we did not order. There were movies ordered that were not on our statements and movies that were not ordered that were on our statement. We argued with Dish Network about our over charges but finally agreed to take a $50 discount off the the outrageous bill but was told that we would have to order pay per view movies over the phone from now on out. We ordered a movie today (2/25/2006) over the phone for a all day ticket and were told that we would have to pay a fee oredering over the phone in which we were not informed. During the $50 discount agreement we were not informed of a over the phone fee whether it was a $1 or $5. But we were given a number to call for the $1 fee. But we were charged a $5 fee for a movie we did not order because of this this $5 fee so I asked to speak to the manager but no one ever came to the phone. So I hung up. But while flipping around with remote I realized they oredered the the movie anyway so I quickly called back to let them know that we refused to order the because of the $5 fee. So I informed the rep that I would be filing a complaint against them about all the problems we have had with them. and he offered to waive the $5 fee as a one time waiver. But something seriously needs to be done about Dish network and their crooked ways because the service is expensive enough without having to pay for things you did not order. Thank you and have a blessed day! Erica Colbert, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
24, Report #163430
Nov 04 2005
10:24 PM
Dish Network ripoff Englewood Nationwide
Okay, they tell you not to put your email address, however I'm not afraid to. Who wants to join me in the fight??? You were brave enough to read, are you brave enough to join the fight against dish network??? Read the one from Crestview,Fl Also do not forget to search the complaints on Dish Network with using the words together Dishnetwork....there is many more. Sandra Crestview, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Englewood, California
25, Report #84124
Mar 16 2004
04:48 PM
Dish Network ripoff Pasadena California
Ok let's see where do I start? Well I guess the beginning is the best place. In June of 2002 my husband and I entered a 1 year contract with dish network. We were happy with the service we had received from them, never any problems. Until in May we decided to go back to cable because the price was better. I then called dish network to cancel my service I was then told I had to wait untill june 10 to end our contract, we paid our bill as always and on june 8th my bill ended up late by 10 days. Dish network then turned off my service and charged me a early termination fee. They shut me off and then charged me a fee.... Do you see where in going with this? For a year we paid our bill and two days before my contract was up THEY shut me off permanently. I asked them what I had to do so it didn't reflect as a early termination they said I had to pay the bill in full, a 59.00$ reconnect fee and three months of service upfront.. ok if you do the math that would cost me about the same as the 240.00$ early termination fee. It got to the point where all they wanted was this money from me. They didn't care about the fact it was their screw up and it was going to effect my credit. I will never enter a contract or have anything to do with sattlite again. Dina Taft, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California

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