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1, Report #1398412
Sep 07 2017
08:26 AM
Emerge Professionals Humiliating Experience!!!!! Denver Colorado
We had the most experience going to Emerge Professionals in Glendale, CO.  Dr. Jessica Reinhardt was very condescending and insensitive to our loved one's needs.  Families that have handicapped children already have enough problems without having to try and explain issues that the clinician has never seen in a text book.  We're so sorry that we don't fit in your neat little box, Jessica Reinhardt, PhD.  We will obviously go elsewhere to clarity and direction with our child.  
Entity: Denver, Colorado
2, Report #76644
Jan 09 2004
11:52 AM
Emerge Mastercard EMERGE -- DON'T DO IT! Columbus Georgia
I have read others reports here on EMERGE and it is amazing how similiar my circumstances are. Like them, my interest rate is 30% and I get a MONTHLY periodic finance charge of anywhere between 60 and 100 dollars. Everytime I make an overpayment to knock the card down a bit it goes straight to this sporadic finance charge -- incredible. They you have you locked in tight. Before they purchased my accounts, I was in good standing -- now, I AM NOT. Like the others, I called customer service to inquire into their buying my accounts and then overextending the interest and could not get through for 2 solid days. When I did, the rep was of no help and when I askd for a manager, he told me there wasn;t one available. What can we do to alleviate this? I don't know. But, I would be more than happy to be part of a collective lawsuit against them. I am serious. Vince Woodbridge, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
3, Report #190069
May 05 2006
04:27 AM
Emerge, Emerge Card Online Payment Ripoff Atlanta Georgia
First, let me say that I use online bill pay for paying all of my accounts and NONE of the them charge any type of fee as long as the payment is made On Time for using their online service. Emerge card gives you the convenience of making your online payment to them, but on top of the whopping 28.15% interest I am paying them on an annual basis, they have the nerve to charge $4.95 for making an On Time payment, online. I think this is a stiff amount to have to pay and I feel like they are ripping people off. I don't know if any of this is regulated by the government, but it should be. Ronald Ponchatoula, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
4, Report #79126
Feb 03 2004
09:26 PM
Emerge Credit fraud Internet Internet
I contacted Emerge late last year and requested a payoff amount. They quoted me a settlement amount, and I agreed. Paid in full with a check by phone, and never heard a thing about it again, until earlier this week. Apparently, they took the settlement amount as a payment towards the full amount, and continued tacking on interested and late fees to the remainder of the legally settled debt. I have tried to contact them 5 seperate times, always reaching someone obviously overseas that spoke, at BEST, very broken english. When I asked to be transfered to a supervisor, I was placed on endless hold and then disconnected. There is no chance of me settling this illegal debt with a company I cannot contact. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in the morning as well as my lawyer. This company strive to attain a level of customer non-service that has never been attained before, and let me tell you, THEY ARE DOING A BANGUP JOB!!! Never will I hold a card that has anything at all to do with Emerge again. This is outright robbery. I'm with Robert, if anyone starts a lawsuit contact me. Thanks, Robert Bremen, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #145363
Jun 07 2005
01:12 PM
Emerge, FNOB ripoff Atlanta
Long story short... had an FNOB card for emergencies had not used it in a while so they cancelled it even though I was making payments, then they sold me to emerge. Emerge never sent me bills or statements, when you google them you can't get their website, and when you finally call them you can only get a customer service rep by saying your card is stolen. After an hour of trying to get ahold of them they won't give you your acct. number which you need to pay online but then it's 15.00 to pay by phone. Take my advice don't sign up with them and if you did, pay it off and say goodbye... Megan Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #53750
Apr 21 2003
09:54 AM
Emerge Mastercard ripoff Atlanta Internet
Emerge has done the no bill, but charge the late charge to me also. After it was sold by getsmart to them. I had closed the account while it was getsmart,because they changed their fees and charges. I paid them off in Febuary 2003 for the full amount and they still haven't reported it to the credit agenies. I have called them and they say they have and the cbs say they haven't. So it another ripoff at one end and i wonder which one. John appling, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #98618
Jul 12 2004
06:07 PM
Providian - Emerge ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Providian arbitrarily switched my account to Emerge. Emerge interest rates are higher. Emerge customer service is poor at best. (Once you finally navagate through their extensive automated attendant). They finally started up a web site for checking your account and paying your bill. HOWEVER, Emerge charges $10.00 for you to pay you bill on line! What a rip-off. Angered in, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Indiana
8, Report #74444
Dec 08 2003
03:59 PM
Emerge Card ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I have been trying to contact Emerge for months. They have refused to send mail to my current address, instead sending it to my parents, who live on the other side of the country from me. By the time I get my mail it is outdated. I have written letters, sent e-mails and called. When I call I either get a recording or someone tells me that all address changes must be submitted in writing -- which I've done about 20 times. I have never had a statement sent directly to me from Emerge. When they first took over my Providian mastercard account (which was in good standing since I opened it 3 years ago) I told them I would not send money to a company that would not send a statement to me. I never agreed to the terms of the new card--I never even GOT a new card-- and I have never used the account. They raised my interest rate to 29.999% and I lost count of the fees, over the limit charges, late fees, etc. they tacked on. I finally got an e-mail from them--not a letter--stating that THEY had sold my account to a collection agency but didn't say the name of the collection agency or how to reach them. My parents said that no more mail has arrived for me. So, I have filed a complaint with the Division of Credit Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Washington DC 20580 (this is the whole address). I originally filed in my state but they responded saying that Emerge is handled at a national level. Anyone interested in a class action, There was one settled recently but registration is now closed. Let's start a new one! Amy San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
9, Report #84708
Mar 20 2004
07:49 PM
Emerge ripoff Atlanta Georgia
My story is much like the ones I have read on-line. Providian sold(transferred) my account their new credit card division E-Merge and jacked my interest rate to 29.99% approx 10-02. I found this out only when I receive in the mail a credit card from E-Merge basically stating the Providian card is no longer valid sign the E-Merge card and start using it. Instead of signing the card. I called E-Merge and after going thur a phone system designed to not let you talk to a person I get a hold of one. After getting a hold of a person I'm informed my interest rate is now 29.99%. I pointed out the the rep that this information was not included in the mailing with the card and asked their rep for a writen copy of the E-Merges terms and conditions. I was told that they can not provide that to me. I asked of a superivisor who again I adked for a writen copy of E-Merges terms and conditions. He told me that he could not provide me with Providians terms and conditions that they where a seperate company. I pointed out to him I'm asked for E-Merges terms and conditions not Providian's. That under Federal law they are required to provide this information in writing. He stated that he would mail it out, I never received them. In Oct, Nov and, Dec 02 I sent a total of 7 emails to E-Merge again demanding a writen copy of their terms and conditions. Again they where not responded to. Finally after having enough on 12-20-02 I sent a letter to E-Merge closing my account. When I received my Jan 03 statement closing dated 1-21-03, I discover not only was account not closed but E-Merge had charged me an annual fee of $89.00 When I called E-Merges customer service department (located in the country of India) explaining that I closed my account in Dec 02 and I was charged an annual fee of $89.00 in Jan 03. The rep stated by closing my account I would lose the benifits of being and E-Merge cardholder. I informed the rep to close the account and refund the annual fee. If E-Merge wishes to dispute my statement, I still have every last email and letters I have sent to them. David Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
10, Report #45047
Feb 11 2003
03:30 PM
Emerge compucredit rip-off Atlanta Georgia
just wanted to pass some information about emerge mastercard I have done some research and the reason no one might not be finding this company on the web is because the are affiliated with a company called compucredit I seen it on the atlanta better buisness b. They have done alot of people not right and providian is alot to blame very dishonest company go to this web address maybe this could help alot of consumers out this company has been very decietful to myself as well and I will continue to fight this situation hope this helps thanks L. L. princeton, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
11, Report #75282
Dec 18 2003
03:47 PM
Emerge Mastercard ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I have never ever seen anything like this. When I was with GetSmart Visa everything was good, I paid on time and the service was good. Then all of a sudden they tell me that the account was close and that it was sold to Emerge Mastercard. I was like WHAT!! Why didn't they send any notices. So then they tell me that my card will be in the mail and that they will open an account. I was like Ok. Well it has been a year and NOTHING!! I am so furious, because as it was my credit wasn't that great and this Card really ruined me. Now I am having a hard time getting a house, a car and other things. WHY WHY WHY!!! I can not believe this was happening to me. I thought at first it was just me, but then I started reading all these complians and I was amazed of how many people's credit it had RUINED!! Now instead of owing 1000, which was my balance with GetSmart, it was then paid month, but somhow I still get this thing about late charges, and the APR WOW, it is RIDICULOUS! I am so fed up with this card, I REFUSE to pay the whole amount, when I kept on making payments, but my balance instead of lowering is raising more and more. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY DOING? Someone do something about this, cause it has ruined a lot of peoples credit. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! THEY ARE A REAL RIPOFF! Guadalupe houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
12, Report #189782
May 03 2006
10:21 AM
Emerge MasterCard rude ripoff Columbus Georgia
I've been dealing with Aspire and then Emerge for over 5 years and I've never been late or delinquent on my account. Since they have switched to Emerge my account has been over the limit and i cannot get back under. First of all i don't understand how i got that far in debt. Every time i call to make arrangements with them to set up with a credit counselor they give me attitude and tell me i can not do that. When i call and say i'll make payment arrangement with them they refuse. There has to be a way to clear this debt. I feel that i should just stop paying them and not answer their calls. What should i do? Sabrina Newark, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
13, Report #215530
Oct 13 2006
02:17 AM
Emerge Masster Card Changing dates and payments Columbus Georgia
I think it is rip that these credit card companies change the due dates just to collect interest and past due fees. I am self-employed and gone 2-3 months at a time and do not get my bills regularly. With this particular company I am not past due, or least I don't think I am. I have contacted the other credit card companies to try and get a set date for my bill so. For example: I have my bank (bill pay) set for a certain date to be mailed out. The banks do not go by the card companies billing cycle. And then the card companies come along and change the billing date. John gray, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
14, Report #217879
Oct 26 2006
09:53 PM
Emerge Intrusive And Harrasing Phone Calls Atlanta Georgia
These *&*& have been calling my private phone and leaving pre-recorded messages on my answring machine constantly and I don't, nor ever did, have an account with them. The pre-recorded messages from Emerge are very annoying and always the same: Hi this is Mr. Jones at collect services. I hope you get the time to give me a call today at 1-866-600-4118. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Here's that number again toll free 1-866-600-4118 and I hope to hear from you today. Today, Thu 10/26/06 8:37pm, I received this message on my answering machine from a man at Emerge: You don't seem to have anything better to do so we'll continue to call you since you don't have a life and you don't have any intention of calling us we'll continue to call you. I'm glad that I captured this on tape because now I can take steps to hold them accountable and make them suffer the consequences. Emerge are wasting their time and must be very dumb to keep on calling me and leaving messages when I never return their calls. Don't they get the hint? I'm not talking to them, ever! I'll continue to do, as the attorneys do, and ignore them, but in the background, I'll be working on retaliation, making them pay for their behavior. Joe Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
15, Report #105339
Aug 25 2004
10:58 AM
Emerge Mastercard rip-off! COLUMBUS Georgia
I had a $1,000 credit line that I've been paying on time for the last 2 1/2 years and my balance has never left the $1000 mark as a matter of fact my balance went over the credit line amount. Providian transfer my account over to Emerge mastercard about 2 years ago and it's been hell ever since. Their customer service dept. takes a life time to get through and when you finally get through. They are very rude to you and won't explain any charges that you have on the account. I have not use this card for about 2 years and i'm still being charge. I don't know what else to do. I can't afford to pay the whole balance now but I've been making more then the minimun pay and the balance is still the same. Ann Alvarado, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: COLUMBUS, Georgia
16, Report #134890
Mar 14 2005
09:25 AM
Emerge Mastercard ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I had Aira Visa since 99 later they became Getsmart and Providen both did provide good communcations and even a new card with Getsmart. Then about 2 years ago I read online that they were merging or something and becoming this new mastercard company. About 2 weeks later I got a letter from Getsmart telling me the same and giving me a choise of closing my account or keeping the account and having my interest rate increased from 17% to 29.99% I picked to have it closed. I didn't hear anything for a year then I got a call from this collection agent saying since I didn't pay on my account for a year it was sent to them to collect and that I had to pay them at least $150 a month or be sued and have my wages garnesed. I asked them how was I suppose to send them payments without an address or statement. They said they didnt' care they just wanted their $150 a month or else. I don't know what to do and that can't be fair or right what the company did to everyone. I feel I didn't deserve to put in collections for their mistake. Charles Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
17, Report #145293
Jun 07 2005
02:24 AM
FNBO Emerge Deceptive Practices Atlanta Georgia
This credit card was previously handled by Fleet card access and prior to that FNBNA. Now it is taken over by Emerge... I got notice that Emerge would be acquiring my Fleet credit card a few days ago. Having just gone through this not that long ago I assumed it would not be a hassle. Emerge stated I would be given a new credit card and account number. So I sent a payment to Emerge online of $50.00 as I had been doing for years during my accounts previous incarnations only with my new Emerge account number. But I soon realized that I hadn't received my new Credit card from Emerge. When I called customer service they informed me I would not get a new credit card the account was closed. Apparently my account was $6.09 over my credit limit (caused by finance charges ) Fleet had temporarily suspended the use of the card. It seems that the day that Emerge took over the account they received it as closed. So after years of being a reliable credit card customer I have been dropped... For $6.09 Emerge has very poor customer service. Their automated system hung up on me several times. The customer service representatives I spoke to suggested I call Fleet. (As Emerge didn't want to give me false information as to why my account was closed.) Fleet's number referred me back to Emerge. The customer service representatives refused to put me on the phone with a higher up and after leaving several messages with Fleet I am still without any real help. In addition to the phone calls I have sent and email and a letter to Emerge. Hopefully they will respond. In the scheme of things a fellah with a bad credit rating and a credit card with a low limit may not amount to much for these large companies. But even with the low limit money has been made from this card over the several years I had this card. This card kept me at least a functioning poor man. Without it it adds a little bit more of a hardship. I got gas on it when my cash was low so I could still get to work. This has been one frustrating day... Eric Bearsville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
18, Report #144269
May 27 2005
08:07 PM
Emerge Mastercard ripoff Columbus Georgia
I have been with Providian/Emerge since the late 1990's and while I have not had any problems with Providian I have been having nothing but trouble with Emerge. For the first time since having this card I am late with my payment by two months. However at the end of May I will be caught back up and will be back on a regular payment schedule. In April of this year I had to pay a high amount Federal taxes and felt it was best to take care of it first. I knew this would mean my other bills, including a second credit card company, would be late because to get caught back up everything had to be put off by one month. My other creditors were fine with this because I sent to them what I could in April and when I could not I made the effort to double my payments to them during the month of May. Emerge contacted me the other night asking why I was late. I told them the reason and said in a week and a half (which will be the end of May) I would be sending them the the two months payment and then be back on a regular payment schedule in June. The told me about the late fees and I said I understood but it could not be helped. They have been calling ever since then to know when the payment is coming. I have sent them an email telling them the same thing I told the representative on the phone and I have also asked to stop calling because they are getting the payment. The representatives are rude and I hate to say it because I normally am polite on the phone but I had to get rude back with the representative. They acted like they should be the person to be paid first regardless. Once the card is paid off I am done with this company. If you are thinking about getting a credit card stay away from Emerge. Robert Macon, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
19, Report #54710
Apr 27 2003
07:40 PM
Emerge Mastercard ripoff ripoff Atlanta Georgia
My husband and I were completely ripped off by emerge mastercard, as soon as they took over from providian my account went up $150.00 then every few months I would get charge late fees. they added so many late fees that I ended up over the limit, I have paid every month more than the minimum balance yet somehow I'm still in the whole. I tried to call on several ocasions but I'm always on hold for 45 minutes at a time. The same exact thing has happen to my husband's card. I closed the accounts more than 2 yrs ago and I'm still not paid up. please if someone could help to get this sraighten up , We are trying to buy a house and we have this problem hanging over our heads. Laurie ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Georgia
20, Report #60610
Jun 13 2003
01:39 PM
I had an Aria Visa card which turned into a Getsmart Visa card which turned into a Emerge Mastercard. Not only is it a ripoff because my interest rate doubled but their customer service STINKS!! I had excellent payment history in the past and so not realize why the rate was raised so high? Kimberly HIXSON, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: COLUMBUS, Georgia
21, Report #59028
May 30 2003
05:40 PM
Emerge Master Card ripoff Columbus Georgia
I have been told for 6 months that they were getting a web site so the average person could go on line and make payments. Guess what, still no web site & how can they sell your account to another card service and they own it? Travis Seymour, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
22, Report #59054
May 31 2003
04:16 AM
Providian/Emerge ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I had a Providian Visa Card with an excellent credit rating with them. I paid my payments on time and received large credit line increases. One day, out of the blue, at my old address (not even the last address I had on record with Providian), I got a bill from Emerge Mastercard. After recently going through a divorce, I was skeptical about paying any bills without knowing what they were for. I called the customer service # on the bill and inquired about the charges. They said that it was a bill that I owe and would not give my any further information. I then tried writing to the address indicated. I never received a response. I tried to call several other time and was told that they did not understand what my problem was and that I needed to pay my bills. I was referred to as people like you and dead beat and was made to feel worthless. After all this, I still had no indication who this company was. Finally, during one of the many collection calls, one of the reps identified themselves as being from Emerge Mastercard, formerly Providian. This all started making sense and I asked the rep what I could do to bring this acct current because I was counting on the remaining credit limit to help pay for my wedding that is coming up this summer. I was told that the acct was so delinquent that they terminated my charging priviledges, needed $400 to make the acct current and stop collection activity and they have reported it to the credit bureau and now I have bad marks on my credit because I could not find out who these people were before I paid them any money. This took 6 weeks to get the info, so my account did not go over 60 days past due. To add to my being ripped off, I did not receive my normal bill from Providian and was oblivious to the merger, so I sent a $100 to Providian to the normal mailing address and put my Providian acct # on the check. The check was cashed, but the money never appeared on my Emerge acct, and when I call Providian I am told those accounts were sold and they have no access to the information and they cannot tell me where my $100 went. Kathy Weirton, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
23, Report #60934
Jun 17 2003
10:16 AM
Emerge Providian ripoff Columubs Georgia
I had the exact thing happen to me. I was going through my EX non payments and got behind. The next thing I knew was I had been switched and the interest was so high it went above the limit and there were two charges over the limit and past due fees in excess of 500. Kerrie Cypress, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Columubs, Georgia
24, Report #59403
Jun 03 2003
09:54 AM
Providian Emerge Mastercard ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I had a credit card issued by Providian Bank. After several months they increased my credit limit because I kept the account in good standing. I then recieved a letter from them stating there were some changes to my account and I would be recieving a new card in the mail with the new card holder agreement. The new cards were issued by Emerge Mastercard. When I got the new cards in the mail I noticed my available credit had been decreased from $1500 to $480 and the interest rate had jumped to 29.99%. I went several months without recieving a bill from them and when I finally did recieve a bill from Emerge they had accumulated late charges as well as over the limit fees since my balance was over the limit from the credit decrease. I have never experienced such a scam in my life. I have since closed the account but they still dont send bills regularly and when I do finally see a bill they have added all kinds of fees to it. I tried to buy a car the other day and now thanks to them what was once an excellent credit score is not looking so good anymore. I would warn anyone against accepting a credit card from Emerge. They are crooked and dishonest. James justin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #60047
Jun 09 2003
09:12 AM
EMERGE MASTERCARD ripoff Columbus Georgia
I have had it with this company that switch my account from Providian to EmergeMasterColdcard which is owened by Providian, they did this without notifying me and screw up all my payments, my balance just went up to an outrageous amount which I can't afford. The customer service is very unrespectful, I had tried to clear up and find out what happen and why they did a transfer without notifying me. I don't get an answer and they put me on hold for a long time then they disconnect my call. I need some advise and help and I see that there is a lot of people having the same problem. We gotta do something to stop this types of companys screwing up people. Graciela Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia

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