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1, Report #668996
Dec 07 2010
01:28 PM
Midwest Emergency Associates Midwest Emergency Associates Duplicate Billing Oak Brook, Illinois
I was billed for a service from Midwest Emergency Associates LLC (MEA LLC) and it was paid in full by my insurance and me. The following month, I received another statement in which I had made a partial payment on before I realized that it was a duplicate bill on one that was already paid. After several months of going back and forth with MEA LLC and many conversations with them and the insurance company stating that it was a duplicate bill and was therefore denied. I continued to get statements and phone calls from MEA LLC asking for payment. The insurance company had faxed them the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and check number proving that it was paid but MEA LLC conveniently misplaced them. The insurance company had even called them personally to resolve the matter, and each time MEA LLC said that they would correct the error and send me a check for the payments that I had made, but they did not. It is now one year from the date of service and this is still not resolved. This place has three different addresses that they use, sweveral phone numbers, and blame the other office for making an error, making it even more difficult to resolve any problems. Midwest Emergency Associates Aka: MEA LLC Aka: MEA-AEA LLC 2000 Spring Rd. Suite 200 Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 Phone: 630-590-0645 Phone: 630-590-6354 Phone: 630-366-8118 Phone: 877-626-3339
Entity: Oak Brook, Illinois
2, Report #599684
May 03 2010
03:52 PM
Bio tech emergency services failure to pay lindstrom, Minnesota
I did several jobs for Bio tech and worked close to 30 hrs and only got paid $925 then all contact was lost by the Company they quit calling me for jobs and trying to get paid was not going to happen. They also had me get carpet for a job and install it I never got paid for that and they finally paid the carpet company 5 months later. Never use them,
Entity: lindstrom, Minnesota
3, Report #1371923
May 08 2017
06:39 AM
Gwinnett Medical Emergency Services Fraudulent and unethical business practice Lawrenceville Georgia
I went to emergency because I was seriously ill. Honestly, I was given an excellent attention and service that day. I was extremely happy by the service provided. I wouldn't mind if I pay a million dollar that day. However, after three month so, I started receiving bills for services they never provided. In addition to this, I strated receiving bills for services provided by doctors who aren't in network. They are saying the hospital is in network but not the doctors. So my insurance paid part of it but not to third party out of network doctors. I went emergency, how would I know whether the doctor is in network or not. Now I end up stuck with massive bill which they sold it to a collection agencey. I feel this is fradulent and unethical business practice. I want all the bills received waived.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
4, Report #1043538
Apr 15 2013
07:14 PM
First Choice Emergency Room Too little info too late, Internet
In March 2012 I went to First Choice Emergency Room.  After suffering all night from feeling like I had swallowed a bowling ball I thought I would stop by this new emergency clinic (not really a clinic) on my way to work. After filling out paperwork, I was seen immediately and the doctor diagnosed my severe pain as laryngitis and called in a prescription for me. As I left I paid $100 and submitted my insurance.  I was in the facility 15 minutes total. Approximately 30 days later I received a bill for just under $1,100.  Yep that is what I said whaaaaa.  I called my insurance company and they said that I had not met my deductible for the year of $1,500 and I said, but I thought this was a clinic.  They did not do anything worth $1,100 which as actually over $1,300 when you allow for the $100 I paid and the insurance company's adjustment. So I decided to call the billing office for FCEC which is in Dallas.  BTW First Choice Emergency Rooms are owned by a group of doctors.  I ask the girl what was up with the huge bill for a 15 minute office visit and she said they is what was owned after the insurance company adjustment.  I then asked her what the visit would have cost me had I not used my insurance and she said $327.  I said well then I want to remove my insurance and I will pay the full amount in cash.  She said it was too late since my insurance company had already paid their part. I asked the girl why there was such a huge difference in a person without insurance and a person with insurance and she said we have to keep the lights on.  I then told her if I had known this I would have not used my insurance card and just paid in cash.  She said it was stated on the top of the form I filled out.  I think she was wrong, but who really pays attention to the fine print when they are so ill they can barely hold their head up. All I can say is everyone needs to be aware of these new Emergency Rooms popping up all over.  They are not the same as the typcial emergency clinic.  Tell your friends and family.  I have since talked to 2 others that experienced the same outrageous charges when they thought they were going to a clinic.  WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1124107
Feb 17 2014
08:15 AM
Texas Emergency Care Atascocita Location Charged $200.00 for nothing....... Humble Texas
I took my girlfriend for pains in her chest. They claimed to take our insurance and we went on to continue our appointment. They did no X-Rays and reccomended us to another doctor. They did give her a prescription for pain, but nothing else. A few weeks later I get a bill in the mail for $200.00?? Do not go if you can go somewhere else
Entity: Humbler, Texas
6, Report #1168108
Aug 07 2014
10:09 AM
First Choice Emergency Room Double Charged Housotn Texas
We took our granddaughter to First Choice because she was complaining of pain in her arms and legs.  She is 4 years old, so we took her in.  They did nothing other than to say it's probably because of the fever and we went home.  A couple of days later, she woke up with a 103.6 fever, so we again took her back in to this place.  They again didn't do much other than to give her some tylenol which I could have done at home.  Said it was just a virus and sent us home.  On both occasions, we gave them her insurance which is Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Shortly after we received a bill for $552.96 which we paid.  Now the invoice we received had both dates of her visits and showed that we paid a deductible of $150.00 on the 16th but did not show that we also paid the $150.00 on the 12th which was her first visit.  We have just recieved an identical bill and I mean identical to the one we paid still showing the same amount.  My husband called and they said that yes, we owe that, he told them that no, we had already paid that amount and the last invoice we received was identical to this one.  He was told that's just how they do their invoicing.  This is a complete farce, we paid what was owed and now they are trying to collect again for exactly the same thing.  I am now looking into filing a consumer complaint and seeing what else we can do.  This is absolutely ridiculous.
Entity: Housotn, Texas
7, Report #1070383
Jul 26 2013
02:08 PM
First Choice Emergency Room Over Charged and misdiagnosed Humble Texas
I visited First Choice Emergency Room on April 20, 2012.  I paid a $100.00 deductable and allowed a doctor to shine a light into my ear.  The docor told me I had an ear infection and gave me two presctiptions.  One for the pain and the other was an antibiotic for the infection. The same day,  I visited my doctor.  At that time I was told that I did not have an ear infection, but I did have a fungus in my ear.  My doctor gave me some drops and cleaned my ear which solved my problem. My insurance company paid First Choice $586.46 on top of my deductable.  Thats $686.46 for someone to shine a light in my ear and give me a lie and pills that I did not need.  You would think I had already been ripped off right? I received a letter from my insurance company informing me that I was over charged.  Days latter I received a call from First Choice stating that I had an outstanding balance of $300.00 I Disputed this bill with them and later discaoved that they reported such to the credit reporting agencies.  I encourage eveyone to keep in mind that First Choice Emergency Room is a rip off!       
Entity: Humble, Texas
8, Report #1207457
Feb 07 2015
02:37 PM
First Choice Emergency Room Overcharged and Bad Diagnosis Mesquite Texas
My husband went to this clinic late one evening in December 2014.  He was told they accepted his insurance (united healthcare) and he saw the doctor.  The doctor said he had the flu (no flu test was given) and prescribed very expensive Tamiflu.  Two days later my husband went to his internist because he was not improving.  The internist told him he had the rotovirus and to stop taking the Tamiflu.  When the bill arrived from First Choice it was over $1,200.  We refused to pay that ridculous and excessive amount for a twenty minute visit and an incorrect diagnosis.  First Choice had filed their services out of network with our insurance company.   We did offer to pay $400 to settle the account but First Choice refused to accept that amount.  Therefore we paid nothing and First Choice has reported the unpaid amount to our credit bureau in an attempt to harm our credit standing.  Their business model is deception and inferior service.  Stay away from their clinics for your own welfare - physical and financial.
Entity: Mesquite, Texas
9, Report #1184031
Oct 21 2014
06:06 AM
Emergency Restoration Experts Bryan Fraudulent Insurance Claims North Las Vegas Nevada
On January 7, 2014, my water heater exploded in my condo and I was referred to this company by MC Plumbing and thats when I met Bryan.  He came out and did an estimate and put all of the equipment to dry out the water in my house and he decided to speak to my neighbors in the downstairs condo to see if he could get extra business.  I was unaware of him adding my insurance claim number to these people's paperwork until I received a letter in the mail stating that it was a liability claim.  I immediately contacted my insurance company who in turn contacted Emergency Restoration and stated the by law everyone who has an apartment or a condo is responsible for their own unit and they were only paying for my unit since I wasnt negligent on the water heater explosion and I took care of everything right away.  Emergency Restoration stated they understood and will seek payment from my neighbors.  I then received two bills one for 1494.83( my neighbors and it said liability claim) and one for 1237.17 which was my bill.  I contacted Emergency Restoration and let them know that I was only paying for myself not my neighbors.  The insurance adjuster stated that they were only covering my unit.  The HOA insurance representative came out and also stated that I wasn't neglihent and in the state of Nevada everyone has to have their own insurance it is different than automobile insurance.  I spoke with Bryan and he stated once again that I am only responsible for my bill.  I paid my bill April 1 1237.17 with my credit card.  Then in June, I received another bill from Emergency Restoration for an additional 257.66.  I immediately contacted them and stated that I wasn't paying for my neighbors bill because it would total 1494.83.  They stated this was my bill which I never saw an invoice proving that.  The invoice I had physically was my neighbors bill totaling that amount.  My insurance adjuster called and stated they were going to send another check out totalling 257.66 for the difference which I did not agree to since my bill was paid for 1237.17.  I ended up paying the bill in June with my debit card.  Here we are in October 2014 and I received another bill stating that I owe an additional 1237.17 and they threatened to put a lien on my property.  Now they figured they would get reimbursed for the neighbors work and in the meantime my bill was neglected after I paid them already.  They forged my name and claim number on the neighbors paperwork and deceived them and now they are trying to get extra money off of me when I did my due diligence and took care of everything.  I called and left them a nasty message and I also called my insurance company since Bryan was so desperate for business he decided to defraud Metlife insurance.  I demanded for my money back 257.66 since I wasn't paying for my neighbors place.  Emergency Restoration should just eat the charges to my neighbors since Bryan played claims adjuster and promised things that never materialized on behalf of an insurance company he doesn't work for nor does he pay for.  Run from this company far far away they are scam artists and should be forced out of business and put in jail for insurance fraud.
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
10, Report #1342441
Dec 10 2016
11:56 AM
First Choice Emergency Room Ripped me off Cypress Texas
 I went in on October 31 2016 because my heart was beating real fast.This is a sign of my overactive thyroid.I went in and only get an ekg and bloodwork.I paid 250 out of pocket and had medicine prescribed to help lower my heart rate that I paid as well. A few weeks later I got a bill of $5000 for just those simple tests.It is ridiculous. I called and they were able to cut half off but said I need to make a payment of 223 each month or get sent to collections.I called that I could not pay but that does not matter to them. I do not have insurance and not working.If I had known how this emergency was I would never had gone.
Entity: Cypress, Texas
11, Report #1357732
Feb 22 2017
05:17 PM
Emergency Construction Repair Emergency Water Restoration Management of construction project Houston, Texas
I contracted the job to Emergency Construction Repair Services (also called IRR) to repair the work caused by the water damages.  This job was poorly managed, planned, scheduled, with lack of committment and promises. They caused me to take two weeks of unplanned time off from work because of their lack of planning and committment.  They promised that they would show up on this day but never showed up.  They claimed that the floor materials had not been shipped but they were already shipped.  They waited a week and a half after its shipment. I also took my four dogs to day care on those days that they promised to show up but they never showed up.  It cost me 160.00 for each of those days. Even after they promised to show up, they never text or email me to let me know that they would not show up and arrange for another day.  I had to contact them to find out what is going on. Since they kept delaying it, I ended up throwing their trash into a local dumpster. They never finished the job.  They promised me that they would get a transition strip and once they get it, then they would give me a call back. I knew that they would never call back.  they never did.  So I got someone else to finish the job. And lastly, I paid 50 percent of their estimate on day 1 of the job.  Their headquarters never got the receipt showing that I had paid half down.  I had to mail a copy of the processed check showing proof of payment. I do not recommend this company for any type of construction work on your house or business.
Entity: Lawndale, CA 90260, California
12, Report #1392579
Aug 14 2017
11:08 AM
Texas Health Emergency Room Over charged for minimal service Arlington Texas
First Choice Emergency Room (Texas Health EmergencyOom) for my daughter on a Sunday. My daughter had a reaction to something she ate or toughed we are not sure but her face was swollen. We knew she needed a steroid that would address the reaction. Texas Health was a new location I had driven by several time and since our doctor was off on Sunday, I though let’s give this new business our business instead of going to care now down the street. We took her there thinking this was a miner event with standard charges. Since we are never in the need for medical services, we were unaware that by stating that they are an emergency room they could blatantly over charge. We filled out the standard forms and sent back to a room. A doctor saw us within ten minutes who stated she had a reaction to something she ate or encountered (yes we knew this already). The doctor prescribed steroid tablets. Total time at the location was 50 minutes. We are not charged and told that they would charge our insurance company. Four weeks later, we get the bills that went to the insurance for service without x-rays, blood work or any other services. IT was a simply exam and prescription. Texas Medical cost $2818 for the hospital use and ROOM Charges. Doctor cost for seeing our daughter for 5 minutes $668. The math that is over $7000 an hour ouch? Total charges for 50 minutes at this location $3486. THE Big Kicker the service it was a waste of time. The doctor prescribed steroid to cure a cold not reduce the swelling. On Monday there was no change and she had missed school. We went to our dermatologist who said the steroids the doctor at First Choice was incorrect to attack the cause of the inflammation or swelling and she gave her the correct medicine that eliminated the swelling with in hours. The cost for the appointment $92. Now we are responsible to pay for service that did not work. After insurance adjustments, the charges we are responsible for are $543.32 for the hospital and $71.96 for the doctor. This abuse to an unregulated system for any minor emergency clinic (that states Emergency ROom can get away with OVER BILLING practices needs to STOP! Because you call yourself, an emergency room does not mean you have to take advantage and steal every dollar possible from everyday folks that walk through your doors trusting that you are honest and fair. What happen to being Ethical? John Arlington, Texas
Entity: Arlington , Texas
13, Report #1414827
Dec 12 2017
04:40 PM
Vanguard emergency Management Rip Off, Failure to compenasate Winchester Virginia
I applied for a contractor position with vanguard emergency management in August 2017, after submitting the required paperwork which included 3 copies of government issued ID, employment/ contractor application, and having attended numerous online courses testing and certification, I was invited to attend the Inspector training and background and badging workshop from the 19th-25th September 2017,After speaking and receiving the invite email from Vanguard, I was required to purchase my plane ticket, lodging, and car rental, According to Vanguard, all this booking were supposed to made thru their travel agent, Before I called the Travel agent I went online and found multiple tickets from Las Vegas to Dallas Texas for under $100, but after calling the travel agent the cheapest ticket they would get for me was $415 for a one way, The travel agent said, that was the best rate he would find. he also booked a hotel and car rental for my trip. When I got to Texas on the 19th September almost 3 weeks after submitting my paperwork and document for a background check, there was a 3-hour line wait to get registered. During this time one of the officials with vanguard came around and told everyone queuing, that due to the many applicant and backlog there was a slow down in processing the background check by FEMA, but for every day we spent waiting for the result we would be compensated $200 a day. The Fema offices are located in Denton Texas which was about 40 mins drive, They gave me a wrong day and I drove all the way there, just to be told I had to return the next day. During the waiting period we had to check in and see if the result were in, also we were free to attend the Training classes that were ongoing in different conference rooms. Not having any friends, relative in Dallas Texas I spent my days in the training classes, and during 3 different occasions, one of your vanguard officials communicated that due to the delay in the background check, we would be compensated $200 a day for our time.   On Sunday the 24th of September, I checked with Vanguard official for my background result, and was shocked to be told I did not pass, as for the reason he said I would be getting a letter in the mail from FEMA, Having an impeccable background, that would surpass most members of Congress and the white house officials, and having a credit rating and history in the top 15% of all American, I was shocked beyond words as to what would have driven to this result. I am a naturalized American citizen, Spent 14 year in this great country, I have only had one traffic light camera traffic violation about  8 years ago which I paid a fine and attended classes, never had a delinquent account, collection late payment or name it was very hard to comprehend.   I Called the travel agent as soon as I left the Vanguard temporary offices to book a return ticket to Las Vegas, again the cheapest ticket was $415 for the next day travel. I did go online just out of curiosity and I could still get ticket for less than $100 for same day late evening travel or next day but in order for to get reimbursed I had to abide and follow Vanguard travel policy   After arriving home and  having incurred a wopping $2300 in total expenses I had to file for a refund, which was supposed to take 2 weeks to be refunded, it wasn't an easy experience especially when I had to file 5 diffrent times each time getting rejected, one of the reason was the first rental vehicle I rented upon my arrival in Dallas, that was booked thru Vanguard travel agency, was considered a mid size vehicle, a chevy cruze, although it falls under the small/ compact car class and they were having a problem to reimburse me, eventually I was reimbursed after 2 weeks. I  have contacted vanguard numerous time for the promised compensation of $200 per day i.e ($1200) that I supposed to be compensated for the 6 days that I spent in Dallas Texas and all have fallen on deaf ears. I have tried even to ask them to send a letter from FEMA for justification on the denial of the employment/contractor position, but they have failed to do that as well. Upon my own investigation and research, it came to my attention, Vanguard inspector position being a federal contractor job one was required to have registered with Selective services, but because I arrived in the country the first time after the age of 26, I was not required to register, I requested a letter from selective service to state this fact which I did forward a copy to Vanguard but its all in Vain I am in the process of pursuing a legal process come January, This was a scam, waste of my time and I know there are thousands of others out there who faced the same outcome as I did, but the only difference as I said if the hiring was based on Financial, credit and background record, this was a bonkers process, plain and simple. unless the federal and state government that issued me with USA citizenship and naturalization, and 2 auto Sales license ( California and Nevada) and 1 insurance license (Arizona) they don't know what they are doing as far background investigation is a concern.          Thank you  
Entity: Winchester, Virginia
14, Report #1416521
Dec 12 2017
01:59 PM
STAT Emergency Room Laredo Texas Incompetence. Overcharging. Laredo Texas
Stay away from STAT, they have incompetent staff and they will over-charge the self pay and private insurance. I just received my itemized statement from my insurance and they charged for lab I did not have done, and for supplies that were not used on me. I called back to the STAT location on the South and spoke to a Melissa Gonzalez, and she replied that I should not be worried about my insurance bill since my co-pay was only 100.00 and the insurance pays for the rest! When you steal from an insurance, you steal from the consumers, we have to pay for the higher premiums! Not only was our doctor rude and obnoxious (and smelled like a smoker) with his New York accent, he downplayed my symptoms and I had to go see my private doctor in less then 24 hours to get medicine he did not prescribed. Save your time and money, stay away form STAT Emergency Room in Laredo. 
Entity: Laredo, Texas
15, Report #1107359
Dec 16 2013
09:12 AM
Affiliated Pet Emergency Services Hugh McClelland & Affiliated Pet Misdiagnosed my Dog Gainesville Florida
I will never, EVER step foot in Affiliated Pet Emergency Services (APES) for ANY emergency veterinary services. If your animal needs immediate after-hours attention, stop reading this and immediately go to the UF Small Animal Hospital. APES is not worth your time or money. They misdiagnosed my dog, which caused a delay in her proper treatment by the more capable veterinarians at the UF Small Animal Hospital. They failed to provide copies of X-rays to me and to my veterinarian, when I was told that both of us would receive a copy. We were told that an office manager could be reached when their office is closed, but when attempting to reach them to obtain the X-ray, no one ever answered the phone/returned calls. When questioning the delay in receiving the X-ray, they claimed that it was their property and releasing records is only a courtesy (State law clearly states otherwise – google Chapter 474.2165(3), Florida Statutes. They are required BY LAW to release records relating to an animal’s treatment. The law specifically includes X-rays.) When they cannot determine the cause of an animal’s ailment, they manipulate their records to cover a myriad of potential prognoses (spanning from gastrointestinal to neurological issues) and do not fully review them with the client. Through a very difficult experience, I learned to avoid this place, and lost my dog because of their incompetence. Forget that you ever heard about this place, and go straight to the UF Small Animal Hospital!!
Entity: Gainesville, Florida
16, Report #1295244
Mar 22 2016
01:27 PM
Emergency Services Restoration Ripped Off While vunerable Lawndale California
A flooding occurred due to leaking water heater in a basement appartment. this restoration service was recommended by a plumbing company. My tenant was really paniced by the time they arrived. They cleaned up the water in less than an hour and gave the tenant a long list of things that needed repair, but did not tell me, nor did they inform me of the charges. They had the tenant sign the contract.  The next day I called the company to get the charges and was shocked when the bill was $1001.00. The person on the phone could not give me the cost breakdown. I got that later from my tenant along with everything that they said was damaged. 90 % of the charge was for labor. Un fortunately when you need a service of this type you don't have a chance to shop arround so you are at their mercy. Interesting thing, their web site lists glowing reviews. but on this site and on YELP 90% of the reviews are negative. Does look suspicious to you?
Entity: Lawndale, California
17, Report #1209613
Feb 16 2015
09:58 PM
St Francis Emergency Animal Hospital emergency animal clinic of hollywood, Inc Hidden costs during a Pet Emergency Pembroke Pines Florida
On Febraury 15th, 2015 at about 2:00 AM I went to St. Francis Emegency Animal Hospital located at 6602 Pines Boulevard, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 due that my cat was unable to urinate and was screaming with pain. I called 954-962-0300 and the Receptionist told me the cost of the emergency was $98.00. I accepted and went to the place. They requested my Driver License and made me sign documents saying something about possible charges. My cat was received for Ronald M. Ridge and he reviewed the cat and did not asked my questions to clarify what he was doing. He was merely writing. Then he showed me a paper indicating that the Bill was going to be $950. I told him that I was not able to afford that price and he told me he accepted at least $450.00. I told him that nobody explained me that charges before and he accepted to apply a sonda to the cat and charged me $30. Total: $128. I paid this ammount. My complaint is based on the lack of empathy and I felt that he was trying to force me to accept an unnecesary treatment in order to save my cat's life. I noted that he was not even using gloves. I think this is unprofessional and that he was blackmailing me with the pain of my cat. My cat is OK. That means that the proposed treatment was unnecesary.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
18, Report #1299044
Jul 15 2016
06:48 AM
Beaked Salmon Emergency Phys. Dr Owen Unethicaland Exorbitant Emergency Room Charges Valdosta Georgia
I'm sure many people think if your doctor sends you to your local ER and you are treated there, that your insurance will pay. NOT TRUE for Emergency room physicians such as DR Owen of Beaked Salmon Emergency PHys iat South Ga. Mecial Center. This doctor examined my husband, (after we waited 5 hours with husband in extreme pain)spent less than 5 minutes on exam and, as it turned out later, was INCORRECT in his diagnosis.Then his company, Beaked Salmon sent us a bill for $1400. For less than 5 minutes. We have good insurance and assumed they would pay this. NO--this is when we found out that Dr Own and Beaked Salmon are not in-network providers. We were never told this at the hospital, or given a choice whether we wanted to see him or not. WE had NO IDEA that they could provide treatment and bill us without our consent.This is surely unethical and a scam, if not illegal. How many people, have run into this type of shady medical practices and billing charges? Most of us pay a lot for health insurance and are not expecting this type of outrageous additional bills.I mean, this was on top of the many thousands of dollare our insurance did pay to the hospital, surgeons, etc.  iI CANNOT BELIVE THAT MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS ARE ALLOWED TO CHARGE WHATEVER THEY WANT WITHOUT THE CONSENT OR KNOWLEFDGE OF THE PATIENT. This is truly poor businiess and in particular, poor care for the injured. The doctor should be ashamed of himself and not just trying to make another boat payment off a person in pain.If you go to the ER of South GA, Medical Center in Valdosta Ga, PLEASE be sure to ask if the doctor seeing you is in-network and what his charges will be. Perhaps if enough people are aware and refuse to pay these inflated charges, this type of  billing inflation and abuse will be made illegal.
Entity: Valdosta, Georgia
19, Report #1388572
Jul 27 2017
11:04 AM
Multicare emergency Covington wa Charged 440000. For emergency room visit that insurance didn't pay Covington Washington
 I went to multicare Covington Emergency room in Washington state 3 times they said my insurance didn't pay and that my bill was 1 million 3 hundred thousand dollars. This is no joke it has ruined my life and destroyed my family
Entity: Washington
20, Report #604453
May 18 2010
10:35 AM
Bio-Tec Emergency Services/Mark Kropidlowski -DOES NOT LIKE TO PAY- Forest Lake Minnesota
 From a subcontrator of this company: I read the other reports too late I guess...  What a shame. I really liked working with these folks at Bio-Tec. They helped me endlessly trying to get me going and were constantly in contact with me. Adam went out of his way to help me.  But this Mark guy is the rotten apple in the bunch.. Where's my freakin check!! I m still waiting (3 months) for my small check. The thing about businesses is sometimes the big guy has to take one for the team. I tried a good three times to get an answer as to my payment for my job(thank God I did nt have anymore jobs) He got back to me but no sign of the $$$. Well I guess I won t see it. I would really like an explanation...a legit' one. This guy can t just pay people only when he feels like it or has it hanging around. Hey, what goes around comes around.
Entity: Forest Lake, Minnesota
21, Report #167405
Dec 09 2005
11:56 AM
Emergency Debt Relief, EDR, Protecting what, Not my interests! Ripoff Greensburg Pennsylvania
I started with EDR, when I was living in FL back in 2002 - they had an office in Jacksonville (funny how they moved). I was easily thousands in debt, didn't want to use another debt management company (who was having finacial troubles at the time) nor did I want to go bankrupt. SO I came across EDR they said they could cut my amount in half in what I owed. So after paying them monthly fees for about a year - to cover attorneys who were fighting in my defense. I get my first court subpoena from a creditor - call EDR - what do I do. Well there is nothing we can do. They will only settle for 100%. Well that was bs I went to court, spoke to the attorney settled for 80%. Strugged that one off. The next one came and I was PISSED. I settled with them for 60% and EDR was telling me 80% again. I said screw this. I closed my account and became debt free this past year. I was able to settle for a lot less than what EDR was claiming and to boot I HAD TO CALL THEM EVERYTIME FOR AN UPDATE - FOR A SERVICE - THE LEAST I SHOULD GET IS A PHONE CALL OR AN EMAIL WITH AN UPDATE! EDR is a waste of anyone's time - If your using them STOP - speak to a lawyer - check with the Federal Trade Commision on credit counselors - I bet they are not approved by the government to help debtors. STAY AWAY~ Katrina Farmington, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Greensburg, Pennsylvania
22, Report #376437
Sep 27 2008
05:57 AM
Emergency Debt Relief Debt Relief HA! Ripped me off for thousands Jacksonville Florida
This company was to help negotiate with my lenders to lower amounts owed meanwhile I was to pay a certain amount each month to put in savings so to speak so that when it reached a certain amount that they felt they could negotiate with the company's for then they would be paid off in one lump sum. The money I paid each month half went to them for their services other half as I previously noted. I spent a total of 5-6000 dollars to them for nothing. They did not use common sense to negotiate with the most pressing ones first. These were the ones serving me with court papers to sue me and take me to court for what I owed them. Not one account actually got paid. I later found out that I probably could have done my own negotiating with the credit card companies myself;but, it was too late. I was in such a financial mess that I finally had to file bankruptcy. When I called them, oh they were very sorry. But, there were no refunds of course for the thousands that they got off of me for nothing. I have stewed about this for years. Did not realize your services existed. It helps to get it off my chest and warn others. Linda b Brookston, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
23, Report #545642
Dec 26 2009
10:58 PM
Emergency Dental Byemong Kim, DMD Tried to overcharge. Portland, Oregon
My 23rd old granddaughter had a toothache over the Christmas Holliday. The day after Christmas she contacted Emergency Dental and was seen by Kim Byemong. She called them earlier and was told that she would be charged $55 for xrays and the tooth extraction would be $150. She asked me to pay for it. She made the appointment for 6 p.m. My granddaughter called me at 7:15 p.m. to let me know she had been in their office all that time and the tooth was not pulled. The dentist took xrays and examined all of her teeth. Talked to her about saving the tooth and having more work done. This is an emergency dental office for emergencies. My granddaugter also told me that the price went up to $350. They would not start the extraction until I came up there and paid the $350. I said no. Either they pull the tooth for $150 plus $55 for xrays or she could leave. One of the ladies that work in that office got on the phone and told me that I had to pay $55 for the xrays before my granddaughter could leave. My granddaughter told them she could pay them $55 on Wednesday. They said no. So, I drove up to their office at 8 p.m. and gave them my credit card to pay and was asked for I.D. My credit card has my picture on it. This is not a good place to send a young person that can be talked into treatment other than what she went in for. I feel so sorry for people that do not have dental insurance. An insurance company would never allow this to be charged. I think it is called 'Bait and Switch. A person is in pain and almost desperate for relief, told one price to relieve the pain and then when you get there....double the price.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
24, Report #860838
Mar 29 2012
06:19 AM
North Georgia Animal Emergency Hospital overcharged blue ridge, Georgia
Our dog need to be stiched up after a bear swiped her. we went to north georgia animal emergency hospital in blue ridge ,ga. we took dog in an they took her to examine room an quoted 500.00 told them did not have that , the lady said we could apply for credit and if credit id not go thru we could work out payments. wife and i apply got approve for 700.00. went to pay bill after several hours of waiting ,guess what bill was for.. the exact same as our approved credit plus had to pay 30.00 xtra then... total bill  730.00. they did no more than what they told us they would do for the dog so how did they arrive at 230.00 more,,,than was quoted. we are thankful they saved our dog an would've paid more but it's just we feel like we were ripped off because i feel like if we were approve for a thousand then our bill would have been thousand.
Entity: blue ridge, Georgia
25, Report #429696
Mar 01 2009
05:00 PM
Emergency Animal Clinic Grossly overcharge Grand Rapids Michigan
I brought my cat in to this facility on a weekend as no vets in a 70 mile radius had after hours care. My cat was severely dehyrdated and sick. I asked what the fees were before I brought him up and they just said it was $130.00 just to look at the animal. Once I got there I waited for nearly two hours to get in as they were very busy. When it came time for them to look at my cat it was very obvious the only thing they were interested in was getting paid. I explained the problem and they said lets do these tests, this is what they cost and made me initial next to each test with the costs, one was a blood test, they were charging roughly 200 dollars just for that. The other test was also almost 200 dollars as well. After the tests results came back they said he had some sort of infection in his liver or something to that effect, and it was going to costs a minimum of $1000 dollars to help him and it was not certain he would survive. I explained I did not have that kind of money and they just kept saying well can't you borrow it from a friend or family. I was just floored by their lack of compassion and how grossly overpriced everything was. It was obvious they cared nothing about the animals, only thing they cared about was the money. I had to end up having them euthenize him, which they charged 60 or so dollars for on top of the over 400 they had already charged me. Avoid this place like the plague! Eldookae spring lake, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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