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51, Report #1136913
Apr 07 2014
10:01 AM
World Wrestying Entertainment Network scams stamford Connecticut
I signed up for the WWE network back in the end of Feb. At that time it was a free week trial. When the actual subscription kicked in on March 4 i was charged the $9.99. Then again on March 5th I was charged another $9.99. I called to try and resolve this and was for all purposes told that they didnt care what my back statements say, there records show 1 charge and that it was only dollars and I should just suck it up and stop bitching. Now here in April i was again double charged and when I called today I was told our records show only one charge and because of this thy don not care what my bank records show and will not do anything to fix it. I look at this as theft and I want something legally done about it. I have read where I am not the only one this has happened to.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
52, Report #1192303
Dec 01 2014
01:29 PM
Entertainment Coupon book Digiatal savings USA Nationwide
Beware of Entertainment coupon book DIGITAL membership.  They have been auto billing me since 2010.  I was just billed again and was told I could not get even a partial refund.  Billed Oct 25, just got bill today Dec 1. They said if I cancel today, no refund and the service already paid for would end too.  I said fine, but take me off auto bill or in the biz known as evergreen billing ( green for them!!)   I have no problem with the actual books, however with Groupon etc, those are out of date and no one uses them anymore either.  Holly Parrish Florda
Entity: Nationwide
53, Report #1273144
Dec 09 2015
03:23 PM
Globe Wide Entertainment Ripped Off Frisco Texas
I ordered 2 years of Ranger Rick Magazine for my granddaughter.  The subscription was $58.00 which was way higher than you would pay if ordered directly from the National Wildlife Federation.  My granddaughter never received the magazine even though the CHECK WAS CASHED three months ago. This company is scamming people.  Never order a magazine from them.
Entity: Frisco, Texas
54, Report #1369333
Apr 24 2017
08:26 AM
Animagic Entertainment , balloonatiks.com/ Share / Investment Scam Carpenteria, Internet / Office Location
I was first contacted by the sales rep for this company back in 1999, they were ringing round people selling IPO shares in their company with share certificates at $2.00 per share, the deal was that there was a movie being made produced, book, t.v show and the shares would become live on the market within 6-12 months.I decided to buy shares and was told on a regular basis that the shares would become live, i continued to pursue the company for a few years ( 10 in fact ! ) and was told the same story, I felt obligated to get a result as I had also introduced personal friends who also bought shares. I eventually had a conversation with the main director Tony Diioia who has now refused to communicate and refused to refund any monies to any investors, I am aware of the risks of IPO's, but in this instance this is a blatant fraud, the company had no intention of ever being on the stock market and have stolen clients money to fund their own salaries and company. My next course of action will be to report this company to the SEC and let them investigate, If anyone is approached by this company DO NOT buy in to any of their investment sales pitches as you will lose all your money.        
Entity: Carpenteria,, Internet
55, Report #1368873
Apr 21 2017
08:02 AM
Screambox Entertainment Wouldn't Stop Or Cancel subscription Beverly hills California
 Tryed To Stop & Cancel my subscription several times called,went to email, did evrthing possible to stop my subscription but still taken money out of my account.that's why I decided to file. Thank You & May God Bless Sonja,Chicago,IL
56, Report #1131728
Mar 19 2014
06:06 AM
Legordon Entertainment Jarvis Tucker FRAUD SCAMMER Promoter Atlanta Georgia
Attention Atlanta, Beware of the biggest scammer in Georgia. His name is Jarvis Tucker and is a club promoter in and around the Atlanta area. He has worked with many clubs in the Atlanta area including Museum Bar, Aurum Longe, Boogalou, Icon Ultra Lounge, and many others. In mid September 2013, I agreed to invest in his company $25,000 for a series of weekly shows at the Museum Bar in Atlanta. I was suppose to get $25,000 returned in one month, plus profit the following month. It is now March 2014 and I have yet to receive one DOLLAR from this guy! I contacted him in October 2013 when I was suppose to get the initial investment back, and he made a huge sorrow story saying he had to use the money on a funeral for his nephews that had died in a car accident in Quitman Georgia on their way home from football practice. I googled the story online, and I came to find out there was such an accident that had occurred BUT 4 months earlier in July! Since then, he has promised to send money on many several occassions and has failed to do so coming out with a new story each time for his excuse. He posts classifieds on Craigslist all the time asking for people to invest in his club events. In reality, he does do club promotions but does not make a stable living doing so. He is in debt and takes peoples money to keep up with his lifestyle he portrays to be. Everyone that knows him personally would never know he is a scammer and flat out broke. Anyone else that has been scammed by this guy, please be sure to report it to the Atlanta Police Department. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
57, Report #1168346
Aug 08 2014
08:08 AM
Entertainment Book Charges your card without consent Nationwide
I ordered the $5 special Entertainment Book for 2014. It was on sale simply because the year was half over (I ordered in June 2014). In the prompts it asks you specifically if you want to be an annual member, and I chose the NO option. Here it is, August 2014, and they charge my card $30. I call to find out what it is about and they say that I chose to be an annual member when I purchased the book in June, because otherwise I would not have received the book. Not true. A friend who referred me to purchase the book also selected to NOT be an annual member, got the book, and ended up charged for the 2015 book in August. I haven't gotten the Entertainment Book in YEARS simply because it has never been worth the money to me; not enough places in there that are actually local or that I frequent. Well, I thought things had changed. Not much has!! Still the same useless coupons to places I would never go. Only a few coupons worthwhile. VERY disappointing. I'll be returning the book as soon as it gets here, since customer service wanted to argue wtih me and NOT refund the money and basically call me a liar. You need to check your system folks...there was an option to NOT become an annual member, and I selected it. Perhaps that's why the hold time was so ridiculous - too many people charged $30 out of the blue for something they didn't want!
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #1171870
Aug 23 2014
05:35 PM
Strasburger's Entertainment Complete Rip Off Scranton Pennsylvania
I hired them to work in my bar as a karaoke service one day a week as a test run. They quickly started with the drama and it really became more then I could handle. I highly suggest not hiring them for anything besides taking the trash out.  
Entity: Scranton, Pennsylvania
59, Report #142155
May 10 2005
07:34 AM
CCBill Entertainment Refused to give a refund Internet
I mistakenly subscribed to this mob thinking it was an online company listing survey sites. I paid my $34.95 subscription by credit card online. As soon as I was signed up I realised that I had subscribed to the wrong company. They don't deal in survey sites. They supply links to electronic venues on the internet. Totally opposite to what I was looking for! I notified them by email of my mistake and requested a refund. They refused stating that it was in their policy that no refunds were possible and that I accepted the condtions of their policy when I subscribed. I explained to them that I realised they had their rules but couldn't they make an exception? After all, it was an honest mistake. I was looking for survey sites to make a bit of pocket money to help pay bills. Obviously I wouldn't be looking for surveys if I had some money. I had to dig deep to subscribe and I needed the refund so I could subscribe to the correct site. These vultures and low lifes wouldn't budge. I continued to send emails and threatened them with telling my story all over the web. They didn't care and basically told me to do my worst. Well here I am and I'm hoping that my story is read and passed onto as many readers and members of your site as possible. I want these low life scumbag gutter crawling thieves to get the worst publicity possible and I am deeply appreciate of you giving me this chance to go public and maybe hit those high flying vultures in the pocket. $34.95 doesn't sound much but when I have paid for a site that I don't even use, I would call that theft. Adrian MelbourneAustralia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CCBill.com
Entity: Internet
60, Report #156560
Sep 09 2005
04:34 PM
Entertainment Rewards ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent billing Troy Michigan
Entertainment rewards has been taking $9.00 out of my checking account for the past 3 months without my authority. I never signed up for anything of theirs and I never gave them my credit card information. I have called multiple times and they will not refund my money. Alison Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
61, Report #154065
Aug 17 2005
11:14 PM
TicketMaster Entertainment Rewards ripoff Nationwide
I just noticed a $9 charge on my credit card from a company called Entertainment Rewards. I viewed the statment online, so I don't have access to any sort of contact info. I plan to call the credit card company about it tomorrow. I wasn't sure what the charge was for until I found this site. I'm compelled to write this because of all the rebuttals on this site claiming that people are not reading the fine print and receiving emails about this service. That is not at all true. I purchased a ticket a month ago. After the purchase I saw a link claming I could get a discount on my next purchase, so I clicked on it. But as soon as I saw that it was a membership of some sort I stopped, clicked the no thanks or cancel or whatever is provided. I did NOT finish completing the information. I distinctly remember than. I did see the fine print and I wanted nothing to do with this service. I am certain that I did not click on anything authorizing any charges of any sort. Also, I've never recieved any sort of email confirming my membership -- unlike what the employees posting rebuttals claim, something about receiving three emails. I've received nothing from this company, no emails, no coupons, certainly not any of the so-called discounts or services I'm supposed to receive during this supposed free membership. This is ridiculous. Right now, I don't even know how to contact them to try to remedy this situation. When I do a search on the web, I can't find any sort of website for them. I'm hoping the credit card company will be able to provid me with a phone number. My only purpose in writing this is to clarify that in my situation, there was no contact from this company whatsoever. I take great offense to the Entertainment Rewards employees claiming that everyone complaining is just being silly or ignorant. I'm very cautious about how I spend my money and check my online statment a few times a week in fear of scams like this. However other people aren't so careful, and companies like this take advantage of that. Jill Lewisville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #146722
Jun 18 2005
10:53 PM
Entertainment Reward ripoff, fraudulent billing Troy Michigan
This is more of a it happened to me, too report. I found mysterious $7.00 charges recurring on my credit card statement from Entertainment Reward, a company which I was certain I had never done business with. I had recently been a victim of the Pluto Data Ltd fraudulent charge scam, so I checked out Entertainment Reward and found the rip-off report. My hat is off to Neil from NC for researching the details of this scam. I did order tickets in the timeframe in question during which the fraudulent charge appeared. My credit card company did issue an immediate credit for the charge, so I guess this story has a somewhat happy ending in may case. The CSR for my credit card that I spoke with on the phone was familiar with Entertainment Reward, due to the number of disputed charges the company had racked up. John Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
63, Report #160739
Oct 14 2005
08:28 AM
Entertainment Rewards Ripped Me Off Twice, Maybe More Ripoff Internet
Today I decided to take a look at my bank statement and I found out I was hit by Entertainment Rewards for $9 in September and October totaling $18. I called my bank to file a complaint and they immediately called Entertainment Rewards so they will be refunding my money ASAP. When I saw this company on my statement I searched on google and found that there are so many people being played for their money. Most of their situations, including myself derived from ticketmaster.com because they are owned by the same person. should'nt ticketmaster be held accountable as well? Whatever the case may be, I am here to testify so whomever is with me say I. Maiya Euclid, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
64, Report #158826
Sep 29 2005
10:27 AM
Entertainment Rewards - Ticket Master ripoff Internet
This is a shady company and I found out the hard way and got taken for $27.00. When buying tickets thru Ticket Master, don't fall for the 50% of you next purchase. It's a scam to get you to ok them to take $9.00 a month out of your checking or credit card account. Then when you call the 1-800 number on your statement, you sit on hold for over an hour. I finally found a way to cancel my membership, that I never wanted in the first place, and filed a complaint with my bank for unauthorized charges to my account. SHAME SHAME SHAME Ticket Master should be ashamed for pulling a stunt like this, let alone the monopoly they charge you for thier services fee's. They go a take another $9.00 a month from you also Bryan Macomb, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
65, Report #162325
Oct 27 2005
12:40 PM
Entertainment Rewards ripoff Troy Michigan
Same thing. Ticketmaster. Called said they could refund three months I threw a fit and he said that his manager (that I made sure to get the info on) would have it refunded by the end of the day. We'll see. Melynda Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
66, Report #163290
Nov 03 2005
11:36 PM
Entertainment Rewards ripoff exasparating horrible extreme unpleasantness Internet
Basically, my complaint is in uniform with everyone else's. I bought concert tickets from what I thought was the most reputable, most legitimate company (Ticket Master). Sadly, my notion was totally incorrect, and now I'm just plain pissed off. I am now officially being charged $9 a month, and I don't know what to do at all, because it sounds like everyone else has also had the runaround. Please help if you can... Crystal Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
67, Report #102433
Aug 06 2004
11:59 AM
Takeone Entertainment ripoff Dieppe Nebraska
I recieved an e-mail on August. 06, 2004 at approximately 2:00 pm., it said that if i click on there web address that i would recieve a FREE DVD. The DVD was to be free as well as the shipping and handeling, so i clicked on the site. But then they tried to get me to subscribe to a DVD movie club membership, but it did say that i could opt out, so i did that. Then they tried to offer me a FREE CELL PHONE, the phone was to be completely free: no credit check, deposit and no contract. the phone was from T-Mobile, so i opted out of the phone offer because i already two phones now and most importantly, they put the offer on the screen again telling me that it was free-free. But they were asking me for my social security number and my drivers license number, which means that they lied, and the phone is not free at all. Only with a approved credit check, so i still said no. And continued to the end of the process to get my free DVD, the option finally came on the screen to pick my FREE DVD and i selectet, THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD then it said to click submit to get my free DVD, and i did that. THen it said that i had to select 2 more DVD's to get my free DVD and pay shipping & handeling cost plus join the movie club, so i clicked no. I tried to get the free one more time and it wanted me to buy a cell phone and kept asking me to sign up for the movie club. Thank you very much. Gary gulport, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dieppe, Nebraska
68, Report #110403
Sep 27 2004
03:26 PM
American Entertainment Distibutors ripoff Hollywood Florida
I am another owner of this rip off box. I too was promised alot more than I was awarded. I purchased this machine 8 months ago, and to this day, my Box Office Express has not operated correctly. Every time I call AED to complain, they act sympathetic to my needs, but no results are ever acheived. I am told they are busy and will call me back. They never return my calls. They just blame the manufacturer. For all those new Investors beware... Do not buy this machine. It is a total scam and a rip off. Shawn Highlands Ranch, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
69, Report #111695
Oct 06 2004
08:12 AM
American Entertainment Distributors $38,000 RIPOFF!!! Hollywood Florida
I purchased a Box Office Express in Feb 04 for $38,000 after watching an ad on TV. I still have not seen the machine. These guys should go to jail broke. Let's take them to court. Dan St. Louis, MO Daniel Arnold, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Georgia
70, Report #112726
Oct 13 2004
07:51 AM
American Entertainment Distributors ripoff Hollywood Florida
AED Pres. James R. MacArthur was formerly prosecuted ny the DOJ as he was the Principals of Elite Business Designs. He was setting people up with a greeting card vending business. Basically making all the same statments he made at AED. I have been doing searches on european and Australlian search engines trying to find out if Riello is involved in similar deals. I found a company selling dvd vending machines in CA making all the same claims telling the same story of how the fearless leader saw how well the machines are doing in europe and by the grace of God he was able to realize his dream of bting the Business Opportuniy to America. Lastly, did anyone get approached by Universal Tech to by an wireless internet antenna that reaches 9 miles, for another 10,000.00? I was and tried to call back the caller from my caller I>D> and guess what? Dissconected! By the way I did not pay an extra 10,000 thank God, but did not reciev a machine. Good Bye 40k Bernard cedarburg, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
71, Report #111781
Oct 06 2004
01:56 PM
American Entertainment Distributors ripoff Hollywood Florida
What a bunch of scam artists. I visited their location with check in hand ready to purchase. I loved the concept but didn't understand why they wanted all the money up front without a real receipt. I decided to hold off. Thank Goodness! Apparently they were raided last week for ripping tons of people off. I have since found out the owner of the company was involved in illegal activity in the past and has a criminal record. I have since set up a machine with a company called Moviebankusa without a problem. The numbers have not been great but it does work. I'm currently averaging about 36 rentals a day. I'm hitting my first month mark; it seems to be catching on. I do not understand how a company like AED can do this to so many people without consumers finding out. Luckily there are websites like this one out there!! Dave Yonkers, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
72, Report #111782
Oct 06 2004
02:03 PM
American Entertainment Distributors ripoff Hollywood Florida
What a bunch of scam artists. I visited there location with check in hand ready to purchase. I loved the concept but didn't understand why they wanted all the money up front without a real receipt. I decided to hold off. Thank Goodness! Apparently they were raided last week for ripping tons of people off. I have since found out the owner of the company was involved in illegal activity in the past and has a criminal record. I do not understand how a company like AED can do this to so many people without consumers finding out. Luckily there are websites like this one out there!! Dave Yonkers, New YorkU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
73, Report #112671
Oct 12 2004
07:21 PM
American Entertainment Distributors ripoff Hollywood Florida
We are reading your reports and you could be speaking of us. We too invested $39,400 in June and to date have seen nothing! We have been ignored, and talked down to by the AED customer serivce manager Ed Farlow. AED was very careful about who we spoke to, always making sure that no matter who we asked for over the phone or e-mailed, Ed was always at the other line! As we sit here with a knot in our stomach at the amount of money we may have lost, we believe there is power in numbers. We are all but tapped out financially, as we are sure many of you are. We have been advised by a Florida attorney that cost for legal representation could be anywhere from $10 to $12K, and of course there is no guarantee we will retrieve anything! If we join together to file a lawsuit, we may get more attention as well as minimize any additional money we have to pay out. I think we should sue AED and pursue individualsas well who blatently lied to us and refused our efforts to cancel orders that were already in breach of contract. What a joke and smooth talker Pete Smolyansky is. In addition, Cesar Menendez, director of sales, and Ginny (his assistant who managed to keep her last name a secret)David Freed who apparently worked in the locater department and Ed Farlow, customer service manager should be made to pay for their deception. Florida state law does not allow the misconduct of an individual to hide behind the corporate wall. They can (and should) be held accountable as private citizens. Shane Albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
74, Report #59692
Jun 05 2003
02:33 PM
Complete Entertainment ripoff Clive Iowa
This company led me to believe for several months that they had a number of products reserved for me. I placed a phone call one week prior to the date of my reservation only to be told they had potentially made a mistake with my reservation and they would call me back in a few minutes. For the next week I made over a dozen phone calls to them and left many messages. Not a single person bothered to call me back. They completely left me hanging not knowing if they were going to show up or not and of course, they didn't. Between the screw up with my reservation and their unwillingness to contact me to clear it up or at least let me know what was going on, I would be very sceptical about using this company. They are not obviously not organized, nor do they even care if they screw you over. I would hate for any other person to make a reservation with them only to find out at the last minutes that you're SOL. If you need this type of entertainment, take your business somewhere else. Jason Story City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Clive, Iowa
75, Report #119077
Nov 20 2004
06:49 PM
Starbiz Entertainment ripoff empty promises Scottsdale Arizona
I took my daughter to an audition, got the typical call back. Paid $685 for photos and filled out paperwork, we were told we would make the money back on the first shoot. The first photo shoot I didn't receive any money for. The second shoot got a payment of $50 and the third shoot got another $50. It didn't quite add up to $685. When she made the cover of the arizona parenting magazine I was told payment was going to be $600, but only got $50. She was also to be entered in a $2500 clothing drawing, but I doubt if that was truthful. Jason tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona

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