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1, Report #99738
Jul 20 2004
12:04 PM
I went through the Amerisource Financial Service 3044 Old Denton Rd. Suite 111-178 Carrollton, TX 75007 Phone (972) 939-0051 Fax (972) 939-0462 Tiffany We spoke she told me to send the Amerisource $78.00 which I did. it's been 3 mos I have been requesting my refund from them, she told me I had to send her a denial letter from the Universal Financial for whom I had to send them $55.00 to process a loan that I did not get, I fax both place a request for my money and by phone or by fax theres no respond, I've also left messages. Please have someone get in contact with these people I don't want any further bussiness with them I just want my money back. Mary SAN JOSE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: COLD SPRING, Kentucky
2, Report #881064
May 10 2012
06:58 PM
American Financial Services Scam Wilmington, Delaware
I think my father inlaw was scammed for $1600 from American Financial Services in Wilmington, Delaware for selling time share
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
3, Report #1099377
Nov 14 2013
04:23 PM
BMW Financial Services defective auto title Canton Internet
 BMWFSunlawful fees and, when I refused to pay them, did damage to my credit rating.  I advise not to respond to their low-balls which rope you in. 
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1243972
Jul 24 2015
06:07 AM
Ensimini Financial Services Misleading Information Johannesburg Nationwide
I was informed by the HR office of the company that I worked for that I would receive my provident fund payout from Ensimini Administration Services in 3 months from my withdrawal of the fund, I later sent an email to the fund administrator who confirmed that there is a 3 month waiting period, however three months passed thereafter I asked them to send me a definite date for the payment and I was informed that I would receive the payment by the 24th of the fourth month from my withdrawal it is the 24th and still no funds, this is very concerning the way this company keeps shifting the goal posts especially when people put their trust in them to administer their funds and given the high number of fruadulent companies out there, My experience with Ensimini has been appalling and would never advise anyone to go in business with them
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #625154
Jul 20 2010
11:53 AM
Trilogy Financial Services SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Internet
David Gerard is a true scam artist, the policy I bought from him turned out to be nothing like what he had told me it originally was. When I called to ask him about this he gave me the run around, and would not give me any direct answers. Completely unprofessional, I will be canceling my policy ASAP. BEWARE
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #146453
Jun 16 2005
02:19 PM
Lotus Financial Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I needed funds for a financial situation I found myself in so I tried to obtain a contract thru this company. They sent me a contact which I can forward to you if need be. I have attempted to contact them but there # is no longer in service. I have bad credit so they wanted insurance funds so I sent them including a moneygram service fee of approximately $705.00 which I could currently use because I am on medical leave. Please can you help me retrieve my funds. I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you! Jodi Massillon, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
7, Report #7825
Nov 15 2001
12:00 AM
Deutsche Financial Services - RippOff Specialists
We had our RV loan financed through Deutsche Financial Services, and our contract says that the payoff for the RV was $40,566.00 with 0% interest and 0 finance charge, and Deutsche is charging us 45,000.00 with 11% charged daily to the account. This is not fair at all. We want Giant RV and Deutsche Financial to get the RV back and pay the loan themselves. Daniel Mello tg11-15
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
8, Report #1238378
Apr 15 2016
02:57 PM
cbm financial services LLC Chris munoz
 Do not pay chris any money for anything what so ever, don't even work for him he will disappear and not pay you. He charges people $3000 to modify their mortgage when people can call their banks and do it themselves for free. He's the dumbest con-artist. He makes his money suing people and stealing people's money. And he's going to tell you that this review was written by a crazy ex-gf that wants to ruin his life. I have no reason to lie about him I'm just making sure people know he's a compulsive liar. He makes up **** about his employees that quit because he doesn't want people to believe them. Trust me do not give him a penny or any of your information. Call the Pacific Grove police department and the labor board of CA there is more than one claim against him
9, Report #29450
Sep 09 2002
08:13 AM
After running into some financial trouble, I was given the name of Jubilee Financial Services to help me out. I paid a significant amount of money to enroll as well as a monthly amount. The monthly amount was to build an escrow account to pay off creditors. After several months and numerous attempts to find out what was going on with my account I decided to cancel my contract and wrote them a letter. Only then did I get a response. I was written a letter from the president of the company stating that he needed to review my account and i should recieve a check within 6 to 8 weeks. Well, it has been several months a guess what,no check. This has placed a further financial burden on my family. These people ought to be caught and jailed. Better yet stoned in public. STEPHEN BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania
Entity: DOWNEY, California
10, Report #186713
Apr 14 2006
09:03 PM
Drive Financial Services ripoff Dallas Texas
All customer of Drive Financial file reports to your BBB. If they can write false reports on us, then we all need to stick together. since Drive feels they can do whatever they like, by breaking Fair collect Act,and sleep at night. Drive is not about helping people, they about distroying people credit, and charter, who have had problems in the past, and are trying to build and reestablish their credit. File your complaint to the BBB. This Company folks needs to be make accountable for their actions. Brenda Modesto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
11, Report #199162
Jul 02 2006
09:04 AM
Westlake Financial Services ripoff Riverside California
We bought a truck with them a few years ago now, the total cost was 10,000, for an astro van, we have been paying 245 monthly, according to the contract if you stop paying for 3 months they can take the car from you and sell it to pay the debt, so we had some personal problems and were unable to make the payments for 2 months, one day a police officer stop me for not having my driver license and took the car away, I had to pay 800, since I didnt have the money they call the dealer. Westlake paid the money, took the car, and according to them they sold the 10,000 van for 800, which sounds pretty damn stupid to me, and this hasnt stop, they say we still have to pay the 3000 left on the account. I have not idea what to do, since they keep bothering, saying they would send me to jail. I hate so much this people, they are not honest at all, do not buy from them. Mabel RIVERSIDE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
12, Report #202602
Jul 24 2006
08:21 AM
FairView Financial Services ripoff Wells Maine
This company somehow received an application I submitted to a loan website. They guaranteed a secured loan of $5000.00. A insurance policy of $399.00 had to be purchased in order to guarantee the loan. As skeptical as I was, I desparately needed the money as my mother is very ill and my credit is not that good anymore due to other family issues. Not only did I not receive the loan, I did find out through my own investigated work that this company is nothing more than a scam. I only hope that people check this out before they turn over their hard earned money. What a shame that we live in a society that profits on the misery and suffering of others. Bonnie Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wells, Maine
13, Report #71302
Nov 07 2003
02:45 PM
Dell Financial Services ripoff Austin Texas
Can you say Loan Shark!! Bought computer through Dell in March, this March 03, using their Credit Card. Total price of $1,956.26, have paid $1,608.50, I still owe $1,068.98. This works out to be $100/mo. in interest, which equates to about an interest rate of 60%. Ever paid 60% for interest, especially for just a computer? Perhaps that is why Dell Computers are well priced. Apparently they take your payments, only apply what they consider the monthly payment to be, and hold the rest until the next payment is due. At this time, I do not owe anything until sometime next year. There is not one thing on their statement that shows what the interest is, they do show what has been credited, they don't tell you that they haven't applied it and won't for months to come. When I called to find out what the balance was, since I knew the statement was incorrect, I was informed that I owed an extra $60 to have this contract and another $70 to break it, or pay in full. PREPAYMENT PENALTY PLUS, PLUS! This is how, they say everyone does it! Wow! I only pay about 300 bills a month for our business, never had this problem. So, when I think I owe about $350, I now owe over $700 and I have only had this computer since the end of March, 7 months. That is interest of approximately $100/mo. or at the interest rate of over 60%. A Loan Shark would have been cheaper. Sue Susanville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
14, Report #115560
Nov 01 2004
11:57 AM
Jmw Financial Services rip-off! Mesa Arizona
You sign up for this company, and you think that you are really going to make money but all it comes down to is you lose your 98 dollars. In order to get your refund for this product you have to send out tons of letters in hopes that you will get at least 30 back so when your 90 days is up you can send in for a refund. None of this stuff they tell you when you are signing up. They say its incredibily easy to receive your refund all you do is call. And let me tell you if you dont have your 30 letters then you have to write a detailed letter to the review board begging for your money back. If only they would share this with you. I asked the customer service lady why no one explains this to you and she said thats why they ask you if you have any questions, so you can found these things out. Courtni peoria, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Meza, Arizona
15, Report #87777
Apr 15 2004
01:26 PM
JMW Financial Services ripoff Mesa Arizona
I called about an advertisement in the Connecticut Business Times about working from home. This company gave me a corporate number to call to make sure it was legitate. In the meantime, I got on the internet and looked up JMW Financial Services in the search engine. It led me to the about this scam. Thanks for saving me $98.00 and exposing scams for what they are. Judy Bethlehem, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
16, Report #85092
Mar 23 2004
06:56 PM
NCO Financial Services ripoff Brantford Ontario
This NCO Financial Services is one of the scam bag I had ever meet in my my life, and those who operate this business is one of the dummies people I dealt with specially this name called Heather Chychul. She is so ignorant on the phone threatening people that if you don't pay your credit she will put your name in the credit bureau and ruin your credit record telling you to pay your $10 credit. Heather this is for you take the $10 shove to a**. Many 326 Brantford, OntarioCanada
Entity: Brantford, Ontario
17, Report #197637
Jun 22 2006
02:55 PM
Axin Financial Services RIPOFF Irvine California
Some time ago, I think it was several years ago I had attempted to start a website. It was one of those everthing included things. So I started the website then I lost my job and was not able to get the website up and running. I wrote those who I was aware of being attached to the workings of the website, everyone except Axin Financial siad something in the way of as of a date I paid, and that was finish. But Axin siad tuff. I have not been able to get a supposed date of cancelation from them and they have some thing going with my bank, that they keep taking finances from me and I can not stop them, and I can not close the acccount for other reasons. Charles TACOMA, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
18, Report #331220
May 07 2008
06:23 PM
Anderson Financial Services Not my account Nationwide
I have alot of companies bothering me and will file with the credit bureaus. I have I dentity theft, and I am sure it is still continuing. Personal problems have me paying more attention in tat are, so I haven't taken care of all this yet. But I will. Jean Suwanee, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #7956
Nov 19 2001
12:00 AM
Primerica sued in Canada
EDitor's Comment: Rip-off Report Investigation: Primerica gets a POSITIVE RATING in customer support from Rip-off Report and is fulfilling its commitment to provide excellent customer service. Primerica pledges to resolve complaints and address representative issues. For a long time this EDitor had concerns about Primerica because of the number of Reports about them. For many months Rip-off Report was looking into the company, even before they contacted us to resolve any issues and mostly misunderstandings being posted by competitors. With over 100,000 representatives and 6 million clients, Primerica is bound to be the subject of a certain number of complaints about improper agent conduct, as well as product and administrative complaints. Rip-Off's investigation found such complaints, but importantly also found that Primerica is committed to resolving such complaints quickly and doing everything possible to satisfy its clients. It also takes appropriate action against any of its representatives who are found to have conducted themselves improperly or unethically. We believe that the number of complaints against this company, whether through the Internet or other channels, is small when put into the context of its enormous size. Most big companies would never commit themselves like Primerica has. Read our investigative Report and Primerica's commitment to 100% consumer satisfaction.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1303458
May 03 2016
05:23 PM
charter financial Charter Financial Corp. sent bill for services Internet
CHARTER FINACIAL sent me an email asking me if I was happy with there service. I do not or have i ever used them. Then they send me another one with part of an invoice in it, It said I owed them $349,75 notice the comma not a period. THE INVOICE NUMBER 9679877 DATE DUE IS 5/5/2016     There was a place to click on to view the whole invoice. I did not, I replied saying I was going to report them
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1152747
Jun 06 2014
04:11 PM
TNT Financial Bamboozled Saginaw Michigan
I am a Combat Veteran of the United States Armed Forces....I was told I could bring it back the vehicle in same condition as when I took delivery and sign a paper which meant I would no longer be obligated to this vehicle. Also that it would not go on my credit. Well it is on my credit and needs to be removed immediately so that I can purchase a new vehicle. The whole situation is shady and I know that I will never deal with this company ever again as soon as they correct my credit. They are responsible for doing what they said they would.
Entity: Saginaw, Michigan
22, Report #1318897
Jul 25 2016
11:10 PM
Onemain financial Trap Houston Texas
I had some one use my name, SSN, & DOB  to get a loan and were denied. I have been working really hard on getting my credit up to get a house, so I have been checking my credit every week on Credit Karma. Last week I checked my credit and saw that I had a hard copy check on my credit. So I checked it out and found out that Onemain Financial had ran my credit on a loan that I never applied for.   When I called their office they stated they couldn't help me and transfered me to a 1800 number. I spoke with someone 1-800 number that hung up on me, so I called again and they listen to me and then hung-up again. I called again and soneone transfered me to a 1-888 number and they stated they couldn't help me and that I will need to call the office again because they don't handle fraud in that department. I have been given the run arounds for days.   I have been calling the company for 3 days now and they informed me that they will have a manager call me back and I have not received anything yet. I know I have been a victim of fraud and Onemain Financial is making me feel like if it is my fault and I don't believe I deserve being treated this way. It really bothers me what if I wouldn't have checked my credit report I may have not even known anything.    I have already faxed over a dispute to Equifax and will be making a police report tomorrow. I am also sending a letter to the Attorney General about Onemain Financial and their practice. 
Entity: Houston, Texas
23, Report #1173930
Sep 02 2014
02:33 PM
Sun Financial Scam, Liars, Deceptive Internet
Sun financial is a business system for placing people into already-owned homes with no credit or history needed. Basically you, the consumer, take over the current home owners lease. It costed me $100 to sign up with them and I was suposedly signing up to recieve contact information for home owners desperate to rent out their homes. Before I paid sun financial, I was ASSURED that I would be refunded if I wasnt placed into a home within 90 days. Once paid and navigating their site, when you find a home you're interested in there is a link/box covering the actual phone number to contact that specific home owner. When you click on that link to reveal the phone number, you're redirected to another site (something like a reverse address search) which you have to pay them for a 6-month or so subscription to use that service. Once my 90 days was up, I spent DAYS trying to contact sun financial to get information on my refund. HOURS upon HOURS on hold, being disconnected, hung up on, transfered, the whole bit! Finally I got an email back, casually asking, did you obtain the 5 denial letters from the home owners as required by the terms of service? NO, I did not! Because I was going to have to pay AGAIN for services I had ALREADY SUPOSEDLY paid for in the first place! Do not sign with sun financial people, it is a scam! these people are virtually un-reachable, they lie to get you to sign, they dont inform you of these very significant facts about their business. Completley rediculous!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #129470
Jan 30 2005
01:15 PM
Arcadia Financial ripoff Minneapolis Minnesota
DALISA, THREE WORDS FAILURE TO DISCLOSE This is what Arcadia has done to me for 5 years. It is against federal law and your company knows this but for some reason they get away with it. Why? Because there is not one lawyer out there with the B---S to fight you. Well I have for the past 2 years refused to back down to your customer abuse. Your collector has lied, cursed out my wife, has used illegal tactics to try to gain control but we do not back down. Eventually we will find a lawyer that is willing to put you company in the gutter and I will laugh my A-s off when this happens. So DALISA continue your pipe dream on how helpfull and wonderful arcadia is, because it is only a pipe dream. Ralph Sparks, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
25, Report #141635
May 05 2005
10:05 AM
I recevied a call from a Angela saying to call her back i was approved for my loan. i had three options, i could usa a co-signer with good credit, use collateral, or take out the insurance to secure the loan. told me that all i had to send them was 700.00 and the loan would be in my checking account within 2 hours. nothing was there.tried calling the company and would get the run around, or no answer, i left messages and no one call me back. Finally, i talked to another man, told me that the previous loan officer misinformed me and i need to send another 800.00 more. I did now I am 1,500.00 in the red, with no refund and no loan. They told me to send it money gram to Bostn, Ma receivers name Chris Smithly. Aaron baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: BOSTON, Massachusetts

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