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51, Report #299788
Jan 14 2008
07:46 AM
First Premier Bank payamnt protection Sioux Falls South dakota
I lost my job in 2006 and tried to utilize this insurance with first premier bank. I was denied several times. So i tried to keep up with the payments but i fell behind and recieved several calls saying if i made payments by western union that i would recieve extra credit for doing so. everything that i was told was a lie. when i tried to close the account they would not let me or evem try to work with me to get it caught up. this company wants your money and does not want to give you honest infromation. Isaacredrose milton, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Carolina
52, Report #151077
Jul 24 2005
12:03 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
Hi, Because of attempted I.D. Theft, I am now an ardent devotee to Rip Off Reports..Thank you guys!I sure got my eyes open! My wife received Saturday 23rd August a Pre-Approved Gold Mastercard from First Premier Bank offering her a new mastercard with the whooping credit limit of $300.00. WOW! As I have been following reports on your web site, the name rang a bell and I immediately got on line and was not surprised see 179 rip off reports against First Premier Bank. They charge a total of $244.00 in initial fees oh and if you need a second card for your spouse that is an additional $20.00. And wait for this, if your credit gets better and you are eligible for an increase in your credit limit they generously charge you an additional fee of $20.00. So the better your credit the more they charge! This must be without doubt one of the worst credit card rip offs I have come across. Now one thing concerns my wife and myself, the Pre-approval they mention which I assume means they have checked our credit. I was of the understanding it was illegal for someone to obtain a credit report without the clients permission and if this be the case does that mean there is an unauthorised search against our records. Can someone advise on this please. We have to now contact each of the credit reference agencies to see if we were checked by First Premier Bank and if we find we were and it was illegal, we intend to sue their asses off. Readers, please be aware of these types of rip offs. If we were pre-approved and had good enough credit rating (which we have incidently), do you think we would be stupid enough to buy a useless low limit highly expensive credit card from these rip off merchants.WE WOULD GO TO A LOCAL BANK! There is also a PRESCREEN & OPT-OUT NOTICE on the terms and conditions which is toll free at 1-888-567-8688 so I will try it to see if it works. Under this notice they also advise you to contact Experian Target Marketing, Equifax Options, Trans Union LLC,and Innovis Data Solutions as well.... Why? I have only lived in your wonderful country for about a year with my American wife and as is promoted world wide, America is the land of opportunity and I totally agree, but it is also the Rip Off Merchants Land of Opportunity also. What the hell are the Authorities, Legislators, FDIC and others doing about these rip offs? Come on guys, get up off your lazy asses and do something for the consumers who have to put up with this disgraceful crap on a regular basis and remember those of you who were voted in, you better do your bit or we will remember your non-actions next election day! Tom Clovis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
53, Report #172693
Jan 21 2006
03:33 PM
First Premier Bank ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
I just wanted to warn all people looking to rebuild there credit NOT to use First Premier Bank. For most of us, we're looking to establish our credit. Whether it's because of damaged credit scores or first timers. Either way, this company knows what type of situation we are in and takes full advantage of it. I live pay check to pay check at this point in my life and when I make a direct deposit from my checking account to pay off my balance, I need those funds ASAP to survive. For the first 3 months of my membership they would post my payments the next day and the funds would be available. For no reason on Dec 12, I made a 200 payment (300 Credit Limit) so I could buy Christmas gifts. Well, they decided not to make the funds available untill Jan 7th of this year! I couldn't buy gifts for many of my friends and family. When I called to find out why they told me it was for security purposes. That's all they would tell me. The thing is, they took the money from my checking account on the 12th. Now everytime I make a payment, I have to wait 2 weeks or more. Scott Bloomfield, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
54, Report #213585
Sep 30 2006
04:08 PM
First Premier Bank scammed Sioux Falls South Dakota
Everything was okay with the First Premier Bank Platinum credit card, until I made my first payment. When I made a payment of the entire balance amount, my account was deemed suspicious. I talked to a live person and he said that it was very normal for the customers and that there was a warning about Payment Verification on the back of my bill. I have no available credit now even though my account is in good standing. This could last the 16 days they promised, or twenty, or as many days as they desire. By that time my next payment will be due. I told the representitive that I was going to write this up in the news, right before I hung up on him. If you want to read it go to Rose peebles, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
55, Report #368449
Aug 30 2008
05:19 PM
First Premier Bank Credit Card statement? Sioux Falls South Dakota
I received a statement in the mail from First Premier saying I owe $180. I do not have a credit card with them but yet I owe them at least $25 by 9/15. I have read on ripoff reports that others were also scammed by these people. What should I do now? Joyce Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
56, Report #371424
Sep 09 2008
07:15 PM
First Premier Bank Identity Theft Scam Sioux Falls South Dakota
First Priemier Bank PO Box 5519 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5519 1-800-987-5521 Customer Service Rep: Jamie (female) contacted 09/09/08 12:00 cst issues a Master Card (last four 0429) via U.S. POSTAL SERVICE along with statement Credit Limit: $300.00 Initial Fees: $179.00 Available Credit: $121.00 First Payment: $25.00 NO activation process for card. The card is ready for immediate use. (Identy Theft!) First Primier Bank CREDIT CARD CONTRACT AND INITIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (included in the enevelope with the credit card and statement) clause: Effective Date. This Contract is effective upon the earlier (a) the first purchase made or cash advance taken on your Credit Account and (b) the expiration of 30 days from the date we issue the Card to you. You are not obligated to pay any fee or FINANCE CHARGE until this contract is effective. Spoke with First Priemier Bank customer service rep: Jamie Reported the issued credit card as identity theft. Asked Jamie to cancel the card. Jamie said she could not cancel the card. Nal naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
57, Report #258054
Jul 01 2007
11:01 AM
First Premier Bank billing refund ripoff Sioux FAlls South Dakota
On June 7, 2007, First Premier opened a $200 secured credit card for me; the card arrived on June 20, same month. On June 21, from my bank account, I paid the $69 yearly fee. To pay that fee on the internet cost $7.00, plus a one time internet use fee of $3.95. Subsequently, to see if the card was functioning, I attempted to buy a book from Amazon. The card was shot down. Contacting First Premier's customer service, I was told that the card would be reactivated in seventy two hours. Therefore, in seventy two hours, I again attempted to make a small purchase over the internet. Again the card was shot down. I again called customer service and was told that First Premier had attempted to confirm my bank account (it worked just fine when they accepted my first $200 check plus the $69.00 yearly fee) and because my bank refused them information, they would have to lock up my account till I could produce a letter from my bank stating that the account was really mine. Outrageous. I then told First Premier that I wanted my every cent returned, and I subsequently sent them proof of the $69 yearly payment. Of the $269 paid them since June 21, they are willing to refund $189.05--they have refused to refund the $69 yearly payment; plus the $3.95 internet charge; plus the $7.00 charge to transfer funds via internet. They are swine. Frank Mountain View, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux FAlls, South Dakota
58, Report #258551
Jul 03 2007
05:49 PM
First Premier Bank These people do NOT answer the phone!!! Ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
I've screwed up my credit, and if this card is the best I can do, then I'll take my beating. However, reaching this outfit is IMPOSSIBLE. I called and listened to an automaton giving menu options for at least five minutes (I set the phone down and just let it run). After the line disconnected (about ten minutes after I'd called), I got an immediate return call from the automaton saying something about starting an investigation immediately. HUH??? I had a question. They list a phone number on the bill...and can't be bothered with having it answered. If anyone has a telephone number that is answered by a salient being, I'd appreciate a post in reply. J. ., IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
59, Report #240377
Mar 23 2007
06:38 AM
First Premier Bank Not posting Legitmate payments ripoff Sioux Falls South Dakota
After trying to figure out why when i made two payments through the same bank account one posted and the other didn't. Basically bringing my card to a paid off status. I contacted CS, they were very well scripted and just as the person before, referred me to the T&S. What i find odd and so does my bank is previous bank transfers going to FPB (electronic) post usually in 48-72 hours. But now that I'm trying to pay off my card I'm told the money won't be available for 14 days. Even though it was taken out of my bank account electronically within 24 hours. Any company that uses these sort of tricks is really just doing bad business. I already filed a complaint with my bank. I've also written the Attorney General and my Congressman to request a law that would limit the amount of time a company could hold an electronic transfer. After all (electronic) sort of defeats the purpose if companies like the one above can hold the amount for two weeks or longer. I will be building a website that should rank high on google, warning people about their T&S and other tactics mentioned on here. ACID SHAVED Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
60, Report #410501
Jan 10 2009
01:09 PM
First Premier Bank won't refund my $50.00 Sioux Falls South Dakota
I opened an account a few months ago with premier bank for a mastercard. They issued one to me with normal start-up charges that I agreed to. I made several payments as required. I went to use card for the first time and it was refused even though I had a $100.00 in availiable credit. Then out of the blue they credited my account with reimbursed charges and closed my account. They still send me a statement every month that shows a -$50.00 balance and $0.00 everything else. I've asked for a reason and they won't give me one. I've asked for $50.00 that they owe me and they won't return it to me. Drew Eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
61, Report #387352
Nov 03 2008
05:08 AM
First Premier Bank Unauthorized Checking Account Withdrawal Sioux Falls South Dakota
I have no idea how they got my information, but First Premier Bank has made TWO unauthorized checking account withdrawals from my Chase checking account. I am currently out of the country, and when I checked my account on, I noticed that my checking account had been debited $230 on October 29, 2008 and $164 on November 2, 2008. Both debits were made by First Premier Bank. I called the Chase Fraud Department right away and they said that they would have to issue another debit card because from the looks of it, the debits were made over the internet. Also, I have to wait 10 days to fill out paperwork and get my money returned in my account. The only problem is that I do not have any idea as to how this company got my information. I am very secretive with my account information; my closest family members do not even have access to my accounts. This bank is making fraudulent charges and something needs to be done about it. I tried to contact First Premier Bank, but it's automated system does not have an option to speak to a representative, and you can only get through if you have an account with them. I plan on hiring a lawyer and going after this bank. From what I have read, I am not the first person that this has happened to. Cakana16 Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
62, Report #353824
Jul 21 2008
03:34 PM
First Premier Bank Harassing, ANNOYING, RUDE people! Sioux Falls South Dakota
Just to let anyone know if you are applying for this credit card DON'T! When I first got the card, they charged me 179.00 in start up fees. So I only had I believe 50.00 on the card, and the immediately sent me a bill for 25.00. So as the economy has been rising, its been harder to pay these little bills. I only used the card two times, on small purchases, that were no more than 20.00. I could not pay the 25.00 for the first bill, as rent was a little more important. So from the end of last month, until now , almost the end of July, they call non-stop. They call 6 times a day on my home phone, and more on my cell phone. My sister picked up the phone, and asked what the hell they wanted, and the woman, Brenda, over the phone said, we need to speak to the card holder. and my sister said, well she isn't here, whats it about and Brenda said that my sister had no business talking about my business, which is totally bull, since I live with my sister. So for about 10 minutes this lady from Premier Bank and my sister were yelling over the phone. Great huh!? I simply cut the card up and told them to bill me. They also have way TOO MANY hidden charges. Also the lady at Premier Bank was so ready to give my sister the Better Businesss Bureau number. Anonymous anywhere, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
63, Report #317057
Mar 11 2008
07:26 PM
First Premier Bank Insulted me! Sioux Falls South Dakota
I have paid my bills on time and yet a company tries to charge me $204 for a second credit card with a $350 limit after 6 invitations to apply. I am wondering what paying your bills on time, making over the minimum payment, and not going over credit limit gets you? Even though my credit does not have a stellar past, I am a new practioner that could use an emergency fund. I have written the CEO about how they rate their loyal customers--but I don't expect a response. I cut the card the card up, will not do business with a company that has no respect for people with intergreity, and will pay off the balance on my initial card. Sorry First Premier Bank does not see the 'little guy' as their future fortune. Perfect1 Grand Blanc, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
64, Report #317979
Mar 14 2008
02:22 PM
First Premier Bank certian fees legal? Sioux Falls South Dakota
My First Premier credit card charges me an auto draft fee when I make a payment online. Is this legal to charge a fee for making a payment on the credit card? Thanks for your help Rog Key West, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
65, Report #473962
Jul 27 2009
07:55 PM
First Premier Bank Fraudulent, uncooperative, difficult to work with Sioux Falls South Dakota
Introduction: why I signed up with First Premier Bank I had trouble getting financing for a car. I do not have bad credit - in fact my credit is pretty good. It's not excellent because there are two errors on my credit report (three errors actually but two are one incident) and I have the documentation to prove my report is in error. I just hadn't gotten around to writing the credit bureaus about it and didn't consider it important since I have letters from both my attorney and my former creditors. The matters are paid in full/paid as agreed. However, despite that the reason I couldn't get financing is I don't use credit unless I need it. I closed all my credit cards many years ago and I HATE debt. So, I made the decision to close my cards and not carry any debt. The only debt I had was month-to-month utility bills - not anything anyone would consider debt, and a cellphone contract, which is an outstanding liability from an accounting perspective, since I am liable for two years' cellphone services. Now, I've financed a car before, and the car wasn't cheap. I never missed a payment, and never, ever made my payment late. When I went to get financing for a new car, I ran into a problem: my credit is good, but it is now a limited credit history. In other words, while I pay my bills and am not a deadbeat, I do not utilize credit. I'm considered a bad risk even though I pay my bills, but deadbeats can get financing without any problem. ANYWAY, I read up on how credit works now since the credit crunch started, and found that they like to see credit cards with an average 35% utilization, that is, your credit card balances being used regularly and balances averaging 35% of your average credit. Application: Time to be a sucker! So, it was time to get a credit card. I went to best buy to buy something frivilous and pay it off over a few months, and was denied. So, I went searching for unsecured no credit credit cards, and found First Premier. I signed up, accepting that their $179.00 worth of fees (application fee, annual fee, sucker fee, etc.) was the cost of getting back into the game. I was accepted (of course) and would receive my card in 7-10 business days. Fine. A few days letter I received a letter from First Premier informing me I will be receiving a card and my account has a $250 credit limit, but if I pay my first minimum payment today (presumably the first day I am possibly able to - the day I receive my card so I can get my account number and enroll, etc) then I would receive a credit limit increase. Four days later I received my card. Much to my surprise it was already activated (Uh, isn't this dangerous, First Premier?). I promptly made a payment: I paid off all but $4.00, electronic payment. I accepted their internet payment convenience fee and expected the check to clear immediately, just as Federal Law now requires (bank-to-bank checks between U.S. banks now clear instantly). It is now 6 days later and while the funds have been withdrawn from my checking account, and it shows as paid in my account summary, my available credit is not $246, but only $60.00. Why $60.00 and not $71.00? My Paperless billing and internet payment convenience fee were not added to my check as I expected, but added to my balance. So, I now have a balance of $14.95, not the $4.00 it should be. That's right! They charge those fees to the account so they can rack up interest on it. In inquired as to why the credit limit hasn't cleared to match my payment, and the response is (paraphrased) the contract states available credit may not be released for up to 20 days following a payment. Right, it says may not will. Bank of America is not a fly-by-night operation. The payment cleared immediately. Mail Fraud: They lied about the credit line increase They lied about the credit line increase. I wrote them inquiring about the credit line increase they offered: I made the payment promptly and was wondering whether I had to request it or if it was automatic. I received an response saying that the response to my credit limit increase request was going to be sent by mail. First off, I didn't ask them to raise it: I asked IF the raise in limit was automatic or if it had to be requested. Secondly, they are committing mail fraud since their letter stated I would receive an increase if I paid today (meaning the day the card arrives, which is the first day I can possibly pay). I accepted their offer by paying promptly and they are refusing to deliver. For me, a $250 credit limit is unusable. I deal with big-ticket items with my corporate AmEx, and heck, I can't even rent a car on my personal credit card. Bottom line: If you are thinking of using First Premier to rebuild your credit, you'd better rethink your position. If I were more patient, I could have gone to a local credit union or bank and received a limit ten times higher. I was so upset about getting rejected while having good credit that I was impatient so I went with one of the no credit companies advertising on various credit-related web sites. They extended me an offer of a credit limit increase upon prompt payment of my first statement. I accepted that payment and paid well more than the minimum. they are now refusing to deliver. That is a textbook case of mail fraud. Support your local credit union. I will be sticking with First Premier for six months to a year because closing a credit card in good standing is one of the worst things you can do to your credit score (it's a bigger ding to your score than missing a payment) but believe me I will break that rule and close this card as soon as I have had it for a year and get a card with a $2,500 or larger limit. First Premier charges a lot of fees, commits mail fraud, and grants cards usable for only groceries and fuel. What a waste. The moral of the story is to never close all your credit cards. Always keep at least one open and use it once in a while, because even if you have good credit, banks will turn you down for auto loans and mortgages if you don't use your credit regularly. Kimberly Rockland, MassachusettsU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on First Premier Bank
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
66, Report #534057
Dec 04 2009
06:32 PM
First Premier Bank Major Ripp Off Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Annie of Junction City, OH December 1, 2009I have had this Visa through First Premier Bank for years, and have had NOTHING but trouble. The latest probelm was back in August someone had stolen my info and used my credit card online, I called in and closed that account and opened another with a NEW card-no problems I thought.Anyway I recieved my new statement and I seen where my account was closed, I called in and this woman couldnt even tell me anything. She stated the ONLY way to re-open my account was to go through another credit check which lowers your credit score, and then I would have to pay more fee's on top of that. My balance was almost paid off and they want me to start all over again-its a RIP-OFF!They charge all these fee's to just have the card, which is CRAZY! This is a scam and I want as many people to know about what they done to me. Even the Supervisor I spoke with named Mellisa couldnt even help me, all they wanted to do was open a NEW account with new charges and NEW FEE'S, no thank you! This company is a JOKE!I cant use my credit card now for Christmas, I paid it almost off in order to buy my Children's Christmas now I cant even use my credit card because of what they done to me.Jillian of Doylestown, PA December 1, 2009I have been using this credit card for close to two years now. I have never charged anything over my balance and EVERY month I have paid them on time, with the exception of a single month where my payment was two days late. That month I called them to apologize about my payment and made the payment over the phone (for an eleven? maybe seven? dollar processing charge), to not be hit with a late fee.Each month I send them a check, write the amount in my checkbook, and am done with it. Whenever I have checked my online account with them the payments have gone through. Last month I looked at my online account and noticed that I was charged a tremendous amount for being over my limit. Frantically trying to avoid late charges, I paid the penalty and the past due balance.I never received a confirmation number, but moved on with my bills.This month I went, like clockwork, to pay my bill. I checked my balance again and now apparently owe this company nearly 500- 250 of which are in late payment charges. I do not know HOW they possibly pulled this off. Did they lose my check? Did their automated system not process my payment? I don't know.But I called them today and asked them to please look at my payment history- which is squeaky clean- and credit me money back for the late charges, and the woman with whom I spoke told me the best she can do is credit my account 35. That means that I have to come up with the 250 before the end of my bill cycle or I get charged with another 50.This is a scam. There is no question about it. This NEEDS to be investigated because this operation can NOT be legal. I can now not pay this company and continue to accrue debt that I know that I do not owe. I have also been having severe anxiety over this, as I do not have the money to pay them but cannot let this go to a collection agency because I am trying to clean up my credit. Someone needs to please help by looking into this, because I guarantee you it will not be a waste of time. There are many victims involved.shirley of middleburg, FL November 27, 2009I signed up for this card. Was charged 175.00 to do so. I was making all monthly payments on time every month. One payment they said was last and from then on I been charged a 50.00 late fee. I cancaled this card. My bill goes up every month month even after I make a 50 and month payment. They have called me so many times its not funny. They will not stop adding to my bill.Robert of Fortuna, CA November 20, 2009My wife & I were looking for lower-interest rate cards to consolidate & pay off our credit card debt. We have excellent credit ratings of 793 and 804. We applied for what appeared to be a legitimate credit card offer. I think it was a gold card, so we were under the impression we were applying for a 5,000 to 15,000 credit limit. We submitted an online application, and the bank website appeared to be legitimate. Three weeks later, I received an e-mail stating we had received a 300 (yes, get this, 300) credit limit. Our Costco card has a higher limit than that! If that weren't enough, the e-mail notification stated we had 121 in available credit. That basically implies we have 179 in charges, and haven't even received the cards yet, nor an account number! Apparently interest has already begun to accrue, as our first payment is already due -- yes, on the card we never received.My wife doesn't recall seeing anything about 179 in up-front fees being charged to open an account. She says she thinks she read something about a 75, and maybe a small annual fee. That (the annual fee) wouldn't have been so bad, had we at least been offered some reasonable line of credit. But we've already racked up 179 in fees, and we don't even have the product. Let's see, the card initiation fees are 59.6% of the total credit limit. Is that legal? Aren't there laws and consumer protections in place to prevent this? I filed a complaint with the FTC, as the company's business practices constitute false advertising, and might be construed as fraudulent. I'm also filing consumer victim reports with the Big 3 Credit Reporting agencies, and will report these problems to the credit agencies, such as Experian.I read there have been several FTC actions taken against outfits like this -- one I read of was operating out of Canada. I think the FTC issued a cease and desist order. I'm really ticked, because my wife & I have worked really hard to establish good credit. It would be terrible if these people are to ruin my good credit rating through their terrible business practices. Please help. I want them investigated and for actions to be taken against them, to the full extent of the law.Edith of Riverdale, GA November 19, 2009Someone from the Premier Bank Card center called my job trying to get me to switch my credit card to their card claiming that I would lower my rate. I told her that I was on a no call an asked how did she get my #. The lady said that I sound just like Obama and asked who did I think I was and hung up. This did not cause any economic damage but is sure cause a lot of stress. Calling no less on my job. She asked for me by name my full name.Jessica of Manchester, NH November 18, 2009These people are ridiculous. They break FDCPA more than I can even COUNT in one conversation, and have the most insane, awful attitudes I've ever encountered. I was paying them even WITH being unemployed, and when I called to arrange payments for later, they tried to sell me on paying the whole things off. When I explained that I could not, they just got angrier and explained it was for MY benefit. I then was unable to make payments briefly but was still contacting them to let them know I was trying, and paying what little I could here and there.I then started receiving ILLEGAL voicemails from one of their reps Daisy disclosing all of my private information on my voicemail, and even going as far as to curse. Just recently, after I decided to just pay online (to the tune of 7 per online payment fee), they started with the calls again to tell me I am past due.The first one I got was 2 weeks ago, and was received while I was at work. I politely explained that I was back to work, and would love to set up arrangements now that money's coming in, but that I could not speak as I was at my place of employment. I asked for a number to reach Ms. Casey (no last name), at. She refused, and gave me a speech about how she's trying to help me, and that if I don't work with her, I'll lose whatever deal she THINKS she's giving me. I explained again that I would truly like to get back to her when I'm NOT at work, and asked for the number. She refused and claimed that she had left me numerous messages (funny, because I hadn't received ONE since daisy months ago) and explained that I needed to talk to her now. I asked for the number again, and she raised her voice and began harassing me. I then hung up.Another phone call came the next week - SAME TIME - I answered and explained that I would like to call them back/have them call when I'm not at work, the EXACT same speech from the EXACT same rep! I explained that her behavior last time turned me off from wanting to contact her, and that if she listened to me this time, I would call her when I got home. She then proceeded to harass me with the exact same speech - like she was reading off a script! I then said that I was happy making the payments online, but assumed she would like a commission, and that if she just GAVE me her phone number/extension I would call back that evening. She explained that I apparently avoid responsibility etc. etc. and I promptly hung up on her again.What is with these people? If they would just treat the customers with dignity and respect, maybe we wouldn't be avoiding contact with you? And if you weren't so sketchy, and so idiotic to call at the SAME TIME that someone had said was a BAD TIME an expect a different outcome, maybe I'd have more faith in your company. Having worked in collections, I'm disgusted.starleen of sussex, NJ November 17, 2009I'm just yesterday mine first premier bank statement. I'm was paying online in my bank account. now was paying every month. them tells mine overpayment one month and at add over limit want me pay 116.18. that mine payments only 25.00 an month. that can't pay all this. that scam. that last credit limit at 325.00. now them had total balance of 391.18. them scam me always.Them add of Finance Chsrge at 9.90% -balance and 19.90% on cash advances was at last year. can't pay anything that them scam me. that them just at payment of 25 from my bank account .that so frustrating.mine disable was 2 strokes. can't talk very well though and losting everything from they doing this. please help me this. thank youDavid of Newport News, VA November 14, 2009Since I've opened this account two (2) months ago, I was given a credit limit of 250.00. My initial credit after all the charges were deducted from this account was only 71.00. I made a few purchases and when I checked my balance a few days later, I was seeing a charge of 2.00 that I was overdrawn but that my credit limit had somehow had dropped from 250.00 to 200.00. I then went and made a payment on line for 50.00, of which they charged me 7.00 to make and then called them and confronted them about the over limit amount. It took me almost an hour and a half to get the point across that the reason for the over limit was due to their changing the limit amount. I have since made another payment on line which will cost me another 7.00 out of the 180.59 that I paid.I was told that the funds were on hold until the 14th for clearance but that when I used the card, the amount that the charge was for is instantly deducted from my available balance. I do all my payments on line and there is only a couple that charge for that type of payment. All the other payments that I make get posted either within minutes of the payment or by noon the next day. The only reason for an electronic transaction to take any longer to process than that is that the funds are being held to draw interest before being posted.I received many an e-mail from this company saying 'how much they wanted me back' and then they treat me with this kind of disrespect, I DON'T THINK SO'. There is no reason for an electronic transfer to take three days to post to an account, no mater what. My SSAN, disability, even my income tax is posted to my balance of my checkink account within minutes of it being sent by these organizations so why should it take all that time to post to my account other than this companys' greed for money. PEOPLE BEWARE, FIRST PREMIER IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!!Nicole of Las Vegas, NV November 13, 2009This company is one of the worst companies in the banking industry. Not only are they charging 39.00 overlimit fees and 39.00 late fees, they charge you over 200.00 to get a 300 credit limit. Then, they make it sound like they're doing you a favor by making your credit history better! They're not.It's an 'unsecured' credit card run by unsecured banking executives reaping the rewards of those of us whom have credit impacted by the current economic situation or by other situations beyond our control. These are the 'bottom' feeders of the industry and should have fines assessed their company in the same amount they charge their customers.Shalaunda of Picayune, MS November 9, 2009I have been out of work for 2 years now, constantly have been looking for a job and was receiving unemployment. Prior to all of this happening, I paid my credit card with this company and everything else, actually usually more than the minimum. When my unemployment ended, that left everything on my husband to pay, needless to say, we are stretched! I received a call that started out okay. Then she went through the usual spill that my card was past due. I let her finish and explained that I am not working and I am not receiving unemployment. She then asked if I was working and when did my husband get paid, I replied with, Yes he is working.She then asked if he could pay and I told her no, he is taking care of enough. This is when the call took an interesting turn. She then asked how long have I been out of work, I told her 2 years and she said, I find that hard to believe. Well, you need to figure out how to pay this. I then hung up. Are these people serious? I have been looking for work for all this time, and I usually get the, You are over qualified speech.What am I supposed to do? I want to file a complaint against them because they are so very rude when people are trying to explain their situation to them. They are some of the few people that have managed to keep their jobs. UGH!!!! They have also charged me excessive fees when they contact me to set up a payment, I have to pay them a phone fee in the double digits or if I pay online, I still have to pay a fee. What can I do. We are living in very different circumstances these days and it is really hard.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
67, Report #1031620
Jun 21 2007
05:03 AM
First Premier Bank Ripoff fraudulent lender Souix Falls South Dakota
this company sent an unsolicited credit card to my wife for 250 dollars w/178 dollars in fees already on it.when you try to contact them to dispute the card its impossible to get a human on the phone.they have already sent a statement w/a closing date before the card was issued. Carl Theodore, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Souix Falls, South Dakota
68, Report #1031621
Jun 21 2007
05:03 AM
First Premier Bank Ripoff fraudulent lender Souix Falls South Dakota
this company sent an unsolicited credit card to my wife for 250 dollars w/178 dollars in fees already on it.when you try to contact them to dispute the card its impossible to get a human on the phone.they have already sent a statement w/a closing date before the card was issued. Carl Theodore, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Souix Falls, South Dakota
69, Report #1031622
Jun 21 2007
05:03 AM
First Premier Bank Ripoff fraudulent lender Souix Falls South Dakota
this company sent an unsolicited credit card to my wife for 250 dollars w/178 dollars in fees already on it.when you try to contact them to dispute the card its impossible to get a human on the phone.they have already sent a statement w/a closing date before the card was issued. Carl Theodore, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Souix Falls, South Dakota
70, Report #1031623
Jun 21 2007
05:03 AM
First Premier Bank Ripoff fraudulent lender Souix Falls South Dakota
this company sent an unsolicited credit card to my wife for 250 dollars w/178 dollars in fees already on it.when you try to contact them to dispute the card its impossible to get a human on the phone.they have already sent a statement w/a closing date before the card was issued. Carl Theodore, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Souix Falls, South Dakota
71, Report #1079893
Aug 28 2013
02:52 PM
First Premier Bank Lying, cheating, corrupt, horrible people Sioux Falls South Dakota
They lie, they lie, they harass, they threaten, they don't have the fist clue about customer service, they are rude, condescending, and nasty. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COST!
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
72, Report #1240253
Jul 07 2015
12:00 PM
First Premier Bank Fraud Sioux Falls South Dakota
 I sent money to First Premier Bank through MoneyGram in the amount of $300. First Premier Bank states that sending money through MoneyGram is considered guaranteed funds that cannot be disputed or placed on hold. I have a reference number from MoneyGram that is a record of my transaction. First Premier Bank is saying they have no record of the transaction and does not want me to give them the reference number because they don't want to help me. I called MoneyGram and they say that they cannot get my money back from First Premier Bank. I have been cheated out of $300 and they have charged my account a $27 late fee for a payment that I made and got to them on time. It's terrible that a company can lie and take your money. I paid several other companies through MoneyGram and never been treated like this.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
73, Report #1339384
Nov 22 2016
10:07 AM
First Premier Bank Security Deposit Action - Slow Sioux Falls South Dakota
I opened an account with this company years ago at a time in my life when I did not have the best credit.  They offered me a secured card wherein I would have to make a deposit to get a credit line.   After working on my credit and getting to a place where I no longer needed this card which charges extravagant fees to maintain, I opted to pay it in full and just leave it alone.  However, I began receiving bills thereafter with a charge due for maintaining my account.  So, I of course called them and low and behold they offered me a no charge maintenance fee to keep my account open with them.  I love how credit card companies in general continue to rip off the consumer until we make a call to them.  They would have done nothing but let me pay month after month had I not called.  So I requested that they send back my security deposit.  I find it so disinheartening that they are so quick to harass me for a maintenance fee but when I want MY money back that they have been holding they take their sweet time.  I was told last month that my refund would be in the mail to me within 7 days.  Still had not received and it's been a month.  So today I called and was told the same - how can these companies get away with these pratices.  I will check back and let you know if and when I do ever receive my refund - and I was told that even though they held my funds for over three years it earned no interest.  But I sure paid their interest charges.  I am so proud of myself for getting my credit in order so that I don't have to deal with these shady companies any longer.  
Entity: Sioux Falls , South Dakota
74, Report #1292643
Mar 09 2016
01:15 PM
First Premier Bank Unlawful Business Misconduct Sioux Falls SD
I was bamboozled into a credit card with credit limit of $700.  I was not truley aware of what I would have to endure due to my mishap in judgement. Unfornately, $175 of the money went back to First Premier Bank upon issuance of the credit card without my knowledge. I am appauld that I have to pay for money I did not accumulate, but due to being a new homebuyer I have to pay off this credit card to help increaese my credit status.    
Entity: Wilkes Barre, Internet
75, Report #1323070
Aug 17 2016
03:35 PM
First Premier Bank Sioux falls M.D. Hungry Hippo's Sioux Falls Maryland
 First Premier Bank is a creditor company claiming to help people re-build their credit scores back up. Not only do I have to pay money to start the card up, but now I keep seeing an additional $50/month automatically withdrawn from my credit card, that by the way only has a $300 limit. I have not been late in any payments, and have always paid more then minimum amount due. I keep asking for a credit increase but they keep saying I haven't had the card long enough. I've had it over 6 months, so yes it's been long enough for them to match my original payment NOW.
Entity: Nationwide

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