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51, Report #308950
Feb 14 2008
03:42 PM
Geico Steal your money right out of your bank account! Internet
On 2/8/08 I signed up for Geico insurance and the effective date was to be 2/9/08. They required a $196.10 down payment. I gave my credit card #. Within 2 hours I got a call from State Farm Insurance with a quote that total blew Geico away so I called Geico and cancelled the policy. They said there would be no charges since the policy never went into effect. 2 days later they withdrew the $196.10 from my checking acct and caused a total in overdraft fees of $126.00. Now they refuse to pay it back. I have sent them my statement several times by fax and I have the confirmation that they received it. They just keep saying it's not the information they need. Then they ask for a statement from my bank... which is what I keep faxing them! Tammy West Jordan, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
52, Report #22960
Jun 18 2002
01:28 PM
GEICO Direct ripoff mistreated and ripped off Macon Georgia
During the last few weeks, my fiancee' and I have been dealing with GEICO Direct as one of the damaged party in a 5 car automobile accident. We both have some bodily damages, however neither of us have settled on that yet so that is not a part of my complaint. The complaint is that the car had some damages to the door and front quarterpanel on the drivers side. It is an older car, however we tried working with them to try and get the car fixed, however they said it had to be totaled and that if wanted to retain it that we had to get a salvage title. We offered to settle for less than the estimated amount inorder to retain the car. They refused! They have no local office to go into to turn over the title and pick up the claim check, and they refuse to pay for the rental car until we get the settlement so we are with only one car and only one of us can get to work. I have read several reports of GEICO's inablility to follow through with their injury claims and will be seeking an attorney to handle that part of the claim. I know that if I happen to hurt someone in an accident that I would want the insurance company, that I pay dearly to, to handle claims quickly and fairly. I will never even get a quote from GEICO for insurance and warn those of you who do. You may be setting yourself up for a personal law suit from an outraged injured party. Sharron Snellville, Georgia
Entity: Macon, Georgia
53, Report #831731
Jan 31 2012
10:17 AM
Geico insurance This confirm my claim Internet
As a body shop owner this does not surprise me.  EVERY claim that comes in to my shop from GEICO  is an exercise in utter STUPIDITY!; an non-productive battle consuming time that could otherwise be utilized to SERVE THE CUSTOMER!  Purely opinion, GEICO is thee WORST provider on the face of the planet.  Although, a similar challenge, Safeco and Infinity insurance round out my Top-3 worst insurance companies to deal with.  
Entity: , Internet
54, Report #831602
Jan 31 2012
06:18 AM
Geico policy cancelation Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
I submitted to Geico an insurance policy and paid in advance. Afterwordsthey said they reviewed my policy and decided to reject my policy. After a month and a half they said my policy was canceled and my money would be refunded. After about a month I called them to ask why the letter proclaiming my cancellation letter did not come with a refund check. They said it was in the mail. It did arrive later. I did not lie about my driving record and I paid 6 mo in advance in the hopes that I would not have to deal with an insurance company any time soon.After calls to the company they reiterated the ending date of my policy and thanked me for doing business with Geico, I let them know that the pleasure was all theirs. I saved $200 by switching to another insurance company for the identical coverage which was minimum coverage required by Florida law.
Entity: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
55, Report #914132
Jul 18 2012
07:21 PM
Geico Geko Ads say 15 minutes may save you 15% Internet
their ads that say you can save  15%, but when you are  a client and have paid premiums for auto insurance, monthly, you are so screwed by these crafty SOB's. I found out the hard way. I was traveling quit a distance from home, (frequently)and did not have automatic payments set up. So when a single payment was a day late, GEICO says they sent me a notice for insurance termination, yeah right. I told them I have not been home for a month.GEICO SAYs to me, don't worry we'll reinstate your insurance. But the cost  of the premium escalated to almost double, because GEICO did some record hunting,(WHY why why)>>> which they never did before on my car insurance.<<<, and they doubled my car insurance to over $1000. So when I found out about their fraudulent way to scrape up more $$$, , I left them for another car insurer for  HALF of what Geico up-charged me for, that's right  50% less. Lesson learned!!!
Entity: , Internet
56, Report #637526
Sep 03 2010
06:57 PM
Geico Cancelled policy after car was taken without my permission Nationwide
I had been with Geico for years because they were the most affordable insurance company I could find until they changed a policy about payment.  They decided that to renew my policy, they wanted a down payment 30 days before the new policy even started.  Of course, I told them where they could stick it and went to their competition.  They hounded me for months trying to get my business back, and after 6 months with another company, they finally came back with a reasonable quote that didn't require an advance down payment. After almost 30 days of having this new policy, my car was taken in the middle of the night without my permission.  The car was found abandoned and towed.  It apparently had been involved in an accident at a convenient store when it backed into the door of another car causing approximatly $500 in damage to the other car, and no claim on mine (needs maybe a small bottle of touch-up paint). Geico then turns around and cancels my policy because the car was in an accident within 30 days of the policy starting.  What???  My car was taken without my permission and they cancel my insurance? Tell everyone you know to not use Geico and if they currently have them, sign up with someone else and cancel their Geico policy before something stupid like this happens to them!
Entity: , Nationwide
57, Report #550104
Jan 06 2010
08:39 AM
Geico Insurance (Auto) Fraudulent Quotes Internet
I have had a policy with Geico for several years. I had called the customer service to receive the cost of adding a new car to my policy with the vehicle ID # and received a reasonable quote and decided to purchase the vehicle the next week. When I called back to add the car, I was surprised with the huge difference in the new price verses the price given 8 days earlier. I was told that the price may change daily and the customer service rep did not save the quote that was good for 14 days. If they would have saved this information, they would consider honoring the quote. I have learned and wanted to help others to know that if you receive a quote to have it in writing or e- mailed to you before making a decision.
Entity: , Internet
58, Report #751313
Jul 10 2011
10:11 AM
Geico Put in payment without my say so Internet, Maryland
So I was looking at my bank statement online yesterday. This has never happened to me before, but guess what? I had $3.89 when I still had a week to go before pay day. I was trying to save up, and I'm trying to pay off my credit card bills after I get some money in savings. Geico had taken $62.75 (or something like that) from my account when I had already paid them for this month and did not authorize another payment transaction. I'm a single teacher so I was mad and terrified at the same time. I called up Geico, and talked to this girl named Heather who told me that I was on automatic payments, and that that was how that came up. She told me that Geico would not refund that payment even though I told her that I would pay that payment immediately on the 15th. I never have and never will authorize automatic payments, and I told Heather this. She got irritated with me on the phone and told me that no one at Geico would have put me in for the automatic payments but myself. I told her that it was not possible that I put myself up for that. I'm always careful not to do that as I need a little cushion to get me through the rest of the month. She also told me that the automatic payment thing had been up since March, but there were never any sudden deductions like the $62.75 I saw. I was seething mad after talking to her so I just got off the phone as quickly as I could. Now I'm going to have to take some of the money out of savings that I just put in for this month. I am soooooo mad!This is not the only time Geico has tried to do something stupid. They have tried to get double payments from me in the past when I paid them during the month until I called them on it. Some man tried to get me to pay more on my mileage once, and when I called him on that he tried to act all innocent. I hate Geico. I'm thinking about switching to Progressive or some other auto insurance company.  If I had enough money to sue them for the misery they have put me through, I would.
Entity: Internet, Maryland
59, Report #793453
Oct 29 2011
05:56 PM
Geico Insurance How they stiffed me, hard. Palmdale, California
I'm not one for reporting buisines, but I've got to put my experience out there regarding what it was like dealing with Geico.  I started my insurance with Geico around 8/23 of this year, even though the prices were a little steep, I knew I was covered by one of the biggest insurer's out there. I give them the starter funds and signed up for the 6 month payment plan. Anyways so about a month later on exactly 9/16/2011 I make my second payment through a VISA transaction and move on with my day. A normal payment, payed before the due date. The payment, to be exact, was 159.74$ The next bill came along on 10/14/2011 and I payed the the amount due at 159.74$. No problems. So all is good with my new insurance company and I'm doing about my buisness. Along comes 10/24/2011. I notice a transaction tried to go through my bank of 134.70$. Of course, it didn't go through because I didn't have enough in it. What the hell, right? After some confusion I call up Geico and this is where the fun begins. Apparently, when I initially signed up for GEICO I did two things: One, I allegedly signed up for an Auto-Pay feature when I had never done such a thing, I NEVER have authorized an auto-pay feature. And two, my mileage is significantly lower than California's average. Therefore, Geico claimed to have sent me a verification letter via E-mail, if they have not received anything back, they were to up my insurance charges. I asked them if they had sent it through the mail and they had said no, because I was signed up for paperless billing. Which, is bullshit, because I got payment letters from them. Anyways, so because they were not able to get proof of my mileage the payment plan jumped up 300 or 400 dollars and this is where the remaining auto pay is. After being blind-sided by the additional funds robbed from my bank. I called back and explained what I'm typing here. I was greeted with apologies and concern and they agreed to cancel the still awaited transaction. Come this morning I check my balance in the account and they had cleared the payment, never following through with what I'd heard yesterday. Not only that but I was charged an additional 10$ service fee.  In conclusion. This may not seem like much. But if these large corporations get away with robbing this amount of money from the amount of people they insure. We're all in trouble. I hope you read this and take in consideration before using this insurance company.
Entity: Palmdale, California
60, Report #747798
Jun 30 2011
09:40 PM
Geico Hail Damage Insurance Claim pueblo west, Colorado
Recently filed a hail damage claim with Geico upon the adjusters inspection Geico stated that the amount of hail damage is 1400.00. Afterwords I get a few estimates and the cheapest was 3200!!!!! ok WTH is up with that! your talking 1800.00 dollars difference. When I call the adjuster back and tell him he pops his top on me. They are the ones coming in with some low ball slap in the face estimates. I guess ill be changing insurance companies what a joke Geico is!
Entity: pueblo west, Colorado
61, Report #395286
Nov 26 2008
10:57 AM
GEICO FINANCIAL Scam using GEICO's good name Toronto Ontario
Please be aware of letters being sent offering contest winnings, missing or recovered money from any varioation of Geico Finanacial. GEICO does not participate in these programs and is working to have these people stopped. If you receive a letter from any variation involving GEICO and money, call 800-841-3000 and ask to speak to any Special Investigation Unit member. DO NOT DEPOSIT THE CHECK They will then reverse it out of your account along with the rest of your money. Laysertag Macon, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
62, Report #665906
Nov 27 2010
04:46 PM
Geico Bad Faith Insurance, lies, delay and bullying Tactics, Internet
On May 31st, 2010, we rang AAA to tow our RV to our new residence.  AAA assigned Desert Valley Towing who's incompetent driver wrecked our RV, personal items inside and caused physical injury to my husband.  The driver was so wreckless that the RV actually came loose of the hoist on the Tow Truck.  My husband was asked to enter the RV and apply the brakes to enable the driver to re attach the RV.  He jolted the RV around so much that my husband lost his balance and hurt his back.  On exiting the vehicle, the Tow Truck Driver drove off before my husband could get the door closed and the keys out so he was injured again and dragged along side the RV.We put in 3 claims to Geico - the RV, personal property and medical and the fight started.Karma Nelson (vehicle adjuster) inspected the RV and agreed it was a write off, however, informed us our Policy did not have replacement but Fair Market Value.  We were stunned, we were asked if we wanted replacement when we took out the Policy and we said yes!  Why the hell would we say no?   Ms Nelson also inspected the damaged personal property and took photos.  She said she would forward them to the personal property division - she did not.  We looked up links for comparable RV's of similar size and age and sent them to Ms Nelson.  She didn't look at our links but preferred to look at only one site with an RV that was not comparable to ours and made a settlement offer that was laughable.   We refused the offer, however, she stated she had already sent the check and there would be no further negotiations.My husband rang Geico and complained about Ms Nelson's attempt at forcing a settlement amount on us.  We rang the Department of State Insurance who advised us to re send the links and to not accept the offer.  After many phone calls complaining, eventually a Supervisor agreed to increase the settlement offer and stated a second check would be sent to make up the difference (the first one never arrived).  My husband had to continually call to chase the checks which we were assured were in the mail.  Eventually he demanded that someone meet us and physically hand over the checks.  An adjuster met with us and handed over the 2nd check which was dated the day it was supposed to have been mailed.  Shock and horror - they lied about mailing it.  Then the first check turned up, we went to cash it at the bank but it had been cancelled, so another fight followed to get the first check.  3 weeks later an adjuster met us with the first check.During all this time, our personal property was in the hands of an incompetent liar named Jae Cha.  After many phone calls and having to re send photos etc by email that Ms. Nelson had not sent, Mr. Cha informed my husband that Geico would settle for $4049.00.  We accepted that offer.  Mr Cha told us he would be in contact to organize a day and place for the check to be delivered.... we never heard anything more.  2 months of ringing the cell number he gave us, sending emails went unanswered.On Monday 22nd November, my husband again rang Geico to chase the personal property check.  He was told to meet an adjuster (Jean Allocati) the following morning at 9.00am to pick up the check. We went to meet the adjuster who *shock horror* did not have the check.  He stated Jae Cha had not answered his email (surprise surprise) and did not inform him of the amount nor had authorized a check... so why the hell did we have to travel to another town to meet him??   Mr. Allocati said he would look into things.   Later that evening we received an email with an offer of $2870.00 for the personal property.   We argued the point that his prices were based on Pre Christmas Sale prices and not those of the links sent back in July when the claim should've been settled.   He refused to negotiate and stated no further negotiations.  We instructed that if we did not receive the check by 5.00pm Friday 26th November, we would start legal action.  We heard no more.  On Friday 26th November, my husband rang Geico to find out about the check again and was told if he rang again, Geico would call the Police and have him charged with Harassment.In all this time, Geico has refused to acknowledge the medical claim apart from being told that the $5,000.00 coverage we were told we had was incorrect and that it was $1,000.00.  They changed it again - yet we have never received a copy of any policy despite repeated requests.My husband had to withdraw from the last semester of College due to his injuries meaning he received no Financial Aid.Excuse me?  Policy Holders are now not allowed to ring about their claims without being threatened with Police Action???  Geico needs to be investigated by the Department of State Insurance... who the hell do they think they are.  So this looks like it's going to end up in Court.  Thanks Geico for ruining at least 6 months of our lives!
Entity: , Internet
63, Report #1040293
Apr 03 2013
08:52 AM
Geico Insurance Think your information is safe? Internet
Think your personal information is safe with Geico online? think again! several months ago I went to and applied for renters insurance via their online application. We recently had a burglary and we filed an insurance claim through the underwriter American Bankers Insurance of Florida / Assurant. ( thats a WHOLE other complaint ). We were recently told our claim had been denied. Reason? The adjuster claimed we committed fraud! Yes, came out and said it was a fraudulent claim. Needless to say I was, and still am, LIVID..She stated that during our application we withheld information such as the fact we had a previous claim in another state some years ago and we failed to state that. And that is concealing information which is fraud. I informed her I know D*** well I listed the previous claim and specifically remember doing so. I told her I wanted a copy of the original application . She informed me I would have to go through Geico since it was their website. I called Geico, explained the problem, and the rep informed me he would have someone check into it and email me the information and/or call me the same day when the other rep got off the phone with another call. 3 days later now, still no call or email. I called geico ( after spending 20 minutes through the usual automated msgs, press this number for this......) I bet I pressed each and every option listed and spoke to as many reps who informed me, I do not know who would have that information but i can transfer you to someone who does..JUST TO BE PLACED BACK ON HOLD IN CUE in circles. Then, they started telling me they would transfer me to Assurant ( the underwriters). I informed them, NO, i do NOT want to be transfered to them, i want the information from geico who originally took the application online. they reply, oh ok, let me transfer you to OUR help desk..Of course they transfer you to Assurant. When I get to assurant, I enter my policy number/claim number and then, It disconnects me. ( as if they have me black  listed for complaining now). Each company is pointing the fingers. They accuse you of something you KNOW is false. then, when you ask for the proof. NO ONE CAN FIND THAT INFORMATION!!!!! Not withstanding the fact that: My claims adjuster stated, if you had stated you had a previous claim, we would not have insured you. I informed her 1. we DID list that information 2. when we did a recorded statement with her some weeks ago, she asked, have you filed a claim in the past? we answered yes and gave details, dates, amts, items etc etc etc. She didnt ask a follow up, have you had any others?. WHen I pointed that recorded statement out to her, she stated, well, that is beside the fact.. Yet I played devils advocate and went to Geicos website today, applied for insurance with a different name, address etc etc. I entered 3 different claims, 1. $25,000.00 2.$6,000.00 and it allowed me to go all the way to the final page to enter my credit card, electronically sign, state the date I wanted the policy to start . IN other words, it was going to allow me to start a policy. In addition, no where on Geicos website did it have a legal statement to the effect, prior claims may or may not be held against you. in the field where it asks if you have had a previous claim, their is a little (?) mark symbol you can click for information that states, that information is needed to assure the best rate for the policy, it didnt state any legal terminology about fraudulently withholding that information. Regardless, the original application we DID list a previous claim!! And now both Geico and Assurant are not wanting to forward me that information. It is important to note: if you go to Assurant's website to fill out a quote for insurance, you go through the process and if you enter a previous claim, it will not allow you to proceed further. Many people will say, the application is for a quote subject to change/cancelation etc and is not a guarantee of service, however, the minute we received our policy, payment receipt and payment plan and months pass and nothing sent to us to the contrary. This is clearly a bad faith denial.
Entity: , Internet
64, Report #1085215
Sep 17 2013
11:11 AM
Geico United States Slander Austin Texas
I just had this happen and wrote this email today to/with Geico.I saw the claim person today, I understand that insurance companies have to deal with a lot of fraudulent claims. And in my circumstance I understand I forgot to include a major detail that happened after the first accident. Because not only was there a lot of things going through my mind to keep me from thinking properly, but I just wanted to get my vehicle off the road before it got hit again. But I found it abso---------lutely offensive when I was told, that the claim person felt I made up a hit and run story to claim hit and run. Had he talked to my manager, my manager would have confirmed after the accident happened I told him I only had liability and was going to have to repair the damages myself, even if I had full coverage I don't trust you or any other insurance company to take care of any of your drivers.I know you people have not received any messages from me about payout or vehicle repair, because after I was even called by Geico and informed that the other thing I had on my insurance covered hit and run, I knew since I forgot to inform the police about it I was going to have to pay for it own of my own pocket still, and I HAD NO --- ---- PROBLEM WITH THAT until this ------------- basically said I was lying. Is this what I should expect? Do the right thing, report the accident, get ------ up in a another accident and be told, your a liar, the second accident was bull---- and never happened? I don't know what part about I didn't file the claim right away, instead I got online to find out how much it was going to cost ME to repair this vehicle, since I thought I was only paying for liability he did not understand. I have never been so utterly ------- insulted in my life.---- YOU VERY MUCH GEICO. SINCERELY,
Entity: Austin, Texas
65, Report #1211581
Feb 25 2015
11:11 AM
GEICO Insurance auto Insurance premium ripp off Nationwide
GEICO is NOT easy to deal with. THEir CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!. . Not only have I found out they have been charging me extra for a car. Customer support has no authority to solve your problem. I needed my son removed because he has gone out of the country for 2 years and they will NOT remove him UNLESS I spend time SENDING them paperwork and proving he has gone to another country  for church service. I don't have time for this. This is a service. Do what I tell you to do . You are my agent.  YOU work for me. NOT the other way around.!!!  Not only will I will be cancelling my policy. I will spread the word about this nightmare of a company.  I called to cancel him over the phone AFTER 15 minutes of hold and BS excuses they refused to remove him. I will be seeking a legal remedy for these predatory practices. This email refers to the following confirmation number(s): 22CF-A3F046IG-12709I5 GEICO Casualty Company February 24, 2015 Dear Christopher : We received your request to remove Tanner from your policy.  Before we can complete this change, we just need proof that Tanner has other insurance. We are requesting this information because he is considered a youthful driver.  We also wanted to let you know that because of your relationship with GEICO, Tanner may qualify for GEICO Family Pricing by establishing his own policy with us.  To learn more about this very special offer, please call us at 1-800-555-2760. Your current premium is $1,737.30.  Once this change is complete, your premium would be $1,514.62. To finalize this transaction, simply provide us with an insurance ID card or declarations page that includes: - Tanner's name and address        (DOES NOT APPLY TO MY SITUATION) - Insurance company's name - Policy number - Effective dates - Vehicles covered You can also provide proof of residency showing Tanner is no longer in the household by providing a utility bill, lease agreement/mortgage document, bank or tax statement, or a copy of a pay stub showing the new address.  Be sure the date on the document is after the date of your request and in Tanner's name.  Please black out sensitive information, such as account numbers. For your convenience, you can provide this information to us via: - Email -- - Fax -- 866-954-0541 - Mail -- GEICO, ATTN: Region 4 Policy Processing, PO BOX 509090, San Diego, CA 92150-9090 Please be sure to include your GEICO policy number on all correspondence. Thank you for using our online services.  We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your insurance needs for years to come. Sincerely, Laura Daniels GEICO Internet Service Representative
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #1237134
Jun 22 2015
08:36 AM
Geico FMLA didn't work for me! Dallas Texas
 I trained as a Claims Adjuster in February of 2014, the State Test only requires a 72 to pass and that is what is pushed for, only the minimal requirement. After passing the test and moving on to training, although my trainer did try, she couldn't control the class and didn't prepare her students for real life situations. After getting through the training I started new medication which caused memory problems, and other issues. My Doctor filled out all of the paperwork for FMLA. I was given time for the employee with disabilities act after which I had to take a week off for medical reasons which dropped me below the 87% they require for attendance, my Doctor submitted a note via fax from his office. Geico HR would not take the note because they stated it wasn't sufficient enough and my Dr. needed to submit another, my Dr refused. Stating, I was under his care and that's all they needed to know. After that HR notified my manager and I was escorted out of the building. I am a disabled Veteran and have a family to support, I had never been fired from any job I've before. Prior to Geico my job History was excellent, now I never want to work in the Insurance field again.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
67, Report #1236384
Jun 18 2015
10:05 AM
Geico Horrible Experience as they constantly lied to me USA Nationwide
Horrible experience here! The service manager did not reply and waitied for him for my damaged car. Next, the repair manager was terrible at responding and actually talked the insurance company out of my repairs??? I would NEVER reccomend going there as this was the worst service eperience of my life! Encore motors was less than half the price! Im sure you can get sales to do a good job but for service I would NOT reccomend anyone go there!!!
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #1249642
Aug 19 2015
05:26 PM
Geico Poor Service will give you the runaround Nationwide
I got hit by a drunk driver.  He did about 5,ooo worth of damage to my car but totaled another vehicle.  He did not have enough insurance so I had to file a claim with Geico, my insurance company.  They gave an initial low ball estimate that did not even have the correct parts listed.  The body shop sent them a supplement to correct this.  After several days with no response I finally got ahold of the adjuster who stated he never got the supplement.  I sent him the email that showed it was sent a week ago.  He then sent an email to the bodyshop to set up a reinspection but never showed up.  I called the adjusters supervisor who had no answers as to why this process is so hard but assured me someone will reinspect the vehicle tomorrow.  Very poor service, just giving me the runaround.
Entity: Nationwide
69, Report #1380815
Jun 23 2017
09:14 AM
geico fraud bait and switch on policy pricing buffalo new york Nationwide
given a price online to buy car /liability insurance/bait and switch/almost paid it/toyota camry(price went from $383 quote after subtracting uninsured motorist and medical/then when i got quote to pay price it was $547 for 6 months----------------i almost paid it /and lady selling camry contacted me and said she took the higher price for vehicle/so indirectly this lady from bristol rhode island did me a favor/person i dealt with from buffalo was breanna balz/won't deal with geico ever again/though you should know.
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #334318
May 22 2008
04:44 PM
Geico Keith Slonski Geico director of customer relations email Seattle Washington
They added coverages i did not want and verbally declined, and when i moved to a new state they did not mention them when i signed up because they were optional such as roadside assistance( I have AAA), and Mechanical breakdown insurance (my car is a lease) and added them again automatically. I emailed Keith Slonski at and he had someone call and basically tell me tough luck... But since he did respond I recommend emailing him directly i got a faster response from someone high up. alex seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
71, Report #418532
Jan 31 2009
11:44 AM
GEICO Insurance Geico cancelled my policy and kept my money Austin Texas
Geico might just offer the worst customer service yet today. Not only did they cancel my policy early and keep my money, I was left arguing my case with about eight different customer service supervisors. I realize that with all the big business that exists today, spending a few hours on the phone struggling to get any help with your concerns is now a common practice. I have even adjusted and become not bothered by this......except when it gets down to the complete worst of the worst. Geico has just made this list for me. I don't appreciate being bullied because they already have my money. In fact, this is the first online review I have ever written. Here's to you Geico for dropping the bar on business ethics to an ultimate low. Crh austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas, Nationwide
72, Report #735952
Jun 02 2011
10:50 AM
Geico Insurance Florida Geico Auto Insurance Throughout Florida Miami, Florida
Geico car insurance has been a total fraud, and scam. They automatically billed my account for 2 months when the initial 6 months had expired. This is not what is necessarily a big deal. What is a big deal is the fact that they decided to increase my car insurance in Florida by over 50% and not tell me. So when my bill went up dramatically and I was billed for 2 months via an auto deduction from my bank account, the Florida Geico Insurance Company did nothing but tell me that is how it will be. The only warning that the Florida Geico Insurance Company sent was the following email: Policy Number Ending In: XXXX Dear -MY NAME-, Thank you for insuring with GEICO. Your policy billing schedule is now ready for review. Visit our online Policyholder Service Center to view your new billing schedule. Your monthly credit card statement will reflect payments charged to your account. You may also make changes to your policy through our Policyholder Service Center. You may change your address, add vehicles or drivers, modify your coverage selections, or file and track a claim conveniently in a secure environment. Thank you for your business. We look forward to serving your insurance needs for years to come. Sincerely, GEICO Customer Service GEICO Gecko image 1999-2011 This email was sent to you at the following email address: XXXX Please note that you cannot opt-out of email that is required to properly service your policy. To manage your email subscriptions, please click here. GEICO Indemnity Company Need to mail us a payment? Send it to: GEICO Remittance Center, One GEICO Plaza, Bethesda, MD 20810-0001 Message ID: eBill Version Number: 225 872 261 In my opinion, this is absolutely the most ridiculous way to notify a client that you will be increasing their premium by 50% and will be auto-deducting 2 months just to make sure they are aware of this. I had thought that out of all the Florida Insurance Companies out there that the Geico Insurance Comapny would be the most up front and honest. This has actually been far from the case and I had to immediately switch my insurance. When I called Geico in Florida to let them know that I will be canceling my policy (and an attempt to get my money back), they told me that they already changed me and if I were to cancel my policy that as of that exact moment my car insurance would expire and I would be driving without insurance. So, in other words they told me that I had absolutely no other option but to stay with them and take it. I hope to prevent others from falling into this exact trap. I can understand that moving from NY to Florida will bring about some sort of change. What I am not thrilled about is how they decided that my policy will change once my address changed. They did not ask me but simply sent me new ID cards and moved on. Even after they sent me my Florida ID cards, I continued to make the same initial payment. The amounts were something along the lines of $200 per month. So the jump from $200 per month to $300 per month was big. Not to mention that they automatically billed me for 2 months just to make sure that I felt it. In conclusion, if you are looking for Geico Auto Insurance in Florida than go elsewhere. From my experience they will take advantage of you every way possible and they are much more expensive than any other car insurance quote in Florida that I had received.
Entity: Miami, Florida
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Mar 10 2012
11:41 AM
Geico Insurance JEFF FREEMAN, Adjuster GEICO Insurance is an Unfair Company! Internet, Internet
I have been with Geico Insurance now for about 7 years, paid my overly share of premiums with them to get in return very sub-par service when it comes time for a claim. I have had two claims with them in this period, one was a really small hail damage claim that with the $500 deductible, that was maybe not worth it, since they told me it was a Not at Fault claim and would not affect my premiums. This is not true, what I have found out is they raise your rate on the next vehicle you add or change. I have a perfect driving record and my rate on the my vehicle is about $200 higher for the same vehicle when my kid who is half my age gets a quote. Since I keep a very close eye on my credit scores and consumer reports, I recently ran my Lexus Nexus report to find that Geico has reported my Not at Fault minor hail damage claim to Lexus Nexus, which they know the majority of consumers never ever check out about themselves, but other insurance companies do check you. By reporting me to Lexus Nexus, and when another insurance company runs a report on me, they come back with a not much better price for a new insurance premium. So, companies like Gieco basically black ball you, so there is less chance of a person making a switch. I want Geico to remove me from Lexus Nexus.
Entity: Internet, Internet
74, Report #508209
Oct 12 2009
05:06 PM
Geico Auto Ins. Geico Auto telling Lies again! Internet
On 10/12/2009, I called my Geico Auto Ins. Co. to cancel my policy. My preimum was getting higher and higher. However, when I callled to cancel the rep. ask several questions. First they ask why do I wish to cancel; I gave my reason due to excessive premiums. They said all insurance companies have the same rates across the board for all the perks that I am getting. Their response was due to the the information given I had 5 Accident in the past five years. I was SHOCK! I've had only 3 accidents and they were all cause due to the other driver. a.) running a stop sign, b.) tracker at a red light merges to the right and crash into the rear driver side. c.) a truck merges over at a toll both an never stop which crash into the driver side door of my 3mo. old 2006 Chevy, Finally, in the parking lot of my job a delivery truck back into the hood of my car. I put in a claim for the lot inncident and than canceled the claim and paid out of pocket. So I ask the rep were did he get this information from...he responded from Me. To make a long story short I tried to tell them that my friend purchase the car and on the night of the purchase, when appling insurance they ran his license and regisration instead of mine.  I return home and call to correct the misinformation and was told that it has been corrected. My friends keep saying that my auto insurance should not be that high. I was called a liar and he (the rep) got very nasty. I was paying 2500.00 a year on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Finally, I found a insurance company that had the same perks and I paid 1600.00 less. I was a happy camper. Please research all auto insurance companies before purchasing and STAY AWAY FROM GEICO.   The little green guy is cute, but not for that amount of money. They are full of it!!!
Entity: , Internet
75, Report #793237
Oct 29 2011
06:17 AM
Geico Geico totally is screwing me - BIG TIME San Diego, California
Recently I filed a clime because my car was broken into and items including my car stereo were stolen. My Claim was denied because Geico says the information my boyfriend and I submitted was inconsistent with the local liquor store hours, and the sequence of events.  Additionally, they said I was a red flag because I had recently reinstated my insurance and changed my policy.  There was a gap, that I wasn't aware of and then when I realized it I called immediately and made changes, including canceling roadside assistance, as I have AAA, and Rental Car Reimbursement.  I also lowered my deductibles.  All of these changes were encouraged by the agent and actually lowered my rates as I have no previous issues and a perfect driving record. Here's a brief explanation of what happened: On Oct 3rd my Boyfriend walked to the store around 9:30pm or shortly thereafter.  He noticed my car was fine, we always look at the car, it's natural, Parking in SF is a total pain, and sometimes I forget where I park  again it's just something we do. The store is 1 block away.On Oct  4th at 8:15 or shortly thereafter, we went to my car and my boyfriend noticed the back window was down, it had be misting that night and this immediately alarmed us, we then found that the car had been ransacked, and several items were missing, including my SirusXM Alpine Stereo.  There was damage to the visor, the rear view mirror and antenna.  Several personal items were also missing that aren't covered by my Auto Policy, (welll as of now nothing is covered even though I have full collision and comprehensive coverage). A temp police report was filed at 9:03am on Oct 4th. I gave this information to Geico during my call to them, i asked should I leave the car the way it is for a claims rep to review or clean it up, I was told it's okay t clean it up.  Note that the call to 911 ended at 9:01am. My AT&T phone log shows the following: I also took pictures as well and sent I'll send a screen shots that indicated the time/date of the images line item 537 on my AT&T bill shows I called 911 at 8:36 am and talked for 31 minPictures were taken from 9:10am to 9;12amAT&T line item 538 and 539 shows I called Geico at 9:26am, then again at 9:27.  I was on the phone with Geico for 23 minutes. Today Ken Gao of Gieco  informed me that my claim was denied, I am totally blown away my this decision, I feel that they did poor investigative work and I feel many times my and my boyfriends rights were violated - at times I even felt like I was being treated like a criminal by Alan the investigator at Geico, his demeanor.  They said Alan the investigator talked to Sams Liquor Store and he reported that they close at 9 which is false they close at 10 and the owner will confirm that.  They said that our daily trip to my boyfirends therapy apmt. didn't align with the timeline, he goes daily and has to be there by 9, the reason he goes is highly confidential and it's less than 2 minutes away.  Geico called even though we told them that it was confidential, Allan did so anyway and his counselor (Jesse) told him that by Gieco calling they are in violation of the HIPPA ACT.  My boyfriends rights were violated.  Note, I was on the phone with 911 while driving him to his apmt and when he got out.  I think these calls are recorded, right?  most likely you could hear him getting out and back in the car. It's my humble opinion that Gieco simply doesn't want to pay claims - I'm now hearing stories from other folks. We all fell for the clever adds and Im not going to stop my campaign until Geico pays for the damages to my car - this is my RIGHT!
Entity: San Diego, California

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