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1, Report #1396623
Aug 29 2017
10:07 PM
HandMade Piece Scam, Cheap Brighton Colorado
The one I ordered from them is Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night. The product came in and it has some light markings that removed the paint in the canvass, I reported it to them but no reply at me at all. Never order from them again, if the painting is damage they will not take care of it. Very poor quality customer service
Entity: Brighton, Colorado
2, Report #1393355
Aug 17 2017
05:58 AM
Handmade Piece handmadepiece.com Low quality oil painting Internet
Placed an order online with handmadepiece.com because they are claiming that their painting is Museum quality so I got attracted. But, after I received the painting it has a damage and poor quality.   I contacted their support and they said they will issue a refund but I did not receive any for two months now.   Contacted them again, but no response anymore!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1400989
Sep 19 2017
08:40 AM
Handmade Piece Rented a Car from Avis in LAX Airport - handmadepiece.com Brighton, CO Colorado Nationwide
Scammers. Booked a car through this company and ended up with no car and no money like handmadepiece.com. Apparently like i should have had a credit card to collect a painting not a debit card. At same time, they had no problem to accept debit card payment at the checkout. Now they keep pointing out that I should have read their Terms & Conditions. Wouldn't suggest any alternative or even partial refund. I used to buy painting many times and never had an issue in any other company unlike handmadepiece.com, Now i got ripped off at my own home. I am sure i am not the only person who got caught like this.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1401004
Sep 19 2017
11:42 AM
Handmade Piece Overcharged Rented Car from rentalcars by Hertz in new york Brighton, CO Nationwide
We booked a car with rentalcars by Hertz with 4500 km included. We have driven 3415 km but we had to pay $140 extra because Hertz had an agreement with rentalcars only for 2520 km included. We contacted Rentalcars and they promised to look for a solution. After all the time, they still didn't come with a sollution and respond no longer on my mails. Like the painting I bought from handmadepiece.com they double charge me and they said they will come back with me with a solution but they no longer respond on my call/text messages and email.  
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1401342
Sep 20 2017
12:57 PM
Handmade Piece horrible experience Rented Car from rentalcars by avis handmadepiece.com Brighton, CO Nationwide
I had a horrible experience with avis car rental company charged me $400 for something I didn't do. Like handmadepiece.com they charged my card but they did not send the painting that I ordered and no customer support!  
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1401346
Sep 20 2017
01:41 PM
Handmade Piece handmadepiece.com Beware monstrous hidden charges Rented Car by Hertz Brighton, Colorado Nationwide
Booked a car to drive and paid $100. By the time Hertz had slapped all their fees on, we ended up paying $440. There's a tiny warning about additional 'local mandatory charges' but just beware when you book that they'll make up 80% of the total eventual cost and what you're charged online is only a small fraction of what you'll eventually spend. And don't bother getting in touch with their customer services; they'll just send you screenshots of the small print then ignore any subsequent messages. Like the painting I bought from handmadepiece.com I used the code provided on their website to have 5% off plus free shipping but my bank statement arrived I still see that they charged for the shipping fee plus no 5% discount!
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1401372
Sep 20 2017
02:35 PM
Handmade Piece False website advertising from rental car by Avis handmadepiece.com Brighton, Colorado Nationwide
False advertising about drop off price. Read on booking page BEFORE I paid, $100. After payment was taken this amount now shown as $200. Told via chat I must pay extra and MAY get a refund! Also, I bought a painting from handmadepiece.com and instead 5% off plus free shipping they charge me that both. Fake website advertisement just to make sales.I will never use this site again. No apology from company.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1401366
Sep 20 2017
02:03 PM
Handmade Piece Stay AWAY from this rental car company handmadepiece.com Brighton, Colorado Nationwide
They totally ripped me off when I made a reservation for a car to pick up in New York airport. I got charged for the rental and when I arrived the agency said the car was not available and that they could not honor the reservation from Rentalcars.com. I had to pay twice as much for another car and Rentalcars.com would not honor the refund. The customer service was awful and they took days to respond. I feel totally scammed and would never use them again. I remember the time I bought painting from handmadepiece.com, I paid twice because they said that they did not receive any payment from me which I have already provided all proof that it was charged on my card and awful customer service too. Your money is better spent elsewhere!
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1397406
Sep 01 2017
07:57 PM
Hand Made Piece Handmade Piece Scam, Low quality, poor quality customer service, Brighton Colorado
Shit paintings, they are a scam at this, they don't have a good quality paint that was used in painting the art. Better invest in some good quality paints, never going to order from you again. You lost 1 customer! And I will make this known to the world. I hope you shut down
Entity: Brighton, Colorado
10, Report #1123461
Feb 13 2014
07:25 PM
Handmade Motorsports Will Lynn Handmade Motorsports is not a real racing organization elkhorn Wisconsin
 Will Lynn Owner/Driver of Handmade Motorsports is a complete fraud.  He lies to companies about having a race team and a shop to get personal gains.  He has none of these and uses social media to attach himself to possible team members and sponsors.  If you are contacted by him do not buy into his scam.
Entity: elkhorn, Wisconsin
11, Report #1107624
Dec 17 2013
09:24 AM
Unique Handmade Models Unique Hand Made Models Buyer Beware Miami, Florida
Placed order July 2013, it is now December 2013. Initially the order was to be shipped with in a few weeks. After the ordedr did not arrive I emailed an inquirt. It was answered that my order would be on the next shipment. This went on until November when I requested a refund. They talked me out of a refund assuring me my order would ship to me soon. In December I requested they issue a refund. On a Thursday they said they would issue a refund Friday. The next Friday came with no refund. On Saturday I emailed asking where my refund was. After several email I recieved one that stated my order would ship soon and another stated I would get a refund Friday.As of 12/17/18 no order or refund
Entity: Miami, , Florida
12, Report #1148745
May 22 2014
05:30 AM
Hecrafted Handmade Shoes Su_san Leey Hunter Ripoff artist knows all the tricks Wenzhou or Quanzhou Internet
Thru Aliexpress I bought a voltage converter for 65 dollars. The seller sent me a defective item, and responded to my complaint promising to send me a better unit if I paid the postage of 8 dollars for the replacement and closed the dispute, which I did. Then he sent me a fake tracking number and no more was heard. Aliexpress returned the 8 dollars but not the original purchase price. The lesson to be learnt here is not only that this person is dishonest, so do not do business with him (his main activity, to judge from his webpage, is shoes), but that Aliexpress does not offer a valid buyers' protection. If the item you receive is defective, in order to get your money back you have to return the item to the seller, which will cost you dearly (in my case it would have been 35 dollars, cheapest mail). Thus this foxy seller, knowing that whilst the dispute was running he would not get his money either, offered a replacement against closing the dispute (therewith freeing the purchase price for payout to him). My advice is NOT to buy through Alibaba or Aliexpress any item you want to function, because there is no guarantee and there are a lot of ruthless sellers waiting for you to trust them... By the way, I could have known that there was something fishy about this seller, as he gives different names and addresses all over the internet.    
Entity: Wenzhou, Internet
13, Report #1163330
Jul 19 2014
07:37 AM
Josh Bailey's Handmade Tattoo HMTC Beware!!!! Just... Beware Milton Pennsylvania
I have gone to this place before for a piercing. Josh stated a lot of things after the piercing that made me feel so bad for him. Like, he was the victim in this dirty dispute with another tattoo shop in town. That, led him to be put on probation. I liked his page. And, things got bad on that page. Josh's business page he turned into a public shaming page. I couldn't take what I was seeing. So, I un liked his page. In May, a family me ever went to his shop to get a tattoo on their foot. It was a $50 palm size special. Unfort the family member had a hard time keeping her foot still (I did too when I got mine done. ). It did not look bad at all. Fast forward to last week (2nd week in July) the family member  got pubically bashed on his business page because someone the family me ever works with went and said the family member was going around saying it was horrible. I am going to attempt to post screen shirts of the post made. Again, this was on his business page. The he family menber came to me and my fiancée and, was upset about it. The family me never then stated how she never said anything bad about the work. And, that she only told the girl at work that she couldn't stay still. Anyone that goes to this shop. Or, is looking then up. Please be aware that you probably will get bashed on his Facebook page. As a business I dont agree with him (and his secretary) bashing people all over his business page. In any business, there will be people who don't like the service they recieved. Busineeses then don't go bad those people all over their business page. if you want a tattoo.. Take the extra 20 minutes and drive to a reputable tattoo shop that doesn't pubicly shame their customers!! Also, he doesn't take credit cards. It's all pay in cash so, I can't answer the I paid by credit card question. 
Entity: Milton, Pennsylvania
14, Report #1202469
Jan 18 2015
06:03 AM
Hecrafted handmade shoes hecrafted,hecrafted shoes,hecrafted handmade shoes,hecrafted men shoes,hecrafted leather shoes I don't like the smell of the cow leather ! Internet
This store has many men shoes,I bought one pair of men boots form him.on their description,they said the boots are made of genuine leatherbut after I got the boots,the smell of the cow leather is too strong!about 1 week later,the smell was gone ,and I can wear themI really don't like the smell of cow leather!!!I don't know why did they make shoes with natural cow leatherthough the quality is good,the smell is not good.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1402767
Sep 27 2017
04:02 PM
INDUSTRIAL HANDMADE: MIKE PARTYKA JR is a SCAM ARTIST!! He has created an elaborate scam for people looking to purchasing industrial furniture from him. He has stolen the products from a well established business and has posted them as his own to take deposits from unknowing clients. His site industrialhandmadeco.com has been shut down after our legal team has sent a cease and desist letter to stop him form stealing work product of which is not his own. He is under investigation currently by Houzz, Custom Made, and American Express for taking money and not delivering a product. This individual has not only stolen money from clients, he has stolen design work and photos from The Industrial Farmhouse to create an elaborate scheme to defraud people of their money. The Industrial Farmhouse LLC is currrently working with victims of MIKE PARTYKA JR to bring interstate fraud charges on this individual. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM ARTIST!
Entity: Cleveland, Tennessee
16, Report #762194
Aug 07 2011
04:34 PM
Mark Defrates Handmade Jewelry Mark Defrates Unprofessional e-mail responses, refund money without asking, poor customer service New Smyrna Beach, Florida
I tried to purchase a pendant from the website; Google brought me directly to what I was looking for.  When you make a purchase, I chose the option for 3-5 business days to ship.  I was sent a confirmation email by Pamela Daley with personal remarks to where I live, informed that it would actually take six weeks to ship, and that she automatically added me to an email list.  I responded to her immediately, to both her personal response to where I live (she lived here for sometime as well), and I expressed concern that it would take so long to receive my purchase.  I added that if I knew how long it would take, I wouldve had to take my business elsewhere....not because I don't like the workmanship, but because I had a time constraint and needed the purchase ASAP.  She took my email completely out of context, and responded with an attack that I didnt read the website, and that it shouldve been obvious that it would take a long time because no one else is handmaking jewelry of this nature.  She then immediately refunded my money without asking.  I responded tactfully in regards to how Google brings you to a website, and that I did not see anywhere about how much time it would take, and only that it would ship in 3-5 business days.  I also informed her of her poor customer service, and that taking a customer's response personally and refunding money without asking or giving me other options is poor business practice.  She did not try at all to keep me as a customer or ease my concerns about the six week wait, even though it even says on the site in so many words let us know how soon you need your purchase, we can try to get it to you sooner. I wished her well in the future and I quote from my response:  You gave me no time to consider or no options. And for that, you lost not only one sale, but an additional sale of a chain that I intended to purchase afterward. You're a two person business and your pieces look wonderful. I truly wish you well in the future and hope you grow and take better approaches to your potential customers in the future.  No further contact from you is needed from this point. 
Entity: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
17, Report #964149
Nov 03 2012
08:29 AM
Greenridge Organics Handmade Apothecary They take your money and then you never hear from them again. InternetMelbourne, Florida
I found their website and ordered some products from them. I have confirmation of the order and have tried multipal attempts to contact the company by phone, mail and email without response. It has been over a month and they have not shipped my product or attempted to contact me.
Entity: InternetMelbourne, Florida
18, Report #1168083
Aug 07 2014
08:42 AM
Unique Handmade Models Failed to return $482.50 in refund for an aircraft carrier model that I ordered. Miami Florida
On 1-19-2014 I went on line to respond to an ad by Unique Handmade Models for a model aircraft carrier for the sum of $482.50.  I paid the order via paypal.  I waited several weeks for the delivery of the item with nothing happening.  I finally got in contact with them after numerous tries and they said it way take awhile because their vendor is overseas.  I waited another month without anything happening.  I finally got disgusted with the wait and cancelled the order.  Unique Handmade Models kept saying they would give me my refund and but never did.  I feel that they lied about order all along and never did order the item for me. Do not deal with these people.  They have a history of this and I found out about too late.  They lie and string you along until you just give up .
Entity: Miami, Florida
19, Report #1292300
Mar 08 2016
07:09 AM
LUSH Handmade Cosmerics LUSH Roseville Galleria Terrible Customer Service Severe Allergic Reaction Company Lies about Ingredients Roseville,Ca Canada Nationwide
LUSH refused to refund me for several prodcuts that caused me to have a Severe RASH and facial discoloration they also use lots of oils from NUTS some of us are allergic to they want you to beleive that everything is great for you but they don't tell you it also has lot's of fragrance they also want you to believe that the sticker of TOM on the container personall made the product..which might be true but the sticker covers up a great deal of the ingredients so at a quick glance you do not realize that said cream has walnut oil,olive oil,sunflower oil etc. I tried to return several of the prodcuts I had to the roseville galleria mall store and it was apprent that I had a horrible rash and an eye infection all caused by the use of their products. The 2 employees Daysa made a rude comment about me which she didn't realize that in that small store I clearly heard her and the salegirl who was suppose to be returning the items lectured me on not taking the sticker off the product so they knew when it expired and that it is a big LUSH NO! NO! and that they were taking the items back like they were doing me a favor one of the employees told me to go buy some Benadryl that would help with the itching..So they also gave me medical advice that could have sent me to the hospital. I have high blood pressure and take medication also none of the salespeople are Licensed Estheticians so they have no knowledge of how to cure or prevent anything..I would not spend another dime at LUSH or even walk into one of the stores. I was treated like CRAP!! and refused a Refund!! They just want the money and the salesgirls act like they are you very best friends But wait until you try to return it...They become your worst enemy!! Don't Buy the B.S... I still have facial discoloration,red bumps,and an eye infection got a Dr's appt. AGAIN!! being referred to a Dermatologist and an Opthmoligist which LUSH is getting sent the bill. I filed a complaint with the BBB,Consumer Affairs, and the FDA. I am looking into taking legal action.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1330019
Sep 25 2016
07:23 PM
Handmade Soap UK Taoist Soap (taoistsoap.com)handmadesoapuk.org Taoist Soap from handmadesoapuk.org and taoistsoap.com is a SCAM London
I was reading the original Scam alert on the site and wanted to add my voice to it. This company sells a soap (originally repackaged Korean soap, now, not clear], ordered the product ($85 for 2 bars of soap shipped from the UK) only to realize that all the positive feedback online was manufactured and from the same source. This person (James Miller?) has started multiple blogs and created many many fake reviews claiming near miraculous results from the use of their soap including for hair loss. All comments on their facebook page are from dummy accounts. Do a search and the only feedback are from blogs with very little activity. When searching independent forums, there are no real positive reviews about the product, no feedback (except from... James himself).I'm usually fairly diligent at checking things out, so if I was fooled, I figured others would be as well. It's too bad there's not much policing fraudulent internet sales like the Taoist Soap (which by the way can still be bought online for a fraction of the price if you consider the original Korean product - just do not expect it to meet the claims made on the web sites promoting the 'one and only' Taoist Soap).  
21, Report #613456
Jun 12 2010
11:33 AM
Symrna cymbals Turkish Handmade Cymbals Istanbul, Turkey
Hello All, This worthless untruthful article were written by some of cymbal manufacturers in Turkey which produces flat based machinery cymbals like FRISBEE mentality. The words and meaningless sentences in the article easily show that behind this words there is a man, poor in quality. First this company is absent and imaginary. MusikMesse was just two months ago end of March (Messe Frankfurt 2010) but in their article it seemed tike months gone after Messe. Our quality proved itself by the comments of customers and artists who visited our booth 3.0 A60. By the way we will display again our honour products on 3.0 A60 at MusikMesse Fankfurt 6 to 9 April 2011. Our success frightening the other cymbal companies we believe.Our customers who buy our cymbals know how much we care about the quality etc. Symrna answered all of this partisan articles and bad gossips and always will. Our suggestions some of these cymbal manufactures who try to get us down: Learn music, Learn how to make real Handmade Turkish Cymbals and stop cheating the buyers.Yours sincerely,
Entity: Istanbul, Select State/Province
22, Report #1393683
Aug 18 2017
07:03 AM
Non Prints Review nonprints.com they are prints not handmade! Nationwide
I bought a painting from nonprints.com and I takes 8 weeks before I received the painting.I am very surprised because it’s not a handmade oil painting it’s a print.I contacted them asking for a refund because what I ordered is a Handmade not a machine print but they do not like to issue refund because they are insisting that it’s a handmade It’s not my first time to bought oil painting handmade so I know how it looks likeWebsite says Non-print but it’s absolutely prints, be aware!
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1395402
Aug 24 2017
08:15 PM
Painting Select Review paintingselect.com prints not handmade! BC Canada Nationwide
Bought two paintings from paintingselect.com and at the first place I am a bit confused because the reproduction will online take 1-3 weeks online but I said on my mind it might be possible if the artist is expert but I am very surprise in just 2 week the paintings arrived all the paintings are 100% prints! Second, that is why the reason it only takes 2 weeks only and we have received the paintings unlike the other store it takes 6-8 weeks for the complete reproduction. Be aware and make sure that you are on a correct store to buy painting online not like this shop! Also after you make a purchased and you have any complaint, you can’t do that because they do not provide phone number and email address.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1288939
Feb 20 2016
10:00 PM
Gone Artsy Gone Artsy Wedding, Event, Crafting Supplies and Handmade Art Deb Ochs LagroneDeb LagroneGone ArtsyDeb Olszowka PROVEN BUSINESS FRAUD TRYING TO HIDE SHAME NICEVILLE, FLORIDA Internet
Update!!! The owner of Gone Artsy Deb Ochs Lagrone is once again defrauded the craft community and now the business community. She runs this online store that she calls Gone Artsy. She claims to sell numerous items that help crafters create. Recently a customer purchased from her store. It is understood and documented that this customer inquired about her package and was met with great rudeness and told to blow off basically.  Then she receives her package and it was a bad!!!!! The products were not wrapped right, there was an intense smell radiating from the box that smelled like cigarettes and mold; just terrible. Follow this link here to see the video!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wl7oH5cDoA After you watch this video, you are left with you mouth open and disgusted. This lady was met with great hate and attacks from Deb Ochs Lagrone’s Design Team Members and the handful of fans that find her a saint; which this theory has not been proven. With receiving threats to her family by paid off customers and the Gone Arty design team members, the lady in the video did an investigation and found that Mrs. Deb Ochs Lagrone owner of Gone Arty did not have a license to sell.  IF you follow the links below you will see that ONLY WHEN Mrs Deb Ochs Lagrone was called out for not having a license, she rushed out to apply for one in her County and State of Florida on Feb 17th 2016. Link 1: https://www.okaloosa.county-taxes.com/public/reports/business_tax    LINK TO SCREEN SHOT OF PROOF: http://i63.tinypic.com/eitsw9.jpg   HOW WAS SHE ABLE TO SELL FOR 2 YEARS WITHOUT LICENSES? It is because she defrauded the entire community and lied to all her business accounts with false information. She claims to have a business degree. What person with a business degree has not business licenses to sell; a pathetic one? In light of these new updates on this business, company if you would like to call it such, just shows more and more of what many people have been trying to convey to the community. DON’T BUY FROM THIS STORE for the following reasons:   The owner Smokes around her products which can put people with allergies at risk.She has defrauded the community in not legally having the proper licenses to sell products or posting her products come from a smoking home with animals. So any monies she made were from stolen products that she fraudulently obtained with false paperwork.   a.  Note one of her Design team members claims she stores her products in plastic bens and bags that are in a room with vents shut off. NOTE: IF OXYGEN CAN ENTER THE ROOM NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, SMOKE CAN ENTER TOO. SO WHO IS SHE KIDDING? plus from the video above, you see that these very bags are stained with nicotine.  It was proven with a video by one of her Design Team Members that she does smoke while in the same breath Deb Ochs Lagrone claims she did not smoke!! See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRKtHfmm5Mk She is notoriously known and proven to send out her design team and handful of demented customers that beleive she is some sort of saint, to attack on her behalf. When there is a a problem with your order and you confront her, she will meet you with rudeness and call out harassment to you; which leads you to be attacked and belittled by her close group on friends and design team. Then she will take the steps to report you to every soical media account and even goes as far as calling your local police department and the BBB.  Her products are of poor quality!!! Lastly and I am sure it will not be the least, below is the number of times her store has been reported due to the same and consistent complaints.   Deb Ochs-Lagrone with Julie Monroe.5 hrs · Information about the RIPOFF REPORT WEBSITE. It is used by people for the main purpose of misinforming the public and the website will not remove the information EVEN WHEN PROVEN ERRONEOUS with out paying a very large fee. THAT EQUATES TO A SCAM SITE!!! This is copied directly from the BBB page and the link is attached so you can see for yourself. It was given an F rating.Reason for RatingBBB rating is based on 13 factors. Factors that lowered the rating for Rip Off Report include:52 complaint(s) filed against businessFailure to respond to 51 complaint(s) filed against business1 complaint(s) filed against business that were not resolvedBusiness has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaintsFactors that raised the rating for Rip Off Report include:Length of time business has been operatingCustomer Complaints Summary Read complaint details52 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 16 closed in last 12 monthsComplaint Type Total Closed ComplaintsAdvertising/Sales Issues 21Billing/Collection Issues 2Delivery Issues 1Guarantee/Warranty Issues 0Problems with Product/Service 28Total Closed Complaints 52   Conclusion, she is right now trying to cover her tracks and throwing a lot of people under the bus and place blame on others that have nothing to do with what she HERSELF does!!! NO ONE made her not have licenses, NO ONE made her to treat her customers like crap, NO ONE made her bully women in this industry. SHE DID THIS ALL ON HER OWN!! And if you choose to believe her lies and listen to her, you will soon be on her victim list!!!   The CHOICE IS YOURS!!! AND IT’S YOUR MONEY!!!   
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1401566
Sep 21 2017
12:31 PM
Handmade Piece handmadepiece.com rent a car company is a scam Brighton, CO Nationwide
I get full protection for my rental and they refused my claim after an incident as my damage part is not covered in my full protection plan, ridiculous, will never use the rental car anymore. Like handmadepiece.com they said they have a 30 days’ money back guarantee but after 8 weeks of waiting for the painting arrived damage and I contacted the support and they said that the painting is shipped in proper packing. I send the pictures to them that the image arrived broken and they refused to send a money back. I called and email them again but there are not answering me anymore. I reported them BBB and they are now acting. So, don’t trust these companies anymore!
Entity: Nationwide

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