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51, Report #314369
Mar 03 2008
05:38 PM
Homecomings Financial inaccurate credit reporting Dallas Texas
Homcomings is reporting my loan derogatory and included in a bankruptcy. I paid of the loan years ago and was never late with a payment as it was automatically deducted from my bank account. I did have a bankruptcy, but this loan was not part of it. I have sent them the copies of the paid in full document, the settlement papers when it was paid off and a copy of the automatic draft monthly payment. I have filed complaints with all 3 credit bureaus. They say there is nothing they can do. Homecomings continues to tell me they have no record of my account. Of course this is effecting my credit scores. I have been fighting with them for over 3 years. Please help me get this off of my credit report. Taboz hanover, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
52, Report #321765
Mar 27 2008
07:33 PM
Homecomings Financial Modification Nightmare Dallas Texas
After reading all of the other complaints about this company, I would agree that this has been a nightmare, it started with improper accounting info regarding property taxes, my original documents showed escrows, however for two year they did not collect escrows, i contacted them after i found out from county that they did not pay taxes, i called and they said they would take care of the mistake and send a copy of tax bill from county, i did, they had until october 07 to pay or the house was to be auctioned, they said ok, i assumed they would take care of the mistake and per them ignored the letters from the county, although contacted homecomings each time to advise of receipt of notices, well october came and went and we got a notice from the county that our property had been sold, they said they would redeem which they did, at double the original tax bill and bill us for the shortage, ok fair enough, then they raised my interest rate per my loan by 3 1/2 % the first time, I called and said there is no way I could pay what they were asking, almost 600 more a month, they said ok, we will do a modification to include the escrow shortage and get you square, this was in October 07, they sent the documents that I needed to sign and I sent them back with the downpayment in the overnight they sent, I called to confirm receipt they said yes we received, you should recieve your corrected statement by the next due date which was jan 08, i never got a correct statement so i called them and asked which amount do i pay, they said follow the modification agreement that it might take a few statements for it to be correct, so i mailed my payment in january and thought everything would be ok, wrong, in february my statement was wrong again only this time the interest rate increased again, i immediately called, held for over an hour, got disconnected 2 times and finally spoke to a live person who then said that the mod did not go through because they did not receive the paperwork back in time, however, i said how is this possible, i overnighted in october, they then said that the originals were wrong and they sent another package in dec07, which i never got, and therefore the original modification was null and void, in the meantime i had paid over 3000 to them and the payments were being held in suspense? during the same time, my february payment was rejected, and i was know owing for over 4 months because of their screw up, one of the reps said i will contact my supervisor and have them call you, guess what no calls! Called again and was told that i would have to start the process all over, send in more money and the paperwork will be on its way for a permanent modification, which is really only a 5 year freeze? I did what they asked in hopes to get this done, i have called every 3 days, since i have not gotten any modification paperwork and have sent another 2700 to them via western union, i am know being told that they are backlogged and it should be here any day, and to check back every 2-3 days if i have not been contacted by a notary to sign the documents, yeah right like i have 3 hours to hold for someone to actually answer the phone, i would love to be involved in a a lawsuit against this company, as what they are doing is totallly wrong, and i feel cheated and threatened to lose my home Lisa Fort Mill, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Iowa
53, Report #352210
Jul 17 2008
02:26 AM
Homecomings Financial Ripped off also Phoeniz Arizona
We also entered a repayment plan with Homecomings, somehow we now owe late fees again even though we have proff no payments have been late. They tell us they are from over a year ago. If this is the case why wasn't they included in anything else in the repayment plan like the 12.00 a month property inspection fees they charged us. When asked about these fees apparently someone drove by our home to make sure we still lived here. They found everyway they could to add more to the repayment plan. Now the suddenly lost part of our payment and I had to actually get a copy of the money order and send them, of course someone in their office had credited it to the wrong account. But this was found after they had managed to send us a letter that our account was in default for their mistake. We did get a letter later saying the payment had been found and we would assume no late fees and it wouldn't show as late. Yeah right I really believe that since they wasted no time to send the default letter to us. We would also like to be included in any class action suit brought against this company, it's terrible when you hold up every aspect of the agreement you make with these people and they continue to find more ways to screw you. S bethel, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
54, Report #256596
Jun 24 2007
08:07 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff dishonest scam fraudulant Co. Dallas Texas
We paid our monthly payments on time,never late,and the payment amount. All of a sudden we get a letter from the Co,s lawer saying we are being sued for not paying the last 4 mos. We went on line and checked our bank statements,ea. month! They were all paid. We had proof. So our bankrupcy lawer,which we filed ch.13 in january said he talked to the Co. lawer,and he said we owed $27.00 late fee? in april. Plus we did,nt let them know we filed ch.13? in jan. The next day our lawer calls and says if we dont come up with 8,500.00 in one day we have to foreclose. The rest is history! Geoffrey Easton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
55, Report #249541
May 21 2007
01:55 PM
REcieved numerous letters and telephone calls from my mortage co asking me to refinance. I finally contacte Homecomings financial to refinance my house, since my interest rate is at 13%. I figured I was in good standing with this finance company, since I have been with them over 3 years. These finace companies would rather see a person lose their house than help them get a decent rate on your mortage. I believe these companies are out to ruin the working class of America. Something needs to be done to these companies. They give the adjustable rate mortages out light hotcakes and then people are out their down payments, any equity in their property, and any hopes to have a piece of the American dream. They told me they would have to pull a credit report when they had all the information in front of them, they said my credit score was not high enough and they couldn't help me at this time. I dont have a clue why I got my loan 3 years ago with no problem and now there is one. Craig JUSTIN, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
56, Report #221504
Nov 20 2006
03:58 PM
Homecomings Financial Forced into foreclosure! Dallas Texas
I refinaced my home 9-2005 after my divorce. The mortage company I signed with transferred my loan to Homecomings Financial shortly after. I have continued to pay my monthly payment until june-2006. I am a single mother of two. I have a good job as a nurse and take pride in being a financially responsible person. I was hospitalized twice in may-2006. I did not have vacation or sick pay at work yet, due to not enough time accumulated. I called this company to ask what I could do to make my payments. Knowing my income would be affected and needing asistance. ie: extend payment to end of laon, etc. I was offered no assistance. I did fill out a financial statement for review by this company to see if I would qualify for some type of change. I sent in all requested info. I didn't hear back from the company, so oviously I called. I was told all info didn't get sent. I did tell them I didn't get notified of this. I was told that would take to much time on their part to notify everyone of needed changes. In September-2006 I called to question what I needed to do. I was informed that day I called, my mortage was being turned over for foreclosure. The person told me to send them a payment for sept. of 566.oo. This was on a Tuesday. I told him I had to work the next two days 12 hours shifts and would not be able to do this until Friday. On Friday I could not get all the money together until my check from work was direct disposited until the following tuesday, to have access to cash. I called the company back on that friday and asked if the next wednesday would be okay. I was told yes. On the next wednesday I sent the full amount by western union. Soon after this, I received a letter from western union that the money was denied. I then called the company and asked,what was the issue. I was told since I did not send the money on Friday the mortage has been turned over for foreclosure. I then explained that I did call and was told that was ok to send it the next Wednesday. The person said they had no record of the call, and there was nothing more I could do. I then asked of the decision of the financial packet I had sent in. I was told that was denied, without any reasons. I scheduled to go to court Dec-7-2006 to deal with this. I also was told I have their company lawyer fees of 1000-4000 dollars on top of my loan. I have lived in the same home for 14 years. Before and since the divorce, the mortage has been payed. I wanted to keep my children in the only home they have known. I cannot fantom the concept of being late two months, with a circumstance out of my control, and now losing my home. This has affected many areas of my life, and needless to say, my credit. I am very anxious and prepared to go to court. I am not a low life and work hard to make a living for my children. I am not going to stand by and except a corporation to take away from me what I have worked for and just think this is okay. I will continue to trust in God, that the court will be fair and justice. What ever the outcome, I will continue to pursue this injustice with all means. We have to all stand up for our rights, and put a foot down that somethings are just not excepted. Vicki Yates Center, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #259631
Jul 09 2007
12:54 PM
we had a repayment arrangment since feb 07 been paying every month on time.just recieved a call that we are 1200.00 behind. we have spoke to seven people and none can tell us why it was kicked out. been triing to resolve for two weeks now.we were sold to this company four years ago and have had one problem after an other.we have lived in our house for fifteen years and i am afraid of what might come next.maybe some help is out there!!!! James lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
58, Report #259633
Jul 09 2007
01:02 PM
we had a repayment arrangment since feb 07 been paying every month on time.just recieved a call that we are 1200.00 behind. we have spoke to seven people and none can tell us why it was kicked out. been triing to resolve for two weeks now.we were sold to this company four years ago and have had one problem after an other.we have lived in our house for fifteen years and i am afraid of what might come next.maybe some help is out there!!!! James lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
59, Report #240626
Mar 25 2007
06:49 AM
Homecomings Financial Cons with a Title ripoff Dallas Texas
Homecomings is a servicer of my origional mortgage holder. I did not have one single problem to they came in. This was not by choice. I did not know that the loan would go to them, I think that they purposely confuse Homeowners to default on their loans. I am a 70 yr old man who has resided in my house for 9 years. When I was hospitalized they negotiated a short sale with an Investor here in Houston, on a Attorney In Fact that should have been void upon my incapacity. They would not answer my phone call nor return them. The Investor who bought is now charging 2500.00 for me to have a place to live. Then intended on making approximately 57,000.00 on my home within a 6 month period. I would like to join the class action law suit. I was medicated and recovering a major heart bypass in no condition to negotiate. Under severe duress. William Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
60, Report #240675
Mar 25 2007
01:48 PM
Homecomings Financial Calling and Harrassing our household Dallas Texas
We bought our house in 2004. We had a different mortgage company for about a month then Homecomings Financial picked it up. At that time our mortgage went up on a few dollars. We were okay with that. We were on time with our payments for about a year and then my husband got laid off his job that he had worked for 5 years. So at that time our mortgage has never been on time. I had called homecomings to tell them about my husband being laid off of work. That I am the only one working. They told me about the payment plan, how they can divide the past due into 6 month payments with my current payment. I agreed to it at the time so I didn't have lose my home. My mortgage payment went up from 868.00 to 1200.00. That was a huge payment for us. It didn't help us at all. But we managed to pay it with letting our utilities getting shut off. After we had paid that off, we got our normal payment back to 868.00. It stayed that way for another year, then we had recieved our monthly mortgage bill and it went up from 868.00 to 1084.00. Big difference. We had called them and they told us that it was because it was that two year mark in our house aggreement that it would go up. So we became very behind to were we were at the two month past due. My telephone was ring off the hook. Every hour they would call. It came to the point when we had to turn the ringer off. They have been harrassing us non-stop. My husband and I arguing because we are getting hounded by these cruel people. I don't think it is right to do these to families. Things happen in life that we can not prevent. They need to understand that. Is there something I can do to stop them from harrassing us like that? Valerie REYNOLDSBURG, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
61, Report #251665
Jun 01 2007
10:53 AM
Homecomings Financial to get results Dallas Texas
To get results with this company i had to go the web page for rescap and call the phone numbers i found there. They went to the investmant directors office but he got me my payoff in 3 hrs compared to 3 weeks! I had fought with this company on and off for 5 years. My husband and I concluded that we would rather sell our home than deal with such a shady company ever again! But be forwarned they held our payoff for 3 wks and charged us $21.75 a day in intrest! I now am happily renting the home for half the payment homecomings was recieving!! IN YOUR FACE HOMECOMINGS!! Sorry for the burst of joy there! but please if you ever finance a home again work on your credit and go to a local bank! NEVER NEVER NEVER use a mortgage company ( who can sell your loan!) Homecomings is shady, decietful, evil, and will take your home in the process! you just have to be as determined as they are and keep calling and searching, RECORD ALL OF YOUR CALLS MADE WITH THIS COMPANY AND THIER LAWYERS!!! YOU MAY NEED IT TO BACK YOU IN YOUR PLIGHT! ALSO THIER LAWYERS told me on a recorded line that they were point blank holding our payoff until the end of the month so they could place us in foreclosure again and charge us another $1800.00 in lawyer fees! BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!! CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN OR WOMAN AND CLUE THEM IN!! Give them these web pages and demand that this company never be allowed to practice in your state!!! L aiken, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
62, Report #104723
Aug 21 2004
07:05 AM
Homecomings Financial Shady Dealings Dallas Texas
I fell behind on my July mortgage payment. I contaced Homecomings both by email and via telephone to let them know when I would make my payment. I even set up a check by phone to ensure they received their payment. Next thing I know, I receive a notice of default in the mail. Immediately I called Homecomings. The rep told me that since I had made the payment since the letter was sent out, my account was considered current. He stated that these letters go out automatically once you are 30 days late. I asked him again and again are you sure I am okay. He stated yes maam, sorry for the inconvenience. A few days later, I receive a statement from Homecomings, showing the promised payment had cleared, but still stating that I needed to contact them because I was in default. I contacted Homecomings each day that week and was told each time that my loan was fine. Now, I am logging onto their website to make another payment, and it won't let me. It says there is a problem with my account. Once again, I email and will call on Monday morning. I am refinancing this loan with a hopeful closing of Tuesday. After the 3 day recision period, they will receive their payoff on Friday, August 27, 2004. No payment will be considered late at the point. I am just fearful they will not accept the payoff or that the refinancing will fall through at the last minute due to their underhanded tactics. I went through a nasty divorce 3 years ago. My ex filed bankruptcy, while I chose not to. I felt I had an obligation to pay my debts and have been trying to pay the mortgage and his/my $35000 in credit card debt. He had not paid child support in months. Yet, he seems to have money and all the nice things in life. Yet, Homecomings is trying to screw me for trying to do the right thing and pay my obligations. Please, if anyone has any insight in who to contact at Homecomings to straighten this out, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Marian Spotsylvania, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
63, Report #107818
Sep 10 2004
11:55 AM
Homecomings Financial rip-off! Deceitful and Manipulative! Dallas Texas
I am a single mother of 3 who has had my mortgage sold to Homecomings Financial approximately 5 years ago. It was a bad business relationship from the very start. When my mortgage was first sold no one (original lender or Homecomings)bothered to advise me. So 3 months after the transfer of my mortgage I receive mail from Homecomings, enclosed in the envelope were my 3 mortgage payment checks that I had wrote to my original lender and a nasty letter that my mortgage loan with them is now in default and past the breach date. To make a long story short, I researched on my own that they were at fault and they now had to accept the 3 mortgage payments without penalty to me in the form of late payments or on my credit report. I am now facing a new dilemma with this company. I am on title to this property with my father who has since passed away now a little over a year ago. The title was held as tenants in common and I have 99% interest and he held 1% interest in this property. My father had placed all of his assets into a trust before his passing with the exception of his 1% in my property. This error was an oversight by all of us including myself. We came upon this issue when I was in the closing process of refinancing this mortgage loan with another lender. I have had to retain probate attorneys who don't come cheap and have since fallen behind in mortgage payments due to the probate attorneys' retainer as well as my infant son being diagnosed as having chronic asthma and I had to take unpaid family leave from work to care for him. Upon contacting Homecomings and explaining the situation to countless departments and customer service reps. they have sent me a financial packet to complete which would give them an idea as to reinstate, repayment plans, short sale or a deed-in-lieu foreclosure. I have completed the required documents and returned as requested and have not since heard from them. In the meantime, my probate attorneys have been working nonstop on this case only to find that the attorney that represents Homecomings in my state has refused to return any form of response to our multiple requests for now 2 almost 3 months. We are requesting that the 1%interest that is now held in probate court be released to my mother who is the Trustee of the Revocable Truse who will convey or quitclaim the 1% interest to me so that I may refinance to ultimately pay off Homecomings and remodel my home. Homecomings does know that in the state of Hawaii where my property is located that the fair market value of this parcel is close to $400,000.00 and the payoff of my mortgage with Homecomings is a mere $105,000.00. A big profit margin if they should drive me into foreclosure. I can't believe that this type of business is legal and in the eyes of Homecomings Financial ethical in any way. I am very upset with this company and I don't plan on taking any more of this crap at all!! Tanya Wailuku, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
64, Report #272479
Sep 05 2007
08:19 AM
Homecomings Financial Excess Escrow Being Collected Waterloo Iowa
We are having some problems with Homecomings collecting escrow amounts far in excess of the actual taxes and insurance. My wife has a small house in another state. Her father, who is retired and on a fixed income, still occupies the house, and makes the payments. Homecomings recently jacked up the monthly amount going into escrow to cover taxes and insurance. The actual taxes and insurance amount to just under $200 per month, but suddenly they are collecting $325/month, increasing the payment by about $125. While this probably doesn't seem like a lot of money to some, it represents quite a hit for a retiree living on Social Security and a tiny pension. Numerous calls to their customer service line resulted in being placed on hold for up to a half hour at a time by people who don't seem to speak much English, followed by the call being cut off or sent back into their endless cue menu. When my wife would finally get one of these little fellows on the line she would ask for a supervisor, and was told there is no supervisor. Each one she talked to seemed to have been programmed to try to get rid of the call without actually addressing the issue or escalating it to a Tier Two level. Is anyone else out there having this problem?...Is this just some sort of scam being operated by Homecomings/GMAC to collect and use other people's money without having to pay interest on it? Harry the cat Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
65, Report #283602
Nov 07 2007
06:28 PM
Homecomings Financial Take a look at this Minneapolis Minnesota
I just looked them up on the better bussiness bureal here is the web site for them. Take a look maybe we all should arite in to the bbb. http://www.mnd.bbb.org/commonreport.html?bid=96001037 Industry Tips Mortgage Industry Code of Practices In November 2003, a federal government settlement with Fairbanks Capital Corp., a major mortgage company lead to a code of practices that is expected to be followed by all mortgage servicing companies that want to avoid entanglements with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The points of the agreement are that Mortgage Companies shall not: * Count their borrower's on time payments as late or assess them bogus late penalties. * Foul up their customers' home loan escrow accounts by neglecting to pay taxes and insurance on time. * Compel borrowers to buy a second hazard insurance policy at inflated premiums when they know the borrowers have valid coverage. * Wreck their customers' credit ratings by reporting false information about their delinquencies to the national credit bureaus. * Keep homeowners in the dark about how much they owe and when it is due. * Intimidate customers with predatory debt collection practices such as nonstop telephone harassment. * Stonewall borrowers when they seek account information or complain. * Refuse to work out legitimate delinquencies through forbearance arrangements that allow borrowers to get back on their feet, and stretch out or modify payment terms. * Stampede innocent homeowners into quick foreclosure. * Force customers to waive their legal rights as the price of avoiding foreclosure. For detailed information on the other aspects of the settlement or additional information consumers may go to www.ftc.gov. Laura Roberts, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
66, Report #286171
Nov 22 2007
08:19 PM
Homecomings Financial non responce Dallas Texas
My loan was sold to Homecomings in December 2006. Has been messed up since. I have made numerous phone calls - at least 30, numerous E-mails from their web site, and two certified letters that have not been responded too. The original loan company sent over 3000.00 to homecomings in my escrow account in December 2006. By January 2007 (1 month), my escrow account was over 2000.00 NEGATIVE. My principal is not being applied to my loan (conversion of funds??), I have late fees and penalties now of over 500.00. I have asked for corporate headquarters phone number but was told by a (supposed) customer service supervisor that they did not have that number. I can not get any help from anyone I have talked to, and even with certified letters, cannot get them to respond. I have made every payment - principal, interest and escrow account, and can show it with bank statements. I bank on line so I know the date every payment has been sent. I have never been late. I am 52 and havee NEVER had a blemish - not even a late payment on my credit report until now. I'm frustrated, angry and don't have a clue as where to turn. I have talked with one lawyer and his reply was It's not even worth it for him to talk to me. Any ideas as to where to turn to now. Bill South gate, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
67, Report #176504
Feb 16 2006
09:54 AM
HOMECOMINGS FINANCIAL non-comunicative Ripoff MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota
I will never reffer anyone to Homecomings fianacial, they never answer the phone, all you get is voice mail, they do not return your phone calls, and if you do get lucky and someone does answer, you get transffered until you end up with voice mail. My husband and i had been calling these people since march of last year, they had sent us 1 payment slip and that was for the month of feburary of 2005,may of 2005 they had already started the foreclosure process, by dec. they had an auction and actioned our house, january they sent a sheriff over to deliver an eviction paper and had only 48 hours to get out. we have tried making contact with them, it was them who would not make contact with us! i think they need to pay us and everyone else who has had problems with these idiots. it is not our fault, it is theirs. why should they get paid for working when in reality they are not? I think we need to get a class action lawsuit going, and show these money hungry people that we are not going to put up with this kind of behavior from any mortgage company! we have 2 children what did they do to deserve this? nothing! what have your children done to deserve this? nothing.i have been to the complaint page of Homecomings financial, there are so many of us in the same boat, out of a rating of 5 they have a rating of only 2., that is bad. for anyone wanting to join me in this matter please feel free to contact me, hope to hear from all of you! mellie Melanie grantsburg, WisconsinU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
68, Report #198537
Jun 27 2006
08:30 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
I agree with you Brenda. We have had our mortgage with them and no problems. Until I was laid off last year and I just got a full time long term temporary assignment a year later. About 4 months after I got laid off my husband lost his job. Talk about stress. Well Homecomings has not been the most considerate company. On your statements there is always this clause about if things aren't right. Please call us and maybe we can help. That is a lie. Homecomings attempted to help us. I had to contact someone in their consumer credit department. After all was said and done, the lady tells me that we just need better jobs with more income. I was like no stuff, wow what tipped you off. Shortly after that we made payments, but like you since it was not the full amount it went into a supsence account. The killing part is they don't put it on your statement. Even when you call the reps acted as if you didn't send anything. Once you mention that you sent some money then they will say, oh...yes I see it, but since it was not the full amount we put it into a suspense account. They are making more money. Just think about it. If 1,000 people send in a payment that is not the full mortgage amount. And Homecomings stick in an account were they draw interest on your money. The interest earned will not go toward your account at all. I know this coming from the banking industry. Can you image the amount of interest? I'm talking thousands of dollars. Well we were almost 3 months behind. I sent them a payment and they returned it. I called the company and the rep could not understand what was going on. He told me to send it again. I did and it was returned for the 2nd time. This time I got a different rep who was RUDE. I had to constantly tell him to stop interrrupting me. He later told me that the funds were returned because they weren't certified funds. I told him my bank did the transaction and they don't send the money if it isn't there. So then I had to Money Gram or Western union. I went to the store to send the payment Money Gram, just to find out they would not accept it. I called and was told to Western Union it. I told him, that they should take the Money Gram off the statement as an option, if you can't use it. And this payment was more than the monthly amount. They are crooks and are looking for ways to take our homes!! I am still praying that we can get away from them without losing our home. I told them, I would not be in this bind if we wouldn't lost our jobs. I think they believe we are liars. Yes some people lie, but my husband and I have work too hard and saved for many years to get a house. And we are not just going to give up. I think the other thing they do is add the fees to drive up the cost. Sharon Missouri City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
69, Report #177589
Feb 22 2006
06:52 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff liars and theivesDallas Texas
We fell behind by one month during a family crisis, homecomings sent a letter telling us we had to make two payments now to be current.I spent literally week after week trying to get a person on the phone , all i ever got were voice mail of a forclosure specialist. We began getting forclosure notice in the mail by the beginning of the second month.We had the money but wanted the exact amount with interest ,so we gave up trying and just sent two months worth of payment . Only to have them return it to us and say it wasn'nt enough we sent 2 payments of 599.60.we got letter after letter telling us to just call.when i tried every other way to get a person like not enter loan number etc..it went right back once i told the person to the voicemail. When i finaly got this tammy she agreed to work out an arrangement ,so we began paying again month after month. The forclosure was never stopped and i walked out of walmart oneday to see on the bulletin board the auctioning off of our home in 15 days ,while taking our money with no notice to us. i contacted a lawyer this began with 1200.00 behind in 2002,and now they have the amount at 16,000.000$$.we had no choice but to file a hp 13 to have an automatic stay put in place,the payments were 510.00 and 599.60 for our monthly ability to keep the home. Then homecomings took it upon themselves to pay our taxes for us when we payed seperate as written in the contract,then charged us 1089.00 when our taxes were 600.00 thru star savings.Then they took out their own insurance when we had some seperate and want an additional 1000.00 for it . The payments and fees got so out of control we have been devestated financially,emotionally and exhausted.we have used all of our resources there is to use ,this company is crooked,un-co-operative,and rude.this could have all been resolved had they returned one call,instead they wanted it to go here ,and now we have filed three seperate chp 13 spending 600.00 each time to try and save this house.Now they have succesfully increased the amount they say owed so high we are traumatized at what to do. They now have us defeated and succesfully had our automatic stay lifted for them to begin to recover costs they say they have into it.We do not know how long we have if they will give us notice or just change the locks one day,but we are not wiling to let our once paid for home go away,when the right thing could have been done , we had the check in hand . Now thousands of dollars later thru all of the bogus attorney fees they brought on themselves. they send us an escrow account letter telling us to pay taxes and insurance at 1089.00 per month on top of the 599.60 We have given thousands of extra dolars to them ,during the forclosure beginning when they promised to take it out and make arrangements,they stole all of that money,tried to sell out from under us And think we are ever going to trust them again to send additional escrow payments .We are so completely devestated and emotionally drained . I even contacted the attorney general and the fannie mae foundation who gave us more attorney names , but again requires more money .We don't know what to do can any one help us? Sherry springville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
70, Report #196663
Jun 15 2006
08:50 PM
Homecomings Financial, Resurgent Capital Services equity gouging Dallas Texas
We believe that Homecomings Financial and their affiliated company Resurgent Capital Services are gouging the equity in our home. Three years ago we filed Ch 7 due to the loss of a small business. We had taken out a second mortgage with Homecomings the previous year. We did not reaffirm the second mortgage. However, they never stopped harassing us and threatened us with foreclosure. Homecomings at that time offered to work with us on a payoff amount if we would sell our house which at the time was not an option for us. They also offered to lower our payment and if we made the payment on time for a year they would lower our interest rate by 1%. Well, that was 2 turnovers ago (Homecomings gave/sold our account to 2 other collection agencies. There was never any written exchange for adjustment so now it seems we do not have a leg to stand on. The problem is that now that there is actually a sellers market we are wanting to sell our house. When we called Homecomings/Resurgent about our payoff they told us that we owe 8000.00 over the original note and interest in accruing daily on the account because we are delinquent. Our attorney advised us to request a Qualified Written Request from Homecomings/Resurgent which is basically an itemized statement of all activity on our account. Our attorney told us that companies such as Homecomings will often add fees for stupid things like sending someone to drive by the residence to make sure someone is still living in the house. Those type charges are illegal. Homecomings has 20 days to send the itemized statement back. If they don't then we may have some footing. We will post the results. Thanks to all who make this site possible and for helping all of us who are struggling against companies such as Homecomings. Stuart and Denese Norman, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
71, Report #118959
Dec 01 2004
11:33 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Moreno Valley California
To be included on the class suit of homecomings financial double billing Jewel Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
72, Report #119312
Nov 22 2004
02:51 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff foreclosure Dallas Texas
Last year my husband got laid off and I contacted Homecomings to explain why we were getting behind and they told me not to worry about it they had a program they were enrolling us in to defer all payments until we were financially able to resume payments at which time the sum of all missed payments would be prorated into the remaining payments left on the loan. We never got a statement after that or a notice of late payment from them. In August we were notified 4 times (all received the same day) that we hadn't made any attempt to make a payment in 10 months and unless they received the past due sum, including interest and late fees they would start the foreclosure process on us. I called them and got passed around until I was told by someone that they could see that I had talked to someone but they didn't do the paperwork, so I was never enrolled in the program. She was kind enough to send me the usual forms to fill out and fax back. I never heard anything from them, so I tried calling the individual I was dealing with. And all I ever got was a voicemail that I left the usual message on. Then one evening we were served with papers. And it has been the runaround ever since. Sending me things I never receive, payoff request never gotten, payment history who knows where. Everyone I ask for help cringes at the sound of Homecomings name, they are difficult to deal with. I even contacted their attorneys office down here and I was treated like dog chow, and that was the receptionist. What is it going to take to get this company stopped??? Rhonda Cocoa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
73, Report #154096
Aug 18 2005
08:30 AM
Homecomings Financial selfish, uncaring, complete ripoff, thieves Dallas, Texas
I too am going through the same thing with Homecomings, my husband had been laid off for some time, and we became behind on our loan. We have told them our situation, we are now getting the certified letters from them, and are just trying to keep up with the payments. Our insurance is included in our loan, but yet we keep getting letters from our insurance requesting payment, even the insurance company said, homecomings should be paying this, it should not be coming out of our pockets, but we have not seen a reimbursement from Homecomings. We bought this house last year on an 80/20 loan, and the payment had already increased almost 200 dollars at the beginning of this year, we are trying our best to keep the house, we have 5 kids that don't need to be uprooted again, and would love it if we can work with someone. My husband has just started working again, and we are trying everyday just to keep food on the table. We just want to keep our house, due to the looks of our credit now because of the house and extra payment on our loans, there is no way in hell we will even be able to refinance. So if there is a way to get some help, someone PLEASE HELP US. You would think that for 1st time homebuyers Homecomings would do everything they could to help, but they don't. They say owning your own home is the greatest, but really it isn't, not when you have to deal with all of these extra fees, and a company that won't work with you. Lana Frisco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
74, Report #307250
Feb 08 2008
07:36 AM
Homecomings Financial Forced into foreclosure Dallas Texas
I searched the name homecomings financial and lo and behold what do I find. This company is my mortgage company, maybe (after reading reports about them, they might be in line to own my house) and now that they have refused to a workout plan I had to file a C13 to stop them from foreclosing and now I'm scared about the next step because I don't want to lose my house to anybody. I just want to save my house and make restitution over a period of months. I meet with the bankruptchy attorney/judge in two weeks and will present them with the information found recently about this dishonest mortgage company. I'll repost as soon as I have further information but in the meantime thank you to all those who have posted and I'm sad to say we have this in common because of a financial hardship. Kdkd corbett, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
75, Report #316763
Mar 11 2008
06:49 AM
Homecomings Financial Deceiving, manipulating, liars! Waterloo Iowa
I was sent to Homecomings through a website that finds lenders for equity loans. When speaking to the respresentative he told me that I qualified for a $50,000 loan @ 7.5% fixed. He DID NOT mention it would be a variable rate of 13.5% which,as you know, can be devastating if your thinking a payment is one & turns out to be another. The loan went from $109,$258 then to $579. They told me that the reason this happened was that I spent the whole $50,000. Well, I explained that after they had paid all of my debt, THEY sent me a $15,000 check that I deposited. I had no idea that would set the variable off & it has been out of control for 2 years now. From what I've heard that they should never have sent that check! Now, another issue is that when I pay over their website, I always go by what is on that website. Well, they can't even get that right! They have added late charges & past due amounts saying I wasn't paying the correct amount. Now instead of $50,000 I owe $50,460.92. When will this end??? I had no idea there were so many unhappy people. I am now going to turn them over to the Attorney General of Louisiana to see if there is someting I can do about these people. If anyone has a class action going please count me in. Look I am a single mom just trying to make her way. People like this should be delt with appropriately. Suzanne Baton Rouge, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa

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