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51, Report #1339387
Nov 22 2016
10:51 AM
HughesNet are internet super highway robbers Nationwide
I can prove that HughesNet steals back the data they sell us. A couple years ago we were having some work done in our yard & the cable was cut from the HughesNet satellite going to our modem. Obviously if the cable is cut from the sat to the modem we couldn't get online til a new cable was installed. When the new cable was installed we checked our usage & found that over 10% of our data cap had been used when we couldn't have even possibly been online. After a run around on the phone with HughesNet reps, a member of the advanced engineering team told me that data depletion can come from HughesNet's side & they don't know why it happens & there's nothing they can do about it. Suuuuuuure.   Last year in 2K15 before HughesNet's huge outage, I was calling them up for months telling them about data depletion. A single day before their outage they ordered me a new modem claiming it was our faulty modem, when their own diagnostics said there was nothing wrong with our modem. The next day HughesNet crashed. First they said it was thunder storms, then it was server degradation, & several other excuses. At least we got a free token out of it. Big of them. Actually I've got several free tokens out of HughesNet reps over the years but it's nothing compared to the data they're stealing.   We're still on the Gen3 package here because it's unlimited from 2-7am whereas their new Gen4 package only gives you 50 gigs per month from 2-8am. In February 2K15 we used over 60 gigs in their free zone thus Gen4 wouldn't ever work for us. When I talk to the neighbors about their Gen4 speeds they say the speeds are no different than Gen3. We're lucky to get 1.5 Mbps here. Usually it's dial up type speed slowness but at least dial up is unlimited.   HughesNet never told us what their data cap was when we got it years ago. They just said if we download too much they'll slow us down. We get roughly 13 gigs a month. 375 megs a day but if we use all of our daily allowance we only get approximately 325 megs for the next day. Don't get me started on that.   The moral of HughesNet's ripoff report story is never get HughesNet. Stay with dial up until something unlimited comes along. HughesNet are corporate con artists and they know it.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #1304616
May 09 2016
06:36 PM
53, Report #1327471
Sep 10 2016
09:40 PM
HughesNet Absolute worst internet service Nationwide
 I switched from Verizon DSL to HughesNet because they were supposed to solve my slow internet reception. They installed within 2 days (3 days ago) and we still cannot stream a video. It constantly rebuffers. We were told we had too many devices using it (tv only so not sure how that was too many). Customer service suggested we move closer to the router/modem (it's 8 feet away) or use a cord. This is absolutely the worst service only. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with cusotmer service and the floor supervisor refused to let me talk to anyone else. He told me to call corporate.  I wish i had never called them. They are not giving us what they claimed in their advertising. I want to cancel service and get my money back. We can't watch videos, upload photos, because service is so awful.
Entity: Nationwide
54, Report #1328928
Sep 19 2016
09:52 AM
Hughesnet Liars Tucson Nationwide
 Hughes net is a liar and a scam. They get u signed up, service works good for a couple days. Then u find out that I only have 50 gigs a month and you've used it all already. But upon talking to them to set service we told them everything we use the internet for they'll say. Oh we can cover all of that. Nothing was said about a limit of gigs, nothing said about having to purchase your own router until after you prepaid ,nothing that says its a 2year contract and $395 to disconnect. All there sales people are on commission so they just want to make the sale.When you call customer service and ask to speak with a supervisor they say none is available. I literally pay $80 For 3 days of internet service There is so much more i could tell you about how deceitful this company is and after looking at the reviews there are many others in the same situation as I am
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #1328674
Sep 17 2016
10:56 AM
Hughesnet Hughes Network Systems data being used Internet
So about 6 weeks ago we noticed huge amounts of our data disappearing.  After calling several times and nobody ever calling back when they said they would, yesterday we decided to downgrade to a smaller package.  Figured if we were saving $30 a month it wouldn't be so bad if they take a little data back.  Well last night, we turned off all our equipment and went to bed.  At 11 PM, husband got up and checked.  67 megabytes of our bonus data has been used.  I need to know what's going on.  I'm super unhappy with Hughes Net right now.
Entity: Internet
56, Report #1358598
Feb 27 2017
10:28 AM
Hughesnet false advertising Nationwide
Hughesnet has a commercial that says that they can give you internet where ever you are but they couldn't get my internet hooked up where I live without putting the satelite on someone elses property then they wanted to charge me if they had to do that. I used them at a previous address and was having it moved they had already charged me $138.49 for 1 month of service before they tried to move my service. When they couldn't install my service at my new address they tried to charge me an early disconnect fee and I told them I wasn't going to pay it they did waive the $280 disconnect fee BUT they only want to refund me $89 of what they charged me saying I used the service.
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #1311966
Jun 17 2016
01:29 PM
Hughesnet lied about service and downloads Internet
 I contacted hughesnet sales rep 6 months ago and she proceeded to tell me that I could use it for wifi on my phone and that with 10 gig of data, I can watch TV. It worked great the first month which is the trial period. After that, my data was gone in 3 days! I called several times to complain but with no improvement. I called to cancel today and he threw the early cancelation fee at me. I'm not paying for services I didn't get that were promised to me.
Entity: Internet
58, Report #309243
Feb 15 2008
03:16 PM
HughesNet STAY AWAY FROM HUGHES NET Michigan City Indiana
Hughes Net is a RIPOFF. We spent over $1,300 for the satelite and installation. And it's nowhere near high speed. Most days not faster than dial up. Service and installation were horrible. Installer charged us extra for a special cable from my barn to the house and then left me NO EXTRA CABLE TO BURY it. Even though they offer roof installation, he said he couldn't be responsible if the roof leaked after intallation?? Then why offer it? Follow-up to minor technical questions were absurd. I needed an IP number from hughes Net to activate a router in my home. Yes, they had the number but wanted to charge me $60 to get it? There customer service reps were unbelievably ignorent to basic IP questions. Do yourself a favor STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. They are bad news from beginning to end... as for me, Today I just contracted with another service. God Bless America people... the internet and Ripoff Report that enables us to inform many. NW Indiana Customer Rolling Prairie, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #215722
Oct 14 2006
06:41 AM
Direcway - Hughesnet ripoff fraudent billing Germantown Maryland
I was a customer since 2002, about a month after i upgrade to the DW7000 modem and prof. package, I started having trouble with my service. After several tech calls they said it was my dish and had a repair tech call me. The repair tech would not come out on Saturday to fix the dish on during the week and I would have to be here. I CAN NOT take off work to be here and Sat. was the only day that I could do it. I called Direcway/Hughesnet and explained what was going happening and for them to see about getting someone else to come. The last time I called to see why it was taking so long to have someone fix my dish, they told me there was nothing they could do. I told them that I have been a customer since 2002 and that they were only interested in NEW SERVICE. I have several case numbers to back my case up. They have done nothing to fix my dish. I canceled my credit card so they would not charge me for a monthly service I was not getting. Now they have turned me over to a collection service for none payment of several months of service they I was not even getting. What a ripoff. L a, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
60, Report #332537
May 14 2008
06:18 PM
HUGHESNET = NO NET The pitch the swing and struckout again CHICAGO Illinois
I am in a very rural area have no phonelines and learned to count on internet to conduct bussiness . The first system was thru Direcway and was somewhat reliable and after the change to hughesnet customer service and support left fast. I have spent countless hours talking to people that I could barely understand and in which they could not help thru a customer assistance phone call. (driving 20 miles to a cell signal). So resolving the issue temporarily a technician came out to reboot modem $300 dollar visit plus monthly fees paying for a service that is in accessible. Next I get the pitch your modem needs to be upgraded and this will solve everything so I spend the money for upgrade and its performance is worse than the old modem. So know I have installed amplifiers for a digital system using a cell signal. The equipment works so I decide to cancel service (been a customer for eight years) and I am told theres an early termination fee of 300 dollars for a service that has not performed or functioned properly in six months. Apparently when I upgraded the modem the service contract was extended for 15 months This was a verbal agreement to upgrade the modem over the phone there was nothing implied about a new sservice contract 8 years of loyalty and this is how I am treated.I am Very disapointed in corporate greed and irresponsibility of hughes net if they cant provide the service atleast let the customer leave the wiser not gig them on the way out the door. Tony maricopa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
61, Report #324152
Apr 06 2008
08:45 PM
Hughesnet Tried to trick me into a new contract Nationwide, Maryland
Hughesnet called me and asked me if I would like to upgrade my modem for faster downloads and uploads. Bare in mind I have three months to go on my current contract. When I said, No thank you, my online speed suddenly became slower and slower. Whereas I used to download at 86k I now can go no faster than 10k unless I am willing to stay up until 1:00 AM. Then the speed goes back to where it used to be all day. I have a feeling if I call their Indian speaking representative, and if I am lucky enough to not require a translator, they will tell me that all this can be fixed with the new equipment and of course a new two-year contract. Because I live in the NC mountains, there is no other choice for online internet access except of course dial-up. So now, I can pay $25 a month for aol, and speeds of 2k or I can pay $60 a month for speeds of 10k. What a rip-off! Bill ****, BS, MA Bill Robbinsville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #323928
Apr 05 2008
12:27 PM
Hughesnet Fair Access Policy Ripoff Hobucken North Carolina
When we first got Hughesnet internet it was Direcway. We never had a problem with the fair access policy and was never informed of the fair access policy until about a year ago. We suffered with an outage of internet for about a month. We called them almost every day to find out what the problem was and they always walked us through to see if it was a system problem and it never was it was always over the fair access policy. After a month of dealing with this they finally explained to us the fair access policy and we realized that our neighbor had hacked into our router and was downloading until the limit was hit and was kicking out our internet. We had to make a new password for our router to fix the problem. I have also noticed that they now have a fair access policy on their systems page to stop people from calling when that is the only problem they are having. Actually we found out about the policy from a neighbor because they signed up for service about a year ago and was told of the policy then but we never got anything about the policy change or anything and they seem really annoyed when calling about the problem. I would never have Hughesnet again. Mandi Hobucken, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Hobucken, North Carolina
63, Report #323931
Apr 05 2008
12:33 PM
Hughesnet Misleading hype and antagonistic tech people Nationwide
Imagine the excitement I felt as the installer hooked up the new satellite dish. Now there would be no more creeping INTERNET and broken connections. Speed, speed and more speed is what the promised me. Now the reality sets in, I just paid close to 600 dollars for installation and close to 64 dollars a month. Also locking in to a two year contract for crappy and more crappy. Slow speeds, jolting connections and interruptions constantly stopping my service. Calls to customer service involve long wait times and people who can barely speak English. Changing settings and shutting down and restarting computers, modems and it seemed like what ever else they could think of. Battling through level of delays only to be insulted with I just wouldn't understand why it's slow to it's slow you signed your rights away so get over it. Being told if you complain it will go no where, as the tech laughed and hung up. WELCOME !!!! to the world of satellite INTERNET and I pray those thinking of sighing up will read this and the letters I am sending to my congressmen, government agencies and who ever else we can get to listen. Years ago businesses strived to sell good products and services to make money, now days they strive to misrepresent, trick and just plain steal money from their customers. Mindnova Canvas, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
64, Report #374361
Sep 19 2008
10:15 AM
Hughes Net, HughesNet Over charged installation and Poor service Houston Nationwide
I switched to Hughes Net due to my satisfaction with Direct TV , I was to only be charged 199.00 for installation . The installation man only half did the job , I have the eqipment he required me to purchase sittin on my floor due to not enough cable to move the router and motum anyplace else . He left me with unsecured Wireless and I can only access internet occassionally . He refused to install the dish where I wanted it . I have pages of calls made to the company that refuses to send service man back out , Then my credit card which I did not authorize charges was charged $900.+ dollars for installation and 1st month bill . They said the charges are justified . They repeatedly refused to let me cancel my service starting the day after installation and promised to resolve the problem . My husband is in Iraq and the Net is my means of communication with him . Please help me recoup my loss's and get this stuff out of my yard so I can afford to go with a company that will help me . This communications with this company has gone on for 2 months now and I have come to the end of my rope in trying to get proper service .. Rhonda Baytown, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #363656
Aug 16 2008
03:36 PM
HughesNet Early Termination Fee San Jose California
I received a post card from HughesNet offering a FREE upgrade to a 7000S system. The word FREE was HUGE on the front of the post card. I took advantage of this upgrade although the service didn't improve. The Fair Access Law was never explained to me until it was too late to cancel my service, the signal kept dropping off to which the tech would say in broken English, We will have to send a service agent out to fix it. After my initial 24 month contract was up, I called to cancel my service. I was informed that a $300 early termination fee would be charged to my credit card because a new 24 month contract was in place because of my FREE upgrade. I told the rep that I was not made aware of the new contract and was informed that it's in the original contract. When I asked what I was supposed to do with the $1500 of equipment I had purchased, she quipped, Sell it on e-Bay! In addition, they are charging me $125.00 for a service call from a tech who showed up 8 hours late and did nothing but adjust the signal. That's a total of $425.00 out of pocket for termination of incredibly lousy service, customer service agents who read off of a script, etc. Squeakywheel Burns, WyomingU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
66, Report #386054
Oct 29 2008
01:38 PM
Hughesnet Crooks, words can't describe how dirty Nationwide Other
This is the worst con, Ive come across, To start, The installer left a crater in my yard and a hole in the side of my house, and garbage all over my yard boxes and crap, Independant contracters is what I was told, Not our problem, Equipment that can't be paid off at , price is subject to change. I had 3 different reps give me 3 different prices from 399 to 480 ! Theres no hard copy of what I owe on equipment and they won't tell me, serious straight up, Will not tell you. Also theres a fap policy, which means you can only download 250 mb per day ! or it cuts off your 100 dollar a month service for 24 hours! Don't try to ask for help the support team is in india and they hang up on you or can't hear you or understand you. Please don't ever use this service, spread the word tell your friends and family. I put unknown for the address since this is a shadow corporation, theres a physical address given but the install, support, billing, everything, all independant, main company is a shadow who knows what pile of worthless crap is sitting in the drivers seat of this thing. Tom olympia, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Other
67, Report #372205
Sep 12 2008
07:00 AM
Hughesnet VERY SLOW - Do NOT Purchase! Internet Vermont
We have hughesnet because we live in rural area and our options are limited. We upgraded to a more expensive plan because the company claims the service will be much faster. They lied! My husband spent hours on the phone and was transferred to someone in India. This guy told my husband similiar things in other reports listed. They told him to schedule downloading during 0300 am & 0600 am! This is crazy! My husband continued and finally got in touch with some technician from FL. He was very honest with my husband, said there was nothing that could be done because the company is too crowded with customers and don't have the capacity with their satellite ownership! We're also locked in on this contract that is obsured because they practrice false advertisement. Please, please, don't go to this company. I honestly believe you can get dial up for a lower cost, with better results. As soon as our contract is up or if we have another option, we WILL be cancelling our contract. Pam St. Albans, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Vermont
68, Report #248036
May 10 2007
07:22 AM
DirecTV Hughesnet False Advertising ripoff Greenwood Village Colorado
I received a flyer stating local channels is included with every package. I have a $48.00 package plus and have not received any local channels. I have been with Directv since 2002. I called and was informed that local channels was not available in my area. But I could get the networks from New York or LA for an additional $1.50 per channel times 6 (Total $9.00) more. When I talked to Christina a customer service resolver she told me customers who pay $51.00 get those channels. I asked her if I could pay $3.00 more making my package the $51.00 could I get the local channels out of NY. She told me no I had to pay the full $9.00 making my monthly bill $57.00. No where on this flyer is there any astericks or local channels are available only in certain area. I also e-mailed this complaint to Directv. Do I expect to get any resolve out of this probably not. William Sumrall, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood Village, Colorado
69, Report #253368
Jun 09 2007
10:52 AM
Hughes.Net - HughesNet - Direcway ripoff Unfair Fair Access Policy Internet
I've been a reasonably happy customer of HughesNet's (formerly Direcway) satelite internet service for nearly four years. Since April 2007, my satisfaction level has gone from 90% to ZERO. They have always had a Fair Access Policy (FAP) to limit broadband access. However, prior to April, I only exceeded the FAP on two or three occasions. Something changed in April (still unable to get a clear explanation) and all of the sudden, Im exceeding the FAP two to three times a WEEK. My internet habits havent changed. HughesNets computation and handling of their FAP has changed. I cant get a straight answer as to what changed or why and the customer service responses are totally unacceptable. Right now, Im being punished with a FAP slap down for 24 hours because I dared to visit a couple of photography websites for about four hours last night. I tried calling HughesNet for assistance earlier today. I even tried to upgrade my service (service sucks so buy more service and pay extra!). After over TWO HOURS on the phone, I got no resolution, no upgrade, and conflicting answers. Below is a summary of my calls: Called 866-347-3292, navigated through their cumbersome voice mail screening. Finally got a person after selecting the upgrade my service option. I was informed that an upgrade from home to pro with my current modem would add $30 to my bill. However, they could overnight me an upgraded modem at no charge and then the upgraded service would only be $10 extra per month. HOWEVER, nothing could be done to lift the FAP ban I am currently under. Well, that was unacceptable, so I asked for a supervisor. Supervisor came on line after several minutes on hold. He repeated all the same nonsense and blamed me for increased usage that was unfair to their other users. I offered to solve their concerns over my excess usage by cancelling my account. Well, Im over a barrel because I need high speed service. So, I request that he process the deal for the free modem upgrade and upgrade me to pro for the extra $10. Ill just have to suffer until the new modem arrives. He says OK and transfers me to billing. Billing representative came on line after several minutes on hold. Went through all the same crap with her. She is very sympathetic and explained that their complaints have SKYROCKETED since April when some sort of unintended program change DRAMATICALLY altered the way the FAP was calculated and enforced. The explanation was over my head. According to her, their tech department is trying to fix the glitch. It was clear from talking to her that the entire problem is THEIR FAULT, yet the only solution was for me to pay more. WOW! They screw up and cant fix it so they expect their customers to cut their usage or pay more. Oh well, Im at their mercy, so sign me up for the upgrade. Then she explains that she cant honor the upgrade offer quoted to me by the first guy. She says shell have to transfer me BACK to that department for them to process the upgrade. More time on hold. Finally, another service rep picks up. I give him my two case numbers and go through everything AGAIN. Hes a little briefer. Just says he cant help and sends me BACK to billing. Hold some more. Billing agent picks up. I go through everything once more. She cant comprehend or process the upgrade and says she has to transfer me somewhere else. At this point, Ive been on the phone over two hours and insist that she STAY on the line and give my info and requests to the next agent. Im tired of repeating myself. She agrees and places me on hold. I hold another thirty minutes, then the line is disconnected. WHAT THE HECK CAN I DO? Even when I surrender to their extortion, I still cant get them to upgrade my service. My advice: DONT USE HUGHES Daryl Terlingua, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Direcway
Entity: Internet
70, Report #256494
Jun 24 2007
08:12 AM
Hughesnet ripoff The promise of high speed is a joke Internet
I am just confirming that hughesnet is a ripoff, and I am still in it, and trying to figure out what to do. I do not want to pay the termination fee, but I am at the point where I will to just get rid of the service. I really could paste the other person's complaint to mine, because my experience is the same. the other person's complaint is Direcway, but they have changed over to Hughesnet, and that is when my problems began. Debbie Campbellsport, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
71, Report #264670
Aug 01 2007
06:13 PM
HughesNet Broadband Misleading Advertising Ripoff Internet
Hughes Broadband is the worst service I have ever experienced. I upgraded thinking I would get better service but boy was I wrong. I can't say anything different than what has already been written. My service went downhill when they started with the redhead started advertising on TV. I'm going to see if the Attorney General for Oklahoma can help. I hate giving my money every month for something I can't use to the fullest. Twenty dollars is too much to pay for this product. The professional is not any better than the home plan. Don't waste your money. If anyone comes up with a plan to change things around please include me. I gave up on technical support and customer service some time ago. I thought I would try just one more time so I called them a week ago. I could at least understand the rep and he tried to help but he just works for the company. I'm stuck with Hughes because of where I live and if I cancel I will owe them. Jacki Chickasha, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
72, Report #266729
Aug 10 2007
09:14 PM
HughesNet What the FAP!!! ripoff Germantown Maryland
A FAP? What the heck is that? It only took 3 years to figure out that hughesnet had one in place. Before that ,I thought all the reasons that it was sooo slow, was because their internet service was not the fastest around First, let me start from the beginning Dec 2004 Moved from a city to rural northeast PA (going to manage a property conversion project to a retreat center), where for internet services I had two choices: Dialup or Satellite. The locals, when I was researching companies (there was only one, mind you--- the other one only offered download, and you still had to use another service to upload files). Had dialup for 6 months, and when getting closer to opening season, I entertained the notion of getting something faster (19.6K speed for dialup) May 2005 Direcway installation company came up and installed dish (DW6000), and pole (it was either the pole ($150) or install it on a pitch roof or the side of it, both unsightly options dish would probably get fried at the first severe weather storm). This is about the only thing that has been installed right and has worked from the onset. Though, the DW7000 came out soon after this one was installed. No, we didnt want to upgrade to that for another 600. What are we made of? Money? Also, if you want to be able to upgrade to the + or premium plan, get ready to replace the DW6000, because that setup cannot mix with those plans for some reason. Purchase plan of the dish was spread over 15 months, and the cost of the dish was added to the price of service for the month (59.99). So, each month, I was getting charged $109.99 per month. Much more than any other service out there would charge. I could get BOTH cable internet and tv for less than HALF that. Never did get my $100 rebate. Wonders never cease. Asked about it, too bad was the response. July 2007. After many months with the service, I finally find out about the FAP.. this was after third call to customer service in 5 days, because I seemed to have a degradation every other day, and no one in tech support (for the previous calls) could tell me what I needed to know, what the real reason was I can attribute it to my friend, who also didnt know the policy, decided to have a youtube fest and this happened multiple times. This was after time #2. During the 3rd call, the tech support guy in India told me I was full, and needed to empty out. Upon further explanation, had told me that my bandwidth had exceeded the limits imposed by Hughesnet.. Im asking, what limitations He first told me where I could find the info to track my usage via the internet (when it was working right) He proceeded to tell me that there were three plans.. basic, +, and premium. Basic only allotted 200mg download per 24 hour period.. If you exceeded that number, you would be capped at speeds slower than dialup (I can attest its true.. You feel like youre on dialup speed when they do exhort their muscle). This was all new to me, as I had never seen such a policy on their website (you had to look real hard for it, after subsequent research), stating such a lame policy, since no other services instilled a bandwidth policy on their services. If everyone did this, no service like youtube, or any other video/music streaming would exist well maybe, if you paid $300 a month for internet, you might be able to get that, but who really has that type of cash available to waste on the internet? AUGUST 2007: So, since then, whenever I come up here, I have to put on the bandwidth usage site, and MONITOR the usage, wasting part of my day, so I dont have any more degradation of service. Today, has been a pain, because I have work to do, and I COULDNT DO MY DAMN WORK BECAUSE there is a cap on the service today. Try working when you need three browsers open on your clients site, and see how much damn work you get done. Im spending more time writing this letter complaining about hugesnet than working cause I cant do anything anyway! CUSTOMER SERVICE/TECH SUPPORT. Each time I call, Ive gotten India. About 20% of the time, I actually get someone there whos English I can follow, and we usually have a successful end of the call, and Im happy with the service. India is 12 hours ahead of us (EST). The service seems to improve if you happen to call after 8pm (EST) . I think Hughesnet picked up just anyone for the night shift out there. Most larger companies are turning to outsourcing to save money and make their bottom line look better, all for the sake of worse customer service. Expect to spend at least an hour each time you have to deal with any issues. I look with disdain whenever I have to call them for some reason, cause I have to go through the same verification BS every single time I call. FASTER Please. Complete B.S. Ive been at friends houses who have DSL/Cable, and theres no contest. Those two services are MUCH faster. Any claims to the contrary are just baldfaced lies! I never believed them in the first place. SERVICE: Try browsing on a cloudy day. Try browsing during severe weather. Try browsing when theres a dust of snow on the dish. CLOSING: I paid $59.99 per month to be LIMITED/CAPPED/WHATEVER, has got to be the biggest joke going. ALTERNATIVES: When one doesnt have any other choices outside of DIALUP, theyre screwed, when the other option is huges-ripoff-net. Stay with dialup. Its most likely faster, and cheaper, even with the landline requirement. WildBlue might be an option I think theyre more limited than the above. Verizon/Cingular/Sprint, spotty in some locations, are offering aircard services for laptops, that are slowly invading the rural space so, maybe, the next time Im in the country, Ill check that service out. I will NOT, nor will I recommend that any of my associates get this service, now, or in the future.. Lets all short HUGH and watch it go down. Maybe, another satellite firm, like CLWR or GSAT will replace them with better services, and better technology, and be able to keep a customer service line that links to people in America, not Inida, China or any other country that isnt the US. Im planning to contest my credit card bill for this latest round of lacks of service from this shyster company. Dave susquehanna, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
73, Report #421511
Feb 07 2009
07:06 PM
HughesNet miserable service, terrible speeds, unsympathetic reps Germantown Maryland
For the past few months, like so many others i've seen, we have experienced miserable service from Hughesnet. It can occur any time of day but mostly weekdays between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm CST. The download speeds vary from 0.0 kpbs to around 100kbps if we are lucky. Uploads likewise are diminished. Customer support is based out of India, the reps are unhelpful, unsympathetic with our problem, and rude. I was called a liar by the lvl 1 rep, who then refused to transfer my call to a supervisor. They refuse to perform the necessary diagnostics to determine what is going wrong. They pretend they lack the capability to access the HN7000s remotely. This I know to be a lie as I have had techs in the past (before the downfall) do just that. I'm tired of writing leters now, I'm contacting the BBB and the Hughesnet corporate office. Brandon Gladewater, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
74, Report #412476
Jan 15 2009
01:04 PM
Hughesnet charged me $521.18 for one day Germantown Maryland
I contacted Hughesnet to check on there service and the speed of downloads. after talking to them, I decided to give them a try. The agreement was to lease the equipment and therfore it would be a $99.00 activation fee which I gave them my debit card number. A few days later an installer came to hook it up which cost me another $170.00. I called the very next day and had it disconnected because of the slow service on one computer and could not even get on line with the other one. The very next day I checked my bank account and found they had taken another $252.18 out of the account, I called and talked to someone for a long time, who got his superviser who told me he could not do anything until maybe next month. When I ask where he was he said the Phillipines, I then ask him if had autherazation to do anything more and he said he was the top guy, I ask who the owner was and his or her number he said he did not know who owned it and had no number not even to the corp. office which I did get on line. I am so mad and have bounced checks because of this. I have an appointment with my Lawyer in the morning Sue Chipley, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Germantown, Maryland
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Jan 17 2009
09:41 AM
HughesNet FAP Fair Access Policy Anything but Fair! Internet
Living in a rural area, my options for receiving high speed internet access are few. Dial-up is excruciatingly slow and our local wireless provider's up time is horrendous. For this reason I became a HughesNet customer. I have no complaints about the quality of service and monthly rates are roughly comparable to cable and DSL available to those who can receive those services in the area. HughesNet's Fair Access Policy is anything BUT fair. It smacks of mass punishment. All users suffer because of the actions of a few. By that, I mean those who circumvent the intent and sell or otherwise provide a signal to their neighbors. The standard home subscriber is limited to 200mb of traffic per 24 hour period. With streaming audio, video, antivirus updates, software updates, etc., the 200mb limit is woefully inadequate. Additionally, I have no real control over someone attaching a large photo or video to an email I might receive. I am perfectly understanding of the reasoning behind HughesNet's FAP, but in this day and age of the internet, 200mb is archaic. If HughesNet is going to continue to utilize a FAP, they need to to increase the lowest tier of traffic to at least 500mb per day, or else find another way to identify and deal with offenders. Rayray Victoria, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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