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51, Report #1105729
Dec 09 2013
08:43 PM
Instant Checkmate Con Job Business Las Vegas Nevada
I paid for a service that was not what they advertised They said they were going to give you so much information but they didn't do it . I was  taken  no question  They need to be shut down
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
52, Report #1085451
Sep 18 2013
09:40 AM
Instant Checkmate Bad Information Internet
My child informed me that his new friend was not allowed to come to our house.  Upon asking the child's parents why, they explained to me that I have a criminal record for drugs per the background check on Instant Checkmate.  I was floored, so I went home and joined the service to check for myself.  The only information that was correct was my name and address, EVERYTHING ELSE was completely wrong!  Birthdate, marriage information, relatives, criminal history, etc... all wrong!  BTW, I have never been arrested in my life, in case you are wondering. I called there CS department and complained and the response was, there is a disclaimer on the website.  I also demanded a refund, since their bogus information was hurting my reputation, they said they would only give me a 50% refund... which I am still waiting for... Bottom line, do not trust any information from this site, good or bad.  They are hurting innocent peoples reputations and they could care less, they just want your money!
Entity: Select State/Province
53, Report #1082130
Sep 05 2013
11:23 PM
Entity: Internet, Internet
54, Report #1098684
Nov 12 2013
06:46 AM
Instant Checkmate Old, useless information Nevada
I selected the sub-category of Private Investiagors as an alternative to Record Search since there was no category for a company the promises a thorough record search.  After paying $25 (and a subsequent $29 for their auto-renewal - which I did NOT sign up for) I was given 15 year old information on the person I was interested in.  I had used another search service over a year ago which had given me an address, that verification proved accurate and current.  Customer Service said that there no promises the information would be current.  OK, that would be fine, but FIFTEEN years old is a rip-off.  My compensation from them was 50% of the original fee.  Useless and expensive.
Entity: Nevada
55, Report #1099648
Nov 15 2013
04:41 PM
Instant Checkmate RIPOFF ARTISTS Internet Nevada
On Ausust 26,2013 I checked a name on the internet to see what I could find. It was a 5 day trial for $1 so I thought I would try the service. I just noticed my Master Card bill and I have been charged $25.81 for the months of September and October. I did not want this service to continue and I was not aware that I would be automatically billed each month. This approach is very misleading and am willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate these deceptive practices. They told me when I called that's its on the disclousure page but I couldn't find it.  I am filing this complaint in the hope I will get my money back. I did not use the service other than the one day that I fell for their deceptive offer.
Entity: Internet, Nevada
56, Report #1116801
Jan 19 2014
01:58 PM
instant checkmate online background check scam  Nevada
 this company needs shut down. They charged me over 20 dollars to look up someomes background. I put a persons name in that had a state and federal criminal background and it came back and said sorry no record. Then they want an additional 19.95 to give a so- called premium lookup. But they still come back as sorry no record. Then i find out that i have to call them to cancel my mnthly membership. I called them and told them i wanted to cancel. We will.see if they do. If they dont, i am going to hire an attorneyvand sue their a** . They need shut down. They are bogus sharks. The info they did give me, i could have got from a phone book. Keith Kentucky
Entity: Nevada
57, Report #1118275
Jan 24 2014
05:47 PM
Instant Checkmate LLC Attempt to Exploit Internet
I received the following threatening/exploitive email in my scam folder:Bad Things From Your Past Have Been Posted OnlineBrace yourself for the worstAt 12:30pm (eastern time) damaging information was posted publicly that could hurt you.Don't let people see this by confirming your person record ID# here:/ this now: Time is running out!I have no affiliation with Enom, Inc. or Instant Check Mate, LLC and believe this is yet another elaborate attempt to exploit me.
Entity: Internet
58, Report #1122230
Feb 09 2014
09:45 AM
Instant Checkmate Worst background site ever!!!! Internet
I used this site, and also paid to get some background info for a nanny. Am extremely disappointed. First, the report is not as advertised. They do not give you the information unless you pay an additional fee. Secondly, I callied and cancelled my account minutes upon learning about the second fee. They refused to give me a refund much less a discount. I think I should have, given the few minutes I used the site, and their advertising belong inaccurate. Thirdly, they changed my card for an entire month. I cancelled account, explaining my I was unsatisfied. Asked for a refund or partial, they refused. Extremely bad customer service! I received automated email stating my cancellation. Fourth, i initially used my bank card to pay and then was charged on paypal account a month later. Called customer service and they told me that the dont initially Bill, they wait until the second month. I questioned this because I have never heRd of a company doing this, an in addition they told me there would not be a refund. The agent was very rude while answering my questions. I asked about bank charge and was told I need to look at bank statement. I did check my bank statement and I was indeed charged at the beginning of month using bank card and again at end of month using PayPal. I was put on hold, needed to wait for agent to speak to supervisor. Finally they agreed to credit my PayPal . I told them that this all was their mistake.  After explaining why they were wrong for about 5 minutes, they agreed to refund all charges Which will take 7 business days. i don't know how they had access to my paypal account and the reps didn't have answers. i will wait and see of I receive full refund, but am not holding breath. Absolutely the worst customer service experience I've ever had. I only chose this site due to the advertisement of the reports, which I didn't get because I wouldnt pay a second payment for third report. I wonder when the charges for what's advertised stops?                      
Entity: Internet
59, Report #1116068
Jan 16 2014
01:46 PM
Instant checkmate ripoff-premium acct added no additional info internet
I signed up for the premium upgrade. When I checked the report there was no additional information on it. When I called to ask about the report, I was told if I wanted additional information I could call the County Courthouse. It's free. I was told. I was also told that often there are no additonal details on the premium upgrade. William suggested that I not use it in the future if the basic report gave me no useful information. Everything that was on the basic report was information I could find on Google.  
Entity: Internet
60, Report #1115447
Jan 14 2014
01:18 PM
Do not do business with this company. They are deceptive in their practices. They will take money from you without providing a service. They have a system set up to do just that. You think you are paying for a one time service but they hit you every month because they got you with the fine print. Any company that will do this is not worthy of being in our system of business. I will avoid them the next time I need this service.  
Entity: Zephyr Cove, Nevada
61, Report #1093504
Oct 21 2013
02:33 PM
instant Checkmate Scam scam scam scam internet
 Instant Checkmate is a scam and ripof. They do not provide the consumer service that they advertise.- I ordered a background report on myself just too see what was out there that was derogatory or erroneous. I ordered the basic report for 22.86 that I thought would provide me with information. after the report came up I had to go through each section to see what the report held. ..NOTHING.. The report told me my name address and age. To find out more information on the report(which I thought would be included in the 22.86) I had to pay an additional 10.99 and  to print the very basic report t hey provided would cost me 1.99. After I saw that my marriage license wasn't even included in the report I was livid. I called  30 mintes after enrollment to be request cancellation and refund, I was told that because I used the service I could not get a refund. I explained that I didn't use the service I had to accesse the information provided to determine what was on the report. I told them that basic information was missing and other information was wrong. They told me that they could NOT give me a refund but that I coud continue to access the website for the next 30 days. I paid 22.86 to get information that appears on my license. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
62, Report #1126931
Feb 27 2014
08:03 AM
instant checkmate total scam!!! nevada
i searched one time for 1 person got the report and it contains 0 information of relevence!! i mean seriously?? an  astrological sign is a piece of useful data? why is this place still in business? who's got a class action suit against them? this is one of the biggest scams going!! after speaking with their oh so pleasant customer service i was informed my acct. wpuld be cancelled but since the report contained information i was not able to get a refund. (no kidding) 22.86 X how many consumers out there? 1 million? who owns this company? please any info would be greatly appreciated
Entity: Select State/Province
63, Report #1142534
Apr 29 2014
06:03 AM
instant checkmate old info and some incorrect info too Internet
Info was old or wrong. So dumb me thought if I upgraded to premium I could get more...ha...what a crock! There was nothing newer than what I already knew from 3 years ago. I looked up my husband just to see what it said and I better not tell him we really didn't get married 28 yrs ago. When I looked me up it had the correct day and his name on it.I will start looking at things like this before I use online sites again oh and no refund! Gee I really thought I would get one (sarcasm)
Entity: Internet
64, Report #1126356
Feb 25 2014
09:34 AM
instant checkmate Total SCAM!!! Internet
This company offers background checks and related information on individuals for a renewable monthly subscription.  They deliver nothing!   Two searches only provided a home address and phone number.....nothing more than what's in the phone book!!   Then they try to upsell you to a premium membership for more $$$.   It's a total SCAM!!! I called within an hour and asked for a full refund.   Only got a partial refund and got told didn't you read the disclaimers?   Call and complain loudly and you might get a partial refund!
Entity: Internet
65, Report #1152190
Jun 04 2014
03:36 PM
Chkmate Instant Checkmate Scam Theft Crook Nationwide
Their add popped up on Facebook saying you can check people for $1. Then they started billing for something I never signed up for. This is nothing but a scam and they are stealing our money right out of our account. Someone needs to put a stop to their disgusting business practices. The sooner the better.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #1187724
Nov 09 2014
09:46 AM
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
67, Report #1138306
Apr 12 2014
09:07 AM
Instant CheckMate Total Scam Las Vegas Nevada
I bought into their service after looking at their very nicly done wed page. Looked like exactly wh t i was looking for. Web sight promissed any information you might need for doing business with individual. After signing up and trying my first search i was offered information you could find in any phone book. If i wanted detailed information on thar person i would have to pay $19.95 more, which like a complete idiot i did. $20 later i was told that no additional information was avalable. I tried another information sight that offered a free trial. Pages of information on the same person for free. This tells me beond a shadow of doubt that CheckMate is a total ripoff with no intention of providing service they sell.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
68, Report #1136432
Apr 04 2014
07:17 PM
Instant Checkmate Gave out my email address Internet
I started a search on instantcheckmate to see if my daughter's stalker was still in jail. I used a variation of my name when I registered. In the end I decided to not give my credit card information and left the site. Immediately I got emails from loan companies which used the name variation I had given to instantcheckmate. It appears this site makes its money from data collection
Entity: Internet
69, Report #1139141
Apr 15 2014
05:13 PM
Instant Checkmate Bait & Switch RipOff Las Vegas Internet
The web site said they had 3 services:  1 time, 3 months (most popular) and recurring.I signed up for 1 time just to check my records and they billed me the every month rate.I caught it after the second billing and called them, but they said it is all recurring and there is no one time rate.The information was not worth buying the service so they pulled a fast one on me.Instant Checkmate is a scam and should be avoided.
Entity: Internet
70, Report #1127962
Mar 03 2014
03:37 PM
Instant CheckMate Absolutely a Scam
This site propurts to provide background data on indiviuals.  They provided nothing of interest or use.  I used it a few times to do searches on posible businesses.  Results were less than useless.  The basic membership covers nothing and each report is an additional $19.99.   Worse than a rip off.  AVOID at all costs.
Entity: Select State/Province
71, Report #1137299
Apr 08 2014
02:09 PM
Instant Checkmate out and out ripoff ! Internet
 Can not believe I signed for this without first checking their authenticity..However, I did.. For $29.95 I got absolutely nothing, a name and address , which i already had...nothing more..Than a request for premium services for more payment , which i ignored and signed off. Hopefully, i will not have the issue with recurring charges on my credit card as have so many others. Do I ever feel stupid !
Entity: Internet
72, Report #1215736
Mar 14 2015
11:15 AM
Instant Checkmate Deceptive representation Las Vegas, Nevada
Numerous promotional links from other websites; user is induced to conduct a background check, without any indication of charges.  Only after substantial investment of time and effort, required billing is presented for payment, to access the resulting report. Most businesses are required to stipulate fee for service upfront.  This company preys on the notion that the user will have invested so much into the effort, as to be obliged to pay the fee.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
73, Report #1216836
Mar 19 2015
10:25 AM
instant checkmate internet fraud does not appear Internet
liears, ripoff, after paying for one month I ran a sample test on my self, they came up with everyone but me  and kept charging more for something they already charged!!!and you can't get a refund for they make it impossible to track them down and also they keep track of your info of % of use you collect I highly recomend notto allow them to rip you off we need to stop these  theives from anyone more to get RIPPED OFF.
Entity: Internet
74, Report #1218155
Mar 25 2015
04:40 PM
Instant Checkmate Fraudulent practice. San Diego California
Instant Checkmate continue to remove funds from your bank account long after you have cancelled and received written confirmation of your cancellation. They just hope you won't notice their cash removal. Theft, pure & simple. 
Entity: San Diego, California
75, Report #1203521
Jan 22 2015
11:45 AM
Instant Checkmate Advertises 1 month but bills monthlyf Internet
USER BEWARE  The advertisement is for one month.  Read the fine print it is a rotating monthly charge.  Check your credit card .  I used it once last August and noticed a 22.86 charge on my credit card in Dec and looked back to see I had been charged each month.  When I called to complain they removed the last  month charge but was told to read the read the billing information where it states the  memebership will automatically renew if not cancelled.
Entity: Internet

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