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1, Report #1205678
Jan 30 2015
10:57 PM
Entity: Champaign, Illinois
2, Report #171100
Jan 09 2006
05:38 PM
Jd Byrider ripoff Aurora Illinois
The absolute worst used car company in illinois. I bought a car from them in 2004 and took the car in 6 times then finally they paid for me to take it over to the actual dealership. They told them what was wrong with it and took the car back to them and yes the car still is not fixed. My husband bought me a car and i gave them their car back and they called me for two weeks asking was i going to make a payment on the car and I told them to die and go to hell. So then due to unfortunate and desperate situations I went back and got the car after they told me the car was fixed and of course they LIED once again. The car broke down on me two months later and I had to get if fixed and they still want me to pay them so right now I still driving it and it still acts up and they wont get their piece of crap back until i get another one. TO ALL CONSUMERS I BEG YOU TO NEVER EVER BUY A CAR FROM THEM. My interest rate is 24% and if I would have continued to pay for two more years I would have given them 13,000 dollars for a lemon JD BYRIDER sold me and the car is only worth 2500. RIPOFF DEALER OF ILLINOIS JD BYRIDER OF AURORA. Latonia chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
3, Report #210006
Sep 07 2006
11:43 PM
JD Byrider ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
I bought a 2000 olds alero at jd byrider on aug 24, 2006. I loved the vehicle, and nothing seemed wrong with it.On Aug. 26, 2006, another vehicle rear-ended me, totalling my car. My car was only totalled by $1000, so since I really liked the car and only had it for 2 days, I wanted to pay to have it repaired. My insurance company knew of this and called CNAC (JD Byrider) to get the title bonded salvaged so they could issue a check out to me and to them. Well my insurance company said they were being shady and I would need to contact CNAC for the title on the vehicle so I could get my car repaired. I contacted a man named Steve, who is a representative of CNAC, to ask him if I would be able to use the insurance check to pay for my car to be repaired. He said he woul have to get management approval on this and would call be back that day with their answer. He never called me back and not to mention, he has been extremely rude throughout this entire ordeal. JD Byrider is a horrible organization, and I strongly suggest finding another dealership, there are many others that will not put someone through all this just because they have bad credit. Jamie avon, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
4, Report #147379
Jun 24 2005
11:50 AM
Jd Byrider ripoff Jeffersonville Indiana
My husband and I went to get a car with JD BYRIDER in Jeffersonville, Indiana. we applied online was contacted by them saying we were appoved. Not pre appoved, APPROVED. All we needed was a bank statement ten refernances and prof of insurance. Since we had been with out a vehical for 6 months I called got insurnace on the car we were getting we get down there a 45mile drive and they tell us were not appoved and they can't appove us not only were we out of our time but the down payment on the insurance. Robin salem, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Jeffersonville, Indiana
5, Report #311098
Feb 22 2008
01:33 PM
Jd Byrider - Cnac Easton Pennsylvania
i financed a car in 10/06, and the vehicle was making a sound here there was a bolt loose in my transmission. so i take it in get it back a day later. Then my transmission starts to leak anywhere i left my car stopped so here they had to rebuilt my transmission. but 2 me it seems like every time a payment is due somthing goes wrong they no how 2 cover up things so u bcome thevictim down the road. La negra bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Easton, Pennsylvania
6, Report #99968
Jul 21 2004
04:05 PM
Jd Byrider ripoff Emmaus Pennsylvania
Let me explain my situation more thorough. I bought a dodge van from them months ago almost a year I was having problems with the trans i brought it in and they said it was low on fluids. Not 2 days later the trans went on it so i towed it in again. I got a call saying it would take about a week to fix. I was told over the periob of 7 weeks tommrow it would be fixed, finaly I wentin and found out it was never started. So i flipped and they did a rush job and when I picked it up again i got 1/2 a mile down the road and the trans still didnt shift , so I turned around and let them fix it again and in the process of fixing it they broke a sensor so i tried to get appointment after appointment and held my money for them . They had some guy misrepresent himself saying he was a constable and he wanted to reply. I had the police there and the police wouldnt let him take it. I just got it back tonight and i am hoping it stays fixed. I want to get my money back from these con artists and now they are kissing but because i made a report with the bbb. Michelle bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
7, Report #175907
Feb 12 2006
09:50 AM
JD Byrider ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
I am writing this report because JD Byrider sold me a 94 pontiac grand prix for 13,000 dollars. Then once everyone told me hey you got rip-off. I told them it was alright it was my first car. However, I have payed my car payment on time everytime and now its suppose to be done except for the extended warranty, which is $799.00 now they say i owe them $1295. Also if thats not enough my car is falling apart piece by piece. Example: my car needs,brakes,calipers,roters,and window motors, but whats really bad is it has had a majer oil leak since i have bought it(the warranty didn't cover)and the blower moter went out and the torsion bar broke in half. Erika indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
8, Report #122340
Dec 11 2004
09:45 AM
JD Byrider ripoff Akron Ohio
We have more problems with CNAC who supplies JD Byrider with the loans. JD Byrider has now since changed their name at this store. I still feel like a total idiot for ever going to them in the first place, but that is the breaks. We all get what we deserve in the long run. Yes, we should have researched the business, but at the time we were in dire need of a car to get back and forth to work in Solon, so we had no choice but to use them. Our credit is in ruins now and we will never get out of this mess thanks to CNAC. I hope all who read this realize they are being taken when they purchase from JD Byrider and all their counterparts. They prey on those of us who are less fortunate in the financial department and we end up paying for it. Tracey Uniontown, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
9, Report #87003
Apr 07 2004
06:57 PM
JD Byrider ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
For starters I did ask for the total of car. they side track me by telling me The Bi-weekly payments. I never was informed of price of vehicle Which is their sale method. The Robbed me with out a gun and would not stand by their product even with warrentee. Causing me Stress of being broke down on the highway constantly, Harrasing me to pay for repairs. Would not give me ride to nearest bus stop to get home and would not give me a loaner. Costing money on rentals. Treated very poorly by customer service. Charged between 8&11 Thousand for 1990 Delta 88 In the year 1999. That Car was only worth 1,500 - 2000 dollars and I feel the owe me every dime they stole from me over that. and charged me 21% intrest rate. Leroy Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
10, Report #1186206
Nov 01 2014
01:21 PM
jd byrider scammers! marietta Georgia
 ive been a loyal customer for three years with Jr byrider, never been late or missed a payment. In July 2011 I purchased a 2004 grand Marquis from them and had no problems with it until this past September when the engine went out ..I only owed $3500 on te car I missed several days work. Because of this ..they couldn't fix the car so they put me into a 2007 pt cruiser.it ran two weeks and timing belt went out ..since I'm a VIP customer they fixed it..two weeks later I switched jobs so my payment dates on this new car I got from them had to change ..I was due on 20/31 but couldn't pay til 11/7 I called corporate they seemed helpful they had me FAX over a letter from my new job stating I'll get my first check on 11/7/2014 I thought everything was settled. Until. I got a call from. The local branch in Marietta GA demanding money and they said the deal I made with corporate. Was invalid, I thought corporate had authority over the regular dealership ..corporate calls me back and says they made a mistake in letting me arrange to pay a week late and I must go inti the local office and do it ..I found that kind of strange ..I get to local office to make arrangements to pay a week late, they declined and took my keys ..they say I can get the car back Friday if I bring them the payment ..remind you I'm missing s week of work ...gotta bum a ride with a friend ..I'm done with them, they can keep the car..I was a VIP customer that never missed a payment and needed a weeks extension just one time and got declined! If they decline to help a VIP customer, they definitely can't be trusted ..do not do business with jd byrider in Marietta GA. They are a rip off and they will not work with you if you need them to..stay away from them please.
Entity: marietta, Georgia
11, Report #1393519
Aug 17 2017
02:02 PM
Jd byrider Belleville Illinois
 DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! I bought a 2007 ford focus I am paying three times what it's worth they tell you it has this great warranty then when you go to get service first good luck getting a hold of them then when you do they will tell you oh that's not covered part of the stuff wrong with my car was bad when I bought it when I tried to let them know i couldn't get a hold of anyone in service then it wasn't covered then he was going to charge me what it would cost if it was under warranty car still isn't fixed because they keep ordering the wrong parts its all crap now an engine part went out but it's not covered either they are a big rip off all they care about is getting your money not about you buyer beware!!
Entity: Belleville, Illinois
12, Report #185753
Apr 09 2006
09:17 PM
Jd Byrider Cnac ripoff Columbus Indiana
hello went to jdbyrider and looked at the cars i usually dont goto buy her pay here cause there usually more expensive but more convenient..but this one takes the cake. I was looking at a 1999 sunfire pontiac with over 100k miles on it. I asked how much after driving it and they said oh we can get you taken care of for 3 and half years of payments. well they had me go thru a long process and sign this and that...and they said if would be 9k dollars. i thought that was kinda high and signed the papers, with lots of brainwashing. The next day i looked up the value of the car on the net and i was disgusted it only booked for 4,500 and the interest and add ons it was costing me 13,500 dollars and the value of the car was 4500 dollars ...how can they charge doulbe the price and then add 20 percent..thats just bad business i wanted to bring car back following business day i called them and they said its too late i signed the papers. my complaint is taking advantage of poeple charging them twice the value with a 20 percent add on..and for cnac the financing company for allowing them too and there involved in the scam with them cause no finance company would give a loan to bad credit poeple for a vehicle that isnt worth 1/3 of the loan after interest... i returned it after 6 months and now there bout to sue me once itts sold at the auction for probably 2k dollars cause thats all there worth to a dealer wich is there original cost im sure..and ill be getting wages garnished for car i dont have of 13k dollars im sure its a major scam that is getting away with ripping off middle and low imcome people... Brian greensburg, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Indiana
13, Report #202321
Jul 21 2006
04:52 PM
JD Byrider ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I am filing this report because JD Byrider repaired my vehicle under warranty and really messed it up. The repairs that they done to my car caused it to catch a fire on May 6 fo this year. I had to call the fire department to come out to my apartment. They took a report and I have a copy of it. This is one of many bad repairs that was done to my car. This is a very long story and I will have to elaborate on it fully at a later time. Katrina Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
14, Report #143825
May 24 2005
11:07 AM
I bought my first car in 2000 never had a problem with my car, payments, insurance or anything else. I thought I paid too much but considering I had no line of credit I got the car anyway. In feb of 2004 I traded my car in for another one. I had no problem til Jan 05 when Ms. Angela called me and told me she would be my account rep. Up until this point I never knew I had one. I used to make my payments at the westside location never had a problem. Ms. angela told me I could pay at the Pendleton Pike location closer to my house. Since Jan every week there is a new problem. I doubled my payments and got a call I was a week behind. I pay be check my payment is late because they waited 2 weeks to cash it. I get a call asking me do I still want my car because I missed a payment. I pay early through the Night deposit box and I get a call they never received my payment. I ask if it was stuck in deposit box and was told that it wasn't and that Jamie was their top notch cashier and if I had paid it she would have gotten it. I received my check in the mail 2 days later with a note from jamie that it was in fact stuck in the deposit box. My payments are due on Friday and I was having some cash problems and told her I wouldn't be able to make the payment til that Monday (2 days later) because I was waiting on someone to help me and she asked me if I was working and I told her yes and she told me that if I was working why do I need help and when they gave me the car they didn't go off when someone would give me money but off my pay check. I thought that was rude and uncalled for. In April I got a call from Ms angela that my insurance company had cancelled me because of non pament on march 6. 1st problem my payment was not due til march 10th so how can i be cancelled before I am even late. 2nd problem why would you wait 1 month to tell me I had no insurance and threaten to take my car. We called the insurance company on 3way and proved ms angela wrong so she says well did you pay for this month (april) I told her not yet( it wasn't due til the next week) and she said well it's cancelled for this month and you are still in violation and we can repo your car. I told her it wasn't due till the next week. She thought I was lying and we had to call them again on three way to prove her wrong. Before I started having problems I referred a friend and she's had her car for about a year and I have still not received my $100 referral fee. I took my car in for brake work and without the service guy even looking at my car or knowing what kind of car I have he told me to go to autozone to get some brake spray and that I didn't need brake work. Still to this day I have not yet received one appology from anyone. Her manager/supervisor is never there for me to complain to. unsatisfied customer T indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana
15, Report #148609
Jul 05 2005
06:44 PM
JD Byrider ripoff Jacksonville Florida
My fiancee and I bought a 1999 Chevy Lumina from JD Byrider about 3 months ago and it is in currently in the shop (7-05-05)for transmission problems and other various problems. Actually... 6 more problems to be exact which includes an un-reported accident leaving half of the driver side door made of BONDO! We are paying $10,000 more than what the car is actually worth(this includes interest though) We were told that this car Will run and drive until after it is paid off Well, it runs like a piece of crap... and it certainly drives like one too... a big one... the biggest one you will ever see. And yes we are quoting a sales man... first letter of his name D last letter Erric. Ha! Good To Go??? Good to go back in the shop, I say! Jessica Green Cove, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
16, Report #169816
Dec 30 2005
08:42 AM
JD BYRIDER ripoff East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
I financed a vehicle from JD and now I def. regret it!!! I moved from Alabama to PA to attend school. I'am a full time student and worker who lives alone and is trying to survive, JD made this much more difficult. In the past 2 months I have been sooooo inconvinienced. I had to take the car back atleast 7 times for all kinds of repairs. I had to walk to work and school for three days to then having to return the car once again (for repairs). It gets better. On a sunday night when I'm studying for finals ( I still don't have my car) a service rep calls me to ask me if I was satisfied with the work that they performed. I'm not allowed to exchange or return it (ha ha ha). But I will pay for it to sit in their repair shop till the end of the term. A unsatisfied cutomer stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: E. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
17, Report #309466
Feb 16 2008
01:33 PM
JD Byrider - Extreme Ripoff- Sells Lemons! Beware! Madison Wisconsin
I have bad credit due to a car accident I was in when I was 18. Anyone with credit problems knows that can be a barrier for buying a reliable car. Due to lack of options I had to purchase one through JD Byrider. I bought my car in March 2007. A 1999 Ford Escort. The Bluebook value for this car is about 6500.00. After all is said and done I will have paid over Fourteen thousand for it (314.00 a month). I would have just sucked this up to my bad credit and accepted that you have to sacrifice to rebuild it. However they sold me a huge piece of crap! I have had several problems with my car and have had to have it repaired multiple times in less than a year. When I purchased the car I was told it was reliable and had had only one owner. The one owner part was true but that is where the truth ended. I test drove the car and it seemed fine. Shortly after buying it though it began to make a loud whining noise and vibrated something awful. They have failed to fix the problem on more than one occasion. Now my car has died and I cannot get it started. I will have to pay to have it towed to JD Byrider for repairs...Again. To sum this up what I am saying is Do Not buy a car from JD Byrider! They will take you for all you are worth and sell you a lemon that is not nearly worth what you will pay for it. I have come across several other complaints that match this one. I still have 2 years to pay on a car that has caused me nothing but problems. The sales people seemed very interested to help me out during the process of buying the car but have been completely unconcerned with any of my issues since then. So Buyer Beware! Aj7737 Stoughton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
18, Report #314497
Mar 04 2008
07:08 AM
JD Byrider Screwed, Demand replacement. Allentown Pennsylvania
Well I decided to purchase a 1997 Jeep Grand cheroke limited. I had it for 4 days and I kept telling them that the front end was bouncing all over. They told me I was not used to how a Jeep rides. I took it back because I was driving alone and the transmision hose blew on me. They replaced it but would lnot look at the bouncing problem. 2 weeks later the hose poped off for the transmission. They told me this has never happend to them. As I drive my dash board light blink or go out, cruse controll dose not work. Has keyless entry but they did not have the transmitter an they said if I wanted it go and buy it. So I went on ebay bought one and they could not program it. But the dealership woudl for 40.00. I was out on a saturday afternoon and the truck started to run very rough and had lost most of its power. I called them and spoke to Adam the GM and told him I was on my way over, he told me dont come over there is nothing I can do. Just take it home and park it and call me on monday. I told him that this truck is not for me. I need something I can count on. He said well we will fix this problem and you will be on your way by that time I pulled into the parkig lot he told me on the phone that if I get out of line he will call the cops. Too late I was inside he said come on lets go for a ride. He test drove it pounded the hell out of it and said it need a tune up and a switch for the lights. He said you an drive it as it is. Well I am going in so they can do the tune up and fix the switch but I am not missing work, we can do it after 5:00 so this week I will take it back on 3/5 Let them fix it. But I dont want the truck back I want something that I can take to my mechanic and have him look at it and tell me if it has any type of problems. They told me they do a 100 point inspection I guess missed my truck. Will continue after this week. Just get me out of this peice of junk and into another suv. Another sucker Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Allentown, Pennsylvania
19, Report #322345
Mar 30 2008
11:22 AM
JD Byrider The public is getting screwed! Carmel Indiana
The general public should be warned about the deceptive business practices of this company, they portray themselves as a legitamate organization but they are as corrupt as I have ever seen. First off, thier vehicles are unsafe junk, probably 1/3 have been under water and many of the others are structurally unsound. They have multitudes of problems, most occuring before they ever leave the lot and continuing on during what ever remains of thier useful life. If they do repair your vehicle, they use junk yard parts or poor quality replacements on a mininal scale, enough to get by. Thier vehicles are so overpriced, way beyond blue book, much less what they would sell for wholesale. Thier interest rates are exhorbitant, you are destined to fail from the start, if they also finance the downpayment, that is just deeper into the hole that you fall. They will not give you any leeway, one day over and they will reposess your vehicle. Thier warranty is extremely limited, no rental or loaner cars while they have your vehicle, and you will be video and audio taped in a blacked out room during your contract signing. Most buyers never complete thier program, they reposess 6 out of 10 cars that they sell, people cannot afford the payments and the missed work and lost time dealing with the repairs of this garbadge. They bully thier employees as well, they won't sell one of thier cars to an employee because they know the car is junk! If you have money and good credit, you can't buy a car here! JD is counting on thier clientel to be uneducated about financial matters and thier urgent need to have a vehicle, people, selling your soul to the devil is not in your best interest. Read any number of complaints against this company and that is what you will experience, don't kid yourself that it won't happen to you! Uallgotscrewed CarmelU.S.A.
Entity: Carmel, Indiana
20, Report #340667
Jun 16 2008
11:10 AM
JD Byrider Over charged me! Mansfield Ohio
Let me start off by saying, that when I went to this company I thought it was a good choice, boy was I wrong. I bought 2001 hyundai accent after everything was done it came to about 10,000, the car is only worth about 4,000. I had to put the 250.00*2 when i first bought it them my monthly payment of 155.28. Well the first month I had it in the shop twice then after that it seemed like it was every month i was in there. Engine light kept coming on, they changed the timing belt in it oil leak and had to rebuild the transmission in it. It was trouble plus i had to pay 50.00 everytime i took it in. Well last week i was in a car accident and the insurance Totaled the car, I did have Gap insurance but it only payed 25% of the cost of the car. Well now that I have paid JD Byrider 310.00 for the past 20 months and my insurance paid them 2,299.20 plus the gap of 699.80. and my down payment. I said I was paying them anymore for the car. Now they wont stop calling me wanting another 3,180 for a car that was worth only 3500. Now I'm not sure what to do. I know that they gave the title to the car to the insurance company, but they still want my money. If anyone knows anyone that has went through this please let me know. I need help to settle this. Thank you. Stephanie Ashland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Mansfield, Ohio
21, Report #57187
May 16 2003
09:32 AM
JD Byrider Fradulent Billing ripoff business from hell Pensacola Florida
Well like most people here I need a car as our van was falling apart. Looking for an SUV, JB Byrider was the last place I should have went. After going through all the bs we finally got a 1993 Ford Explorer. It had a tailgate problem that they promised to fix and yet are to do so. It started burning oil a month after we had it and leaking radiator fluid of which I fixed. Getting the oil changed is an all day process and not worth it. Looking at our receipts for payments I noticed that the payment was going all towards interest and nothing towards principle for the first two payments this should not have been. When I tried to call the finance manager who said to call anytime you have a problem they would not let me talk to him, the secretary explained that right now your paying all interest and I explained to her that I am well educated in the workings of a simple interest loan and that yes a majority did go to interest in the begining but NOT all of it. She got rude and said well you will start seeing a drop. I hung up the phone and contacted the Florida state attorney's office who are now going to handle this for me. My advice STAY AWAY FROM JB Byrider! Kevin pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #92909
May 25 2004
01:02 PM
JD Byrider ripoff theft Louisville Kentucky
A few years back, my father and myself went to JD ByRyder and went looking for a vechicle. After looking for about an hour, we had traded our car off to another one. This was a 94 Ford. They had given us full blue book value on our trade-in, but, they neglected to tell us the trade-in would add extra fees to our contract. The car was originally only $2500 but after the fees and loan rates, our total amount due was $15,000. We had not known this til we left as the paper we signed didn't have this info in it. This was my first car. I had just started working and I didn't have any credit. My father took me there cause I would be able to afford them. After about 2 weeks, the fuel pump went out. We took it back and they fixed it. About 3 weeks after that, the computer burned up. They told me it would cost a $5000 fee to replace this item. I couldn't afford it. I decided that if I couldn't drive it, I wouldn't pay for it. 2 months later, they repo'd it. Vance Pikeville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
23, Report #69133
Oct 14 2003
11:47 PM
JD ByRider - CNAC ripoff Milwaukee Wisconsin
I would like to speak about how JD ByRider is rippin people off and how they doing me too. I bought an 96 Achieva SL from JD for 7,999 with an 6 month/6000 mi. warranty on my car. My car didn't make it off the lot for a week before it broked down on me. My alternator went dead on me, my battery went dead on me, my brakes went out on me twice, my muffler was hanging by an hanger(this was while my warranty was intact); but as soon as my warranty ran out, my wheel barrings was comin out, the brake shoes we're on backwards,my brake pads went out on my car, my car stays overheated, my check engine light constantly comes on and to top it off, my car will have to see the shop whenever I have to pay the car note. And when one time I needed an new radiator and they installed it, I found out they be pulling wires out and don't re-install them; which caused my car to die on me for no reason. This is my first car that I ever bought and my wake up call too on who to buy from. When it comes to supporting JD ByRider, I will not do that because of all the turmoil they put people through and then try 2 say they will help me. Help me to dig myself into an financial hold? I can't see why they will rip people off who depend on them? Your's Truly, An Disappionted Anoynomous Customer Anonoymous Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
24, Report #111558
Oct 05 2004
12:54 PM
Jd Byrider ripoff totally getting lawyers hahaha Emmaus Pennsylvania
To Whom It May concern I bought a 96 Dodge caravan from JD Byrider in Emmaus. It has been absolutely a nightmare, I called them a week after I had it and told them my trans was slipping and they told me yo tow it in. I got a call the next day and they said nothing was wrong with it. I picked the car up and to make a short story sweet........ The trans went the next day They made me pay for towing once again They had it sor 2 months to fix and lied and said (tommorow for about a month) It would be fixed I went up there a couple times to see it sitting in the parking lotwhen it should actualy have been in the garage with the wheels off cause that is what they told me they were doing After 1 1/2 months it was finally fixed I got 1/2 mile down the road and the transmission wouldnt shiftand had to bring it back The next day they informed me that it was fixed but they broke a sensor and also put a filter on it and it would have to come back exactley 30 days to remove it The van still ran horrible and i called back for my appointment and no one would take me into get it removed finaly we yelled and screames and I finaly got a appointment with these incompetent people They lied about what they did to the car and convenientley lost all the paper work and said their computer lost all their information The van was running horrible once again and they replaced the sensor but BROKE the fan Ii got a summons that they were riding in my van and didn't have a insurance card so I got a 385. ticket Ii talked to the police officer and he will testify to this They put on a extra 100 miles in my car and when I called Randy (manager) he said that the guy took it home with him because he had to drive it at least 80 miles to pass inspection I called the place that past the emissions and they said it had to be driven at 55 mph for at least 6 miles (big difference) The manager Randy told me to drive it for a while and see if runs ok if not they would talk it back When I went back cause everything they fixed does NOT work they told me no deal Anyway now that I have vented and I know nothing will probaly become of this I just wanted to have proof for the bbb and attorney general that I tried to resolve this, have a great day sinceraly, CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Michelle bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
25, Report #176501
Feb 16 2006
09:44 AM
JD Byrider ripoff Evansville Indiana
I purchased a 1998 oldsmobile cutlass from this automobile lot and i have been making payments on the automobile which the blue book value is lower than what they sold me the car for. I have had 2 engines put in that was from a junk yard and I have been Having problems with every engine that they got put in. The engines came from the same junk yard twice and I had to tske the car to the junk yard everytime. each time I did the car didn't run any different. I explained the problem to JD byrider and they told me to take it to the place that put the engine in. I got one invoice stating what they did and the engine looked the same as when I purchased the car. I relocated here to NC and the engine gave me problems again and the head lights and the turn signals went out and the car became un drivable. I called jd byrider and they told me to take it to one of there shops in Greeensboro which is 175 miles from where I lived and I had to pay for the expense to get it there. the automobile will not crank or isn't drivable but they want me to get it there. The car is under warrenty and it should cover towing which they told me that I had to pay towing. after all this run around and no assistance I just kept the car in my yard and was finding rides back and forth to work. I ended up in jail and I couldn't pay for the car so i was told that they are coming to get the car and now I was told that they was going to sue me instead of getting the car that is not worth what they are asking for. Donald Vale, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana

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