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1, Report #1404491
Oct 05 2017
05:12 PM
Kells Natural Photography Crystal Kells, Brian Kells, Crystal Wright, Kells' Natural Photography Untalented, Scam, Rip Off, Stalking, Harassing, Defaming Me, Theft, Insanity, Ancaster Ontario
Kells' Natural Photography run by Crystal Kells (Crystal Wright) is a photography business run out of Ancaster/Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Not a very professional one! Crystal Kells begs for likes and reviews on facebook. Whenever someone leaves a real review, usually one star, she either deletes the review or responds to it by reacting like a child throwing a temper tantrum including having her relative Madeline Wright come after the reviewer. Actually, Madeline Wright has no content on her facebook page so I can't help but assume this is Crystal Kells under a fake account. Also, if you post a negative and accurate review of Crystal Kells, her poor services and terrible customer service, she has her minions report it until it is removed then defames you all over the Internet and harasses you. Crystal Kells is mentally ill. Avoid this woman at all costs! She does not deserve your business. There are plenty of talented photographers in Hamilton and Crystal Kells of Kells Natural Photography is not one of them.
Entity: Ancaster, Ontario
2, Report #701778
Mar 02 2011
01:43 PM
Kells Bullies Scam sale of English Bulldogs. Supposed Shipping Scam Do Not Trust! Internet
I inquired about an English Bulldog puppy posting. When I emailed them they sent me an extensive email about the dogs. I only inquired about one, so this was strange. They quoted me a very low price, so I emailed them to hold the dog and asked for their information.  The ad said Richmond, but they ended up telling me that it would be shipped from Boston.  I noticed in the email it sounded redundant and the wording sounded like someone who didn't speak English.  I immediately looked up the sight name and found a report through rip off report.  So I would like to add this and say thank you for saving me from a scam.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #713243
Apr 03 2011
07:46 AM
These people are back on the internet trying to scam people into sending money for a bulldog that will never arrive.  They are trying to get you to send money.  The dogs listed have been on the net and multiple reports have been filed by several people over a a few years with the same scam.  Do not send them any money.  File a complaint with your city, state agencies if possible. 
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #703177
Mar 06 2011
11:25 AM
Kells Bullies Mr. Roy Bull dog puppies cheap price Boston, Massachusetts
I contacted a advertisement fo cheap bull dog puppies. They responded with a detailed rule note very quickly. I responded giving info of my family and history they responded immediately, I talked to my partner and we will give you one They were to contact me tomorrow with details on where to pay shipping company for delivery, then I would owe them 100.00 upon delivery. Their spelling is off and they do not read your entire response because they only answer first questions. I went on internet and found reports on their scam, thus emailing them back not a nice message.  I would have been out money that i intended to be spending on a actual purchase. Thanks for posting!!
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
5, Report #763120
Aug 09 2011
11:48 PM Mr. Raha Raha BUlldogs same website scam as Kells Bullies Scam sale of English Bulldogs. Supposed Shipping Scam Do Not Trust! Internet Internet
I inquired via email at RahaBulldogs after finding their website for English Bulldog puppies for sale. I received a lengthy email almost immediately in semi-broken english that seemed suspicious because it came so fast. I did some internet searches and discovered the same dogs (same pictures and all) were offered on a different and read the scams about that site. The same email, price, pictures but from various parts of the country (Boston, California, Texas). Seems the Kellsbullies has made a new site to scam $420 from people.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #217116
Oct 22 2006
05:44 PM
Clawson Photography Ripoff California
Danielle (((ROR Redacted last name))) contracted Clawson Photography to take her wedding photos on July 30, 2006. As of October 21 Clawson Photography has not delieverd the pictures. Danielle has contacted the Clawsons several times and each time has been given a different excuse. The company stopped returning phone calls. As of October 21st their numbers are disconnected. Diane rancho cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
7, Report #1005134
Jan 28 2013
08:37 PM
Soulmates Photography Horrible Photographer Fresno, California
I hired this photographer off of craigslist which was a scam from the start, but I honestly thought he would deliver. Everything was okay at first then on our engagement session he didnt want to work with any of our ideas. Then on our wedding day he was late, he said he was confused on address but why couldnt he have came early to ensure his arrival time was properly. So I didnt want to start the day off mad but then he was at the bar drinking which I was okay with until all he did was flirt with the waitress to get free drinks and never took the photos we needed like what happend to my first dance?? or me and my dad? Im going to take this up with the BBB and I would like my money back. I contacted him about it and he said no comment and hung up on me. This is sad, dont hire this man as he will tell you all you want to hear and his promises are not met. I was conned by a con artist who took my money.
Entity: Fresno, California
8, Report #1228336
May 11 2015
01:54 PM
MJ Photography Scam Fraud RipOff Newville Pennsylvania
 There was currently a contest for Mothers Day. You were to enter your photo and recieve a free photo session for whichever individual recieved most likes on Facebook. Another young lady and myself recieved over 200 likes . I was at 266 the other young lady at 236! However last minute this particular photographer holding this contest decided last minute she was doing random drawling and chose someone who has previously engaged in business with her. And whom she little over a month ago has a session with . Her winner of her contest was someone she had established a business relationship with for over 2 years. She contacted herself in a very unprofessional manner when questioned and allowed myself and other contestants to share her business and draw attention to herself and creditability as a photographer all in a scam and a fraudulent manner in allowing us to think the more shares and likes was needed in order to receive this session. She is a fraudulent phony scam artist!
Entity: Pennsylvania
9, Report #208487
Aug 29 2006
01:30 PM
Newlun Photography Ripoff on professional photography Nekoosa Wisconsin
My best friend was married on July 1, 2006. As her wedding gift, I offered to assist with the payment of a photographer for her special day. Her choice of maid of honor owns Newlun Photography and claims to be a professional photographer. She quoted a price of $725.00 for her services for the day of the wedding. She stated that this would include photos at the church, remote pictures, 2 assistants, and pictures at the reception. She also stated that this would INCLUDE the wedding album. Well, firstly, at the church, her assistants are two giggly teen age girls, neither of which has graduated high school yet, and she claims she pays them 12 dollars per hour. She had the girls take the vast majority of the pictures, because she was IN the wedding party, and thus, was one of the subjects. Then, as we were in the church basement prior to the wedding, she told her assistants that she didn't care WHAT the pastor said, she wanted flash pictures taken DURING the ceremony. After all, what was he going to do? Stop the ceremony and tell them to stop? This is the EPITOMY of unprofessional behavior. The pastor specifically stated that because of an eye condition he has, he allows pictures during the ceremony, but NO FLASH, as it literally blinds him, and he loses his place, making it awkward for everyone involved. Her assistants got right up behind the bride and groom, facing the pastor, and took several pictures with flash during the ceremony, causing Pastor to lose his spot a couple of times, and it was just aweful. THEN comes the reception. She took so long with pictures, more than the 90 minutes she said she needed, that the bridal party was actually late for the dinner, which started without the bride and groom in place. She and her assistants DID take numerous pictures of the guests at the reception, and they were there till the end, however, The reception ended abruptly when a fight broke out among a couple of the guests, some of which were the groom's daughters, and the evening was quite ruined. Amanda did not call, talk to, write, or otherwise contact either the bride, or the groom, for a couple of weeks, despite their repeated phone calls, and requests for her to call. Then about a week after their last call, she left their wedding album and some loose pictures in a wal-mart Bag between the screen door and the inside door, on a rainy night. The album was a $2.00 picture book from Walmart, with pictures that were DEVELOPED at the photo kiosk AT Walmart. It contained 104 pictures, none of which were any more special than anything I could have taken myself, with a digital camera. Included were cheesy captions on some of the pages, done with stickers, OVER the pictures, and the worst of which were pictures of the people that had started the fight at the end of the evening, WITH their alcohol in their hands, with the caption: Good friends, Good Times COMPLETELY innappropriate! My friend, for her 725 dollars, recieved 130 4 X 6 regular, glossy paper photo prints, 3 of which were close up pictures of the photographer's daughter, there were NONE of the bride and her father, it was just a mess. This woman is the epitomy of unprofessional business practices, and I just pray that she was only joking when she said she had given us HALF OFF her regular rates, because the bride is a friend of hers. I'd be mortified if I agreed to pay $1500 for photography for my wedding, and recieved this pile of badly done scrap she calls an album. Julie Wisconsin Rapids, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nekoosa, Wisconsin
10, Report #534933
Dec 06 2009
10:03 PM
Universal Event Photography Unprofessional, low quality photography, Internet
I ordered photos from UCA nationals which is a cheerleading competition in Florida. Universal Event Photography is the company that takes all the photos for the event and you can order photos on site or online. I ordered two pictures at the beginning of August. Two weeks later I still had not received anything, so i decided to email them, my email went unanswered. Week later, I decided to call them the woman I spoke too told me they were going out that day. Two weeks later nothing, called again the woman said she would resend them with a confirmation number via certified mail, and would call me back with this number. Well the idiot didn't take my number so I don't know how she was planning on calling me. I had to call a handful of times after this too, when I finally did get a confirmation number it didn't even work on the USPS website, it was probably a fake number. I finally got my pictures in mid October, only two and a half months later. The pictures sucked, printed on cheap paper, colors were off and I could have done a way better job printing them out at home.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1202991
Jan 20 2015
03:43 PM
Jess Kam Photography Jess Kam Photography Internet
First time trying this studio.  Amateur and disappointing work.  In future, websites should upload live pictures instead.   Jess Kamm Photography Is A. baby photographer, offering, newborn photography, maternity photography, infant photography, business resources
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1349888
Jan 14 2017
07:10 PM
Tanya Nix photography Picture perfect memories Professional Photography Jackson Georgia
 I paid my photographer $500 to capture my special moments at my wedding. She was pre paid so she could obtain a new camera lense for my wedding. She claimed to have sent the photos before Christmas and when I told her I did not receive them, she said they must have gotten lost in the mail and would resend them. She emailed me about two days later informing me she sent another copy thru mail to me and I should receive them by the following Monday. My wedding was October 22. It is now January 14 and she has deactivated her personal and business Facebook pages. I have called and texted her phone number only to be hung up on and texted back to be told that I had the wrong number. I have all the proof in the world showing she was at my wedding taking pictures.
13, Report #750628
Jul 08 2011
11:30 AM
Floyd's Photography, LLC Mark Floyd, Soft Focus Photography Photography, scam Jacksonville, Florida
It saddens me to write this report, but it has been a long time coming. I got married in 2008, but I am a very busy student and my husband is always deployed with the military. I hired Mark after he did my sister's wedding because he took great photos. I didn't consult her first, but apparently she had issues because he owed her prints, but apparently she was not too concerned or rushed to get them from him anyways. I brought it up to him a couple times after she asked and he was very nice about it and told me to tell her to let him know which ones she wanted and he would get it done. Like I said, she was in no rush and so that is her fault because she never got back to him about the prints. Anyways, after the wedding I told Mark it would be a while until I could pick out the prints since I was in school and constantly dealing with other things like applying to graduate school. Mark was very nice and said kept telling me to take my time and reassured me it was not a problem. Well, we decided to schedule a family shoot with Mark in July 2010. He took our pictures and we bought the CD from him. Around the same time I asked if I could upgrade my album and paid him $300 for the upgrade. He gave me a CD with a proof of the album so that I could make critiques and I haven't heard anything from him since. I knew he was basing his business out of GA at the time of the family shoot and then when I got the CD, he actually told me he was back in Jacksonville for a while. I emailed him shortly after (maybe about 2 weeks or so) the family shoot with my comments on the album proof, but never got any replies. I tried to call him with no success. I even emailed him to tell him that all I want at this point are the digital proofs to my wedding because the smaller digital images he gave me are useless for ordering anything. I wish it could been a different situation since my family has built such a history with him, but unfortunately I think I will have to seek legal action shortly.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
14, Report #992407
Jan 06 2013
06:46 PM
Anchor Photography photography, family photo shoot, family photos, akron photography Akron, Ohio
Ian provided a great photography session in early October, however, when it came time for him to delivery the proofs / pictures he took, he failed to provide any information.   We have made numerous attempts to contact him over the past three months by email, telephone and even resorting to commenting on his Facebook pages.   He was able to take the time out to delete the comments my wife left on his Facebook pages, but did not take the time out to contact us by phone, email or even Facebook to simply give us the status of the pictures.    The money spent is not the issue, we simply want to receive the irreplaceable pictures that he took of our children.   
Entity: Akron, Ohio
15, Report #923770
Aug 07 2012
01:33 PM
Harsheet Patel Photography Studio 25 Photography, White Elephant Photography Scammed by Harsheet Patel Nokesville, Virginia
Harsheet Patel Photography has not followed through with their contract. They are impossible to contact and as others have said, they are unprofessional, non-responsive, and a ripoff. Please do not use this company unless you are prepared to lose hundreds of dollars.
Entity: Nokesville, Virginia
16, Report #1287948
Mar 01 2016
04:53 PM
Synthia Herrera photography SYNTHIA HERRERA PHOTOGRAPHY photography thief copyright infringement photo stealer scam Corona/Eastvale California
Please beware of Synthia Herrera Photography or Photography by Synthia Herrera who has been busted/outed by Photostealers ( for stealing other photographers works and claiming them as her own on her website.  She has claimed that she is starting a new website/business which she'll likely also steal and use other people's work to represtent herself.  Any of the images she actually took are crap, so beware of this scammer and thief!You've been warned.  
Entity: Corona/Eastvale, California
17, Report #219366
Nov 06 2006
07:06 PM
Entity: CABAZON, California
18, Report #250099
May 24 2007
10:31 AM
I received Bankruptacy papers from Jonessa Clawson.Has anyone else? I need to know if anyone is moving forward in court? Erika LA PUENTE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: CAMAZON, California
19, Report #219056
Nov 04 2006
04:03 AM
JudithAnn Photography Poor Customer Service ripoff Powder Springs Georgia
Mistakes I made having chosen JudithAnn Photography and mistakes JudithAnn Photography made. It was up to me to choose the photographer for our wedding. I didn't have a wedding planner or anyone else to go with me to pick out the photographer. All of which was new for me to do and at the time money somewhat wasn't an issue. When I went to JudithAnn Photography she seemed like a friendly and easy to work with photographer. I told her I had a limit of about $1500 for photos, which is the amount my parents offered me so I could have a professional photographer. Personally I could have been fine with just an amateur photographer. Since I told JudithAnn my price limit she pushed for me to get the imprinted magazine, because it was cheaper than the proofs and a new thing she was doing with her clients and I was the first. The rest of the money covered for her time of taking our photos in her studio and at our wedding reception, for the proof photos taken in her studio, but not of the wedding reception, and a 20x24 photo that was taken at her studio. JudithAnn tried to impress upon me that wedding photos are priceless and lots of people spend $5,000-$10,000 on their wedding photos. Mistakes that were made: 1st mistake: Buying the imprinted magazine and allowing JudithAnn to take it back for the order process She told me the index photo imprinted magazine was going to be mine to keep, instead of buying the proofs because it was the new thing to do and cheaper. When we went to go look at the photos and place an order she asked for the imprinted magazine back, so she can us it for her ordering process. I felt uneasy about giving it back to her. I have never been able to see it again. 2nd mistake: Many horrible shadows caused by her professional lights The pictures taken of Colby and I in her studio with a black background, Colby sitting in front, low to the side of me, her lighting caused a dark shadow of Colby's head on me. Making the side of me that's behind Colby appear much darker than the other side of me All the other times she caused shadows were with the group shots during the wedding reception of my bridal party and family standing close to a wall. We all look like we have mullets do to the shadows caused by her professional light stand. JudithAnn on the other hand blames the shadows were caused by the lighting in the building and other flashing of cameras next to her. That was not true. The others were not flashing their cameras when she was. The photos that were taken with the disposable cameras didn't show us having mullets. I shown my photos to another professional photographer and she claimed the shadows were caused by her professional lights. At the time we were looking at the photos to order them we didn't notice the shadows in the photos until my mother received the photos she paid for and the proofs I received from the studio shots. When we did notice the shadows I called and complained to JudithAnn Photography. At first she said it was going to cost extra to have them fixed. I told her if that was going to be so, then I wouldn't buy them from her. With that said, she offered to only fix the shadows once I pay for my order in full. 3rd mistake: Buying too big of an order. I should have paid more attention to the price of the photos. A month after the reception, July 2004, when I placed the order money didn't seem like an issue, especially since she stated in the back of the imprinted magazine that she understands the financial problems newlyweds go through and would allow them 5 years to pay for the photos at no interest. In order for me to be able to have all the photos I desired it was going to cost about $3100 for about 130 photos. Each 4x6 photo cost $20-25 at the time I ordered the photos; afterwards it would be about $40 a piece if I changed my order. I figured we could pay $3100 within the five years, just not in the first couple years. The first couple of months we were married we could hardly afford milk and then there were debt payments, paying for the necessities of life, bills, getting pregnant, and having a baby. My husband and I weren't about to pay anything until we knew we could afford it. 4th mistake: JudithAnn wanted all or nothing. Jan. 2006, JudithAnn Photography sent a letter to my mother and I regarding that I haven't made any payments on the order yet and I had a year to pay for them. Her contract did not saying anything about having a year to pay for them. My reason for not paying for them yet is because we didn't have the money for it at the time and I knew we had 5 years to pay for it. She also stated in the letter that I had until mid Feb. 2006 to pay for the photos and that I have been taking too long to make any payments on them, the photos were no less than great, the shadows were not caused by her, the shadows in the photos my mom bought will not get fixed unless I bought my order in full. My parents discussed the letter she sent. They didn't want us to go with out any photos from my wedding reception. She was going to offer me $500 to get the photos I wanted and avoid the ones that have shadows in them. I called JudithAnn and explained the whole situation to her politely, apologized for not making any payments, and asked if I could cancel that big order and getting something smaller instead and pay up front with the money my parents were offering me. She refused it all. I held my tongue as long as I could. Finally I told her I regretted ever having her as a photographer and her customer service is bull****. I related the whole experience to the same photographer that confirmed the cause of the shadows in the photos, she said to go to her studio and demand a copy of the contracts. I went and asked to see the imprinted magazine and a copy of the contracts and apologized for blowing up at her on the phone, hoping to put her on pedestal and she will do the same. She didn't. She said the invoice order was the contract, which didn't have a one year time frame mentioned on it to pay for the order and she wouldn't show me the imprinted magazine. If I knew then when I was choosing the photographer for my wedding, what I know now, I would have had JudithAnn write and sign everything she was offering to me and give a copy to me at the time or even better yet got a different photographer. I wish I would have kept that invoice/order and the letter she sent me. But what I do have are photos showing the shadows her professional lighting caused on our photos. I threw away the invoice/order and the letter she sent me hoping to forgive and forget. I realize I can't forget, every time I think of a wedding or a reception I think of the poor customer service JudithAnn provided to me and wish I could still do something about it, which causes a few sleepless nights. I hope no one else has to go through the same trouble I went through and never take someone's word for anything these days, to put everything down on paper, sign it, and keep a copy of it. Nichole Douglasville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Powder Springs, Georgia
20, Report #220352
Nov 13 2006
01:17 PM
Clawson Photography Unprofessional, Dishonest, Deceptive, Ripoff! Cabazon California
I used Clawson Photography for my wedding in July 2006. When I first found them on Craig's List, I thought I found a great deal. Joannessa portrayed herself as a very nice, honest woman who didn't want brides to be ripped off by high prices. What I didn't know is that she would rip me off in terms of quality, honesty and follow-through. The day of my engagement photos, Joannessa called to say she would not be able to make it. Her babysitter was drunk so she had to stay home, but her husband James would be taking our photos. I was sympathetic toward her situation and told her it was fine. James did show up, but he was 30 minutes late, wearing very unprofessional attire, and- according to my husband- smelled like alcohol. The morning of my wedding, Joannessa called to say she had been in a car accident, but they would still be there. They did show up and took photos prior to the ceremony, but about an hour before I was to walk down the aisle, Joannessa came to me in tears saying she had to leave, had to go to the hospital. A few weeks before, she told me she had a mild stroke, so she implied that it was related. I tried, once again, to be sympathetic, but here I was on my wedding day having to deal with another situation with her. She left and James shot the wedding by himself. James told me that for the inconvenience, they would give us a video slideshow. I later told him that was not acceptable, as I feel I should be refunded money for a partial job. A month after the wedding, my husband and I called to find out when we would receive our proof disk. We ended up receiving the disk a week after the promised date because it was lost in the mail. After reading everyone else's stories, I am grateful that we did have a photographer and received our disk, but the pictures taken were of very poor quality. Out of 1000 pictures, there are approximately 20 pictures that are great. Most of them are blurry or positioned poorly. I still have not received my album or any prints, and now I am doubting that I every will. I truly feel for those of you that have also been deceived by Clawson Photography. Please let me know if I can be of help to any lawsuit, as I would love to see justice served for what they have done. Heather Los Alamitos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cabazon, California
21, Report #88751
Apr 23 2004
05:37 PM
Tom Wong Photography rip-off! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
This photographer is very poor in terms of business dealings and very incompetent individuals, both Tom and Nikki Wong. Their work is just above average to put it nicely. The teams they work with to complete a project are also very unprofessional and warrant the need for a babysitter to watch over them. Photography is their strong point and that will be their only forte as their selling, follow-through and follow-up consultations for their work cause them to faulter. Good Luck if you go with these people. Don't say I didn't warn you. A Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
22, Report #726815
May 07 2011
12:24 PM
celebration photography unfinished work Internet, California
I paid this company $2,169.56 for my wedding on august 21, 2010.  Everything was good up until a few months after the wedding.  I repeatedly tried to get a hold of them for my wedding video and pictures and they would not reply for about a month.  My father was killed in a car accident and that was the last memory we had of him and i emailed celebration photography and they would not reply.  I emailed them why that video was far more important than a wedding video but the last video of my dad and they still did not reply, even though they say they will get back to you in 24 hours.  As if mourning the loss of my father wasnt enough, i had this company stealing the last memory of him.  They eventually sent me some things only because of a friend of mine that emailed them saying he was a detective.  Which by the way they responded immediately the next day. Well they didnt send me everything i paid for, they sent me all the raw video on four cassettes.  I did not get the completed video that i paid for. Now if i want the video done i have to pay additional $1,000 to a completely different company to complete the work that celebration didnt finish.
Entity: fullerton ca 92835, Internet
23, Report #861372
Mar 30 2012
09:17 AM
Hasheet Patel Photography Studio 25 Scam Artist, unprfessional Internet
Hello,my husband and I got married on July 4th of 2010. When we signed the contract the company name was White Elephant Productions. My husband and I signed a contract with Harsheet Patel who was also in a partnership with his brother Miraj Patel at the time. Sometime after the wedding, they decided to dissolve their business.  We were promised edited pictures and video as a part of our contract. In December of 2010, we contacted the two brothers to retrieve our video and learned that they dissolved their business.After this we attempted to reach Harsheet Patel through a number of phone calls, voicemails, text messages and email and did not respond. We have the cell phone bills and email trail to prove it.  later after frustration, we contacted a lawyer and the lawyer sent a letter to Harsheet Patel.  By this time, Harsheet had changed the name of his company to Studio 25 (in the D. C. area).After this, we were able to get a hold of him through his brother Miraj and he completed a our master album, and gave us a unedited layout of our parents album and unedited video (keep in mind this is a year and half later. in Feb of 2012. When we went to India, in Feb of 2012, he told us that our parent albums and videos will be edited and review to review by the time we get back.We have now been back for approximately 4 weeks and have tried to reach Harsheet Patel about 8 times. Our last message to him on voice mail was that we will now go back through the court system. Since our wedding, he has changed the name of his business 3 times. First it was White Elephant Productions, then it was Studio 25, and now its Harsheet Patel Photography. Do not be taken advantage of people. He will come off as professional and take your money and run.I am currently working with three other couples who has had problems with Harhseet Patel and who are in the same boat.If you have any questions please contact me.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #864213
Apr 05 2012
06:50 AM
Bryant King Photography a Business FRAUD Naperville, Illinois
Bryant King came to be highly recommended by close friends. I was having a private ceremony at Starved Rock. Nothing traditional about it and a no fuss wedding. I spoke to Bryant and told him the only component of this wedding that mattered other than our vows...was the photographs. We agreed upon a price and he came (late) that day. Weeks later my photographs were posted as a link on facebook. This upset me because I wish I could have reviewed them first before my entire friends' list. I was not happy from the start with the quality of his work. I imagined my photographs to be vibrant and beautiful as they were taken at a vibrant beautiful state park but they were not. He distorted all of the colors and turned us all into pale freakish figures. I did not insult him, I only asked that on the disc I would be getting to include the original photos before he altered them. He said he would and they were on there way. I am approaching my one year anniversary in June and have still NEVER received these images. He has since even taken down his facebook link of our photos. I do not blame him from a business stand point they looked awful and should not have been displayed. However, without those photos I have none to remember and cherish our wedding day. I would like to add that we paid him double the amount he originally asked for and gave him numerous chances to make things right. He gave me lies after excuses. I would not suggest hiring him no matter what the price. You get what you pay for...and his quality of service will not get you far.
Entity: Naperville, Illinois
25, Report #909184
Jul 09 2012
07:42 PM
Marlo Collins Photography Horrible business Waco, Texas
Marlo took our sons' high school senior portraits in April 2011. We had to hound her to get the copies of the wallet photos for his graduation announcements. But we have never received the rest of our portrait order. We called and emailed several times, but we got no response.
Entity: Waco, Texas

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