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1, Report #765624
Aug 15 2011
10:15 PM
For almost 6 months (or since Pure Fitness was bought out by LA Fitness), the members have been sold a bill of goods.  From promises that the air conditioning would be fixed to promises that the mildewed, smelly, worn carpet would be replaced and everything in between.  I had been paying for personal training sessions; however, each trainer, one by one, either quit or was fired, making it almost impossible to schedule an appointment with the same trainer more than twice in a row.  When it was Pure Fitness, the trainers were plentiful, accommodating and helpful and we were promised LA Fitness would provide more of the same - it most certainly did not.  If a trainer or time slot was unavailable, that was just too bad.  I filed a complaint with the BBB, spoke to the corporate office and explained that I continued to pay for personal training but was not able to schedule personal training.  After many calls to corporate in California explaining my plight and asking for a refund of my previously paid personal training sessions and a cancellation of my membership, I was advised by Danielle that, although she completely understood my frustration, it was not their policy to do either but she'd see what she could do.  After we went round and round, she finally moved a trainer from another facility to the Chandler facility where I had my membership.  I was not offered anything else, no free training sessions, nothing.  I began training with Ashley and, after a couple of training sessions, she was no longer available on my preferred days.  As I was attempting to reschedule, I received a call from Ashley stating that the LA Fitness I belonged to was closing and that I'd have to attend the other Chandler LA Fitness (the one that is packed all the time, even before the other 3 Pure Fitnesses in the area closed and sent their members there); however, she was still not available during most times that were convenient for me.  I, again, called Danielle (and her manager, Shawnee Haysum, who had previously advised me that if I ever needed anything further, I should contact her - I left 4 messages and never received a return phone call), again, explained my frustration and again asked that I please be refunded the $800 or so I had paid for training that I had been unable to use, and that I be released from my contract that was ending in 2 months.  No dice.  I explained that this was a very poor business practice and that, although it kept money in the pockets of LA Fitness in order for them to stay afloat, it was creating a very bad name for them as I, and most certainly others, have and will continue to spread the word about their terrible customer service.  I finally got a letter from LA Fitness stating that I would not be receiving a refund or my payments, I would not be permitted to cancel my membership and that nothing further would be done to assist me.  
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
2, Report #1264812
Oct 31 2015
06:16 AM
LA Fitness LA Fitness - Totally Uncooperative Staff Torrance California
I joined LA Fitness in Torrance, California during the early part of 2015.  They showed me around the health club and I thought the place was alright but not great.  I signed up for monthly dues which can be cancelled at any time.  However, they get you on personal training.  You have to sign a contract with them for at least a year which almost can not be broken.  After going to this LA Fitness for a few months, I started to notice that equipment was broken and it took them months to get it repaired.  The employees that I work in the training department are lazy and do not do much to earn their salary.  Most times they sit in the back of the training area and just talk and check their cell phones and send text messages.  If they do not want to help a member, they get up and walk away when they see you coming to their area.  The employees that work in their membership department are mostly young employees and are the most self centered people I have ever come across.  They also basically do nothing all day.  The club manager is more interested in stylish clothes than running the club and trying to resolve member issues.Also, I found out when you call the number for their corporate office in Irvine, CA you just end up speaking to a club manager at any location where they answer for corporate.  Most of them are friends, that give each other heads up about complaints and nothing gets resolved.  I was appalled when I found out there is no way to get in touch with their corporate offices.  In addition, their web site never seems to work. The only time you can actually speak to anyone in corporate is if you try to cancel your memebership or personal training.  Then corporate gets involved and they hasstle you to no end. The only way that I was able to cancel my personal training was to see my doctor and have him prepare a letter which was sent to their corporate office.  This is basically the only known excuse that they will accept and let you cancel.  If you try to cancel personal training anyother way, it is almost impossible to do so.
Entity: Torrance, California
3, Report #117166
Nov 10 2004
05:01 PM
LA Fitness ripoff Tucker Georgia
Sold me a health club membership for all of Georgia and will not honor it, we agreed on a certian price for a multi gym membership and they entered it as a single club membership. Management and the sales rep said the would correct the problem but when it was not corrected I went higher up the chain and then the employees who said it would be corrected denied they ever said that and knew nothing of it! Cory Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucker, Georgia
4, Report #891888
Jun 01 2012
09:06 PM
When I joined, I made it very apparent I wanted a woman trainer, otherwise I would not joined.  They set me up with a great woman.  She was terrific (or so I thought).  She told me that my body fat was only 9% (impossible), and that I should consider doing shows.  I am a tiny woman.  So I really didn't have a lot of knowledge, but I started doing research about fitness. I thought perhaps she was trying to make me feel good.  I hate to cause problems.  By our third training session, she became unglued and started bashing her own gym (LA Fitness) for giving her a different schedule while she was pregnant.  She started using vulgarities.  It really made me uncomforable.  She seemed outraged.  Our next training session, she didn't show up.  I asked the woman at the front if she (my trainer) was there.   She said the woman I was asking for wasn't a personal trainer at all.  I ended up talking to the VP of LA Fitness, and found out that the woman I was training with was not a personal trainer, just a stand in.  I am so unhappy here.  Never come to this gym.  It is horrible.  The people are unethical.  I want my money back.  I pay $170.00 for personal trainers to cancel on me.  It is horrible!  Don't ever come here.  If I could sue their asses, I would.  I was told a female trainer would train me, they lied.  And I can't even get a person trainer to train me!  Pathetic!
Entity: VANCOUVER, Washington
5, Report #1150000
May 27 2014
02:13 PM
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #669135
Dec 07 2010
07:16 PM
LA FITNESS fraudulent billing practices LA, California
They sell you a package telling you that you can cancel at anytime with notice through your online account. When you go online to cancel online though then they inform you that you have to fill out and mail in a cancellation form, and that it takes 60 days. After 60 days they continue to take your money out of your account and swear up and down they never recieved your request but if you send another request they will try to process it quickly so you wont get another charge, keep in mind they have already ripped you off for 2 monthly charges by this point. Their reps will outright lie and make up stories to turn it back on to the customer. You are left with the only choice being to go to your bank, and filing a fraud charge which you will lose, due in part to the working they have in their contract. This outfit has lawyers that have this wording down to a science, and not in your favor. Your only recourse will be to cancel you accounts at your bank and open new ones, including all the hassels that entails. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY.....NEVER LET THEM INTO YOUR ACCOUNT for ease of billing or a savings each month....THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF 
Entity: LA, California
7, Report #895192
Jun 09 2012
12:06 PM
LA Fitness LA Fitness LA Fitness is a fraud Irvine, California
When I went to renew the lifetime gym membership I had with Bally's, LA fitness simply told me the membership had expired and they could not help me.  LA Fitness then hung up the phone on me.  I am still trying to figure out how a lifetime gym membership can expire.  LA Fitness are a bunch of scammers.
Entity: Irvine, California
8, Report #1041777
Apr 08 2013
07:40 PM
LA FItness LA Fitness, Plano East - Tx LA Fitness - Bank fraud/theft Plano, Texas
LA FITNESS - Bank theft. In October I went to LA FItness to check out the gym while deciding what gym to join.  The salesman at the Plano East club in Plano, Tx named Mark told me that in order for me to hold the rate he was offering for a future date I would have to provide him my personal information and my debit card number.  I did not sign put my signature on anything, so I knew they could not draft my account.  The salesman called me several times during October and November, I told him each time I did not want to join.  I may when I move if I sell my house in Dallas. I heard  from him the last time in November and told him NO I did not want to join.  Much to my surprise while preparing my taxes in April, I looked at a bank account that I do not use only to find my account had been debited for over $400.00 by LA Fitness.  I made several phone calls to LA Fitness only to get the brush off.  I finally obtained a copy of the signed agreements (knowing I had never put my signature on anything), all of which were forgeries.  They had forged a signature ( not even close to mine) on the manual agreement and the electronic agreement a month later.   The corporate membership department was not concern about an employee forging signatures and stealing from the public. Instead they took the position it was my fault.  I never worked out in their facility, I never received a thing concerning a membership from them.   The first manager at corporate I spoke to gave me an email address that was bogus to send a copy of the signature on my drivers license, so they could verify it.  Then she called back and told me it was not her email address, it was her supervisor and she would not be back until next week.  After finding out the email did not go through, I called again and got a totally different email address  from someone else for the same person. This email address was completely different than the first email address provided.  The manager I spoke to said he would follow up with me on Monday and make sure it got handled.  Guess what?  No one called and no one followed up.   I called them and got in touch yet another manager  who sounded like a valley girl, popping gum and may the ripe age of 18.  She again put the blame on us, arguing that we signed the document --they were not handwriting experts and could not determine if a signature is correct.  Time after time she was told; I had seen the signatures and it is not my signature! So her response was you had full use of the gym during that time.  I had to explain to her that if the papers are forged and we do not know it, then how would I know of a membership to take advantage of in the first place.  This girl was unreasonable and argumentative.  Finally she asked to put me on hold and speak to her supervisor.  She comes back on the phone and said: OK I will refund $126. of the over $400.  I hung up on her only to have her call back and say she would go ahead and refund all of it in 7-10 days.  All I was ever asking is to give back the money they stole from my account.  It took way too many phone calls met with apathy and a warning them that I am going to expose their scam to the media.   The Corporate Membership Department is obviously a group of unexperienced phone room kids called managers that can't make decision without talking to supervisors .  Thee kids are apparently trained to not agree to refund money and blame the caller.  Instead they should be paying close attention to the actions of their sales people and how they are lying and stealing from the public  This type of scam should be exposed and warn the public of their antics.    
Entity: Plano, Texas
9, Report #258528
Jul 03 2007
04:22 PM
LA Fitness Easy in and hard out! Hollywood California
July 2, 2007 Here is my letter to LA fitness. I can't get more frustrated if I even tried! To whom it may concern. Clare XXXXX was added to my account when you did the free sign up weekend. I paid first and last for her ($59.98). I then cancelled the membership at the Hollywood LA Fitness 1 week later. I received a call from Jessica today regarding non payment. I was then passed on to a very unhelpful manager by the name of David who proceeded to tell me that A) You cant cancel a membership at the front desk so the membership was still active. B) That he couldnt cancel the membership, I would need to complete a form to pick up from the front desk and mail that in or, use the website. (which failed to work) C) That there was no corporate phone number as you were moving to Texas so I couldnt call you to deal with this. David seemed more concerned to tell me what he couldnt do as opposed to what could be done. He also was very conversant with the policies and procedures which in my professional experience are never good signs when dealing with bureaucracy. I am at this moment profoundly concerned that I am a member of a gym that signed me up so easily yet makes it a difficult and frustrating experience to cancel a simple membership. I am also very concerned that you remove money from my bank account, yet no one seems to have either the power or the concern to fix a membership problem, and finally it really worries me that I am a member of a gym that has no corporate communication. I have recommended you to most of my friends for membership, yet here I am unable to get a simple fix to a simple problem. I find this whole experience frustrating and unprofessional. In the past 3 hours you have failed every moment of truth in customer service. Trust me, I will no longer say anything positive about your company unless you fix this issue and explain to me how you could possibly create such a bureaucratic disaster from the customers perspective. Please remove Clare XXXXX from my account and refund any money owed to me. The first and last has been paid and I would appreciate you clearing this up promptly and ACCURATELY! I finally did manage to find your corporate number by searching the web, and will now send in the completed form. Sadly I also came across quite a few other disconcerted people with stories like mine. Seems like you have developed quite a reputation out there for your customer service, or lack thereof. Ian LA, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, California
10, Report #347043
Jul 02 2008
10:54 PM
LA Fitness -a.k.a LA UNFITness - Richardson Texas
Neither wind, nor hail, nor dishonest employees, will stop some companies from making a buck at your expense. I became a member of LA Fitness in late 07. Shortly afterward, I entered into a training membership. January 08, I was approached by a trainer stating that he and other trainers were looking to take money under the table to train members. They emphasized that my trainer was quitting, and they could continue servicing those clients at less cost. The Manager/ Trainer at this club Ill refer to him as Bryan, received two separate visits at the club from police officers, anxious to speak with him. I later found out it wasnt for a donation to their favorite charity. Also in the same timeframe Bryan was at this club: Another club member, signed up with Bryan, and shortly after, his credit card information had been compromised, among other things, to purchase pornography on-line. Were talking over $1,500.00. A trainer at the club, who worked for LA Fitness previously alongside Bryan, stated he also had his credit card information compromised, and $400.00 was used to purchase pet care products at the store directly behind that location. His personal items were kept behind the trainers desk while he trained. Club members vehicles have been repeatedly broken into in the parking lot of this club while Bryan was employed there. My own credit card used to debit my membership and trainers dues has been compromised, and had to be cancelled. None of this would necessarily, in my opinion, be the fault of LA Fitness EXCEPT for the fact, that AFTER this was made known to them, NOTHING was remedied. No phone calls returned nothing. When I brought my concerns to the attention of the LA Fitness corporate office in February 08, they assured me the Regional Training Manager, Justin, would call me. In fact, since February 1st, Ive spoken to the office on 3 occasions, and each promises me the same resolution. He NEVER called. I did finally speak on the phone with Justin, ONLY because the Operations Manager at the club, Julie, contacted him after I explained everything to her in June. I explained that after contacting personnel, and sending registered letters, I am still being harassed by Body of Change. Justin took my number and told me he would look into it, but I needed to provide him with documentation of the situation. Within less than 24 hours, the paperwork was in Julies hands and faxed over. He was going get back in touch with me within a few days. Almost a month later - June 26th - he calls me; why? Perhaps, due to the fact that a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau During that same visit, Julie also walked me over to the Trainers Desk to meet Jose. Jose apparently is the NEW manager/trainer. He took my information, including the copies of my letters, and my phone number, and assured me if he didnt call me back that same day, he would definitely be in touch with me within the next day. He was very absolute. Surprise never returned a call to me. Now, they are attempting to settle with me for far more than what the sessions cost they conveniently forgot that I had free sessions as part of the package. This constant lack of concern to my circumstance proves to me that Body of Change is not alarmed about any of these issues, has no care for club members, or their personal belongings, including credit information. If youve had similar experiences with this club, let me know. Id be more than happy to share additional details. E mail me at: (((ROR redacted))) to contact the individual above Justin Rivers, his name is Mike Ulibarrie. He is the vice president over the territory. Give him a call. Nothing improves or kills a business better than word of mouth. The volume of business companies such as this stand to lose in memberships and in training, can surpass what my requests and pleads have been for my situation. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Karma happens richardson, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on LA Fitness Body of Change
Entity: Richardson, Texas
11, Report #254575
Nov 27 2011
11:20 PM
LA Fitness - Pure Fitness Ripoff Unauthorized charges fraudulent cancellation policy Tacoma Washington
I have had a workout account with Pure Fitness for almost two years. I didn't use it much, but, yeah, I still had one. Anyway, they were recently sold to LA Fitness. I didn't know much about the company but I decided that I should stop spending money on something I don't use much.As previously stated in the Pure Fitness sales pitch, I was told I could walk into their place of business at ANYTIME and cancel my membership on the spot. This was a huge selling point for me because I had had a membership with a fitness company before that I had to sign documents and mail off. I found it to be a large inconvenience.I walked into, now LA Fitness, and got a forum to mail in to cancel my membership. I was told that if I sent it in within the next to days that my credit card would not be charged for the next month. I filled out the forum (at the gym) and went immediately to the post office to get my post mark date on there.It's been two months later... just got a credit card bill today... and guess what charge is on there? Yup. Another LA FITNESS ONE! I called again, OH, you'll have to come in and get a forum.. I informed the gal that I have already done this and I want their corporate number (a number I couldn't track down on their Web site). She says she will have someone call me within 24 hours.. but as I've learned on it seems they will now swear that they haven't gotten it (their mail seems to get lost alot) and tell me to send it certified mail.I will also be calling my credit card company but they are almost as good as LA Fitness.Elysia Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
12, Report #457147
May 31 2009
07:08 PM
La Fitness From a former La Fitness manager Irvine Nationwide
So I've been reading through the complaints about LaFitness, I just wanted to share the inside story on how the company works. First of all the reason you can't renegotiate your dues is because corporate won't let the sales staff, its called flipping and you can get fired for it. That's not to say there are ways around it, if you make a strong enough reason why they should take the risk... aka bribe, or bring a bunch of new members on the condition of the new monthly. Second, there is a lot about ProResults... HUGE scam, don't wast your time its not going to get you anywhere, and the guys that sell the training packages arn't trainers.... they are sales, so don't believe them for anything. You arn't going to get the results you want and its a contract that you cant get out of. Unlike the LaFitness side, but don't be confused they are the same company even when they say its separate. Now you all need to understand that LaFitness puts its employees under huge stress to make unrealistic numbers, and if you miss the number 2x you get written up and if it happens again you're fired (explaining the turn over). Also front desk (who act as bill collection), trainers who are expected to up sell training, training sales, and the management who in reality only care about sales. They get paid minimum wage, and about 15% of a new sale.... no residual unless its the GM. Sooo when you say I've been a member for __ years, they are thinking that doesn't do anything for me. What else? What it comes down to is, its a gym that is cut throat... and has everything one needs, don't expect customer service, and don't expect to see familiar faces for very long. As for cancelling your membership, it can be done automatically on the spot... they just refuse because most ppl. forget to mail in the form and then they get a couple more months of dues out of you. Push for it, if you can't get them to do it. Send it certified. The big question... how do you get the best price? Go on the last day of the month, this is when all the quotas have to be met so they are desperate to make the sale, and believe me they are allowed to make bad deals. All it means is they lose commission... so get the b/s registration waived, and get a lower monthly. If the GM is close to his bonus he will do anything you want, especially if you show up w/ say 4 friends. Hope this was helpful! Feel free to email me questions (((email redacted))) Oopmalu72 Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #10307
Dec 31 2001
12:00 AM
L.A. Fitness Billing Rip off!
I am a member of L.A. Fitness and I have my membership dues withdrawn automatically from my checking account. I did not notice that the billing department was taking two payments out of my account for several months. When I called LA Fitness I was told that they had a signed contract ( with my signature ) authorizing them to take some other persons payment out of my account. At first they told me I had to contact this person and get them to call LA fitness before they could do anything. I explained to them that I did not sign anything and if they had my signature it was a forgery. They requested I send them a copy of my drivers license and two signatures. I felt this to be reasonable so I submitted them. I submitted them a second time when I was told that they were never received. I called the number of the person I was suppose to contact at LA Fitness who was going to follow up on my complaint. A month plus has now passed I have not been able to reach this contact person Mr. Escoban,although he does have a voice mail that I have left many messages on. I did find out that they have stopped taking the money out of my account. But so far no refund on the bogus account. I believe this is fraud next stop D.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1125125
Feb 20 2014
12:33 PM
 As a memberr under the Holiday franchise, then the Bally's and now the LA Fitness franchise, I must say it was disheartening to discover that the contract now offer by LA Fitness has an Exculpatory Clause to protect them from liability... if you get injured for any reason, any cause, any failure on LA Fitness' behalf; they will not be liable!  I suffered a slip & fall in the women's locker room/shower area because the facility did not use no-skid mats on the floors.  The water soaked mats that they used skidded right out from under me and I suffered a concussion, contusions, and other muscular injuries... after getting no response from LA Fitness, I filed a complaint in MD District Court who ruled that the Exculpatory Clause was enforceable!  That's right, I got nothing for my pain & suffering, loss wages, and medical! I suffered a loss of more than $5,900.  BE AWARE:  You Exercise at LA Fitness totally at Your Own Risk!!!  Don't Join!
Entity: Irvine, California
15, Report #269027
Aug 21 2007
01:36 AM
LA Fitness Aka L.A. Fitness Aka L A Fitness cancellation scam deceitful practices incompetent untrained staff Glendale Nationwide
I first signed up at LA Fitness at the request of my fiance, and the recommendation of my father at the end of March, 2007. We took the full tour with a very nice man who gave us the full rundown of the gym and the services they offer. He gave us two contracts, telling us that they offered no cash month to month payment, and the only possible way to join the gym was to give a bank card that they could automatically deduct from every 15th. He charged us like $75 per application (which I though was outrageous) and told us we had to pay the first and last months fee up front as well. I reluctantly gave my card info, and asked questions about the cancellation policy, I was informed that I could easily cancel whenever I wanted, and the remaining month would be paid for, and furthermore, we would receive an additional 15 days free, just as an incentive to come back. He assured us, though, that we would be completely satisfied with our experience, and would not need to leave. We came back to the gym once, two weeks later, and didnt use it anymore. So, by the time the billing for May came around, I convinced my wife the gym was a waste of money, and it was time to lick our financial wounds and move on. I called my local LA Fitness the last week of May, and was answered by a woman I can only assume was at the information desk. I told her that my fiance and I were not using the gym, and needed to cancel our memberships. She was very nice, and after receiving my information, informed me that she would cancel would cancel our accounts, and that we could continue to use the gym for an additional month and 15 days since we had already payed for it. I smiled and told her that we wouldnt need it but thanks anyway. Two weeks later I went on a trip to a nearby business conference, and lost my wallet with my gym membership info inside. Living in the age we do, I simply called and cancelled my credit cards, got new drivers license, the whole situation took a mere couple hours. Among the cancelled cards was my bank card. I received all the new cards within a week. The last week of June I received and interesting message on my answering machine from a woman claiming to be from my local LA Fitness saying she needed to update my payment info. I thought that was funny since I had cancelled my membership over a month prior. I just figured they had made some mistake, and it would be simple to clear up. I was very busy that week preparing for my wedding the following Saturday, and never called back the gym. I returned from my honeymoon a couple weeks later, and received another call from LA Fitness, this time the corporate office. The woman I talked to this time told me she needed to update my payment info on my account. I confidently told her I had canelled my account over a month and a half ago. She asked how I cancelled, and I told her it was over the phone to my local gym. She seemed confused, and said the only way to cancel my membership was by mail or over the internet. I was baffled because my previous conversation told me nothing about needing to come in or go online to cancel my account. I asked to please cancel my account , since she was from corporate, I hoped she would have easier access to our account and may be able to cancel them for me. She repeated to tell me that the only way to cancel was to go online or to get a cancellation request from my local gym and mail it in. I asked her if she would please resolve the payment due within the company so that when the cancellation request goes through I wouldnt have to deal anymore with LA Fitness. She told me that she would put in the refund request on my account and it would be taken care of. Since I didnt have internet access, I went to my parents house later that week to cancel my account online. Of course, the one night I tried, the LA Fitness website was down. A week and two more phone calls from the company later, I attempted again to cancel online. This time, to my amusement, the website was up, but since I no longer had my membership info, I had no way of logging in to my account to cancel. Two more phone calls, and another week later, I found some spare time to trek down to the gym and asked for the cancellation forms. The lady at the front desk gave me two faded, obviously copied pieces of paper with LA Fitness logo on and told me Id have to use my own envelope and stamp to send them in. Frustrated, but eager to resolve the issue, I filled out and mailed the requests, hoping to put LA Fitness far behind me. Like clockwork, however, I continued to receive phone calls from either the corporate or local LA Fitness every three days. Every person that called heard the same story from me, and every person told me the same thing, wow, that sounds like its really been difficult. Ill put in the request to have the charges reversed and this will all be taken care of. Of course it never has. Today I talked to a man who claimed to be the highest up person I could deal with, and he explained that the reason I kept getting calls was that all the refund requests were being denied. He explained to me that the agreement I signed has (in his words), very peculiar wording, that is intended to get an extra months billing out of every member when they cancel. Heres how it works: When you sign up for LA Fitness, you pay for two months, the first and last month. The first month begins immediately, but when you cancel, you still have to pay for any billings that happen within thirty days of the date of your request. After that, your last month kicks in, and you then get another fifteen days free, just for cancelling. So, he said he would date my cancellation back to when I had originally called at the end of May, but that I still had to pay for the June 15th billing, and my account could still be used until Sept 1st. I told him that I didnt want to use the account, that I just wanted the whole issue resolved. He rudely repeated to me that I owed his company money and he refused to reverse the charge. At that point I told him that if he wouldnt resolve the issue, than I wanted a full refund of my entire membership, and that I was extremely upset with the service I had received. I told him I had spent hours upon hours more dealing with cancelling my membership than I had actually in the gym. That I had been promised numerous times it would be resolved, my account cancelled, and no more harassing calls about bogus due payment for a service I had used once. This company cares only about profits, and my story is proof. All they would have had to due is close an account I never used and quit calling me and I would have been satisfied, but now that wont be enough. I have spent too many hours dealing with them to let that be all. LA Fitness is a rip off Ben Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on LA Fitness Body of Change
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #205471
Aug 10 2006
12:50 PM
LA Fitness Ripoff liars fraud Tempe Arizona
I was quite amazed to find all these entries about LA Fitness, and nearly all of them about the same thing: ripoff personal trainers. I was searching the web for the name of the president or the ceo of the company, so I could send them a personal email. If I find it, I will post it here so EVERYONE can send personal emails. My story unfolds as follows: I went to LA Fitness about 2 and a half weeks ago to start 2 new memberships for one of my sons and I. Upon sitting down at the table with that club's general manager, he informed me that I would receive one hour free personal trainer for both you and your son. Great, I thought, I don't need it, but my son does, I want a routine tailored for his age: 13. I told him as such, I have been working out for 30 years, I know what to do, but for a person that age, well, I wanted some help. I joined up, and then made an appointment with the personal trainer manager for that club. He broke the appointment, we found out, upon arrival at the club on the given day and hour. Okay, I thought, let's try this again. So I sat down at a desk with one of his employees and rescheduled for 4 days later on a Saturday afternoon. He again broke the appointment, this time not bothering to call the club to even tell anyone he wasn't going to show up. I don't take kindly to such things, so I called, on a Sunday afternoon, for the manager. He wasn't there. I don't care, I responded, I have arrived on-time for 2 appointments, they have both been renigged, and there has been NO communication from ANYONE about rescheduling. They told me he couldn't be reached, and they hung up on me. Although persistent, I was not rude. I simply kept calling, about a dozen times, until they called the manager at home, who then called me. Yada, yada, yada, is what I was hearing. He promised to get the thing straightened out and call me before morning's end on Monday. He never called back, so at noon, I called him. Not there, left a message. At 4:00pm, I called again. Not there. I called AGAIN, this time I finally got him. He, of course, couldn't deal with a person like me. If you are operating a company and you make promises, you'd damned well better be prepared to keep them, or I will begin a relentless campaign, after reasonable patience, of course, to get things right. He called another LA fitness nearby to set up an appointment with one of THEIR trainers. He then called me back and told me I would be receiving a call within ten minutes. 2 hours went by and I went to bed, never receiving that call nor getting a call with a voice mail after I had gone to bed. And there is stands. Now I am starting my own campaign against this company, if only for myself. I have called corporate, the operator told me the only way I could file a complaint was to leave a message. Okay, I left a message, that was 4 days ago and have heard nothing. Now onto finding out who is actually in charge of this company, and making my grievances known to them/him/her. There is power in numbers, if anyone knows the phone number or email address for the president of LA Fitness, post it. We can start a huge campaign with phones ringing endlessly off their hook or a vault of email of valid, legitimate complaints. I thought maybe I was just an odd-man-out with my experience with this company, apparently this is normal for them to treat their customers this way. But, one final thought: for as bad as this company apparently treats it's customers, they DO have a good workout facility with modern equipment in excellent condition, and they keep it clean. If you can live with that alongside poor customer service, well, there you go. benb Benb Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Temp, Arizona
17, Report #263486
Jul 26 2007
05:43 PM
LA Fitness Neverending Membership Ripoff Carrollton Texas
When I lived in Southern California I enrolled at the LA Fitness in Yorba Linda because it was admittingly a good deal at the time. As I decided to move to Northern California I knew I had to cancel my gym membership so I went in one day and was given a cancellation form to fill out. I quickly filled it out and handed it to the young lady at the front counter. Two months later I checked my bank account and found that I was still being charged for my membership. I then visited the website expecting easily accessible customer support but the best info I could find was the phone number to the Yorba Linda location. I called and notified them of the situation and they were very rude. The girl told me I didn't need to cancel because there was a location near me and I advised her that there are zero (0) in Northern California and that is why I had previously applied to cancel my membership. Then, after a few more minutes of going in circles around the issue, she finally told me to create an online account. I tried this with her still on the line and I was unsuccessful, with the site stating that I needed to speak to customer service. She then told me she would fax me a cancellation form. I waited 10 minutes, then a couple hours, then called her back. I was told by a man that she was gone for the day and he didn't have access to the forms so I had to call back. After about 5 more calls I was unsuccessful in getting in contact with anyone who had form access. I waited a couple weeks. I then called back and acheived the same result, no desire to help me and resolve my issue! I then called the national headquarters and they told me to contact my local club. An incredible run around for an action so simple and necessary for a business. I am not about to make a trip to LA just to cancel my membership so I have to fit unecessary phone calls into my busy schedule. What company as large as LA Fitness is doesn't have an email address or online customer support? Their lack of assistance to leaving customers has to be against the law in some way! If anyone has any advice please let me know. Brian84 Santa Cruz, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carrollton, Texas
18, Report #306056
Feb 04 2008
03:00 PM
LA Fitness Fraud Long Beach California
While in negotiations for a membership contract at the Long Beach LA Fitness, they asked to see my credit card. Without my permission they processed my credit and issued me a membership which I did not agree to. I never signed any paperwork. When I told them to credit my card, they told me their computers were not able to reverse transactions. I told them I would stop payment on my credit card was told by the manager to do whatever makes you happy. I am in the process of disputing the charge with my credit card issuer. I think the district attorney's office should investigate this crooked outfit. JB Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
19, Report #353581
Jul 21 2008
07:51 AM
LA Fitness Deceptive sales practices, unprofessional employees Oswego Illinois
Yes, I know there are many reports already written about this organization and I only wish I knew about them before I visited this place for my free fitness evaluation. Our sales person, Eric I believe his name was, truly seemed caring and interested our situation. Like fools, we bought the stupid package because it sure sounded good and we both wanted to get in shape. He assured us that it was an agreement, and not a contract and we could get out of it at anytime by calling. Well, after signing up and being given the little journal to track progress with, and reading the explanation, we realized we were duped. Circumstances changed, and like everyone else on this board, even after calling and talking to multiple managers, we knew we were stuck. The workouts with the trainers are a joke. There are some good trainers at this facility, but the vast majority are underage kids there to pick up young women and hang out. Many of the so called trainers are manager trainees and know nothing about training, are paid on the number of people they con into signing up, and when actually asked questions about physical fitness just stare blankly back at you. This is sad. The few trainers who do care about clients and actually try are ridiculed and disliked by their coworkers. A workout usually consists of the trainer standing there, giving you directions on how many reps to do, and then counting. At the end, they write in your journal, tell you that you did a good job, and move on to the next victim. There is no plan, no instructions on what to do for the rest of the week, no analysis, no anything really. It is sad to note--that you are probably paying at least 40.00 for the session, your traininer is getting only 6.00 of that. Thus, it should be no surprise why trainers are late or do not show up to work, or better yet leave after a week. My first one left after two weeks after apparently doing more than just training a client, if you know what I mean. You can see the professionalism or lack thereof from the minute you walk in. There are usually only a few trainers actually with clients. The rest are hanging out and eating and talking. You will see sandwiches, pizza, tacos, and a variety of junk food being eaten. Phone calls are being made, and if you try to get their attention while they are eating, watch out. You will be made to feel very stupid and rude. One recent conversation was overheard in which the manager of the trainers stated that, when I see people, I don't see them as people, I just see dollar signs. Great attitude. To summarize: if you need personal training in the area, go elsewhere. There are plenty of other facilities around Oswego/Aurora that offer true, professional training by qualified and certified trainers. If you go through with your free fitness analysis, DO NOT SIGN the contract! If you are just looking for a decent place to work out, this facility is fine. The equipment etc.. is in grat shape because its new. Just beware that you are walking into a carlot. anonymous oswego, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Oswego, Illinois
20, Report #257578
Jun 28 2007
06:40 PM
LA Fitness is a scam! Ripoff Irvine California
I want a class action law suit brought against this company. In May of 07 when i opened up my account they changed the amount of the monies I wrote it for without my consent. (Which is a criminal offense, and I have all my documentation to prove all these facts against the gym) then this month, June 0f 07 I asked them if they could put a feeze on my account until the following month so i would have the funds, I then told they I didnt have the funds in my account please dont bill, they preceeded to tell me they could nothing to help me ( They meaning, the Operations manager of one of the gyms in Irine.) They not only charged my account ONCE but TEN differant times with my bank charging me $300.00 in fees. I then contacted the corporate office and they aswell told me there was nothing they could do for me. Not only that but be aware they WILL CHARGE FOR A FREEZE.....Which they didnt not tell me about. LA Fitness charges $10.00 for each account you have with them each month your account is froozen. They are very negligent and fraudgulent with information they give you when you sign up. I am a single mom of 4 and can't afford this $300.00 dollars in dept that they now have incurred me. Terrisa lake forest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #322772
Apr 01 2008
07:16 AM
LA Fitness Cancelling Membership. not possible? Atlanta Georgia
I called the Akers Mill location to cancel my membership, and was told that I needed to come in to fill out a form to process the cancellation. No problem, I went in on March 29th. The reason for my cancellation was that I manage a local hotel and have had several complaints from guests that the gym is unclean, and some have even reported staph infections from the equipment not being properly cleaned. When I arrived, there was a guy at the front counter on the phone who was clearly on a sales call. I stood there for about ten minutes before someone else came to the counter and asked if they could help me. I gave him my membership number, and he told me that my membership was scheduled to be canceled already. Skeptical, I asked if I needed to fill out any paperwork and he said No, we just cancel it when you call now. We don't do the paperwork anymore. He also mentioned that I had two months free anyway, and that I wouldn't be charged again. Still skeptical, I thanked him and left. On April 1st, the joke was on me. I was charged again! So I called LA Fitness back and asked for a manager. A VERY young girl answered the phone and when I told her what happened, she claimed that the person I described had not worked there for several months. So I guess the person I talked to was a ghost? I gave up and called the corporate Customer Service Department, waited on hold for 22 minutes, then talked to a representative named Toni. She was very quick to offer a refund for the most recent charges, and to take my report of the staph infections reported by my hotel guests. She didn't seem at all shocked by my statements and I would guess that was because she hears it all the time. I did insist that they file some report in regard to the health issues and improper cleaning of the equipment. I'm still waiting for the refund, however. Chris Smyrna, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
22, Report #93659
Jun 04 2004
10:51 AM
LA Fitness Ripoff Sleezy and Hustling Salespeople Casselberry Florida
I walked into LA Fitness the other week to inquire about a membership. I filled out a general information form with my name and address and one gentleman started inquiring about what my fitness goals were. I said that I take care of my own fitness and I just want to know how much a membership costs, I was not interested in going over my fitness goals with this clown. Then another gentleman by the name of Mike came over and asked the same questions. I aked him how much a membership was for a year and he refused to answer the question. They instead wanted me to waste my time looking at the gym before they told me the price. I told him that I would only look at the gym if I knew how much a membership cost. This clown Mike then told me that it was the company's protocol to show me around and get more of my health information before they told me the price. Eventually I said Either you tell me the price of a membership right now, or I'm gonna get up and leave. This stubborn idiot then showed me the door and said. There are plenty of other gyms in the area. Well, this clown Mike was right, a World Gym is right up the road where I went and they told me the price of their memberships right away and I paid for a year membership there. Evan Casselberry, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Casselberry, Florida
23, Report #359237
Aug 04 2008
08:29 PM
LA Fitness Unfair Membership Termination Practices Hemet California
Help stop unfair membership termination practices by the PT Director of LA Fitness. We are taking up a petition drive to help Don Kintzle regain his membership. Please send your letters of support to the Operations Manager, Sylvia Bundrant, or if you wish to do this anonymously, call Dan Corse, (951) 766-4508. We are also in the process in getting a lawyer to sue them for discrimination against Don, and for sexual harassment against several female members of the club. If you are a woman that feels you have received unwanted attention on the part of the staff of LA Fitness, I want to hear from you. Thank you. DC Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hemet, California
24, Report #370809
Sep 08 2008
09:23 AM
LA Fitness You are just a number Hemet California
Of the 70 new stores that were to be built by LA Fitness in 2008, only three will actually make through 'construction complete' while the rest have been put on an indefinite hold. This is in part due to the soft economy, real estate prices in free-fall, rising unemployment and consumer goods indexes (fuel). How is this a rip-off? Easy, you take an organization whose sole bent is to profit from the American diseases related to obesity and generally poor fitness habits, couple it up with a savvy Chinese business-dictator, give them unlimited funding under the auspices of minority-owned business, and Fitness-Gate is right around the corner. Ever wondered why you seemed to be the most important person in the world until the deal closed? You're just another sweetheart number. But that 20 minute sales pitch felt good, didn't it, until six months later you figured out you could have gotten a better work-out in your garage. Ever take your complaint to the front desk? How many employees in the facility do you think have any real authority? I have witnessed fist-fights in their clubs and parking lots with the result of none of the offenders losing their memberships. In fact, if you to go to any Meagan's Law Website, you'll find that they allow child-molesters to join the club where your minor children are; because, they're just a number too. It's just a sales number game, and you're on your own with the fitness itself, unless you want to take a second deed of trust out on your house to pay for their grossly inflated personal-training services from teenagers that happened to pass a week-end qualifidcation test. So here's the bad news, in third quarter of fiscal year 2009, the board of directors of LA Fitness having had the most profound losses handed to their organization ever, will begin by closing fitness facilities that aren't making their quotas. Areas hit hardest by real estate vacancy and foreclosure (Hemet helps lead the nation in this one) will be at the top of the list. If you think it won't happen, remember you're just a number, and it's almost up. Vincent Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hemet, California
25, Report #411537
Jan 13 2009
11:29 AM
La Fitness Caveat Emptor Deerfield Beach Florida
Florida's Attorney General's website shows the required contents of Health Club Contracts - LA Fitness has not contracts while having access to your account for billing - read associated complaints - contact Florida's Department of Agriculture to file complaints. wrb747 boca raton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Deerfield Beach, Florida

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