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26, Report #331222
May 07 2008
06:27 PM
Lans Corp - Legal Aid National Services, INC Legal Services Denver Colorado
I contacted Lanscorp in Dec. 2006. They charged me $450.00 to do legal paperwork regarding custody of my niece. Her mother had passed away and her father had abandoned her. I have had several case workers. I have talked to Mark Mead, Mark Bliss, Yasmine ? just to name a few. Not one of them has helped. I still do not have my paperwork to go to court, nor do I have my money back. The last time that I spoke with anyone, I asked for my money back and they said that we will have your paperwork to you by the end of the week. That was a year ago. My husband and I do not make a lot of money. We saved and saved for that $450.00. We should have just flushed the money down the toliet. My niece still lives with us, but we do not have custody of her. She is going to be 15 soon. I guess it really will not matter in three more years. I am really glad that someone has finally taken action against this company. What they are doing is wrong, people work hard for their money. Ann Bullard, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
27, Report #1059906
Jun 18 2013
05:49 AM
ABC Legal Services Inc ABC Legal Services Inc agents comitting fraud or perjury? Riverside California
Today I received a letter from a debtor's rights attorney notifying me of litigation that may be pending against me. I contacted the Riverside Superior Court and found out Stephanie Beman from ABC Legal Services claims to have served me on behalf of Hunt & Henriques several week ago and now here appears to be a default judgment against me.Several week ago a lady trespassed on onto my private property (fenced yard sign posted) and said she was with Capital One I refused to identify myself and told her to leave or I would contact the police and press charges for trespassing onto private property. She left without mentioning any litigation or attorneys etc and left NO paperwork for me whatsoever, nor did I receive anything in the mail from ABC Legal Services, Hunt & Henriques (plaintiff's attorney) not the Court about any civil complaints or summons to appear (I guess civil procedure and due process of law are no longer relevant). This must be some kind of new stealth lawsuit n which the courts allow the plaintiff to get to garnishing wages, putting liens on houses and attaching bank accounts without the defendant even knowing they have been sued much less afforded an opportunity to appear to contest the case... due process? I guess the bank own the local goverment and judicial branch in addition to the Federal government now and we are ALL now their servants.By signing I declare under penalty of perjury...  Stephanie Beman and ABC Legal Services appears to be guilty of perjury and fraud. It is my belief this is not the only case of this and I would like to put together a class action lawsuit against ABC Legal Services with Hunt & Henriques, Capital One, Stephanie Beman and other process servers and agents of ABC Legal Services which have committed fraud or perjury and need to others to join in suit to show a clear pattern of behavior potential to pierce the corporate veil and include the directors of ABC Legal Services personally if their is informed consent on their part of these unlawful activities by their agents.Any similarly situated clients should also file a complaint here with an accurate email or other means of contact confidentially on file wth RipOffReport and those records can be subpoenaed if necessary or contact...Hyde & SwigartAttn: Crosby Connolly2221 Camino Del Rio South Suite 101San Diego CA 92108Tel 619-233-7770Fax 619-297-1022Email:
Entity: Riverside, California
28, Report #1148336
May 20 2014
03:54 PM
Roy Jackson with US Legal Services Contacting you to settle a debt with US Legal Services Jacksonville Florida
A person by the name of Roy Jackson claims I owed a loan to him and that I needed to contact their offices toresolve this issue, failure to do so with result in the local sherrif's office be contacted for my arrest.  I would need an attorney, and  if I did not have one they would assign me legal assistance to resolve this issue...I replied with I will  get with my Attorney  to get back to you...Then,  I investigated myself and googled it.  With This in mind  and come to find out Im just one of many who seem to be scammed out of money..Find out who this scammer is and put the law in my favor against criminals like this...
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1007691
Feb 02 2013
06:55 AM
Kirk Wilhite Accuserve Ohio process server, attorney services, process serving, Columbus, Ohio
Kirk Wilhite runs Accuserve Ohio and is a complete scam artist. Called in December and sent a check which he quickly cashed. Never served the process, never returned phone calls, just took the money and vanished. I will never trust him again and any intelligent attorney would be crazy to trust him with their service of process. He screwed the litigation up since the defendant had to be re-served and new court dates scheduled. This phony business should be shut down.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
30, Report #1199905
Jan 07 2015
08:53 AM
ABC Process Service Failure to pay for services Dallas Texas
I am a certified PA State Constable, I was contacted by ABC Process Service on November 13, 2014, to serve a legal document for them in Athens Pennsylvania.  The rate of service was $65.00.  I was then sent a 66 page document which I had to print off plus I was asked to send back the origional signed return of service.  I had to add in the cost of printing and mailing, bringing the totol invoice to $71.00 After two weeks I still had not been paid, I contacted them and was again asked to send another invoice, I did.  after another week and a half, I called and spoke with a person who said that payment would be sent right out.  By Christmas eve I still had not been paid. I called early in the day and spoke with a person who claimed to be the owner, when I stated what the nature of the call was, I was told he wasn't discussing open invoices and he hung up on me. I have tried to call since then and my calls go straight to a voice mail as though my number is blocked. It is now January 7th, 2015, I served the document for ABC on November 14th, 2014, they have had more than enough time to pay for my services.
Entity: Dallas , Texas
31, Report #1191361
Nov 25 2014
02:08 PM
Northshore process service network services unrendered Evanston Illinois
  The company North shore processing Services came recommended to me by the Deputy Clerk of the circuit Court for Harrisonburg VA to serve a summons. The service fee was $75 with an additional $15 dollar fee for a notarized confirmation of services rendered.  In the very beginning dealing with this company they were very rude to me the paying customer. In all communication they clipped in their speech and always in a hurry. In the week that it took for them to serve the paper work to the individual I and the deputy clerk were met with sarcasm and degradation. The individual was served November 2, 2014 however there has been no receipt of the notarized confirmation.  The company claims to have mailed the confirmation directly to the clerk’s office.  The clerk’s office has no receipt, when I called to inform Northshore processing of this the adamantly denied wrong doing and when a copy of the receipt was requested they stated that I would need to pay$35 for another copy and that would not be possible until the processor return from vacation. I am now left without being able to go forward with my court proceedings and having to go through the process of having the individual served a second time.  As a single mom of 4 I cannot afford to continue proceed this way, they took advantage of me being out of state and security in the knowledge that I’d have no recourse.
Entity: Evanston, Illinois
32, Report #287622
Nov 29 2007
08:56 AM
Some man with a heavy foreign accent contacted me at work and said that someone had filed a legal suit against me and that if I didn't cooperate with them, they would send someone to my work and have me arrested. These people had my social security number, address and work information. Once he started asking me personal questions, I refused to answer. When I asked who had taken out this legal action against me, he became very beligerent and told me that someone would be coming to my job today and arresting me. He then hung up on me. I called the number he had given me back but once I started asking questions again, he just hung up on me again. I have tried to call back several times but no one answers. If anyone reads this, please do agree to anything or answer any of their questions. Wendy Benson, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: California
33, Report #589796
Apr 05 2010
01:46 PM
UNITED PROCESSING LEGAL DEPARTMENT Alan Scott -- Valley Springs, California
I got a call from an Arab man about a month ago from United Processing Legal Department saying that his name was Alan Scott (sounds Arab to me) and stating that i was going to be arrested if i didnt pay $700 back for a payday loan that i had out through Advanced America (which i did). So i paid it all and havent heard from them since. WELL, today Advanced America calls me and says that i still owe them $500. I told them no, we settled at an amount of $700. They said they never sold my balance to a collection agency or anything. So United Processing Legal Dept. had all my information. Now they have my bank account numbers, social security number, my address, and drivers license number. Dont not do anything for these people. Dont let them scare you. Its fake. Its a scam. Its fraud
Entity: Valley Springs, California
34, Report #461843
Jun 15 2009
03:43 PM
Pre Paid Legal Another Company in the Long Line of Consumer Scams Ada Oklahoma
Three months ago, I canceled my account with PPL. They contacted their representative (who sold service to me), who called me and asked the standard questions...What happened? Can I do anything to change your mind? etc... The answers were nothing and no. The facts are, they did help me one time. But, I just do not want the service any longer. The following month, they hit my credit card, again. I contacted my agent, who said he'd take care of it. This month, they hit my credit card, again. I called customer service waited on hold adinfinitum. When they came on the line, I told my story. Instead of I'm sorry. Let me check into this. She said, You can only cancel in did you cancel? Knowing this was going to go down hill, I excused myself from the call and immediately called my agent. This led me to think back on all the issues we've been having this year with customer service. From getting the hamburger or taco we order to fighting with companies to get our money, returned to us, on time, and by the law. In Texas, we have an amazing Attorney General, Mr. Greg Abbott. I have brought these things to his attention, and anticipate some legislation to truly protect the consumer from these delay tactics by corporations, such as Pre Paid Legal. After all, I don't know what I was thinking...I signed up to work with lawyers...oops. R houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ada, Oklahoma
35, Report #466826
Jul 01 2009
12:24 PM
Harmik Simonian Legal CPU A complete Scam. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM Burbank California
I contacted this company on June 9 reference a small claim suit. I was informed that a representative would be contacting me within 24 to 48 hours. Constant calls to this company are routed to a phone mailbox. No one has ever returned a call to me. Since I made payment through Google Store I contacted Google store who stated I needed to contact Legal CPU to get a credit to my charge card (that's useless since they don't answer or return calls). I have since contacted American Express and informed them I want a credit to my account. Bill Norcross, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Burbank, California
36, Report #449630
May 07 2009
12:25 PM
ACS Legal Department Another number to add to this Gardena California
I received a call that did show up as a 9940432829 number and the person left me a very threatening message that either me or my retained attorney return the call to prevent anything bad happening to me - 310 807-0646 was the number left and the name Nick Knight. Karen Ashtabula, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Gardena, California
37, Report #1089711
Oct 05 2013
12:37 PM
Legal Shield scam, pryamid and brain washed emplyees ada Oklahoma
I am very upset and disturbed by this scam of an organization. Please do not be suckered in like I was! ! was overchanged charged(use banking routing information which is impossible to disbute or get returned)  three times for a total of $46.95 I call the next day to cancel they said fine you will get all back but the $10.00. But they said you have to put in writingand they sent the paper work in which I  and sent back righ away. Three months latter no refund  they stated wating for everthing to clear? Finally I get a check  back for $9.53 back. I called and said this is a mistakeI needed $36.00 back. Oh no because it is pro- rated from the time they processed the refund. What?  I canced with in 24 hours.  After the next call on phone for 40 minutes I got a whopping  check back for $4.01 for a total of $13.54.  Still short of $22.45.   This is the biggest scam todate. Please stay away and tell all your friedns and family.
Entity: ada, Oklahoma
38, Report #1272158
Dec 04 2015
08:10 PM
Legal Zoom Complete Fraud and Rip off as soon as they get your Money Austin Texas
You pay Legal Zoom over a thousand dollars to process application for 501(c)3 business status and after six(6) months of no emails or phone calls, you get a complete customer service of circular reasoning and no response. It totally frustrating and you cannot break through to anyone of authority to tell you the status of your account once they have your money. The CUSTOMER CARE TEAM is a total JOKE !!!!
Entity: Austin, Texas
39, Report #1215882
Mar 15 2015
11:15 AM
US Legal Support Rebecca Ruzicka Unpaid invoice for Subpoena Woodland Hills California
US Legal Support send a Subpoena to me for materials to be used in a case. The documents were very clear as to what they demanded from me. I was in touch weekly with them as I prepared everything that they demanded. Those materials were sent in a timely manner to them. Once received, they sent the invoice back unpaid. Do not be intimidated by their demands for information for they do not pay for what they ask for. They masqueraid as a legitimate company working on behalf of attorneys but lied to me as they demanded materials and in the end never paid for them.
Entity: Woodland Hills, California
40, Report #1037981
Mar 26 2013
12:27 AM
Caveman Process Serving Caveman Process Server, Philip Becker Dishonest Process Server, Unregistered, No Business Lisense, Falsifies Case Files Internet
DO NOT USE THEM. CAVEMAN IS 100% UNRELIABLE. DO NOT USE.  Don't normally write reviews, but since i'm absolutely fed up with fishy and flaky services from incompetent companies, i will write about my experience with Caveman process servers from OC, Riverside. Caveman Process Server is unethical, not licensed in the state of California, lies about Service of Process and puts multiple people in danger of losing their cases due to the untruthful practices.  Dealt with this guy named Phil. I requested process service (serve court papers) with two weeks in advance of due date. They advertise as the top notch server in town. After contacting them and talking to Phil, he asked me to email him my documents and credit card info which i did asap. He said this will go out tonight. I thought, oh wow, cool. The next day i notice, my credit card has been charged already, so i'm thinking ok cool, so they must of served papers to the guy i'm taking to court. WRONG. So the story continues like this.... I kept politely and extremely patiently checking with Phil every couple days to get status on my service. This is already a red flag. After a week and a half was gone, i told Phil to please make sure it gets done because the deadline is two days away. He told me no problem, we're professionals, if i have to go down there myself and serve these papers i will do it. He told me that the guy who was supposed to serve the papers was having family problems and his mother was very sick. Which, if true, i feel for the guy, BUT that has nothing to do with not delivering the service as advertised, plus i had been extremely patient. So anyhow, since Phil NEVER called to give me an update (i mean NEVER, i was the one always calling him), i called him the day the process serving was due. He said sorry, it didn't get done, my guy still having problems with his mom and he couldn't get out there on time and will not be able to do it today. We can file an extension for you. I'm thinking WHHHAAAATTT??? All this time he told me it will get done, it will get done, it will get done then on the last day before the deadline he tells me, sorry it's not happening. Still patiently, i told him to please issue me a refund immediately and i did not want to trust him with my case. He seemed upset and reluctant to give me a refund, after he had wasted my time and money and continuously mis-led me about we'll get it done for sure, don't worry.  He finally agreed to give me a refund and we parted ways. They took a whole week to process my refund and I had to call to check status on it, cus you know, there's a process to follow...and it takes time.....yea, whatever!!!..there's no process to charge my credit card and fail miserably at providing the service you charged me for!!! So the day that the process service was due, i contacted a different company that did a rush order on my papers, literally, within 3 hours of me calling this other company, the target individual was served. Now, THAT'S how a professional works. Just because I was so disappointed with Caveman and SO satisfied with this other company that did a pro job and put Caveman to shame, I will tell you who they are: Walt Steward Investigations, in OC. In any case, if you can remember ONE THING from this review, remember this: DO NOT USE CAVEMAN PROCESS SERVING, THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CASE, AND MAKE YOU WASTE MONEY AND TIME.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #1200047
Jan 07 2015
07:13 PM
Criminal Justice and legal law services Criminal justice legal law services Scam Auburn, New york
I received a phone call from the criminal justice and legal law services in Auburn New York, telling me I never paid a payday loan, and that I would be arrested the next day.  They would be coming to arrest me at my place of employment or my home and that I would most likely lose my job. They told me it was a federal offense and that I would be charged with a felony and be put in jail... My fines would total over $5,000. Or I could settle with them for the amount of $1,538.69.  The guy's name was I believe Ryan Green... The phone # was 315-370-4388 he told me I needed  to pay the fine with 30min or else he could not help me. He would not take a certified check( which could be traced) they only wanted my checking account or some green dot card...   just a warning......... It's a scam be careful putting your information out there!!! 
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #670796
Dec 12 2010
03:37 PM
Injunctions Direct Action Direct injunction legal , Internet
I applied for an injunction in August 2010. I was having problems with a neighbour who when drugged or drunk thought I would make suitable entertainment shouting abuse making threats, I spent two weeks staying with my Mum, went back to my flat to find the door frame cracked and blood on the floor.  I went on line to injunction direct and they said they would send out a letter to my neighbour, nothing happened, then I had her shouting how she was going to kill me and her friend shouting that they would do me some damage.  I phoned injunction direct and gave them an update and asked fro help. Again I was told it would be going through and I should have the injunction by the end of the month. I again went home to collect a few things my neighbour and her friends shouted abuse before I reached the door. I turned round walked away and stayed at a bed and breakfast. I found a new flat to live in but the harassment has not stopped as when I walk down the Folkestone Road towards town I receive abuse from them. they shout there she is and shout the Dog and pretend to bark at me. I again phoned Injunctions Direct no answer I sent an e-mail then a Letter still nothing. I went on the customer service line this is a call centre in India and the staff I tried to contact by e-mail didn't speak English. To add insult to injury I spoke to our PCSO he said and I quot Are you sure you haven't done any thing to provoke them? It would be better if I took the high ground and not to walk along the Folkestone Road and if I do see them just look down at the floor. How insulting is that.  I am an ex soldier I dont walk looking at the floor. I am now a teacher and worked hard for my qualifications and this community support officer wants me to walk about with my head down looking at the floor so a group of drunks can carry on. I got back in touch with injunction Direct at the beginning of this month 5/12/10 after a further act of abuse one of the ladies shouted abuse and dropped her trousers and showed me her back side and her friends laughed I dont want to call the police again because of the PCSOs attitude he does not want to be involved.
Entity: Internet, Internet
43, Report #1229870
May 18 2015
08:55 AM
American Litigation Services Fraud Richmond Virginia
A Mr. Davis with ALS (American Litigation Services) left a message on my cell saying, I show your case record here is listed as incomplete.  I do not show a response to the paperwork either from you or your retained attorney on file.  It is imperative we speak with you immediately in order to gather some information before your case is turned over to the state. Please give us a call here at the office at 804-415-6006 and one of the associates here will gather that information from you.  If we do not hear from you we will have to move forward as scheduled.  Thank you. Of course I was terrified.  I called back and spoke to a Ryan Smith who advised me that First Primary Funding was the company that I allegedly owed money to from a pay day loan and that I was committing fraud by not paying them back.  I was told that they couldn't give me any more information on the specific company that I owed, but after I made the payment all the pertinent information would be sent to me in a package. They knew my social security number and email address but they had old bank account information from 5 years prior and they did not have my current address. They said my balance was $1,051.86 and they would take a settlement payment of $525.93.  The transferered me to their processing center where I spoke to a Mr. Williams who was expecting to take the payment by cdredit card immediately.  When I told him I would not have the money until my next pay date he transferred me back and I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Jessica Parker.  She said she would be able to extend the payment out to my next pay date but then it would be $823.10. They are very convincing.  And they know what to say to scare you.  Needless to say I actually gave them my new address and a payment, however it was a post dated which gave me time to invesitgate and I was lucky to find the exact same story on Ripoff Report.  I was never so happy to find this information and that is why I am also adding my experience. I cancelled the card that I gave them for payment and waited for them to call and ask why the payment was declined.  I told them that I found them to be fraudlent and that I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General's Office of the state of Illinois. I asked them how do they sleep at night defrauding and taking money from innocent people.  
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
44, Report #1328618
Sep 16 2016
04:43 PM
Golden State Services Fairfield California
 I'm trying to save my house from foreclosure. I gave them $3,000. I called my mortgage company and all things were denied. I keep trying to call Golden state Services in Arizona and they very seldom call me back. I just found your article and discovered they are fraud. I'm starting with another company, but with them I don't have to pay until they can help me. I'm not sure if I can get my money back or not now.
Entity: Fairfield, California
45, Report #1104201
Dec 04 2013
07:17 AM
Dominion Process Servers They Compromised our Legal Case!! Rip Off Artists - SCAM - Do Not Use! Toronto Ontario
Dominion Process Servers were hired to affect court documents service. We mailed the documents to their Brimley Road address along with a company cheque.  They were paid but no service was affected and no Affidavit confirming service was ever provided. They have failed to provide the service for which they were paid and failed to provide proof which would confirm that the service they were supposed to provide was indeed provided.  By doing so, Dominion Process Servers have compromised a Civil Litigation Case and we are seeking damages. DO NOT USE these people!  It is a SCAM!  They have a BBB rating of F with 6 complaints that they never even responded to!  And they have several articles wirtten about them on
Entity: Select State/Province
46, Report #173237
Jan 25 2006
01:08 PM
Davison ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I have been working with Davison since 2002.I wanted to believe they had my best interest at stake until now. I have called them on numerous occasions recently and they donot return phone calls. I am supposedly working with andrew cable, executive licensing director. He has not responded to my last four phone calls. In fact the call I made in october, was returned by a female co-worker of his and told me they had a product licensing meeting set up and would get back to me in the begining of November. If anyone is doing a class action law suit out there please contact me. I hope we can inform others to not make the same mistakes I made. I would like to recover the money as it was never mine but borrowed from a family member. People, please do not fall for these scams. They are very good at convincing you that they know what they are doing. Erica Rochester, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
47, Report #624818
Jul 19 2010
01:43 PM Taffic school? Yeah right , Internet is a complete rip off. I spend 39$ just to be able to take a course, then another $13.95 for the course. They advertise themselves as the lowest price period! It's true, they were but I got what I paid for....Nothing. They sent my cert of completion late, which resulted in a point on my record and insurance rate hikes. Then when I contacted them, they refaxed a copy to the courts. Great, except it was already passed the due date. They really dropped the ball. Then I contacted their live help customer service. I explained the situation and they just left me sitting there for 20 mins with now answer. No hold on sir or anything along those lines. Spend the extra 5 bucks and use a better online traffic service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
48, Report #842349
Feb 20 2012
07:28 PM double your means tet scam Internet offers to pay you to take their means test prior to filling out your paperwork.I did that and got a certificate number you were supposed to use once you are ready to pay. Their website showed everything was right and they took double what I paid for the means test off.It was $58.When paypoint .net sent the confirmation of my payment they didn't take it off and I was charged full price.I paid $29 for the means test and $139 for the paperwork.I tried repeatedly contacting both of them to no has no phone number on their site and gives a phone number on theirs that has too many numbers(11)and can't be called.This is a site for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and the savings they advertise in regards to the means test was a determining factor in choosing them.$58 is a lot of money to me right now.
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #862591
Apr 02 2012
10:09 AM
EAS past client lexington, Kentucky
This company never followed up any information. they took my paymeny quickly and left me inthe dust after i tried to get more informtion. associate name kept changing every time i had called to inquire about my case. total rip off this guy should get sued and more. All phones and office are disconnected and empty.
Entity: lexington, Kentucky
50, Report #525207
Nov 18 2009
06:35 AM
Googasian - A Big RIP-OFF Internet
Googasian is not just a law firm but a devil's advocate. The firm is a complete scam and charges exorbitant fees from its clients. Googasian makes fake tall claims that it handles all matters for clients in desperate situations and is a specialized litigation firm, however the ground reality is that it is a fraudulent hound which hunts clients in order to earn easy money. I contacted the firm recently and was irked by the rude and unfriendly behaviour of their customer support team which was hellbent on explaining to me my case fees rather then listening to my acutal case. Their website also looks suspicious and the first impression one gets after visiting is that it is a firm created by a bunch of goons rather then expert lawyers. My experience shows that one should stay away from Googasian P.C. as it is a complete RIP-OFF in every sense of the word. Save your money and time by completely FORGETTING Googasian.   
Entity: , Internet

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