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1, Report #616764
Jun 23 2010
03:48 PM
F.F.E. Liars, Liars, Liars Lancaster, Texas
When I hired on, I recruited another driver, I was supposed to get $500.00 for his hiring, It took 1 month to get the money, Don't try to meet a doctors appointment, They will tell you that that has no meaning.
Entity: Lancaster, Texas
2, Report #1035968
Mar 19 2013
06:04 AM
I ordered a costume on 5th March, I required it by 21st March.  I checked their processing times and their shipping times.  When I checked out this is the tailoring time and shipped time.  I have copy and pasted this Time: 5-8 Calendar Days.See Details >>Shipping Time: 2-8 Calendar Days.See Details >>We ship to over 200 countries worldwide.  So even if they took maximum time to make and maximum time to send I would still have it by 21st March.  I read all the complaints online so i thought I would call them last week and ensure it would be ontime.  I said that if they could could make it and send it on time I did not want it and would cancel.  I was assured time after time that it would be here on time.  Spoke to numerous people including the morons on their on line chat (what a joke) then my exclusive customer service rep (hahahahaaa) then Shirley.  Lied and lied and lied.. the shirley sent an email and said sorry to tell you that your item will be late.  I said how many times do I have to tell you that if it did not arrive by 21st March I do not want it!! Now they only want to refund shipping.  These people have no customer service skills, very bad english, they cut and paste all their replies.  How do they get away with it.  Do not purchase anything from this company..  I have resorted to leaving bad comments on their Facebook page..  How do I spread the word to other unsuspecting consumers???
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #542880
Dec 21 2009
07:28 AM
David Mcdavid Nissan Liars! Liars! Liars! Houston, Texas
Hello, I just wanted to tell everyone do not believe that you are going to get a car here. First this lady  name Vanessa calls me,to tell me that I was approved for a car. Well I did not beleive her so I ignored the calls.So then I answered the phone and ask her are you sure that I am approved,please do not waste my time. So she told me I am looking at your approval from a bank right now. So me and my husband went down there,and so we waited out in the lobby until we was called. Then we went back there to the salesman and he comes up with this bullshit story that I am going to have to have a co-signer. Well,why did Vanessa not tell me this at first? Then he tells me also the bank only approved me for $7000. What kind of car can I get with that? Then he told me that I have to have a large down payment like around $10,000. They told me that they had a program going on called clean slate. Well this company is not a good reputable company and I would advise any one not to go there. Then you never get to see the lady that  called you! I beleive they keep them lock up back there so they can get us in there. The staff had a I dont care attitude,and the place is just full of lies. They are liars! Liars! Liars!
Entity: Houston, Texas
4, Report #1239372
Jul 02 2015
12:56 PM
5, Report #643514
Sep 23 2010
05:06 AM LIARS LIARS LIARS!!!!! Internet
I ordered a collection set of dvds from this online company.  The website promised 100% customer satisfaction.  Upon receipt I discovered some of the discs were scratched and of poor quality.  I contacted the company by email as their phone number was disconnected and was assured I could return at my expense of course.  I had to return them to China.  (Had I known from the beginning that it was UK and China based I never would have ordered from them.) I was promised a refund that would post within 48 hours of their receipt. The received the return on 9/11/10 and I have not received my partial refund, now they tell me it will take 2 months for the banks to process the transaction.  That is bigtime BS. After much back and forth email with this company I have come to the conclusion that they are a bunch of lying frauds and please do not order anything from them.  BAD BAD BAD
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1023889
Mar 05 2013
01:41 PM
Direct TV Liars, Liars, Liars Internet
Direct TV are some liars who mislead customers into thinking they are going to get a deal and save money only to change and pretend to have insomnia when you get your bill and see outrageous charges on it. I plan on filing a complaint against them for false information with BBB-Better Business Bureau. $25 a month for a Genie on top of your cable bill? Who does that? Why wasn't this told to me beforehand? Because Direct TV are liars and con artists that's why. My services are always out and I have to go through hoops just to get a credit for it. Stay far away from this bootleg company. I'm tired of consumers, such as myself, getting jerk around by these greedy companies, such as Direct TV.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #492778
Sep 10 2009
11:45 AM
Transport Services - Boca Raton Fl LIARS, LIARS, LIARS, LIARS,LIARS!!!!! Internet
Transport Services in Boca Raton is a FRAUD!The first thing they tell you is WE ARE A DIRECT CARRIER and NOT a BROKER. This is a LIE. They bait consumers in by claiming to be a direct carrier and even try and tell you that the have a driver ie Tim or Tony that will be in the area and can get it done right away. That's a LIE. I did my research and found out they only have a couple of trucks and broker out everything else. They are LIARS and that's why they have an F with the BBB. They claim good ratings on but that site is not like this one or the BBB. Bad Ratings can't be taken down. KUDOS to this site for protecting consumers.If you want a good transporter contact the BBB. I did and I was very pleased with the honesty of the company I used.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #721087
Apr 22 2011
11:41 PM liars, liars, liars, unprofessional, rude, ripoff company Internet
In March 2009, i purchased a ticket thru cheaptickets for my daughter and for personal reason she was unable to to make her flight. So i called cheaptickets customer service to try and get a refund and was told that i was unable to do anything because although i bought and paid and made all the reservations the ticket was in my daughters name and only she could make any changes or request for a refund on this ticket. however i was reassured that it won't be a problem for her to make any changes when she was ready and that she will have a credit thru cheaptickets. I was never informed that she had to use that credit within 1 year. So this morning after being transferred to 4 different people, had to hold for almost and hour and hung up on twice, i was informed that there was nothing or no credits due for the 500 some dollars that they kept of my money. I aasked to speak to a manager or someone higher up and was informed by an agent that barely spoke clear english that it didn't matter who i requested to speak to there was nothing anyone could do for me. All i was trying to do was use the credit and purchase a cheaper trip that cost 247.00 and i would have gladly let them keep the rest if they just redid  my daughters ticket. I was even willing to pay a rebooking fee if neccessary but i kept getting nothing but the run around and no solutions. So am i just supposed to sit here while they keep my money? Please someone help me and give me some info on how to take care of this problem.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #760431
Aug 03 2011
02:43 PM
Go Finance Manager Gary Castle is a liar . He  called my boss instead of calling me concerning my payment.  He  then tried to tell me that what he did was perfect normal in a course of business.  If I treated customers the way this company did, I would be expecting a slap in the face from my customers.  He then tried to discuss my account with people from another finance company  and the manager of that one called to tell me what he had told her .  Never do business with this  compnay or you  will regret it!!!!
Entity: MERIDIAN, Mississippi
10, Report #1180841
Oct 03 2014
09:12 PM
Verizon Wireless Liars! Liars! Liars! Such Dishonesty!!! All Nationwide
Verizon Wireless customer service said they could save me money on my current monthly plan.  Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G shared data for $5 less than what I was currently paying.  I was still on an older plan without shared data, but the monthly charge was as high as I was willing to go.  When the customer service rep said I could get more for less cost each month, I swithched.  When I got my first bill, I was shocked to find out this was a promo plan, and that my rate would increase by $30 plus tax after 12 months!!!  There had been no mention of a Promotion Rate, or 12 month adjustment.  I have been a loyal customer of Verizon Wireless for over 3 years, but after this, I will be taking my buiness elsewhere.  I HATE LIARS!!!!  BEWARE - BEWARE - BEWARE!!
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #19349
Apr 22 2002
06:37 PM
MCI WorldCom Wireless Liars, Liars, Liars, Liars!!!!! dirty SOB's New York
Well where can I start first of we were called about a cell phone. They told us that we were pre-approved(to me that means that we automatically get the phone no matter what? what do you think?) and I asked them several times if we were and they said yes everytime. They told us that we were pre-approved for an Erikson phone, with a plan of 3000 night and weekend and 400 anytime min, $39.99 a month and $35.00 activation fee, no deposit, 1 year contract. We were then told that we would be receiving our phone in 7-10 days after they took all of our information. We then spoke to another person which was the manager and he verified all of our information. Well we expected our phone in 7-10 days, instead we get a letter in the mail stating that we can get the phone, but with an outrageous amount and that we would receive that back in two years if we wanted it. Well first of all I thought that we were pre-approved and second of all I thought it was a 1 year contract? Well I called and called and called until I was blue in the face. One persson tells us that she has heard of that before that a man just called and said that he got a letter in the mail saying that he wouldnt get the phone and then the next day he got another saying that he would and that he would be receving it in a fews days. Then she tranfers us to another person and they transfer us to a supervisor and she tells us that she had never heard of any of the numbers we had called (but isnt it funny that we just got transfered to her number?) and she said that she would take our number and info and make sure that she checks everything out and why this has happened and email everyone that she knew to email about the matter. She told us that she would be calling back the next day to get this taken care of? Guess what that was last week??? Hmmm go figure? So I call more numbers one to customer care and they tell me to call new sales and new sales tells me to call customer care.... For an hour I went back and fourth between the two. Finally I get a supervisor again in new sales and her tells me that the pre approved means nothing and that we would have to pay the deposit. I told him that they should tell people that they are invited to apply for the phone and not pre-approved then. I also told him that I was like me calling him and telling him that he had won $5 million dollars, but he wasnt going to get it because we was white, black, blue , green, bad credit, no credit whatever? (you know where I am going with it) And all he could tell me is that the pre-approved means nothing to them and they couldnt do anything for me!!!!! And now I am here telling this to you and I am not gonn stop here this isnt the las that they will hear from me. I am gonna email them every single post on this site and I will email it to the BBB too! If anyone out there has a suggestion please let me know I am open to anything! Oh yeah and to show how many numbers I called .... 1-877-297-0112 1-866-215-1506 1-866-926-6669 1-800-501-7456 1-800-449-2269 1-888-642-2089 1-877-730-5995 1-800-215-5335 Brandi Wolfforth, Texas
Entity: Texas
12, Report #579817
Mar 11 2010
11:25 AM
I was told they would get my moving company up on front page of Yahoo, Google, MSN, Craigslist, and even the mother f... told me on Pennysaver and everywhere... in top 3 slots with a commercial within 10-14 business days for 10 key word searches. After a month there was still nothing. When I called to inquire they took back everything I was told and would not let me speak to a manager. I called a lot of times. Finally someone said they would do their best to fix the problem. They don't do anything. It has been almost 2 months now and we have no where even near what we had been guaranteed in the first place. they did not give me any refund. i had to cancel my debit card so they could not take any more paymentsWanna loose your money. Pay believe these liars and give you credit card number and seat to wait for your ad in the first page of Google and even Pennysaver?Or use your common sense and think there are a lot of companies and only one first page on Google...if they promise all of the companies to be on the first page how they will fit all of them?Relevant Ads are lairs and they take the money of hard working individuals and don't provide the services they promise. these guys are trained to lie and bother you on the phone.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1270992
Nov 30 2015
09:30 AM
 I paid for my DNA results and I cannot access their site to get it through! I contacted them and nothing!
14, Report #421482
Feb 07 2009
05:31 PM - LIARS LIARS Calgary Alberta tells lies about company's this company takes CASH to be quite Stephane Sk, SaskatchewanCanada
Entity: Calgary, Alberta
15, Report #793662
Oct 31 2011
05:40 AM Thieves, Liars and Complete Frauds Atlanta, Georgia
I have been lied to and cheated out of $4,500 for the sale of my watch. My time piece sold 7/14/2011. I was told I would receive payment in early August. After numerous calls, emails and complete run-around by numerous members of their staff, as of 10/30/2011, I still have not received payment. They have stopped answering their phones and is a total scam and needs to be dealt with through a class-action lawsuit. Please contact me if you have begun such proceedings. I am available for travel to Atlanta at any moment necessary.John Cleveland, OH
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
16, Report #926032
Aug 11 2012
08:26 PM
GSP Management Complete Liars Morgantown, Pennsylvania
My husband and i have lived in the village of pleasant hills in hamburg pa just over 2 years. We were told when we moved in that as long as we followed the rules all would be ok. We have had a few times we forgot to put our trash out one or two weeks but only when it wasn't much and we always put it out the following week. Also whenever we got a note saying our porch was a mess we always cleaned it up withing a week! Also if we got behind on our grass and got a note we always mowed within 3 days! Then we get a note saying we are being evicted because of our grass is supposedly too long and we had a pile of trash which was put out the nite before the trash went right after we got the notice. Our grass also got mostly mowed within 36 hours! They lied to us and had the park manager lie to us! We are only human and forget to sometimes put our trash out. As far as the grass goes, i work full time and my husband has back problems and the park manager knows that, so we always get our grass mowed over a period of 48 to 72 hours and if we need help to get it cut in that time we always ask family or friends for help.
Entity: Morgantown, Pennsylvania
17, Report #1068445
Jul 19 2013
01:02 PM
STEER CLEAR FROM IHUB AND ITS ARMY OF SOULLESS BASHERS!Amongst all the LIEING and the MANIPULATION.. IHUB is involved in a greater range of CRIMINAL put spyware on people’s computers to see what they buy and then dump the stocks!!!!!They have got a controlled pump and dump setup built on a FALSE reputation that NEEDS to be broken down before investors lose any more hard earned cash!!
Entity: Colorado
18, Report #1155898
Jun 19 2014
05:54 AM
COMCAST Liars Liars NationWide Nationwide
Comcast is a joke I have been having problems with my services ever since I moved into this adress more than 3 years ago after various calls and more than 10 tech out here they still havent fixed the problem. On June 11th I finally spoke to some one that I though had resolve my issue told me that she was sorry and that I wouldnt have to look no further that she would take care of everything. Ok I played along. She stated that they wore going to credit me for basicaly 3 months of service since the last Tech had been out for my phone and internet service a bill credit of $189 and that she would send out a new Tech the very next day also a new better modem. Techs come out change modem everything seemed to work right for about a few hours. Then my services goes back out again. Tech called to check on thing let him know what was going on but that I was wating on new modem they had sent out. OK got new modem connected it. Now waiting. Contacted CSR to see about my credit now she telling me that the credit still open and that some one will have to call me in ref. to the credit my guess Thats right they more than likely are not going to give me the credit its been a week and no credit and she said credit are posted with in 48 hours. Am a single mother of 4 boys and i study online I need my internet to be working and the cable to be on so i can keep my lil ones busy...Am paying for the service why cant I get decent service.   LAW SuIT Any one ???? AM In ....
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1205684
Jan 30 2015
10:37 PM
Beezid Rip off and liars Canada Internet
in 2011 i tried out the site. was younger really didnt have the patinces to wait on auctions. Thought I would retry it.  Well that blow up in my face when Stephaine White called and promised me 75000 bonus bids. I plainly asked can they be used as regaular bids Yes Ma'am Yes Ma'am. After a very tough decision to buy a 200.00 bid pack for the great 75000 bids. go into a action and guess what bouns bids cant be used. so there for not only did I lose all my bids i lost the item because i was lied to... Three things in this world I cant stand is a lair and a cheap and a thief. and you have convince me you are all three..  **Best thing guys & girl, by the time you buy bids waste hours on a item, to bid on it and then what you spend on the item its not worth it... This will be one of the things I will always reget doing..    
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1165892
Jul 29 2014
02:37 PM
Yallstock Yallstock @ eBay Thieves, cheats and liars Internet
I won a bid for an eBay auction item.  Yallstock then sent me a message saying I needed to send them $19.95 more for them to ship my item.  I had already paid the $20.99 requested in their eBay add for shipping plus the cost of the item I bid on and won for cheap.  I contacted eBay to complain about Yallstock's extortion attempt and the eBay Rep read the extortion message and said Yallstock was holding my item for ransom, this was not right and that eBay would investigate.  It has been 6 days since I won this auction and they have yet to ship although they did give me a tracking number, (PROBABLY BOGUS).   Also, Yallstock continuously engages in Shill bidding.  This means that they bid on their own auction items to elevate the price which leaves the buyer to bid above the artificially inflated bid in order to win the item.  Many of these Chinese eBay auction sellers do this same thing for electronics item auctions.  These days I click the Report this item link very often.  I select Listing practices  next... Fraudulent listing practices and finally... Seller is using other accounts to inflate item price. Yallstock sells a ton of stuff on eBay so I would doubt eBay will do much of anything to correct this situation since eBay would be hurting their own bottom line by doing so.  It's all about the money!
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1268760
Nov 18 2015
10:04 AM
CES Liars Mobile, AL Alabama
 I went on indeed and there was a company by the name of CES who promised you a job with a one time fee of $180. Only to find out that in small print they tell you that you are responsible for finding your own job and once you go through their database you find out that you have already applied for the job this place is a fraud please do not go to them in fact they are cold hearted human beings.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1307526
May 24 2016
05:22 PM
SteelMaster Buildings Real Liars Virginia Beach Nationwide
SteelMaster buildings uses a scheme to try and get you to buy a building, claiming that it is 70% in their clearance inventory and there is only one left. They have a 70% off clearance sale every month with pretty close to the same buildings on there everytime. If you call and ask for a different size they will tell you that they have that one for 70% in their clearance inventory too. I talked to multiple reps and they all gave me different prices. They also had all different types of stories they made up about the buildings. They said they own the factory, but after doing research I found out that they buy there buildings from Future Buildings in Canada! Also, dont fall for the free shipping truck either. They will tell you that they have a truck heading through your town and can get you on the load for free or a discount. If they try this, tell them you need it on the following month and watch them backpedal. Stay away from this place it is way to shady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1309333
Jun 03 2016
12:17 PM
CRST Liars and con artist Cedar Rapids Nationwide
 I use to work for this company in 2006 til 2008 I had a great experience. I tried to come back several times and was denied. One day I get a call from a recruiter name John we talked and I asked is the company running the same suck lies me and this other gentlemen decided to team up and they broke our team up because they wanted us to train threatens to fire him if he didn't so he quiet I stayed biggest mistake of my life. A couple weeks later my truck broke down they fixed manner things but refused to fix the brakes got the truck out with the same problem told me they fixed the brakes. Now I go home and put the truck back in the shop and find out that they didn't fix the brakes which I already knew now the clutch is going bad and this time they refuse to fix this these company is full of BS don't let them trick you.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1393271
Aug 16 2017
04:34 PM LIARS Houston Internet
 Do not hire these people!! I hired them only to be left at the traffic alter! I was told that my tickets would most likely be dismissed or in the least reduced..ok, fair enough right? Paid my fees, got my confirmation email, and waited for my day in court. Welp, my day came, went to court, and per the instructions on the email, sat down and waited for my lawyer to call my name....there were a few lawyers there calling names patiently kept waiting. No one called my name and at this point we all had to rise for the judge. Even after the cases were lawyer. Case after case (we're are about 20m in to the docket) lawyer. MY NAME IS FINALLY the judge (FML), and still no lawyer. So now I've paid for representation and nope nothing PLUS now I have to pay the full amount of the ticket, no dismissal, no reduction, no help. When I called the listed phone number, the offices were closed, so the next day when I called around 10a the rep asked if I called to see what was going on..ummmmm you were closed. So I explained what happened. She said she was going to get a hold of the attorney and find out what happened then call me back. So I waited once again, till about 545p and called back to follow up since i still had not heard back from these people. When I inquired on why I haven't heard anything I was told because they haven't heard anything from the attorney yet, but this NEVER happens. So now I'm waiting on my refund, which I'm not to confident on receiving with out a hassle, plus i still get to pay my exhorbant traffic fine. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!! All the articles below about why you shouldn't pay your fines and hire them are marketing ploys. DON'T FALL FOR THE HYPE!!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #117779
Nov 14 2004
11:05 AM
Universal Advertising Liars Poor sales ethics Sales Nationwide
I spoke with Barry Stern 1-800-808-8948, and it sounded great, just perfect. But since that time, I have been looking around looking for additional information, on this business. I made it clear the them, my wife wants to do this from home we have a 12 month old baby. I did not want have to go out of the house, at all, as I don't do well face to face with others. And, I don't want to have to sell. Barry assured all this was possible, and so it sounded great. Since we sent our money, $7,500.00, on our credit card, we have experienced additional charges from these guys. Not only is the business not working, but these extra charges are killing us. We have disputed the charges with the cc company and plan on prosecuting these guys for illegally charging us, along with the cc company. Shirley New Town, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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