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26, Report #770922
Aug 30 2011
10:26 AM
Fontaine Press Jason Swiney Publishing scam. Fontaine Press do not pay authors royalties. Internet
I was approached by Jason Swiney of Fontaine Press a few years back to publish my book. It was selling around 800 copies per week. I have not received a single cent of the royalties Fontaine Press owe me. They are not a real publisher. They simply take your manuscript, make a pdf out of it, create an ISBN and sell it as print on demand copies.  I contacted Jason Swiney to ask where my royalties are and he said that they hadn't sold any books but for that year I had received thousands of emails from people saying they had bought my book and enjoyed it etc. When I started selling the book myself again through my website, not trusting this company anymore, I again sold between 600 and 1400 copies per week. Jason Swiney is a liar and a thief. I would avoid having anything to do with this con artist or his company.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #873799
Apr 25 2012
02:50 PM
Blue Gavel Press www.bluegavel.com BLUE GAVEL PRESS OSHA BOOK 'FREE' TRIAL' SCAM ! Internet
 I have been dealing with the exact same scam that user 'KKreates' has been experiencing with this 'company' ,so exact in fact ,that I will copy some of his text as follows; Blue Gavel calls for your permission to send the OSHA compliance training guide for a for a trial period. If you like the book you keep it, and pay for it. If you decide to return it, then you are to send it back. When the initial call was made, I specifically asked if returning the book would be at my expense. Lie #1. If you do not like the book, you may return it at your own expense. So I called and was instructed to send the book Priority Mail. So that is what I did, drove to the post office, sent the book Priority Mail, paid my $12 aprox, got a receipt,and sent it on its way. What a surprise to find out not only did they claim to not get the book but not they are harrassing me WEEKLY for an unpaid balance of almost $300.oo The catch is that when you send Priority mail, they do NOT give you a tracking number, so when Blue Gavel called and kept asking me for my tracking number there was nothing for me to give them. I read them all the info off the receipt including their zip code,and they said that would be OK. They then turned around and began hassling me relentlessly for full payment ( of something I returned fair and square) I know for a fact,after reading of similar stories, they DID in fact receive the book, but they are still wanting to collect the money, because they KNOW I have no proof of sending that book, because they don't give you proof of Priority Mail, and they HAVE to know that if they are instructing people to send it via this method. Because I didn't pay extra for Delivery Confirmation, they think they have me by the ba**s.After a few phone calls that were nothing but a waste of my time, I will not answer or return their harassing calls. I think its ridiculous that there is a group of women who keep passing me back and forth being blatantly rude, when they know damn well they got the book back in perfect condition,and try to get $300 from me because I can't prove delivery. ZERO INTEGRITY AT BLUE GAVEL PRESS !! DO NOT accept their FREE trial. It has cost me more in time, money, and headache then it was ever worth,I never even got any time to reveiw their book, as it was over the holidays and I had family in town ,and sent it back virtually new as received.Mark, C., OR
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #528478
Nov 25 2009
09:23 AM
DellArte Press Harlequin Horizons So-called vanity press misleadingly claims popular authors started out self-published Bloomington, Indiana
I contacted this vanity press to inquire about services.  The saleswoman falsely claimed that two popular authors had started out in selfpublishing.  One of the names she listed was JK Rowling.  The saleswoman insisted that Rowling had gotten her start in self-publishing after having her book rejected by a number of other publishers.After I got on the phone with her, I decided to check it out.  According to JK Rowling's website, the Harry Potter books were not self-published.  They were bought by a small publisher in Europe and then by another publisher in the United States.If this publisher is going to use big names to convince writers to self-publish, it's very misleading to use inaccurate stories.I did some more research and I want to urge caution to any individual interested in using their services.  They call themselves a self-publisher, but please do not be fooled.  With self-publishing, once the author pays the fees upfront, the author then pockets all the profits, yet this publisher takes half of any money you make.  Some research into this vanity press could likely save you a lot of time and money.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
29, Report #735574
Feb 11 2016
04:32 PM
Press Talent Tru Talent  Press Talent and Tru Talent, Brandie Frommelt one in the same Las Vegas, Nevada
Press Talent Management and Developement is the same company as Tru Talent Management.  They are both owned and operated by Brandie Frommelt. They have changed their name to try and avoid being linked to the same bad press.  Do your research and you will find that the Tru Talent in Salt Lake City is also owned by Ms. Frommelt and they have a very bad reputation. Ms. Frommelt is trying to avoid these two companies being linked but she will not get away with it.  Their sales people promise the world with nothing but an empty bank account in return. My friend's little girl signed up with a Steven Wiggill who basically promised her that her daughter would be making so much money from the work she got that it would pay for the $2000 contract her mom signed with no problem.  That NEVER happened, all she ended up with is the exact same shotty photography as everyone else that signs up and her daughter went to fake auditions that her mom was told was for GAP and IKEA but they were not real auditions. Ms. Frommelt is only concerned about the money in her own bank account.  If you do your research on her and her companies you will find out that she doesn't pay her employees their last checks, fights them tooth and nail on unemployment, and treats them like garbage.  A lot of people also say she is a man dressed up as a woman, that I don't know because I have never met her but from what ex employees say she is a HORRIBLE person that only wants your money. Don't be stupid and sign up with these people, and if you did and fell for the same trap go to your state's department of commerce and they can help you get out of the jam you have put yourself into!  Good luck!!!  Oh, and Brandie-karma will always catch up to you!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
30, Report #1010271
Feb 07 2013
08:02 AM
Vantage Press, David Lamb Vantage Press ripped us off. Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Vantage Press and it's president, David Lamb, signed contracts with us which he did not uphold. He took our money to publish and distribute a book. Hasn't happened! We also contracted with him to distribute our own books(600),which we shipped to Ingram at our own cost. No distribution! David how do you sleep at night.
Entity: Great Barrington, Massachusetts
31, Report #934256
Aug 29 2012
10:54 AM
Word Press offers to set up a free blog. I followed the instructions, gave them my personal info, including my email but my blog  was never put on the internet as promised. Instead I got a notice asking me if I wanted to 'UPGRADE' . It was supposed to be a FREE BLOG. F*GS liars cheats!!!
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #1161326
Jul 11 2014
12:13 PM
Friesen Press Friesen Press Self-Publishing company in BC, Canada. Scaming and fleecing. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Nationwide
 I bought a package from Friesen Press to publish my novel. I paid in full. As per the agreement, there must be two editorial reviews. They did the first editorial review, so unproffessional and low standard that I was surprised. I escalated this matter to their manager. They gave me the 'best editor'. The second review came with no errors removed and 140+ errors were added to the manuscript. I talked to the A/c Manager Ashley, she said, Everything is done correctly, this is the way we are going to publish your book. They hurt my feeling and my dream was shattered. A different ugly, crooked world opened up to me. I escalated again. They said they found out an amicable solution: I must pay 1484.00 to remove all the errors in addition to how much I had paid around 3200.00 I said, It is a rip off and a scamming. I should bring a criminal charge against FriesenPress. They terminated my contract and returned only 300.00. Then I complained to British Columbia Better Business Bureau and I found out that is another typical racist Canadian company. Why? Because the BBB reported and gave the verdict to Friesen Press first becasue Friesen Press is their member. They gave me the verdict a month after only when I requested them, whic is simply outrageous. Reason: I submitted too many emails to prove my case against Friesen Press. And good customer service, respect? As a non-white Muslim immigrant, I don't deserve that in Canada. I wish I didn't publish my book. Self-publishing has become a curse.          
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #1182878
Oct 14 2014
02:30 PM
Cafe Press Club Press Club ,as appears on credit card statements, or Café Club by Press Club CREDIT CARD SCAM. BEWARE OF COURTESY MEMBERSHIP Internet Kentucky
Beware of Cafe Press Club (aka Press Club)!  A charge for $9.95 appeared on a monthly business credit card statement under the name of Press Club.  I contacted the #877-843-8082 to get information on this charge.  The representative informed me that the $9.95 charge was for a Special Club Membership to savings.  I asked repeadtedly how they had the credit card number, and who authroized the charge.  She could only tell me that I purchased something through her company or an affiliate company and that I was sent a special offer after the fact and that I activated that membership by opening the email link.  She claims that I must have opened that email and clicked a link for the savings which automatically activates a Special Membership that is free for the first 30 days.   I do not recall such an email whatsoever. The details to that membership are in the fine print she told me.  After the 30 day free special membership the credit card on file is charged $9.95 monthly, until the membership is cancelled via email or phone or in writing.  I asked multiple times how they got the card number, what the initial purchase was to begin with...  She could not answer that question, as she works for a different company!  She agreed to refund the charge and cancel the membership fairly easily, but wouldn't explain how this scam originated in the first place.  She was very rehearsed, clearly a script read throughout the entire call.  It is obvious that her call center receives incoming phone calls just like mine all day long...  What a terrbile job that would be!  I asked for proof that the refund was applied back to the card charged and proof that the membership was cancelled, only to be told that she is not allowed to email from her department.  ???  I asked for a Supervisor at this point.  The Supervisor, Keith, couldn't share the initial credit card tranaction or details either.  He would only agree to send something in writing via mail showing the refund and cancellation of charge.  I asked him to remove all information to do with my company, the credit card info and etc. be removed immediately.  He advised me that though he will authroize the refund of their charge and the canecllation, that I may continue to receive speical offers for up to 90 days.  This is an outrageous scam!  This makes money on the hope that the rest of the public being scammed will not catch the charge on their statement and call to inquire as to what the charge is and how it got there.    This is FRAUD.  This scam needs to be shut down!
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1209564
Feb 16 2015
05:26 PM
Press Release Gorilla PressReleaseGorilla Pressreleasegorilla.com Press Release Gorilla Scam PressReleaseGorilla Scam Press Release Gorilla Review PressReleaseGorilla.com SCAM Seattle Oregon
Press Release Gorilla posted several messages on my indiegogo page using fake emails and names. I was desperate for help so I decided to go against my better judgement and respond to them. As soon as I showed any activity they flooded my inbox with promises. I listened. That’s where they get people, when they are at their most desperate moment and will believe anything. IT’S TOTALLY WRONG! I went with their “ultimate service” pressreleasegorilla.com/index.php#services AND I GOT ABSOLUTELY NO CONTRIBUTIONS BACK TO MY CAMPAIGN! ITS A TOTAL SCAM! Later I realized that Indiegogo was trying to save me by blocking the fake scam accounts that press release gorilla was using to sucker people in. WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMER RICHARD KENNEDY “richardkennedy.pr@gmail.com” … Unfortunately indiegogo was too late because I was stupid enough to give the press release gorilla scammers my credit card shortly before I saw that indiegogo had been trying to block them. THE FAKE ACCOUNTS ARE GONE BUT SO IS THE MONEY! Please spread the word about this press release gorilla SCAM!
Entity: Seattle, Oregon
35, Report #1314246
Jun 29 2016
03:04 PM
Westbow Press/Author House Author Solutions, Balboa Press, Abbott Press, Vanity Publishing Scam, lies Indianapolis Indiana
I just paid my publishing fees last week to Westbow Press and have had an uneasy feeling after working with Rita at the front desk,  Rey, who was rude to me,  Mr. Fitch, who was condescending and Nicki, the manager  who was so kind to me until I confronted their scam.  They have not yet performed any services.  They just received my manuscript yesterday and after having been treated rudely by Mr. Fitch, i decided to google reviews for Westbow.  The complaints are in abundance!  They almost had me convinced when they assured me they have an A+ rating with BBB Better Business Bureau.  I checked out their A+ rating and in fact that is true, but there is also a long list of complaints similar to mine.  I copied and pasted a statement from BBB about complaints: This Customer Review, along with my contact information, will be sent to the business for validation. I understand that customer reviews are not used in the calculation of the BBB Rating and that BBB does not accept anonymous reviews. Needless to say, a BBB A+ rating means nothing! I spoke to Andrea, who took my credit card info and she assured me that I could opt out of this contract and I would be charged a handling fee of 150.00, but would be refunded my balance.  I spoke to the nice lady at the front desk, Rita and she was just oozing with kind words until I insisted that I would not proceed forward with Westbow.  She asssured me they were a Christian company, etc and railroaded my conversation until I had to raise my voice to try to get a word in.  I was transfered to Nichole B--- and she too had on her sweet, kind voice until I let her know I wanted out.  She too railroaded the conversation, citing the contract and agreement, etc that supposedly I signed and informed them that I was ready to give them half of my money for absolutely nothing!  My assistant was in my office and my phone was on speaker and she heard and witnessed the unbelievable scamming and swindling taking place right before our eyes. I am heartbroken for being a trusting individual.  I have published 3 other books and have had national sales and traveled to Europe and sold many books and have never dealt with dishonesty like this.  They claim their competitors are behind sites like the one I found with all the complaints.   I filed a complaint with BBB and they already quashed that with their legalese.  I emailed Manager Nicki/Nichole and she emailed me back from a bogus email account.  I responded to her email and received an undeliverable error message.  It has not even been a full 7 days since I blindly gave them my money and they state that they have invested a lot into the process.  I emailed Mr. Fitch, who was the individual in charge of my book and he rudely replied and let me know that nothing was happening with my manuscript or book until after a 3 week long vetting process.  And yet, they have done too much to be able to refund me my money.  This wrong and it is a scam!  They are an affiliate of the biggest publishing names in Christiandom, but there is nothing Christ-like about these people!    
Entity: Internet
36, Report #207396
Aug 22 2006
05:20 PM
AM Press Associates Or Mags R Us ripoff, dishonest, fraud, college student, Miami Florida
A so-called college student came to my door November of 2005 selling magazines. Very smooth talker. I spent about $100.00. I had to make a check right there (which he lied initially in the pitch) and I had to mail the other half in about a week. Said it will take up to 90 days to receive my magazines. I never received anything to this date. I should of trusted my instincts not to buy, but I did. To get me to buy, he showed me a check a woman wrote that lived in my town. Christina New Philadelphia, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
37, Report #208410
Aug 29 2006
07:20 AM
AM Press Association ripoff Miami Florida
A young man came to my door with an ID stating he was earning money for college through the sale of magazines, grocery coupons etc. He convinced me that through purchasing a magazine or grocery coupons I would be helping pay for his education. He said his ID was JAS15. He provided me with a phone number of 1-866-338-3739. I wrote a check for $12.50 which was electronically submitted to my bank and requested I send an additional $12.50 to the address listed for AM Press Assoc and that I would receive a $100 in grocery coupons which could be used locally. I have since determined that this is a scam. This occurred in the Eden Prairie, MN area. It appears from your website that this scam has been going on for years. How can this be stopped? Denise Eden Prairie, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
38, Report #205448
Aug 10 2006
10:47 AM
AM Press Associates ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Miami Florida
Young man came to my door claiming if I ordered a magazine from his list it would help him get into college. He came across very friendly and pushy and I was a bit scepetacle of that. I said I wasn't interested in any of the magazines but he said he really wanted to go to college, he had been walking all day from door to door and he only need three more orders and he would be done. I said I would take one just to do a good deed and he even tried to make me order more. He then asked to use my bathroom. I would never let a stranger into my house but he seemed tired and so friendly I let him use it but stood outside the door to make sure he didn't go to any other part of the house. I never received the magazine and the check I gave him was cashed. The total amount he stole from me was $85.00. Edel Yonkers, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
39, Report #210912
Sep 13 2006
09:26 PM
AM Press Associates / Mags R Us ripoff, scam Miami Florida
On February 27thof 06, I also purchased a magazine from two guys who were selling door-to-door with the same college tuition story. After giving them $42.50 in cash, because I did not want to hand them my checking account info, I tracked them down and told them that I wasn't sure if I believed them. They gave me 3 phone numbers..... 305-629-6298, it appears to be a fax number. 306-629-8604 which is a recording giving me another number to call. 1-866-667-4346. This number is a recording for their corporate office which gives another number to call 1-866-776-7828. I actually talked to someone from one of these numbers, not sure which one, and was reassured that my contract with them would be fullfilled. I sent out a check that day for another $42.50 to pay off the subscription. A total of $85. I waited until the end july before I tried to contact them again. Their recording states that all inquiries must be by mail with a copy of the receipt. My first letter to them questioned when would I get my magazine. They sent a letter back saying they had my info in the system incorrectly and to allow another 90 to 120 days for delivery. About a week later, I received another letter stating that the magazine I selected is no longer available to them and please choose another magazine from the list the provided. First of all, I was not interested in any other magazine but they were 1/8th the cost of what I had paid for. I declined their offer and gave them a choice to either refund my money or pay for a subscription, on-line, to the magazine that I paid for. They sent me another letter stating that they gave me an $80 credit and to choose 4 magazines from the same list of garbage magazines. They do not offer refunds unless you cancel your order within 3 days from the day you paid. How can you do that if the only way they can be contacted is by mail? It will take at least 4 days to make it thru the mail system. They have it all figured out. I have sent a letter with all their correspondence to the Orlando Sentinel and plan to do the same with all other major city newspapers as well as the statewide news stations. I will also be contacting the States Attorney Office. I have DNA & fingerprints on the letters they have sent to me so hopefully they are in the system and wanted by the authorities. Enough is enough and I will not go away until I am satisfied. Wish me luck!! Angel Kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
40, Report #177650
Feb 23 2006
08:15 AM
AM Press Company SCAMS using you ripoff Miami Florida
I purchased a coupon book after clarifying with the sales person that there would be no more expense after the intial purchase. I was also told that if not satisfied I could get my money back. I purchased in July 2005 I had already figured this was a scam because I did not recieve anything. Feb. 2006 I finally recieved the book. It would cost more to use it. I called the company to get my money back. I was told I could have a magazine instead that I was over my three days. What a scam. Ronda St Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
41, Report #169126
Dec 23 2005
05:09 PM
AM Press Association ripoff Miami Florida
Like most who have reported here, I too fell prey to wanting to help someone out - against my better judgement. The person did write 2 numbers on the form and the one matches a rebuttal added on this site from an ex-employee... but it is no longer in service. The 305-629-8604 has been disconnected. The other number is 866-667-4346, it rings, but have not gotten through to a real person yet. I did call the local sheriff and they will be on the lookout for them to confirm they have at the least a proper license to solicit. M Leesburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
42, Report #173373
Jan 26 2006
10:38 AM
AM Press Associates ripoff Miami Florida
a young woman came to our door explaining she was selling magazines abonment through am press associates with the goal of obtaining a loan to open her own karate studio for kids. we had to choose from a few pages listing and then pay a percentage first and she did not say a word about the delay we had to pay the balance. we had a very hard day at work and being tired i supposed we did not react soon enough. she got our check of $ 57.50 and left.she still gave us a receipt. the next morning i had the strange feeling that something was wrong and tried through the internet to find more informations. during her visitshe mentioned living in venice fl and when she explain exactly where she was located at, the amazing thing is that it is two blocks from our jobs. well all this was faked. we just started our lives over not even three months ago and just wanted to get some magazines for our family and at the same time help someone else. Tami north port, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
43, Report #193787
May 29 2006
07:43 PM
AM Press Associates, Mags R Us ripoff Miami Florida
Two boys showed up at our door selling these magazines so they could win scholarships to college. The boys were nice and friendly, but would not take no for an answer when I told them that we could not afford any magazines. My partner and I both told them that we were on fixed income and it would be a hardship for us to help them. But they were very persuasive and we relented and order two magazines. They said to make the checks out to Cash and that they would not be cashed until the money was in the bank. WRONG! We told them that our checks were not deposited until the first of the month. Ten days later the checks were Electronicly Deposited. They ripped us off. Audrey Cleveland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
44, Report #215688
Oct 13 2006
10:19 PM
AM Press Associates ripoff Miami Florida
2 guys came to my house selling magazines. They didn't have much of anything that I needed, but talked me into 2. One for me and one for my not even 2 year old daughter. Yeah, i'm stupid because I fell for their trap. It's been 3 months and i have seen nothing but the stupid grocery coupons. Those are another scam. You have to send your requests in and you may or may not get the coupons that you want. I haven't even wasted my time. So word to the wise, DON'T TRUST THOSE IDIOTS!! Dana shell lake, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
45, Report #215563
Oct 13 2006
09:02 AM
AM Press Association - MAGS R US ripoff MIAMI Florida
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
46, Report #203906
Aug 01 2006
06:39 AM
I to made the mistake of ordering from this company. I placed an order in February and in July I still had not recieved my order. I called and spoke with an Amy who informed me there was an error when my order was put in the system. She told me they would get it fixed and I would recieve something in the mail to choose a free subscription for the inconvienence. About a wk later I recieved their letter and made my choice and sent it back. Then last week I recieved another letter stating the magazine I first ordered was no longer available. and I could choose from a list of other camparable choices. Well I didn't want any of the ones they offered and called to get my money refunded and spoke with an Amy Jones who told me basicaly to bad that they Will NOT give me my money back. So I'm out $85.00 all because I wanted to help some poor kid get a scholership. This company is a joke and I hope one day they are put out of bussiness!!!! It's such a shame that people have no morals! Allyson Lehigh Acres, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
47, Report #222303
Nov 27 2006
02:58 AM
AM PRESS ASSOCIATES they screwed me out of my money Miami Florida
Two females in their twenties posing as college students looking to score points for some stupid competition for their school. I fell for it because they were both cute, flirtatious females. So some might say I got what was coming to me. But don't let it happen to you! If two dumb biotches try to talk you into making a down payment on magazine subscriptions, politely excuse yourself and go grab the most powerful assault rifle you can find in the house. When you return, open fire and make the evening news. You'll be a hero and I don't think I'm alone when I say that. :-) Shawn jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
48, Report #218388
Oct 30 2006
08:36 PM
AM Press Association door-to-door magazine scam ripoff Miami Florida
The guy came to the door, and said he was earning points for a scholarship. He told me that for every 50 bucks worth of sales he got 600 points. He was talking so fast I could hardly get the jist of the program he was talking about. So I picked out a Princess Disney book set, 4 a year, for 3 years, for about $70. He told me I could also purchase a coupon book for another $30 or so to make it an even amount. He then proceeded to tell me that they take checks and I would have to pay 1/2 up front, ($50), and send the other 1/2 to AM Press in Miami, FL within two weeks of the dated receipt. He also told me that I would have to send back the receipts with the payment to fill out how well he did as a salesman. Later I get online to check this company out, and this was the first site found with the company's name listed. So I read the fine print on the back of the receipt, and found I could send in a request of cancelation withing 3 days of the transaction. And I sent one in. Two days later my $50 check cleared, and I've called the company twice, no answer, left messages, no reply. Amy Eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
49, Report #216748
Oct 20 2006
12:57 AM
AM Press Assoc ripoff Miami Florida Florida
While i was at work a young group of men came to my door Saying they were from AM PRESS ASSOC, asking my wife to buy magazines.being the good hearted woman she is,she bought a few!!!!!Oops after they left she got a funny feeling,so she looked up the name online. She found out her worrys were right!!We read the other people's remarks .Beware of the scum . If anyone comes to your door ask for a name and number to comfirm what they are selling is real.we learned our lesson the hard way. B...E...W...A...R...E !!!!!! Jason eugene, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Miami Florida 33172, Florida
50, Report #134941
Mar 14 2005
02:30 PM
AM Press Association Independent Marketing Firm ripoff Miami Florida
I am yet another person scammed by Am Press Assoc. with a college student trying to sell magazines to go on a trip! How can these people be stopped? I don't care about the $25 but I do care about the countless people being scammed. This is what makes people bitter. It's unfortunate and sad! I am willing to be a part of any investigation or law suit. I will contribute money to make these scam artists pay retribution. They prey on the kind hearted and elderly! Sharon New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida

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