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76, Report #191632
May 15 2006
03:58 PM
AM PRESS ASSOC, Mags R US ripoff Miami Florida
As everyone else I thought i was helping out someone who was going to start his own buisness. Well I wrote a Check out for 135.00 and now i found out the i was scammed. How do we go about getting our money back? Since i paid by check. Thanks Jessica gulfport, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
77, Report #177566
Feb 22 2006
04:21 PM
AM PRESS ASSOCIATES ripoff LaBelle Florida
This people is going everywhere doing the same thing. It seems like nobody can stop them. They are taking many from a lot of people while they are not providing what they promised. I wonder how can we stop them. This is a real public fraud. Please let us united and do something. Thanks. Giovanni LaBelle, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: LaBelle, Florida
78, Report #196897
Jun 17 2006
01:15 PM
AM Press Associates ripoff Miami Florida
On Febuary 9, 2006, Two man came to the door, saying they were in college selling magazines to get credit toward college. I paid the full amount with a check, and they said that I would get my magazine in 90 days. Well I never got the magazine, which was dog & kennel. It was supposed to be 6 issues. No wonder people are skeptical to help people, when this kind of stuff goes on. Brenda Brandon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
79, Report #196459
Jun 14 2006
06:56 PM
Am Press Associates ripoff Miami Florida
I was so fooled. Nice young guy, even asked if I had a joke to tell him. He said he was selling them to raise money to open up a buisness for a skate park. I just thought the magazines was a good deal bought one for my son. Spent 25.00 He even told me the lady next door bought two. But she didn't he lied. I called the bank ASAP and cancelled the check, even if it cost more in the long run. They are NOT getting my money. We must all remember KARMA! That kid will get ripped off someday also. Bonny Streator, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
80, Report #199524
Jul 05 2006
10:23 AM
AM Press Associates - MAGS R US ripoff bad practices Miami, Florida
We were also approached by not just 1, but 2 young men trying to earn points for scholarships. Because they both approached us, they made us feel like we needed to order 2 magazines...one from each of them. We got very suspicious when they walked away and did not stop at any of our other neighbors homes, so I sent in our cancelation and will be filing a report with my local police department. Hopefully we will get our $25 back, but I doubt it. For others reading this, contact your community and see if soliciters need permits. Our City does and I have been advised for future reference to ask to see this permit in the future when we are approached by soliciters. I was also advised to NEVER let them in your home. Karla Baraboo, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
81, Report #123441
Dec 18 2004
05:59 AM
Am Press Mags R Us Ripoff Miami Florida
I purchased magazines from a kid that reeked of alchol. I should have known better. That was back in august.It is now the end of December, still no Magazines. I have called the company back in Sept. she said I would recieve them in November. I am still waiting. I will never buy from anyone going door to door. And I will be sure to tell everyone I know the same. Kathleen garden city, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Mialmi, Florida
82, Report #151672
Jul 28 2005
08:54 PM
Am Press Associates ripoff of 70$ for subscription to usweekly Miami Florida
Two handicapped girls came to my door asking if I wanted a magazine subscription. I told them I had about 6 already and they told me that they were trying to save money to go to school and become therapist. At the time I worked in a therapy department. I subscribed to Us weekly and gave the girls a check for 30$ and 5$ in cash. They told me I would not be able to get the magazine until i paid the other 35$. Five days later I wrote them a check for the money. The other day I was in the store and realized that i was supposed to be getting the magazine. I went through my files at home and tried to find a way to contact them to tell them i had not received the magazine andto see what had happened. I went online and typed in am press associates and mags r us when the ripoff scam should up on my screen. This was 5 months later. sara new port richey, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
83, Report #323371
Apr 03 2008
10:36 AM
Watermark Press - Jim Reed RIPPED BY JIM REED Owning Mills Maryland
This so called company,Watermark press also known as poetry.com lures in writers by waving awards,publishing of works,etc in your face and then slaps you in the face after they recieve your money by stating your poem is not up to their standards.i wrote a poem and submitted it to their web site.Knieve me bought their story and sent in money for the book.Wel i got told that my poem sucked and wasn't worth printing in their book.I filed a BBB complaint and a complaint with the attorney general's office on them. I have been told more excuses than Carter's got pills,aand have not recieved my refund yet.So if anyone has a solution or knows a web site that I can bash them on let me know.DON'T FALL FOR THEM LIKE I DID. P.S. Picture .com is a sister scam to poetry.com Bennette Decatur, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Owning Mills, Maryland
84, Report #327183
Apr 18 2008
08:13 PM
Free X Press Smooth Talkin' Magazine Sellin' Scammer Orlando Florida
A kid came to the door selling magazines for some scholarship program. I purchase a magazine for my husband with cash. He said tha tit would be here in about 3 weeks, which would be the next month's issue. I should have noticed that the receipt that he gave me was filled out all wrong, he scribbled his name, he didn't even write in the order. He also left me with the copy that was supposed to be mailed in to receive the magazines. Celes019 Kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
85, Report #367773
Aug 28 2008
09:12 AM
I am an amateur poet who is Nigerian citizen born on the 26th of july 1976 in lagos. In 2004 i submitted a my original work of poetry to www.poetry.com and received details that my work titled Beauty for Ashes poem was favoured for publication by watermark press of the above address. By right i was communicated with on this regard and within space of weeks the company forwarded and posted details of authority to publish the work to which i conceeded to online. I deserve by right the returns of royalties from the sale of the published poem in the collection of poems book that this copyrighted work exist in till date. Please be kind enough to advise further on what best is the line of action that will be initiated as i have suffered unjustly emotional and psychological traumas Thanks! Ehiwe OWUTU AGRIC IKORODU LAGOSNigeria
Entity: OWING MILLS, Maryland
86, Report #363769
Aug 17 2008
08:20 AM
AM Press Associates Door to Door scam selling magazines Miami Florida
A boy and a girl knocked on my door and were selling magazines for a chance to win a scholarship to college. They needed the most points to win they told me. They tried to get me to buy one from each of them. I hesated for a while, because I didn't want to buy any. I was pregnant and have a 1 year old, but they kept on pushing their sale. After a few minutes of trying to pursue me they asked to come, becuase it was hot out. I was uncomfortable the with the situation, and let them in. I explanied I was in college and understood, but I really can't afford it. They made me feel so guilty and were so pushey that I just bought a Disney Magazine Subscription for my daughter. I knew something was fishey when I had to write my check for Cash. I've learned my leson. They asked for water so I made them wait outside and brought them two bottled waters. Reva d Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
87, Report #8134
Nov 26 2001
12:00 AM
Koszinski group - Delphi Press beware of this ripoff
My aunt ordered a book from Delphi Press at the following address: 521 5th Avenue #1700 New York, New York 10175. The title of the book she ordered was Slot Magic and was supposed to offer tips for gambling at the casino. The cost of the book was $39.95. Two weeks later, she received a booklet in the mail from the Koszinski Group. There was no return address, and the book she received was The Master's Stroke, an explicit guide to better sexual relations. She asked me to find anything I could about the Koszinski group, and when I typed it in, my search engine led me to you. People should beware of Delphi Press as well
Entity: New York, New York
88, Report #1847
Mar 29 2000
12:00 AM
Ron Fry ..Book publishers who lie. Career Press New Jersey
Beware, all writers and creative types, of a company called Career Press in New Jersey. It's run by someone called Ron Fry, who lies on the phone about what you'll get paid if he publishes your work, then sends you a deceptive contract. After you sign it, he all but disappears and denies what he promised you. This guy's a real piece of work, and runs a fairly large publishing house. I'm not the only one who's been taken by him, and he's been denounced by a nationally syndicated columnist, other, more legitimate publishers, attorneys who've had to work with others seeking fairness, and many other writers. The almighty buck rules at this company, and quality of work runs a distant second. It was the worse mistake of my career to trust this person and sign with him. ALWAYS have your contracts reviewed by an attorney before signing; no matter what it costs, it's worth it.
Entity: New Jersey, New Jersey
89, Report #40601
Jan 08 2003
11:38 AM
Huckleberry Press Rip-off Authors & Illustrators S. Glastonbury Connecticut
This publisher ripoffs the authors and illustrators she shows on her website. I illustrated two books for her and she never paid me one dime despite signed contracts. I am not alone. Others are trying to get a class action case against her. She looks legitimate but most of the books don't even exist. She is a fraud. Elaine N. Salem, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: S. Glastonbury, Connecticut
90, Report #771072
Aug 30 2011
03:07 PM
Taylor Daily Press disrespectful, rude, uncaring, no customer service, Taylor, Texas
Our interactions with Taylor Daily Press  has always been cordial, friendly and professional. Unfortunately, personell and attitudes change.My wife Sheryl ,went into the office of the Taylor Daily Press and was treated disrespectfully to the point her becoming emotional and in tears when she got home. Here is her account of what transpired: I walked into the Taylor Daily Press office on Thursday August 25th at approximately 4pm.  There was a rack with newspapers on the right and a customer counter on the left. I found the Elgin Courier edition and took out three papers, .I turned to see Mr. C.S. behind the counter glaring at me and I thought maybe I wasn't supposed to take the papers from there. I said, Did I do something wrong?  He said No, I'm just waiting for you to get through. I paid for them and  left. While in the car I skimmed through the newspaper and  noticed that this edition was from the week previous. I went back and asked to exchange them for the current issue. Mr C.S.went to the back office, came back and said that he didn't have them. I asked Mr C.S. when would the  new issue arrive. He said, I just told you, I don't have any. I replied,There's no reason for you to be rude, sir. He said, YOURE the one who is being  rude. I already told you that I don't have any!  I asked for his name. I am Distribution manager, Mr. C.S.   Do you want to speak to my editor?  I said,Yes sir, I do. He turned and yelled, MIKE, get out here! I began to explain the situation to  Newspaper Editor Mr M.E.  While trying to explain the situation to the Editor, I noticed that Mr. C.S.  was continually interrupting  and becoming  increasingly disruptive.  The Newspaper Editor Mr. M.E. was physically holding him by the arm telling him to be quiet and settle down. There were three female employees who witnessed the entire episode. I have never experienced such an unprofessional and volatile situation. In all honesty, I feared for my safety. I started to walk out and said, It's okay. I just want to get out of here and go home. I wanted to talk to the Editor in a controlled environment so I called him on the phone.Unfortunately things became even worse. He told me to butt out of internal issues that he was in charge. I explained that I just wanted to give my account of what had happened. He let me know in no uncertain terms that what I had to say didn't matter. I realized then that there was no point in continuing the conversation. I was able to talk with the President of Granite Publishers (company that owns the Taylor Daily Press) .He did give a disingenuous apology to me, but not my wife. Our only request is that my wife receive an apology from Mr C.S. Distrubution Manager and Mr M.E. Editor of the Taylor Daily Press. The President of Granite Publishers stated that he felt that those two gentleman should not have to apologize and the matter was closed. We have always known the staff of Taylor Daily Press to be hometown friendly. Many of them are our neighbors and fellow churchgoers. I would have expected that an incident like this  only occurred in the big cities. Certainly , not in Taylor, Texas.  Have we lost all civility toward each other? What ever happened to customer relations? Relative to what my wife went through in her interactions with the Taylor Daily Press, we feel that since this business entity does not hold customer service in high regard we will cease having any further business interactions with them.
Entity: Taylor, Texas
91, Report #622238
Jul 11 2010
11:30 AM
Press Release Script PressReleaseScript.com - Scriptoffice.com - classifiedscript.org - couponscript.org SCAM AND RIPOFF Internet
PressReleaseScript.com, Press Release Script - BUYER BEWARE!SCAM, RIPOFF AND FRAUD!If your looking for the site, PressReleaseScript.com that sells the Press Release Script. Let me warn you that your going to get ripped off if you purchase this script. This company, to my understanding, operates out of Russia and could possibly have scripts running in the background to hijack your host. Not only is it a good way to get your site banned from your host but could get your site blacklisted among search engines., If it doesn't end there, You should be forwarned that the company provides absolutely no help in way of their press release script. If you write to their company, ScriptOffice.com, and request help, they will ignore your request. My best advice is to stay away from this company, PressReleaseScript.com Also, You should be aware that the script is hackable. Which makes me wonder if it is from the people that sell the script alltogether. If you search the internet for, Press Release Script SQL Injection Vulnerability You'll see how the site/script was hacked. Considering the script is being sold from someone in russia, the site ends up getting hacked from someone in russia. 2 + 2 = 4. It is only obvious that they hack people that purchase the site in an attempt to extort additional funds from their bank account. Below, is an example of the advestisement that they spread all over the internet in an attempt to scam people out of their money.Press Release Script - Create Own Press Release Submission Web Site. Make Money with Google Adsense, Affiliates and Advertisement. Easily Handles Thousands of Press Releases. 12 Professionally Designed Themes. Change the look of web site with one click.Press Release Script is the most innovative state of the art solution you need to launch a customizable content driven web site in the shortest period of time. From user-friendly customization options to easy content creation process, Your Press Releases Site prides itself in content authoring for its users... regardless of technical limitations.Create three types of content. Press Release Script allows you to display any or all of the following on your web site: Press Releases, pages, Sections.Total workflow management. Allows contributors to add Press Releases. You have the control to allow or reject the Press Release, publish it on your web site.Author content on all popular browsers. Your Press Releases Site's WYSIWYG editor works with all web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari and Opera.Other advertisements go like this,Press Release Script - Launch Own Press Release Submission Web Site! PRESS RELEASE script allows you to manage the news publishing process.We make an Offer for you; buy Press Release Script and snap your website with news .Get your Press Release Script now and get excited. Press Release Script is the most innovative solution you need to launch a customizable content driven web site in the shortest period of time. From user-friendly customization options to easy content creation process, Your Press Releases Site prides itself in content authoring for its users... regardless of technical limitations.If your seriously looking for this pressreleasescript.com script - Just look around as it is now floating around on the internet (Copies of the script) which you can get for less than $10.00 and in some cases it is being given away as free at torrent sites and nulled script sites.If you write pressreleasescript.com and ask them if they would give you a discount for purchasing the 'real' script from them - they will say no. So dont bother. As for the Press Release Script. I wouldn't trust this company as far as I could throw them.Stay far away from PressReleaseScript.com!! - If it sounds to good to be true, it is. This is just one of those scripts and websites. Save yourself the time and money. Dont buy from them. You will also like knowing that search engines see the site as a duplicate site and will not give your press release site any value for using this site. So basically, you have a non-visable site on the internet. 
Entity: , Internet
92, Report #500728
Sep 26 2009
06:09 AM
IRONWOOD PRESS They just don't get it. Littleton, Colorado
On June 3rd 2009 I sent a check in the amount of$19.96 to Ironwood Press for a booklet for the growing of citrus.About 3 weeks later I noticed that I had not received that booklet. I spoke to the Owner and he said that they were in the process of relocating.He stated that I would definitely receive my booklet. However TIME went by and Idid not hear anything from Ironwood Press. I checked the Web and found that they had located in Colorado.At that time I had a physical address and a supposed telephone number.Everytime I called the BOX always seemed to be filled. It has been over 3 months and they have never communicated with me.In my opinion they a LOUSY COMPANY to do business with. At this point I think they should refund my monies to me.As a Penn State Master Gardener I feeled that I should also let other Land Grant Universities ex:Penn State, Rutgers University,Cornell University and other Agricultural Colleges know about about Ironwood Press. Please Sirs do what you can to remedy this situation. I do not like to be put in a position such as this.    
Entity: Littleton, Colorado
93, Report #754658
Jul 18 2011
05:18 PM
X-press Vanlines Unprofessional service and breach of contract Internet
I was told that my p/u would be done between 1-5pm on 3/8. The movers did not arrive until 9:30pm. When I was provided the quote by Becky I had a quote from another mover & emailed it to her since they will beat any quote by 10%. I made it very clear that I live in a 3rd floor apartment & that the other mover waived fees for stairs & she stated that she'd waive the add'l stair fees as well.  I went with them because they agreed that I'd be charged a flat fee of $1000. I had a friend who was also moving to CA @ the same time & was sched for p/u on 3/8.  The same movers that were doing my p/u also did his. They arrived to his place @ 7pm (sched appt was to be 9-12). While @ my friends doing his p/u he called & the movers asked him if he'd help move my things so they could get the move done faster. They also told him to ask me if I had anyone that could help them move my things. When the movers arrived @ my place they wanted an add'l $475.00 for the stairs & stated that my cubic footage was more than what was listed on the contract. My contract was for 267 cubic feet based on the detailed list I gave & the mover stated it appeared to be more than that but refused to give me an accurate measurement. I was told I should only have the $500 money order @ p/u. I refused to give add'l $ & asked the movers to leave.  Sergio then called & told me he was going to have them return immediately & I shouldn't give them the money order or add'l $. He stated I'd just mail the m/o to him.  I waited for the return of the movers & they never showed up. I called the driver@ 11:30pm & he refused to return unless I gave him more $.  I called Sergio back on his cell phone several times with no response.  3/8 as these events were unfolding I sent several emails to Becky & Sergio detailing the issues I was having.  3/9, I rec'd a response from Becky saying - that I need to pay the add'l amt to be picked up & sent a revised contract. I went back & forth with Sergio over the phone about this.  I was down to the wire with my move so I agreed to the add'l amt since I had no other options @ this point.  The movers were to p/u on 3/9 it did not happen. Sergio then set for Thursday, 3/10 afternoon. They finally showed up @ 2:30 am on 3/11. The movers completed the p/u info & asked my 1st available delivery date - I gave 3/26.  Per the contract, the move could take 7-21 days. On 4/3 I got a call from a driver & he'd be in my area for delivery 4/7. I spoke to him again 4/5 his truck broke down in TX & he was not sure if /when it would be fixed & he'd call me to let me know when he'd be in my area.  4/7 I rec. a call from the driver again saying he was going to be in my area for del. the next day.  I asked if he could del.  4/14 since I'd be out of town for work.  I called Sergio & asked about the storage option that was given to me on the contract (30 days free storage). He stated that since I didn't ask for it on 4/3 I could not use it. I did not know on 4/3 that I would need it or that I had a cutoff for using. After several calls w/Sergio he called me saying that the driver would be handing my things off here in LA to Oz Moving & del. would be 4/14. There was no mention of add'l fees. Oz Movers called me to confirm & said I need give an add'l $200 in cash upon del. w/ the $740 money order.  Prior to them removing my items from the truck I asked that they confirm the cubic footage used- which was close to 200 cubic feet & not the 350 I was chg'd add'l for. My area rug was missing @ delivery.  I email emailed Sergio & he told me file a claim on csipros.org & if it turns up they will ship it to me. Each time I spoke to Sergio during this time he was extremely rude & hung up on me several times.  The customer service received from both Becky & Sergio was the absolute worst. I asked to speak to a manager or owner & Sergio told me it was him. He threatened to sue me when I told him I was going to report to BBB in regard to the horrible service & issues. I filed a report with BBB that has gone unresponded to by X-press Vanlines therefore BBB is going to suspend their accreditation and mark my claim unresolved.  Beware of this company!
Entity: , Internet
94, Report #972187
Feb 16 2016
07:58 AM
Press Talent Management & Development Las Vegas Nevada
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/Press%20Talent
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
95, Report #922302
Aug 03 2012
11:26 PM
Monster Mash Press wearmonstermash T-Shirt Printing San Diego, California
I ordered a bunch of shirts and poly-mailers from Monster Mash Press on March 27, 2012 and was told there was a 7-10 day turnaround. I paid over $700 for everything including the shipping cost. Manny was always very quick to get back to me and my questions. Everything was going good. He sent me pics of the mailers on April 5th. They looked great. Then he started making excuses why they were not done until April 28th when he told me they were all done. Said he would send tracking numbers but never did. Last time I was in touch with him was May 21st when he said the shirts he sent were returned to him and he was gonna resend them. He no longer responds to me. His website is under construction. Twitter and Facebook is still staying active so I know he is still working. I keep emailing him and posting to his twitter and facebook accounts but he doesn't do anything. Total SCAM! Do NOT use them.
Entity: San Diego,, California
96, Report #941146
Sep 14 2012
10:30 AM
Edwin Mellen Press Unprofessional behavior Lewiston, New York
Publisher accepted my scholarly text for publication knowing I put up the text on the web (this was how they reviewed the material initially) and knew that to keep costs down I had visual material for the book posted online so that the book readers could access additional images. I signed a contract and mailed in my manuscript. I also sent the publishers a copy of my first fiction novel published by another press just as a kindness to the editor. I heard nothing from the press for three months, no email inquiring as to when the book would be out was returned, no letters from the editors were forthcoming. Finally, one editor called and said because my material was online already they were opting out of publishing the book. He said they had tried to contact me by phone and email, which was a lie, I never had received any previous communication from them. I explained that they knew the material was online in the first place, that I had not received any previous letters or calls concerning this issue, and so the editor promised a call back about situation in a week when the other staff had returned from a conference. But no phone call back to me was forthcoming and all my subsequent phone messages to them went to voice mail with no response in an any official manner. My materials were returned without comment. I think the real reason the editors have stonewalled me was that one of the editors was put off by the satirical nature of my novel which poked fun at academia, so they came up with a lame excuse for refusing to publish me manuscript and break our contract in a most unprofessional manner. As for other complains about this press ripping off authors as previously posted on this I can confirm this is the case as I've had a previously book published by this press over decade ago and still haven't receive a dime from sales of that book.
Entity: Lewiston, New York
97, Report #957425
Oct 19 2012
07:27 PM
Press on Veneers Brighter Image Rip Off, Scam, Bamboozle, Coerce, Hoodwink Internet, Texas
Found this business online, everything seemed legit. Fast, easy and inexpensive (compared to going to the dentist). I gave them my credit card number, (after they had called numerous times following up on my inquiry). Finally i decided to go with this company. They sent out all the wrong items and the package was incomplete, missing items. The promised to re-mail them immediately. Had to remind them to re-mail the items in question on numerous intervals, clara promised and promised, yet, the results were always the same, no replacement kit. It arrives after an endless array of calls to them and begging-pleading to send it. The second package was their NEW kit...again it was a mis-match of parts and pieces of various kits, I was able make it work, did the molds and sent them back ASAP. Again, we had a deadline, my daughters wedding in three months, well, that didn't happen, I didn't receive the veneers. The day of arrival, I excitedly ran to snap them, oops, it didn't snap, they didn't fit, the molars were not even on my gum line. They were not snapping like their videos would make you believe. They sort of grabbed the teeth enough to keep them in place. But, you cannot eat with them or even talk with them in.  here we are almost a year later, I sent them back to get re-fitted (what ever that means) months ago. I have yet to receive them, once they have your credit card, they will never return calls or update you on their status, thank you Clara, hope you sleep well tonight knowing how many people's dreams you smash. Clara and her crew of misfits should get into a line of work better suited to their abilities, perhaps vacuuming out porta-potties would be more geared to their level of expertise and customer service skills.
Entity: Internet, Texas
98, Report #1011178
Feb 08 2013
08:29 PM
Famous Poets Press Poertyfest Possible scams in believing you are published Oakland, California
I believed I had some of my poems published by such small publishing companies, and while it is true, I have yet to be able to find out that if I do not buy the book that is intended to have my poem in, if it will still be published. I've looked recently to see if I could find the few books that I did buy that had my work in, but I was unable to come across them. Within the past few months and over the year, I have received a few awards or honorable mentions which still lead me to believe that I was getting noticed in the poetry world. But with the somewhat constant postcards being sent, saying that they've reviewed my work and would love to publish me and all I have to do is send in my work, less than 21 lines, typed, and all I have to do is send it in to said address. Of course I have to pay for the book as well, which is only a mere 15-20 dollars, unless you wish to add a biography, photos, dedications, or extra poems, then you must pay more. I've come to the point that I no longer submit to said address and buy the book. I don't think I'm really getting noticed in the world through such a small publishing company as it is, and with the constant awards and mentions I would expect by now a bigger company would come across my work.  They make you believe you are getting your name out in the world, but really, they're just money hungry scheming people.
Entity: Oakland, California
99, Report #1064761
Jul 05 2013
08:48 PM
Entity: milwaukee, Wisconsin
100, Report #1087893
Sep 27 2013
05:27 PM
Blue Gavel Press Dishonest Tactics, Worthless Product, Liars Rock Island Illinois
The short version: This company sent our clinic unsolicited material on OSHA Compliance, then sent us to a collection agency when we refused to pay for it. Blue Gavel sales people (Lying, worthless, scam artists, really), called our clinic, and told our receptionist they needed to confirm our address to send material about OSHA Compliance. They shoved past her questions, telling her only OSHA Complaince was required by the government, and this was information we were required to have. After getting her to give them her name, and confirm our clinic address they told her they were sending information. A few days later our clinic received a binder I could buy at K-mart filled with information I can print off from the Internet, and an invoice for nearly $300. During the call, they never said they were selling anything. They never once mentioned anything would need to be paid for, only repeated it was required information. They never asked permission to send the information, only that they were going to send it. They never asked to speak to anyone with the authotiry to spend the doctor's money. After several harassing phone calls, in which they were told we would not pay for unsolicited material, OR return it at our own expense, we began receiving calls from a collection agency called Greenberg, Grant & Richards. They offer to accept a discounted amount to clear up this deliquent account, then hand up when we mention lawyers. But they only call back again after a few weeks. If Blue Gavel calls you, call the person terrible names and then HANG UP. If anyone from Blue Gavel reads this: Find some honest work, you criminals!
Entity: Rock Island, Illinois

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