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1, Report #1386281
Jul 17 2017
07:29 PM
Lombardi Publishing This company stole money ? Internet
 On July 11, 2017, i was looking over my bank statement, when i noticed $295 taken out of my account. It was from a company called Lombardi publishing. I do not remember authorizing such a transaction.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #791528
Oct 23 2011
06:39 PM
Lombardi Publishing Corporation Wont give me my refund. Internet
Called and cancelled Oct 13. Emailed Oct 15 and 18th but no response, and again today. Where is my money?
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #890007
May 29 2012
02:15 PM
Lombardi Publishing Corporation Charged my credit card without my authorisation New York, New York
Last year I subscribe to 100% letter (Tracking no. 20110729134002) but don't find it useful so I call them up to cancel and ask for a refund. They are very aggressive and insisted that I change my subscription to obscene profit even when I told them that I've stop trading the US stock market, they are not willing to give me a refund and I was forced to ride my subscription for the whole year. On 30th May 2012 after 1 year I was charge US$595 on my credit card without my authorisation, I did not call them as I find it hard to communicate with these people so I sent an e-mail asking them to stop the transaction and threaten to report this incident to the authority. Due to this I was asked by the bank to cancel my credit card and the bank will do an investigation.
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #879264
May 07 2012
12:52 PM
Lombardi Publishing Corp Profit Confidential The Company said you must call in to cancel your subscription, Internet
Two months ago I have read all the complains here however I decided to give the company a chance to try out its products.  Unfortunately the products did not serve my needs.  After trying out 2 issues I've now decided to cancel the subscriptions. 1. Resource Stock Millionair?e (Tracking number: 20120326073001)2. Fountain of Money System (Tracking number: 20120327224619) Last Friday I emailed them the cancellation requests and this morning I got the emails from them saying that I have to call them to get my accounts cancelled and I did.  Still waiting for them to return my call and hopefully it will be a smooth-no problem one unlike a few others have reported here.  It's still puzzled me why is in this internet instant request-response era there are still companies out there choosing to run their businesses the old fashion time consuming way. I will update my cancellation experience with Lombardi Publishing Corp here when I got my cancellations fulfilled and the remaining issues refunded.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1397059
Aug 31 2017
01:39 PM
Lombardi Publishing I sent them 95.00 dollars for a report to show me how to invest in 422k accounts and received nothing New York New York
I received in the mail a advertisment to send 95.00 for a report which i have not received in three weeks. Today i received the same advertisment asking to send 95.00 and in one month if i am not interested i would get a refund. I tried to contact them by phone but get no answer.
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #763198
Aug 10 2011
08:50 AM
Entity: New York, New York
7, Report #738585
Jun 27 2011
10:48 AM
Lombardi Publishing Woodbridge Rip Off Artists No Refund , Internet
On 3/3/11, I ordered the Woodbridge package for $195.00 from Lombardi Publishing. I paid for it with my debit card, which they charged and received their money on 3/4/11.    I did not hear a word from them, no email or any contact.  In the middle of April I called and for some reason they had a hard time finding my order. Finally I canceled the order on 4/26/11 and they told me I would receive my refund in about 3 weeks.   When it didn't come I called again and they told me I would get it by the end of May.    I called two more times in June and both times they told me I would receive it by the end of June. I  talked to two different people, both of them acted like they couldn't understand why I was upset. When you finally get to speak to someone they are very rude and if I asked to speak to someone else they told me they were the supervisor and there was no one above them I could speak with. I guess I have just been Ripped Off. If I call them again I wonder if they will tell me I'll receive it by the end of July.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #765361
Aug 31 2011
07:11 AM
lombardi publishing adding more information to my complaint... Internet
Iam adding to my resent report the following...I filed two complaints so far ageist lombardi publishing...(1) The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. not only in the U.S. but in canda as well......(2) The U.S. POSTAL INSPECTORS DEPT.AND I WILL KEEP FILING MORE COMPLAINTS, UNTIL I GET MY MONEY BACK.........FRANK...DOWNSVILLE, N.Y.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #412112
Sep 09 2009
10:03 AM
i subscribed to DAILY PROFITS from LOMBARDI PUBLISHING back on nov.20 the service wasnt for me so i requested a refund a week later. they dont respond to emails and the people there said they have been backed up! bull...for 2 months.its a simple transaction reversal. the one lady said they will put my issue right to the front of the line, bullsh_t they did.they did fulfill on the scam end of it only or a ton of incompetance Dale st.albert, AlbertaCanada
Entity: NEW YORK, Internet
10, Report #969204
Nov 20 2012
08:32 AM
lombardi publishing another ripoff, Internet
after cancelling my subcription and demanding a $295 refund two weeks ago these crooks billed my credit card again on 11/12/2012 for another $295.  this is outrageous as they told me my subsciption had been cancelled and no further charges would be made.  i never authorized another subsciption after i cancelled the previous one which they acknowledged and gave me a cancellation and refund number which is on my previous post. see their letters on my previous post.  i should report them to the FCC.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #501357
Sep 29 2009
07:29 AM
LOMBARDI PUBLISHING Unethical company delays refunds as long as possible Internet
I took out a trial subscription to The Profit Taker on August 5th, 2009.  I did not receive my first issue of the Profit Taker until the 17th. An email from them explained that it could take 10 days to process the request.But that's not the issue.On August 21 I emailed them to cancel my trial subscription. My card had been hit for $360.On August 24th I was notified that my subscription was canceled and that  Arefund will be put into process..Since then I have called twice and left voice mail messages and emailed  them to  try and determine the status of my refund. No replies and no refund.I looked over the several complaints about Lombardi Publishing here and saw that someone named Jackie left a number and extension and asked another customer having the same issue to call them. That number was posted in September. I called it. It was the Graphics Department. Had to leave yet another voice mail when I was transferred to the misnamed 'Customer Service' department.The bottom line is that reputable companies process a refund request as quickly as a day or 2. Lombardi wants to collect the float on your money and so hold on to the refund requests as long as possible. Folks you  need to ask yourself if this is the kind of company you want to do business with.
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #877828
May 09 2012
09:01 AM
Lombardi Publishing Profit Confidential A waste of Money, Internet
The company will send you endless emails offer to sell you more advice if you are just willing to part with more money. This is the only investment service I know of when you have to pay to join and then continue to pay and pay and pay for any advice. It's a ripoff.  Don't do it.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #690317
Feb 04 2011
01:31 PM
Lombardi Publishing Corp. 100% Letter Ripoff!, New York, Kleinberg, Ontario Canada
On December 23 I ordered the Lombardi's 100% Letter, for an annual fee of $520. The website stated:" If you purchase a subscrription from us you have a 60 day period from receipt of your first issue to ask for a pro-rated refund. All of our product order forms have the guarantee associated with the product we are selling clearly spelled out." On December 27I called to cancel, and was told it would take 30 days to get a refund (so, of course, they could make money on my money until then!) Whenthe refund was finally posted on January 26, it was for $52 only! (Imagine my surprise!) I've called, been put on hold for long periods of time, and am now told they will "look it up." Also, just for information, while they had a New York address listed in December, they've now moved that New York office to 110 Wall Street, 11th floor, NY 10005. However, their real location is PO Box 428, Kleinberg, Ontaria L0J1C0. Their website has none of this information at this time. It was difficult getting the representative to give it to me, by the way.
Entity: Kleinberg, Ontario
14, Report #489515
Sep 04 2009
11:18 AM
Lombardi Publishing Cannot get refund as promised Internet
I signed up for their newsletter service for investing in stocks.   After receiving the first issue, I decided it wasn't very well written or very informative.  I called to cancel.  After waiting 2 weeks I called to see where my refund was and was told it takes 30 days to process the credit to my credit card.  After a few chose words I was told it would be expidited.  I waited another week - no credit.  I emailed - no reply.  I called - got answering machine and left a message - suprise - no one called back. Save yourself the aggrivation and money - do Not order anything from Lombardi Publishing.
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #248696
May 18 2007
09:26 PM
Lombardi Publishing No newsletter sent and no refund ripoff Kleinburg Ontario
This company does not respond to customer complaints and takes your money and runs. Beware Kevin Dawson Creek, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Kleinburg, Ontario
16, Report #1214264
Apr 05 2015
07:42 PM
Lombardi Publishing $195 charge on my credit card. They never answer their phones. I have no idea what it is for. Am convinced I never ordered and it is impossible to contact them. Phone busy all day. New York New York
I was charged $195 on my credit card on February 23rd. All it says is Lombardi publishing. I am 99% convinced I did not order this. But what is so scandalous is that their phone was busy all afternoon.It is scandulous that they make it so frustrating to contact them.  
Entity: New York, New York
17, Report #525479
Nov 19 2009
09:16 AM
Lombardi Publishing Corporation ordered a publication under money back guarantee. returned the book 2 months ago no refund yet despite numerous requests New York, New York
 In July 2009 I was offered thru mail a book called GETTING YOUR FIRS MILLION by Bill Hebden from Lombardi Publishing Corporation. The price was 39.95 and it came with a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.  Since there was no risk I ordered the book on July 31st. 2009 by sending in a US Postal Money Order for $39.95.  When I got the book after about 4 weeks I reviewed it and was utterly diapponted by what I received. I returned the book within 2 days of my receiving it, on September 2nd 2009, long before the 30 day trial period ended. The book was received by Lombardi Publishing Corporation on September 17th. and till todate I have received no rfund or any communicaton from them when my refund will be mailed. I have sent tem 7 reqests for my refund but no word from them yet. I even wrote a letter to the Chairman of Lombardi Publishing Mr. Adrian Newman requesting the long owed refund but he has also not responded .to my request A clear indication of fraud.  I need help getting my refund and in bringing this Company and those who run it to justice.
Entity: New York, New York
18, Report #452783
May 17 2009
09:08 PM
Scott A. Telson Lombardi & Lombardi Law Firm Bad attorney Edison New Jersey
Scott A.Telson an attorney at the Lombardi & LOMbardi firm in Edison New Jersey. Scott was the first attorney at the law firm that seen to help me with my case but later I seen he was trying to seduce me. If I didn't do everything in my power my case got flat. That what it seems to me he's a very vindictive man, please if any women step into the office true me watch out ladies. Very disturb edison, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
19, Report #448669
May 04 2009
01:26 PM
Lombardi And Lombardi Law Firm, The law firm that discriminates against disabled people indian and black people Edison new Jersey
Neil Malvone the senior partner that got reprimanded and fired for stealing clients money. Scott Telson senior partner bigamist con-artist, and forcing women clients into sexual favors to take their case.I am a angry woman who has been taken advantage of in my vulnerable situation. and was looking for advice and legal counseling. Very angery new brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
20, Report #448530
May 03 2009
09:04 PM
Lombardi And Lombardi Law Firm Attorney's that steals from client Edison New jersey
Scott A. Telson one of the many attorney's from the Lombardi and Lombardi firms in Edison in New jersey who has violated clients rights, altered courts documents. As of 1994 he was suspended for six month 2009 violating the system. Taking cases pocketing the money ever finishing the client cases missing court dates to get the judge to dismiss the case and never have to answer for it. Justice new brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New jersey
21, Report #1168430
Aug 08 2014
01:08 PM
Lombardi Publishing Corp misleading stock market report AND very deceptive refund policy Internet
On June 22 i subscribed to their stock market research newsletter, which I received about a week later. Upon reading reading the report, I felt that it was poorly researched, their conclusions were vague and...bottom line, didn't agree with most of it. On July 1, I sent an email to cancel my subscription. Their email reply of July 1 was that I needed to contact them by phone so '...they could verify the authenticity of my request. On July 23 I called their customer service hot line and told them I wanted to cancel my subscription and get a refund. I was told they would send me an email with several options on switching to other reports. I told the customer rep. that I wanted a refund and replied the same day by email that I wanted a refund of my subscription, period. On July 24 they sent me an email acknowledging my request for cancellation and a refund. Their reply was: We will cancel your subscription as requested. A refund will be put into process. Please allow 3-5 business days to see a reflection on your credit card. Today, August 8, i called my credit card company and there was no refund from Lombardi Publishing Corp. I then put my original payment of $195.00 to Lombardi in dispute, since more than five business days have elapsed and I still do not have a refund. This is no way for a reputable(?) company to do business and recommend to others to save themselves a lot of aggravation by not doing business with them. PS> I have copies of all of these emails
Entity: Internet
22, Report #491089
Sep 29 2009
02:02 PM
Lombardi Publishing, Daily Profits, Profit Confidential Refusing to provide the promised refund. Internet
I took a trial subscription to the Profit Taker. They promised a 30 day free trail. I canceled 2 weeks into the trial and notified them immediately.Weeks later I am still waiting for a refund. You can't reach them by phone and they do not answer emails.I will open a dispute with my bank, investigate the possibility of bringing a formal complaint through governmental consumer services and post my experience with them in every investing and stock trading forum I can find.Wish I had seen the complaints here before I signed up. This site will be a must for me in the future.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #959065
Oct 24 2012
02:41 PM
lombardi publishing ripoff new york city, New York
lombardi publishing charged my credit card for $295.  i never received any notification of this until i saw my credit card statement and do not even know what it was for.  if i ever subscribed to one of their newletters i was never warned about an automatic renewel or how i could cancel it.  all my current newsletters are not published by lombardi and i have cancelled all of them.  there should be a law against this automatic renewel clause as some shady companies take advantage of it or say in fine print they can renew your subscription and charge your card.  at least they should give you an opportunity to cancel before automatically renewing a subscription.  this is not the first time it has happened to me.  lombardi never warned me they were charging my card nor did they give me an opportunity to cancel it.
Entity: new york city, New York
24, Report #940866
Sep 14 2012
02:31 PM
Lombardi Publishing Deceiving promise's, subscription provides nothing but ad's, no worthwhile information! Internet
Lombardi's promises information as to how to deal with the stock market, which we are told is going to crash in a matter of weeks. Only information actually provided is what you would have if you had been a customer years or months ago. Doom and Gloom videos and daily ads trying to get you to sign up for other Financial News Letters. Never provides actual worth while information, waste of money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #1018932
Feb 22 2013
11:24 PM
Lombardi Financial 5 days & still counting ... New York, New York
After trying out the Judment Day Letter for a couple of issues I found the letter is not very useful at all. The thing that bothered me the most is that there are a lot of problems with accessing the letter from their server.  I have 2  laptops and 1 desktop which run windows 7 and are all up to date.  The last issue, Feb 2013 I could not access and made a complain then I was given an extra issue without cost and then the problem was some how fixed.  I could access the server & read the letter but a few days later decided to down load onto my hard drive but could not.  I figured out that it is just too much trouble for me and decided to cancel the remained subscriptions.  I was told that I would receive a confirmation of the cancellation email the next day and the remaining credit would be refunded through the original credit card which I initially ordered the subscription within 3 business days.  Five days have passed and I still NOT received a confirmation email nor a refund yet.  Furthermore today I just received an email telling me to log onto the website for the Mar 2013 issue.  Is it a deliberate delay of my legitimate request for the subscription cancellation or just an honest mistake ? Judgment Day Profit Letter: ORD-277246 I was given a cancellation # CAN277246 I will report back if there is any progress on this issue.
Entity: New York, New York

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