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1, Report #906740
Jul 05 2012
09:58 PM
Malewitch Phelan Similar experience Internet, Internet
Hey- I just had a very rude encounter with Phelan. I went to him because his site was upfront and had some very well written nd interesting articles- felt like the real deal... When I contacted him, I expressed some doubts- he then responded that he would not take my case because I had doubts.Then I asked his opinion on my situation as to if he felt I needed a love spell. He said yes.. Because there was some serious problems blocking my situation. I responded what do you mean he gave me a strange generic response. I asked him to elaborate.He came back and told me he refused to work with me on my problem. When I tried to contact him again- he had removed my profile and I was no longer allowed to log into the site. He was rude with short answers & he has now left me thinking I still need help with my situation.That's for the comfort, Phelan... While I am not saying outright that he is a fraud.. He doesn't seem to want customers who ask pretty valid questions. Sad really because I spent hours trying to find someone. Believed was the real deal.. But, he's just mean.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #417792
Mar 10 2009
04:54 PM
Phelan MaleWitch - Potential Client Who Decided Not to Use His Services Atlanta Georgia
After researching and looking at various sites for spellcasting services, as well as information on what to look for in terms of these scams, I came across Phelan's site. I had previously written to a few other spellcasters, but like Phelan, I had gotten generic, impersonal responses and immediate requests for money with no consultation or response to questions asked. Originally, I had become interested in Phelan's services because he not only provides information on what to look for as far as scams are concerned on his site, he also makes no guarantees or promises as to the results of his spells, but he seemed to offer reasonable expectations and information, he provides contact information and an actual physical address, and most importantly on his site, he clearly states that you will be treated with RESPECT, KINDNESS, and COMPASSION. Well, so much for any of those things. I took the time to send a very detailed email to this person, and I did not receive either RESPECT, KINDNESS, nor COMPASSION or any personal show of interest to my situation and very generic, impersonal response, which not to mention took almost FOUR days for him to respond to to begin with, and he has the nerve to ask me for $224 for a spell! (a special he called it, which was due to expire the next day). I've copied and pasted the actual exchange between myself (my actual name withheld for privacy purposes) and this Phelan person for people to see for themselves. I will never do business with this person as he clearly only has time to receive money. Date Replied On: Thursday, Jan/29/2009 1:11 PM Time Elapsed Until Reply: 1 hour, 11 minutes and 59 seconds. From: Phelan Subject: RE: RE: RE: Thank You For Your Response/Interested In Working With You Reply to this Message My time is money, and this is how I weed out those who just want free information, as is this case. Good luck and the paypal request will be cancelled. Phelan Alicia Brown wrote: Thank you for the offer and lowering your price. I would be willing to purchase this item at the offered price, however so far, your responses tend to be very generic and impersonal and more about money. Thanks again. You can cancel the offer. Date Replied On: Thursday, Jan/29/2009 11:54 AM Time Elapsed Until Reply: From: Subject: From: request Reply to this Message I am on the way out of the office, I have sent you a paypal request for the lesser amount and it will say Atlanta Botanica. If you decide not to proceed I will cancel the request this afternoon upon my return. Phelan Date Replied On: Thursday, Jan/29/2009 11:51 AM Time Elapsed Until Reply: 3 minutes and 11 seconds. From: Phelan Subject: RE: Thank You For Your Response/Interested In Working With You Reply to this Message If you are paying through paypal I will reduce the cost to $174.95. If so I can send you a paypal request. Phelan Alicia Brown wrote: Hello Phelan, Thank you for your response to my message and for your suggestion. I would be interested in working with you and in the Kundalini binding spell, however at this time, I'm unable to spend $224.00 at this time, especially since I was only notified a day ago and you say your offer expires today. I'm wondering if you may have anything that's comparable and less expensive or if you'd willing to negotiate a slightly price. Also, because this person is married as I mentioned before, does this or any other spell cover this area and will it help them mutually divorce? Date Replied On: Wednesday, Jan/28/2009 4:25 PM Time Elapsed Until Reply: 3 days, 17 hours, 1 minute and 37 seconds. From: Subject: Kundalini Binding Reply to this Message Greetings Alicia! I have had great success in assisting my clients with uniting or reuniting with their mates, as long as you are coming from a place of love and its not about control or manipulation it will work for you. I use a combination of a Love spell (A binding of the emotional and mental energies) and the Kundalini binding (A binding of the sexual and spiritual energies). The combination of these two spells work great together to overcome adversity and to reunite lovers or to bring them closer. I use both of your names and dates of birth to do the work and as part of the process, I perform a thorough uncrossing and cleansing to remove the negativity that is keeping you apart or that is preventing you from having the relationship that you deserve. I have a special running for the package of $224.95, this special will end at midnight on January the 29th, I normally charge $650.00. I look forward in assisting you in resolving the conflicts and overcoming the obstacles that's keeping you from having your hearts desire! The following items are included and will be shipped to you upon the completion of your work. Love Spell = Amulet Kundalini Binding = Root Bag Aura Cleansing And Uncrossing = Bath Salts Blessed Be, Phelan Alicia wrote: Hello Phelan, I discovered your site doing a search online for love spells, and I'm very new to spells and use of magic and I'm pretty unsure as to whether the use of magic or spells is appropriate or would work for my situation. I'm also concerned with any potential karmic or negative responses and consequences occuring should it be used. I would like your advice and consultation before considering doing any type of magic. I also want to thank you in advance for taking time to consider and read over my situation as this message is a little involved and lengthy. My situation is that I'm very much inlove with a man who was a friend/playmate when we were babies. Recently, we've been reunited and we've been seeing each other for a few months now, and he's expressed romantic feelings and love for me since apparently the first day he met me, however he's also married without children. Over the past few months, we've spent some time with one another and have even been intimate with one another, however he is also understandably reluctant to carry on our relationship any further and we've agreed up to this point to no longer see each other or be intimate with one another, but to keep our connection limited to the phone or texting and email, etc. Therefore, I'm looking for a spell that will help in the way of motivating and encouraging both he and his wife to want to mutually and amicably divorce from one another in as expedient a manner as possible with little interference/obstacles preventing that, and perhaps something that will allow her to find romantic love with another person/partner. I do not wish any ill-will/harm towards her or anything evil as we do not know each other, and that's not in my spirit. I would like any feelings of lingering obligation, romantic/sexual feelings, perhaps other than simple friendship, removed between the two of them. I would prefer a love spell that not only promotes a lasting, prosperous, romantic and loving/affectionate, committed and faithful relationship, but also promotes a lasting and prosperous marriage, deeper friendship between myself and this person and spending more quality time with one another, a deeper and more developed intuition and fundamental understanding of one another, wisdom and maturity, trust, honesty and open and healthy communication. Some other ingredients include joy and happiness, laughter and light-heartedness, fun and playfulness, creativity/inspiration, acceptance and patience with each other's quirks/weaknesses/bad habits and breaking of certain bad habits, compassion/compromise, forgiveness, spiritual growth and connectedness/centeredness, balance and harmony, and lasting physical/sexual attraction and desire, and sensual, steamy, erotic sex between us. I realize I may be hoping/asking for a lot, however I wanted to be as specific as I could and give as much detail as I could with regard to what I want from this situation and with this person. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you once again for your time and consideration with regard to this matter. Sincerely, Alicia San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
3, Report #1222021
Apr 12 2015
06:00 PM UOP help online tutoring scam Internet
Entity: Internet
4, Report #370681
Sep 07 2008
04:28 PM
FAMILYCONTACT911.COM deseptive charges Clearwater Florida
My AT&T bill was reflecting a late charge of $15.95 to my suprise because I paid my bill even before due date. By contacting AT&T I found out that the late charge was submitted by a third billing party. Looking closer, FAMILYCONTACT911.COM charged me $7.95 for a service that I never asked for. I personally dislike AT&T services enormously and I am willing to cancel their services altogether; I have to call them almost every month to dispute a charge or unfunded fee. If there are enough of us to take drastic actions mabe big guys listen to little ones. Kevin Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
5, Report #240531
Mar 24 2007
11:45 AM
MP3MUSICHQ-COM Online California
I read a rip off report about Internet U.S.A. Phone Number: 818-303-1770 mp3 apparently they managed to take my info when i signed up for lifeteime limewire subscription. anyway, after i realized they were debetting $9.88 a month automatically from my checking. I used a search engine & found there web site. I called the customer service & told them I had no interest in any extra $9.88 being taken out my account for anything. The guy said I ? subscribed? for a hacker protection ! WTF ? I don't remember doing that along the way ?? I'm usually good about avoiding the BS Pop ups & gimmicks...But they got me ! The cuatomer rep deleted the automatic debiting & said that I should no longer see that on my banking statements in the future. But I guess we'll have to see ??? Luckily they only snagged $9.88 for two months. So if you got scammed call Billing: 1-866-730-0934 (toll free)(USA)& hopefully they will delete your account as well. I stilll got lifetime limewire without that monthly fee. Good Luck, Jimmy Newport News, VA., Jimmy newport news, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: California
6, Report #100286
Jul 23 2004
04:35 PM ripoff Ripp OFF Cheaters
I also been just ripped off by I ordered their 1000 MB hosting plan and they took my money through paypal and then they sent me a email of my hosting package. give me my ftp login and server addresses too. I loged in to that accout once and once only after that I could not log back in at all and thier web site was or has been down for along time now been at least two days and I got the server off them last weekend and could not access it at all after the first time I logged in. I bad mouth them by email and they laughed at me and I even got a email back from them stating that they will not refund my money back to me at all !! and they even said good luck on trying to report us in to the FBI or fruad department. cause I made a threat to them that I would do that and I did report them in to the FBI and to the BBB and fruad department too. But I did get one good info from them their ip address !! heres their ip now the FBI can have fun and trace them when ever their online unless they change thier ip!! Jamie Augusta, MaineU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #401913
Dec 16 2008
11:03 AM RIPOFF by Glendale California
I ordered a free sample and paid the shipping on it and they continued to send more and charge my credit card.. they charged me $88.97 for 1 month and they will continue until I find a way to stop those crooks....does anyone have the answer.... Jerry niles, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
8, Report #566399
Feb 08 2010
07:06 PM He lied to me Beijing, Internet
I went to visit the site looking for computers but because his products are so cheap it caught my eyes so I tried to contact the guy and the guy just insisted me on making the payment and refused to answer any of my question. I spent about 30 or more emails back and forth with him and realize that he's a scam since I found couple links on rip off report as well that they are not reliable. I already knew that it wasn't reliable I just wanted to try it myself. He kept insisting that his product is original and new and and that was it that he told me. I asked him a lot of questions on the product and he didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. He wanted me to do the transfer money to his bank and of course that that is the worst thing you can do to a stranger so I didn't do it. I'm here just to warn you guys who look at his sites and want to buy his stuff I suggest you guys don't do it because this guy is a scam in my opinion. I just want to spread the word that's all.  Thanks, Parks
Entity: Beijing, Internet
9, Report #820981
Jan 10 2012
11:26 PM x10 Internet
BEWARE of The customer service is terrible. I had got an RMA from them for a camera package that was terrible in quality. Also another RMA for a vcr package that their website added to my order when I clicked on a remote package instead.  I keep contacting them about my returns, They have confirmed that they have recieved them. But they have differant excuses each time about why I haven't recieved the refund. I also ordered a security system for my daughetrs house for Christmas a couple of months before Christmas. It never came. When I contacted them to find out what happened they informed me they were out of the console and it would be 2 weeks after Christmas. i told them it was suopposed to be a gift what to do. They said tell my daugher to wait. What a joke. I still don't have the security system or my refund on the other RMA and it is 1-11-12. This company is a joke. BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #776686
Sep 14 2011
11:17 AM
I worked for this company in Chattanooga Tennessee(support seven), which is a call center for all of these companies, owned by the owner of the companies as well.  These are all scams! They do offer payday loans, but fail to give or allow employees to give the truth about charges to obtain these loans. The interest rate is well over 400% and they say they don't sell or give info to other companies, but they do. They also don't want the customer to know they have a call center in Costa Rica as well. Once you apply for a loan, they have all of your personal information in the system and numerous people have access to ALL of your personal information. Even when a customer asks for the info to be removed, they still keep it!  I can guarantee if you have had your bank account hacked after applying, it is because of these crooks!. I understand that noone makes you take these loans, but times are hard, and I know I work too hard to be ripped off while trying to make ends meet!...please think twice before doing any business with the above named companies, you can also find complaints on the FTC website
Entity: CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee
11, Report #692708
Feb 08 2011
07:47 PM , Misleading internet advertisment site Brea, California     States that you never have to pay to play there games, in fact they NEVER pay you if you reach the required amount to cash out. They offer a spin the wheel game which, is not accurate, the wheel glitches and deducts double spins. After reaching the required amount to cash out, which I used gwallet to purchase spins.  I submitted my request for my money and never recieved anything. I wrote to the help center. And someone name David, said I requested a transfer to coolcat casino , but the transaction never happened. I wrote them 4 other times, with proof of non payment. They did not respond back after I sent proof of non payment. This has been over a month for my request and still have not heard back. They trick you into thinking you can win free money, which is misleading they, have no problem taking your money and running. They never give the credits for hours of advertisements, they claim are 100% free, and are just out to take your money.
Entity: Brea, California
12, Report #732907
May 25 2011
07:10 AM - bad software Las Vegas, Nevada
I purchased some cameras and software to run the cameras. I called and emailed tech support over and over and still don't have the software running and refuses to give me my money back because I've been trying to get it to work for more than 30 days! The two biggest problems was never able to resolve:      Vanguard software: is a memory hog and brings my PC to it knees. To get the cameras to function I had to run it on the same PC as Active Home Pro. Now all the macros that were working in Active Home Pro no longer work because of Vanguard. According to other users on the forum they've never been able to get Vanguard to work.      MyHome software: I have a webserver running on port 80 and found out after many hours trying to get MyHome to work that it must use port 80. gives no way to configure the software to use any other port. My suggestion - don't buy MyHome if you are running a webserver on port 80. So here I am stuck with cameras and software that don't work and support won't work with me nor will the company refund my money. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #1130621
Mar 13 2014
10:13 PM Paid member banned from Internet
I was a paid member & they banned me so I built my own forum
Entity: Select State/Province
14, Report #1200506
Jan 09 2015
01:00 PM Damaged property Internet
First off, I locked my keys in my car at a local store. I happened to select the company I'm reporting because it was at the top of the search results, but I didn't realize it was a Google ad. They seemed professional enough and had the lowest prices listed online, so I scheduled a locksmith to my location. He was fast at arriving, but to do something as simple as unlock my classic car, he quoted me $150. I should have known from that quote that it was not going to go well. I refused his service until he dropped his price to $80 which I later learned was still insanely expensive, but I agreed and told him to proceed with the unlock. He used a couple of air bags to wege my driver side window open and proceded to use a locksmith fishing pole to try to unlock the door with the handle and the mechanical lock itself. In this process with all the angeling, twisting, and yanking he chipped a lot of paint off the body of my car near the back of the driver window with the pole. I didn't notice immediately. He couldn't get the door open still so he decided to try to fish the keys out of the ignition. He hooked the keys and got his pole stuck through the keyring, and unable to get them out. After much more twisting, yanking, and bending he got the pole unhooked, BUT he again chipped tons of paint around the top of the driver window on my car's roof. At this point is when I realized that he had damaged my car and addressed it with him. He tried to claim that it already was like that in the exact two places he happened to be working with the pole. My car has had a full paint job restoration and I keep it very clean. I know the scratches and chips of the car. The car was still locked after about 30 minutes of him being on-site, and he asked if I wanted him to try the other side. I told him, No, you should just leave before you damage anything else. I was just ready to have him gone and get in my car. He then proceeded to say that I still owed him for the drive to my location which was $20. I told him that he had damaged my car and I wasn't going to pay him anything. He became very rude and very insisting in a rather intimidating manner. I told him I'd go into the store and pull the cash from the ATM where I proceeded to call the company again and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was hung up on initially, but when I called back the supervisor picked up. He said I must pay no matter what because I agreed to on the initial call. I believe with the extenuating circumstances with the damage to MY vehicle I shouldn't have had to pay anything. After all I had dealt with I lost it on the manager. He didn't budge and refused to make things right. I should have contacted the authorities at the time, but my state of mind was not clear with what I had been through. The locksmith outside the store was basically harassing me phone calls as I was talking to the company on the phone. I decided to pay his $20 so he'd leave, and I could get home after being stuck there for hours, but not before I let him know what exactly I thought of him and the company. I called another company who came out and charged me only $50, and had the car open in less than 10 minutes. After I was back in the vehicle, I found out the initial guy bent my ignition key when he was trying to get it out. This key is a $25 key because it has the GM magnetic security chip in it. So, when all was said and done, I was forced to pay that first locksmith to come out, chip lots of paint (which I have photos of), bend my ignition key, and not even get my car open in the end. I would be filing a lawsuit if I had the money to pursue that coarse.  
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1252261
Sep 01 2015
11:43 AM
i recieved a courtesy call for weightloss patch $6.95 s/h is all i pay for the 14 day trial, june 8 2015. they charged my account $6.95 a week later $69.95( still no package). july 22 recieve trial package and was charged $69.95. during this time i have called their customer service 800-434-7129, i have emailed customerhelp123, and called, called. nothing gets resolved. their comany shows a refund pending but not a cancelation for the product. huh? what? i try to cancel and thats another number for them to transfer me to a deadline. august still billed my account but for more $79.95 still no packages for any monthexcept the trial and i have not opened it, tried to return to send by the tracking number and its not readable. closed my personal account afraid they will withdraw again, and im still trying to get this resolved......
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1274372
Dec 28 2015
02:26 PM lou---Internet
took my money and did nothing at all than demanded more---zero nada ZILTZ credit repair---total ripoff--i suppposed to credit letters back from credit bureau---did not get any at all just took my money and did nothing 99.00 paid on cap one---called them said he was fraud got money back in 2 days  paid him (LOU) with credit card---cap one--waited 40 days nothing happened---credit same----he never repair credit at all-
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1262614
Oct 20 2015
06:32 PM
Walmart. Com Walmart.com8009666546APUS. Nationwide
They took money off my card an say they don't have recorded of it but it's on my bank statement  They took my money but saying they have no record but my bank statement say they received my money
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1282728
Jan 27 2016
04:52 PM Gouging, Ripoff, Excessive Nationwide
Website advertises help will arrive in 10-15 minutes and cost would be $19 + $35 with possible fluctuations based on complications. Technician arrived late (30+ minutes) and used a piece of locksmith plastic and WD-40 to open the front door of my house within 60 seconds.  Then proceeded to charge me $163 with no explanation. I called in to speak with Chris who stated all the extra fees were due to the equipment he used and were completely valid.  After a quick search and calling around, you can easily find the plastic for $8-$20 and a can of WD-40 is $5. I called back to speak with a lady and asked why I was charged so much and don't try and tell me equipment as the costs are well below that.  She asked why exactly I was calling back, unconcerned with my issue.  I asked to speak with a manager and was told there was none as business hours were past (it's 3:00pm).  I asked when he/she would be in and what their name was and got a simple morning and I don't know. Absolutely insane price gouging with zero reason.  Unfortunately when you're in this type of situation there's not much you can do.   AVOID at all costs.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1370451
Apr 30 2017
10:37 AM  Internet
*I had the exact same thing happen to me Warning do not do business with . They are rippers & liars the whole web site if fake i added money to thier site & they ripped me off sayin they didnt get the money ...but i have the comfromation that Rip off*
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1223046
Apr 17 2015
07:47 AM Took money without permission Internet
 I am having trouble with i had to cancel once before but it seems they didn't take me off. I checked my account on4/14/2015 and they did it again without permission.I called and they told me i have to go to my search page and it will tell me what to do to get my money back and i did and nothing happened. This is day three and still my money has not been returned to me yet. I am on a fixed income and i don't have money to give away. is a rip off it's not what they say they are. I will be contacting my lawyer and the b.b.b and if i have to i will call channel seven news.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #159478
Oct 04 2005
06:27 PM ripoff Internet
I purchased a digital camera/ recorder, it has not worked since I received it. The return policy gives only 14 days to return the product, and you cannot return it unless you get a RMA # from them. I have been waiting 4 days and have yet to get a call or e-mail with the number. I contacted them again and they said they sent me an e-mail just hours before. The e-mail has yet to download into my e-mail account. I told them the only e-mail I received was from my father, 7 hours after the initial call. The fool at the customer service center told me to open a HOT-MAIL account for my e-mail. I received all their other e-mail, now I need a HOT-Mail account to get their e-mail. DO not put up with their garbage. Do not purchase from them. James Southgate, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #159433
Oct 04 2005
12:14 PM ripoff Clifton new jersey
I ordered a pair of quality jordans Sept.17 for my boyfriend's birthday and i sent a check in on Sept 18. and here it is 2 days before his birthday and still no shoes. What made it even worse they already cashed the check and still processing my order. All i want to do is get these shoes for my boyfriends birthday if they can't send them please return my money. I will be glad to do an update if either or happens Nikita lawton, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #204528
Aug 04 2006
11:06 AM
True .com ripoff Blank Internet
I tried a trial offer of I used it for 2 days I had an emergencey out of state and return to see charged my account 50.00 . I cancelled at that moment and demanded a refund then I emailed 2 times still no refund. I looked throughly for a phone number to contact the site none found or that I could see. In the mean time the emails kept coming from That's when I noticed in very small print a phone number I called they refused to refund my money said I agreed to the terms I explained what happen to me and that I only agreed to the trial terms not as a full member refusses to refund my money On a product I havn't used!! I asked them why they made it so hard to cancel the person I talked to said it was in the terms I agreed to that I could only cancel If I called the number that I was unable to locate. I asked then why do you have a cancelation process set up on your site? I thought I cancelled a month ago through there only to find out with in two days was going to bill my card another 50.00 dollars in which I am sure they would have refussed to refund as well. Robert mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #179116
Mar 03 2006
11:14 AM ripoff Internet
I ordered a pair of knockoff Coach sunglasses from this place. They sent me a cheap pair of like, $5 glasses, but I paid almost $60 for them. They told me I could return my item and they would refund my money. Over TWO MONTHS has gone by, and STILL no refund. Plus, their website is down, and there is no number to call or anything. The website is one big scam. But karma always comes back, so they will get theirs. Catherine Addison, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #80021
Feb 11 2004
08:32 AM
Datesnow,com ripoff Internet
i was charged 79.99 for a site i never signed up for, the supposed date was a day when my entire family was home and my 5-year old daughter was on the disney web site.. Ron interlochen, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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