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1, Report #822580
Jan 13 2012
09:55 PM Beware of Internet
My daughter,  20 years old, signed up for with my credit card with my permission. It stated that there was a money back guarantee. I did not see anyplace where it stated that after 6 months I would be charged again. It must have been very small print.Last week I saw on my statement that I was being charged again. I called and I asked for the charges to be credited, my daughter did not meet one person. I was told no. I asked for the charges to be, at least, prorated. I was 2 days into the next 6 months. I was told no. I asked to talk to the supervisor and she said the same thing. Nobody at cares at all.I reported them to the BBB. They do not have a rating with them, but I received no results. I am trying to fight this with my credit card company and am disputing it.They should at least prorate the charge!!!
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #903623
Jun 27 2012
10:30 AM
MATCH.COM Auto Renewal on Internet shuts off your  Auto Renewal only if you cancel your subscription.  Despite my efforts to prevent an Auto Renewal Match. com renewed my  subscription without my authorization.  They base their renewal on Central Standard Time.   After being on the phone for almost 30 mnorinutes some foreigner in a distant land whom  I could not understand because of her poor English I was informed that their was no way I could get a refund because I had emailed someone.  That e mail was done prior  during my active subscription.  They use central time.  Needless to say they adamantly refused to refund my money.  Despite wiping out my credit card information on the site the Auto Renewed my subcription.  If you think they will block you from using the site you wrong.  They will not refund your money.  Be aware that you will spend at least 10 minutes waiting for your call to be answered,  you will wait another 10 minutes to be connected to a Superivisor who will be of no help whatsoever.  Sandy the supervisor parrots from a script and can not do anything.  Match. com does not have any customer service and is deceitful in their practices regarding Auto Renew. 
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #773042
Sep 04 2011
04:28 PM supports Nigerian scammers Dallas, Texas
I signed on to Saturday afternoon and paid my $66.00.  I went on this site because it is a paid site for dating, it's not free.  I thought this would make the site safer then free dating sites.My very first reply was from a Nigerian scammer.  He asked me to chat on yahoo and I saw him on webcam.  He confessed he is a scammer and used a credit card to go on  I called and requested a refund.  I was denied.  I spoke to a manager, I was denied a refund even though I was on for only maybe 90 minutes.   Well, thought I would give it another try since they would not refund me not even 2 out of the 3 months I paid in advance.I have been contacted by at least 4-5 scammers in a 24 hour period of time.  I have saved messages and Nigerian calls on my phone from these scammers. does nothing to protect their customers and didn't even ask for the scammers id's. I have paid 2 requests for a full refund.  They will not refund my money and take stolen credit cards from Nigeria to let these scammers come on with fake profile pictures. You are not safe on and don't care how many scammers are on the site as long as they get their money.  Millions of dollars are stolen from Americans each year by Nigerian scammers and this has to stop.  Many innocent women fall victim all out of the name of love and does nothing about it. is a waste of money and time.  I have spent my last 24 hours filtering out these scammers and calling with absolutely no help or care. Don't believe their commercials.  Most of the men are Nigerian scammers stealing pictures of innocent people and trying to get at your money and is assisting them.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
4, Report #1070389
Jul 26 2013
02:24 PM Bogus 6 month guarantee Internet
 I joined last month.  I did everything necessary to fulfill my 6 month guarantee.  A number of times when I went on the site I saw that my profile was hidden (even though I Never Hid It!)  Their website claimed I had done everything to fulfill my 6 month guarantee in month 1 and now, suddenly in month 2, the 4 requirements changed from all green checkmarks to 1 red - concerning my profile photo.  I contacted Match and they asked if I had ever changed my photo.  I told them No.  Then they tried to pressure me into reupping for an automatic 6 month renewal on my credit card.  I said No.  I told 2 different people (1 was a supervisor) about Match hiding my profile.  Now, lo and behold, I don't qualify for the 6 month guarantee because I hid my profile.  I insisted I never did - Match did and I kept having to unhide it.  This is a dishonest company.  They send fake winks and communication.  I started contacting people who supposedly winked at me or liked me or whatever and they claim that, not only had they not done so, but Match claimed I initiated contact!  So many profiles are fake and/or scammers and Match will do anything to get out of that 6 month guarantee.  I contacted their Customer Service and mid conversation (and I was being calm and respectful) they just purposely disconnected.  Stay away from this company.  They waste your time and money.  Stay away from their sister company,, too.  They are even more dishonest. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1203274
Jan 21 2015
05:39 PM Unethical Business Practices Internet
On January 16, 2015, charged my credit card after I cancelled the services preventing auto-renewal.  In addition, I noticed someone was on my account sending emails for the month of January 2015.  However, when I notified alerting them of fraudulent activity on my account, they did nothing except to say they were sorry and could not refund the auto renewal amount back onto my credit card.  Therefore, this proves why anyone who is out seeking a soul mate should never do business with regardless of their commercials etc.  Instead, many should look into the free dating sites.  I found my finance' but not on Match.  In conclusion, is a waste of money.  The site is filled with women and men who have waited over a decade to start back dating, in which spells a high turnover rate and has a higher than the normal liability rating for anyone who is really looking for a long term relationship. Simply, if you want to give your money to and scroll through employee created profiles then is for you.  IF you want to date real women are real men then check out the free dating sites such as POF. etc.  Let's work together using our 1st Amendment to stop unethical business practices from companies such as  If you sign up for, get auto renewed by an unauthorized user, then you might as well kiss your money goodbye. is not designed to return funds, only take funds.  That is why they offer: The Match Guarantee.  Think about it. 
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1296204
Mar 27 2016
07:28 PM and Switch Internet
 I have been a subscriber off and on for 2 yrs. for about 2 yrs. Now, after my last stint with them I realize why I kept going back for more of nothing-they use Bait and Switch tactics. I have been a paid subscriber for the last 6 months and received 6 emails or winks in that whole time. As soon as my subscription expired, I started receiving all kinds of interest-I have received more than 30 emails or winks in the last 30 days. But, of course, I am no longer a paying customer so I can't read the emails and whomever the paying customer is that is trying to communicate with me has no idea they are trying to contact someone who can't read their emails! Why is my profile still available to paying customers?? They can't get in touch with me. These are classic Bait ansd Switch tactics. Not only was I ripped-off (I wonder why I didn't receive all this interest when I was a paid subscriber) but the paying customer that is trying to reach me is being ripped-off. Stay away from these crooks. And the worst thing is-they get by with it.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1170491
Aug 18 2014
09:52 AM Multiple Scammers on Internet
Michelle Harrison from (same exact identity with same story) also tried to SCAM money out of me as well.  Fortunately, I did not fall for the sudden need for money when apparently she was able to fly to India on a moments notice, find a hotel to stay, her father fails to survice an surgery and then all of the sudden she ends being short of money to pay for rightful christian funeral her father's funeral services. This is only one of many attempts that persons on have tried to extort informaiton or money out of real people. This kind of activity needs to be regulated as it will be ruin of the industry if there is no way of insuring the integrity in those who are allowed to participate.  
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1236536
Jun 18 2015
04:00 PM ripoff Natomas california Nationwide
I joined in May 2015 and I have had nothing less than horrible experiences. On June 15th 2015 I went out with this woman and on the date she was asking about a Stephan Hawking movie, I told her I did not like it, she went into a rage and started yelling, so I got up and told her I was taking her home, she became worse and I went down to my car and waited, she got in and as I was driving she was threating me that this was not over and she was going to call 911 and claim I was drunk, I pulled over and asked her to get out of my car, which was at the next gas station, as she got out of the vehicle she dialed 911. I drove off and went home to file a complaint with, stating the same story I have shared hereTYhe next day my account was locked out, I tried to restore the password and to no avail, I wrote an email asking for help to restore. Well they had removed me and blocked me out? after many emails and chat sessions they refused to close my account and refund my money, they emailed me however they gave no reason, excuse and I was told I would get a call. they closed me account and kept to months of my moneythey gave no reason, kept the money and just ripped me offBeware, find another dating site that is reputable and has a policy if you disagree that you will be refunded you money dueDo not use, or refer your friends, in fact this is happening at an alarming rate and there needs to be a class action suit. anyone willing please reachout and I am in, this is about principal  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #566495
Feb 08 2010
10:45 PM did it, now I am married!!! Internet
I have read a few bad reports on here for the Colombian Dating Sites. I found that ColombianCupid had hired women working for them. I was in Colombia and tried to meet over 20 girls and not one of them panned out. Then I emailed the admin at Colombian Cupid and they told me they are not responsible for me meeting girls just for me to pay. What a joke. The girls all had the same IP ADDRESS TOO!!! After searching I found on here. So I tried it, the girls seemed nice I didn't see any type of scamming. I also stayed in there penthouse suite they offer for members to stay in at Cali Colombia and I actually went on dates with 4 of the 7 girls I wanted to meet. Well long story short folks im engaged. She is stellar women, everything I wanted . Ive seen allot of bad sites out there but these guys actually went out of there way to find me a girl and introduce me and take care of everything with out ripping me off. So stay away from COlombiaCupid its a waste of money and time.  Cheers, Tom
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1019013
Feb 23 2013
08:03 AM Match SCAM Billing/fake profiles , Internet
DO NOT use this site or give them your billing info. Google is your Friend. They offer a free 7 day trial then offer you 25 percent off if you decide to stay after the trial. They charge you and claim you cant use both offers BUT the web site does not state that. I recorded a conversation in which they openly admitted this. ( with permission no less!) Many people have reported they auto renew and continue to charge you after the initial period . They offer no refunds and customer service reps read from a script and are very rude contradicting each other. Most of the profiles are non paying members or fakes who can not read, view or reply to anything you send them. More misleading info. There is also no way to block scammers. stalkers, fakes either as they can still see you and track your every move. Consumer fraud and someone needs to address! They take your money without permission and dont deliver on what they promise!
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #1177541
Sep 17 2014
09:02 PM WMV Unauthorized charges on my Visa credit card. Dallas ? Internet
We discovered two unauthorized charges against our Visa card from We are not subscribers to this service and have absolutely no idea how our card number was compromised.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1186776
Nov 04 2014
03:17 PM lacks integrity and horrible customer service Nationwide
After being with for 7 months, I've learned and realized their business lacks integrity and definitely don't care about its customers and cares only about revenue. Ironically, is a company that's suppose to HELP people find love, and yet its not a people-oriented company at all! automatically renewed my 6-months subscription with my consent. When I found out, they told me user can choose not to select automatic-renewal option. So basically, by default, when you first sign up to, the option of 6-month automatical renew is setup in your account. As a user, you're not aware you had this choice until Match has already charged your credit card. The CORRECTt business practice would have been: 1) By default, assign non-automatical renew for each user's setting. 2) When 6-months membership is about to expire, should send an automatic email to its customer informing them their membership has expired and request customers to renew again. Also, apparently as I found out today, if you don't find a match within the first 6-months of subscription, you have 30 days to call Match and they will give you next 6 months for free. If you tell them after 30-days, it's too late and you will be charged for the 6-month description. WHY ARE USERS NOT INFORMED ABOUT THIS? So here I am, having been forced to continue another 6-months of membership with no option out. I feel that it is so unjust and unfair for to do this to all of its customers. For all those out there, please don't go thru the mistake I went through.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1264404
May 31 2016
04:05 PM will refund my $275 after cancellation Internet
I subscribed to several months ago not knowing they would extract the entire year in advance from my credit card. This enables them to Refuse a refund, which they did. I didnot use the service. They also, if you decide to use the service they automatically bill you when your subscription expires. This is the only company in my lifetime that keeps your money and provides nothing for it.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1327745
Sep 12 2016
01:52 PM renews account even after you cancel!! dallas Texas
Beware of their deceptive practices with!!! renewed my membership after cancelling!!!!   After cancelling days in advance of my renewal date, renew my membership anyway.  They will ask you for a cancellation number that they consumer will never get upon cancellation. Once you mention to that you never received one, they will tell you that there is nothing that they can do about getting you back your money.   If the company is this desparate for business, then they must be uncutting services in other areas of the website. Beware: go in with eyes wide open if you sign up.  If you do sign up and with to cancel, Contact someone directly; get their name and contact info; and some kind of cancellation confirmation, if you are lucky enough to get one!!
Entity: dallas, Texas
15, Report #1393492
Aug 17 2017
12:22 PM is a complete ripoff - deceptive trade practices Internet
Save your money. I have been a Member for months and just discovered that non-members cannot see and respond to your messages. Even worse, there is no way to tell who is a non-Member. Speaking with their customer service they try and avoid the question of why you cannot tell who is a member or not. They hem and haw and talk about who matches and if you want your email read but when forced to they admit that nobody can tell who a non-member is. the fake profiles and email does not really bother me but this is completely deceptive. why present everybody to you as a member if only to rip you off. a CLASSIC rip off. Attention any lawyers willing to class action these a**holes?also even though it is a phone pick on their menu to ask for a refund. they do NOT ever give refunds per their terms. Get with your cc company and do a chargeback on these jerks.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #347488
Jul 04 2008
10:02 AM is the biggest rip off in internet history Internet
First you waste like over 30 minutes of your life filling information and private data about yourself, for this fraudulent crackpot website. Second, u click the finish button, which will label you officially as: a potential internet fraud victim. U can't check emails that have been sent to you, unless u pay them the 30 $ fee, and this is only the start. the subscription gets renewed automatically. steals your money from you without knowing it. and deactivating this automatic subscription system is not something to be trifled with! because it's sooooooo complicated, once ure in, you can never get out. even if you cancel your subscription, they will still charge u by the first of each month in some way or another, try to rise a complaint and you will never get any refund back. they will assume that you took advantage of the service and sent and received emails from desperate people like you, a case strong enough to walk you out with empty hands. The emails you get when ure not yet a subscriber are fraudulent and a scam, they're not REAL emails from REAL PEOPLE. they're just generated by a software bot.. placed there to use you emotionally and to give you that itchy feeling of subscribing to know who the sender was. even after u pay them and become an official idiot, you're no more than a loser who's paying his hard earned cash for an electronic wink? over 85 % of people subscribed in don't pay for a subscription, the other 15 % live 200 miles away from u, and i can certainly relate to that. the only thing women can do on is to send you winks. if you're a subscriber, you can send an email back to each wink u receive, but the girl who sent u teh wink cannot read your emails! because she didn't pay for the service! she's only a promoter for the website. she's just there as a bate, the only thing she can do is to send you winks. she can't read your emails, and thus you can't pass your phone number or email to her in any way imaginable! u can only send a wink back to her, so that your wink and hers can make love together. how inclusive! u want to find somebody interesting? go to a pub, find yourself a nice girl, smile at her, and tell her: just wanted to let you know that i find you gorgeous! that's it :) no complications.. no stupid winks.. not even pick up lines to memorize. 95 % of them will reply with something like: ohh thank u, that's so sweet of you, what's your name again? and that's it. at least u won't be shocked by her 300 pounds weight, it happens in most of blind dates. most of them women on dating website deliberately don't show their whole body. just the upper half lol. man! this is crazy. Zasa jamaica, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #436677
Mar 23 2009
08:16 AM
Funtonia - com gave away my creditcard info to Internet
I made a purchase on my charge card to They did not have PayPal and I was hesitant at first. Stupid on my part I did it anyway, 2 weeks later I had a charge to I had never visited nor used I am normally very safe when using the internet for purchasing things. I would always investigate the company online before purchasing , My fault on this one I DIDN'T. Goes to show it only takes 1 time and they get you. I called my bank and hopefully things will be resolved soon. My bank first said I do not need a new card with only 1 item charged that was fraudulent. I told them BS...Send me another card now. Jennylmoon Knoxville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #432656
Mar 10 2009
10:41 AM
WMV Match.Com, WMV Ripping You Off!!! Internet
My fiance noticed an unauthorized charge for $34.99 and on her online bank statement it said WMV We just saw it today and are disputing it through her bank, which she just so happens to work out, so maybe she wont have too much trouble getting it taking care of. I am posting this just hoping other people will read it and take caution. I dont want anyone else to get ripped off. She had never even been on The only thing we pay online is our Home Depot bill. Jautry27 Covington, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
19, Report #914390
Jul 19 2012
11:17 AM dating web site Internet
most of the profiles on this site are fake, either they are just a total scam asking for money or they are computer generated profiles most likely created by the administrators of the web site itself just to get guys to join, they allow the scammers to send messages on just s 3 day trials and then they disaaper just to come online as someone else. %95 of the woman i contaced didnt even so much as look at my profile and never read the message i sent them, the only 'winks i would get were from woman who who were from new york or somewhere far away.  when i asked for my money back they said they couldnt because i has sent emails to other users, even though those users were all fake profiles. total rip off just all the other dating web sites. And anyone that you do happen to message back and forth will stop talking to you as soon as you bring up your concern about a scam becuase they get busted in it. i wish there was a way i could seek legal action against these frauds
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #696566
Feb 17 2011
10:06 AM Auto Renewal Policy Dallas, Texas
Hello,I recently found out that $125.94 was taken from my checking account for auto-renewal for  I was unaware of this and now told that even though I have cancelled my subscription my money is not to be refunded.   I would like my money refunded as I believe this practice is unfair and perhaps illegal (they charged my account with out-dated information as well).  I have never dealt with a business that cannot refund a dissatisfied customer.  They were uncooperative and rude. I, myself work for a retail company where the customers satisfaction is of the utmost importance. is only interested in taking people's money and not helping them or making them happy in any way, shape or form.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
21, Report #699164
Feb 23 2011
08:13 PM Fake profiles and responses Internet
I have been noticing some bad practices with I have been noticing that I get BEAUTIFUL winks from girls who never read my profile. Then I respond, of course. Well, I get back an email that is pretty generic saying they are interested and to contact the, offline and they all spell out their email address linke (sarah123) at y...a...h....o...o... . .c...o...m... Of course they never respond back. Also, I a, noticing completely different profiles with the same pictures. Kris10dh33 crazed girl Ok, so maybe it is the same person, but one has 2 kids 13 and 15 and the other has 3 kids at 16, 10 and 8 I don't know but the whole thing looks bad......
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #706338
Mar 15 2011
02:04 PM dating site , Internet
I signed up with to find an ideal mate thinking that i will give something new a try and meet people in my area...i was disappointed to learn after i signed up for 6 month service that cost me 108.00 dollars there wasnt alot of people in my area I didnt even get 50 matches!!! I havent been up there a full week and call the customer service number they provided and asked for a refund i would of even takin a partial refund...the customer represenative told me that i couldnt get a refund because the service was used  even if there isnt alot of matches in your area....he was rude and not professional very disappointed in this site wouldnt recommend anyone to go on this rip off site
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #670058
Dec 10 2010
07:01 AM Bait and Switch Internet
Seems that likes to pull the old Bait and Switch.  Did not want to sign up for the full membership, so I decided to try the Free 72 hours - however they still needed you to pay first.  Before I signed up I was receiving Winks from individuals that I might have been potentially interested in, but when I went to respond to the Winks their profiles were no longer available.  Nice going - I will be sure to tell anyone that considers your service to STAY AWAY
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #577278
Mar 03 2010
10:47 AM does NOT live up to FREE renewal promises Internet does not honor their free 6 month membership extension after you perform all the necessary requirements. I used this service when in Florida, and had to contact Customer Service to request the extension.  They eventually gave it to me. I moved to another state and started a new subscription, and just like the first time, after 6 months, the extension was not granted.  This time they locked me out and would not respond to 5 Customer Service requests to contact me.  They are a ripoff! This is false advertising!!!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #790569
Oct 19 2011
12:23 PM This company sucks Internet, Internet
I only used this service for  2 weeks , paid for 3 months no refund, no extension, no nothing
Entity: Internet, Internet

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