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1, Report #962045
Oct 30 2012
10:39 AM
roomster.com RIPOFF!! Internet
Don't use this site !!! They hide their policies in the fine prints to rip you off. Like many other reviewers of roomster, I was charged a monthly fee for a subscription that I was automatically enrolled into. They know customers barely have time to go through the fine prints, so they exploit this to rip us off.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1401684
Sep 22 2017
06:10 AM
 I made a purchase from this company by bitcoin . The site looks legit and very professional though their procedure is shady . I received an e mail asking to pay by bitcoin I made payment and then nothing. The website is very difficult to navigate however I managed to find my order and it was highlighted in yellow as on hold and still is. I tried to reply to the e mail I received but comes back host not found so I went back onto the site to raise a ticket which sends an instant message to them I said I had paid and referred to bit coin address they gave to me and asked for some confirmation on my order. Still no replies and order on hold. If you are reading this do not order from this site they will rip you off 100%!!! . I'm not sure if anyone else reading this has had any joy in tracking down these wankers. But please keep me informed as I intend to do all I can to stop them so any new address updates please send I'm so Angry. I've never used bitcoin to make a payment before either so it took me some time and effort to do all this and now not sure I will ever use bitcoin for payment cause their is no way to retrieve your payment anyway I am seriously pissed off please update when you find any new info Regards x
3, Report #335567
May 29 2008
04:01 PM
Passive Profits Got screwed Internet
I saw this companies ad on Google , and thought I would check it out since I only had to pay $1.98 for a CD . But I did not get any CD , just $39.90 stolen from my bank account . I contacted them , and they said they would return the money , but they have not . Three weeks after contacting them they stole $39.90 out of my account again . I had to cancel my card , and get a new one . I also reported them to the ICC . Glbrown Whitakers, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #336893
Jun 03 2008
07:30 PM
PMIIDENTITY Steals Money Connecticut
This company keeps taking money off my credit card without my approval. Jessica Gilbert, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
5, Report #334241
May 22 2008
11:03 AM
AOL double charge Internet
my mother cancelled her acct about a year ago when she moved to another state, then reopened it for her new high-speed internet acct, which should have been 4.95 a month. thay never cancelled her acct. they kept her dead husbands acct active at 17.95 a month...which was under her screen name; then added her new acct at 25.90 a month, charged her another 8.00 a month for services she did not want. they refunded..or SAY they will 2 months of the 8.00 charge...ooooh thanks. needless to say we have cancelled all accts. i'm expecting them to continue charging as that is their usual m.o. NEVER use aol, for the love of God use ANY other isp. Aolsmokescock blanchard, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #333473
May 19 2008
12:20 PM
FreedomUnitedTeam False advertising Dallas Texas
The Freedom United Team run by Jessica Waller of Texas is a big JOKE - read their testimonials...they act like they've had this team for years and years and years, and talk about how much it's changed their lives...what a bunch of lies...the team JUST started in May 2008....they're full of promises they cannot deliver....be very careful.... for anyone who truly wants to work from home with honesty & integrity, stay far away from this group...the saddest part is how they talk about being Christians, & thank GOD for all that he has done. I don't believe GOD condones lying.....this team makes a bad name for Christians unfortunately. Sallysue Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
7, Report #336427
Jun 02 2008
01:44 PM
HUDforclosed.com MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENT Westlake Village, California
The HUD forclosed.com Internet ad leads consumers to believe that they are signing up for a no obligation one-week trial term for $1. However, far down on the page very small print states that if you do not cancel your one-week, you will be charged $39. per month. This information is conspicuously missing from the term that I choose. Ok so I sucked it up. After all, how stupid of me to get suckered by yet another unethical Internet advertiser. All I could do was cancel immediately (?) The e-mail address listed on my credit card statement was incorrect. It took me and a representative of my credit card company about 35 mins of Internet searching to find the correct contact information for HUDforclosed.com (shown on the statement as HUDforclosed.net). Depending on which search engine you use, you may/may not be able to find this company to cancel your subscription. Bottom line SKIP THIS ONE.!!!!!! Madashell lynwood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Westlake Village, California
8, Report #349689
Jul 10 2008
12:55 PM
Massaggio Spa RIPOFF Alpharetta Georgia
Do NOT sign a contract with scam artists! I have been trying for 4 months to cancel my membership with Massaggio Spa. I have called, gone to the spa and sent 4 letters. They have refused to pick up the certified/return receipt letters I have sent them. After I sent my first letter to cancel they began to charge my credit card twice a month. Then they charged me 3 times the next month and now it is four charges in one month! They are trying to get as much money from me as they can. I have contested the charges with my credit card company who have refuned all the charges to my account, but Massagio continues to charge me multiple times a month so I must continue to contest the charges. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Massaggio's reply was that I had to show proof that they RECEIVED my cancellation letter. How can I show proof they received it if they refuse to pick up and sign for the certified letters!?! Anonymous Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
9, Report #352738
Jul 18 2008
09:08 AM
4RX.com RIP OFF! Internet
Total rip off, says your meds will be sent airmail.....must be by hotair baloon. I waited for 35 days and recevied nothing, had to threaten them to get a credit and still don't have it yet. DON'T buy from this company, better off throwing it out the window! Marcus Commerce City, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
10, Report #352541
Jul 17 2008
06:00 PM
Ameriloan 1-800-Ameriloan-RipOff Internet
I got a cash advance of $150.00 through Ameriloan a few months ago. There was a $45.00 fee for every month that the account remained unpaid. To request full payment I have to go into my online account through Ameriloan and submit my payment request. I submitted a full payment request to be paid on 7-02-2008. I requested it nearly a month ahead of time and it clearly showed on the computer at the time that I requested it and it had been scheduled. When full payment was to have been made on July 2nd, I found out through looking into my bank account that the $45.00 fee was continuing to be taken out rather than the full payment I had requested. When going back in to my online Ameriloan account on their website I found that it looked like I had not submitted a request at all. It just showed what it usually did every month of $45.00 and when it was due next. I then re-submitted a request for full payment for August 1st, which is the $150.00 plus the $45.00 combined, meaning the full payment that was scheduled again was for $195.00. I feel I should not have to pay the extra fees considering I tried to get it payed in full at the beginning of July. From that point I emailed Ameriloan from the contact form on their website. I was harsh, I was threatening. I have been put through this same thing with other cash advances and did not want yet another to do the same. I told them I did not care anymore of the legal consequences and if they did not take care of this I would have my lawyer hash things out with them. In one of the first e-mails I sent to them this month I even threatened to close my checking account if they did not take out the money owed to them immediately and I stated to them that this matter would be closed soon. I continued to get e-mails that gave me the runaround. Shortly after I submitted for full payment, this time for August 1st, I told them I wanted to pay in full much sooner than that. I gave them a few days after I sent them my first e-mail to get the money out, then checked my banking account. Nothing new. So, I closed my checking account and ripped the money out from underneith them. It is safely somewhere else now and waiting to be paid to them. I stated that no further account numbers to anything would be given, that included credit card numbers, new checking account numbers, etc. In order for them to get their money they would have to come directly to me for it. That I needed the name and address where to send a money order to. That was the only form of payment I was willing to give at the time. I continued to get e-mails from customer service claiming I had to call customer service at 1-800-362-9090 and when their office hours were. I also would get e-mails about how they would except credit cards, debit and moneygram/Western Union. This particular e-mail mentioning about credit cards was after I mentioned I would not give out any card numbers and such. I continued to persist on an address to send a money order to in order to pay off my loan. I needed the name to make it out to and the address to mail it to. I was wondering why they continued to give me the run around when I was asking simple questions that they would not answer. That I was supposed to call customer service when it was customer service I was getting all the e-mails from. It wasn't like I was asking anything difficult for them to send me through an e-mail. I told them to stop all the monkey shine. I also mentioned that they must be afraid to give out their address. I received another e-mail back stating once again to call customer service at 1-800-362-9090. I decided I would try to go through Western Union to pay them and use cash and walk in to a Western Union. But of course you need the information from the company, like numbers and such so you can send the money. So I had no choice but to call customer service. I called Ameriloan thismorning. So far they actually still have full payment marked down to be paid on August 1st. Surprisingly. But they still want the extra fees with the payment that is paid every month, $195.00 total. Even though I claimed it was their mistake and full payment should have been made at the beginning of the month and no more fees should have been taken out. You know what the woman told me at Ameriloan, We don't make mistakes. She said they check their computer through and no sign of me submitting a full payment. I know I submitted one. This is just another way they can continue to take out more fees. I asked why they do not take money orders. She said they don't take postal payments. But when I mentioned to her I cancelled my checking account she said they take starter checks from your new checking account. Well, wouldn't that have to mean I would have to mail the check? That would be considered a payment through the mail. But the only thing I told her when she said about the starter checks is that it would have my new account numbers on it and I said I would not give any numbers out. I then asked her why they would not give me an address. She said they are not allowed to give out their postal address. She also said since Ameriloan gave me the money for the cash advance by ACH (Automatic Check) that they expected it to be paid back by ACH. So I told her that if she was doing the fair, fair tactic about that then why can't they give me a their address? I said You have all my information, including my address, why can't I have yours? She also told me that they would not except Western Union payment until time of collections. Meaning until after they tried to withdrawel from my account on August 1st and could not withdraw, then they would come after me for a late payment. I knew what the after time of collections meant. That would make me look bad and them look good. You know what I told her? I told her Screw It, and hung up the phone. But I did give her a good chewing out. I'm telling you Ameriloan makes every excuse to get more money out of you. I'm looking around for lawyers to give me more advice. I have another cash advance out through another company worth alot more than that and I have a feeling come August 3rd when that one is due, though it should have been paid a lot sooner, that I will have the same trouble with them as well. Regardless of what the online papers stated when I signed them, I was not going to continue to be ripped off and have what was left of my money and my pride destroyed. Stand up to these companies that take advantage of you when you are in a needing and desperate situation. Do not let all their legal tactics and papers stop you from taking the law into your own hands and fighting back through your own methods. (As long as you fight back legally, I am not encouraging you to do otherwise). Most of all, close all your accounts and reopen them somewhere else where they think not to look, but make sure you keep the full amount of money hidden and don't spend it. So that you can prove you did have the money and were willing to pay before you even closed your account. Don't give in when they persist for account numbers to credit cards, or even your new accounts. Make sure you have it in writing that you were willing to pay them and when. That means e-mails or whatever you can find. That way when questioned by a lawyer or something when time of collections come, you do not get into so much trouble because the money was available to Ameriloan, but Ameriloan was fighting dirty. Never again will I go through cash advances, or as some people call them, payday loans. I have lost so much money. It takes care of your problems for like a month and then things start going down hill after that. I am now in worse condition finanacially than I have ever been. I knew there would be some sort of risk when I first took out a cash advance, but I did not know it would go to the extent it did. So many of the cash advances are bad ones. Don't get a cash advance. You may not recover for many months, maybe longer. Your credit will be further ruined because you can't pay on your loans you have out, your family will go into further debt trying to help you, your mental state is totally out of it. You can't pay any insurance bills, bills on the home or much of anything because the cash advances take so much from you. Right out of your accounts. You can get tired of debt collectors calling you for money. Kms Galesville, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #354122
Jul 22 2008
08:52 AM
200cash Ripoffs, liars no shows Internet
said i was approved for loa, but haven't received it yet! but they took application fee out of my acct.!! Where's my loan money? Dee goodland, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #343662
Jun 24 2008
12:10 PM
Reservation Rewards fraudalent charges Internet
Reservation Rewards fraudalently charged our corporate card. We use this card for travel quite frequently, and I believe I know where the charge occurred. I booked some flights through www.vayama.com, and exactly one month later the charge appeared on our statement. ( we normally book directly through the airline's website, and not a search engine) I tried to call Reservation Rewards to cancel the 'subscription', but the phone line was 'under maintenance'. I, then, try to call vayama's customer service to alert them to the incident and could not get a customer service rep. I waited on hold for 10 minutes without speaking to real person. I will not use vayama.com for booking travel anymore, either. strongly recommend: kayak.com Shelleylynne West Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #337932
Jun 06 2008
09:25 PM
Pdcustserv what the heck Internet
I do not know what this charge is for. I went online to get a payday loan but never even saw this site. I never signed up for anything but have now been charged and the charged an overdraft fee by my bank. How can we stop these people from taking the money out of our accounts when we did not authorize it or even know about it. Betty canfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #347112
Jul 03 2008
08:55 AM
clkbank.com are scum internet
they got me too , i have just come off the telephone with my credit card company, i cant believe they did it, i dont know how they got my details though, and how many companys they use as there was another 2 on my card i have not made , there blood sucking scum, an should be ashamed i am a mother of 2 children, they need to be stopped NOW ..... Suef hullUnited Kingdom
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #349487
Jul 10 2008
02:06 AM
AntiSpyCheck Rip Off, Scam Internet
My fiance was on the computer looking at different spyware programs when antispycheck downloaded itself. When I came home from work, it continued to pop up and warn me about viruses that were trying to infect my computer and gave me the option to buy the full version. So I decided to purchase it because it was the cheapest spyware that I could find. I woke up my fiance to tell him about my purchase and he told me to google it to make sure that it was legit. That is when we noticed that everything that was coming up was a removal website. So I clicked on one of the websites and it informed me that it was not real and that they were nothing but a scam. So I am now out $50 and they have my credit card information because of this rip off. Aubrey Robinson, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #350959
Jul 14 2008
09:31 AM
Classiccloseouts.com fraudulent charge Internet
I was charged $69.99 June 3, 2008 from classiccloseouts.com. I did not order anything from them since I ordered from them one time in March of 2005, that is it. I have left a message with them at the phone number listed on my credit card bill as well as with customer service on their website. They have not responded. Now they message line is full and their phone has been busy. I am letting my credit card company handle it. Donna m Tinley Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #350186
Jul 11 2008
01:47 PM
ONLINEBIZ.COM? dark, secretive, scam artists Enter Internet
This company has taken me for a ride. They charged me 39.85 for this 'kit' that i still have not gotten. Yesterday, they charged me 129.85!!! For what? I dont have anything from these people, but they are still debiting my account. Who are these people? I called 8007493304. I spoke to nick. He assured me that my account would not be debited again. I told him i wanted out of this. What ever it was! I had signed up for info on a ebay business and I was aware of the 39.85 charge for the kit, but 129.00!!!?? I dont think so. I still have not recieved anything!!! i went to my bank to see what they could do. She told me to just get online and see if I could locate these people a phone number something. I did. I found this number off this site believe it or not. I called it and they assured me that they would take care of it. No more billings, debits from ONLINEBIZ!!!! So maybe someone out there can be as lucky as i was and get this taken care of. Those little pop ups that come on your screen??? Please....x them out, They mean you NO GOOD!!! IF it sounds too good to be true, believe me honey, IT IS!!! Good luck to everyone. Hopefully, your cases will come out as mine did and you will speak to someone who has knowledge of this like i did. Ms karen BRANDON, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #354539
Jul 23 2008
05:00 AM
DirectTV What a RIPOFF Dallas Texas
After being a customer of them for like 10 yrs,we can no longer afford their outrageous pricing,since the 'deals are only for new customers..(bad business # 1,since old customers usually get benefits,too) Back in May we upgraded to a new receiver..after never getting a confirmed install date,i cancelled,,then called back and scheduled..they were all SO confused,it was awful.. Long story short..we cancelled the service recently..they informed me we owe them 400$$$$!!! for early cancellation fees?? Keep in mind,that JUST for the upgrade,we had to pay for a new receiver (leased now,not owned) at over 100 bux,and pay 123.00 for istallation! I NEVER even got the paperwork from the installer..or anything from them..stating any of the new contract crap..after 10 yrs..who knew? Anyway,will fight this till we drop...obviously,if we could afford 400 bux,we could pay the outrageous bills........& we didnt have movie channels,etc.. DO NOT USE THEM..they will rob you blind,or try too.. they are unproffesional,and with the economy,you would think they would appreciate the business.. a good guess..they will be outta business soon....and I will be very happy to hear that on the news.. Just sharing my horrible story,to try to prevent the next guy form going thru this nightmare..ohyeah,,they want their box back,too..ha! the one we paid for,plus the install fee wa sover 200 bux.they can out that toward my 400 bux ... Judi Mabank, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #355772
Jul 25 2008
07:59 PM
Onebills.com Online Scam & Triple Billing Atlanta Georgia
A very agressive firewall ad took over my computer, claiming my Microsoft firewalls did not exsist, And my computer was at risk and had been infected with a virus. After five days of a complete monopoly of my computer, [it was so agressive it would shut down my computer] I relented and bought the Microsoft program it told me I had to have. The program sent me to Onebills.com [A online billing service] I followed their instructions. Then when I tried tio downlad the security program my computer did not recognize the publisher of program. Onebills.com's automated help line suggested I lower the exsisting firewalls they told me I did not have. Thats when I knew something was up. A few days later my bank sent a overdraft notice because Onebills.com had evedently triple charged my acount. Kerry Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
20, Report #357521
Jul 30 2008
04:17 PM
Online Biz RIPOFF Scottsdale Arizona
I to have been a victim of this comapny. They did say it was a one time fee of $1.95. That is wrong. They first charged me for $39.85...AND THEN two weeks later charged me for $129.85. I called and cancelled what i apparently signed yp for but they will refuse to give me a refund...help please! Jami Elkridge, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
21, Report #345745
Jun 30 2008
06:20 AM
Callwave Fradulent Billing Internet Nationwide
Received a bogus e-mail stating that my account was past due. Never had this acccount and don't even know what Callwave is! Aerosmithmom jamestown, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #345768
Jun 30 2008
07:58 AM
Citimortgage Holding our insurance check Hialeah Florida
This company after complying with all their requests, continue to hold our insurance claim funds. Now we are in the middle of repairs, vendors requesting their money and they continue to give us the run around. I don't know what else to do. Our lives are upside down, the house full of dust everywhere, everyone getting sick, etc. it's a mess. What is the purpose for paying insurance if when in need you can't do anything? The house is almost paid off, we pay on time....what is the excuse? Can we file a suit against them? Maeve Miami Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #338884
Jun 10 2008
11:38 AM
Net10 ripped me off None none
i bought a phone nd minutes nd its been 5 months phone dont wrk nd i cant return it or get my money bck Angela north ridgeville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #338976
Jun 10 2008
02:06 PM
FedEx Rip Off To Customers Memphis Tennessee
We are a retail store in Yakima, WA. I have used FedEx for over a years for shipping our merchandise from our online website store. FedEx continues to charge me for onsite pickup which equals $12.00 each time I use their services. I have never had a package picked up at my store. I have always driven to an Authorized FedEx Drop Off location. After contacting FedEx six months ago, December 2007, I thought we had cleared up this matter. FedEx admitted to their mistake and assured me that my account would be reimbused. It is now June 2008, I went over our books for the past 6 months. Again FedEx has been consistly charging us for PICK UP service. That equals $12.00 for every shipment. This fee is in addition to their standard shipping fees... I have cancelled our account. We will only ship using UPS or USPS (neither of these companies have secret fees to rip off constomers). Vicki Yakima, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
25, Report #340867
Jun 16 2008
07:51 PM
Havertys havertys Florence South Carolina
Let me start off by saying that no one should ever shop at Haverty's and here are reasons why. 1: Furniture markup--- Haverty's furniture is so tremedously marked up far more than any other furniture store. Take a piece that costs $999.00 in the store, Haverty's cost only $299.00. A piece selling for $1,999.oo, again Haverty's cost is $599.00. 2: Quality of product--- Haverty's product is not the best by comparison. I have seen so many returns because of the unit falling apart or just being delivered damaged. 3: Delivery cost--- Haverty's has raised their delivery charge from $49.95 to $199.99-$699.99. If anyone pays this, then shame on you. How do I know these things---- I am a former employee. If anyone has any questions then just email me @enoch17@wmconnect.com for full details on anything concerning Haverty's. So before you buy, do let me know what you are looking at and I will tell you exactly what it cost Havery's and where you can buy it at at lot less cost. Enoch Florence, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Florence, South Carolina

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