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26, Report #339890
Jun 13 2008
07:05 AM
SMC $1200.00 later nothing Semi Valley California
I am 74 ys old ,disabled and on ss only, I needed to make money,I thought smc sounded perfect, I got the web site, got loads of catalogs, got the party kit, and everyone said th prices even at a discout for imported from china items are to high to buy,I even did a fla market to get rid of the stuff $3.00 above cost and shipping and couldn,t sell it, now they put me into collection for even more money and I have no idea what for ,and they will not send a comlete. accounting.this is great for your own personal shopping, nothing more. Barbi Live Oak, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #340026
Jun 13 2008
12:59 PM
200cash.com Scarry Scarry Practices Wilmington Delaware
Wish I had never applied with them. They take ALL your personal information. Steal $19.00 out of your bank account, NEVER approve your loan, so consequently NEVER deposit anything INTO your account. What a nasty, scarry, deceptive practice! I will be reporting them to my banking institution and whoever else cares or will listen. These types of companies who prey on peoples low luck or misfortune MUST be stopped. They are bottom feeders Jc Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
28, Report #341904
Jun 19 2008
07:26 AM
TriClear Fraudulent Debit Crad Charge Internet
I bought a sample of TriClear in order to get a free download of Lavasoft Spyware. The trial arrived and I threw it out because I didn't need it. I only bought it to get the so-called free software. My latest bank statement showed an unauthorized charge of $69.95 from TriClear, in addition to the S/H fee of $6.95. I immediatley went to my bank. They cancelled my debit card and gave me a new one with a new account number. They also credited my account for the $69.95 since it fraudulent. I called TriClear and told then what I had done, told them off, andf hung up on them. I reported both TriClear and Lavasoft to the Better Business Bureau. Caoillainn Kennesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #342744
Jun 21 2008
02:57 PM
Pricepills.com Fake Phentermine Internet
I previously filed a report about pricepills.com sending fake medication. I was promised a refund when I complained(I have a copy of the on-line chat with promise of refund within 7 days). I have called and e-mailed numerous times with no response except computer generated ones. When I call I get no answer or they hang up on me. I have since found out tht if you order from any of the so called on-line pharmacies listed below it goes to the same people. Just thought I would let others know and help others avoid losing their money to these theives. pricepills.com bestmeds.org cheapest-rx.net discount-prescription-prices.com drugsmeds.org easy.md easypharma.org live-a-pharmacy.com medrx-one.com medrxpill.com online-pharmacy2.com pharmacy.ods.org takefrom.com thegenericpharmacy.com westmeds.com Cat columbia, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #342777
Jun 21 2008
05:54 PM
We made a purchase in April. We have yet to get the product. We had been selecting the cancel refund link, for 2 weeks but it was the white screen of death. Notes on the account state we spoke to a person in Fl., and cancelled the order on June 4th. Kept getting the same email even after we cancelled. Called on June 13th and asked why are you still sending these emails we cancelled? She said oh we shipped your order today. WHAT ORDER, WE CANCELLED!!! H*** NO ... I WILL NOT PAY IT.. ARE YOU NUTS . Lo and Behold in seconds of us speaking to her, the Laptop showed the email for shipment and the next one was YOUR CARD WAS CHARGED.. CALLED THE Bank, CANCELLED MY CARD!! AND STILL GOT CHARGED !!.. Went to the Bank and had to file a Credit Card Affidavit with them and in 10 business days I will have my money back. The TRACKING NUMBER WAS INVALID AND TOLD THE BANK THAT TOO. ALL THE CALLS, HOW LONG WE HAD TO WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO ANSWER 18007871219 THIS WAS THE LAST NUMBER WE REACHED SOMEONE AT. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE ELSE KEEP THEIR MONEY AND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO ORDER DVDS GOT TO AMAZON.COM AND PAY A LITTLE MORE BUT GET YOUR ORDER AND THEY WORK Forrest Cunningham, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #342856
Jun 22 2008
06:40 AM
Cosmetique Unsolicited products Vernon Hills Illinois
I, too, am a victim of the Cosmetique rip off. I received a pink box in my mailbox on 6/21/08, with an invoice for $9.95. On your site I found an 800 number from another person who received the same box, I called the number and they insisted that I ordered this...I did not. I told them that I would be returning it and not to bother sending it back with the $5.00 shipping message. I was told by Kathy, that she would note my file...what does that mean? How many people will just ignore and then this shows up on their credit, and how many people will receive another one with a $25 invoice in 45 days. Nella Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Vernon Hills, Illinois
32, Report #341645
Jun 18 2008
01:22 PM
Afni Lawbreakers and Scum Bloomington Illinois
Afni placed a collection account on my credit report. It is not my account. I have sent them numerous dispute letters, which they have signed for. I have been trying to get this crazy item off my credit report all year. They cannot validate this account and have even written so in one response. They have no documentation to prove that this account is even mine, yet they continue to update it and verify it to the credit bureaus. They even put this item on one of my reports AFTER I disputed it, which is a violation of the FDCPA. I have asked them to remove this item from my reports since it's not mine, it's not valid, and they have no documentation. They have refused. I understand companies make mistakes. But all they have to do is look at the account and the documents I have sent, and they will see their error and fix it. I guess I have to sue them now! They want $188 from me, which I do not owe. I will sue them for $3000 for violations, which I will get because I can PROVE they broke the law. Obey the law, Afni, and stop screwing with regular, hard working people who don't owe you any money! Eric Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
33, Report #359930
Aug 06 2008
12:29 PM
PaylessLotions.com Scandal at Paylesslotions! Indiana Nationwide
I bought amaretto tanning lotion from Paylesslotions.com on apporximately 6-28-2008. I could not read my tracking information, it was all blank when I it came up on my computer screen. I emailed the address given on the website, and was told that the shipping department would contact me. I did not recieve any contact from anyone after this and my credit card was billed the next day. I have written countless emails to them asking for some response or a refund. I have not recieved any compensation, I was scammed! Don't order from this company, they are out to get you! I wish I would've read reports on this website before purchasing. Samantha northfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Indiana, Nationwide
34, Report #361743
Aug 11 2008
03:50 PM
LPCglobal.net LPCglobal.net is a Scam Miami Internet
A friend of mines urged me to sign up for LPC aka LaPromesa Corporation for a new cell phone launch that offers affordable cell phone plans for consumers and offers great competitivtive salaries for job seekers. I welcomed her inivitation but after drawing into my 'common sense' bank something just wasn't right. My friend provided me with the sign in ID and password which was past to her from one of her friends. I happend to get stucked into signing up but was on the safe side and refused to enter my social (never do this especially when the websites address does not show it's hyperlink as https this means it is not a secured site). The application ask for your name, address, phone number and 5 references to include their phone numbers. After submitting the very short application the site provides you with a member #. Then you wait and you wait and you have more time to think what a mistake you made becuase this is a scam. If it sounds to good to be true... well you know the rest. Be very careful as this scam is fairly new and not much reliable sources can vouch for his trueness or provide any follow up information. Under no circumstances should you release any personal information on the internet or the phone as most large corporation have your information secured in its databases and will never ask for the information in detail again. Based on my experience and observation LPCglobal.net appears to be a scam like may others. Spread the word. Anonymous Kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #378293
Oct 03 2008
01:35 PM
Unlocksearch.com Phone unlocking, mobile, false impression Internet
Website advertising that they will offer you unlocking codes for a phone and once you've paid all they send you is an email saying to ask your service provider. No service offered. It is a small charge but I hope they lose business this way. Has damaged all future business I will have with ANY unlocking service. Andre LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
36, Report #347851
Jul 05 2008
10:14 PM
Glory Foods Insect in spinach!!!! Internet
Today I purchased 3 cans of Glory spinach. 2 of the cans were consumed by family members at a barbeque we were having. When I opened the third can to put in the crockpot to cook I noticed something funny looking in the can. It turned out to be a half of an insect and a portion of the wing. It looks like a locust or grasshopper of some sort. I'm not very familiar with bugs but I know they do not belong in cans of spinach. I have emailed Glory Foods Inc. and am awaiting a response. I have pictures and witness that have eaten the cans that were already opened. I do not know if we ate any inadvertently, but I cannot see letting this go unknown. I purchase Glory products regularly and actually went to 3 different stores to find it. I purchased the cans at a Safeway. I am forwarding this to our local television stations as well. Ms Lake Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #370600
Sep 07 2008
10:25 AM
Penny Talk Calling Card Internet
These jerks advertise online for their calling card service. I purchased 30.00 and was only able to use 5.60 of it and than they disabled my account. They are already holding my money when they only gave me $5.60 worth of calls. I called to ask why and they said I gave them a fraudulent address due to the fact that my billing address is not the same as my physical address. The customer service guy Chris was very misinformed and kept calling me fraudulent! The nerve of some people! RIPOFF!!! Margaret West Jordan, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #379867
Oct 09 2008
05:55 PM
Consolesforless total ripoff Internet
i ordered an x-box 360 from consolesforless on8-25-08 then on 8-27-08 my girlfriend ordered another one because it was such a good deal. then on 8-29-08 consolesforless deducted another charge for a third one. that her or i never approved.still to date we still havn't recieved the first one or any other of the three. our calls never get returned and our e-mails go unanswered. this company knows it's a rip off and i looked at my bank online today oct 9, 2008 and see my bank has again charged my account for the three x-box 360's after returning our funds. we need to put a stop to this asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick bennington, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #378470
Oct 05 2008
09:04 AM
Newport News Newport News Internet Ohio
Newport-news: I ordered three items express delivery for a vacation I was taking. It took almost two weeks to recieve my merchandise, then I got charged for the insider pass? Whatever that is. The website I was given for this insider pass did not even work. Buyer beware. Melissa columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #378368
Oct 04 2008
09:28 AM
CCNNutra Fraudulent Practices Phoenix Arizona
The US Attorney's Office will be advised of this slick, predatory and totally dishonest company who thinks their consumer base will tolerate their behavior. For those of you not familiar, it is actually quite simple to file a complaint. Just do a search for the US Attorney's Office and look for the Internet Fraud section. Like countlesss others, it appears that I have fallen prey to the unscrupulous marketing practices of this company selling AcaiPure. I have no issue with the initial order of product. I have a very large issue with the deceptive auto-ordering of additional product, which by the way... has not shown up in my mailbox so I can call these people and get them to cease and desist. I have cancelled my card to avoid further charges and despite additional inconvenience to me, it is worth it to stop them in their tracks. Kommay Ellenwood, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
41, Report #376420
Sep 27 2008
12:41 AM
NetZero Nothing but hassle Nationwide
I had signed up for netzero service in August 2008.. Well everything went well for 3 days then all of a sudden my service wasn't working and i couldn't get a hold of anyone when i called netzero. when i called they would pick up the phone and say how sorry they were and they couldn't help me at the time because their systems were down.. Now this went on for a week. Finally i got through to talk to someone and i was charged $20 for them to tell me i was doing something wrong.. Well i wasn't and i had geek squad come out and check out my computer they said it was my internet service provider. So finally i called netzero back and all i wanted to do was cancel my service but yet again when i told them i wanted to cancel all of sudden their system was down and they magically couldn't access my account. So after 3 weeks of calling twice a day everyday i got a hold of a supervisor. It took me 2 more days of calling the supervisor and threatening to call the FCC to cancel my service And i still haven't been refunded. I'm so frustrated i don't know what to do.. Anyone have any suggestions Ivi Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #381314
Oct 14 2008
11:34 PM
Qwest price for life Beware Seattle Washington
I have been a good customer with Qwest since 1989 a couple of years ago i decided to get dsl service so qwest rep offered me a plan for my home phone and dsl and cell phone service ok . the cell phone service plan was 2 free phones and 500 minute shared plan with no cost for extra line and also NO ACTIVATION FEE as I don't be leave that if all you have to sell is service why should I pay you extra for you to turn it On your service is no good if you don't so they really don't have anything to sell .Well anyway they told me no fees and free phones well when i got my first bill it was 320.00 for misc charges remember the phone are free so the second bill I get is 320.00 must not have got enough the first time well the third month comes and yet another 320.00 now mind you we use about 15 minute each month on a 500 min plan still (misc charges ) well the next bill was 168.00 ok this is more like it well after about almost 2 years I changed service to comcast so they charged me 200.00 early disconnections fee for the internet service so i called them they said well you have the price for life plan and there is a 200.00 early disconnection fee it has been one battle after another there is no getting any satisfaction with them they have done nothing but rip me off from the get go so now I still have my cell phones until 7/09 then they will be gone you know the customer for life thing they just lost one for life as I will never do business with qwest again in my life time they were all pissey over me changing service to comcast the best part was all the run around on the phones they are one of the biggest ripoffs out there no one will give me an answer of all the charges they just keep telling me it misc charges I hope that Karma comes to them and they get what they deserve I have made a new family policy one we don't do contracts other then a car or home loans and we don't do activation fees as its there service if I have to pay them to turn it on then I don't need there product! period just like the werrenty scams they sell if a product will not last 10 years like tv then you are buying the wrong one if that is how much faith in there product then i don't need it I hope everyone else has luck I know that I didn't have any Harry longview, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
43, Report #381733
Oct 16 2008
02:14 AM
Mediacom Fraudulent Operations Ridgecrest California
When I signed up for internet service with Mediacom of Ridgecrest California I was promised a low rate. The first couple of bills reflected the promised amount. The following bills we at the normal rate which was much higher than the promised. When I went to the office to see what was going on the woman behind the counter said that there must have been some kind of mistake,we dont have an offer that low. She charged me an additional amount to make up the difference for the first two bills but she also gave me the lowest price she could. Being nieve about Mediacom I went for it. As the bills came in I just paid them figuring the high amount was the back charges ect. When I finally figured out what was going on I asked to get a copy of my billing history and was told by the ditz at the counter that they dont have those records locally. i would have to contact corporate. I contacted corp and was told that no, they dont have those records, they have them at the home office in Ridgecrest. I once again went to the office and asked for copies of my bills. They once again said they didnt have them. I asked to talk to the person in charge and was told by the lady behind the counter that she was the person in charge. Ok.... called corp again and asked for them to have the manager call me so I could arrainge a one on one meeting. No call was ever made. I discontinued service. I continued to recieve bills for service I no longer had and to top it off the asked for me to return thier cable modem. I refusd thier modem when I signed up so I could use a much better Motorolla cable modem. They actually garnished my wages to pay for the past due charges and the modem I never had in the first place. i dont care what the charges are for satilite internet service. It's still gonna be cheaper than dealing with Mediacom. Shawn Ridgecrest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgecrest, California
44, Report #381908
Oct 16 2008
01:00 PM
Usfastcash is the biggest scam online internet
Usfastcash is one of the biggest online scams. I notice a company had been taking money out of my account. I also notice they did not have a phone number for you to call them. I did some research, thank god for Ripoff Report. Luckly i found out there were alot more people you have been fradulent scammed by these people. I found their number off of your guys website and called them. They gave me a bogesh story, said that I knew i had a loan with them and they had been emailing me on my loan. People, I did not have an account with them, they gave me a fake ID and password, that I had not created. I tried to explain to them, why have they taken out $500 out of my account and I don't have a loan with them. I spoke to a so call supervisor,which he was the biggest jerk on earth, He basically told me it was sad that i had to turn to a loan company to get money. I am telling this idiot that I don't have a loan with them. I got no where with him. I filed a police report on them and contacted my bank. My bank reversed the charges and put a freeze on my account. Well, I thought that would have ended this whole delma, NO, in two weeks they turned around and put a fake check through, that i had not authorize Instead of them taking $500 they took $845, I occured all kinds of Nsf and charges from my bank. This was the second time I had to call my bank to fix this. The second time I called the lady at my bank said they could not do anything about it, luckly I ask to speak to a manager and she is in the process of helping. The manager at my bank was also aware of the big scam Usfastcash is pulling on people, she said out of all the loan companies on line the are the worst ones. Is there any way to stop them people!!!!! Wendy Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #376529
Sep 27 2008
12:54 PM
Potent Fashion ripped off Avon Connecticut
I received an email on September 4th that my order was processed and my credit card would be charged when the product, a Gucci purse, was sent. It is now 24 days later, my card was charged on the 4th and no product. I called the number on the sight and it was a different company. I want my money back. Laurie avon, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Avon, Connecticut
46, Report #376537
Sep 27 2008
01:09 PM
Thegrantuniversity.com This company is a true scam... Internet
This .com is a total scam. I visited their site for ten minutes and canceled my acct. and they charged me 1.98x15 over night. A week later my credit card was hit again for 69.95 and you can't reach anyone at the company's number and the voice mail is always full. I Know why!!! Is there any class action law suits on this scam? Robertmcnear joliet, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #380894
Oct 13 2008
05:21 PM
Anchorhousefinancial hidden secrets Montecito California
I found an ad for Anchor House Financial on craigslist.com and called the company. Everthing about the company and how they helped customers seemed unbelievable. Even with our reservations we paid the $199 and hoped things worked out. We were excited at first because we got our listings and found houses we were interested in. Then came the secrets. Later on in our research we found that they have no connection to the home owners. They just make you print out a paper talking about anchor house financial and how great it is but with no help. After giving out at least 10 letters we had heard nothing back. After over a month of hard work, we gave up on them. We called an asked for our money back. Then they told us that we needed to recieve 5 rejection notices in order to receive our money back. They also said that we should be sending out 5 notices a week yet there aren't enough houses listed to do that. So now we are just sitting and waiting, hoping that we get rejection notices or were out $199. Its outrageous! Amber77 Dallas, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Montecito, California
48, Report #400788
Dec 12 2008
03:55 PM
Funmobile.com Fraudulant billing practices Internet
Company seems to charge Cell phones a subscription fee for services not received. We received our cell phone in August of 2008 and were charged $9.99 for 3 months until we switched phone numbers. The company said that the subscription was valid since November 2007. Our Cell Phone provider is Centennial Wireless and they hold phone number s for 6 months before re issue. It seems like this company will periodically try to charge cell phone numbers hoping they have been reactiated and start charging the new Cell phone customer. I was told by Centennial that this has happened before with this company and nobody can do anything about it. 9.99 is not that much money but multiply it by the amount of potential victims and this could be a huge amount of money and fraud being committed. Navyguy south bend, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #403026
Dec 19 2008
08:24 AM
Snuggie@todaysmango.com Tricky Order Procedure Nationwide
This website uses tricky tactics to increase the order and most important does not provide an opportunity for buyer to check details of order before the order is processed. In my opinion a legitimate firm allows the buyer to look at final details of order, including the shipping costs, and to accept, reject or modify order. In my experience with this site no such opportunity was provided thus my order was doubled and the advertised shipping costs were quadrupled. When the order was confirmed via email a special offer from freeshipping.com was included and when I went to that website and began completing the form for a $15 free shipping rebate I discovered I had to sign up for some sort of membership which would have become ongoing . I had already filled in details including credit card information before I decided to exit the site. Shortly after I exited the site I received an email indicating I had not completed the request for the free shipping rebate so they must have had the information I was providing even though I had not sent it to them. Within a few days the credit card I used was compromised. Obviously I am not accusing either of these websites of being involved in this credit card fraud because I have no proof but I can testify I will never use either website again. Incidentally I was able to finally reach Snuggie via phone after several days of trying and I successfully canceled the order. Bill1934 winchester, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #405900
Dec 29 2008
02:53 PM
Cash Crazy wont pay Internet
i joined cash crazy about 4 months ago ,i did lots of surveys paid to join some of the surveys just to get paid for them to find out im still waiting to get paid.i have over 1500 to be paid out and when i contact them email i get the same crap story we will pay you for all your surveys where having a manager review it.or they ask me to send my proof i have done the surveys and im glad i keeped all my info.they are ripping people off just like panda research and all the other ones ive gone through i wish there was something we can do to have this stopped. Adrienne san jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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