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51, Report #154962
Aug 25 2005
12:09 PM
N.M.E. - National Magazine Exchange ripoff CLEARWATER Florida
I don't know who these people think they are. I keep getting phone calls from them telling me i won i a sweepstakes. I also recieve mail from them telling me to call this number, when i do they go into this sales pitch telling me i can get so many magazines for so much, when i say no they keep talking, apparently they don't know the meanig of the word. I don't understand why they have to annoy people, don't they have anything better to do, i understand they need a job, but does it have to be one that can't take no for an anser. I read many of the other reports and rebuttles, I think the guy thats works there is name is Greg i believe is total buthead. Just because people have more since to have better manners dosen't mean their idiots. As to eveyone at N.M.E. leave mean alone, stop calling me and stop sending me junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa waynesville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: CLEARWATER, Florida
52, Report #155291
Aug 28 2005
05:46 PM
National Magazine Exchange (NME) total ripoff Clearwater Florida
I receive this letter saying regarding your $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes on June 29, 2005 P.S. they have another phone number it is (727)-535-0205. Well they hipmotise you into these different packages like a Wal Mart gift card, Travel and Leisure, Family Circle, Espn Magazine and so forth. Another P.S. the letter they sent you has a Family Circle Label and on the bottom it says The family Circle logo appears with publisher permission for promotional purposes. John Cumberland, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
53, Report #149588
Jul 13 2005
12:17 PM
National Magazine Exchange - NME - Pat Haines ripoff, con merchants Nationwide
My wife received this official letter from Pat Haines advising her she was in a draw for $1,000,000 and she had to call a toll free number ASAP. Not realising it may be a scam, she called and they took her details to enter her in a the draw. Next she was transferred to a magazine department who then went over her details and advised they would be sending her a whole selection of various magazines weekly for only $1.67 per week, but guess what? they charge by the half year or quarter. My wife was confused with this fast talking lady and signed up. She told me about it when I got home and I called and cancelled it. I also had to change our bank account to ensure the payments were not taken. Don't get caught with these scams. Has anyone ever won this lottery before??? Tom Clovis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
54, Report #147295
Jun 23 2005
04:04 PM
National Magazine Exchange What are my options regarding cancellation Ripoff Clearwater Florida
So what are our choices regarding having this service discontinued? I explained to the rep. that I wanted to cancel. The rep.'s reply was that cancellation was impossible-they can only shorten my membership by one year. Therefore, I am locked in to this deal until 2006. Can anyone provide me with an answer? June Baldwin, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
55, Report #138742
Apr 13 2005
08:08 PM
National Magazine Exchange/NME sweepstakes offer Clearwater Florida
I received a pink Your Official Sweepstakes Notice in the mail this evening. Normally I simply throw away such advertisements but I figured Oh heck,no purchase necessary, why not? I called the number, a nice representative named John aswered, took the ID# (852620941) and verified my name,address, telephone number. He was very nice and polite. We discussed how I would spend my money if I won (investments) and then hew told me I was elible for the magazines- my pick of three from the list he told me of. Now, I'm really tired and I told him so. I asked if I could just call back and he said unfortunately the number was only for the sweepstakes. He said he would transfer me to his supervisor and I told him go ahead. Angela got on the phone and started telling me about the offer- how I had my choice of not one but two geniune diamond watches, an electronic organizer as thank you gifts for my subscription. Now if if I would verify if I had American Express, Mastercard, or Visa- she just needed to confirm the expiration date. Now- this is important: I asked her did I have to give her my credit card information? She said that would come later. I told her I'm sorry but it's my policy NEVER to give my credit card number over the phone. She told me it was safe, and all of the precautions they take and I told her I'm sorry I just can't do it. I asked why couldn't I go on-line and subscribe? Finally I just told her I'm very sorry and I can't. She was going to transfer me to someone else- and I do feel bad but...I hung up. Now- NME does say we're the ones who call and that's true so do yourself a favor and STICK to your guns- if you don't feel comfortable giving out your credit card information (and you SHOULD feel uncomfortable) then just be polite and say no. They don't mind and they don't take it personally. It will save you a lot of grief in the future. June San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
56, Report #162061
Oct 25 2005
03:06 PM
N.M.E. - National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
N.M.E. sent me a notice which read exactly as follows (though my ID # has been censored): CALL 1-888-227-0999 ID # ********* Dear Evan We are trying to reach you regarding your sweepstakes ID #*********. Winner will be awarded $70,000.00 per year for 30 years or one lump sum payment of $1,094,444.00 upon selection. Please call us at the above number. This is a free call. Sincerely - Pat Haines, Sales Representative Without thinking, I called and gave a 'representative' my ID #. They sounded sincere and friendly, so I didn't even start to suspect it might be fraud until I looked up 'n.e.m. sweepstakes' on the internet. I also took them up on an offer regarding 'three magazines with your choice of a men's or lady's quartz watch.' I chose 'Runner's World' and an 'ethnic cooking magazine' and the representative included 'Men's Health' for free. I was transferred over to the representative's manager, and she said she would give me two watches rather than one just to ensure continued renewal. I gave them my credit card number (oops) and then, they reviewed my contents and the call ended. Afterwards, I looked up n.m.e. on the internet and saw that it had been filed for scams many times in the past. I immediately called 911 and asked to be connected to the Clearwater Florida police department for fraud. The officer told me that fraud was not the police's problem, but rather it was an issue relating to some other department. He cut off when he gave me a number, then I hung up. I decided to contact the N.M.E. Agency I had called earlier. I noticed that the representative I got this time was not as friendly or as catering to my needs. She almost seemed as if she did not like her job and would rather be sitting home watching TV, but that's beside the point. She transferred me over to another line, and the representative I talked to this time asked me for my address and phone number for security purposes. I responded, and then asked if I could cancel the account. He said he would try and asked for the reason. I told him it was financial troubles. Then I asked him if it was possible to get a refund. He said he would do his best to cancel the account and see if I could get a refund. I waited for about 5 minutes and noticed that I didn't hear anything in my phone anymore. I checked it and saw that it had disconnected. I didn't worry because my phone disconnects from callers frequently. I re-dialed the number and gave the new representative my account number. She then told me that my account had been cancelled. I thanked her and hung up, suddenly realizing that I didn't know whether I had been refunded or not. I haven't called the number since. Evan Longmont, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
57, Report #167571
Dec 11 2005
12:28 PM
N.M.E.N.M.E.- National Magazine Exchange ripoff CLEARWATER Florida
I would like to file this rip-off report as a matter of record. After receiving a card in the mail from N.M.E.( National Magazine Exchange)- Clearwater, Florida- stating Postgram, we are trying to reach you, I decided to research on the net what this company is and found numerous fraud and rip-off claims posted regarding N.M.E. I want to file this complaint to protect myself against future fraudulent reporting to my credit agencies as others have reported from N.M.E. This particular mailing is from Patrick Haines- Sales Representative. Jason San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: CLEARWATER, Florida
58, Report #278217
Oct 10 2007
12:44 PM
National Magazine Exchange deceptive dead beats cheats Clearwater Internet
I placed a subscription with this company and the next day tried to cancell it the very next day the customer service responce was i could not stop the subscription because they do not operate on a trial bases period. I believe this is not fair,you should have the right to change your mind at anytime on anything they are basicly tell use you have no choice. They also threaten me with putting my account into collections even if i cancelled my credit card i used to place the order with. This is a deceptive practice, this is not mention in the solition portion of the order process, that once you start the process you can't opt out of it the day after. Gentry silver spring, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Internet
59, Report #303593
Jan 26 2008
12:06 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripped off us Clearwater Florida
One day I had received a call about subscribing to a FULL ONE YEAR subcribtion of magazines. The man who asked me about this told me that I could get so much stuff for free, including gift cards. He also said that I could have some magazine subscriptions for free. The reprentative asked me a few extra questions that I answered. I did agree to a one year full subscribtion. He then took my bank account information and told me it would be January for my year of membership to start. So now it is Janauary and I realized my bank account had a good amount of money missing out of it. Upon investigating my account to determine what had happened and where this money which was missing had gone to, I discovered some very disturbing information. I found that the magazine people had taken a total $321.39. I also discovered these people had signed me up for additional programs without my permission. As a result, of these people taking liberties with my personal account information, there was a total additional amount withdrawn totaling $718.49. When I called to ask them about this money being taken out of my account without my permission I spoke with a man named Robert from Passport to Fun. To my surprise when I called At Home Rewards, the same representative, Robert answered. The same man answered both the phones. This seems very suspicious. So after having this confersation they said that they would only refund me one payment of 67.84. They also said that I subcribed to a four year subcription instead of a one year subcription. I suppose this is part of the excuse they have come up with for not refunding my money. I am very upset. Now I am ready to deliver my baby and have lost a total of $718.49 out of my personal bank account, which I desperately need. I really would love to have my money back. I am really a frustated person right now. I also am getting ready to contact BBB if nothing is going to be resolved. I can not just ignore this injustice. Jess somerset, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
60, Report #312505
Feb 27 2008
09:45 AM
National Magazine Exchange caught too Clearwater Florida
I was fooled too. I got it in the mail and called and was told i was entered in the lottery. Then I was told no purchase necessary and would i like magazines. In all fairness they said no purchase necessary. They also said 90 day money back gauruntee. When I changed my mind and I could have on day 89 technicly but in all honesty it was earlier, that was when my trouble began i told the representative I wanted to cancel and get my money back. They offered to shorten the subscription and charge me less and in all fairness I was enjoying the mags and agreed. So I can't complain that the representative did not give a cancellation code since I agreed to the compromise. If you do not want it say no Just tell me a cancellation code be firm repeat it or ask for the manager. Another important tip : If you do not call/initiate the call then do not give your credit card info. I learnt from this experience that when in doubt as soon as they ask you for credit card information just say bye and hang up do not even take it out of your wallet. In conclusion, I got something for my money and they/NME did not lie to me. Toli yonkers, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
61, Report #340283
Jun 14 2008
02:22 PM
National Magazine Exchange HARASSMENT, LIARS, GREEDY! Clearwater Florida
My husband is kind of gulliable, and he was litterally tricked into signing up for the crappy magazines at the National Magazine Exchange in early 2007. Well, I don't care for that smut, but to humor my husband, I let them send me some for a few months, then called and cancelled the order. They said that I have one payment left and that they'd stop sending the magazines. I paid the last payment of $60 (which is a TOTAL RIP OFF in it's self... $60 for a few mags?!!!!) and they stopped sending me the magazines. Well, recently I recieved a notice that my account was grossly over due and that it was being sent to collections. I have attemped to correspond with some manager chick CASSANDRA NEW, but she ignores my correspondance, and now my husband is getting calls every day about up-grading, or re-newing, or whatever else they can think of to bug us. My husband has told them repeatedly that we nolonger wish to hear from them, to take his and my number off their call list, that they are harassing us... do I even have to say that so far they have not listened to a word we say? MY ADVICE TO ANYONE READING THIS OR CONSIDERING CALLING NATIONAL MAGAZINE EXCHANGE, BEWARE! THEY ARE LIARS, THEY ARE GREEDY, AND THEY WILL HARASS YOU TO DEATH! BEWARE! AngryInTheWhiteMountains Pinetop, AZ 85935, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
62, Report #243914
Apr 13 2007
07:49 PM
National Magazine Exchange liars fraud misleading scam ripoff Clearwater Florida
This company is nothing but a scam! I agreeed to pay only under the conditions i could cancel for any reason, at any time. after a two mounths of paying i decided it wasn't for me. i wasnt getting all my magazines and none of these free gifts i've been hearing about. i tryed to cancel and they said they had it on tape me agreeing to pay for the whole term. i asked to hear it because i know i said SEVERAL times ONLY IF I CAN CANCEL NO QUESTIONS ASKED. they never could produce this tape and are continuing to send me bills, now they have sent me to a collections company because i refuse to pay! Kristi hayward, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
63, Report #249522
May 21 2007
12:31 PM
National Magazine Exchange - Killing By Kindness Attempted to drown me in Wonderful offers. ripoff Clearwater Florida
I recieved the official-looking fed-ex style pink envelope thingy several weeks ago. $2,100,000 sweepstakes, hallelulah, saints-be-praised! Lord almighty, I'm a sucker. I know better than to get involved in this kind of stuff, but I called them up anyways. I didn't even WANT any magazines. But then I thought, Well, they might have some interesting ones... why not? So I gave up my name, address, credit-card number, personal preferences (through choice of magazines), etc, etc. All the time, I was thinking I can cancel ANYTIME for a complete refund! Free stuff! Woohoo!! Lord almighty, I'm greedy. I got the welcome letter last week, asking me to make my choices for my free gifts. Red flags started waving uncontrollably when I noted they had a pre-printed form-letter that included all the items they were giving to me extra for incentive. We'll give you TWO watches! AND a free digital address-book! AND a whole bunch of other magazines!! All if you sign up!! But... I already AGREED to sign up... what's with the extra showering with gifts? You're a PREFERRED and SPECIAL customer! The pictures of these gifts did not impress me, and it turns out I needed the money back on my card for something anyways. so I just called them up to cancel the account, BEFORE getting my free gifts. After twenty-five minutes on hold (thank GOD for rollover minutes). We'll discount you for half the account, essentially giving you two full years of subscriptions free! No thank you, I need the money back. We'll give you this as well! We'll also cut off all remaining payments, essentially meaning you've made all payments in full already! No thank you, I need the money back. We have Gas-cards, coupons, discounts to your favorite massage parlors.I'll be happy to cancel your account, and STILL give you all this and MORE!! No thank you. I need the money back. (Pauses were caused by attempts to hold in laughter) I'll personally come to your house, and wash your car with a toothbrush! Just please don't cancel your account! I can't STAND another hour in the iron maiden! Ok, that last one didn't happen, but it was definately the feel I got from her. Now, I've worked in the over-the-phone-everybody-hates-me-customer-service business myself, so I know they're just doing their jobs... I have no animosity toward the phone-agents. And I calmly explained my situation as best I could. I kept making her aware that I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I REALLY need the money refunded that I've already paid. The response of you DO know that you agreed to sign up for a 48 month service, correct? threw me for a second. but at times like this, I find the best weapon a person can have at their disposal is feigned blissful ignorance of the veiled threat. Yes, that is correct. However, I need the money back. Sorry. Very well, sir. I'll see what I can do Fifteen minutes of hold-time roll on by. I begin to wonder how many rollover minutes I HAVE. Your account has been cancelled, sir, and your credit-card will be refunded in full. Please disregard any further billing information you recieve from us. As a lesson to anyone dealing with these people, yelling won't help. they're USED to yelling. ALL telephone service personnel are USED to yelling (believe you, me)... but kindness is a weapon they're FAR too used to dishing out, and have zero experience at having to take. Lord almighty, I'm an evil person. Pray for me, one and all, that I don't have to fight this tyrant of gift-showering again! Or if I do, that I have gifts I can offer to THEM! Johnny Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
64, Report #240631
Mar 25 2007
08:08 AM
National Magazine Exchange dishonest fraudulent billing Rude Managers Ripoff Clearwater Florida
Called to cancel my order with in the 90 days and was given a hassel. They tried to work it that my account would be paid in full and would still get the magazines. When I told them I didn't want that, he said you agreed over and over again. I told him I wanted to cancel. But I had agreed on the other . I told hoim I would just call back and cancel. He was very nasty because I demanded that my order be cancel and money credited back to my account. He said he did it but still gave me the same number to comfrim it was cancel as the one before. I'll be calling my credit card company to not accept from this company. Roger Brookville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
65, Report #239447
Mar 17 2007
12:29 PM
I received a notice saying I had been selected to enter my name for 2,000.00 sweetstate by calling the phone number on the notice. The notice also said No purchases were required. So I called the number and spoke to a woman. She spoke very fast and had an ethnic accent. I told her several times I could not understand her. At some point, when I finally could tell she was trying to sell me something, I immediately tried to get my husband on the other line as I was concerned I was about to be pushed into something I did not want to get involved with. He did not get on the phone and just told me not to buy anything. As the woman kept talking, I interrupted and told her I was not interested at this time as I had a lot of medical bills ( I have a malignant brain tumor and have had2 strokes within this past year). At that she began telling me more stuff I did not understand because of her accent and told me that the only cost I would incur would be the postage and handling charges for the 'Welcoming Package. and that I whatever it is I was getting I could cancel at any time. Like a fool, I gave her my credit card number; not believing that she would still try to sell me something I couldn't afford after telling my story. I was very wrong. She did. I was quite surprised when my husband showed me the bill for 67.08. He was very upset with me for having allowed someone to talk me into this. I was also upset because I was trying to avoid this kind of thing to begin with. On top of that I started receiving these annoying magazines, which neither of us read or have time to read. Neither of us are Latin, so why would we subsrcribe to Latino magine? Or, to Blender, of all magazines? I throw both of them away immediately. In addition to getting those and other magazines, I am receiving bills and renewal notices from these magazines. It has become a nightmare to me, causing me much unneccesary stress, something I need to avoid, particularly in my condition. I finally called NME. I spoke to a nice young man who appeared to want to help.I told him I wanted to cancel my account with NME . After telling him my story and what happened, he apologized he could not refund my 67.08 and then proceeded to offer me some gifts such as watches, which we received and a $50.00 restaurant voucherm which we did not receive. At any rate, after talking to him, I still am not sure my account has been canceled as there was a lot of double talking. This company is definitely a huge rip off and hopefully justice will be done to them for all of the anquish and burden they have caused. Christie RAPID CITY, South DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: CLEARWATER, Florida
66, Report #250580
May 26 2007
03:19 PM
NATIONAL MAGAZINE EXCHANGE Pulling my Credit Report Clearwater Florida
While checking my Credit Reports today, I see an inquiry was made by this company. They obviously were able to access my Credit File with Experian. What would give these people the right to my credit information! How did they get enough information about me and/or my social security number to do a credit check and for what purpose? I am outraged. Who are these people. It is my opinion that this entity has no legitimate business in my credit files. Why are they in my accessing my credit? To the best of my knowledge I have never had any dealings with a company by this name and I don't charge magazines. Sharon Plano, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
67, Report #50214
Mar 22 2003
02:26 PM
National Magazine Exchange rip-off Unsolicited subscriptions & demands for payment Clear Water Florida
i received a letter from national magazine exchange informing me that i had been entered to win $1,000,000,00. After a few weeks i started to receive a bill for some magazines which i had supossedly ordered through them, but i know that i did not order any magazines. after about two weeks after the first bill, i received a letter from their credit department saying that i should pay $201,95 or they would hand me over to their collectors and yet i had never received a single magazine from them. i started receiving magazines about a week after their letter demanding payment and i have received two magazines so far which i never ordered. i want them to stop sending me these magazines and to stop nagging me for payment of something that i never ordered. Georgina Kernersville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Clear Water, Florida
68, Report #55675
May 05 2003
08:03 AM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff fraud business Clearwater Florida
Back in December of 2002, I subscribed to national magazine exchange for a number of magazines, such as parenting, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping. I have only recieved a few of them since april. Then to top that they sent me a notice that I still owed them Ten Dollars, my husband and I looked over the bill and went ahead and paid them the ten dollars just in case we made a mistake on our part. Then we get another bill for Ten dollars again. That did it for me,how many ten dollar payments am I suppose to make. So I didnt pay them and tried to resolve the problem and they turned me in to a collection agency. So to this day they keep sending me there famous love letters and I keep filing them in the trash. Jennifer Los Lunas, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
69, Report #83953
Mar 15 2004
03:12 PM
Pat Hines N.M.E. National Magazine Exchange sweepstakes ripoff Clearwater Florida
I got a letter in the mail saying: Dear Holly, We are trying to reach you regarding your $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes. Please call at the above number (1-800-235-6247) This is a free call. Sincerly, Pat Hines Sales Representive I got this letter on Friday, March 12,2004 I had no idea that I was being ripped off. They said if I win the sweepstakes then I will be going to Clearwater, FL to receive my check for a million dollars. They would have a big ceremony for me. I was on the phone with them for about 15 minutes I guess. They asked for my credit card number so I gave it to them. They said I get all these magazines. I didn't know they were going to take money out of my account. They took out $35.43 and they will be taking out more in the next few years. I want to get off this list and get my money back!! Holly Austell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
70, Report #90293
May 05 2004
10:32 AM
National Magazine Exchange won't let me cancel! Rip-off!Clearwater Florida
I wanted to win the sweepstakes, but now I am in a mess. I tried to cancel once already but they just shrunk down my payments. They sent me watches and I have started to receive unwanted magazines. I don't know how to cancel. I don't want to be sent to bill collectors... I just want out. How do I go about this? Emily Steger, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
71, Report #91021
May 11 2004
12:25 PM
National Magazine Exchange (NME) rip-off! Dishonest Clearwater Florida
Hi my name is Bernardo. I received a letter from the National magazine exchange and then I called them and they offered my several magazines for 4 years of magazines so I think about it then what a stupid I did. I was entering to win a million dollars. Well I used my credit card to pay this. But later I called the credit card company and I asked them to cancel my account number so they did. I was lucky, I wasn't victim of a scam. Due to this. I called the NME then they keep giving me offers I just wanted to cancel my order. Well you learned a lesson not to lesson to these scan. Bernardo Huntington Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
72, Report #281683
Oct 29 2007
03:43 PM
National Magazine Exchange Sent collection agency for books not recieved $148.95 ? Nationwide
said to have sent me books but I did not recieve any books. now sending collections bureau after me. Betty Las Vegas, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: ?, Nationwide
73, Report #171990
Jan 16 2006
05:03 PM
National Magazine Exchange - N.M.E. spam, ripoff Clearwater Florida
They sent me a post-card which said: We are trying to reach you. Please call us at the number shown on the reverse of this card. This is a free call. Sincerely - Pat Haines, Sales Representative and asked that I record the date and time of my call. I researched the company N.M.E. (the only name on the card), and found out several spam and fraud accounts. Lauren Ephrata, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
74, Report #187103
Apr 17 2006
04:12 PM
NME - National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
I received my Official Notice today in the mail, with the STAR logo, asking me to call 1-800-975-8583 regarding my ID#_____ regarding my $25,000.00, and it does show no purchase necessary to win. But 2 years ago, I called and I did not subscribed to any magazines. I just wanted to enter to win, for the hell of it. I received outragous bills for something I did not order, and yes, it went on my credit report. Does NME think people are stupid? NME is the biggest scam out there. I cannot believe people would work for them for a mere $8.00 an hour. One of their mistakes is that they do not have a website that you can go to, to enter the sweepstakes. That makes you wonder. Another stupid thing they do is begin the sweeepstakes on 10/15/2005 and 2 years later 5/31/2007 they have the drawing. Why would anyone enter something like this???? AND, odds of winning are 1 in 7,100,000. What a joke. Tear it up and throw it away. Let them dwell in their petty small lives. Alicia liberty, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
75, Report #187412
Apr 19 2006
06:14 AM
National Magazine Exchange Do not Want to be Ripped Off Clearwater Florida
I made the mistake of placing an order with this company yesterday. Not to my surprise, they have already billed me thirty some odd dollars. I pretty much knew the sweepstakes part was a scam, and I am an avid magazine reader, and I was interested in seeing what deals they had. The free gift offers also aided my decision to order from them. They were very courteous, but at the same time I knew these people were just making a sale because of the fast paced adreneline talking they were doing. The magazine deal they offered me seemes like a good deal, but technically you do not pay the amount of 1.27 a week. You pay your entire subscription in larger sums. I was relunctant when told that, and nonetheless, I decided to take the lowest payment plan they offer, which was thirty some odd dollars over a period of 6 months. To make a long story short, although it was entirely my fault because I CALLED THEM, I still feel as if I was a victim of words that panited a pretty picture, and I even felt uneasy about it as I was doing, but they got me. It was THEN that I decided to investigate the company, and I didn't find one good thing about them, and sadly enough they are not in good standing with the BBB, and have almost 300 reports claimed. I called this moring to cancel and the lady I spoke to was kind. I explained to her that I was uneasy about he BBB reports. She told me it was not true...but come on...why would the BBB lie? It is their sole purpose to report to the public issues with companies. She said I would be refunded the amount, and that my account was cancelled. But after reading on here about people that are still billed, and then turned over to collections, without a refund or cancellation, I am starting to wonder if I will fall victim to that as well. I did ask her name, her employee number, and received a cancellation number. I also asked her about reports to credit bureaus, and she said that they do not do that...I presume that is not true. I do have a question to anyone who cares to respond. Have you also cancelled, been refunded,given a cancellation number, and then still be billed and bound to this company? I will certaintly cancel my debit card, but I am afraid I will have to call all the Credit bureaus myself to protect my score. Please leave any comments you may have, whether it be a critical rebuttal or what have you. Kimberly Ringgold, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida

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