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51, Report #1044761
Apr 20 2013
12:01 AM
NetSpend NetSpend AKA Advance America Card NetSpend has taken my money - Outsourced workers make it almost impossible to get it back - BEWARE OF NETSPEND Austin, Texas
This report is for all of those people out there wondering if they should become one of netspends lucky new victims. Let me start off by saying that I myself am a business owner who has great respect for the customer part of business.  Before my recent incident with netspend I was actually a pretty big fan of these little prepaid debit cards. Today 4/19/2013 is when I completely changed my opinion of this company I have trusted for the last 5 years or more.  So heres my story. My US bank card was recently lost and Im currently waiting on the new one in the mail. I run a business and had to make an important purchase online so I think about it and say oh yah I can get one of those trusty netspend cards. Ive had 2 of them over the years and used the cards all the time for online purchases without any problems.  So I go to the Advance America check cashing to purchase one. But before I do Im a pretty cautious person and think things through before doing them, so I call the customer service of netspend and ask the to look up my social for me and make sure my account is in good standing since I had 2 cards with them in the past and couldnt remember why I stopped using them. Anyway they look me up by my social and tell me your fine, you wont have any problems with the card. Than before actually purchasing the card at advance america I ask them if I will be good using the card for online purchases right when I got home without any problem. The girl say yah that wont be a problem. So I pull out $700 to load onto the card, than something tells me being the skeptic I am. You better just load $100 for now and make sure it works online.  So I get home and go online right away to activate the card. I activate the card or so I think and it says balance $100 so I say great I can use it online now its activated. I go to a very well know reputable website to make a $15 purchase and the card gets rejected.  Now I start to get kinda worried but figure well I must have not activated it all the way or something. So now I log into my account and find out that the card is not verified and I need to send an ID, Social Security Card, and Utility bill to get the card verified. Without verification the card can only be used for in store purchases and no atm withdrawal or online use was possible.  So now I think what is going on why in the world would a prepaid debit card company make you send in all these forms of verification when your loading your own money onto the card. Its not a loan, a check, a credit card its a prepaid debit card. Basically the same thing as cash only you can purchase online.  The thing is theres no reason to verify this information for a prepaid account of this type. But this isnt were it ends though. I call in and talk to a customer service rep. The rep then asked me to verify some questions for her 3 questions and promises that if I can verify them for her she would not ask for any further verification or documents and my account would be verified and ready to use online and for atm withdrawals.  So I say great and answer each one of the three questions correctly. She says great you've answered the questions correctly and your can now be used for in store purchases but that is it. It is a limited account and cant be used for internet or atm withdrawals.  This is when I start to get very very aggrevated with the outsourced rep who just lied straight to me. I already had a limited access account able to make in store purchases before I made the call. It said this right in my user account so I knew that before I made the call. She told me she would completely unlock the account and made it clear to me that she meant completely online and atm and ignored that totally after I answered all the questions right.  I than ask to talk to her supervisor and after waiting a half an hour finally talk to another lady. This supervisor asks me about 20 so called verification questions or more (LISTED AT THE END). Remember I was transferred to her. I tell her Ive been verified over and over and over again and that my account is still inactive and she tells me the girl had deactivated my account completely and it was no longer valid for in store transactions, online, or atm withdrawals.  This is when I just about go crazy. I say what your telling me after all that time and all those verification questions she actually deactivated my account instead of further verifying it. Now Im told my account is completely useless and that the only way to use it period is to send in the ID, Socail, and Utiility bill. I say well heres the problem with that. I currently full time in an rv and dont pay a utility bill period. And my social security card and ID are you serious? After looking up your company on Ripoff Report and, I see that you have atleast over 4,000 accumulated complaints. I would not want to send my info to a company like this especially with all the identity theft going on now days. Than I really start looking into your so called legitimate company and see that between january and may of each year is when your complaints sky rocket. I actually got to see a graph of your complaints and in feb your compaints went from 19 to 186 per month. Than I start digging a little deeper and reading these complaints and find out NetSpend has been making tax refunds of people who need them the most completely disappear into thin air. This is just a number Im throwing out there and probably not even close to the real number of refunds this company has probably kept. Buts lets do some math 4,000 people x 2,000 refund average = $8,000,000. Remember if 4,000 people are complaining and only 1 in 30 people will complain on a website than Netspend could be holding up to $8,000,000 or more of hard earned american cash. If you dont believe this post just do your own research and you'll see I got away lucky with my $100 loss, but there are many thousands out there that arent so lucky. Thanks everyone for reading this post. And hello Netspend let me introduce myself. That $100 you took from me was not in your best interest. I am an internet marketer and know exactly the keywords to use to get the truth about your dealings to the top of google. This means that each time someone looks up your so called Netspend Card they will instead find a flood of various complaints listing you Netspend and your outsourced customer service as the culprits.  Whats interesting to is that some people know how to really get thing moving fast when it comes to class action lawsuits. It only takes an email to each and everyone of those 4,000 or more online complainers to get the ball moving. With other competitors out there with less than 1/10th the complaints and the same card you may want to treat your customers just a little better. Im sure Ill get your same cookie cutter rebuttal that are at the end of each and every complaint Ive seen so far so maybe this time you can explain why the current spike in complaints. Why January through May, It wouldnt happen to have anything to do with NetSpend holding tax returns would it. See if you know about keywords and how to get the word out there you'll know that many people type in the keywords NetSpend holding tax returns to find out if you really do or not and after my very unfortunate experience with your company ill be sure to let them know exactly whats going on when wait for it here it comes NetSpend Holds Onto Your Tax Returns .   List of verifiaction questions asked by each rep on the phone over ten times in the course of one phone call different reps.  Full Name Address Phone Number First Four of Social Mothers Maiden Name  Date of Birth  what street did I grow up on  What was the last deposit amount into my account what is my debit card number what is my pin number what is my cvc number what was my previous address what city did I live on a street named b st what person do I not know than named three names or none of the above what was the date of the last netspend account you opened This is the list of questioning each and every rep went through before they would even speak to me. This is downright insanity. I currently have bank accounts with 3 of the major banks in the US and not one has ever came close to the amount of verification each one of these reps asked me over and over and over again. Finally I gave up and decided my $100 is just not worth all the hassle and with this companies current reputation maybe my identity too.  Anyone out there thinking about using Netspend. I used them for over 5 years. There company has been plagued with greed and now you may want to be careful before you just release your hard earned tax refund over to a company with over 4,000 complaints. My deposited money is gone with no way of getting it back. You win Netspend Take my money Keep it, You must need it more than I do. Im sorry things had to get to the point of stealing for your company to stay in business but best wishes anyway. Keep up your good work Netspend - Scamming People out of tax refunds.  
Entity: Austin, Texas
52, Report #303237
Jan 25 2008
07:52 AM
Netspend fraud , keep your money Nationwide Texas
set up a account with netspend called twice to make sure every thing was good to of my direct deposit they put hold on my account. now they want all my info again. social security card drivers licinse irs 1040 what the !!##!! they will not release my 3000 dollars untill they get this Mark oregon, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Texas
53, Report #317719
Mar 13 2008
04:56 PM
Netspend Not granding me access to my refund Adelphi Maryland
I received a refund from my internet cable company for a horrible experience so I requested that that that money go to my Netspend account becuase that was the card I was using. I get notification from the company that they process my refund and when I try to retrieve it from Netspend they lock my account. After 3 day of talking to their poor customer service I was assured that I would gain access to my account and they have unlocked. that was Thursday. On Friday nothing .. The customer service rep is like oh we are having problems please fax over your receipt. So I do that and they say ok sir call back on Saturday we will have this resolved. On Saturday I call and talk to customer service they are like sure we will unlock the account here you go.. However they played me and I had to call back. The story then changed to well sir, we need to speak to our escalation department to get this lock removed. I was was transfer and then hung up on.. After calling again and going through the laundry list of security questions. I was put on the phone with escalations. They informed my that they cannot remove the lock. I asked to speak to a supervisor he say Well sir can you have them reverse it .. We cant unlock your account even though we have your receipts in hand. There is a policy that we cannot refund an amount to a card if it was not debited from the account. I explained to them that I recently got the card and I use it for my purchase, thats the reason I asked for it to be refund back to my card. He apologizes and then tell me he can't help me contact my cable/internet company so they can reverse it.. 2 weeks into this mess I have no access to my funds. The cable/internet company is telling me that can reverse a credit since it already clear and Netspend is sitting over my money in their account. Ripping me off with B/S policy crap on why they can unlock my account. Never do anything with this company theives.. they feed off people misfortunes and collect peoples hard worked money. Madmanmoney-Frantz Adelphi, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Adelphi, Maryland
54, Report #276917
Oct 03 2007
06:09 PM
Netspend Every Thing Down The Tubes (Netrip) Austin Texas
On the 28th of Aug 2007 there was a block put on my acct I had no warning that there would be a block on my acct so on the 25th of Sep I called to activate my new card and thats when I was told that there was a block on my acct because they needed to obtain my social sacurity # I had given them my social 4 years ago I was also told that the deposit of my ssi check had been rejected do to the block on my acct I am disabled I use the very little money I get to pay my bills now I dont know when I can pay my bills my car might be taken if I dont come up with the money by next week why was I not informed about the block I have been a cardholder since 2003 and I have had direct deposit since 2005 I have never had a problem like this now I risk losing every thing this is not ok Netspend needs to send out a letter if there going to put a block on cardholder's acct this is not fair I'm about to lose everything ssi said it that it will be 3 weeks till I can get a check I will be on the street by then without a car Leslieh7379 North Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
55, Report #272257
Sep 04 2007
11:16 AM
NetSpend Incompetent, bumbling liars, poorly trained and apathetic Austin Texas
I opened an account with NetSpend through Ace Cash Express and accumulated quite a sum in two different accounts. I subsequently, set up (and successfully tested) transfer capability between two other banks and NetSpend. Nowhere in NetSpend (or International Bank of McAllen, one of their patron banks) is there any mention of NetSpend not allowing transfers OUT of their accounts. After all, they make a BIG deal of constantly informing you of their ability (and desire) to have your Direct Deposit business, not to mention that nearly every bank in the counrty now offers this service. I attempted to transfer a sum FROM NetSpend to my accounts at Capitol One and Bank of America. Since (unbeknownst to me) NetSpend does not allow this, the only response they/their system can generate is 'NSF'. Of course this sent up red flags to Capitol One and Bank of America. Capitol One responded by closing my account. Bank of America responded by disabling my tranfer capabilities. Obviously, I wouldn't have been using NetSpend if I could have gotten a 'regular' bank account, so it really took some doing to get Capitol One and B of A to open an account for me in the first place! NetSpend, at the urging of a B of A supervisor (to her credit) who stayed on a 3-way with me and NetSpend, agreed to send a letterhead to B of A stating that my account was NOT NSF and that they did not allow these type of transfers. They sent a stupid letter saying, 'yes, this persons DOES have an account with NetSpend'! Complete idiots. After this fiasco, I told NetSpend to close my accounts. They told me it would take 20 business days to receive a check for MY funds. When I called back on the 20 BUSINESS day mark, I was told that the check didn't go out for 10 days after the account was closed. When I didn't receive the check ten days later, I called back and the supervisor suggested I wait a few more days. Still no check(s). On callback, some idiot named Amos Willard in 'escalations' seemed to think that there was no big deal about the wait and suggested that I wait some more (!). Next, a man at NetSpend HQ gives me a tradking number for my checks. Looking this up, it appears that the checks (or whatever that tracking number was for) were sent to New York (I am in New Orleans)! NetSpend tried to tell me that I gave them the wrong address, but (a) I didn't give them an address. They already had (which I confirmed many times) the correct address and (b) I recieved two shiny, new NetSpend cards in the mail just a few weeks before all this. To date, no checks (total of about $15,000). NetSpend says they will re-issue the checks but that I will have to wait another 20 business days! I have lost a house that I wanted to buy and two checking accounts, not to mention paying bills, rent and eating. I am very interested in filing a suit and a complaint with the Texas department of financial insitutions if anyone knows a good lawyer. Sdigroup New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
56, Report #180195
Mar 09 2006
10:14 AM
Netspend Billpay is a ripoff Austin Texas
I have been a customer of netspend since 2004. I have enjoyed the service up to now. In Feb i used their billpay service to send money to fund an etrade account. It is now almost a month later and Etrade did not ever get the check from Netspend (checkfree). I have called and filled out numerous forms to get this money back. Everytime i call I am just told i need to talk to someone different, and they wont be in until later or they are out to lunch. As soon as i get this $100.00 back from netspend, i will immediately draw all the funds out of the account and close it. BAD BAD business people. Brad springfield, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
57, Report #402829
Dec 18 2008
03:02 PM
Netspend Corporation Banking and Savings Austin Texas
I used my card to hold several rooms at a hotel for my brother, but he paid for the rooms. Since it was $450.00, Netspend is holding my funds for 90 Days, YES, 90 Days. What? It gets even better! I had the Marriott send them a freakin letter saying to release the funds because I didn't owe them anything. I called and screamed about this. They said their computer system will not allow them to release the funds and no one can override. Pretty scary thought, huh! My money is being held in cyber space by 1's and 0's. So, by me holding hotel rooms on November 21st, I will not see that money until February 22nd. I would have never used Netspend had I know they could put holds for that long. Guy Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas, Nationwide
58, Report #816836
Jan 02 2012
12:01 PM
Netspend Bank Internet Fraud Transactions/withdrawals Austin, Texas
My account with Netspend bank was hacked and funds were fraudulently transferred to another account within Netspend. I contacted NetSpend within 12 hours of the transfer and the representative stated my account was frozen because there was suspected fraud on the account, but never made the attempt to reverse the transaction. Instead, put me in contact with the Fraud department, which on the first call said I need to fax a letter, then the next call file a police report. The agent refused to provide enough information to file a police report that would allow the police to file the correct charges but said the information is not available, that the company doesn't keep routing number or verification codes, IP addresses and any information on transfers. Everyt ime I contact Netspend the agent reads a scripted response and states that their company doesn't have the power to instantly restore or reverse transactions to an account. So, I am out of $1270 which I cannot spare. Netspend refuses to provide me with a statement to provide to my creditors that I owe money too. NetSpend is not regulated as a bank, so filing complaint to the state banking commission will not help because Netspend doesn't have to follow banking rules or care about what happens to the customers money or personal information.
Entity: Austin, Texas
59, Report #836986
Feb 10 2012
07:28 AM
Netspend Inter National Bank Online-Fraud Negligent-Customer-Service McAllen, Texas
This is the second (Or maybe 32nd) time tthis has happened. You would think the would have safeguards in place to prevent this. In late November, I received a text alert about a measly $1 authorization made online. However, I didn't make it. I immediately called the customer service number which forces you to enter all your private, secure info & then eventually are transferred to an live person who requires you to repeat all the same, private account info. Who are these people? Third world phone bank operators? We know many corporations go that route to save money, paying a few rupees an hour instead of dollars. Saves millions probably. So after I give this information a bunch of various other $1 authorizations begin showing up. I ask I have no money left on that debit card account, will these fruadulent authorizations post?; I was told NO. They posted, over thirty. by the next day. First I copied all of them from the online transaction history & using their own secure email system, emailed them. After receiving no response I copied & pased all the fraud transactions in a WORD file & printed & FAXED them to Netspends FAX number: (512) 857-0263. They can't ignore faxes, they are just as legal as letters & you have proof of transmission. Thank 'W' for that law. I would have let it alone except after getting a new card (& number) I again, last week got a couple $1 online fraud charges (Google, this time) as it was Sat, I tried to call & this time didn't want to give all my private info over the phone. (Somehow someone was getting this FROM my phone). So I wrote a message just listing my bank account number (They ARE a bank & even say so). I wondered about if I was right about the foreign phone banks you hear about who pretend to be US citiens even when in other countries. I thought I might;ve been right as ONLY the two $1 authorizations were shown. Yet a few days later a much more significant authorization was posted. I researched the name online & saw there were many, many posting that it wa fraudulent in the past. So if I can find it easily, why can't the bank?!?!? Can't they have a 'watch list' of charges or authorzations that require inbestigation or additional approval from the customer? I've had other banks who do that. Then once again I notify my bank & let them know this is more fraud; clueless they reply they're happy to update me my previous cim was resolved favorably. Completely ignoring my latest messages about the farudulent authorizations. I only use my card at major stores and online with PayPal. I don't think them, I suspect these 3rd world phone banks are supplementing there income. Who else would benefit by repeated $1 authorizations except someone AT THE BANK verifying if funds are available without creating a record of account inquiry (Which would make sense if the Bank tracks things to protect themselves). NO response still. Complained to Texas board of Banking & tried Feds too. Over a week later received reply that they had up to a month to investigate. I investigated myself. Several of the $1 charges were coming out of Batimore & I found out for an elected official there. I called Balt police thinking someone was at the election headquarters running amok & stealing. hey put me in contact with the person who's name was on the charges. The election was long over & this person was already in office. Eventually, TWO months after this began, Netspend refunded $2! Out of over $30! I wrote & they seemingly ignored what I said, focusing on that they did their job by refuding $2. As if every online message and the fax never existed! I responded badly, I'll admit; wouldn't you?  I informed them a fax is a legal document & had proof they received it. I again pointed out the 30 or so $1 transactions and they responded again ignoring everything & claiming I was refunded the $2, case closed! I contacted Mastercard, who advertises 'credit or debit, you'll never pay for unauthorized charges with Mastercard'. Low and behold another month later, I strted getting multiple $1 credits. A day or two later I totalled nearly $20, far short of what was stolen. I did let them know they were in error but they seemed oblivious. I will concede, they seem to be doing better since the LARGE charge is still pending, but WHY does someone keep accessing my account? Paypal keeps your information secret. I trust the large stores where I use my PIN on the payment terminals. I don't use shady ATMs in odd locales. Since MASTERCARD advertises PROTECTION perhaps a class action lawsuit needs to be filed towards them. I emailed their fraud dept: After getting ZERO reply, called the FRAUD number, 1-800-307-7309 and they basically wanted to call Netspend & put me on hold. I hung up. I think I'll just close my account & go to a real bank.
Entity: McAllen, Texas
60, Report #822448
Jan 13 2012
05:29 PM
Netspend DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, Internet
I ordered a debit card from this company for my daughter that lives out of the country. I tried to registar 2 debit cards so that I could load it for her ( She lives in Canada I live in the US). For the first three weeks my registration of my debit cards was denied. After faxing over a photo of my debit card and my drivers license my card was finally registared. Now I find out that my debits cards are NOT excepted by this company. If you use the company you will be sorry beyond belief.
Entity: Texas, Internet
61, Report #863210
Apr 03 2012
10:59 AM
NetSpend someone used my information to steal my Social Security Check Internet
someone used my personal information and stole my Social Security check
Entity: , Internet
62, Report #445449
Apr 21 2009
09:35 AM
NETSPEND Took my money and ran Austin, TX Internet
I purchased a desk and hutch for my college age daughter from a local retailer. When we returned to pick up the merchandise with a truck it was discovered the merchandise was damaged. It was $679.00 It was the day after the purchase and they are not a large volume retail and explained that they didn't have enough cash to provide me a refund. They were trying to locate the merchandise at another location but I was not willing to accept a store credit for $679.00 when I paid cash. The stores solution to the problem was we will credit a credit card that way if we locate the merchandise you can still purchase it and if not you won't be stuck with a store credit. Fine by me. I'm trying to make it easier on myself and the store as I am disabled and did not want to come back the next day after they had saved deposits. We find a dresser and desk at another retailer. I try to use my netspend it says I have a balance but my card is declined. I call. Well you don't have a purchase on this card from that retailer in the same amount so we blocked your account. Okay fair enough what do I need to do. Go back to the store and have them reverse the credit. I go back to the retailer which looks at me like i am crazy and they tell me there is nothing they can do for me. They issued a credit to me in lieu of cash and as far as they are concerned we are even. I call netspend back, you will have to make a charge for the exact amount to take the credit off of your account and they will have to refund you in cash. Fine go back to the store only my card is blocked so the trans is declined!!!! The retailers take on it is we gave you back your money and were done. Netspend will not help me at all and it has been 3 weeks. What do I do? Its not a million dollars but its a lot to me. I already put additional money out to buy my daughters furniture as she was moving, Losing it frisco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
63, Report #792139
Oct 25 2011
05:11 PM
Netspend Stolen Debit Card Number Internet, Internet
On Oct 14, 2011, my Netspend pre-paid debit card was declined.  Knowing I had several hundered dollars on the card, I immediately pulled up my account on line.  Due to a hold on the card from a hotel (legitimate), I had roughly $250.00 available.  Searching my account, I found a charge for close to 220.00 to a company called Blitz Sport.  When I search Blitz Sport, I found they are a company based in the United Kingdom.  I immediately called Netspend to file a dispute and find out if other charges were attempted.  Sure enough another 400.00 in charges was attempted on my card, all to sporting good companies in the UK.  Netspend sent me a dispute form which I filled out and e-mailed back to them immediately. Not the trouble begins, I contacted Netspend on Oct 21, 2011, for an update on the dispute only to be told they didn't even open my dispute claim until Oct 18, 2011.  I was then told it could take up to 10 business days to resolve the dispute but Netspend would be sending me updates, and I should call back again around Oct 24, 2011. Today Oct 25, 2011, I contacted Netspend only to have the employee read off her que cards why I couldn't speak with the dispute department and she has no authority to contact them for an update.  When I questioned by Netspend didn't credit the money back to my card as would a reputable bank, she told me that's not how we do things.  I questioned if they were insured by the FDIC as their website states, why am I being held accountable for some theif stealing my card number and charging items oversees.  Mind you I live in Nevada USA. She proceeded to advise me Netspend isn't covered by FDIC, and they haven't received a response from the company associated with the charges.  I explained to her I contacted the company regarding the charges and recieved a phone call within 24hours.  I asked her why there isn't a disclaimer on the website stating deposit money at your own risk.  I further went onto explain they track my spending in a nice pie chart when I log in and no where on the pie chart does it show on-line purchases.  I inquired about a fraud department that monitors customers accounts for multiple purchase in a manner the card holder doesn't normally purchase.  Again no such department. While 220.00 isn't a lot of money, for a single parent of 4 trying to get ahead and make ends meet, 220.00 would have gone a long way.  Since I have to now wait until Nov 1, 2011, before Netspend will provide me with any answers ( I assume I will not see a dime of the money) it will be three weeks since my money was used fraudulently. Does anyone know what laws govern pre-paid debit cards and theft resolution.
Entity: Internet, Internet
64, Report #793064
Oct 28 2011
12:28 PM
Netspend Net ripoff spend Austin, Texas
 Netspend is just as crooked as the banks. Yet they tell you that they offer a way to help you with managing your spending and offer ways to work with you if you incur a overdraft fee. Well a few months ago i was sent an e-mail saying that my account is eligible for overdraft protection due to a deposit of $200.00. So I went online and followed the instructions on setting up O.D.P. I then received emails constantly throughout the months telling me how the O.D.P. can be beneficial just in case you happen to go over your balance. Plus, if the overage is under $10.00, they won't charge a overdraft fee.  Well, a couple of weeks ago i made a deposit at one of their locations, then later to confirm the deposit, i logged into my account. While i was logged in, i noticed my account showing no overdrafts on file, but the account was set for overdraft protection. So one day i needed to use the Netspend card for gas. My balance after using the card to pay some bills was $4.00. I figured if i bought $10.00 worth of gas that would put the account at -$8.00 thus not in-curing the fee. Just make a deposit within 24hrs. The card was declined twice and they charged my account $2.00 for each decline. Thus leaving me without the purchase and 0 balance on the card. When i got home i was furious. I went online to my account and noticed the account was marked for no overdraft protection. Who did this? They did!!! Plus they stole my last $4.00. I without a doubt closed the account and shredded the card.     
Entity: Austin, Texas
65, Report #764602
Aug 12 2011
10:52 PM
Netspend Meta Bank Stole over $3,000 from me austin, Texas
On August 9th, I received 4 texts showing transactions for my debit card, the first was a $1,670.34, second for $252.02 and the third was $1,115.64 and the fourth was for $4.58 back to back.  I immediately called and reported those charges as unauthorized and put a hold on my account.  Three of these charges were for Air France in Paris and the fourth was for Tropicanexp in the U.S.  I was told that the $4.58 charge was cancelled and would not be taken out of my account.  I have a copy of my bank statement for that afternoon showing all of these charges.  Now, those transactions that were showing as pending have disappeared and I have 6 charges to Air France in Paris, the first for $1,664.73, second $58.27, third $8.79, fourth $251.17, fifth $1,111.89 and the sixth for $38.92.  Note:  none of these amounts are the same as the original amounts and it caused an overdraft of $95.77 due to my $100.00 overdraft protection.  After the additional charges appeared, which I didn't even receive a text message for, I immediately tried to call customer service but, they were already closed so, I sent them a message regarding the change of charges.  Something has not seemed right about any of this so, I started surfing the internet for complaints about Netspend and found that I am not the only one to have this issue.Do not use Netspend!!!!
Entity: austin, Texas
66, Report #389462
Nov 09 2008
02:23 PM
NetSpend They steal your money AustinAustin Texas
We got a prepaid visa from Netspend almost 2 years ago. Used it vary rarely usually when traveling. Well in September of 2007 we had our card stolen during a 1600 mile move. We called customer service and after a nightmare of trying to call in we reported it and where told the account was cancelled. We had two accounts one in my husbands name and one in my name. Only cancelled the one in my husbands name as that is the account that was stolen. Fine all taken care of havent thought of it since. Had a new card issued on my account a month ago. Activated the card and decided to use it. Added $300 to the account... got home and attempted to use the card to purchase something and it was declined... called and paid 50 cents to check the balance and had almost $300 on the account. So called into speak to someone. After 30 minutes on the phone on and off hold and being transfered around was told there was a block on my account and had to talk to another department, but they where unavailable to call back in 30 minutes. Called back in a hour another 30 minutes on the phone and being transfered around get on the phone with a women that tells me there is a block on the account due to an outstanding balance on an account issued in my husbands name. Told her that account was reported stolen and closed in September 2007. She told me there was no record of it and that I would need to fax in the police report and until they recieved that there is nothing futher they could do. A week and a half later I call to find out why I still can not use my account. Was told the block was still on the account and I needed to fax the papers in. Told her that had already been done twice. She put me on hold for 5 minutes came back and told me the department that needed to speak with was on lunch (its 1pm my time) which means this whole department went to lunch at the same time and at 3 in the afternoon since they are 2 hours ahead of me. Was told there was nothing futher she could do and to call back in an hour. So they are sitting with almost $300 of my money and will do nothing to give it back to me... when I have done everything needed to report the card stolen a year ago when it was first taken. I will not stop fighting them on this, but I will never ever use this company again and will tell everyone I know and can not to use thier services. They rip people off for thier money.. by charging for every transaction you do, to call and check your balance if you dont have access to a computer and everything in between. Mysterious Livermore, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
67, Report #424886
Feb 16 2009
09:41 PM
Netspend is the biggest rip off ever. If you can please avoid using their cards. I recently had a run in with their rude customer service reps regarding why the places a block on my money. I was told I had another account with a negative balance of $360. I explained to them that I never opened another account and the only account I have with them is the one I activated a day prior to this incident. They refused to investigate or remove the block. I immediately canceled the account and wanted my money returned, they told me they would send me a check in 20 days and then charge me a $5.95 processing fee. I was shocked and quite frustrated to hear that they were charging me to get back my money! That was out rageous, then they do not offer any other way to get your money back other than waiting almost a month for a check. Thank goodness I am not in serious need of the funds. If you must use a pre-paid card I recommend green dot. A ripped off customer Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
68, Report #421035
Feb 06 2009
12:17 PM
Netspend Tax Refund Stuck in ACH World! Austin Tennessee
Mr. Henry: I've been a Netspend customer since October 2007. I've stayed with Netspend ONLY out of convenience because be assured there is absolutely no other reason. Your customer service department is a joke, not helpful at all and doesn't even make a slight effort to try and find an answer to questions they don't know how to answer. All of that and then saying 'is there anything else I can help you with' before they hang up! On January 30, 2009 the IRS transferred a large income tax refund to my Netspend account. But oddly the money has yet to be credited to my account!? I've spoken to Netspend every day since the 30th, been 50 cented to death calling a million times to check, checked my account online at least twice every day, sent emails all trying to get an answer to why the money has been credited - your companies help? They don't have any idea where it is and only keep saying it's not been received. The amount I'm waiting on Mr. Henry? A little over $5K. Now I've no doubt your not worried how to pay your family's electric bill but be certain I am! I lost my job almost 6 months ago and struggle each day to just get by. I'm single, have a 16 year old daughter at home and also my 20 year old son living with me with HIV. My few penny's are precious, needed and sure as hell don't have time to be aimlessly wondering around the cyber world or gathering interest in someone elses account! It would seem that Netspend would want to help me find out where all that money is? My routing number, account number, full name, address and every other possible bit of information has been verified with Netspend and the IRS at least 5 times this week. Everything is correct but alas still not a penny of the money in my account! Your website does say that the deposit might be sent to your Risk Management department because of the amount - for a period of 24 to 48 hours. Well we're way past any timelines Mr. Henry and if it is in your magical Risk Management Department your customer service representatives apparently wouldn't have a friggin clue about it or they are exceptional at playing the idiot lead role. The IRS on the other hand has been extremely helpful in answering my questions of 'where'. I've sat on hold for I'm sure at least an hour getting through to the IRS but they at least have intelligent, plausible answers and do something extraordinary - they offer help. Amazing! Per the United States Government, Mr. Henry, there has not been any rejection code from the ACH they sent Netspend and I was told specifically by an IRS representative that the problem was on your side! The IRS clearing house has sent the funds but Netspend clearing house has failed to pick it up. Hence the code number 10 on my information with the IRS - that's helpful information - see they can specifically tell me that the money has been sent but not picked up by your side. What do I get when I call your customer service representatives, besides a smart remark when I say 'excuse me' because I'm not able to understand the English language with an Indian accent, nothing but basically 'kiss off' we don't have your money! I've no doubt the funds will show up eventually Mr. Henry. Netspend will possibly get their crap together with your automated clearing house (which isn't very automated apparently) and the funds will be credited to my account or I'll have the IRS cancel the transaction. If it does show up in my account I'll be sure to spend every single penny as quickly as possible so Netspend isn't provided the luxury of gaining more interest off of my money! After all of this - well I'd tell you what you can do with your Netspend card but I'm trying to be somewhat of a lady! Attached is a copy of the 2 responses I've received from the 7 emails I've sent your customer service department. One is of particular interest where Daphne explains how it takes a few days after the ACH is sent, blah, blah, blah. Mr. Henry - it's been quite a few past 2 or 3 days don't you think? I'm also filing a complaint with the BBB, posting this email on Rip Off Report and all other sites I can find to tell my story. I am a business woman Mr. Henry and have an understanding of accounting, procedures, ACH, etc.. I understand that some times things happen beyond our control, however, I don't understand a company that says: NetSpend Corporation is one of the premier providers of innovative, accessible prepaid debit cards that enable financial freedom for under-banked consumers. Grounded by a mission of financial empowerment, NetSpend is committed to meeting its customers' financial services needs on their terms while offering the convenience, security and acceptance of conventional financial services. NetSpend's proprietary processing platform allows it to support prepaid card programs end-to-end from customer acquisition and card fulfillment to customer service and risk management. The NetSpend(R) Prepaid Card Network includes leading consumer brands and companies serving the un-banked and under-banked markets, and its strategic relationships include card issuers, EFT networks and payment card associations. Seems a lot of smoke being blown up a lot of peoples....... Renee Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Tennessee
69, Report #667538
Dec 02 2010
03:35 PM
Netspend Corporation ACE Fee Withdrawl Rip - Off - A real scam! Internet
I have been a Netspend customer for 3+ years. I choose to come to them due to the ease of using the cards and the minimum fees. I went into an ACE location yesterday to withdrawal money for my rent total $1200, I was told that there was a new rule in place and they now charge to withdrawal money after the first $300. This immediately alarmed me because I have not received an email, mail or text notification with any of this information. Although I did receive an email notification of their new elite program, I found this extremely odd. I asked why did they not inform their customers his response was that it was posted on their website. I said well this does not justify sufficient notification, many people don't have regular access to a computer, and furthermore why go online if you can send a text to them for your balance? The ACE employee of course could not answer. I then asked what the fee was he said 2% of the withdrawal - I WAS IRATE AT THIS POINT. TWO PERCENT OF THE $1200 AFTER THE INITIAL $300 (i WAS CHARGED ON THE $900) TOTAL FEE $18!!!!!!!! I am still pissed off - what a rip off. I told him they are only doing this because income tax is coming and people are going to be pulling of large amounts - if you have $5000 being pulled out after the $300 they don't charge for that is $94 - that is a lot of money. I was thinking what if all I had was the EXACT amount I needed for my rent then I would have been short because of Netspends horrible business practices. At minimum they should notify consumers at least 1 month ahead. He said they try to compensate by the lower $5 fee vs the $9.99 fee - there is no comparassion - they are trying to get over because they feel that most people that have this card needs it because they can't get a bank account. I chose to get this card because of the ease of use and no hassles with the bank. I make between $3200 - $3500 a month I am not trying to throw money away by paying ridiculous fees to access money when I need it. It's not even reasonable withdrawal limit. Most banks allow $500 minimum withdrawal limit without any additional steps. I am outraged and will be closing my account before my next direct deposit. I refused to be taken by this monster of a company. This is truly a scam! I will be checking to see if they broke any laws by not providing sufficient notice of their changes. If they did I will be reporting them to every appropriate agency.
Entity: , Internet
70, Report #1007316
Feb 01 2013
11:44 AM
Netspend Allowed fraudulent activity, won't refund money, Internet
I received a text alert indicating an a transaction had hit my account. I did not authorize this transaction, and had no knowledge of the vendor that applied it. I instantly called Netspend to dispute the charge, and although it was still showing as a pending transaction, they were unable to block it. In addition, while I was on the phone with Netspend, the very same vendor processed another transaction, draining my account of any remaining funds. They refused to reverse those charges, and after spending a total of 6 hours on the phone, between holding and being transferred, I was told that I was not the first person that had been affected by this. Apparently there is a worm in their computer system that drafts funds under the name Moneygram. Although they are aware of the issue, and although I am not the first person this has happened to, they refuse to reverse the charges and give me my money back. I was told an investigation would have to take place, and I MAY be able to recover the funds once the investigation is complete. They claim to be FDIC insured, and as I understand it, are supposed to release those funds immediately. I have contacted the mother company, Metabank, and am waiting for a return call. I have also filed a formal complaint with the FDIC, and when I'm done here, will be doing the same with the Better Business Bureau. In additon, their phone staff can barely speak English, and it appeared as though they would transfer me anytime they didn't understand what I was saying, or if they weren't sure how to handle it.
Entity: , Internet
71, Report #1063833
Jul 02 2013
10:52 AM
netspend/metabank stolen and transfered my money illegally Internet Texas
want to complain about netspend illegally transfering money from my account to a person i dont know . im a disabled person who needs his income for neccesities food rent clothes and medicine.i was sitting at home when i got a text alert from netspend as i always do when a transaction is made for 1000.00 transfer to account number 1916086234 and the name was kyon bailey dont know this person and never heard the name i called netspend immediately with in 30 seconds and got a employee on the phone explained to him in regards to fraud and the 1000.00 transfer that i didnt make i couldnt believe it i thought maybe they made a simple mistake thinking they would correct it right away but off course it didnt happen and the story gets better from there he said it will take 15 days to investigate i told him that i cant wait they illegally gave my money away and i want it now he said hold on well as im holding on for him i get another text alert 3 minutes later that another transfer hit leaving me with 11.94 balance then this morning of course they take there 9.95 monthly service fee charge and now im sitting with 1.99 in my account no bills paid and there telling me they cant do anything for 15 days of investigation how is it possible when your complaining about the first fraud transfer of 1000.00 and i called that while im on the phone they let another 340.00 leave my account this is crazy nobody speaks good english they claim to be from texas and the woman i spoke to said she is from manilla phillipines and her name is roma and id badge 1324858 and she told me she doesnt care when or how i get my money back that its not her problem and i said yes its not your problem its my problem that your company has caused. i was also also trying to warn other customer on facebook on how they handle things and what was done and they erased me for commenting as i go down the list i see a person on june 3rd with the same complaint issue this has to stop people its ridiculous .
Entity: Internet, Texas
72, Report #1055406
May 31 2013
03:56 PM
Netspend Fraud, theft, Liars, Robbers Internet
WARNING Don't get a Netspend Card, They are liars, and robbers, they stole our income tax return a little over 8k. First the IRS deposit the money to the card that same day Netspend block the card saying they needed to verify our identity, at first I was ok with that they were just trying to verify the account holders ok, we fax over all documentation right away, 2 days went by and thay sent us an email saying it was unblock that we could use it now, we tried to use it that same day at night and we couldn't so we decided to call them again just to discover they had closed our account, their reason was that my husband was a high risk customer, I asked what do you mean with a high risk customer, the person on the phone said she didn't have any more information, she couldn't say why. We asked the representative when would they send us our money she said we would receive it in 7-10 business days. 15 days passed and I decided to call them back this time the other representative said they didn't send it to us they had send it back to the IRS and that the IRS would receive it in 3 weeks. Time passed by and I decided to call the IRS they told me they hadn't receive anything so I called Netspend again the representative told me they had just send it and gave me a tracking number for the UPS. After 2 weeks I called the IRS and they didn't have anything, I called Netspend and they said they just send it 2 days before and gave me a different tracking #, I track the Number they gave me and it did got to it's destination, but not the IRS, I called Netspend and ask what was going on all they said it wasn't their responsibility no more because they hadsend it through the UPS. I called IRS they said they would investigate but it has been since February   and now its June  and we haven't receive anything. We call Irs and theydid said that they just barely got response from Netspend but that Netspend haven't return the money still. So were still waiting. So Please don't get a Netspend Card.
Entity: Internet
73, Report #1055423
May 31 2013
04:58 PM
Netspend Manipulators, Conniving, Liars, Poor Customer Service Austin Texas
Today I went to purchase a reload pack too reload my card. Unexpectedly I purchased a brand new card in the pack. I thought it was similar to the MoneyPak where you just scratch and input the code online or over the phone to reload your card. Well I call netspend too see if I could transfer the load amount to my current card. He tells me it first has to be activated. I give him my information and he puts me on hold for 10 minutes. He then tells me that he has too transfer me too a department that will transfer my funds. I speak to a woman who assures me there is no problem and she could do it. She puts me on hold for around 15 minutes before I get sent back into the queue. I then get a text alert saying my balance is $32 instead of the $175 I loaded and wanted transferred. I called again and she tells me, the new account is closed per my request and I had a previous negative balance from an old account which $147 of my $175 went to cover it. The remaining $27 was sent to my current card. I was livid!!! Not once did anyone inform me of a past debt. When I was transferred to the lady, she did not inform me that part of my load would go to that debt. She made me think that everything was ok. She didn’t even have the courtesy and professionalism too come back on the phone and explain what she did. Instead she put me back in the queue for another rep too explain. The man I spoke with before being transferred lied to me by stating he would transfer me to the department that would handle my transfer but instead he transferred me too collections recovery. When I was transferred to that department, I did not even get the “This is an attempt to collect a debt…” message before continuing. I understand the company needing to collect their debt. I am not debating that. I am flabbergasted at the lengths of deceptions and lack of customer service this company has resorted too. I am more hurt than anything else. I was manipulated and lied too. I am so hurt because the lady just left me stranded on the phone after taking my money. I had no clue, no idea of what she was going to do and have done. I am so hurt because the guy that transferred me too her knew he was transferring me too collections but lied and told me the department I was being transferred too would be able to handle my transfer because it was out of his ability. Why treat customers like this?  When I called again to find out what happened, one woman put me on hold when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was on hold for 38 minutes before I hung up. I called again and the rep was unwilling to have me speak with a supervisor and stated there was no need for one because I owed the debt and I couldn’t get it refunded. I will not speak on the fact that most of them cannot speak clear English. It is an arduous task dealing with their customer service. Nothing ever gets resolved. For those who had too dispute fraud, I feel for them. This is my second time dealing with Netspend’s customer service. Everytime you call them, you get a different story about the status of your account. None of them know what they are doing or what is going on. I really hate the fact that you have too input your card number in too speak to a rep or even report your card missing. It just seems like this company put their customers through so many loops. Their business practices are unconventional and questionable.  I did not know duping customers instead of being honest and forthright was part of their practice. Truly, I say too anyone, keep your bank account open and in good standing. Please don’t resort too debit card companies like this that do not value you and your money. I have read where people’s money and tax returns have just disappeared or have been locked for no apparent reason. Or for silly reasons Netspend cannot seem too account for. Netspend is not customer service oriented.  Keep your money in a bank where it is safe and where customer service is key. At least you can get answers when something goes wrong. I am literally begging all who read this. Please do not do business with this company. Keep your money in a FDIC insured bank and keep it in good standing so it doesn’t close. It is not worth the stress, tears and headache Netspend will put you through. 
Entity: Austin, Texas
74, Report #1058214
Jun 11 2013
09:43 AM
Netspend Horrible foreign dodge Austin Texas
I could just put Ditto on several other complaints about this company.  My story is so similar to others.  Sure wish I'd known Turbotax was going to throw me under the bus by funneling my money to Netspend.   I filed my taxes with Turbotax.  Something I will NEVER do again.  Opted for my refund to be put on a card.  Was NOT told the card would be Netspend. Netspend sent the card but would not allow me to activate it until I faxed personal information to India.  I reluctantly did so but they STILL refused to activate my card.  Said my refund would be sent back to the IRS immediately. HAH! This was back in February. I have been chasing my money ever since.  They did NOT send it back in February. Or March when I called.  Or April. They finally said they sent it in May after I FINALLY got a nuber to call someone in Texas and not India.   BUT the IRS says they did not send it.  Who should I believe?   I can't get my money from the IRS because they are still tracking whether or not Netspend ever returned it. They many, many calls I made to India were pointless.  If we got off the script, no one could help at all.  And, when they did pretend to help, it all turned out to be lies or incredibly rude. The two women in TX with whom I have spoken have been somewhat helpful but it would seem that my money has vanished.   It is JUNE.  Four months they have made interest on my money.  Meanwhile, I have been scraping by, waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.   Horrible, horrible, worthless dishonest company. Ironic that federal refunds are being shifted off shore.  
Entity: Austin, Texas
75, Report #1042618
Apr 11 2013
07:28 PM
Netspend Metbank keeping my tax return Internet
I did my taxes through turbo tax and choose to use the netspend card to receive my money .they never sent my card the first time. The lied to me 3 different times it was supposed to be sent never got it.the IRS deposit ed my money on 3-31-13 the Irs said it's a civil matter rent due.and extra late cause they wont send me my monet.
Entity: , Internet

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