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51, Report #59534
Jun 04 2003
09:21 AM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
I had agreed to a forebearence amount of $900 a month 3 days before first payment was due i recieved a letter stating it would be $1300 a month which i could not afford i asked could they put it back down to $900 they asked me fax income records which i did 3x but they said they never recieved. so as a result my home going to sherriff sale soon. In the mean time i am trying to sell on my own but ocwen will not send me payoff amount. so it looks like i will be losing all the way around. count me in on class action against them Theresa lincoln park, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
52, Report #56706
May 13 2003
06:29 AM
Ocwen ripoff Palm Beach Florida
Well here I sit and re-read all the rip off reports on Ocwen. If only my husband and I had half a brain when our mortage was first taken over by Ocwen. But unfortunately we had no idea that there were companies like them out there. I guess we were pretty nieve. We were 5,000 behind in our mortgage. It sounds like a lot but it isn't. We were making our payments and quite actually were getting upward and onward in our financial situation. We were hit with this and our life spun out of control. We were harassed with phone calls, etc. etc. The only way out that we could see was a Chap. 13. We tried, we tried so hard but we couldn't do it. We were dismissed after 1-1/2 years. So, we tried to find some company (any company) to help us. The one that would even try charged us $700 (precious money to us it was) and was unsuccessful. Ocwen kept increasing the amount of money that they wanted from 4000 to 6000 to 8000 (I guess interest and penalites accured). So we found another attorney to go Chap. 13. We wish someone had told us that there were other alternatives. But they didn't. It was/is a nightmare. This time we lasted about 2-1/2 years. But paying 1000 to the mortgage and 1050 to the trustee on what we actually netted out of our pay left us virtually no money to pay our other bills. We did bounce checks to them (unfortunately) and just couldn't make up the back balance. So here we are again, in the throes of a possible foreclosure. We are trying everything to get out of it but I think our choices are done. Our attorney wants us to declare Chap 7. Great -- the only major debt in our lives is the mortgage. We have skimped so much that we virtually have no other bills. Our house is falling apart because we don't have the finances to get it fixed. Our son is starting at a trade school and that will cost money. My mom is sick and has no money to loan. We are absolutely dead in the water. All because we were actually on a payment plan (unfortuantely not in writing) with the prior company and Ocwen wouldn't honor it. My marriage will dissolve because all my husband and I do is work and fight and fight and work. It's a total nightmare. The only way to solve this is to check out. We are so tired of fighting. I apply to loan companies and then get so depressed because they all say the same thing: Yes, we can help but then they can't. Or they say Oh Ocwen we are not allowed to touch Ocwen loans. THis is my home, our home and because of some stupid company we are going to lose it. There are no lawyers that are willing to fight. I am on depression pills, in poor health and getting more stresssed as the days go by. I'm sorry but I am so sad that there are companies like this. I guess we are just not intelligent enough to get out from under this company. If anyone has any ideas great -- if not, thank you anyway for giving me a forum to write to. Vickie Dublin, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Beach, Florida
53, Report #100691
Jul 26 2004
09:21 PM
Ocwen FSB False Credit Reporting Orlando Florida
I had a loan through ocwen fsb which ended with them trying to forclosue on my property. I offered them a quick deed in leiu of forclosure. which they took. But know my credit report says I am $10,000 behind on my mortage to them. I have contacted a attorney and am giving them 15 days to retract there report from my credit report. My advice to anyone wanting to get the word out about them is to file with the florida bbb. Ocwen is already listed with them, and the report is not in their favor. Daivd Clay City, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
54, Report #100424
Jul 25 2004
07:24 AM
Ocwen Bank ripoff Irvine California
I had a business failure in 1992 which caused my home mortgage to get behind. My mortgage company sold the loan to a Texas collection company. I was able to negociate a forbearance agreement with the company shich stated that as long as I kept current on the new agreement everything would be normal as if I never fell behind. Sine entering into the forbearance agreementI have never missed a monthly mortgage payment. The Texas company sold my loan as a performing loan to Ocwen Bank. This is where my nightmare with Ocwen Begins. I was never informed of this transfer and kept making my mortgage payments to the Texas company. Ocwen was sending notices of the transfer to my old closed business address WHY THERE AND NOT MY HOME. I finally found out when my home was posted for sheriff sale. Yes a large bright yellow poster attached to my front door so all my neighbors to see. When I contacted the Texas company they told me that they would take care of the mistake and forward the funds that I paid to them to Ocwen. Ocwen is still charging me an attorney's fee for starting the forclosure. Last year I attempted to refiance my home and ran a credit report on myself on the very first line of the credit report it states HOME IN FORCLOSURE BY OCWEN BANK!!!! I contacted the bank and they said they would change the wording and of course to this date they never changed anything. I asked for a payoff statement from the bank and when I received the statement I was shocked to see outragous fees as follows. Attorneys fee $1681.00 Monthly late charges totaling $8023.00 Inspection and property evaluation $512.00 It is a shame that this bank should be allowed to exist. I am trying to find a Penna. attorney that would take my case. It would be nice to start a class action suite in Penna.. Please someone help me. John Holland, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
55, Report #83989
Mar 15 2004
06:50 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank & Trust ripoff Orlando Florida
I was downsized in December and fell behind on my payments while waiting for unemployment. I had been trying to work something out with them via email in December because I lost my voice. They emailed me back stating they couldnt help via email. I hope there aren't any deaf Ocwen customers! If so, I hope they never have to correspond with Ocwen. Below is an email I sent Ocwen today. I find it extremely un-nerving that 2 payments I requested Ocwen to make one on 2-9-04 for $715.00 (only $15 was deducted from my bank account) and the other pre authorized charge of $565.25 scheduled to be taken from my bank account on 2-27-04 never happened. I received no phone calls, certified letters, process servers or regular mail stating any problems processing payment. But instead found stapled to my front porch on a column not by my front door (a door I don't even use) a photo copy of a legal foreclosure notice on my home. I am instead further insulted by having additional fees levied on me that no one has provided me a detail of what the charges are due! What kind of idiot do you think I am??? I for sure thought within this agreement faxed over tonight you would provide a detail of charges outlining what they were for. I've now looked into my checking account and found I have not paid Ocwen since 12-1-03. That makes me, including this month, 3 months past due and 1 month late. 4 payments total $1472. The late fees are ?...No one has told me the late fees. The attorney fees??? What might those be? Again, no one has covered those costs with me or in this Forbearance Agreement. I've asked since last year to have any Extras removed from my account but no one at Ocwen would stop assessing these 3rd party charges to my account. Im sure they have added to my interest accrual and I don't believe I should be responsible for them now. I really don't know what Im going to do. Ocwen has $1200 of my money right now and won't post a dime to my account. I now son't have enough money or time to hire an attorney. Forclosure is on 4/8/04. W Saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
56, Report #71533
Nov 10 2003
05:38 PM
Ocwen FSB ripoff Orlando Florida
They foreclosed with no notice, sold at sherrif sale with no notice, never contacted me. Mortage is paid in full, but they will not talk to me. This is the biggest scam I ever seen. Kevin toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
57, Report #72071
Nov 16 2003
09:02 AM
OCWEN ripoff ORLANDO Florida
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
58, Report #89008
Apr 26 2004
12:27 PM
On January 9th, 2002 we refinanced our home. The closing agent informed us that we in fact did not have payment due before March 1, 2002. On February 12th, 2002 we received a letter informing us that Ocwen Mortgage would be our new company and the first payment was due March 1, 2002. Payments were made every month and sometimes were not paid until the last minute but always before the 30 day limit to protect us from being reported to the credit bureau. On November 30th, 2003 I made my payment by phone and was told that the payment would be recorded to reflect the payment date to avoid being over 30 days. I was given a confirmation number and felt safe that it would be posted as stated. Upon checking my credit report it in fact had been turned in over 30 days late. I contacted the ombudsman website, gave them the date and confirmation number. They responded that it would in fact be corrected with the credit bureau to reflect not being late. Needless to say as of todays date (4/26/04) it has not been corrected. It takes them one day to report but heaven knows how long it will take them to correct it. We sold our home on March 31, 2004. We were suppose to close on March 26th but due to closing problems it was delayed. My March 1 payment had been included with my payoff figure and the closing agent felt I would be Ok not making the March payment. Boy was she wrong. The closing agent informed me that Ocwen had included interest for February 1st payment in the payoff. How could this be since I had made February payment. The closing agent couldn't explain it so I said I would take it up with Ocwen and not to stop the closing since financially we needed to get it done. On March 31 I received a call from Ocwen and was told to make the payment or they would report the payment as late to the credit bureau. I explained that the payment was included in the payoff and that they would have there check by 10:00 AM the next business day. This was in the AM and I told them I would call them back. Upon returning from the closing I called Ocwen and again was told that if the payment was not made it would be reported to the credit bureau. I made the payment. I asked about the additional interest from February and was told that was there procedure. How can that be when in fact they did not get my loan until 3/31/02 and all payments had been made within the month they were due. I'm happy to see Ocwen not being able to get away with what they are trying to do to the public. When I will see my refund of the monies I don't know but I will continue to try and get it back. Joe/sylvia loxahatchee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Nationwide
59, Report #104487
Aug 19 2004
03:01 PM
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
60, Report #276694
Oct 02 2007
08:47 AM
Ocwen ruining my life Orlando Florida
I am very upset with Ocwen my mortgage was sold to this specific company back in 7-05 from NovaStar. I had no knowledge of this until I recevied a bill. In addition, to that Ocwen has put inaccurate information on my credit report stating I have been late. They have held my check on several occasions and reported I was late. They also told me to sell my property and put me on the foreclosure list. They are horrible what about the class action suit can anyone email me back. Oh and also the company charged me with additional fees mail fees. What is that? Neashea36 philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orldand, Florida
61, Report #179001
Mar 02 2006
04:50 PM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
We started to have trouble with ocwen about a year ago. They said we weren't making our payments, we had a lawyer send them proof and also he went made out a letter and had that filed that we denied their charges of not paying. We were told everything was ok after that. Then on Christmas Eve, we received a notice of foreclosure and sheriff's sale dated february 21, 2006. We contacted our same lawyer and after several phone calls, he was told once again that it was a misunderstanding and we were not in foreclosure and that we would receive paperwork stating that. We waited for several weeks and on President's Day, we found out that they were going to foreclose anyway. As you can see, we could not stop it because it was President's day and the next morning our house was sold. No one came to sheriff's sale and ocwen had a sealed bid already there, so they got our house. We are now looking into suing them. They had someone come the next day after the sale to change the locks and he was shocked anyone was still in the house. He gave us a lady's name and number from ocwen and told us to ask about the cash for keys program. They will pay you to clean your house and move if you don't sue them. Michael coon rapids, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
62, Report #198582
Jun 28 2006
06:44 AM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
We refinanced our mortgage last September through Aegis Lending. In Jan. 2006 our loan was sold to Ocwen LLC. Our loan amount was for 89,000. We have had nothing but trouble with these guys since then. We sent our first payment to Aegis. Ocwen claims to have received it but needs to update their records. I have the carbon copy as well. I have never recieved the orignal check back and it was never cashed. Three times I have used speedpay with my bank account showing it was taken out. Our last payment on May 19th was unable to be taken out because they first claimed it was NSF. I confirmes with my bank that they never took it out or tried. Then they charged me a $40.00 fee. They then changed their story claiming the account number was wrong. I tried for weeks to make the payment and they told me they will only accept the payment if we sign a forbearance plan. We reluctantly did. We are currently refinancing and the payoff they have given is for 95,000 more than what the loan was orignally taken out for. Does anyone in Wa know of any attorneys who want to handle a lawsuit for these crooks? I am in supposed foreclosure with a notice of Default from Wachovia not Ocwen and the trustees signature is not even signed by the same name. Get this one we are suppose to be 4 payments behind but yet our new payment amount dropped by 35.00 because we had excess money in our suspense account. What is that all about? Any help greatly appreciated:) Mary Aberdeen, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
63, Report #152177
Aug 02 2005
10:59 AM
Ocwen ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Orlando Florida
I am also a victim of ocwen. My loan was sold to them. I started paying my payments online because it was faster than mailing. A year later,I couldnot get on the website to pay. I would call and they would charge me extra, but I was not late. I sold my house in June and found another one and they went to my credit report and stated that it was in foreclosure now I am having problems finding a new mortage company. Irene Wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
64, Report #113924
Oct 20 2004
08:44 PM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
My account was sold to this place by Litton loan. I keep getting certifired letters that I owe this certain amount of money and for 3 months, it went from 1200.00 to 1400.00 to now 2000.00. I don't get it. I do not owe anything. I am going to talk to an attorney about this and get to the bottom. Jeannine danville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
65, Report #326873
Apr 17 2008
04:24 PM
Ocwen unresponsive, rude, heartless thieves Internet florida
I am writing this response like others to the experience they have had with Ocwen. It started when I could not refinance, and could not make the payments after my 2 year interest only mortage. I spent countless hours on the phone with these people getting the run around, one time spending 3 hours of I have to transfer you to, holding, to I cannot help you with this, I will have to transfer you again. First off you cannot understand them as they are based in india, and when i had repeatedly asked for someone in the states they said there was no one! My forbarance agreement was so open-ended; 1:they wanted 3 months down payment2:impound my taxes after i had already paid them3:pay insurance when i already pay it.4:and if u agree to these terms and we found out u make more we are going to take more. Who in there right mind would subject themselves to that. Also after all that i said i wanted to do a short sale they sent me the paper work and said they would contact me in 3-5 days they never did and my realtor did 2 1/2 weeks later and they are now not taking any short sales. they never call u when they say they will or send u the paper work they say they will unless it is about getting their money!!!!! Kendahl Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
66, Report #80047
Feb 11 2004
10:56 AM
Ocwen ripoff West Palm Beach Florida
Ocwen recently foreclosed on my home in December,after seven years of lies, threats, and extortion.An investor friend who went to the auction said that it was odd that the bidding started so high(almost 100,000), resulting in the house being sold back to Ocwen. Initially,I corresponded with numerous Ocwen supervisors, managers, research specialists,and loan resolution consultants, seeking an explanation as to why, after timely mortgage payments, my loan balance was increasing(instead of decreasing). I submitted extensive documentation and mortgage loan amortization schedules from several lending institutions, and all of the Ocwen reps reluctantly agreed that it was odd that I should now owe more than 93,000 for a home purchased for 81,000 in 1986. Next,after being advised that the OTS is Ocwen's regulator, I sent them several letters, asking them to investigate my Ocwen account. Of course, that was a waste of time. Also,I've sent numerous letters to the FTC,HUD,and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society(which is very knowledgeable about predatory lending here in Ga. Furthermore, I wrote to the three major credit bureaus, requesting that they delete the erroneous reports that Ocwen had submitted to them.All but one of them was cooperative. Finally,I wrote to Judge Droney and Judge Chatigny, requesting that the Hanson V Ocwen case be accelerated, so that all of Ocwen's victims can receive long-awaited justice. The Bible says that we should not fret because of evildoers, for they will soon be cut down like grass.I am still fully confident that God has heard our prayers, and we will see His marvelous outworking in this situation, no matter how it appears or how long takes. I thank God for Mr Hanson, a man of integrity, diligence,and committment and for the editor and staff of ROR who have provided a wonderful forum for all of us Ocwen victims. Ocwen foreclosed on my home, but I will not allow them to steal the peace and joy that God has given me. Life goes on,inspite of adverse circumstances. Shirley Stone Mountain, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
67, Report #96891
Jun 29 2004
01:52 AM
Ocwen Crooked Bastards Palm Beach Florida
Bail out now. I do not know how or why they get away with stealing peoples homes but they do. I owned my home in Corona since 1976. In October of 2000 I wired Ocwen $22,823.66 to bring me current. About a month later I discovered that their statement did not add up it should have only been $18,999. I called to investigate this overpayment. My payment was $1423 per month on the $116,250 loan. Three months later they started foreclosure by recording a Notice of Default claiming arrearages in the amount of $10,539.00. I rescinded the loan under TILA. They ignored it. I filed for Bankruptcy Protection. They ignored it. Sold my home and reconveyed the title. Told my lawyer they changed it back to my name. They had not. Sixteen months later they started to foreclose again. I got approved for a new loan from Indy Mac Bank. However the loan could not close because title was still held in the names of the previous (unlawful) sale. They sold it to a real estate investor. 6 months and a new lawyer later I was evicted in February of 2003. Now June of 2004 I lost a new lawsuit I brought against them. Did not even get a chance to make my case. Dismissed without leave to amend. Their attornys have made various false allegations in the court motion. Problem is I have never gotten a chance to bring this up. This is not America. Bail out now while you can ,,get a new loan as quickly as possible even if it costs a lot of money. My nest egg is gone. Neighbors house recently sold for $380,000. I am trying to keep the utilities on in my Mom's old house (she passed away last August). Save yourself and you home while you can. If you have any questions call me under this name in Hemet CA Good Luck Gary - Hemet CA U.S.A. Gary Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Beach, Florida
68, Report #344776
Jun 26 2008
07:04 PM
Ocwen lied, deceptive, theives Centreville Alabama
the loan was approved for the payoff, but ocwen would never give us the payoff. our lawyers were talking and we were talking to ocwen's broker, who stated that he could not understand why ocwen did not except the payoff. because ocwen would make more money on it. then suddenly we were told to get out of the house. all this time we were thinking that a payoff was just around the corner. we were also informed that we were dealing with someone in india. this was told to us by their lawyers. who also tried to get their client to except the payoff. ocwen lied and said they were never informed of the approved loan. so, our family was kicked out of the only home we ever knew. someone please help us. June centreville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Centreville, Alabama
69, Report #15700
Mar 03 2002
12:00 AM
ocwen---transfer fees! Ripoff!
well, my husband and myself are adding ourselves to the long list of very dissatisfied victims. We have less than $1300.00 on our mortgage. I sent for a pay off report and-----you guessed it , it came back saying we owed over $15,000.00!!!!!! Something called transfer fees. Our atty. has ,to no avail.been trying to find out what these fees are. If anyone files a suit against these fools, we will first in line to join. Susan Bloomfield New York Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #21539
May 26 2002
07:45 AM
Ocwen ripoff victimized many consumers Orlando Florida
Hi Everybody. I too am a victim of Ocwen. But, I may have some good news, well, at least a new contact. How about not just an arm of HUD, but how about the main man's secretary? She is his ear so to speak. If we all start writing to him/her, then we may get something done about Ocwen. Here is the email address: Anna_M._Farias@hud.gov I too have had the same problems it seems that each of you have had. Injured on job, workers comp, reduced income, ferrill period, now contractual payments. However, I too face a large arrearage and am trying desperately to get out from under Ocwen and get back with a good lender. By the way, I will suggest James B. Nutter @ Co. as a lender. They refinance, new loans, everything. Most importantly, they DON'T SELL YOUR LOANS either. Let's all stick together and write this lady I mentioned, maybe we can get something done. DR Arlington, Texas
Entity: Orlando, Florida
71, Report #17987
Apr 01 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen BEWARE!!! ripoff bank Irvine California
I happened upon this site after a decision to research my mortgage company. Actually, I thought I had gone crazy and lost control of my finances -- yeah RIGHT!!! I am now on a quest!!! I am an activist!!! I will set out on this journey and Make it Happen. To all of you who have lost homes to this thief -- there are no words -- but, I do hope any action I may set into motion might bring something, someway back to you. I DO NOT want to lose my home to this thief!!! I will fight!!! I will contact my attorney tomorrow (04/02/02) regarding a class action suit. I will also set up a hotmail account -- prefix before the (at) being antiOCWEN. Get the drift? Yes, we must group together. We must fight this in numbers. I had no clue before happening upon this site. Just in case it might make it through you may reach me at24doors (at) juno dot (the common). May your home be safe from Tigers!!!! Be Savannah, District of Columbia
Entity: Irvine, California
72, Report #14665
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
ocwen mortgage ripoff, the never ending battle
we have constently been ripped off by ocwen with our montly payments with our checks. now they put me off day by day with anew lie and talk to me like i am a dog. now they say we are in forecloser and will not talk sanely if they even know how. but they have crossed the wrong person this time. this war just begone thank you please. ella lindale, texas Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
73, Report #14888
Feb 22 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ripoff - 3rd Report - Update
For the 3rd time, I finally talked to a rep from Ocwen just 2 days ago. His name was Ben and I think I have his last name written down somewhere. He was very polite and actually heard me out! Prior to this conversation, I contacted Ocwen because the tax documents I received for 2001 from 2 mortgage companies did not tie out with the figures I have. My first problem was that my escrow account was fully documented by the mortgage company (MetWest) until they sold the note to Ocwen. In an attempt to find out if my insurance was paid, the only info I got was from MetWest (they showed every transaction from Jan - May, payments, escrow payments and disbursments and mortgage balance). At least I knew the taxes were paid! Based on all the reports Ive read online, I tried questioning Ocwen as to the payment of our insurance (MetWest informed me it was due and payable early August and the amount they paid the prior year. They also gave me the name of the Payee). Ocwen did not show me any escrow disbursements and did not provide any of the relevant info I wanted. When I called them, I was directed thru an automated menu which required my account # and various pin numbers. Ultimately, I was given the info that current taxes due were $120 over last years payment. I immediately called the city and county property tax division for Colorado and inquired as to the validity of that increase. I was told the taxes should be based on prior year tax amounts and that that increase was not justifiable. That same call also informed me of an escrow balance different from what I was calculating. The operator I finally talked to gave me different numbers and balances for every item I questioned. She did however, send me documents of insurance payments (although I had contacted the company already to ensure the premium had been paid) but I thank her for sending the paperwork. i think the employees work for minimum wage and are not at fault for company practices. Because of what Ive read online, I am concerned that our insurance and taxes will continue to be paid. I asked our insurance carrier if I could pay the premium rather than having it paid from escrow. Because its part of the financing, I could not do that. However my insurance agent did come to my house and re-evaluate the value and I can take out an additional policy for $150 to ensure my home is adequately insured. My first complaint was rebutted by an agent of Ocwen which was the most illiterate, ungrammered, mis-spelled document Ive ever read. Who in their right mind would trust a company that employs people like that or is so irresponsible as to their bookkeeping, that if we actually speak to a live customer service rep., every answer is different?! I am willing to join a class action suit! T Denver, Colorado Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #14902
Feb 23 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Debacle Ripoff
Ocwen recently mailed me a default notice. I relocated back to Arizona in December 2001; prior to doing so I notified Ocwen(ocward) of my change of address and submitted change of address forms to the post office. I didn't receive a statement in January 2002 I telephoned the Orlando? office of my desire for a statement. Approx. 2 weeks later I received a statement and then sent 2 payments (on 2-9-02). On 2-22-02 I received the default letter. Today (23rd) I called the loan department and spoke suggested that the octopus (Ocwen)perhaps needed to communicate with its arms. I apprised them of my disinterest in the late fee and especial consternation regarding their default form letter's being devoid of any name of a human entity.[Can you read I was livid.] I was told my payment had been received and he (the supervisor?, Mr Teasley) would request my late fee be waived. We'll see!!! Ken Phoenix Arizona Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Miami/Orlando/LA, Nationwide
75, Report #17282
Mar 21 2002
12:00 AM
OCWEN ripoff abused & mistreated LA California
It is difficult to tell all of the problems I have with OCWEN. (new co. spelled backward). We have been constantly harassed by them. They have refused to accept payments in the amount stated on all of the paper work I have. They monthly payment to them seems to depend on their whim. We had to get an attorny to keep them from forclosing on our home. I asked for a pay-off amount and they sent me this astronomical figure. There is just no way I can refinance this house or sell it to satisfy them. Our lives have become a living nightmare with these creatures constantly hanging over us. My homeowners insurance company is sick of faxing the same documents to them over and over. My agent cant believe them either. My original payment was 680.00 PITI. I now pay them insurance myself and they want 692.00. What happen? Nobody at ocwen can tell me. The previous foreclosure was started because they kept raising my payments and I withheld payment for 6 months (in the bank) til they remedied the situation. DONT DO THAT. They remedy nothing. My atty says they have too many properties and want to foreclose to sell them. Possibly to their own entities. Look into Solomon Bros. fro more clues thats who ocwen is I believe. HELP!!!! who is the otc? p BOYNTON BEACH, Florida Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: LA, California

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