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1, Report #87456
Apr 13 2004
11:06 AM
Pep Boys ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
A class action lawsuit was filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, regarding Pep Boys' failure to honor Raybestos Brakes Brake-Of-A-Lifetime Warranty. This lawsuit has been settled. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2, Report #1170135
Aug 16 2014
07:00 AM
Pep Boys Horrible online service Internet
I recently purchased a rebuilt starter online. The part itself arrived in time and appears to be of reasonably good quality. My frustration began with the core return. When I submitted the core return info online as instructed to get the RMA and shipping label, the site tanked and didn't provide it. I attempted to contact customer service had to wait on hold 30+ min for a rep who apologized and told me the site was having problems and the label would be emailed as a PDF in 2 business days. It wasn't. So I call again after a few days and endure another 30 min of hold music before I can request the label, which I received the next day. I sent in the core return and a month later still don't see the core charge credited to my credit card although FedEx tracking shows the part was received. Another 30 min of hold music before I am told that, yes, the part was received but for some reason the core charge wasn't refunded. PB: We'll have to check with finance but they are closed now. We will contact them tomorrow. Me: How will I know when they reply? PB: We will contact you. Me: When can I expect that? PB: By Friday. We will call. Me: Please send an email, as well. PB: Ok. Friday comes and goes. No phone call. No email. So I call again on Saturday. Only have to endure 5 min of horrible hold music this time. Lucky me. Am told by the rep he will check with his supervisor and call me back. The saga continues..
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1340262
Nov 28 2016
03:40 PM
pep boys Too high an estimate Austelll Georgia
After my long term mechanic closed his business, I had been thinking of what company to use when we needed repairs. So when my starter went out, I took it to Pep Boys-which was less than 2 mile from home, for a repair. I also wanted them to fix my air conditioner. I was quoted over $800 for the starter and 700 for the AC. I went online to check the price of a starter and thought I would be getting ripped off if I agreed to the repairs. I then called back and told the service guy to hold off on any repair. They charged me a diagnositc fee for both the starter and AC. These proces were discussed in advance: I did not mind that as that was the price I paid to realize that Pep Boys would not be my next repair shop. Another repair shop fixed both the starter and AC for about $818. I found a repair home with them.   I was very disappointed in Pep Boys.
4, Report #957743
Oct 20 2012
06:06 PM
Pep Boys Pep Boys Auto pepboy for less 800-pep-boys manny,moe,jack oviedo, Florida
took vehicle in for front brakes diagnostic ,was told  the problem was  caliper and they recommended both side be did,and they would only warranty the brakes and rotors.rebuilt calipers that rusted in days was put on rotors brakes,after two days i started have same problem but wasnt able to stop at times,i took it back to them the , one tech went on test drive then came back put vehicle on lift turn wheel and stated it was my tires,i went to two on place to be sure ,they both said i had brake problems ,call mgr Ron he got rude with me over phone didnt want to handle this,the problem was a $12.87 wheel speed sensor and i have GM techs and onstar to back me up on this calm. they wanted 898. service rep jason put alot of core returns to bring cost down.
Entity: oviedo, Florida
5, Report #11577
Jan 15 2002
12:00 AM
Ripped off by Pep Boys -they have been bad boys
My engine was sputtering and stalling and I could not locate the problem, so I took my vehicle to Pep Boys. They saw an 18-yr-old young woman in a college town and figured they could rip me good, which they did. They charged me $500 to replace my CV joints, etc. and said I needed an alignment. I had made it clear upon dropping off the vehicle that the engine was sputtering and that upon driving the vehicle it would be evident to even the Palm Beach babe who doesn't even know how to pump her own gas, that there was a problem with the ENGINE, not the wheels or alignment. I consulted my 16-yr-old brother, who has never worked on a car engine, and who stated it sounded like a bad spark plug. Sure enough, he removed the first plug wire and the wire itself fell apart in his hand. It was an eighteen dollar part that I got at an auto parts store and installed myself. Pep Boys refused to acknowledge that they had done unauthorized and incorrect repairs, nor did they refund my money. Being a broke college student, I could not afford to pursue the matter, especially after shelling out $500 for nothing, but I regret not having done so - just on the principle. Chris Florida Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Gainesville, Florida
6, Report #106921
Sep 03 2004
07:21 PM
Pep Boys ripoff Cathedral City California
We took our van in for a break job and to check on a knocking noise coming from the van. Trusting Pepboys to do their job we excepted that we needed new tire rods, rotors, and breaks. By the end of the day the manager called to tell us that our van needed $800 worth of repairs and garrenteed the problem would be fixed. So we paided and picked up our van. The next day we noticed that our van was still knocking and the breaks still made the van shake. So to make a long story short after 6 more weekends of them keeping our van we are still experiencing problems and now have problems we didn't have before. The ending cost for us was over $1000 with a van still not running right. Jerry Cathedral City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cathedral City, California
7, Report #149547
Jul 13 2005
08:09 AM
Took the car for tires. While there, service manager Ben changed fuel filter as well. Afterward, car would not run. The brilliant mechanics determined it must be the fuel pump and changed it (one day wait). Car only ran 1/2 mile. Had it towed back. Service rep 'Ben' informs me they don't work on cars like mine and take it away. I just asked them to look at the work they had already done. It was dripping gas and needed attention. They refused. Said it was running fine when it was checked earlier and that's where their responsibility ended. Ben said it had been a long day. I said thanks for nothing!! and Ben replied EFF YOU, A**hole. I tried to leave to tell the tow driver to load it back on, but the door was locked. I asked to be let out, Ben says I won't do anything for you, now LEAVE.... how, I was not sure. Tired of being polite, I demanded to be let out once more and when he refused I returned the 'EFF you he had given me earlier. Fortunately another employee from the store ran over and took me to another door to exit. My son was along and witnessed the whole ugly thing. The tow driver offered to call the police. His opinion was that maybe Ben's behavior was caused by drugs. I just wanted OUT and away from the crazy kid. I complained to service dept manager the next Monday morning. He told me he had no previous trouble with Ben and it must be my fault for talking to him in a way he didn't like. He offered to take the fuel pump off the car and hand me back my old one. I asked what that would prove, and he agreed 'nothing'....but that's all he would do. So I am supposed to go back to a place where I was verbally assaulted, hassled, delayed and overcharged so they can take off the fuel pump I had to find at another store because their parts dept could not come up with it, and let them mangle my car some more and wind up with a non-running car that has to be towed away again? That's really a dumb solution! And after getting home and examining the bill for the tires, it was discovered that they had not given the discount they promised either. And they were supposed to align the car for a small discount along with the tires, but no discount and the car pulls. I had it re-aligned and the set was 2 degrees off on one side and 1 degree off (the exact opposite direction) the other. I had the car fuel problem repaired by a reputable mechanic. The problem was with a rubber gas line that was torn when the filter was replaced. I have no receipt for the Pep Boys repair because 'Ben' offered to put it on for free if I would buy it in the store and bring it out to him (a couple greenbacks for lunch would be fine).... I suppose that one fact might be as much a part of this service disaster as anything else. He didn't want to be found out. I tried complaining to the regional manager. I was advised that the big manager would call me back. He never did. Everything I encountered at this store was incompetent, hostile and self serving. And the upper mannagement was eithr just as bad or just absent. I was told repeatedly that if there was a problem with the car, it was MY problem. Apparently, they feel they never make mistakes, and if they do, it can be righted by pushy, hostile behavior and denial by the offending party and his managers right up the line. It's a shame this kind of management is tolerated by corporate. Pep Boys was once a good resource. It isn't anymore. W Oro, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
8, Report #139665
Apr 20 2005
10:37 PM
Pep Boys ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
I went in to pep boys to get my front brakes fixed and they ended up fixing my back brakes. My back brakes where fine and they charged me over 200.00 dollars for nothing. I went in the next day and told them the problem wasnt fixed and they proceded to tell me I needed to pay another 100.00+ for the front breaks and they still are not working. Wendy las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
9, Report #314363
Mar 03 2008
05:10 PM
Pep Boys rebate rip-offs Austin Texas
I purchased 4 generators from 2 pep boys locations in austin, Tx in July of 07. The products came with 20.00 rebates on each. I mailed in the rebate papers (2) making sure all required info was furnished. I never heard from pep boys so I called to follow up and was told that they had issued a check for one but the check hadn't been cashed so they would re-issue the check and I would recieve it in about 10 days. The other rebate they said they never recieved. I told them that was strange as I mailed them both in the same envelope. They told me to fax a copy to the resubmit Dept and It would be processed and I would recieve a check in about 10 days,sound familiar? Well after not hearing or recieving the promised checks I decided to call corporate. Should have known better as I was told to call the rebate center. I asked to speak to someone else but my request was refused and I was told only the rebate center could help me as pep boys corporate had nothing to do with rebates. I am going to make one more attempt to resolve this via certified mail and if that doesn't work I'm going to print up some flyers about my experience and distribute them to customers at the two locations involved. Needless to say I've spent my last dollar with pep boys! Gary c austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
10, Report #338180
Jun 08 2008
06:49 AM
Pep Boys Rebate Dundalk Maryland
After shopping around for 4 tires for my wifes car, I settled on Pep Boys in Dundalk Md. because they were advertising buy 3, get one free on their top line tires...had the 4 tires installed for $366 and change and was given a guarantee page with an address of the rebate company in Texas...mailed in the receipt for the tires with the rebate guarantee and 1 year later, haven't received anything...sent copies of documents several times with no money sent and no response...tried to go to Pep Boys customer service page and it has a message that this site is has been down for over a year now...I can live without the $75 rebate, but because of the lies I was fed by the company, I will no longer buy anything from Pep Boys...I have been a customer there for 40 years spending thousands of more...they can screw somebody else...thanks Pep Boys for treating a loyal customer this way (maybe I should have said EX customer)...lying and cheating people has become the American way for businesses in this country... Ripoff victim Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Dundalk, Maryland
11, Report #60456
Jun 12 2003
08:11 AM
PEP BOYS ripoff/ Oil change gone bad CLARKSVILLE Indiana
I went to Pep Boys to have a oil change done on May 11 2002. Less than 5 weeks later I have it towed back to them because there is no oil in my car at all. They check the car over and come back to say that the filter just blew off, (it was cross threaded) then it was the oil pumps fault. Of course they could not fix the problem, it was then towed to a ford dealer. The ford dealer looked at it and told me that there was no way the filter just blew off, it had to be cross threaded for the oil pump to just blow it off. They checked and there was oil in the motor, fresh, unburnt oil. Not sure where that came from. So $600 later I have a new oil pump and I'm back on the road. About 2 weeks later my car sounds like it has thrown a rod, take it to my dealer. There has been so much damage done to my motor that it has locked up. So back to be fixed again, waited 2 months to get the enigine repaired and $437. plus what my warrenty covered $2000. I'm back on the road. Not a week later I'm back in the shop with the transmition, it has gone out now. They told me it could have been from it running hard with the oil not running through the motor and the motor pulling hard to run. So, after my car being in the shop for a total of 7 months, leaving me to have to bum rides to and from work. And after over $5000. worth of repairs My car is still not running 100%. I sent Pep Boys an email and never heard a thing from them about anything that was done to my car. They could have at least returned my email. Its like that don't really care about their customers at all. All we are is a $ to them. You got money they will take it, but don't come back with a complaint, cause they don't what to hear it. I will never go to pep boys again and have told everyone I know how they treated me and they should never take a car there to be worked on. A simple oil change could ruin your car, at least from them......... Stacey JEFFERSONVILLE, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: CLARKSVILLE, Indiana
12, Report #60697
Jun 14 2003
06:31 PM
Pep Boys faulty diagnostics and repairs Chandler Arizona
Our car would not start so we took it to pep boys to have a diagnostic done on it. There conclusion was that the fuel pump needed to be replaced. I had replaced the fuel pump with a Pep Boys brand fuel pump just one week earlier. $280.00 later they said the car was fixed. We did not even make it the four miles from their shop to our house before it broke down. We took it back. This time they said it was the fuel pump sending unit. They refunded the amount of the fuel pump but still charged us $200.00 in labor for something that was not even the problem.This second time they did not charge us labor but charged us $162.00, the price of the sending unit. This time we made it all the way home but when we went to start the car a short time later, it would not start. We had it towed backed to them the same day and as of one hour ago they dont know what is wrong with it. That is where we stand right now. Gene chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
13, Report #60909
Jun 17 2003
07:51 AM
Pep Boys ripoff Knoxville Tennessee
On June 12, 2003, I purchased a Bugflector II from the Pep Boys location I referenced as a Father's Day gift. I told the salesman I needed it for a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. He asked for clarification: Sport or Sport Trac? I again said sport. The part number I purchased was 25558. Two days later, on the 14th, my husband, my father, and I attempted to put the part on my father's car. It didn't fit. I called this same Pep Boys location to make sure I had the correct part. I was assured that yes, 25558 was for a Ford Explorer Sport. We then took the part to this location to get assistance with the installation of this part. We were instructed to go to the parts counter in the back of a store where we were told that our part was incorrect for the vehicle we had. This particular part was not in stock and wouldn't be in until the following Tuesday, and it was also going to cost $10 extra. Primarily, I agreed, though I was exasperated with the poor knowledge and training of their salespeople, but by the time I arrived at the front counter for checkout, I had decided to shop around for a better price. I was unable to return the item because I had lost my receipt. While I understand this policy, I feel that since it was the fault of Pep Boys that I had purchased the wrong part to begin with, an exception should have been made. When I filed a complaint on their website, I even offered to take my bank statement to prove the purchase was made at their store. I was denied that chance by the customer service rep, Veronica Jackson. I used my Visa check card for the purchase, so it should easily be retrieved by their system, but either the manager, Jeff Heeley, was ignorant in the workings of their computers, or Pep Boys is stuck in the dark ages. I want a refund for this incorrect part, and I want to be done with Pep Boys forever. I will never buy anything else from this store. Tabitha Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
14, Report #61165
Jun 19 2003
10:36 AM
Pep Boys Rude incompetent liars Athens Georgia
I went to this location on on JUne 5th because i needed an oil change and I was having problems with the heating/cooling system. While I was there they told me my heater core needed to be replaced. They said they would order the part and in woudl have it in 3-5 days. Four hours later I finally had an oil change and was able to leave. While waiting the three to five days for the part I was able to drive my car but I had to keep 5 gallons of water with me to keep it from over heating. Seven days later on JUne 12th I was finally told that they had the part and would be able to repair my car. This was a Thursday. With the understanding that this would be an all day job it takes some planning because I work 40 miles from where I live. Knowing this I took MOnday June 16th off from work, dropped my car off the night before so it would be there when they opened and they could start on it and be finished and I would be able to get to work the next day. I called them at 7 am the next morning to make sure they knew what was going on and I was told that everything was fine and the work order had been started. THREE HOURS later one of the managers, Cindy, called me and informed that they did not have the part. When I asked how this could be possible when I was told that it was there 4 days earlier she told me she didn't know, but that the parts warehouse never received the order. Which is odd because I was standindg there when she ordered it on June 5th. At this point I explained to them that i had to have my car, because everyday they had it was a day missed from work. I was then PROMISED by a MANAGER that I would have my car by 5 pm the following day. When I called to check on it at 3 pm they had not even touched it. There explanation was that the part did not arrive until that afternoon. When I asked why they hadn't at least started on it and gotten it ready for when the part got there the only reply I could get was, I don't know. At this point I have gone thru every manager in the store and I am tired of dealing with them. Know one can explain to me why i was told the part was there, when it wasn't, no one can tell me why i haven't had my car fixed. I called the customer service hotline and the idiot there put thru to the store. I don't want to talk to the poeople at the store anymore. After calling customer service back and asking to speak to the supervisor, i was told that there wasn't one there. Why isn't there a supervisor there at three in the afternoon. So I left messages with the district manager who still hasn't called me back. I work in retail, and if one of my customers had a complaint as serious as mine, we would do whatever we could to help them. However no one at this location , and no one at corporate has even tried to help me or given me a reason to let them complete this $600.00 job. YOU would think that they would care about a a siginificant sale like that, but thye obviously don't, and they certainly don't care about their customers. Kim athens, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Athens, Georgia
15, Report #101908
Aug 03 2004
09:49 AM
Pep Boys ripoff Henderson Nevada
I took my 91 Celica in to have the a/c serviced. Pep Boys did the maintenance work and recharged the system. They also gave a lengthy description of how all of the components of the a/c system had been checked and were in good working order. The a/c worked fine for two weeks. My father passed away and I left the state for an additional two week period. When I returned the a/c was no longer working. I checked my invoice and it clearly stated that Pep Boys offers a 90 day warranty on their work. This was quite a relief and I was glad, at that time, that I had chosen a larger organization and one that offered a warranty (because I paid considerably more than other garages in the area). Well..... they kept my car overnight and called the next day to tell me that they would need $1287.00 to get my a/c running again!!!! They said that virtually every part of the a/c system would need to be replaced. I could not believe it! They absolutely refused to stand behind the 90 day warranty and how could they not see that even one of the hoses was shot less than six weeks ago!!! Furthermore, when I took it up with the store manager he pulled out their copy of the work order and I could not believe my eyes or ears. The work order had notes on it that had been scribbled out with an ink pen. Parts of the work order were completely blacked out and he stated that the condenser needed to be replaced but there were no notes indicating why it needed to be done. It is my belief that Pep Boys either did not check the system originally or they did damage to the system when they did the maintenance work. I have called their corporate office on two occasions trying to obtain some kind of relief and have been given the royal runaround. I was originally told that the area manager would call me within 24 hours. Four days later I called back to tell the customer service rep that I had not been contacted. She told me that I would be contacted within 15 minutes. The area manager did call and his name was different than the one given to me originally. Is it possible that they have more than one area manager for the same area? At any rate, he proposed that I take the car to another mechanic and if that mechanic would state that Pep Boys did something to cause the problem with the car he would make it right. Does this sound like a fair business practice to anyone else out there? What does another mechanic's opinion have to do with Pep Boys' 90 day warranty? I truly believe that this is just more of their time-wasting tactics hoping I will give up and go somewhere else. However, they need to know that I will continue to pursue this problem until they make it right or everyone else on the planet knows that Pep Boys is the worst and should be banished from the planet! Ginger Henderson, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
16, Report #73375
Nov 28 2003
07:24 PM
Pep Boys Rip Off Sacramento California
I fell from a curb at the entrance of their door( on their property. Cut my rm and hurt my back. I went inside, bleeding. had to wait in line to talk to someone. They told me to go wash up my arm and then would'nt talk to me. I phoned them when I got home. They askedif I wanted a million dollars or an air freshner Eventually they gave me the # of their insurance co. They told me to go to a Dr.I told themm to set up an appointment for me. They did !! Told the Dr's office they were reponsible for the billig etc. Called me back with the date and time. I went to the Dr. He X rayed my back and tock care of my arm. Now--here;s the kicker for this. The did'nt pay. Told the Dr they changed teir mind. I got an attorney!I said I wanted my Drpaid for and future visits for this problem plus $ 5000 for pain and suffering ( which I still have ) My attorney talked to them and then me. Te attorney said it was'nt worth his time Not enoughmoney. Pep boys told me to forget it they were not paying anyhing.The curb I fell on had a big chip out of it and grease spilt on it also. I hope who ever reads this will not shop with those nasty people at PEP BOYS in Sacramento California Charleen Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
17, Report #110966
Sep 30 2004
09:47 PM
PEP BOYS Rip-Off MIAMI Florida
i went to pep boys for a clutch that they quoted me $465. they said it would include all parts, labor & resurfacing the fly wheel, less tax. i asked if them if the slave cylinder would be alot extra, they said only the cost of the part. they called me back to tell me that the slave cylinder is $400. i asked if i could get the part on my own, they said fine. it was only $200 AT THE DEALER! 100% mark up!! when i brought my own parts in they were pissed. so the later tried to charge me extra for parts they did not install & extra labor for resurfacing the fly wheel & installing the slave cylinder(which was originally included!) the manager was so pissed he wen't home after snapping at everyne & fixing my bill. THEY WON'T SEE ME AGAIN!! PEP BOYS IN CUTLER RIDGE,FL Steve MIAMI, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
18, Report #281197
Oct 27 2007
04:07 AM
Pep Boys Rebate Ripoff Lancaster Pennsylvania
Know why Pep Boys uses rebates instead of just having sales on its' tires? Because it doesn't have to honor the rebates? Pep Boys actually has a third party handle (or not handle) the rebates. When they decline the rebate they give you a phone # you can call. After waiting forever for someone to pick up, they just hang up. So I called the store manager in Lancaster, Pa who admitted to having problems with the Pep Boys rebate system. He promised to call back by the end of the day. That was in May. I don't think he's calling back. Well I don't think I'm ever going back to Pep Boys. Paul Palmyra, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
19, Report #277487
Oct 06 2007
04:49 PM
PEP BOYS TIRE REBATE SCAM Brookhaven Pennsylvania
Pep boys runs a national tire promotion of buy three tires and get 1 free. You have to pay for 4 tires and buy their road hazard and premium mount and balance to qualify. Then you submit a form and they send you back the price of 1 tire. After purchasing my first set I asked if there was a limit on how many offers I could get and I was told no. We even looked at the rebate form which did not note any restrictions. I returned the following day with another car and bought 4 more tires with road hazard and premium mount and balance. After submitting the second form I was notified that I did not qualify for a second rebate. When I contacted them and told them the store salseman had assured me there was no problem and since the form had no restrictions I should be paid they said its their company policy to only allow one even though they don't disclose that up front. Jr Aston, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
20, Report #299339
Jan 11 2008
10:03 PM
Pep Boys Useless, Worthless, Cheats Evansville Indiana
This has been several years ago so I don't know if I could even find the paperwork anymore but I'd like to tell my story anyway. I can't believe there is nothing on this site for this store at this location. I HAD a Plymouth Sundance. It needed a new head gasket. I had taken it to a mechanic but he got sick and almost died so I took it to Pep Boys since they were close. I had never dealt with them before or heard any horror stories at that point. I drove the car in to their store. I was treated nice enough at first. It took a couple of days for my car to be repaired but I was willing to wait. I don't mind waiting as long as the work is done properly. I was specific about what needed done although I did not mind their doing a computer scan. If there were any other problems I preferred to know about them. I was phoned and told my car was done. My mom went with me when I paid and drove my car home. They did try to charge me for having the car towed to them but I quickly disabused them of that notion. I knew I had driven it in and I refused to pay that. I live about 20 miles or so from the shop. When I was about 5 miles from home, I looked in my rearview mirror and couldn't even see my mom behind me for all the smoke. I immediately pulled off the road and raised my hood. I don't know a lot about cars but I do know some. My brother has always worked on cars and I used to help. Anyway, I couldn't see anything glaringly wrong, and having just paid quite a bit to have it fixed, I didn't have much money and decided to chance driving the car home. What would 5 more miles do? I called Pep Boys as soon as I got home and told them about the problem with it smoking. I was told that it was normal and was probably just some oil on the engine burning off. I told them that it was NOT normal and that it was not just a LITTLE bit of smoke. They finally told me to DRIVE it back to the shop and they would look at it. I told them I wouldn't drive it but I would have it towed there. It was towed back to the shop. They told me that they would check it out right away. I called several times over the next few days to see what they had discovered. Either no one knew, they had to check, or it wasn't done and they would call me when it was. Finally I was told that it was done. I had a friend take me from work to their shop. When I got there I was told that they hadn't even started work on it!! I told them that it had been there for several days and I expected someone to do something about it. I told them that my friend had brought me to their shop but it was very far out of her way to take me home. Had I known the car wasn't ready, I would have had a way home. I ended up leaving the car there again. A few days later, I was again told that my car was fixed. When I arrived this time, I was again told that they had not even started on it!! I demanded that they get it fixed right then. They told me they were waiting on their best mechanic to work on it. When the guy finally walked in, HE WAS THE SAME ONE WHO WORKED ON IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. I explained to them, again, that they had worked on it, they were supposed to have fixed the oil leak, they had done diagnostic testing on it, and I had been assured when I picked it up the first time that I would have no more leaks. They told me they had checked everything out and they had billed me the first time for SUPPOSEDLY checking out my engine for leaks. When the car was finally done, I was presented with a bill. I was charged for taking the engine apart again along with fixing a part THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN CHECKED OUT THE FIRST TIME. I told them that I would not pay to have my car taken apart again when they should have fixed this the first time. I told them that they should have been paying me for the tow bill and all my lost time because of their incompetence. The first manager I talked to offered me a 10% discount and said that was the best she could do. I told her I wouldn't deal with her if that was all she could do and that I wanted to speak to someone who could actually do something. The next manager I spoke to said he could offer me a 20% discount but that was the best that he could do. I finally ended up with the 20% discount, some time discounted, and the tow bill charge removed. Everyone in the store that day knew about my problem, though. I am very aggressive when someone tries to make me look like an idiot or tries to tell me that I don't have a clue about anything just because I am female. I stated that I would never come back to the store again and that I would tell everyone I knew never to go there. Buzzy Wadesville, IndianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
21, Report #200528
Jul 11 2006
06:04 PM
Pep Boys Auto ripoff North Hollywood California
Hi : I have a problem with Pep Boys Lankershim branch in CA. I need your help. Can you please direct me to who I can talk, email or send a letter to? I Googled the CEO Larry Stevenson and I couldnt find any address for him. Here are copies of emails sent to them without any answer: This is my first email sent to your company on 07/11/06. I went for a heater core repair. The mechanic Martinez, broke the cup holder in the interior and they didn't informed me. The most important is that this repairman left the speedometer stuck and is not working as well as the changing gears handle is completely lose. Yesterday I almost had an accident on the freeway as I didn't know at what speed I was going. Since Saturday evening I am calling the store. I spoke several times with David and he told me that I needed to wait for the service manager Mike. Mike was on vacation since Saturday. Yesterday I called 1900 PepBoys and I spoke with Rick. He told me that the store was going to call me. I called the store this morning and Mike, the service manager talked very rude to me and told me that he can't estimate time or day of repair the car. I work for a living and I need an estimate. Also, I paid for a service oil leak diagnostic pkg that they didn't perform. When I went to pick up my car on 07/08/2006, they tried to charge me the service anyway. I had to argument with David about it. I am sending this email to Better Business Bureau, CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC to the investigative team of reporters. My next step will be a Superior Court of the State of CA with a Jury to estimate in a Civil case the compensation. ******************* This morning I went with the car to the store and I spoke with Chris, the service manager. I explained to him that the speedometer was working perfectly until they took my car for repairs. This man, Chris talked to me in a very rude manners and in front of his AM, Mike and 3 or 4 mechanics, he yelled to me and told me that he didn't have nothing to do with the speedometer and get out of there. I am a 61 years old lady that doesn't want to argue and never in a public environment. I left and I took the car to another PepBoys store located in Burbank. I explained to the manager there the problem with the speedometer and also I told him about the heater core repair. Without mentioned who did the repair I asked if it was possible that the speedometer was damaged. He said YES, that is very common for the mechanic doing the removal of the dashboard to disconnect one of the 2 cables connecting the speedometer. I went back to PepBoys sore 854 and the manager said that he was going to check the car to see the cables disconnected. Twenty minutes later he called me, showed me my car and a lose cable and told me that that cable was disconnected for long time and the speedometer cannot be working at all. Also, he told me that to change the heater core in my car they didn't need to remove the whole dashboard, only the glove compartment. I spoke with the Buick dealer in they said that this Buick Skylark 1983 has a whole dashboard and cannot be removed separately. So, your store manager was lying and guessing answers. I AM A 61 YEARS OLD LADY, working for a living, decent and honest in my behavior and business transactions. I NEVER, EVER SAW, IN MY 61 YEARS OF LIFE, somebody more dishonest and immorally wrong as these people in store 854. Chris is Hispanic and he was talking in Spanish with the mechanic without knowing that I understand perfectly Spanish as I have a BA in Literature in Spanish. He was saying to the mechanic this old woman... in a Spanish term very demeaning and insulting. I don't know what is your business practices and I hear that is bad, but you are going to lose more than the decent attitude to repair my car to the condition that I was brought to your store. 1) I DEMAND THAT THE SPEEDOMETER OF MY CAR IS REPAIR IN THE CONDITION THAT WAS BROUGHT TO YOUR STORE. 2) I DEMAND THAT THE HANDLE TO CHANGE GEARS BE REPAIR IN THE CONDITION THAT IT WAS WHEN I BROUGHT THE CAR TO YOUR STORE. 3) I DEMAND THE REPLACEMENT OF THE CUP HOLDER THAT THE MECHANIC DAMAGED AT YOUR STORE. Stelle North Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #138536
Apr 12 2005
01:07 PM
PEP BOYS ripoff DAVIE Florida
I am filing for a friend who currently is stuck at pep boys -- She took in her car yesterday with what we she thought was a leaky hose. The mechanics at pep boys checked her car and drafted up a quote as to how much the repair would cost. It totaled $500+ dollars. They told her at 9pm that her car was almost ready and to pay the money owed which she did. A couple of minutes later the mechanic outside comes inside and tells her that in fact the car is not repaired and they won't be repaired until the next day. When she walks in today they want to charge her an extra $400 dollars because they just happened to realize that her radiator was broken. This sounds more as extortion and trying to take advantage of a seniro citizen. If there is anyone out there who know where i can file a report in florida against these people i'd like to know asap. Cindy Pembroke Pines, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: DAVIE, Florida
23, Report #316390
Mar 10 2008
06:58 AM
Pep Boys Fraudulent Billing Brookhaven Pennsylvania
I went to Pep Boys in Brookhaven for the first time and was very optimistic. I wanted to get my car inspected and buy some tires. They service people were very helpful, especially Bob. I was called with an estimate of my charges and gave them a go ahead to complete the work. When the work was done, I was directed to the cashier to pay my bill. I handed him the envelope and was charged an amount less than my phone quote. Since I was in a hurry, I didn't question it - - I presented my credit card, was asked to see my ID and then signed for payment. I was also given a receipt. The next day I received three acusatory phone calls stating that I never paid my bill and was left a message that they would pursue litigation if I did not call in quickly. When I checked my receipt, I had been charged for someone elses purchase. I won't be going to Pep Boys again. Consumer01 Aston, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
24, Report #341860
Jun 19 2008
12:19 AM
Pep Boys ex employee Philadpelphia Pennsylvania
Being a former employee of the past year, i would like to let everyone know what really goes on First of all, yes we were on a flag rate system, witch never worked to my advantage and you had to keep track of your work or you would be short changed. managers and some employees do get bonuses, and or spiffs(money for selling) and other added money for selling certain items or services, usually on a monthly basis. You are NEVER paid overtime, exempt they say. I was never exempt before. Hence the lawsuit. The pay differential between Managers and everyone else was very wide. The employement hiring process was a revolving door, every few months or sooner, someone would get fired for somthing stupid , then a new person would come in. You see a dozen or more new hires in a year or less. the company does not pay well, correctly and at times , treats you like dung. Does the company rip people off, well with the bonuses, spiffs and other money they pay for added repairs, you be the judge. i do know my manger made 3 or more times what i made and the district manager probably double the manager. Having some business training, i could not figure out how this company: stayed in business as long as they have, keeps any personel with any intelligence,is able to sleep at night knowing they are cheating their employees and sells accesiories and motorized machines that are pure junk out of the box. As one of my managers used to say, this is the end of the road for many people,as far as employees goes. think of this when you visit, if you deside to take the chance. Buy your spark plugs and oil here. Throw those rebate forms away. And do not ever have a major repair done here. you will be sorry. I am not digruntled, just sad that they let me down in many ways and treated me poorly. How does that saying? you can not fly with eagles when your surrounded by turkeys. If the company did not care about me or my paycheck, do you really think most of the people working their really care about your car? You be the judge. Ford fixer los angles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadpelphia, Pennsylvania
25, Report #381431
Oct 15 2008
10:05 AM
Pep Boys Ridiculously Bad Service Savannah Georgia
I would rather smash my own fingers, one at a time, with a ball-peen hammer than take my car to this Pep Boys again. When my vehicle began starting slowly, idling roughly and the Check Engine light began glowing a few months back, I chose to take my car to this Pep Boys because I could, in theory, drop my car off on Friday night and get the work taken care of on the following Saturday with no appointment necessary. Well, it's now six weeks or so since that first visit. In that time, I've had to drop my car off two additional times because the problem was only temporarily fixed. Had I not been treated so poorly during the first three visits, there would soon be a fourth, because the problem still isn't fixed. But I'd rather make an appointment elsewhere and pay more than deal with this Pep Boys again. Perhaps elsewhere, the mechanic won't throw a temper tantrum and refuse to work on my car (as occurred during my third visit). Perhaps elsewhere, the store manager won't refuse to refund any of the $470 I've spent to fix a problem that, as of today, still isn't fixed. Perhaps elsewhere, they'll either fix the problem or admit their inability to do so. To recap: Other Pep Boys may very well be fine automotive establishments. This one is not. It's managed by a moron and at least one of the mechanics is missing chromosomes. Go somewhere else. Really. Anywhere else. PS: Last week, an email detailing my circumstances was sent to Pep Boys customer service via their website. There has been no response yet. Thanks, Pep Boys. You suck. Jeff Savannah, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia

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