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1, Report #879439
May 07 2012
08:50 PM
ebook4college Copyright Infringment Internet
I purchased an ebook from this company in April, it consisted of getting a scanned copy, that couldn't be copied or searched in anyway.  It quite literally looks as if they just took an hard copy and scanned it.  As a matter of fact there is a CourseSmart (a reputable text book company with whom I should have originally gone) watermarks throughout the book.  I have since found a copy, through CourseSmart and got a copy of an actual ebook that you can search and copy/paste from for papers.There is absolutely no contact information on the ebook4college web site, no process indicated for addressing any sort of issues good or bad.  The only way I was able to come up with contact information was to do a look up of their URL on an internet registrar site.I guess you get what you pay for.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #335030
May 27 2008
05:00 PM
Saparis Questionable Scam Censorship Allowed? Internet
I opened an account with Saparis. The admin held the money and refused to trade the account; they sent am email stating that they would not begin trading on the account unless additional money was added to the account raising it to $3,0001 The email said that the price was increased to $3,001 on January 5th 2008 - I don't see that any where on the website. I find the website to be both confusing and deceptive after receiving the email from the admin. I question if there is any intentional chicanery that was planned here. They are still holding the money, stating that it has not been lost. I think the money should be returned due to the deception and mis-communication between what is on their website and what they say in the email. Eugene Hillside, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1172826
Aug 27 2014
08:59 PM
Richard La Ruina, Denouncement: Questionable Activities and Questionable Issues, London Nationwide
There are questionable issues with Richard La Ruina who is supposed to be a master pickup artist which he can be harshly and severely denounced for.  These issues are:   1.  Overwhelmingly One-Race Oriented:  This is a severe and a serious criticism of Richard La Ruina.  The women that he surrounds himself with are mainly of the same racial background that he is from i.e. the Caucasian grouping.  Therefore the applicability of his information seems to only correlate to women who belong to his own racial background i.e. Caucasian women in a major way.   2.  Assumption of Opposition to Interracial Connections:  It also appears based upon observational evidence that Richard La Ruina seems to be opposed to interracial connections for example, white women hooking up with black men.  If Richard La Ruina was never against this then this of course would indeed be showcased and of course from his very own end.   These are two questionable issues with Richard La Ruina and ones that should indeed be highlighted and indeed be taken note of since he deserves full and total denouncement for them.
Entity: London, Nationwide
4, Report #784811
Oct 04 2011
09:26 PM
Colonial Grand at Hammocks Fraud, Questionable Activities, Unethical Behavior Savannah, Georgia
This company and apartment complex is bad, do not lease an apartment from them!!! In addition to extra fees, overpricing, etc...They will steal your money through any means neccessary!!!!! You have been warned!!!!!!!
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
5, Report #1072474
Jun 25 2014
07:48 AM
Securitas Security USA questionable activities Bakersfield California
Securitas is a questionalbe company. I know back when I was working for them they a had a guard not only was she a guard but she was a supervisor and she was working for two years with a revolked guard card and that is no legal for a company as far as I know. This company needs to be looked into and they should be paying fines for having that person working for the company and training new guards when she did not even have a legal guard card. Also I have witness this company take a guard who was drawing racist act work, they just removed this guard and placed them at another post now as far as I know racism is not tolarted in companies so I do not know who that person was not fired. On top of that this company just over work guards and under pay them but I guess that is ok. The bakersfied branch manager do not even have a guard card even though he do not have to he really knows nothing about security and it shows. 
Entity: Bakersfield, Select State/Province
6, Report #1324477
Aug 24 2016
08:52 PM
URG Offices Questionable Debt Collection Not Sure Internet
Hello,I recently received a call from a lady name Brandie about a debt. She will not give me an address and information regarding  the matter. She has a very tone and sounds shady. What should I do?
Entity: Internet
7, Report #335506
May 29 2008
12:54 PM
gasupamerica is a scam. these fake travel companies give out vouchers for free gas but you can never redeem them. all your supposed to have to do is take some stupid serveys and redeem the money from each one but the redemption money is never sent to you. i think its a scam to get your personal info! Crazylegs garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Grandbury, Texas
8, Report #352386
Jul 17 2008
12:22 PM
Lending America POTENTAIL MORTGAGE SCAM Nationwide
Lending America is using TV ads to get bad credit customers/sub-prime mortgage holders to apply for loans I believe this to be a scam because they are pretending to report as a NEWS story about the government bailing out people from bad mortgages. They are also using terms like another Government Stimilus check and everyone who signs a loan will get another Stimilus check. If you do not pay close attention you will not hear the part that they are the ones sending out the new checks not the government. Too many good people have been burned by bad business practices and I wanted this to be an alert to anyone thinking about doing business with this organization to tread very carefully. Laurie Haslet, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #339344
Jun 11 2008
02:27 PM
FICO Corporate stupidity Atlanta Georgia
To anyone who wishes to apply for a credit reporting servive , caution because boneheads are running the business. My wife and I retired about 5 years ago,sold our home in California and purchased a new home in South Carolina. A few months ago we received a letter from a bank asking questions about our mortgage application. We do not have a mortgage nor have we ever applied for one , we were the victims of attempted identity theft. After we had resolved the issue we decided to join Fair Isaac Corporation ( FICO) credit monitoring service and elected to receive information only from the largest credit rating service, Experian. On May 30th we received our first report which showed we had excellent credit with a FICO score of 798 . On the same report we noted that American Express showed that we had an account with them which was current but showed a balance owed of $2.369.00. We had cancelled our American Express Account last January and, as we do every month , paid the account balance in full so the information that Experian had was incorrect . We then filed a dispute thru Experian and within 25 days had received an E-mail that American Express had admitted an error had been made, the account was closed and nothing was owed. Enter the boneheads who grant you credit based on your credit rating. About 2 weeks after we had gotten notice that the error had been corrected( and in correcting the error our credit rating should have improved slightly )we received a credit alert from FICO that our credit rating had been lowered by 4 points !!! 15 phone calls later,to FICO and Experian , I found out why our credit rating is lower now than it was on May 30th. 1. We filed a dispute letter with Experian. 2. Experian corrects the error and notifies FICO. 3. FICO checks our credit report to make sure the error has been corrected. 4. Because FICO checked with Experian it generated a hard inquiry on our credit report, just the same as if we had applied for credit at a bank, auto dealership etc. 5. Are you ready for this- ALL HARD INQUIRIES LOWER YOUR CREDIT SCORE BECAUSE IT INDICATES YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO APPLY FOR CREDIT. Take my advice and get your free annual report, which is not a hard inquiry and dont waste your money on any credit monitoring service or on the Fair Isaac Corporation which sets your credit score based on information they get from credit reporting agencies. I have been told that my only recourse is to file another dispute which, even when in rules in my favor, will lower my credit rating. William Travelers Rest, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
10, Report #377956
Oct 02 2008
01:54 PM
Verizon Wireless Contract Fraud Internet
I had or should I say still have a contract with Verizon wireless. Over a year ago I added a line for my girlfriend and as things would have it the relationship ended and I payed an early termination fee. My original contract was up in march 2008. I contacted verizon about changing carriers and they inform me that my contract was extended until march 2009. I ask why. They or she says, when I added the additional line that my contract was automatically extended. I say that that contract was terminated and the early termination fee or fine as I like to call it was paid in full, which nullifies that contract. Apparently the contract with the additional phone is eliminated but not the extension on the original phone contract. Even though I fulfilled the original contract and paid all fees and fines on the added contract, the extension on the original contract is still in effect. If I want to terminate the original contract that has been fulfilled, they inform me it is an additional $80.00 on a contract that was fulfilled according to the original agreement. But if I want to renew my original contract for 2 more years they will wave the extension that they placed on the original contract. I advised them that they should be more clear in the extending of the original contract before customers add additional lines to their plans. I am guessing that they won't because as statistics most likely would state that men or women who add boyfriends and girlfriends to their plan pay an early termination FINE. And they have the original extended to the new contract. No one in their right mind would extend their contract to 2 more years with just a few months to go on the original contract. Verizon says that it is not being deceptive in their extensions because they mail you the additional information on said contract. I said, Oh you mean the fine print that no one reads. She said exactly. Danielm Altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
11, Report #403100
Dec 19 2008
12:03 PM
Cylon, LLC Cell Phone Scam Internet
Cylon, LLC started billing my cell phone for $9.99. Called my provider (AT&T) and they removed the charges but said that they were recurring. I had them block all internet activity to stop this bogus charge. This was billed for two months in a row.Ron Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #405645
Dec 29 2008
02:19 AM Beware of Uyah Internet
I had the sum of $8.51 charged against my credit card on Dec 2, 2008. I have never ordered anything from them. I did receive an e-mail from them to say that I been enerolled for a free membership few days earlier and to activate the link which I did out of curiosity to see what the memebership is about. I have never provided them with my credit card details. I have cancelled my credit card and referred the matter to the credit card company to investigate. Alfie LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
13, Report #362085
Aug 12 2008
12:32 PM
Let's Unfair Practice, Theft Internet
I purchased a phone through this company in December,2007. At the time of placing my order, I expressed an interest in keeping my existing number. I was told once the phone has been activated, to call back and they would port my number over. I received an email from one of their supervisors with instructions as to what to do to keep my existing number. 6 months later (August, 2008). I checked my bank account to see that had debited my account for $250.00 without my authorization. I placed a call to see where this came from and I was told it was because I did not keep the number they originally gave me. According to them, this is considered a deactivation; they charge $250.00 for deactivating your phone. Well, going back to the email I received from their supervisor, there weren't any warnings about this fee nor was this disclosed to me during the time I placed my order. As a result, my bank account is at a negative. I have gotten the run around in trying to receive corporate contact information. I have spoken with several customer service managers and they are sticking to their guns with this one. Well so am I. I feel this is unfair practice as well as theft. I did not authorize this debit. Furthermore, if I knew I would be charged $250.00 later on down the line for porting my number over I would have kept the one they gave me. I will be filing a report with the BBB Online and the Federal Trade Commission. TB Mableton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #364016
Aug 18 2008
09:01 AM
Telebid gambling websites disguised as auction site. Nationwide
The website advertises itself as an auction website, but it is actually gambling covered up as auctioning. I believe their business is entirely illegal in the USA, and the are covering up the system to get people involved in it. Also, there is no way to unsubscribe from their marketing mailing list (broken link), and who they send newsletters with are also inaccessible. Alc LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #367412
Aug 27 2008
10:35 AM
PharmacyGold Silent crimes Des Plaines Illinois
I went online to see about getting a copy of my credit scores from all three creditors. When I applied I was asked to song up for PharmacyGold for $1.00, I did and the next day i went back online to cancel my membership because I had all the information I needed. I received a prompt that it was canceled. I thought great no problem. But when I received my bank statement It was on there I didn't sweat it because it was just a dollar. But from then on its been appearing on my bank statemnt and increasing each month. Now I have tried to call and have it removed but it keeps telling me to send an email to membersaving. But they want email me back any information. My Question is how do I stop this from charging my account each month without closing my bank account. Lazandra Shreveport, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Des Plaines, Illinois
16, Report #893496
Jun 05 2012
11:01 PM
sprint rip offs, Florida
We recently changed our sprint internet for our laptop we keep in our truck we had a plan with sprint that was unlimited they had been trying to get us off of forever,,,well finally had a problem with our blackberry and they convinced us to change our plan to a hotspot for our evo,,,,and they would save us some money,,,coool right,,,not exactly,,after getting on this UNLIMTED hotspot deal they decided to change there plan to 5 gigs,,,,,and out of the kindness of there heart charge me the same for 5 gigs as i was paying for unlimited,,,I called and the basically said too bad we did it so live with it then had the nerve to ask if there was anything else they could help me with,,,Why yes there is find me another carrier for my 7 lines I pay for,,,,,,,,And had nerve to ask did they do a good job helping me ,,,If that is sprint HELPING me then ive had all I can stand,,They lied to get me off a plan they didnt want me on anymore plain and simple
Entity: , Florida
17, Report #870402
Apr 18 2012
10:25 AM
ACS Inc Threatening Email, Internet
This is in reference to your Account # ***42 with ACS in order to notify you that after making several calls to you on your phone number, we were not able to get hold of you. So the legal   department of ACS has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press charges against you. Your account with ACS is in Final Collections. According to our records, your outstanding balance is $899.00. Do revert back if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make a payment arrangement within the next 2 business days or else the case will be downloaded against you. If you do not take immediate action: We will be forced to download this case against you and once it is downloaded the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the law suit will be the next step which will be amounting to $3499.99 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges and the due amount pending on your name $899.00. As we have shared with you in previous letters, read your loan agreement; the next step is clearly defined. It could cost us both a great deal of time and money; you can avoid this by taking care of this now. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate for you to lose the option of resolving this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action. It is quick and easy:Call us or E-mail us right now in order to make this debt good and freeze down this case. Contact us on +1-302.387.0028. Thanks for being our customer, ACS Legal Department
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #885823
May 21 2012
01:17 PM
Dunesport Buyer Beware, Mesa, Arizona
Dunesport is a ficticious name (dba) and the company does not exist.  I ordered a 20' trailer in May 2010 and it was delivered 2000 miles away in Oct 2010 with a 1-yr manufacturer warranty.  The driver unhooked it in a parking lot when I arrived and left.  I got electrocuted three times when touching the body and one window would not open which had to be replaced.  Dunesport took care of both before I would complete the deal! Ten months later a water leak was detected in the front hull that had unknowingly caused $6,000 damage to the flooring.  Seems the hull never was calked and sealed before delivery.  I had it fixed locally and applied for relief under the manufacturer's warranty on 10/11 and after being promised full financial relief, Dunesport as I knew it went bankrupt 4/12. A new owner has now purchased the rights to the Dunesport name, but disavows any obligation of the past owner.  The manufacturer in CA has no assets and is also on the bring of bankruptcy. Deal only with the REAL owner, if at all, not with the Dunesport name.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
19, Report #891408
Jun 01 2012
06:14 AM Forex Courses Rebate or Cashback inducement Scam Internet
I would like to draw your attention the deceptive and fraudulent conduct of an affiliate marketer selling forex related courses from their website called EARNPIPS.COM. This scam artist via their website EARNPIPS.COM offers to refund buyers cash backs or rebates on the purchase of various forex courses and subscriptions in an attempt to lure buyers to buy via their website in order that they may receive an affiliate commission on the sale. Once the sale is complete they will fail to honour their commitment to refund the buyer the inducement offered on their website.  In the interests of reducing cyber crime I ask that you please avoid becoming another victim of this scammer. Avoid purchasing anything from EARNPIPS.COM
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #888546
May 26 2012
06:01 AM
Conrad Vernon Con Artist Issaquah, Washington
It is extremely important for potential customers or investors to note that Conrad Vernon does not hold any of the college/university degrees that he lists on resume or on Corporation Information. I believe does hold a bachelors degree. However, it is not what he claims. He has never obtained a masters degree or PhD. This constitutes fraud. He is a master manipulator and anyone dealing with him would be wise to verify any claims of previous education and accomplishments. Buyer Beware. Ask for official transcripts.
Entity: Issaquah, Washington
21, Report #736336
Jun 03 2011
08:06 AM
platinumtel sold my information to other companies, Internet
platinum has used my information to other companies
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #683986
Jan 18 2011
11:59 AM
smart fixx electronic ciggerrets Internet
i was unfortunet to buy the smartfixx electronic ciggarets. They did send what i ordered but it didnt work right at all. so i called the company and they said they would send me new cartrages with the built in atomizer they did. They didnt fit so i went to call again and they changed the number and the web site. the phone number tries to get you to sighn up for somthing and the web site is now a computer website.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #685546
Jan 22 2011
11:34 AM
Dermitage dirty marketing tactics Ontario, California
I found an article online for Dermitage skin care products and saw that they offered a free trial. Stating that I ONLY need to pay for shipping and handling and that if I was not satisfied with the product I need only to return it. So I placed an order and was charged 5.95. However, when I received my package the invoice stated I had only 14 days to try their product and would then be charged 89.95. Well needless to say I was quite startled as I had received prior information about the fee. I double checked the website from which I ordered from and saw NO information, even in fine print that I would be charged anything but 5.95. I figured I try the product, did, was not impressed and quickly called the 1-800 number to receive a RMA number to return the product. The lady was nice enough and offered me a reduced price of 39.95. I said no and was told I would be emailed my RMA number and had 30 days to return the product. I returned the product, at my own expense and was not charged the 89.95. I just want to warn people out there what this company is doing. I do not think it is a very fair business practice at all! I was one of the lucky ones not to find an extra charge on my credit card but was still disappointed that a company would do business this way.
Entity: Ontario, California
24, Report #716008
Apr 10 2011
12:02 PM Memory Lane ETC. Underhanded practices. Internet
Last year I located a phone number to After discovering my private information all over the internet, I requested my name to be removed explaining that with my information and my children, it could cause undue harm by an ex spouse. The representative was rude and said it is public information and basically too bad. I also explained that although public knowledge it is my choice if it is to be publicised. The rep finally took my information off.  So she said. It the information did not appear for a while, now it is all over the internet again and also by their side companies such as Memory Lane. Please . I do not give a darn about my former classmates. I do not want my information all over the net. How can I get the company to do what I ask in ALL of their databases? I didn't give them permission to publish anything. I need a legal office that handles this type of issue or a government agency.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #719497
Apr 19 2011
12:57 PM
HM Government AV Referendum Scam London, Nationwide
May 5th is the first time the UK has ever had a referendum on a proportional voting system however the proposed system is NOT proportional as stated by the BBC (1) and the no campaigners (3). The major factions of both leading UK parties oppose proportional voting because it risks damaging the political monopoly. All three parties are breaking their manifesto commitments regarding the referendum. The AV system was selected because it is such a flawed and unpopular system that many supporters of proportional voting may indeed vote against it.  Despite near universal unpopularity of the current system a no vote is predicted to win on May 5th and this will be used in future to disregard future proposed changes to the system. The front page of the NO campaign insults the electorate by stating: you can't constantly ask people. Referendums have a fairly definitive feel to them...I wouldn't be expecting another one. These are the people who proposed it. This is undemocratic in the extreme.
Entity: London, Nationwide

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