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26, Report #738419
Jun 08 2011
01:18 PM
BIDRACK On-line Auction, Internet
While on the Huffington News website this morning I read what I thought was a news report about this great company BIDRACK  The reporter went on to say how she had tested and found the site above the board and actually had great results with two auctions she used to test the companies system. Impressed with the depth and clarity of the article @ (so I thought at the time) I proceeded to BIDRACK's web site to check it out. Once on their site you are more or less pushed into their registration process if you want any details.  While in the registration process they ask you for your credit card information and shipping address before you have a chance to view any of their polices or see what the true cost of bidding really is.   BTW way you can't put a phony CC number in as they immediately verify the card before letting you proceed. Base on what I thought was a legitimate report by a TV reporter I entered my CC information and shipping address. I was then confronted with a pop-up screen with various Bid Packages for my consideration.  I closed the window without selecting a package figuring I would get back to them later after seeing what this was all about, my mistake! What happened is they charged my card for $60.00 for 100 bids.  I would have not known that except I saw on my account page I had 100 bids.   When I emailed them with a questions as to how this happened and requested, no demanded a refund this is the response I got. ----- Reply message ----- From: bidrack Customer Care <> Date: Wed, Jun 8, 2011 12:08 pm Subject: [#314244] Forgot Password To: Wayne Howarth <> -- Do not edit below this line -- Wayne Howarth, A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #314244 with the following response: Dear Wayne, We thank you for reaching out to us here at Bidrack! We are very sorry that you did not wish to be charged and we apologize deeply for the inconvenience this may have caused.  Unfortunately, due to our policies as stated in the terms and conditions you agreed to, I cannot give you a refund. Regards, Customer Care Bidrack - The Fun way to Save! Never was I presented with their policies for review and after closer review of the news article determined it was actually an ad they had placed a made it look like a separate website and all.  They have gone to a great deal of trouble to disguise this site as a  webpage of a TV Channel 9 news report about how great they are.  It worked as I am very leery of these types of things but was set at easy with report from the news person on their personal experience with the services of BIDRACK. If you are thinking about this service RUN the other way fast they are a scam and a rip-off.  I will dispute the charges on my Credit Card and hope they don't sell the information.
Entity: Internet, Internet
27, Report #782492
Sep 28 2011
Speeddate started out badly, from what I had seen as a free member...then quickly slid to below the bottom of barrel!Of all the many men I chatted with, amongst the paying members were dozens of men who were quite distraught over charges to their credit cards that they did not authorize.In the hundreds.I used to constantly warn, and often still do, men after noticing this trend.I still have a profile there ONLY since about 8 weeks ago, when I posted new photos...and after that was NOT allowed to access my profile to change anything@!!  Even to DELETE anything.  My mug shots and narratives are forever more on that site! They surely do this to fatten up their 'member list' to make themselves seem a more valuable company than they are.Truthfully, they took a good method of meeting people that would have had great potential, and quickly have turned it into a real scam.I could go on and on...but this site should have someone to answer to for their actions.  I've not been scammed by money, but I want my profile OFF THE SITE.Either they do, or I and others will continue going on line only to warn paying members to keep a close eye on their credit card accounts to see what happens in order to stop them.
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #779285
Sep 21 2011
06:46 AM Ripoff. crooks. scam Internet
PRO FOOT AND CALF MASSAGER / Item # 651455I ordered a foot massager via the internet and paid with PyaPal. They charged me two times ($654). After four emails and PayPals help, I received $327 back in my account. Three weeks later, I am still asking when will the item be delivered. After five emails, the item has been canceled by and I will have to order it again. BUT !!! I still do not have my $327 back from them and the foot massager has gone up $100 All this time I thought I was talking to CUSTOMER SERVICE ! I was under the impression that customer service department was to help you and not fan the flames. Brookstone Customer Service employees are to simply push generic reply buttons and not even try to help with a problem. This is by far the most frustrating and worst online experience I have ever had.
Entity: Internet, Internet
29, Report #778513
Sep 19 2011
11:22 AM
DACfix WHAT A RIP!! Dallas, Texas
I paid 189.00 for DACfix to dispute information that a company had put on my DAC report. I waited six weeks for it to be disputed, they called me and told me that the company had removed items on the DAC and they sent me a corrected copy. Today I recieved a letter stating that the company I had worked for had not responded originally within the time limits of the law but now they have responded and that they have put those items on my DAC report. How can that be? I had been sent a corrected copy without the items and had been told the company had removed those. I think I should get my 189.00 refunded and called and spoke to DACfix about this. They said that they dont give refunds. They deny telling me that they had contacted the company I had worked for. So why was I sent a corrected copy of the report?  And if the letter I recieved today is true, then why is it that the company I had worked for did not respond originally to DACfix within the time limits of the law but they have been allowed to show those items now. Not only that but the last day of my employment with the company the safety manager told me that he only considered 1 item preventable but then they put others on there and thats why I disputed it. If I had known that DACfix wasn't going to do anything for me, I would not have paid them. All this messes up my life, I am going to have to make a career change. I WANT A REFUND!!!!!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
30, Report #787027
Oct 10 2011
12:39 PM
LOOKUP LTD Scam Internet
Look up for 1.00, billed 18.95 for a monthly charge.  No answer on the  800 number to cancel and site temporarily down.  FRAUD
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #850594
Mar 08 2012
10:32 AM Bad service at Internet, California
I have been a customer of for over 10 years and has without warning blocked my access to my mail box. There are treating me like crap and unjustly treat me like I am the criminal. Yet I am the victim in this whole thing. They will not tell me what is going on. It should be on the worst customer service list.
Entity: Internet, California
32, Report #843320
Feb 23 2012
09:41 AM This company is a scam operation! Internet
This company is a scam.  You order a watch from their website.  They send you a completely different watch, then they refuse to take the watch back.  They offer you a credit that is a fraction of what you paid and tell you to keep the watch that they sent.  When you offer to send the watch back, they say it is too difficult with their customs.  I believe this is an INTENTIONAL SCAM WEBSITE OPERATION.  BEWARE!  Do not buy from this company.  I believe they go under other names as well.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #848441
Mar 04 2012
08:27 AM
Qresolve Pushy salesmen, deceptive practices Internet
    I purchased a directory cleaner called Speedy PC Pro.  I was then sent to a screen that said I had to activate my new software by calling 1-855-838-9715.  The problem is that I was not calling Speedy PC Pro.  The number was for a company called Qresolve.  I was immediately told that my computer had many error notices in the event log.  They showed me a long list of problems.  I should have realized that the list came from a problem that Microsoft was working on but had still not resolved.  In fact, Microsoft is scheduled to call me today to continue to work on the problem.    The person at Qresolve insisted that I had viruses and that he could fix the computer by doing extensive work on it.  He pushed me to buy the service.  One year was $199.99, but for a discounted price he would give me a two year service contract for $287.96, which I paid.  The tech started to run Malbytes software, a program that I already had on my computer.  Then the tech said that since my other computer was on the same internet network that it was also infected.  He pressured me to buy another 2 year contract for the second computer.  What really caught my attention was the insistence on pushing for more purchases.  The second thing that raised a red flag was that in order to cover both computers,  I had to pay the entire amount for both computers, despite the fact that I had just paid the $287.96.  In other words, I could not just pay the difference.  I had to pay the full amount for both computers and that the first amount that I paid,  $287.96,  would be refunded within 5 business days.  The idea of paying twice made me very leary.  I had no way of knowing if the first payment would really be refunded. I cancelled the service, but not without getting another pushy salesperson to argue about why I should keep the program.    Another red flag was that when I explained to the tech that the microsoft problem had to do with a microsoft  backup program that was not working, the tech said that Qresolve did not work on hardware problems. That seemed very strange since their website claimed that it worked on all kinds of computer related equipment such as iphones, pads, etc.    The whole experience left me very uneasy and I cancelled the contract this morning.  They said my refund will be credited within 5 business days, which also makes me uneasy.  I am waiting to see if I really get my money back. Stay tuned to the next report.     One last item...I ran the same software, Malbytes, on the second computer, the one that they said had to be infected since it ran on the same internet network.  It turned out that the second computer did NOT have any viruses.  I would have paid the additional amount for nothing, and they were extremely pushy about how necessary it was to protect the second computer.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #833711
Feb 03 2012
10:22 PM
thesmartshoppersavings keeps calling trying to sell! Internet
earlyer today i get a call on my cell phone, i see its a different area code so i dont answer they did not leave a voice mail then they called back about 5 min. later again not leaving a voice mail. a couple hours later they call again now im wondering who this is so i answer and its this lady who barely speaks English and shes talking so fast i barely understand or catch what shes saying, then i hear they have a $100 target gift card for me. immediately i smell somethings fishy so i asked her how did you get my number and she keeps mentioning the smart shopper savings name no im not interested and the lady tells me ok thank you. 30 minutes later same number is calling me! i answer this guy barely speaking English immediately tells me he has a $100 gift card for me i dont have to purchase anything and for security purposes he was gonna start recording our convo! ok i know they record when they need some kind of a verbal agreement! so i say ok(lets hear it). as hes rambling he says something about paying for shipping and handling$6.. and after 5 days on a program at$6.. i stopped him and told him not interested, he tells me my email address.. i said i cant trust you, and not interested  in anything i gotta buy because i dont have a credit card.. (wait for it).. HE TELLS ME I SEE U HAVE A VISA!! now im freaking out! i ask him how do you know i have a credit card? he said they are a multi bilion dollar company and they have all my info. after he put my name in the computer..  then tells me to confirm my address! i tell him im not interested im not buying anything and hung up. while typing this GUESS WHAT?! the number called AGAIN! i awnserd saying IM NOT INTERESTED STOP CALLING! and hung up.. now im wondering if they have my credit card info and everything what stops them from charging it? and can anyone just get your info as easy as they did? i dont even know how they got my name in the first place!
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #839309
Feb 14 2012
10:31 PM
Ontel Products Poor business practices Internet
I placed an order for Slushy Magic on the company's website. After hitting the no button for several additional offers as well as opting out of third party offers, i confirmed my order and received an automatically generated receipt. I was surprised to look at the receipt and see that I was charged $20 more Than i had authorized. I aw charged for a larger sized product that I had never even seen. I immediately called and was told that there was no record yet of my order and that I should wait a few days and call back. I did just that and, unfortunately, had the same result. After requesting to speak to a supervisor, my information was taken so that management could investigate the situation nd correct things. Several more days passed without a call. With no charge yet on my credit card, I hoped that my order had slipped through the cracks of their disorganization. Finally, I received a call last night, from an operator confirming my order. My immediate rethought was that his call was in response to those I had made previously. I quickly discovered that this was a third party who had been provided my unauthorized personal information by Ontel. Figuring that my order was now appearing in their system, I made another call to Ontel customer service. They proceeded to tell me that my order had already been shipped and the best they could do was credit me $7. I was over charged $20! Plus, my personal information was dispensed all over the place without my authorization. Finally, I was told hat as long as I do not open the box I can refuse delivery on the product and they will credit me the full amount. Not holding my breath.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #839939
Feb 15 2012
09:24 PM
Proflowers Proflowers Valentines Day Deceit Internet
Proflowers used our companys name on Valentines day to say we were SOLD OUT here is a screenshot and a story about this deception. (
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #838997
Feb 14 2012
12:30 PM
Sherries Berries Rip Off Internet
It's simple, just order, get a discount, pay 19.99 plus, oh wait 12.99 shipping, oh wait pay, without any authorization 9.99 for rush order oh wait plus tax. now your 20 dollar gift is 46.00. Wait to you try to cancel it. Hold on. When your done you get no discount no rush delivery and a bad taste in your mouth. Sherries Berries dip you in ........... Michael Libertyville, Ill
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #837362
Feb 10 2012
07:00 PM scam Internet
After looking at my online bank statement, I noticed a charge for for $6.90 dated 2/9/12.  I have no clue as to what this charge is for and when I called the number associated with, it instructed me to go to their website.  I will call my bank tomorrow but I want others to be aware of this.  Not sure how they got my information though.
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #826925
Jan 23 2012
06:52 AM
Amazon Amazon happily profiting from con-men Internet
The book business is changing. You can now publish and sell your own book through Amazon. What a great idea, no distribution costs, and a greater profit on your book. But the potential of Amazon to develop desk top publishing is being destroyed by their greed.. You can publish and sell your own book through Amazon but you cannot control the con men who take it over. So my book: An Advanced Academic Reader, teaching academic reading comprehension, which markets at $34.95 has been taken over by con men under the name of any_book who are selling it at at $235.62. How could Amazon allow anything so ridiculous to happen. Well the answer is they simply don't care because they make more money. Nor am I the only person having this problem with this particular firm that appears to be run by Russians. But Amazon merely claim they have no control over what a third party does on their site. Well if that ain't the biggest BS one could hear. They set the rules and if they didn't allow this to happen then it wouldn't. And if they don't control what goes on their site then who does? The Lord above? Perhaps, you're just as likely to get a reply from him as you are from Amazon on this subject. So if there is anyone out there who wants to do something about this and knows how, I'm more than willing to join you. And if there is anyone out there who wants to start a serious desk top publishing industry -- one with integrity -- let me know and I'll leave Amazon in a flash.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #865973
Apr 09 2012
12:31 PM
Dwolla Dwolla may have security issues Internet
Like another person wh wrote bout this service, I am also a victim of Dwolla.  They allowed a subscriber to hack into my checking account and withdraw $650.00....and I do not have an account with Dwolla! Now, when I contacted Dwolla about the transaction, they immediately took steps to stop the transfer and did a great job in that respect. But the ability to hack into non-subscriber accounts is a security flaw. Watch your bank account and if you see a couple of deposits for only a few pennies, contact the bank right away!  You're getting hacked and robbed! 
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #881388
May 11 2012
10:58 AM SCAM OPERATION Atlanta, Georgia
Company advertises via internet they will sell your watch for you for a 21% comission.  Absolutely fantastic service up-front when you inquire about their program.  Sent a Rolex that they listed for $2399.00.  First day after posting, got a note from them that they had a $1500.00 offer on my watch.  Accepted offer.  Got an e-mail saying payment would be made in approx. two weeks.  After waiting two weeks and hearing nothing, tried to e-mail, but e-mails rejected error of someking.  Tried their Chat session with no response after 15 minutes.  Called original number we used to begin the overall transaction, but no one responds. Based upon what we're now learning, it would appear this operation is a huge scam.  Going to file a complaint with the Georgia State's Attorney Generals office.  Since this operation is probably still in operation, I assume State has done nothing with compaints from other people who have been taken like me. If anyone has any other insights, psl. let me hear from you.  Thanks.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
42, Report #875653
Apr 29 2012
11:59 AM
for what it worth .i paid my loan off in full and on time but i got call from these (SOBs) every day x5 for two years.some thing very strange about this company,it leads you to think every body in the company is sick.i'm glad i don't deal with them any longer and will never again.smax
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #875994
Apr 30 2012
10:20 AM
emusic monthly rip-off, Internet
Although it is covered in their sign-up contract, so it may not be considered specifically illegitimate, is ripping people off by charging their cards monthly and then not allowing them to keep the money in their account. I have had an account for the past year that charges me $6.95 per month. I have had time to login, search for and download music 3 or 4 times. Every single month the $6.95 that I paid disappears and is charged again without warning. I have lost approximately $50 which would have bought me an awful lot of music. I am a very busy person and it is hard for me to remember to login once a month to do a search for music. But why then, do I have to lose my money? Is there some reason I can't be warned a couple days before my account is cleared? Is there some reason the account HAS to be cleared once a month? I'm just a little pissed off realizing now that I could have gone to iTunes and gotten $50 worth of music with the money I lost. At this point I would say it's cheaper for me to just go onto iTunes when I feel like it and buy what I want. also doesn't have a great selection unless you only like undiscovered talent.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #874136
Apr 26 2012
09:06 AM selling fake black mamba, Internet
selling fake black mamba that is not the same as the real stuff in the foil packages, will not refund your money, don't care about you as a customer, and i purchased 200.00 worth of this crap!
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #884204
May 17 2012
01:39 PM
EXCLUSIVESALES.COM Total Rip off, Internet
THey got a very good line to hook you in but deliver nothing.  Everytime we complain, they tell us that they got a buyer for our time share and we should expect something in two weeks.  Nothing ever happens and when you call back, the story is much the same.  The buyer could not get the money so the deal fell through. If you want to lose your money, at least go gambling or something else where you may have had soem fun.  This was a total rip off and I would warn anyone lese beofre they lose like we did
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #920183
Jul 31 2012
08:50 AM
EPS Outrageous Parking penalties Atlanta, Georgia
On Mon July 30, I parked at 207 P'tree at 10.06am to go to a meeting at SCORE in P'Tree Center, to get advice about my resum. When I went to pay for 2 hrs parking, an attendant helped me, exchanging a $5 bill for me to pay into the machine. My meeting ran over by 12 min, & when I returned to the lot it was 12.20pm - 14 min late & my car had 2 wheel clamps on it. I explained to another attendant (Employee # 119) that my meeting had run late & I would be happy to pay a late fee. In addition, I told the gentleman that I have been unemployed for 7 months. The only funds I had on me were my daughter's Daycare fees. The employee was polite, but firm, & I had to pay $75 to retrieve my vehicle. In essence I had to pay $80 for 2 hours and 14 minutes of parking I am more than willing to pay a late fee, which should be in line with what I paid for 2 hours parking, which was $5. This is a disgusting business practice -it's a HUGE rip-off. I've called EPS twice (on July 30 & 31), & sent a complaint on their website, but I've had no response as yet
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
47, Report #897653
Jun 14 2012
02:15 PM games, Internet
This company attracts you by offering free games, but to really play them you have to pay a fee.  Most disturbing is the fact that you cannot unsubscribe.  They give you that option but multiple attempts and the emails just keep coming.  I would not give them any info unless you are ready to purchase their products.  No telling what you are open up to then
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #897556
Jun 14 2012
12:10 PM
From: A.....M..... <> Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 2:35 PM Subject: Fwd: Your order 6313368 to C.....R...... has been updated per your request. To: Yesterday my wife and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary.  I wanted to make this first anniversary special for her so I used JUSTFLOWERS.COM to place an order for delivery on JUNE 13..  After paying almost $60, guess what--my wife didn't receive her flowers and yeah, I got lots of lip service with a GOLLY GEE I'M SO SORRY from JUSTFLOWERS.COM but as of 2:30PM, she has yet to receive flowers that were supposed to be delivered yesterday. Their concession to me--$7.50 off my next order...HELLO couldn't get the first order right the first time OR the second time so walk me through the process of why I should give you a THIRD TIME?  This company needs a STRONG MESSAGE to this company that (1) this is NOT the way to do business; and, (2) if this is the way your company does business you won't do it with our money. Feel free to email their customer service department to let them know that this is UNACCEPTABLE.  I know there are lots of birthdays, anniversaries, and life events coming up but using this company to celebrate the event is NOT THE WAY TO GO.   Honey, I am so sorry that JUSTFLOWERS is JUSTPISSPOOR.  I should have listened to my gut instinct and went with 1800FLOWERS.  Sincerely, From: <> Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 9:25 AM Subject: Your order 6313368 to ________ has been updated per your request. To: _________ we are writing to inform you that your order 6313368 to _______  has been updated, per your request. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any additional assistance.  Thank you for your patience. From: <> Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 9:25 AM Subject: Apology from JUSTFLOWERS.COM To: We are terribly sorry for your experience with JUSTFLOWERS.COM. Please use the code, comeback on your next order with us to receive a discount of $7.50 off your order.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience or distress we may have caused you and the recipient(s). We greatly appreciate your business,
Entity: , Internet
49, Report #915393
Jul 21 2012
11:01 AM
Deadseakit DeadSeaKit.. It's a scam ! Internet
 Deadseakit is a scam , they enroll you in a automatic program at a great cost to you.  You pay overseas fees too.    If you don't return the sample , you are charged $89.95 .  The automatic enrollment program is $ 69.95..  Make sure you contact your credit card company immediately  to dispute the charges.  Visa was a great help to me , they knew about the scam.. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
50, Report #917946
Jul 26 2012
01:47 PM
NorthStarAna Scammer, Manipulator, Deceiver, Newark, Delaware
Here is a scammer who was found on the site known as and went by the name NorthStarAna on the site and claiming to come from Newark, Delaware.  Below is their profile that was found on the site: NorthStarAna's Profile About Me  Gender:  Female  Sexuality:  Straight   Age:  25 years old Location:  Newark, DE, US Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian   Religion:  Unaffiliated  Occupation:  office assistant Education:  College Degree Hair Color:  Blonde Eye Color:  Blue  Body Type:  Average  Height:  165 cm Children:  I do not have children   Smoking:  Non-Smoker  Relationship  Status:  Never Married   Astrological  Sign:  Capricorn About My Match Looking  For:  Friendships  Age:  20 or above   Race:  Does not matter  Religion:  Does not matter Minimum  Education:  High School Diploma  Children:  Children are OK Smokers:  Doesn't want to date smokers Someone  who is:  Never Married Height:  Does not matter Scammers are deceivers, tricksters, manipulators and con artists who are never to be trusted at all so beware of scammers like these.
Entity: Newark, Delaware

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