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51, Report #101274
Jul 29 2004
08:37 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Huge Scam by Ramada Plaza Resorts Ft. Lauderdale Florida
My son and his girlfriend were just sitting around one night and he received a phone call. They were describing a nice wonderful get away for the both of them. And they could not hang up and talk about it and have them call back. They had to decide right there and then what to do. They were sent information on it. But, no phone number to call them back about having to cancel. They were told no canceling, just reschudeling or selling to someone else. About a month later His girlfriend received the same thing in the mail. She had already reserved one seat for the trip. She called the number provided for her. And they had no record of it in the system. They told her that they had no record of it and it was probably under my son's confirmation number. They stumbled through the conversation with her and when they came to our house the information was sent in her name and not his. This is a total RIPOFF. I can't believe that ramada is in on this scam. My son and his girlfriend got on the phones in our house and called the corporate office and they said they do these promotions all the time. And it is pretty common. Help us get our money back. This trip cost them $625.00 and they were scammed. The trip was for a week. Fort Lauderdale and then crusie to the Bahamas and then back to Orlando Florida and for a bonus they would receive a trip to Las Vegas and a trip to Mexico. thank you Connie rochester, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
52, Report #116830
Nov 09 2004
07:16 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Got my money back from Ramada Ft Lauderdale Florida
I hope that most people are smarter than me and look at this site before calling Ramada Plaza Resorts for their free vacation. I let them sell me, THEN I checked the internet for their reputation, which, as you can see, is atrocious. However, there are a couple letters on here that tell you exactly how to get your money back, I followed their instructions and it worked. First I called RPR to give them a chance to prove themselves reputable and refund my money without threats. I was transferred to a Henry Perez who was rude and condescending, hung up on me and then would not take any further calls. I attempted to email them at the customer service email address on their website, and it turned out to be an invalid address. Here is a copy of the letter that I faxed to their office. I recieved my refund in less than a week directly to my credit card. Subject: Telephone and Mail Fraud reference # FT*********** THIS LETTER IS BEING FAXED. THE EMAIL ADDRESS GIVEN IS A FALSE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT REJECTS EMAIL. THIS APPEARS TO BE ANOTHER CLEAR EXAMPLE OF THIS COMPANY'S DISREPUTABLE PRACTICES. THIS LETTER WAS FAXED WELL WITHIN THE 72 HOUR PERIOD THAT ALL BUYERS HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR MIND WHEN RESPONDING TO A SOLICITATION. Dan Lambert Ramada Plaza Resorts 2419 E Commercial Blvd. #100 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Tel: (954) 630-9449 Fax: (954) 567-9399 I am sending this email, and will follow by fax and certified mail, to request a full refund of the $368 charged to my credit card and a cancellation of the $61/mo charge that you expect to charge my card. After investigating your company and learning of the numerous complaints and class action suits against your company, I no longer feel comfortable dealing with this company. I attempted to discuss this by phone today and spoke with a Mr. Henry Perez who hung up on me and then would not answer subsequent calls. If you are the reputable company that you purport to be, you will issue me a full refund of the monies charged within 5 days. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Attorney General of florida and the Attorney General of Maryland. This letter is a formal demand letter for full refund of the above funds. Ramada Plaza Resorts has willfully and knowingly violated Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act by engaging in unfair methods of competition, unfair, unconscionable and deceptive trade practices, including, but not limited to, travel scams, and false or misleading advertising. Ramada Plaza Resorts OFV/IM, LLC is in violation U.S. Postal Service Mail Fraud Laws since you chose to send your false and misleading advertising and propaganda via the U.S. Mail. Complaints against Ramada Plaza Resorts, Ellen Wasserstrom, Registered Agent, Daniel Lambert, Manager, Robert Tantalo, Manager, and James Verrillo, Manager, have been filed with the following agencies: Florida Division of Consumer Services Florida Attorney General United States Postal Service Texas Attorney General As stated, I expect a full refund of the money charged to my account immediately. Bobbie ******* Bobbie Pikesville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
53, Report #144299
May 28 2005
09:04 AM
Ramada Ramada Plaza Resorts was pleased Ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
After paying $798us, I then a couple hours later started to surf the net about this company. (doing it backwards) littlest to say I didn't sleep well. My husband and I discussed it and thought at this time we just couldn't afford it...esp that we might be on strike soon. It really scared me reading about how hard it was to cancel. I was up early and on the phone prepared for a fight. I was quite surprised that they gladly cancelled and refunded the $$ asap They asked if I had read bad news about them on the interenet and I said I had. Course she had a answer for that. I said main reason was that we shouldn't have done it. It was the cost, for the moment. But I am very please I was able to cancel with NO Problems. When you think how many the sell a day ,I think maybe its not so bad. Just don't expect much on the trip and that you have to sit thru a high pressure sales pitch. You get what you pay for. A $800 trip to Florida.. and you pay all the extras - air/inc/tax's etc. Deb vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
54, Report #262411
Jul 22 2007
06:23 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Buyer Beware! Ramada Sleeze Hotel Resort. ripoff Orlando, Fort Lauderdale Florida
Buyers beware! I was dumb enough to purchase this vacation package. It turned out to be the worst vacation I have ever had. I was so embarrassed to take my girlfriend to these dive hotels. I felt as if we were in a sleeze motel. Lucky for me, she saw the brochure too. We were both taken for suckers! One kid had drowned on the first night and the second night another was rushed to the hospital form slipping on a wet floor at Fort Lauderdale. The worn out purple carpets are always soaked and the smell is unbearable. When you get there, Expect to pay more hidden fees. We tried the dinner the first night. Boy, that was another mistake we learned. People in prison eat better than that. The air conditioners have no working controls. You either freeze or sweat. All of the items they featured in the brochures were poorly maintained and about 20 years old. The only good things at these so called Resorts, were the Bars. Thats only because they were privately owned. I have learned my lesson. I hope this will help you to choose a better vacation. P.S. Prepare to use the stairs. Marty Fredericksburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
55, Report #11348
Jan 12 2002
12:00 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts - Rip-off Plaza Resorts RPR Skepticism
I came on the internet to complain about the customer service I received when planning a vacation with Ramada Plaza Resorts. I saw the Rip Off Report and now I'm worried that I should not go forward with these people. I have given them $1,049 and was prepared to give them another $1,137. and now I don't know what to do. I need advice. Can you help me to get my money back or tell me that it's ok to go forward; that while some people may have not gotten what they expected, that 90% of the people were satisfied. This is so upsetting. Sandra Upper Marlboro, MD
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
56, Report #11704
Jan 16 2002
12:00 AM
Rramada Plaza Resorts not fooled, lied to
I just recived a call from a ramada plaza resort representative that unless more money was paid that my vacation would be null and void. I originaly purchased a crusie package a little over a year ago with the information I would be able to make use of this offer until 2003. At the time I was working a well paying job and purchased the package on a whim. After my inital payment I recived my package information and video. A month later my house burnt down, freeInternet.com filed chapter 11 and I was unemployed. I called in to change my mind and cancel the vacation. Representative after representative informed me that it was nonrefundable. I did not see or hear this information from any of the representatives or flyers that were sent. I tried several times to get a refund and was unable to. finaly they got me to stop calling by informing me I would be able to take this cruse up until 2003. And now in January after 10 months of no contact or follow up mail I recived 1 phone call stating my vacation is null and void unless more money is paid. 500.00 per person. 1000.00 total. I am upset. I searched online and found a slue of bad press and horror stories. Several mentioned law suits. I want to know and be in on any action taken agaisnt this company. Travis Seattle, WA
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #286244
Nov 23 2007
09:48 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/Ft Lauderdale Vacations Ramada Inn Rip Off Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I received my voucher in the mail and wondered why they sent it to me so I thought I'd call the 1 800 number to inquire. The gentleman Reubin answered some of my questions and then I stated that it sounded good, but I needed to discuss with my husband. At that point, he said that I would not be allowed to call back and claim the $1600.00 voucher as there was only one call per household. I basically said, that it wasn't meant to be and thank you anyway. He then told me that I could temporarily book and then speak to my husband and if he didn't think it was a fabulous idea, I could call and cancel, no questions asked. Reluctantly I gave him my master card information (usually I would never ever do something like this) and then hung up the phone. As soon as I did, I had that bad feeling way in the pit of my stomache, so I immediately called back to cancel. As soon as I mentioned the word cancel, I was put on hold and hung up on, not once, not twice, but three times I was hung up on. By the fourth phone call, I did not mention the word cancel but requested to speak to the supervisor. When he came on the line and I explained my situation and why I wanted to cancel, he would not allow me to. I couldn't believe my ears, even after I said that Reubin stated I could contingent on my husbands feelings about the trip. He was beligerant and rude and said basically, too bad, you can only cancel now once you recieve the package and view it and then follow the cancellation instruction from that point After further arguing and frustration, he finally said, fine, I'll cancel, but you'll never have this offer again. I then called my Credit Card company and told them that in no way should they process this transaction. The very next day, the transaction showed up on my Master Card which told me that the supervisor not only right out lied to me, but he craftily committed fraud. Our package arrived and as soon as I received it I followed the cancellation instructions and called the 1 800 number. This was the worst treatment I have received yet. When she asked me why I wanted to cancel, I stated that it was really not her concern, but that my husband was not agreeing that this was for us. At that point, she basically said to me, tough luck lady ...no really, what she said was, your reason is not valid and we therefore will not cancel this Now I was livid, I told her that it did not matter what my reason for wanting to cancel was, and that as per their instructions I was following everything laid out and I demand to cancel. She would not let me and continued to call me everything but a white woman. I was so upset and angry that I neeeded to hang up on her as I was about to lose my cool and possibly swear at her. Then I called the RCMP and the lady there was the most helpful woman I have ever come across. She stated that these people are professional scammers and that if I followed all of her instructions, she said I would have my refund. She also stated that every person she has instructed with this scam, did in fact receive their full refund. So, I hung up and did exactly what she told me too. I have received a refund from my Credit Card people, but the refund to the Credit card people from the Cruise deceivers has not yet been reversed. Please note: Do not get sucked into this scam. They will not let you cancel and they are emphatically trained to not take no for an answer. Thank you for allowing me to write this. Sincerely, Jilforever Frankford, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
58, Report #102612
Aug 07 2004
08:06 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ripoff dangerous room conditions at Ramada Lauderdale Florida
We too answered mail regarding time share properties in Ft. Lauderdale. We are familiar with how these things work as we've been involved with a few time shares before this time. Our problem is not with the time share talk or the cruise we took on Carnival Cruise Lines to Cozumel, Mexico which was part of our package but with our accomadations at the Ramada on E. Commercial Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Our room was on the main floor, right beside the parking lot in the rear of the building. The hallway to the rooms and the carpeting in the hall was so dirty and smelled like it hadn't been cleaned in a year. The first night there, the fire alarm in the hallway went off. At no time did we see an employee that should have been investigating the fire alarm. We picked up the phone in our room to see what was going on and our phone was dead. The hallway at this time was full of other guests and none of us knew if we could go back into our rooms or not. I went to the front desk to report our phone not working and was told a work order would be placed for it. The next morning we took our scheduled time share talk, stopping on our way out to tell the front desk again about our inoperative phone. No report was written the previous evening so the person at the front desk picked up a phone and reported it while I was standing there then told me it would be fixed immediately. We came back late that afternoon and the phone was still not working. We reported it again. The front desk claimed they didn't have a work order on it but it would be fixed soon. We left for our cruise the next day and the phone still had not been fixed. This is a matter of security in our eyes. If there had been an emergency, we could not have called out for help. The second problem was with our bathtub. I started the water to take a shower and the tub would not drain. That's when I noticed that the water that was filling the tub was actually yellow with black particles floating in it. The condition of the tub and the tiles and caulking around the tub were horrible. It was filthy and the caulking was actually falling out from around the tub. We took pictures so we would have proof of the condition. When we returned home after a really wonderful cruise, we emailed Ramada where we were told that that Ramada was privately owned but they would pass along our email to the owner. We got a letter from the General Manager, Carlos Ortiz, giving us excuses as to carpeting being replaced in our hallway within the month, and that they are having 20 new tubs installed every month, and sorry about the fire alarm but someone pulled the alarm and since there wasn't a fire the staff would have no instruction and that another problem we had with the shuttle service was independently owned and therefore not their problem. Notice, no mention about the inoperative phone at all! He thanked us for sharing our concerns and they look forward to serving our future lodging needs. No compensation of any kind. Like we'd stay there again any time we're in Ft. Lauderdale! I am in the hotel business and have been for 15 years in the management end of it and we would go out of our way to make sure that if I got a letter like the one we wrote, we would be compensating that guest after a full investigation especially when it is in regards to a matter of safety and filth. We have booked another vacation that is on our plan with them for September so we'll let you know how that one turns out. Douglas Beaver Falls, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
59, Report #138067
Apr 08 2005
12:35 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ramda Plaza Vacation Ripoff Need my $1784 back Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I bought TWO so called vacation packages worth $1784 from Ramada Plaza Resort. One Packet was for me and my wife and the second for my kids. When I called last two weeks to reconfirm my travel date, I was told that I bought three packages and I that I still owe a balance of $996.00 for my kids to travel with me. I argued that I fully paid for two packages which they confirmed last May 2004. All the payments were made using my credit cards. They called me at home, called me at work, called me in evening and pestered me repeatedly and maxed my credit cards until all of the $1784 was paid. They also told me that one of my packages will expire this April,2005. Each time I called, I will be directed to another representative who would ask me the same question. I asked that my money all $1784 be refunded and they said NO. Please let someone out there help me to get my money back from these crooks, I don't need their vacation any more. Gilbert Ontario, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale,, Florida
60, Report #19370
Apr 23 2002
06:07 AM
Ramada Plaza ResortsRamada Plaza Resorts ripoff ripoff business from hell Fort Lauderdale Florida
After reading the Vacation package, everything has a catch. To receive free Universal Studios tickets, you have to sit through a Timeshare presentation. I didi not know this prior to purchasing the vacation and I am not going on vacation to be bored to death. The discount on airfare is a fraud. After the 9/11 events, I called and requested a refund but I was told I could not get a refund. I want my money back. Patricia Chicago, Illinois
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
61, Report #551015
Jan 07 2010
06:51 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts - Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale Vacations Ramada Plaza Resorts, Ramada Cruises, Ramada Vacation Package, Ramada Resort Plaza, Plaza Resorts Ramada Plaza Resorts Scam or Just Unethical? Internet
Although I don't know if Ramada Plaza Resorts is a scam, I do believe that the business (it's owners and telephone representatives at least) have acted in at least an unethical manner.My 89-year old mother bought in to the sales pitch, thinking that she was going to be giving my husband and I a vacation. The price was reasonable she thought at just under $400 for a week of free hotel accomodations and a 2-day cruise to the Bahamas.She saved the packet of information and Reservations Forms for us as a surprise gift. When I read through the fine print, after 30 days, I decided to call.Calling several times and being put on hold for 15-20 minutes, and then speaking with Customer Care representatives whose focus seemed to be a hard sell for this one-time only, you have to make your reservation NOW was an unbelievably unpleasant process. The representatives started off friendly until I began asking questions: Is it refundable? No. How much more will this vacation package cost? About $400, not including air fare (which ended up being around $800 round-trip for two adults). Can I explore some other dates and airfare costs and call you back? Representative hung up on me.I finally sought out information about this company online. I found numerous consumer affairs and advocacy sites providing warnings about this offer and a plethora of posts from individuals who had been scammed as well. Many writing of far more horrific stories than mine.The good news is that my husband and I decided to talk with my mother and share with her all the information we researched so that she did not feel ashamed (See, many other people were taken, too.).  And we offered to reimburse her the money she had already paid to the company.I do not know if this business is a scam; however, speaking as a daughter who tries to watch out for her 89-year old mother who lives on a fixed income and just survived cancer this past year, I am angry at companies - and this one in particular - for acting in what I believe to be unethical.Could my mother have said no. Sure. Could she have read the fine print? With a high magnification eyeglass. Is it likely that an 89-year old with barely one good eye would do so? Unlikely. Might she have researched the company online? No, she does not have Internet access.I suspect that companies like this will remain in business, and I am saddened and angered about that.I don't plan on attempting to seek a refund for my mother. This is a lesson hard learned. I do hope that enough people who are also angered and believe these practices to be wrong will speak out, file class-action or individual small claims suits if possible, and that consumer affairs, better business bureaus and the FTC will be able to shut them down.
Entity: Internet, Internet
62, Report #157200
Sep 15 2005
12:53 PM
Ramada Plaza Resort ripoff Orlando Florida
Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando / Ft Lauderdale Florida used a free trip that we won and said we had to take side trips to win the trip. So my wife and myself listened to their spiel and said we were not interested in the trips. So they said they would take legal action against us. So we got a little scared and not sure of our rights being Canadian. Brian & Rosalie Edmonton, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
63, Report #107406
Sep 08 2004
06:02 AM
Ramada Plaza ripoff, scam, rude Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I called the number on the so-called credit voucher and talked to a very pushy salesman who coaxed me into giving my credit card number. I explained that I never gave info over the phone so he told me to call the Ramada to verify the voucher. I thought I was calling the well-known Ramada Inn. I talked to a woman at the number and felt a little better. Still being hesitant, the salesguy had someone else get on the phone to give me all these upgrades. Since you only had one call I jumped on the offer. I paid for one ticket $698 thinking I got a great deal. I finally got off the phone after an hour of wasted time and told my husband. He was absolutely furious! I called back to try to get my money and they said no way. I checked the web which I should have done first and saw this site. I called back again and found myself on hold for 1/2 hour. I started yelling to the salesgirl about getting my money. She said no and I said I wanted to speak to someone else. She put me on hold again for another 15 mins. She finally came back on line and started talking nonsense but I just demanded my money. I just called my credit card today and they refunded my $698. I just wanted to let people know to be very persistent when you are calling, don't hang up! Lisa Canton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
64, Report #177371
Feb 21 2006
04:30 PM
Ramada Plaza Resort ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
Hi Get this!!! I purchased a vacation package From the RPR. It was a 4/3 to orlando fl and 3/2 to ft. lauderdale. I purchased this on 09-13-2005. I never thought anything of this because they were very nice and answered any questions that I had. Plus, they were with big NAMES like Universal and Seaworld. I recorded the conversation with a person named Robin. I asked her are you with the RPR. She said Yes, I am the Ramada. I purchased the package. On 12-28-2006 I paid the remaining balance which was only the fee for the $50. I talk to a boy named John at ext. 4124. He set up my travel date and also asked me if I wanted to purchase a extra package for a cruise for 2 nights to Nassau, Bahamas for an extra $436. I called my fiance' and talked to him. We decided to buy the extra package. I paid for it on the credit card I used on the last purchase. I decide today to start looking at the hotel and see how everything looks and what all is offered in this places. Well I went to google and typed in Ramada Plaza Resort. Well I came to this site on the first click. I started to read everything so I talked to my fiance' and we decided to get a refund after the comments that were posted here. Unfortantly, The RPR will not refund any of my money and I have talked to 3 employees and put in a complaint with the Florida General and with the FBI, the Better Bussiness, and My local news channel (Channel 2 wkrn) about this scam. The only advice I can give anyone is to not do what I did. Check out the Bussinesses first. I want to also let everyone know that the FBI is looking into the matter and anyone that has had this happen to them PLEASE CONTACT THE FBI. If they have enough complaints they can open a case and will be able to maybe and hopefully prosicute any and every one that is connected with this Company. IF YOU LIVE IN THE TENNESSEE AREA you can call (phone number deleted - see below). ALL TOGETHER I LOST $689 If anyone knows how I can get my refund back PLEASE contact me at (email deleted - see below) Sabrina Lawrenceburg, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
65, Report #178935
Mar 02 2006
10:46 AM
Ramada Plaza Resort ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I'm curious to know if this is related to a trip I purchased through Summerbay Resorts in Orlando. This trip includes a crise on Discovery to Bahamas and check in is at same name as Ramada Plaza Resort in Ft. Lauderdale Pat Worthington, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
66, Report #72847
Nov 23 2003
11:28 AM
Ramada Plaza Resort Rip off Refund! Ft Lauderdale Florida
I got the letter in yesterdays mail. I called to get the info and spent a good hour getting all the details. I decided it sounded fair so i gave them my CC #. After i hung up i thought hmmmmm what have i done? I got online and found this sight. Well, as soon as they opened this morning I called corporate. The lady BEGGED me not to listen to the bad ratings. She offered me free upgrades on the boat and in the hotel and half my money back. I stood firm and insisted on my money back. By the end of the call she said the 698 will be back on my acct within 7-10 days and i will get a post card in a couple days confirming that. I hope it happens! Lori Lori Bartlesville, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #13121
Feb 02 2002
12:00 AM
Ripoff ramada plaza resort .. the honeymoon from hell !
I recieved a phone call one night from a telemarketer introducing me to what i thought was a great deal. the firdt offer i couldnt afford at the time which was the land and water package, where i think i was suppose to put down the amout of about 500 dollars. i didnt not have that amout on my credit card so t hey offered me another package somewhere in my price range for 5 days and 4 night at a resort at one of 5 locations. i jumped at it cause i thought that was a great deal. i purchased it on feb.2000. when the 18 month experation date approached i recieved a call from the promotional people telling me it was about to expire i them explained to the lady that i couldnt affored to take the trip and was having finacial difficulties. i told her i wouldnt be able to take the trip and ask if i could recieve a refund, she told me no! but offered to extend it for 6 more months for free which she did. here it is feb and it s about to expire again. im getting married in april and was going to extend it and take the trip in april until i read all these horror stories. i would be devastated to have a horror honeymoon so i have decided not to take the tripto save my self the dissapointment! i dont have money to give away so i would like to know is there any help in getting a refund. can anyone help? Sharmaine Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Ramada
Entity: ft lauderdale, florida
68, Report #43017
Jan 27 2003
07:20 PM
Ramada Plaza Resort ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
You might try this. I bought the $698 package, and didn't have time to research it because of the comment We can't make this offer again, to you after you hang up. So, I bought the package mainly due to the Ramada name. After I purchased it I checked the internet and came across this website. Then after reading the stories I was extremely sorry for my purchase and felt dumb for trusting them and did not want to take the chance. Well anyway, I used my debit card and since it was through VISA, my bank was than happy to dispute it for me. And I will get my money back. From what I learned in my state you have up to 60 days to dispute it, and the Bank or Credit Card Company will fight for you. As requested by the Bank I called them (RPR) and I tried to get the original lady that I talked to and the extension number was not valid, I was very pleasant to them on purpose to see how they would react. The lady was very stand-offish with me and was not concerned and forward me to another person. He was abrupt with me and was telling me how I was bound to the payment. Then after I told him my bank was disputing it. Then he hung up. A reputation is very important and so is Good Customer Service, I truly believe in doing what is right and to be honest. It is really sad what people do for the almighty dollar. Karen , ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
69, Report #62542
Jul 01 2003
10:12 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Vacations Another ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I originally signed up for a resort vacation in 2001 with Ramada Plaza Resorts. The offer included 7 nights accomodation in Florida, split between Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando. I paid a down payment by credit card of $398. I booked the trip for July 18-27 of 2003, paying a total cost of $898. Because a two-legged trip would be too difficult for us to accomplish, I repeatedly insisted on a full stay in Orlando. They finally agreed. The sales reps would not verify the exact location of the hotel. When I insisted during several phone calls, they finally gave me two different addresses saying we would be located at one of the two. Both are really nice hotels. I had talked to at least six different sales reps; I made well over 20 calls between April 1 and June 30. After I booked the trip, they sent me an itinerary listing our travel dates and the hotel address. They booked us at an entirely different hotel (Amerihost Resort) than the ones they had promised us. After hearing from others that Ramada Plaza Vacations was scamming people, I went to the internet and typed in the words scam and rip-off and sure enough RPV was all over the screen. I contacted them on Thursday, June 26 and told them I wanted my full refund. I spoke with 3 different people during my call (after being put on hold for over 15 minutes). I was told I could only get a partial refund of the amount I paid for the extra 4 days. I am filing a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General, seeking a full refund of every dollar Ive paid these people. Why should they be enriched when what they are selling are LIES. The hotel they booked us in is a far cry from the ones they promised. The video they sent when I originally made a down payment on this package promised a fun-fill vacation is a lavish resort. Amerihost is a dump! In the end we had to book accommodations at a completely different hotel, Hawthorn Suites (which is a full suite with two queen beds, separate living room, and full kitchen over 600 square feet). We paid $969 for a 10 night stay at Hawthorn. Far far better accommodations than the sleezy hotel RPV booked us in and we only paid a few dollars more. If you'd like to view the hotels I am referring to, simply key in the following information in your search engine: 1. Ramada Plz Rsrt E Univ Studios 2. Ramada Plaza Inn Hotel - Gateway 3. Amerihost Resort See if you can figure out the difference between the first two and the last one. I encourage everyone who has been scammed by these people to file a complaint with the your state's Attorney General. I quarantee you yours will not be the first complaint they have on file. In my opinion, these people are flagrant crooks and they deserve to be stopped! Doris Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
70, Report #75760
Dec 23 2003
10:00 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ripoff selling non-refundable fraudulent vacation package Fort Lauderdale Florida
I purchased a pre-paid vacation from Ramada Plaza Resorts in 2002 for $698. I started to book my vacation this year and have paid approximately $1400 more for upgrades and children add-ons. Today I have started the cancellation process after reading all of the negative Ramada hotel reviews and finding ripoffreport.com. They have promised me the children add-ons and upgrades minus $100 cancellation fee. If this really is refunded they will still have kept $896. I have already started the process of agressively pursuing the refunds. Mike Renton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
71, Report #78065
Jan 25 2004
12:35 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts FIght for a refund you will get it Fort Lauderdale Florida
My advice to everyone is file a complaint with Florida consumer services. I had already signed all the paperwork- paid for the trip in full, when I discovered all the problems other people have had with RPR. I filed a complaint with the State. I simply faxed them my credit card statements. A few weeks later I got a full refund. I did not even have to deal with RPR Staff. The State of Florida took care of everything. There are great people. So file a compliant- you WILL get your money back. Kerri Lake Forest, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
72, Report #76640
Jan 09 2004
11:34 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I purchased a vacation packege with cruise and many other extas. When I called to schedule my vacation for my 9 year old daughter and I they said I had already gone on my trip. I have over 18 mo. or so given Ramada Plaza Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale around 1200.00. They WILL NOT refund my money. I am disabled and live on Social Security. I need to have help getting them to Refund ALL my money, PLEASE HELP. Thank You, Ramona Talent, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
73, Report #78477
Jan 29 2004
01:37 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff Ft Lauderdale Florida
I just ordered this vacation package that was 698 per person. I have a 4 year old child and have been saving for years now to take her to her first disney trip. I didnt have any money in my checking account, but the representative I spoke to said there was 87.00 in my checking account and that they had a direct link with my bank confirming there wouldn't be any over draft charges and my bank was going to loan me the money in good faith. Now I got stuck with 4 29.00 over draft charges because it caused a chain reaction of 4 checks to bounce. Now when i was trying to find more info about my hotel and package on the internet i stumbled across hundreds of complaints. Can anyone help me get my refund back. Is this legal to charge someones checkcard and tell them the funds are available when they arent? I am a single mother trying to take my child on his first trip to disneyland. Can anyone please help me. Maggie. Maggie New Brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
74, Report #78646
Jan 30 2004
11:33 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts fraudulent advertising rude customer service horrible experience Ft. Lauderdale Florida
We were contacted by RPR per telephone about purchasing an Orlando, Fl., Bahamas vacation.. We decided that for the money it seemed to be a good idea, because we were going to use it for our honeymoon. We ended up using it for our 1st anniv., and it was the worst experience that I have ever had with a company. We had to drive to a separate location everyday to check in with the travel center in order to get our hotel vouchers, we were kidnapped by the time share tour guide for over 4 hours. We repeatedly told her we were not going to buy and wanted to go back to our car, because she drove us to a separate location to show us around, but she would not take us back. We finally after 4 hours, walked out and found our car. The hotel accomodations and the cruise ship were less than the luxury accomadations that we were promised. By the time we paid for all of our hotel tax, a rental car, the cruise ship charges, etc. we could have taken a much better vacation by booking it ourselves. When we got off of the ship and had to drive to the Ft. Lauderdale travel center to get our new hotel vouchers for the second part of the trip they made us wait for about 2 hours because we did not purchase a time share in Disney. The people that did purchase one were give their vouchers right away. My husband became extremely angry, because we were exhausted from all of the running around that they were making us do and he got into a an arguement with one of the employees and the man finally gave us the vouchers but he tore up the directions to the hotel, so we had no idea where to go!!! Luckily some nice people helped us find our way. Then they called us at our hotel and harrassed us!! Since we have been back to Ohio the company has contacted us on 4 separate occassions trying to sell us another vacation!!! We told them each time that we went on the vacation already and hated it and to never contact us again. This was supposed to be a romantic 1st anniversary, we went over Valentines day, we tried to make the best of it but it was extremely awful. PLease tell everyone you know not to deal with this company they are unprofessinal and unethical. Jodie Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
75, Report #201800
Jul 18 2006
08:58 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts THANK YOU! ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
We got ripped off by this company about 3 years ago- Thanks to my father in law who brought over the information he was sent in the mail. We bought the package, thinking that $698 was for 2 adults. In February 2004 my husband got orders to Iraq for 6 months. During his tour he emailed me and asked me to contact Ramada to find out how much time we had left to take our trip, because we would only have about a month when he got back. When I called they told me that we had until March 2006 to book our trip, but that we still owed $698 for the second person. This sounded a bit steep, we have went on many vacations using last minute deal websites and we have gotten round trips to Las Vegas (from Georgia) for a low at $300/person, including air fair. When I asked for information on places we could stay I knew immediately from the names that the hotels were garbage and we would never stay in some of the places. So I told the rep that we would not be able to take our vacation due to my husbands situation in Iraq and I told her that I wanted to cancel it. And I got the spill about no refunds. I attempted many times after that to get a refund on the $698 but was very unsuccessful. My husband and I agreed that we would rather call it a loss than to loss more money on a vacation like this. About 2 months ago Ramada called my house and my husband answered. They told him that his vacation had expired and asked if he wanted to go ahead and renew it, being that he had no recollection of the original conversation we had about this company he told them yes and gave his Credit Card number. Another $876. Then called me and said we are going on a cruise After we talked it over and I reminded him of the $698, he called the company and told them he wanted a refund. He was told that you have to wait for a package in the mail before you can cancel. (In the package it says you have 3 days to cancel) And then he was told, You are not eligible for a full refund When we received the package- 17 days later- I called the company again, this time I was told that we needed to call the company within the first 3 days. This rep was very rude, and told me that I should have called within the first 3 days. And I told him that my husband did, (but of course he had no record of that) I told him that according to FLA law he had to refund our money if we called within 30 days- and he said We have our own laws! At this point I am very frustrated with this whole situation, so I took the advice of Denise - Groves, Texas, and send 6 letters, certified mail. Within 48 hours of receiving the package Ramada Plaza Resorts had fully refunded our Credit Card. Then about a week later we received a letter FLA consumer affairs, stating the situation was under investigation. Then another letter from Ramada Plaza Resorts stating they were sorry for any inconvenience we had suffered. THANK YOU RIP OFF REPORT AND SPECIALLY THANK YOU DENISE FROM Groves, Texas- I wouldn't have known where to start without your advice Rebecca Albany, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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