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1, Report #1391859
Aug 10 2017
04:03 PM
Readers Magnet Market my book for me.....for a fee New York New York
Roger urged me to pay the registration fee of $650 to get my book in their catalog.  He claimed 200,000 people would attend the Book Fair in Frankfort Germany in October.  Those attending include librarians, owners of bookstores, teachers, students, parents.  I was reluctant to pay such a steep fee, so he qquicdkly re-calculated and said $550 would be acceptable.  He claimed this Book Fair is the biggest display of books in the world, with people coming from every nation on earth.  He estimated 200,000 would attend, and perhaps 1% of them would buy my book. That would be 2,000 books sold then and there.  However, he only asked me to send him one book, so whoever wants to buy my book would need to contract me and buy directly from. The more we talked, the more skeptical I became.  He spoke with an accent, as though he's not really an American citizen. 
Entity: New York, New York
2, Report #1364410
Mar 28 2017
08:34 AM
READERS MAGNET Literary Book Scout wanted $450 to market my book which they said came highly recommended by literary scout NYC New York
New scam on the way: Lookout book authors. Got a call from a guy saying my book was highly recommended by Literary Book Scout. No such organization but there are a bunch of freelance book scouts out there trying to drum up money by contacting authors most likely from Amazon to try and get the authors to pay them $450. to market their books. Did some more research and found the person called from Readers Magnet, PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANY AND ALL AUTHORS YOU KNOW AND CARE ABOUT--being a book author is no easy task and marketing your book once published, mostly self-published these days--is near impossible so these kinds of scammers prey on authors who usually have huge egos and desperately want their words read. In fact, please share this with anyone and everyone you know, since they just might know an author who needs to be made aware of this scam. One clue: all people I spoke with had a heavy foreign accent. Another clue they don't know English well as shown in their statement: … There are many things to remember in able for you to sell your book online. In able for you to sell your book online? In able? lol
Entity: NYC, New York
3, Report #1410866
Nov 07 2017
05:27 PM
Readers Magnet Solicit for payment for self-publishing and promotion New York New York
Readers Magnet solicited me by phone for $1,501 on the basis that a literary agent was interested in publishing my book.  After half an hour on the phone, I determined that they wanted me to send them $531 dollars by credit card immediately, and then two more payments.  They promised to have a cover designer and a marketing person contact me over the next month.  They also promised to register me for a Book Fair in New York, claiming they had the connections.   After looking at their website, and that of the Book Fair, I could make no affirmation that they had any such relationship with the Book Fair, or that the officials or talent agents at the book fair had any relationship with Reader's Magnet.  Further, there was no proof offered by them that a publisher's agent had ever expressed any interest in my book.  Frankly, Rich Mendez knew so little about my book, that I doubt he had anything other than the title on a list of self-published books. I am warning authors about this scam.
Entity: New York, New York
4, Report #872933
Apr 24 2012
08:01 AM
Magnet Emporium USA Magnet Emporium NY Haven't received the product purchased. Woodside, New York
Re: Order Number: 2223-4997-9798        Order Date: 2012-04-10 19:17:39 On the 10th of April, I ordered the following: ITEMS: Qty - Price - Part# - Description 1 - 29.95 - acu9000 - Accu-Band 9000 gold plated 1 - 12.95 - hiQplaster120 - Hi-Quality pkg. 120 (10 Sheets) The total amount, shipping included, was for 48.52.  The company shipping policy states that the would send the product via Priority Mail.  The amount was deducted from Bank on the 15th, but as of yet, nothing has been received.  I have tried calling the company, and the number given has a recording of not in service.   I guess given what I have  read here, that I have been ripped off, and I will not be able to recover the amount,  but I wanted to add my complaint here so that people are warned.  This company is all over the internet, and people should be forewarned.  
Entity: Woodside, New York
5, Report #1156818
Jun 23 2014
11:38 AM
Share Magnet Share Magnet Steals the Money YOU earn! Manhattan Beach Internet
Do not promote Share Magnet if you want to get ripped off! I could care less about the pennies I earned but this is about principle and a warning to others. Glad I experienced this right off the bat and here to share my input.Share Magnet brings together advertisers and virtual marketers by having these marketers share what is called a magnet. These magnets are ads for the advertisers which the virtual marketers can earn pennies for each click on their individual unique magnet. Sounds interesting so I signed up on June 6, 2013 and started to lightly promote my first magnet to see how it works.Via Share Magnet you can see the number of clicks and earnings you have collected at anytime. Over the first two days I didn't have much but I had several clicks and now earnings. Being quite busy I was unable to promote or check my activity over the next few days or so but when I did finally log in all my clicks, earnings and even the magnet I was sharing was now missing. Being new to the program I figured the advertiser might have completed their campaign and maybe they were just completing the transfer of earnings to marketers 'Share Bank' where earnings are deposited before payment. I also checked my Paypal account just to make sure they didn't already send a payment which they did not. Curious what was going on I sent an inquiry via their contact us page on June 13th which says they will get back to you within 24 hours. No reply was ever received.Still no reply after a few days so I sent another inquiry via their contact us page on June 16th following up that I had sent an email a few days ago explaining I had shared a magnet, had clicks and therefore earnings but now nothing was showing and had not received a payment either. Once again no reply was ever received.On June 20th I found their direct email address via their Facebook page so decided I would send one last inquiry directly to this email address. Before I did I double checked everything once again. Nothing was showing under my shared links, nothing under completed campaigns, nothing under clicks generated, no earnings, nothing in my shared bank and nothing received by Paypal. In my email I once again included all this information and even the original magnet and link that I was promoting. Once again no reply. I also tweeted them asking about customer support on June 20th and no reply.Three strikes and you're out! As mentioned previously I could care less about a few pennies but this is about principle and glad I learned from the beginning that this company is out to rip people off. Do not waste your time with Share Magnet earning a pitiful $0.04 to $0.12 a click and then to just have your earnings taken from you with no reason or response. I don't like wasting my time with things and don't want others to either so please save your time by avoiding this company.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #526835
Nov 21 2009
12:33 PM
magnet At first I thought they were not a valid company I was wrong, Internet
I did get my necklace and bracelet today by mail.  I wanted to post that maybe the phones actually were changed and not working.  I do think the company should have acknowleded they received the order and it was on backlog it could have avoided the confusion in the first place.  I am happy with my purchace and all has worked out well.  The company was very pleasant when they contacted me by mail.  I am sorry for any confusion I had with them. They are not a fraudulant company. The jewlery I ordered from they is very nice and I would recomend it. It just took a week longer than I had expected. Instead of 7 to 10 days it took 20. It was worth the wait.  I hope the pain it is supposed to help now goes away. I am sorry to the company if I caused them any distress. 
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #453700
May 20 2009
11:33 AM
Mosquito Magnet / Woodstream Corp. Total rip-off and impossible customer service Lititz Pennsylvania
I have owned four of these over the last five years and only one is working. The original stopped working and after several calls to customer service. I just gave up as they had released a new and far improved model. That one stopped working severla years ago and I have never been able to get it going. Customer service has advised shaking side to side and duct tape over the vents to control air flow. Brilliant. I bought a corded one two years ago and that has continued to work. On that good luck, I bought a Liberty Plus last summer to cover another part of the yard. It stopped working by the end of the summer. I dreaded calling them again but just did. I was informed that without the actual recepit from the store, there is no warranty - and I cannot find my receipt from the Home Depot. So I am stuck. It is unbelieveable that they sell these things for the amount of money they do and have such TERRIBLE customer service and no real system for repairs. Especially for an item thats seems to be as quirky and sensitive as these. Shame on me for being such an idiot and going back to them but I really want to be able to enjoy my yard. Telliedog South Hamilton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Lititz, Pennsylvania
8, Report #933116
Aug 27 2012
10:13 AM
Magnet Emporium THIS IS A RIP OFF COMPANY. Pfafftown, North Carolina
Entity: Pfafftown, North Carolina
9, Report #962399
Oct 30 2012
08:54 PM
Magnet Emporium Charged card but no product delivered and will not respond to contacts Internet
I ordered a handheld magnet massager in early August 2012. I saved my confirmation email with receipt as I do when I order things online. 3 weeks later I had not received my product and so I tried to email them via the contact on their site. No reply for over a month and so I tried again. Saying I was pretty mad about being charged and not getting my product.About 2 weeks from then I emailed again informing I would contact the BBB, which I immediately did so. Now a month from my contacting BBB, they emailed me saying they have tried twice to contact these magnet fakers and so they are dropping the issue.So now I was charged $25 and 3 months later I still have no product and haven't even heard from them saying what they intend on doing. It seems this is a very common issue with this sorry excuse for a company. I seriously recommend doing business elsewhere.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1205628
Jan 30 2015
04:51 PM
MLM Magnet Media Dignity DistributionERE Maggie Monteith RIP-OFF FOR UK INVESTORS Internet
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1132465
Mar 21 2014
11:29 AM
city sports magnet ONE MAJOR LEAGUE CON-ARTIST ... BEWARE!!!! Pittsburgh pa
Mike Cardamone has arrest warrants out for him in Butler County, PA.  Check with the Saxonburg Magistrate's Office.  He scammed several businesses out of money with his previous magnet marketing business and left the county.  Now, he operates a similar scam in neighboring Allegheny County, PA.  His scams keep him moving around quite a bit.  Before giving this con-artist a dime, you may wish to check a tad deeper into his background.  I know he has been bankrupt at least once in the last 10 years.  His credit has been soooooo bad in the past because of his chronic, habitual late, or NO payments.  He has folded other magnet businesses in the past.  He rents, or has lived with relatives, because his credit is shot and he does not want people to find him.  He financially abuses people, creditors, businesses, etc, and simply moves to another county and starts over again.  His operation has never been much more than a laptop, in a rental/relative's home, a few other affiliated con-artists and a fast line of B.S.Should you know his home address, be sure to pass it along to the Magistrate's office in Saxonburg, PA.  Keep this P.O.S. looking over his shoulder!!! 
Entity: Select State/Province
12, Report #343084
Jun 23 2008
08:15 AM
Mosquito Magnet Woodstream Corp. mosquito magnet rip-off - poor support and repair rip-off scam Lititz Pennsylvania
expensive to purchase and operate. Unacceptable company support and repair network rip-off scam. I own two 1/2 acre defender models. these cost up to $300/each. I carefully followed ALL operation and maintainence procedures and that gets expensive: all told, (not including electricity) about $2.00 per day to operate. I had two units running and the warrentee had just expired. We had a power outage and the units obviously shut down due to lack of power. When power was restored the units would not function and gave an error message. After trying ALL trouble shooting procedures I contacted the company. The company told me I needed to get the units serviced at an aproved facility. I contected three seperate facilities and received the same story: At least a Three Week Wait and at least $100.00 minimum per unit PLUS parts This was unacceptable in the peak of mosquito season! When I asked if parts were available I was told that a repair facility would loose their company support if they sold me parts or told me how to fix the units! Having nothing to loose, I took a small cover off the units (one screw), freed a small part that was stuck by poking with a screwdriver, and this fixed both units, FOR FREE, using NO PARTS, in about a total of 5 minutes!!! I called and emailed the company with this news and told them I was considering writing this report - they did not even care. I received a call back from a repair facility and told them about how I fixed the units and they admitted the scam and were sorry they could not help me but that their hands were tied. Tsubutai brownfield, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Lititz, Pennsylvania
13, Report #837122
Feb 10 2012
11:30 AM
magnet emporium order for accu-band 6000 12 pk/ hi-quality 120 (10 sheets) have never been received. Ordered 12/28/11 Have sent 3 emails with no response. Money was paid out 1/3/12 still no order. Internet
i ordered these stick on magnets for a patient i am caring for. she sufferes from arithritis and i found magnets help with pain relief.  I ordered these magnets in 12/28/11 they took the money from account 1/3/12 and thye say they mail priority mail. I have not received them.  I moved from that address 1,31,12 because my lease was up. i shloud have had those magnets before then.  i have put in change of address, so either way i should have had them.  i have emailed mail them three times with no response from them.  if  i can't have the magnets, give me my money back and i'll get them from someone else.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #667574
Dec 02 2010
03:59 PM
DVD MAGNET DVDMAGNET.COM Non-delivery of product, no response to emails, no refund. Sacramento, California
Just like some of the other reviewers: I ordered a DVD, received a confimatory email of the order, then received an email that the order shipped and that I should wait up to 21 days. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I waited 30 days, and didn't receive the DVD. I then emailed and never heard back. By the time I registered my complaint with PayPal, I was too late -- according to PayPal regular rules. I was defrauded plain and simple.
Entity: Sacramento, California
15, Report #1175912
Sep 11 2014
08:48 AM
Arepas Magnet Plus They hire people and 5 days later the owner said dont come back and she didnt pay the days worked. Weston Florida
The owner of Arepa Magnet Plus in Weston, Florida looks for people tp work in her marker/restaurant  and after having people working for a week she then tells the worker she will not pay them one cent for having them work all those hours. She states she does not pay them because they are under a supposed training period which she does not clarify or lets the worker know when he/she is hired. 
Entity: Weston, Florida
16, Report #1364975
Mar 30 2017
03:31 PM
Original Phone magnet cable Never got my product, company won't respond to emails MISSISSAUGA, ON L4T 1G3 CANADA Internet
I saw their ad on Facebook marketplace and placed an order on Feb 7, 2017. I've been waiting for my package and it still hasn't arrived. When I called DHL to find out why their website is showing the package was in Frankfurt, Germany and then  delivered to destination country, the DHL rep told me Original Phone Magnet company sent the package basically 3rd or 4th class mail. Pretty much for pennies on the dollar. I'm in the process of filing a complaint with Facebook. I'm also disputing the charge with my credit card company. I've written them 4 times and haven't received a reply. BUYER BEWARE, DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!
Entity: Internet
17, Report #525520
Nov 18 2009
07:26 PM
magnet emporium I ordered a magnet necklace and braclet 11/4/09 my credit card was charged and cleared phone number on visa belongs to another company phone number on web site never gets answered. Internet
I ordered a magnetic necklace and bracelet on 11/4/09.  My Credit card was charged it cleared on my credit card but I did not receive anything.  So I called the phone number on the web site 888-203 8474 the phone rings and no one ever picks up.  So I go online to look for the companys address.  No address listed.  So I look at my credit card listing and there is another phone number next to the purchase 1-800-654-7728 so I call this number and a very nice woman answers and said that she is very sorry that this is not that compay, she has received so many of these phone calls.  I apologized for the inconvience and explained to her why she was receiving the calls that we were obviously being taken and that company is the phone number listed on the visa statement.  Only moments ago, as I was registering to do this complaint, I did receive an e-mail from the company, because I had sent them two telling them if they did not respond I would beleive they were fraudlant, saying my bracelt was on back order, I ordered a necklace and bracelet and the email gave me no time frame of when it would be sent. this company is definately taking advantage of people. Nancy New York, New York
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1097430
Dec 03 2013
06:46 PM
Residential Direct Marketing ,RDM, Magnet Advertising San Antonio, Texas
In May 2013 I was contacted by Rosa from Residential Direct Marketing or RDM (tel 210-248-9228). She offered the opportunity to sponsor a calendar for Cypress Bay School to be sent to the parents of the students and faculty. The calendar was to be supported by ads. We accepted and paid 299.50 plus 8.95 for an ad in the magnet. The magnet was to be given out at orientation. We paid and received an email acknowledgement that mentions the calendar would be given away to the families, but a small portion of the calendars was to be sold for fund raising for school organizations. Orientation passed in August, and in September we called RDM again and were told that the calendars would be sent during fall of 2013 to the school. Today October 22, 2013 we called to find out the status because they still have not shipped and we are informed that they only intent to send 450 calendars (there are 4500 students), all of the calendars are to be sold by the JROTC of the school. Danielle from RDM explained that Rosa had sold things that were not correct, RDM could not produce 4500 calendars for the school and make a profit. I asked my husband to give a call to RDM and ask for our money back. This was not what they sold us, the amount of calendars is greatly reduced, the year is closing and the calendars have not shipped. Danielle answered and when my husband tried to explain that the ROSA issue was internal to RDM, that we expected RDM to deliver what they had acknowledged in the acknowledgement email or return the money, she hung up on him. I forwarded the acknowledgement email back to Danielle ( just in case she did not have a copy and will gladly forward it to you. The text of the acknowledgement email is copied here (please see the first paragraph): RDM would like to thank you on behalf of Cypress Bay High School for advertising on their magnetic school directories for Fall 2013. You will be the EXCLUSIVE business of your type on the directory. The directories will be given out to parents and faculty. The school will also have the opportunity to use a portion of them as a fundraiser where they keep 100% of the profit because of the advertisers. You will be charged for a ¼ Column ad for $299.50. The only additional charge you will see is $8.95 to cover shipping and handling on the samples we send you and help cover the bulk shipment to the school. We will be charging your card within 1-3 business days of securing your spot on the Cypress Bay High School magnets. Once your card has been charged you will receive a receipt for your records. Then, your ad will be sent to the art department for ad creation. You will receive an ad proof within 30 business days from the date payment is secured. If you are sending artwork or logos to the art department please send them to You can also mail them to the address below. The dimensions of your ad are 2.18” x 3”. For images and/or logos, 300 ppi resolution is preferred, but not required. We request that any files be sent in one or more of these formats: .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .doc, .ai, .psd, or .eps. RDM requires artwork to be sent in within 1-2 weeks of your card being charged. Included in the cost of your ad, RDM’s graphics department will create your proof and send it to you to approve before the printing of your advertisement. Once the proof has been created and sent to you via email, you will get a courtesy phone call from RDM. We will confirm that you have received your artwork proof that has been sent to you for your approval or changes. RDM’s contact information can be found on our website. The website is There are samples on the website and there is also one below for your to check out.
19, Report #1364576
May 02 2017
05:51 PM
Shopify Magnet phone Cable Magnetic phone cable scam Internet
 I saw an add for a magnetic phone cable on Facebook. I purchased the cord. It was supposedly shipped from Canada by DHL, but once it reached the destination country (U. S.) no other tracking information was provided. I never received my charging cable.
Entity: internet
20, Report #197341
Jun 20 2006
03:50 PM
Americom - American Community Advertising ripoff Refrigerator magnet advertising scam Hazelwood Missouri
In December 2005 I was solicitated by phone by Americom, Mr. John Hovey 800-935-4576. He was selling a magnet ad with Amber Alert phone numbers and other emergency numbers of the City of Santa Rosa, California. He sold me a space on the magnet for a 3x2 advertisement. The cost was $245.00. I placed the order on my credit card. Then he called back and offered distribution to the entire Sonoma County for an additional $245.00. I agreed to purchase the additional distribution. A second charge was put through to my card for $245.00. The ad was supposed to be released in April. Since then, the company has been impossible to reach, no emails or phone calls are ever returned. I did reach a sales rep on June 1st who was supposed to ship me 40 sample magnets. It has been 20 days and nothing has arrived. Today I contacted one of the realtors in Northern California who was on a sample magnet that the company sent me in December. She said the company was a scam and that she and another realtor had been trying to get their money back from the company for a year and a half. She said the company delays the transaction long enough so that the credit card dispute date expires. Then the customer has no recourse and looses their money. Denise Sonoma, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hazelwood, Missouri
21, Report #414692
Jan 21 2009
09:39 PM is a scam, fake witches, it's a money magnet website. Not real. JUNK. Internet is as scam and really Amelia from, just different photos. It says on their website satisfaction guaranteed and 100% success since 1983 LIES they cannot get results for you in 2 to 5 days, but you will get excuses why it has failed. Fate cannot be altered that fast to change everything around you, and to affect lots of other people within the same situation, and the people around them. Real witches and psychics say timing cannot be predicted, psychic things are outside the psychic realm so for someone to say results in 2 to 5 days is a sales gimmick and not possible. The website says nothing about witchcraft because they don't know anything. Now I have revealed the truth they will come hear post lots of I got results from but that is impossible it's a scam that knows nothing, it will soon vanish. Daisy Eau Claire, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #927769
Aug 15 2012
02:24 PM
manet emporium ordered magnet ring and braclet charged for both never recieved either Internet
in April of 2012 I ordered a magnetic ring and bracelet form magnet empoirum  a week later the funds were taken out of my account and they verified my order was on its way. I emailed them back in June that I had never received the order and they e mailed back it would arrive in a week to ten days.  I then emailed them in July that I still had not recieved the items,and to this date of August 15 2012  I still have nothing.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1293555
Mar 14 2016
10:52 AM
Smartsitegenert theatozcashsystem the cash magnet system I was riped OFF Nationwide
i answerd this email on 3/7/16  i paid $4.95 sent to another window  and paid another $47.00  for more infomatiom.    i was supose to get dvd to watch   could not get into the members .  i called the number and talked to a person named rose  she  was to send me the right email address did not recive  checked my bank account  snd there are charges on my account i did not ok  its over $200.00 dollars . i called the customer service at 9 am on 3/14 / 16  sugar said the account is  cancelled . but to get my money back sugar would send me anther email to go throuh refund  its now 2:00 pm still have not recived                                                .this is one big ripoff                                                                                                                          
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1247871
Aug 11 2015
03:42 PM
Woodstream Mosquito Magnet Not possible to execute refund policy if official product instructions are followed Lilitz Pennsylvania
After three failed setups due to various company oversights and a product which has not run a single day and is at this time still a paperweight, I decided I was done and no longer want their product, only to be told too bad.   Found their product during the winter while deciding on a bug-zapper replacement. The technology made sense, and the gurantees and customer support policies were reassuring. Bought the product Commander in spring, April of 2015 as warm days were beginning. Over $1000 but various reviews and videos made it look like a sound purchase.   Upon receipt in April, I read their instructions and FAQs on trap setup, the first question When should I start my Mosquito Magnet? - when the temperature reaches 50 degrees for several days. At that time in my region, temperatures were still dropping below freezing most nights, and days were not always getting above 50 degrees. This recommendation is based on lack of mosquito activity prior to those conditions. So I set everything aside to wait for the RECOMMENDED setup time according to the company.   In late May, weather is finally warm enough to justify setup and it is the first signs of mosquito activity in my rural area. I plug in the battery to charge, there is an audible crackle and zap from the charger and a distinct 'ozone' smeel, and no charging occurs. I call customer service and they immediately have a new charger sent to me.   Once the new charger arrives, I begin setup again after charging the battery. Setting up according to directions provided - step 1, set up Wireless Access Point (WAP), but there is not much greater detail. I attempt to use the WAP detailed setup instruction provided by the WAP manufacturer, and setup repeatedly fails. The WAP manufacturer instructions ultimately direct me to do a factory reset, which I do and am finally able to complete WAP setup, but then cannot complete the Commander wireless setup.   After a helpful call with customer service, I discover the WAP factory reset wiped out customized non-manufacturer settingson the WAP and the Commander can no longer be connected; the WAP must now be replaced. While I on the phone I ask customer service about msialignment of the trap LCD screen which has left electronic areas open to weather. They request photos, which I send at once. They say it definitely looks wrong but will get back to me. Meanwhile, I recieve an RGA for the WAP and send it back. It is mid-June.   When the WAP returns, it is an obviously different model than the one I sent in. I call service to ensure there are no setup mistakes this time, and ask about the different WAP. They are surprised and say I have been sent an older version of the WAP, and it is incorrect: I should have recieved the same as I sent in. They process another RGA for the WAP. I ask again about the LCD misalignment on the commander and this time get an answer that I ought to send it in for REPLACEMENT, and an RGA is setup for that. I send both components in, and new components are sent. I reassemble the unit, but am not free from work during customer service hours for almost a month before attempting setup again.   In early August, I get a chance to setup and call customer service. Wireless connection is finally complete but I notice several signs of wear and tear on the returned unit: bugs in the LCD, scratches on the labels, and a ripped MAC address label re-written in pen. I ask if I was sent a used or refurbished unit in replacement, but customer service cannot tell me. During registration for wireless setup, it is discovered that the original bad unit was refurbished rather than replaced, and internal components were changed out, resulting in setup not being able to be completed again. The one person who could address the problem is gone for the day.   I decide after FOUR failed setups due to the company's OWN oversights and poor warehouse QA, I'm done and no longer want a $1000 paperweight, only to be told, 'Sorry, but the refund 30 day window was 30 days from original purchase, not 30 days of operation' which expired prior to the initial setup attempt.   But let's pretend I ignored their OWN RECOMMENDATIONS and set it up at once in the cold weather to burn propane prior to mosquito activity. Their product says in many places Allow 4 weeks to significantly reduce the mosquito population in your yard. So if you set it up the day you receive it, allow 4 weeks as recommended, and are still not satisfied, you will already be out of time for refund and are stuck with the prdouct.   I have a $1000 product which has operated for exactly ZERO days. Never even been hooked up to a propane tank. It is in mint condition except for the company's own refurbishment work to fix a defect that never should have made it out the factory door in the first place. According to their product literature, even if I get it running as early as tomorrow, there may not be enough warm weather remaining to determine if I am satisfied with the performance. I followed company dierections and customer guidance at every step and am incredibly dissatisfied, but they tell me tough and I'm stuck with a prodcut of theirs I've not yet even used.   I could understand refund only within first 30 days of operation. But there should be a great big warning on the product page DO NOT ORDER IN THE WINTER IF YOU EXPECT TO USE THE 30 DAY GURANTEE!!! Also, DO NOT FOLLOW SETUP RECOMMENDATIONS AS THEY MAY USE UP YOUR REFUND PERIOD WITH THE PRODUCT NEVER OPENED.   This is why it is a ripoff. If you follow their guidelines in good faith, you are stuck with whatever faulty product they have sent.
Entity: Lilitz, Pennsylvania
25, Report #1376401
May 31 2017
05:04 PM Original Magnet Phone Cable Scam deceptive business practices horrible business practices Internet
My card was charged for this cable on the 10th of April.  I sent my second email to them on May 2nd asking if it had been shipped yet and if not if I could cancel the order.   I didn't hear back from them on that one until May 9th and their response was Unfortunately your order is currently being processed and we are unable to to cancel at this point. If you are no longer interested in this item, you may refuse the delivery and have the unopened package sent back to us. Once we can confirm this has been done via the tracking information we will be able to issue a refund.. Fast forward two weeks later and the cable arrives.  In addition to this all, I wasn't informed that they were overseas and that I might be getting an international fee on my credit card.  Wish I read the reviews about this place before I placed my order, but now I'll definitely do my best to post reviews about them so other people don't make the same mistake of buying from these guys.
Entity: Internet

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