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1, Report #1392715
Sep 05 2017
03:41 PM
Recession Rebirth; Tim Goggin; COMPLETE RIPOFF! STAY AWAY! WASTED OVER $10,000! San Diego, California Nationwide
Tim calls himself a small business adwords expert, but all he did was charge a high hourly rate and wasted $10,000 of my companies money.  STEER CLEAR of Tim! He cost my small business $10,000+ in mistakes.   Overspent our weekly budget 2 of the 4 weeks he worked for us, 35% and 25%, resulting in $3,000 in overspend. Overbilled for hours. In Upwork I gave an allotment of 4 hours per week, with the flexibility of 10 hours in case he had a lot of work on the front end for a week. I explained we can’t exceed 16 hours @ $75 per hour. Instead, Tim billed me for 6-7 hours per week. I was blindsided by the end of the month to see his fees which we did not agree to.  Added broad match keywords to a variety of keywords resulting in $1,000 in spend and no conversions. Added keywords to a campaign before being advised to do so resulting in $2,000 in spend and a terrible conversion rate.  Without my permission, changed call only campaigns to target CPA to $50+, which resulted in overspending on calls by 5X.  Ran ads on the weekends resulting in $3,000 in spend over a month which provided zero conversions. Again without my permission. Requested I had a special landing page built for a type of marketing campaign, which costs me $100 to build, then said “Oh sorry you don’t qualify. Paused location campaigns which my business needs to grow, without my permission. Incorrectly added campaigns in geographies we do not do business.  Do you need a #10? This guy ripped our company off
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #400536
Dec 11 2008
09:41 PM
Rebirth Youth And Women Center!! BEWARE!! Raleigh North Carolina
Beware of this company soliciting for assistance. It looks like a ghetto, organization. If you visit the website, there are some things that look professional and others that are 'ghetto' from quality of the pictures, and bios, to the description of services. It is as if someone else wrote or created part of it and the rest was left up to someone who doesn't have good grammatical skills. There seems to be no real strategy for the programs, just ideas. Look at the website for yourself. Part of it is professional while other areas lack professionalism. Notice there is no mention of one of the people on there home page above the picture which supposedly the marketing director, maybe that was the person who tried to bring a professional image to the company, if that person even existed. I do research for nonprofits in other states and i didn't even see this one registered with BBB. This is a new company because when I was researching youth and women centers in NC's capital, Raleigh, it just started popping up. Beware!!!! I went back to the website and their is no mention of a marketing director in the staff, even though it clearly states some woman not pictured, and who is the guy that has no bio or name by the picture. Oh well, I also saw where the church pitcured on the home page did a clothes drive, it's on the church's announcement page. I hope these people don't get sucked in to far. I also hope the people who are employees are fully aware of what is going on, and how 'real non profits' are ran. Its people like this that give those truly trying to help people a bad name and limit funding for legitimate nonprofits. There is also a link to email resumes, this could lead to potential identity theft, you never know. Remember, anyone can create a website!! anonymous denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
3, Report #177276
Feb 21 2006
07:03 AM
Rebirth Technologies Did not pay for services West Palm Beach Florida
Rebirth Technologies, represented by a 'Mr.Cleve Mann', entered into a contract in November 2005 with my son (we are a father/son photographer team) for developing images for medical/biotech illustrations. Payment was to be made on completion of each allotted assignment. We put in all our resources working day and night during the entire month of December 2005, creating and modifying images under regular instructions/feedback from 'Mr.Cleve Mann'. Images were continually sent to them as and when modified according to their requirements. They suddenly went silent during the second week of January 2006, after confirming that the given assignment had been completed and asking us to move on to the next. Email reminders and enquiries by us were totally ignored. A notice of poroposed litigation sent on January 24, 2006 to their company email address as well as to their Board of Directors was also ignored. Prabir ChennaiIndia
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
4, Report #467838
Jul 09 2009
09:58 AM
Turner XP1 - Recession Proof 360 Scam website, false advertising, no customer support at phone, email canned responses Greg Davis, Wilmington, Delaware
No such information on CBS, Good Morning America,60 minutes etc...false advertising. 'Agree to terms'' button is already selected and an errant keystroke or dropped mouse (as in my case) gets you a congratulations you can get started page. There is no other information about terms and agreements in subsequent letters sent, there is some data sent but the videos are power point presentations that a 6 year old could do better. This phone number and address are similar to other similar type scams....This is called RecessionProof360 others are called Google Cash; master company name in this case is TURNER XP1. I checked out the mailing address provided with the materialson google maps it appears to be a strip mall with a mailboxes etc store... Phone support is a voice mail that promises to get back to you then doesn't, email address only provides canned responses. Not as advertised False advertisement Sleazy practice of pre-selecting the agree to terms button. No phone support only voice mail, leave name and number but they don't get back to you. Email support is canned response, same canned response each time. The cancel option on the website says you agree to not pursue a refund if you cancel your account. Hopefully this is my most expensive lesson in due diligence...the web is a dangerous place. I am also contacting BBB, Attorney General, Public Service Board and hope to get something from FCC also. Las winooski, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
5, Report #436607
Mar 22 2009
09:42 PM
E-Millionaires, EMill Recession Proof, Google Ads, Save Money Buy Selling Ads on Google Clearwater Florida *NOTICE..!! this ripoff has nothing to do with Google search engine - many rip-off businesses use the Google name to fool consumers.
I'm following the same complaint as everyone else. I just had $47.00 deducted from my account that I did NOT authorize. There was not fine print I'm usually very careful when I use my credit card online. I'm disputed the charge and cancelled my card. Apparently this company has alot of legal suits against them. BEWARE! Nicole Parkville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
6, Report #765295
Aug 15 2011
09:02 AM
Prestige Photos Prestige Photos Knows Not the Meaning of Recession Fayetteville, Georgia
Prestige Photos is nothing but a rip off and only out to make money.  I don't understand how they can charge such an expensive package for Senior Pictures when they know that we are in a recession.  The best thing they can offer is a lay-away plan.  Some people may not be able to afford the lay-away plan, especially if they are a single parent as I am.   If they would come down on their prices, then they can make the money.  If the schools would stop using their business, then they would have to come down on the prices.  It is up to the parents to try and get the schools to not use them when it comes to taking Senior Pictures.  The prices are ridiculous.   Something needs to be done about this.  This is a special moment not only for the senior student but for the parents as well.  The parents want to be able to remember this time with the pictures.  The pictures are good but the prices are awful.   
Entity: Fayetteville, Georgia
7, Report #270400
Aug 26 2007
03:58 PM
United Vacation Network They didn't disclose the three day recession period on purchase according to florida law Hidden Valley Lake California
United Vacation Network din't disclose their was a three day recession clause when purchasing from this company.We have written them concerning our travel plan and how we can sell it with out any response. Gloria townsend Hidden Valley Lake, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hidden Valley Lake, California
8, Report #310635
Feb 20 2008
06:54 PM
Beachcombers Vacations Consumer beware!!! Don't spend your money until you really know all the facts. Right of Recession is expensive. Dallas Texas
I give the following report to help other consumers beware of this company. Any negative statements about them they claim is disgruntled ex-employees. I am not an ex-employee. I am a hard working single woman who listened, said no, and felt the need to say yes to get out of there. It is not a time share but it is a costly vacation swindle that won't save you money. This is a well practiced technique against those who really don't have the money to spend. Getting out after the you hear their pitch is expensive so just say NO and don't give them money or credit card authorization!!!!! I was contacted by a marketing company with the promise that if I arrived by a certain time I would receive either a two round-trip airfares or a 7 day car rental or $200 gas voucher. I followed the directions, went to the very orchestrated pitch, and when I said NO the real pitch started. The cost was lowered, they changed up the people making the pitch at me, and the promises keep coming. I kept saying NO but the pitch kept coming. No was not an answer they were willing to take. Within an hour of leaving their location I called back to cancel. I offered to come back to return the materials but they refused to accept the materials back. They gave me instructions for a letter of cancellation and the address to send the materials back to. This was not a Dallas location. That night I called my credit card company and they in spite of my description honored the charge. I followed the cancellation instructions and met their deadlines. Their refund is less than the full charge to my credit card. Their refund policy is excessive when cancellation is within the three day right of recession. Since I called the same day they did not have to spend any time on my activation and therefore reclaiming that cost of $299.00 is in my mind corrupt. Be careful with this type of pitch. It is an expensive learning experience and I hope others can avoid it by hearing my report. Ladyj Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
9, Report #186575
Apr 14 2006
02:07 AM
Shamrock Ford ripoff, discriminiation, disabled, called a liar, threatened, $5,000.00 deposit yet to be recieved after recession of vehicle, Dublin California
Date of Purchase- I Bought a used 2005 Ford Taurus SE (VIN# -----) from Ford of Dublin, in California, for $12,492.00 on March 10, 2006. I loved that car! I used a cashiers check from World Savings Bank in the amount of $5,000.00 for a down payment. On the application, for employment, I used my current employer, the ------. Employment Verification- I am on disability through workers comp for an injury sustained in July 18, 2003. by law, I can not be terminated while on disability, and must still receive a portion of paycheck. therefore I am still employed by the -------- school district and I still get paid twice a month from the insurance carrier. Everything in the 'Employment' section of the loan application is true, based on physical evidence. Repairing the Windshield- On March 17, I called to have my windshield serviced because there was no seal around the lower right corner. they suggested to seal it or replace it, and told me to come in the next day to have it serviced between the hours of 1pm & 4pm. i arrived @ 1:30pm and the Dave said the window repairer had already left. i was told to come back Monday between 9am & 1pm. March 18 I arrived at 12:15pm and Dave again said he was not coming in that day. again i was told to come back the next day. March 21 I had my windshield replaced @ Ford of Dublin. I arrived @ 9:30am. the window repairer did not arrive till 11:30am. 40 minutes later my car is finished. however i am informed that the person who replaced my windshield had mistakenly taken my keys. an hour later i can leave. Returning the Car- Apr 6 i receive a call from Doug in the finance dept. he says that i need to return the car because my loan was not approved. and threatened that if i did not comply i would regret it quote. April 7 i call ford to make arrangements for them to pick up the car, since I am disabled and would have no other means of transportation. the first person (name unknown, male) said that no arrangements could be made. i had to return the car and then they would give me the deposit. i emphasized it had to be the day i took the car in and the man assured me i then spoke to Fareal (spelling?) she said that in order to get my deposit i have to sign a release paper. we made arrangements for Ford to pick up the car at my residence (68 miles away) , with my $5,000 deposit and the release paperwork, and from there, I would get my deposit back, sign the papers and hand over the car. the priority of the check was the most important. she assured me i would get it right was arranged that she would call the next morning (April 1) when they were coming to get the car. no call was received. I called at 4 but only got a voice mail. Apr 2nd no call, no contact, April 3 no call, no contact. Apr 4 i took the car in. i handed Doug the keys and he said i would have to sign some paperwork. i asked about the deposit and said i would get it after the paper was signed. i signed the paper and Doug said that my check would be mailed and i would receive it in at least 4 days. i asked why my loan was not approved and he said next time u shouldn't lie on your application. under his breathe, in front of witness, he said to think i did all that work for a liar. when i asked why he said that he got up and walked away. It has been 5 days since the check should have at least been here. that money is important. I have mandatory doctors appointments to go to. this is a grave inconvenience. People I've Dealt With- -Sales Associate: Norberto -Finance Dept: Doug -Finance Manager: Fareal -Parts & Service: Dave Discrimination against Disability- They called me a liar. twice. once when the phone call to Fareal was made. the other man spoken to said since u lied on the application your loan could not be approved. Doug again insinuated during the signing of the Release of Liability.If the loan was not processed or approved because of any doubt of employment, that is discrimination against peoples with disability. a violation of the ADA. This is an accepted claim through Worker's Compensation of California. Phillip is on disability. On the back of the contract under Recession Rights it says that the seller (FORD OF DUBLIN) is to send via mail a request for recession within 10 days of the date of sale. i did not receive anything through the mail, other than 2 customer service inquiries. i did however have a phone conversation with Doug on March 30, 20 days after the date of sale, 10 days after i should have received, via mail, the request for recession. On every occasion I had to wait for hours. standing or sitting without reasonable accommodation. Before the sale Ford of Dublin knew I was on disability. it had been a topic of conversation. I am employed through the ----- School District of California. Gilbert ---- witnessed every phone call and every encounter. His Email: -------. While signing the contract, I unknowingly signed an agreement for GAP insurance. Later the application was reviewed at home and this was noticed. I didn't know what GAP insurance was, and did not want it. Doug did not explain, suggest, or even mention the GAP insurance, let alone the cost. He was shoving paperwork and opting for a quick sign. the GAP insurance was unauthorized. Ford of Dublin was threatening me by saying if you don't bring the car back you'll regret it. -Doug. this was audibly witnessed by Gilbert -----. They also threatened with the intent to repossession, also audibly witnessed. Everything either has proof or witness. I have the all the paperwork for everything mentioned. The money is important. but there is also discrimination. the loan was not approved because I am on disability and not employed by the ------ School District of California. Again I am on Worker's Compensation and can not be terminated. I am still employed. they denied the application based on that I might not have substantial income. I makes 6x more than his car payment, and put down $5,000 of my own saved money. that's pretty substantial. Gilbert Turlock, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ford and Ford Dealers CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Dublin, California
10, Report #460058
Jun 09 2009
11:23 AM
Profit Studio Learning ,, Your Personal Google Atm Home base business preys on consumer in the recession to get rich LAS VEGAS Nevada
*NOTICE..!! this ripoff has nothing to do with Google search engine - many rip-off businesses use the Google name to fool consumers. =========================================== Google Startup Kit, I filled the form and provided my credit card. I was charged $1.95. Then I was given username/password to logon at to get money back they said they can only give me half it posted on June 2 I could never get on the site it just kept saying your session has expired call 1-877-794-1587 then they did not answer this number. So I had to wait until it posted to my account to see what I was paying 69.70 for. When I found out I called to cancel and the operator said it was non-refundable. But what they could do is give me half of my money back and that will post in 72 hours. This transaction caused my account to be overdrawn. And I will have to pay 35 dollars over draft fee. If they can refund half they can refund all this is a rip off.!!!! something has to be done with these types of scams look at the money they are ripping people off for they sucker you by telling you its 1.95 then they get your bankaccount info and charge you more. consumers beware Kathy beaufort, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
11, Report #598584
Apr 30 2010
10:09 AM
baptist health south florida what to expect from a recession, veterans please read miami, Florida
 i had an incident while i was visiting my mother at Baptist Health South Florida near 88th st. I had just came back from over seas in iraq and yes i am a veteran who is service connected for anxiety dissorder, insomnia, and depression and while there at the hospital in December 20 2009 I had a panic attack while inside the hospital, a nurse took me to the front of the building where ppl check in and i told them i suffer from panic attacks that all i needed was some water and to sit down, so they proceeded to get my name and well my mother had just gone in so they linked my parents address to my name, no i dont live with them i actually live in houston, Tx. I get all my medical needs done at the Michael E. DeBakey VA hospital in houston. So i told them that i did not want to be admitted. I was sweating profusly and dizzy so they took me against my will to check my blood pressure thats when i said enough is enough and took thepressure machine off my arm and walked out. They asked me if i wanted to go to a patient room and i told them no so i just went back to where my mother was and sat down till i felt better, a few weeks passed by and im getting a bill in the mail for 634.00. It has been paid by my insurance after i was harrased to give my insurance information yet i argued that i did not recieve payment and they were asking me to send my picture id because they did not have that information or my correct address. I feel that the hospital is doing bad buisness. Im a veteran and should have gotten better treatment not taken advantage because i was having a panic attack n recieved no service but a bill.
Entity: miami, Florida
12, Report #437697
Mar 30 2009
08:12 AM
Emillionaire - Emill Recession Proof Debited my account without my authorization under emillionaire for $39.95 and under Emill recession proof for $47.00 Clearwater Florida
I was on Facebook one evening when I saw an Ad for Google Money-basically it stated for a $2.00 fee they would send you information on how to make money using Google Cash-Software.(Emillionaire) I figured it would be okay to only request information for $2.00. So I entered my credit card information like a fool. I was billed the $2.00 and never received anything in the mail. Today I was checking my bank statement on-line and noticed two charges-one for $47 from Emill Recession Proof and one for $39.95 for Emillionaire. I did not authorize either of these charges. In the meantime I received an email from Emillionaire asking me to confirm my membership. I emailed them back and told them I did not authorize them to take out $39.95 and for them to cancel any membership and refund me the $39.95 immediately. They did respond and advised I would receive a refund in 5-7 days. I have emails from support@productcustomer with ticket#'s and their promise of a refund. I contacted my bank and advised them of the situation. They cancelled my credit card and took all my information and are sending me a report to sign. I tried calling the Emill Recession Proof phone number given to me by the bank. It said that number cannot be dialed from my calling area. I am livid that these creeps are doing this to me and other people. The Better Business Bureau really needs to help get these people out of business and charged for Fraud. And I want other people to know not to make the same mistake I made. In addition, Facebook needs to stop this company from advertising on their Website. AJ Phila, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #435605
Mar 19 2009
11:31 AM
Employment Select Wasted my time, created false hope, aggravated an already depressing situation. Internet
Like so many others, I had been searching for a job for sometime. I came across a site that stated they had a position as a forklift operator/order puller at a fairly high wage. I applied and shortly thereafter received a call that I should return a call for a pre-interview. I returned the call to a number listed in New York City. I stayed on hold for five minutes when I recalled a conversation with my wife regarding an outfit that will charge you a huge rate while you are connected on their line. I hung up to verify that this was not one of those numbers. I found out it wasn't and called back. Again I listened to a repeating recording of junk, some of which was very distorted. After some more wasted time, I decided to Google this place to see what they were like. The computer I was using has the Ubuntu operating system (with the Firefox Browser) that has the advantage of flagging bad websites. With few exceptions, every website they were connected to was red flagged! Don't waste your time with this outfit, they are preying people at their most desperate time! Speedshot Pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #435040
Mar 17 2009
10:16 AM
Vector Marketing - Manchester Area Vector Marketing is scamming college students and people desperate for a job. Manchester New Hampshire
My mother saw an ad on craigslist detailing a job that paid 16.50 and was in the Manchester area not too far from where I live. I applied on their website and was surprised to receive a phone call within a few hours. I was scheduled for an interview the next day at noon. I was told to arrive 15 minutes early, dress nicely and bring a pen and paper. At this point it seemed a bit odd to me that I was contacted so quickly and I was curious as to what the job actually entailed doing. I arrived at the office which seemed to be in poor condition. There were a few chairs laid out and a desk in front of a whiteboard. I introduced myself to a man who was assisting in the interview and was given a clipboard to fill out. At noon there were seven of us in the room and the interviewer named Kyle Preman started taking applicants into his office for a short 2-3 minute interview. When it was my turn I was interviewed with the typical cliche interview questions and was congratulated that I had passed the pre-screening. Only one of the applicants didn't pass the pre-screening and I'm not quite sure why. From this point on there was a 2 hour group interview in which Kyle went into some detail about the job. If you could call it an interview. He told us some history about the company, showed us the products we would be selling and how easy it all was. If there's one thing that came to mind it was infomercial, and I say that no in regards to what we would be doing on the job, but rather what Kyle was presenting to us. I haven't been to many job interviews but there has to be something wrong when the interviewer is trying to win you over. He made outrageous claims about the products he was selling and used examples that were highly biased in his favor to back him up (he had me cut a rope with a dull knife and then a brand new CutCo knife). He also won us over by using showman's tactics (anybody have a penny? I'm going to take this penny and cut it into a corkscrew, ooo, ahhh!). Towards the end he went over pay rates which is where my bulls**t detector went off. Apparently based on the average numbers after working there for 4-6 weeks you would be receving an incentive rate that under the pretense that you worked 36 hours a week, 48 weeks a year you would be earning approx. $200,000. As an entry level sales job there's no way that's going to happen. When I got home I looked up the company like I should have done and read about all the bad reports they have going for them. While I do believe that this is a potentially profitable job for those who are really good at marketing the average person this is aimed at will not succeed. They will be given the job, hit up their relatives and family for the first few training appointments and get sympathy buys, after which they will have exhausted all of their potential clients and promptly quit. The manager running the office though gets cuts on each starter kit he sells to applicants so it makes him happy. They continue putting up more ads for what seems to be a great opportunity and cycling through applicants and their family for easy business. I wish I could have warned the people there in the interview with me, they'll probably fall for this crap. Jon Some Town, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Manchester, New Hampshire
15, Report #243738
Apr 12 2007
07:42 PM
MIDLAND FUNDING - Javitch, Block & Rathbone - MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT Ripoff Here is another rebirth of a retired (dead) account date 12/1998 San Diego California
Not only did they change the date, they also changed the account number. As I research, there is a big problem encountered by consumers is the frustration of having debt buyers place information that is false and changing dates to keep those portfolio's alive for longer than the law allows. I contacted Rick James at 800.837.4601 to discuss this matter only finding out they want $1,649.23. He gave no mention that he was associated with Midland Funding or Midlend Funding. Michael Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
16, Report #445075
Apr 20 2009
08:58 AM
Emill Recession Proof - EMillionaire Unauthorized credit card charges Tampa Florida
Ordered a CD for the cost of shipping and handling on the internet. The advertisement said they were affiliated with Google. I was looking for a way to earn some extra money while working at home. The CD never came and I have 2 debits on my account for $47/each. These charges were not authorized by me, they were to only take the $2 for shipping the CD. The 800 number they provided the bank at the time of the debit is not a legal 800 number. The bank has closed my debit card and I have to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back. In the meantime, the CD came in the mail from Tampa Florida. I went to the website and obtained another 800 number so I called. After being put on hold to wait for the next available representative for a couple of second, a recording came over the line and said Good-Bye and disconnected me. If anyone has any further information out there to help me get my money back I would appreciated hearing from you. Hedy54 Pataskala, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
17, Report #507123
Oct 11 2009
07:43 AM
Amscot & Bonnie Amscot still taking money even thru recession orlando, Florida
I paid a visit today to my neighborhood amscot to change a money order that my mother had sent me for my birthday. Mind you a $50.00 money order.Due to the recession there are hard times for everyone,thats what Bonnie stated before she took half of my money order. Now in better times back in 2006 I used to used Amscot on the regular to take care of bills etc.etc ahead of time and slowly but surely my credit went up so I was able to receive larger amounts of loans.As luck might  it I was laid off and it was all down hill from there.Nonetheless Amscot was yet to be paid. So after losing my apartment,car and almost my dignity I fell hard.Since then I have been on a on going struggle just to put food on the table for myself as well as my family but when I go to Amscot they decide to of course verify who I am, ask for my I.D. and asks for updated information but fails to let me know that she was about to take my money. Oh yes recession or  not where  people are living on a thin line they want their money which I totally understand so She (Bonnie) states that I must make a significant payment now or else she can take it all.Ok take $5.00.Isnt that significant. Now mind you I owe about $500. That is $500 that I dont have.Oh did I fail to mention that this money was to complete my Late rent.Well of course to Amscot that doesnt matter.So she decides to take half or threatens to call whoever to see if we can take it all. Yeah sure just leave me out of house and home with my birthday money that my 70 year old mother sent and it was a Amscot money order.Now this wasnt a loan that I came by got it and left. If you know you have to build that amount up and was always on time and never failed to pay until our country feels the wrath but guess what. Bonnies answer to all this is Im just doing my job. Well said Bonnie, so how does it feel to take food out of someones mouth.She stated everyone is feeling the recession and my answer to that was some worse then others I have been out of work going on almost two years and I strongly believe that a sucessful company such as Amscot might want to use a different approach on how to collect whats owed to them. I havent ran nor hid from this company.As a matter of fact Amscot isnt the only one I owe and guess what? Because of what the country is going thru so is thousands even millions of others.Is the recession hurting Bonnie? I dont think so.She has a job that could be her carrer and shes what I call lucky Because what we are going thru can happen to anyone or is it that Amscot isnt aware that people are really messed up.So i just want to add that Bonnie was very professtional when taking what little money I have but when I dont have a roof over my head is Amscot going to let me stay with them. So now I have officially named Amscot the non-compassinate finacial service..I would have respected the fact if she might have told me upfront that the issue needed to be rectified because Of course I knew I owe the company but to act as if to throw the curve ball is out right terrible. I was born in Bushwick Brooklyn and when I say Im broke its because theres nothing but lint in my pocket not that I have 5,000 in the bank that I will use on a raining day.By the way if your not familiar with the area I grew up at,google it.It seems that Bonnie as well as Amscot is going to be ok as long as they keep taking money that is theirs but dont give 2 cents about what were going thru then so be it.I want to thank Amscot for making my birthday the best one I ve had in such a long time and hope they enjoy those $25.00.As for your employee of the month I wish Bonnie all the luck in the world because she should always remember that she could find herself in other peoples shoes even if they dont fit her.Of course this doesnt matter to Amscot because of the money they generate but my business is over with this company. You will get your money but its not going to be money that I have to pay my rent nor take food out of my familys mouth...No need to call since I imagine your company will be attempting to collect the  balance.
Entity: orlando, Florida
18, Report #433488
Mar 12 2009
02:19 PM
Career Network, Inc. Doing Business As Manifest Careers At least a marketing scam. At worst an identity steal. Orlando Florida
Websites like this need to be shut down. People desperately trying to find employment do not need this kind of stuff out there to get in the way. Seems legit to begin with because they are getting your info from Monster or Career Builder and sending you a come-on, to apply for something other than insurance sales. Phil Charleston, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
19, Report #306267
Feb 05 2008
08:31 AM
Auction Profits ,Bright Builders Con Artists, Report Them To FTC These 2 companies have ripped off so many people it's no wonder the country is going into a recession Boise Idaho
I listed a couple of items on E-bay just to try it. Shortly after Bright Builders called me with a story about how I could start an internet business for a certain price and how they could help me. They told me I would make enough money in 120 days to pay off the cost they quoted me. Clancy Yohman of Bright Builders aka Auction Profits Then asked me to get my credit cards so we could call and see what my limits were on them. Then he turned the phone over to his secretary Alta. She called Discover card and then conferenced me in as the lady at discover asked if it was ok to make the balance transfer. I was a bit shocked and then said yes. then she called my other credit card and they refused to do it as a balance transfer, they said it has to be done as a purchase. After that Alta told me there are no refunds and no guarantees. I immediately said I wanted to talk to Clancy, I told him I did not want to do this, I wanted him to take those amounts back off of my credit cards and he refused. I got very upset with him and he just kept saying there is no place you can start a business for this amount of money. I hung up and called Discover back and asked the lady to undo the balance transfer, she told me she could not do that, I also got upset with her. I know it was my own stupid fault, but it all happened so fast. I didn't know what to do. Clancy called me again and told me he would have somebody call me the next day with my coaching schedule. The next day I called Clancy back and told him to undo this, he refused again, and yes he started the whole speech about how wonderful my own business would be. I have requested a refund 7 times and he has refused every time. He also had a company called Innovative Tax Services call me Erin Hobbs said he was calling to get me a tax id # and he very rapidly rattled off a bunch of other stuff the bottom line is he wanted to know if I wanted SD for 830.00 or a fake address in Delaware for 1495.00. I blew up and told him I wanted no part of it. He then called Clancy and I was informed 1/02/2007 that Clancy paid for this for me. I did not authorize anybody to do any such thing. I don't even know if this is legal. On 12/17/2007 my husband told Clancy he wanted the money taken off of the credit cards, Clancy told him he would start the paperwork and my husband asked if he could count on him to take care of this and Clancy said Yes. Bright Builders is closed from 12/21/2007 until 1/02/2008. I thought it was being taken care of so I did nothing during the time they were closed. 1/02/2008 I called and asked Clancy if he had taken care of this, he said the refund department would call me. I called and asked for the refund department and got a voice mail, I left 2 or 3 messages, They finally called me at 5:15pm. A guy named Paul Castillo he said we don't do refunds. He told me I can't call a month later and request a refund, I said I have requested it 7 times, and Clancy told my husband he would take care of it. He pretty much called me a liar, he got Clancy on the line also, and they both called me a liar and told me they don't do refunds. I have been robbed by this company. Frieda aberdeen, South DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
20, Report #372240
Sep 12 2008
08:40 AM
Mrs. Carol Armstong - Star Capital Securities Inc & Brenda Hicks SCAM - Preying on your Financial Hardship in this time of recession Chatham Ontario
On september 11, 2008 I received a check in the mail for $4875 stating that i had been declared the winner of the North American Shoppers Sweepstakes. Right off i knew it couldnt be right because I cant remember when the last time i had been shopping or let alone window shopping. Can you say Recession? The letter went on to say please do not attempt to use this check until you call. So i called mrs. Carol armstrong but i blocked my number and i got no answer. I unblocked my number and she picked up immediately telling me to deposit the check into my account and call her back once i have done so. I didnt deposit the check but I called her back to tell her i did just to say that i had done so to get a response but there was no answer. what i dont get is how can they give you a check, tell you that 2975.00 need to be paid to the government tax by moneygram and then you will receive the $125,000.00. Why hasnt the government shut them down. They are obviously attempting to get peoples bank account. Their hard earned money. Its not right. Mrs. g. mitchellville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Chatham, Ontario
21, Report #856033
Mar 19 2012
10:04 AM
ING MORTAGE COMPANY My loan modification of 2 years denied in the height of recession. Single mom and 13 yrs at same RE job. Salary decreased in 2009/10. Granted interest only $790 month. I kept this up. In March of 201 wilmington, Delaware
ING mortgage out of Wilmington Deleware opted to alot me a loan modification in 2009. It was active at $790. month interest only until phone call last March. Ing asked me to jump through some hoops, pay some owed property taxes, statement of income at approx $20,000 year. Single mom and of course this was quite a change in my financial status over the 13 years i was with the same company. I recieved a call last March, in the height of recession stating they thought I had given them all the information they needed regarding revisiting my loan mod. I felt quite sure as I was diligently working, paying the interest only and my income was approx. the same that the Mod was secure. I get a bill in the mail in April stating I needed to pay the balance of March another. I was certainly shocked. I jumped the hoops only to note that I was not infact being granted the loan mod that had been in place for 2 yrs. I called ING.. The mortgage consultant said to me , Dont you remember me stating to you that you have a SURPLUS (LOL) of income. I meant you were denied. I told her that I certainly did not recall that conversation. And if mistaken she undenyingly did NOT inform me of the denial. ING purchased my home at trustee sale and now own it. I am I suppose at their mercy as to when they will give my family the boot. I feel I was totally wrongly and certainly not fully informed of their decision to revert my modification to an amount of $1680.oo a month from $790. interst only. Overwhelmed and disgusted I gave up as health issues arose from stress. Anyone knows how or wants to assist me with wrong doing by ING Mortgage  I welcome your calls or email.                    
Entity: wilmington, Delaware
22, Report #901125
Jun 21 2012
08:36 PM
City of Los Angeles/Parking Violation Los Angles solve Some Recession Problems by Senior Citizen Rip Off Van Nuys, California
On May 30, 2012, my son used my car to go to Target to get something for dinner. He used my handicap plague and when He came out of Target two traffic patrol officers approached him and asked him for his Placard ID. He explained that the placard was mine, his mother; (I) was at home. They give him two citations for $353.00 each. He came home and told me what had happened. I called the number on the parking violation and they told me that I was responsible for paying these tickets and that they was cracking down on kids and grand kids using their parents and grandparents handicap plague. The problem with this is; I did not lend him my handicap plague, nor did I have any knowledge of him using it, I always get it in my own car, or I will forget to get it when I go somewhere.  I was told that I am the one that is supposed to pay these outrageous fines. I am on SSI/Social Security Disability, where do I get this kind of money to pay this? I am barely making it and paying my bills. If I do not pay this money they can take my car and prevent me for renewing my auto registration this December. My son is unemployed, so I feel that something is really wrong with this law. The driver should have gotten the ticket instead of me! I do not feel responsible for someone elses actions. In addition to this, the officer filed an initial review for me on June 14, 2012 and then denied it on June 20, 2012, after I called their number to get information on how to file an initial review for myself!  When I called to get information on June 20, 2012, I was told on the phone that I needed to go and get a new placard and Id, and then I could pay $25.00 on one of the tickets, I was at DMV for two hours to get replacements. When I arrived at their Van Nuys Office, I found that was not the case. I was not offered any advice. I called the 1-866-561-9742 number that was on back of the citation and spoke with an agent who advised me to file for a hearing and a file for a payment waver. I needed to go home and get proof of income some I had to drive back across town and then back to return the information. The clerk filled out the form and had me sign it. Afterward, I read the form and seem that I was supposed to have filled out two forms, one for each ticket? That was yesterday, today I am just plain tired. I have returned to school and that is plague with problems too!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
23, Report #516935
Oct 29 2009
02:45 PM
Nation Wide Business Credit Previous employees of Nation Wide Business Credit are now with BALBOA CAPITAL. $2136.67 STOLEN from small business in recession. Beware of Nation Wide Business Credit thieves. Internet
Nation Wide Business Credit offered money to my small business.  They then asked for a $2136.67 first payment to send the money.  It was very hard to contact anyone after they received the check.  Yes, you guessed it, we never got our Bail-out loan form them.  Nation Wide Business Credit (800) 770-3638 does not answer phone calls or emails now.  RIPPED OFF!  This hurts...It is already tough enough to stay in business... then you get your money stolen by a Better Business Bureau Online Company! 
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #693404
Feb 10 2011
07:02 AM
M.O.R.E. INCORPORATED Now is CLUB 20 INTERNATIONAL At it again with BETA TESTER BETA 2011 PROGRAM Start with a start-up package to become a beta-tester with 50 recession-proof wbbsites. Internet
Received an offer in the mail from this company for a Beta - Tester 2011 Program. 50 powerful websites, hosted for free and maintained by them and a $595.00 free gift:  Cost: $9 one time administration fee.  $9 isn't anyhing so I started to do it.  Before I mailed it, (I've been burned before by  Free Grants Software) I thought I should check it out a little more in depth.  I searched with different terms at RipOffReport before I came up with complaints on M.O.R.E. INCORPORATED aka T.J. Rohleder.  I looked and only under terms, conditions and return policy is M.O.R.E. INCORPORATED listed and that is on the back of the Application Form that you have to send back to them!  It also looks like the same scam I read about in the 2009 reports on ripoffreport, but changed some how.  THE GUARANTEED MONEY WEBSITES  - 50 of them, is how it is claimed in the booklet they sent me.  I wasn't really sure if this should be filed here since now I am reluctant to send the $9 check.  Out of fear they'll start taking money from my bank account like they did the other people in 2009.  So they haven't ripped me off. I just find it odd that the web adress on the back of the booklet is now www. but on the application form it is  Like it's some kind of shell game or that they are trying to clear their name over past bad business practices. I just wanted others to know, since it was hard to find the reports from 2009 until I had done about 5 searches and I wasn't sure other people would dig as deeply as I did.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #658130
Nov 03 2010
02:07 PM
USA Supreme Technology Recession Proof I signed a contract for $9000 on July 13/10. This was for a Business in a Box Marketing . Pre loaded Mini Laptop / propriortory Software & a Business Module System ie MS Works 9 adobe, word, excell,op Pheonix , Arizona
On July 13/10 I signed a contract with this company over the internet.  It was to be a business in a box marketing system. Laptop came with it  which I did not receive until mid Sept. This system was to have software on it,  ie  MSWorks 9, Adobe,Word,Excel, Open office and much more, including a tracking system for sales. It did not have this on there. Ther was to be included 3000 targeted  qualified Leads.  10,000 targeted banner Advertisements,  1 custom domain name , Seo Submission keywords Optimization & meta tags. Domain was to be submitted to the top 350k SE's & directories i.e. Google, aol, yahoo,msn.ask jeeves, Microsoft, Ask, Dogpile & bing +  15,000 targeted unique leads. I have tried to get in touch with them since Sept. I was talking to one person who said he would get back to me next week  & we would shorten the domain. I never heard from them since. I have tried numerous times to get in touch  but, no call backs or phone was not available in my area.  I tried getting the money back from my crdit card but waited 2 weeks late of the 3 months. There was nothing they could do.  I AM OUT $9000. DOLLARS.
Entity: Pheonix, Arizona

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