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1, Report #1402059
Sep 24 2017
12:43 PM
Salt Lake City Psychology Jonathan Bone Self Medicating Counselor, Jon Bone, Jonathan Bone PsyD salt lake city Utah
I have been a patient of Jonathan Bone's for some time and chose to discontinue treatment after a few very serious issues arose throughout the course of my sessions. Specifically, Jonathan arrived to a few of our sessions clearly inebriated and incoherent. Initially, his treatment was very disorganized and he seemed generally distracted in our sessions. Over time, it was clear that he was under the influence of something as his speech was slurred, he would teter in his chair, and he was completely detached from our counseling. I have heard through the grapevine that some other patients experienced sexual overtures from Jonathan as well which is further distressing but not surprising if he is self medicating or self prescribing drugs and under the influence. In short, I would absolutely avoid this counselor and seek another skilled professional in Salt Lake with an established and positive track record.  I hope that at some point he will resolve whatever personal issues or addictions he is dealing with as he seems like a generally affable person but certainly in no position to be providing treatment to others.  Hope this helps others considering his counseling. 
Entity: salt lake city, Utah
2, Report #875982
Apr 30 2012
09:52 AM
Burton Lumber- Salt Lake City They can't design a truss Salt Lake City, Utah
Should Burton's Incompetence cost me $3200? Burton Lumber gave me a bid on a commercial building, but would not sign a contract or lock in their price, they only kept telling me that lumber prices kept going up.  I went to a competitor and got a price in-line with the price that I had originally been quoted by Burton, I informed Burton that they had not been responsive and that I intended to contract with a competitor.  Burton then informed me that their prices had increased about $6000-$8000 above their original quote, when I informed them that was too much and I would go with a competitor we agreed to split the difference and increase their price $4000.   Then Burton lumber sent over the design for the floor trusses.    A floor truss is much like a roof truss in that it is not solid and has cross members.  The advantage of using a floor truss system is so that building systems like:  Heating, plumbing, and electrical can be in the floor trusses and not suspended below them.  Burton's floor truss design did not allow any openings for the heating system.  When I pointed this out to them they told me it would cost an extra $4000 to re-design the floor trusses.  I think they were trying to make up for the amount they had tried to over bill me before.  Luckily they had not signed the contract that I asked them to and I felt that even if we worked this out any extra thing was going to cost $4000 to get back their money they wanted.  I informed them that I would not pay this and would go with a competitor.  Everything to this point, except for a truss design that doesn't allow for heating is just typical negotiations.  Then Burton informed me that I owed them for the design they had already done just to price the job (mind you that any lumber company had to do this to bid the job). I disagreed with this and told them that instead of billing for their incompetent work they should fire their designer.   Burton lumber has sent me a bill for their incompetence of over $3200.00. 
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
3, Report #444099
Apr 16 2009
12:10 PM
Advanta RIPOFF Salt Lake City Utah
I too have had my interest rate increased to 37%. Tony Stafford, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
4, Report #1036950
Mar 08 2016
09:16 AM Salt Lake City Utah
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
5, Report #303400
Jan 25 2008
04:36 PM
TruGreen Salt Lake City Chemical dependent, poor long term care. Salt Lake City Utah
I tried TruGreen-Chemlawn (801-974-5429) for more than 4 months. I paid a lot of money and it had some small improvement of green. But when I stop using them, two weeks after it became so yellow, no matter what you do. My payment to them was delayed, they sent to collecting agency and try to ruin my my cedits. Watch out what you get to. Frank43262000 POcatello, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
6, Report #331596
May 09 2008
09:19 AM
Loan Point USA, Salt Lake CIty, UT Fraud, Indenity Theft Salt Lake City, Utah
This company debited my account for $400.00 without any authorization from me. I called them to fnid out what was going on. The lady refused her name and was very rude. She aksed me my SS number I told her that I was not going to give it her. She stated that I had taken a payday loan out and refused to pay it out of my bank account that I had closed. So the ytook my ss number and located another account and took it from there. I explained to her that I had never done business with them. She stated that since they had my ss number an it was correct that I in fact did take out a loan. When I asked her was account number they sent the money to, I told her tha tI had never done business with that bank. She said since your ss number was associated with that account number they had they had the legal right to take their money from my account, and they only way they would give it back is for me to file a police report. But, they need the report with the hour or they would not return it all and consider the case closed. I asked fro a copy of the contract and she refused to provide me with one. This company is a fraud, they steal identities, banking information. They need to be closed down and prosecuted. Takenforaride McCordsville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
7, Report #567348
Feb 10 2010
11:22 AM
PRESTIGE FINANCIAL SALT LAKE CITY UTAH they harassed me and still are salt lake city, Utah
This company is the only place that would give me a car loan. I would have been better off going to buy here pay here place. not only did they charge me an ungodly intrest rate but they harrase you to death. in 2007 my house and everything in it went under in a flood. It was the most horrible feeling and to boot my car went under with it. prestige financial was notified right away and i did have insurance so they were going to get their money. They harrassed me from the first day for a payment. they called me everyday and threatend me. they got more than the car was worth but of course that wasnt enough and they somehow made it look like i still owed them money. they wanted 100.00 a month for 2 years. I had just lost everything and i didnt have a 100.00 a month to give. not to mention they wouldnt even finanace  a new car for me. even though i had never been late on a payment! now they have got a judgement against me and they would be harrassing me by phone but i got a new number. God only knows what else they will try to do. do not i repeat do not do buisness with these people. heartless company.
Entity: salt lake city, Utah
8, Report #551646
Jan 09 2010
04:42 PM
PRESTIGE FINANCIAL SALT LAKE CITY UTAH lied to 2 courts to get illegal judgement salt lake city, Utah
Lied to 2 courts in 2 states to get an illegal judgement against us.    
Entity: salt lake city, Utah
9, Report #1183170
Oct 15 2014
10:50 PM
Residence Inn Marriott Salt Lake City Spiders infested & Terrible customer service Salt Lake City Utah
I would never stay at this hotel again or recommend my friends and family staying there when they come in town.  I got a room here when I had a lot of family in town. I checked in and about 40 minutes after checking in the was a spider in my bed. I went down told the front desk and told the supervisor I didn't want to stay in that room and would rather stay in a crowded house then sleep with spiders. The supervisor said they would have their manager call me in the morning to give me a refund. The manager never called me then when I called in to talk to the manager she said that there is nothing she could do for me and that services were rendered. I explained how unfair it was and that I would be more than happy to pay a cleaning fee for laying in the bed for 10 minutes. She was very rude and said she would not be willing to refund me in anything. If your look for Very poor customer service and spiders in your room this might be the place for you. However I will send my family and friends elsewhere..
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
10, Report #1193290
Dec 05 2014
10:15 AM
Salt Lake City singles Scam Scam Scam Prey on the weak and vulnerable salt lake city Utah
I went to a presentation at Salt Lake Singles and they tried to presure me into buying a $3500 membership watch out this company is a scam
Entity: salt lake city, Utah
11, Report #1381131
Jun 25 2017
09:53 AM
Simple nutrition, salt lake city UT Salt Lake city Utah
 I purchased a trial offer of cbd oils for 1.99 plus 5.95 shipping. Few days later, my bank account has 79.00 taken. I reported it to my bank. They gave me the phone number attached to the charge. I called, it sends you through 4 prompts that are just a loop, it repeats. Except for the prompt that says if you're a bank, verifying. I got through, they say there is no record of me or my card number in their system! Rip offs!
Entity: Salt Lake city , Utah
12, Report #170396
Jan 04 2006
11:23 AM
First Class Cars ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
In April of 2004 my husband and I had puchased a 1995 VW Jetta. We didn't have any credit, and we were told that they report credit, and do in house financing. When we first had gotten into the car, the check engine light was on!! I went back in, and told the sales person, but reaasured me that it was just because it had been sitting there for a while and that it would go away. We ended up paying $500.00 to fix it because they had said we had taken it off the lot, and it was no longer their responsibility. We ended up paying $6000.00 more than it's value!!! We had payed off the car early, and they didn't report it on our credit. It took me 10 months of fighting with them for it to finally show up on our credit!!!! If you are thinking of getting a new/used car DO NOT go through them. No matter on how bad your credit is, it is not worth it!!! Veronica Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
13, Report #151250
Jul 25 2005
10:29 PM
Tanner Transmissions Ripoff, Incompetent Service Salt Lake City Utah
My story could have been worse if I have left my car at Tanner Transmissions. However, based on my first experience with the service desk I was fortunate enough to escape without any cost. Last winter, I researched for about one week looking for the right place to take my car for transmission work. I have a late model 740i and parts are expensive and not just any shop will service this car. Finally, I agreed to take my car to TT. I asked them to purchase the parts 1 week in advance. Several days later, I received a call from the service desk asking me to bring in the car because the part has arrived. So I talk to my brother-in-law and he politely gave me a ride after work top help me to drop my car off. When I arrived at the service desk, I discovered that the service clerk had NOT received the parts for my car. He insisted that I leave the car and that the parts would arrive shortly. I called his bluff and ignored his advice and after a few minutes blowing off steam, I decided to leave with my car. After that experience, I can also testify that TT is not all it is made out to be and I will never take my car back to them. John Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
14, Report #138230
Apr 09 2005
10:12 PM
Mike G Cook ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
Mike Cook screw his best friends wife george and he will screw yours to. Friendship means nothing to him. We were together for 6 years and I recently found hout he was purchacing red light nasty druggy whores. I called one of them on his cell phone and this nasty thing want to hook up at that overnighter hotel on north temple. I got in to his phone bills and he was doing almost every week. Some of the hotels were alta view motel, zions motel dreamn on drive by there have a look for your self. I mean this is where the hookers hang out here. I mean they are gross. What I want from you mike is that you return my daughters picture you stole from her presonal belongings. That I found in your work notebook I took them from you and you went through my stuff and stole them back. Those picture are when she was 17 better think twice. Mike cook works for ben savage and inovated for darrel and steve for sunstone who delvop house and apt. He drives a dump truck that say savage on the side of better stay clear because he probley has his hands and eyes on sonthing else. Lesli salt lake city, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
15, Report #95415
Jun 18 2004
09:14 AM
Tanner Transmission ripoff SALT LAKE CITY Utah
Tanner transmisssion gave me a bid of 12 hundred dollars well three days later it was 32 hundred, my transimission in my BMW still doesnt work right and will not stay in park, I made an appointment for the car and was rudely denied the opertunity to bring it in because the only have supposedly one lift that will take my car. so after waiting weeks i'm still waiting after delivering the car. Terry salt lake city, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
16, Report #80693
Feb 17 2004
10:15 AM
Wells Fargo overdraft fee shenanigans Salt Lake City Utah
Although I assume ultimate responsibility for the math error which caused my original overdraft, Wells Fargo seems to take sheer glee in piling on all kinds of fees. Instead of just one overdraft charge they order the checks to get the maximum amount of charges. The fees are $25 to $30 sometimes on checks as low as $5. These debits then cause more unexpected overdrafts and fees and when you finally recieve an overdraft notice a week later, it's too late. My fault ultimately, yes, but do I get to charge my bank $100s in fees if they make a math error? Disgusted with Wells Fargo and unhappy with their customer service, I resolved to take my business elsewhere. I proceeded slowly and carefully, running two accounts simultaenously, making absolutely certain that everything had cleared and the balance was down before closing my Wells account. For two months I observed my account which retained a balance of about $20, surprisingly there were no monthly fees ever assessed. I decided to buy stamps from their ATM to get the balance nearer to zero and then would see what I had to do to close the account officially. This left approximately a $4 balance in my account. I was surpised on my next statement when I had been (arbitrarily?) assessed a $8 monthly service charge which had left me with a negative balance of about -$4. There were no instructions or warnings of possible additional fees. I didn't recieve any overdraft notice. I assumed the account would be closed, as had been my experience with other banks, when the service charges had eaten up any remaining balance. I was flabergasted the next month to recieve a statement with a -$32 balance. I was charged numerous fees, including several $5 per day fees, with no notice during the month. I called them and was informed that I must now pay this amount before they will close the account, and presumably rack up more and more fees if I do not. Their infamous customer service informed me that they would not reverse any fees as they had followed Utah law and they were not in error. Val Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
17, Report #73418
Nov 29 2003
12:51 PM
Tanner Transmission ripoff unauthorized unnecessary repairs held hostage Salt Lake City Utah
My son noticed a transmission leak in his 1996 Nissan. Took it to Tanner transmission that day. Was told there was no way to give him any kind of estimate unless they took it apart. There would be a nominal charge. When we insisted on some type of price range, we were told $2500 for new transmission. Having no choice (since they had locked the car and were unable at that time to slim jim it open), we left the car there. My son tried several times a day for several days to get any information out of them. We were told - too busy, manager not here, etc. etc. Finally, they called with an estimate of $1300 and that we already had a bill of $443 for just looking at it. He also told us the clutch was 2/3's gone and needed to be replaced. We told them not to replace the clutch for two reasons: (1) we didn't have the money and (2) the clutch had been replaced less than 1 year ago and had been working fine. Based on that phone conversation, we understood we needed to find about $1300 to cover the bill. We heard nothing else until one week later with a call that the car was done and the total bill was over $1800. They had replaced the clutch in spite of being instructed not to. We had to get a loan to cover the cost and needed to use the car as collateral and, of course, the loan officer needed to see the car. Once again, in their wonderfully helpful manner, they refused to allow the car off-site long enough - either to have their staff drive it to the credit union or allow us to leave the title with them long enough to get the car seen. We were told to go down the street to get a title loan at a nearby payday loan office which would cost $3600 for a three month $1800 loan. The good news is the University of Utah Credit Union offered to do a signature loan instead. The bad news is, the entire loan had been processed on $1300 (our original estimate - since we were sure this professional company would not rip us off by performing unauthorized work). The more I found out about this company, the more I understood that arguing about the validity of the bill would be futile. Ya just don't get your car back - period - until everything is paid in full whether it is a valid, authorized charge or not! And. . . since they start charging daily fees for keeping the car, we decided to cut our losses, pay the bill and fight over the unauthorized repairs when the car is in our possession and no longer being held for ransom. I apologize for rambling but I am VERY disappointed, frustrated and ANGRY at these people for for taking advantage of people and showing absolutely NO flexibility, simply because they can. Teresa Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
18, Report #190137
May 05 2006
12:50 PM
Eyeglass World Huge ripoff, bait and switch tactics. Salt Lake City Utah
BAIT: Newspaper ad leads you to believe that you will be receiving a fair deal, ie: eye exam and 2 pair of eyeglasses with lenses and an eye exam for $69. You are told you can choose from any frames in stock, after you choose and go to final step, SWITCH, you are hit with the price of $249 or up. When you question this you are told there is a cheap selection of frames [all the same, and uglier than me] that you may select from. There is nothing in the store at $69 that you would want. BIG RIP OFF. Ray Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
19, Report #118916
Nov 19 2004
04:16 PM
El Caliente is a cockroach infested apartment complex Ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
I live in this apartment complex and was wrongly accussed of bringing in cockroaches. I have done everything, bombed, spraied, used the roach hotels, ect. to solve this problem and it will not go away. Our landlords have told us that we are dirty people and it was our problem. I have tried to break our lease and they refuse to let me out even though they have found the source of the problem and they now know that we did not bring them. This place is dirty and they have had silver fish, cockroaches, and mites. Please whatever you do, Don't Rent Here!!! Chels Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
20, Report #337558
Jun 05 2008
06:18 PM
W Talent Misrepresentation of abilities. Salt Lake City, UT 84121-2123 Salt Lake City Utah
I first signed with W Talent in August of 2007. I signed up for the VIP membership. This was the most expensive membership they offered but it came with extras like a personal trainer, a personal shopper and 3 photo shoots to name a few. The most important was that it guaranteed you at least one casting a month. I was told by my new face agent that not only would this membership help me to get a casting once a month but it would help me get booked sooner and more often. I left feeling very excited and my new face agent promised she would email me the schedule of the classes. I had my photo shoot just a few weeks after I signed. I received no direction at my photo shoot consultation on what to bring or even what to look for when choosing clothing. I ended up buying hundreds of dollars of clothing hoping I had bought the right thing for me. I should have been able to use my personal shopper but I never received any information on who it was or how I would get in touch with them. When I got there they were not ready. The girl that was doing my hair showed up late with huge dark circles under her eyes and was talking about the crazy partying she had done the night before. They finally picked out what they wanted me to wear and I was sent to hair and makeup. The girl doing my hair proceeds to tell me she is still in hair school and not even close to graduating or taking her state exams! Here I had just coughed up all this money for pictures for my portfolio and was promised the best W Talent had to offer and they couldn't even hire a professional hair stylist. The girl that was doing my hair wasn't even getting paid to do it! They should have just had me do my own hair because there would have been no difference. How unprofessional of W Talent. In the middle of my shoot a random girl shows up with her parents. They say that they also have a shoot scheduled for that day. Everyone starts complaining about the new face agents and how they over schedule the photo shoots. So my time gets cut short and when I go to get changed for my next look, my hundreds of dollars worth of clothes have been tossed on the ground to make room for this new girl. At this point I am questioning what type of business W Talent runs. I finished my first shoot with little to no direction in my posing and hair and make-up that looked as amateur as it gets. I knew that I would have 3-4 weeks to wait until my CD was in and after my fourth week of waiting I started calling wondering where my pictures were. I kept calling every week and every time the receptionist was extremely rude. She finally told me to stop calling and they would call me when it was done. To me a real business is true to their word, deadlines and promises and if they can't keep them they explain that to their customers. I was a little confused as to why I was getting yelled at when they were the ones not fulfilling their promises. I finally received my CD more than several weeks after it was promised. When I got it and took a look it only had five pictures on it. No one told me that I should have a copy of all the pictures so I never thought to ask for them. By the time I learned that I should have all the pictures W Talent had erased them all. To me that is a huge waist of money. They told me to approve my stats on my comp card (a business card for models) but my stats were not on the comp card. I called and the receptionist read the my stats they had to me and they were correct but when I received my component cards they were wrong. They all said 5'6 instead of 5'9. That is a huge difference in modeling. What another huge waist of money. I had not been receiving one casting a month and was told that even though I had paid extra for them I would not receive a casting unless I came to what W Talent thought was enough classes in a month. I finally got someone to send me the class schedule and I started to go. I was starting to learn a few things about the industry and I got to know some of the people that work at W Talent. There are a few really good and sincere people that work there. I kept working and pushing. I went to a few castings and I even got booked for two paying jobs in January. I still have not been paid or even notified that I will be paid for either. I kept going to class but then I started hearing more and more things that made me very uncomfortable about being a part of W Talent. At one casting I went to I was actually told to be careful at W because I would be taken advantage of. I also heard so many rumors from inside and outside sources that made me that W Talent was just a huge scam that couldn't manage their resources and took advantage of peoples ambitions. I finally went to my new face agent and explained that I needed the difference between the VIP membership and the cheaper membership. I had not been able to use all the extras promised in the VIP and I felt that I deserved a refund for that. At this point I was still ok with W Talent. I had a second photo shoot that I thought went well and I was planning on sticking it out for the rest of the year I was signed. My new face agent said that the refund would be no problem and she would talk to the finance person and get it going right a way. Well after that conversation she avoided my like the plague. She never took my calls or returned my messages and at W Talent she ignored me. I even sent her a few emails. I then learned from a friend that she was quitting or being let go and a new guy was taking her place. I emailed him and told him my frustrations and that I just wanted my money back. He never emailed me back. I finally called and asked him if he had read my email. He said that he had but apparently he didn't find my worries important enough to respond. He talked to me for a while and said that he work as hard as he could to remedy the situation. He said he would call me back with some ideas to get everything worked out because I was an important talent to the agency. He never called back. I have called and left several messages but he always seems to be in a meeting or away from his desk. I am sure that W Talent has helped some people but I just feel that I am not one of them. I think that W Talent completely misrepresented not only it's ability to help talent but also their faith in me. If W Talent is not willing to run a professional business then I think others deserve the right to know before signing with them. Charlyn Lehi, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
21, Report #412169
Jan 14 2009
05:52 PM
Farmer Insurance Fails to Perform on simple claim Salt Lake City Utah
Salt Lake City, UT.. It had been snowing for the last couple of weeks and then the sun appeared and the snow began to melt. My mother roof had began to leak so she contacted a roofer, they informed her that her roof needs replacing. A couple days go by and then on Wednesday of last week, swoosh, the ceiling in her bedroom collapses as did the hall closet and front porch, and water went everywhere. The bedroom furniture was covered, the bed and matress, along with other items. She called Farmers Insurance and thay stated that they couldn't get a claims examiner out to look at the problem until today, 7 get a claim rep out there because they didn't have anyone in the state. For a week, my mother was out of a place to sleep for an entire week, riduculous. 8 days later, the claims rep shows up, in a Farmers car, with Utah license plates. Anyway, she spent 4 hours looking around the house at floor level, she didn;t even get up in the attic to observe the damage, it was to dangerous, she said. After all said and done this is what Farmers Insance told us. 1. They wouldn't cover the roof because it was too old. duh 2. They wouldn't cover the ceiling damage because the leak was caused by an ice block. That is when snow melts and then refreezes causing the water to back up under the shingles. Horsehockey, isn't that why we pay for homeowners insurance. 3. They would however cover the bedding on the bed but wouldn't cover the matress or boxsprings because they were used. Isn't that why we buy a matree and boxsprings, to use them. 4. She also spent more time taking notes on possible, what ifs and what could becaome an issue, and stated that they would not cover any of these items if they were to fail. To all in an hears shout, It is my opinion that Farmers is to be the biggest RIPOFF of all the insurance companies, with State Farm being a close second. It is also my opinion that these insurance companies need to rake in all these premiums and deny claims to pay for there fancy cars and incompetent people. Shawn Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
22, Report #367035
Aug 26 2008
10:24 AM
I have Prepaid Debit account, My Real Money. I did not receive a new ATM card. I called on the 1st of August and was told my card would be sent on August 4 priority and I would receive it in 3-5 business days. No card! Called on August 8the and was told card was sent out on August 6 and would receive it in 7-10 business days. No card! caled on August 20th and was told the card manufacturer was having problems and they have no time line as to when the card would be issued but, they would send it priority at no charge! Have called just about everyday and still get the same story. The manufacturer is out of plastic. They won't give me the name of th card manufacturer, a phone number, onl the city and state! I have had no money this monthe and have a disability check to be deposited there on September 1st! It was too late to stop it! There is no lein or seizure on the account. It is SSI Disablity and it can' be touched anyway. There is no reason why they cannot send me a check, They take money out of my account every month for there fee with no problem yet, I can not get my money untill I get my new card activated. Just called again talked to another supervisor. Now, they can send me a check! It will take 30 business days to get to me!! It is bunch of bull----!! I have been lied to and do not believe anything they tell me now! I have had to borrow money to pay some of my bills when I have money in the bank! Hw ridiculous and pathetic is that. When or if I get my money, Centennial Bank would see another dime from me or anyone else I can tell. Is this bank in financial trouble? I am! Brenda WAPPPELLO, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
23, Report #721463
Apr 24 2011
10:33 AM
Jack Smith White Van Scam Salt Lake City, Utah
OREM - Utah. An Orem man fell victim to a scam he now wants to warn others about. It's become known as the white van speaker scam, where a sound system is sold for hundreds of dollars when in reality it is nothing more than junk wrapped in a nice package. A remorseful buyer told KSL it looked all too legitimate at the time. But when he got home and looked in the box he had just purchased, he discovered the speakers weren't worth anywhere near what he'd been promised. In this case, the sales pitch wasn't so much about buying speakers as it was about the possibility of turning around and selling the speakers for much more money to someone else. The speakers speakers came in good packaging with a suggested retail price of $2,199. Adam Orchard was driving down the road Friday night when two men pulled up next to him and asked him if was in the market for a surround sound system. Orchard says the men were wearing polo shirts and slacks and didn't look shady at all. They looked clean cut, they looked like car salesman, Orchard said. They were driving a nice SUV and asked me if I wanted some of their goods. The men talked of coming from Park City and sold the speakers that came in good packaging with a suggested retail price of $2,199. They wanted me to give them $300, and I started to walk away, Orchard said. Then they dropped it to $200 and they said, It's a tenth of the price of what they are actually worth.' The men even suggested he could sell them and easily triple his money, if he had second thoughts. Police insist there is little they can do in cases like this, other than pursue these speaker sellers for operating without a business license. Officers warn that buying from a private party can always be risky. The last place I would buy a sound system is out of the trunk of somebody's car in the parking lot of a local restaurant, said Sgt. Craig Martinez with the Orem Police Department. Go to your major retailers and buy one. It's advice Orchard now echoes to others. While he is only out $200, he fears others could be taken for much more. Make sure you do your research before making a purchase like this, he said. I was in a hurry and they took advantage of it, so make sure you know what you are buying. By the end of the transaction, Orchard was suspicious enough that he got the license plate number of the sellers. It turns out the plate didn't match the vehicle, giving police little to go on to find the two men
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
24, Report #738965
Jun 09 2011
06:00 PM
email this posting to a friend provo craigslist > jobs > marketing/advertising/PR jobs please flag with care: [?] miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow, or any promise of transaction protection/certification/guarantee. More info Promotional Model- Miller Lite Bat Babes (Salt lake City) Date: 2011-05-31, 12:38PM MDTReply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Promotional models needed! Work with one of the most recognized names in the industry Miller Lite. Miller Lite Promo Models are required to be at least 21 or older Models will be asked to attend events like the Salt Lake Bees Baseball game's and other events in Clubs/Bars in Salt Lake City.If you are out going and energetic and a people person please contact Tyler at 801-456-9776 Location: Salt lake City Compensation: Pay is between $25 and $35 per hour depending on experience and position held. This is a part-time job. Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. Please, no phone calls about this job! Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
Entity: salt lake city, Utah
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May 25 2011
02:30 PM
Fortis Collage Dental H program Salt Lake City, Utah
Fortis Collage is double the price. If you want to attend their SLC locaiton for the Dental Hygienist program cost about $50,000 at 32 months for completion. At Utah Valley University (open admission) their program costs $22,000 at 22 months. When you contact them for more information they are vague, (and try to get out of direct questions such as tuition),  and try to get you to come to a seminar. 
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah

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