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51, Report #942825
Sep 18 2012
07:27 AM
scoresense BIG A** RIP OFFS!!!! Dallas, Texas
I was on searching for homes when i needed to find out my credit score i had seen scoresense.  So i went and did it for me and my mother since it was only $1.  Low and behold i was charged Twice @$29.95  I emailed them and got nothing so when i was going over my bank statements online i seen 2 pending purchases.  I called to complain and closed both mine and my mothers account and was told that since i closed it before the payment was taken from my account i wouldnt be charged. lies!!!!  Went and looked at my account and sure enough it was gone!!!  So i called scoresense and they argued with me about when the money was taken from my account.  I have receipts of the withdraw so who were they kidding!!!  So after a few choice words with them they decided to tell me they would put in for a refund for the payments withdrawn from my account and id get an email from them in 2 days.  So we will see!!!!  If no email and no money i will surely be calling everyday until i get my money back!!!!  I hope everyone looks into scoresense before using it bc they are nothing but ripoffs!!!  And to make matters worse when i went to get my scores they didnt even have it due to technical issues!!!! Pisses me off!!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
52, Report #1306110
Jun 14 2016
10:58 AM
scoresense How idenity theft is done through scoresence Internet
My information was taken while I was not home by a thief.  He got my debit cards and my mother's and husbands identity who are deceased.  He used Scoresense to get additional information on me to rip me off.  These kind of companies make it easy for a preditor to find out how they take your money and to establish credit on deceased peoples accounts. Thier level of security is not at all safe, because I filed a police report on the thieft and it didn't help.  They don't care as long as they can  bill someone for the fees.  I ended up having to pay over $80.00 on a bill I never knew of.  It took two payments before I could get it all corrected and put a stop on everything.  This company is very dangerous.
Entity: Internet
53, Report #1341838
Dec 07 2016
07:07 AM
ScoreSense Ripped off $39.95 out of my debit card Texas
  on December 5th@ 22.40 hours charge my credit card $39.95 for a credit report I never used I've also heard about other people being ripped off by the same website.
54, Report #890279
May 29 2012
11:03 PM
ScoreSense ScoreSense, a product of One Technology LP The Company That Keeps on Taking! Dallas, Texas
A free trial offer to check my credit report with all three agencies has turned into a nightmare I cannot escape from. This company has been told several times that the service is not wanted and it is to be cancelled. Each time there is an attempt by the company to keep me enrolled, then a reluctant agreement that it will cancel the service and stop debiting my bank account. The next month another charge is made and the circle continues. Each time the company claims that some step for cancellation was not completed but now it will be taken care of. And they continue to debit my bank account. There has to be a way to make it stop. I'm paying $29.95 for nothing. They are not helping me or my credit score in any way. They are just ripping me off, month after month, while they laugh at me. I need help!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
55, Report #848831
Mar 05 2012
09:59 AM
ScoreSense ScoreSense, a Product of One Technologies LP Beware! Cancellation process is an ordeal! Dallas, Texas
I fell into the trap of a loaded trial membership!  I checked the company through Google and found many complaints about this company. I decided to cancel. The cancellation process was an ordeal. You can only do it via phone. They make it it so difficult! They do not seem to answer phone calls. When they answer, you get drop calls. Once you give your reasons to cancel the trial membership, you have to bear a long sales pitch before you complete the process. A lot of wasted time. In my first attempt to cancel, I gave up after 35 minutes wait for somebody to pick up the phone. The second try took 42 minutes. A lady named Ash from Pennsylvania managed to drop the call. I tried again. After other wasted long minutes, this time, almost an hour, I finally got a nice lady (Brenda from Texas). I finally got my cancellation confirmation number on time. Beware!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
56, Report #869567
Apr 16 2012
05:51 PM
ScoreSense ScoreSense are the very thieves they vow to protect you from Dallas, Texas
I called them to explain a $29.95 charge for a service I did not ask for.  It was an ad for a $1.00 combined credit report and score that I requested.  No email welcoming me to this service that was valid per them for 25 days. They resend this welcome email: We hope that you'll want to keep enjoying the benefits of membership when your trial membership to ScoreSense expires at 01:36 PM (CST) on 4/3/2012. If so, no further action is necessary on your part and we will bill the monthly membership fee to your credit or debit card. The charge on your statement will appear as OTL* If you wish to cancel your membership, please call us before your trial membership expires and your card will not be charged. They have become the predators they promised to be protecting us from.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
57, Report #949157
Oct 01 2012
12:27 PM
ScoreSense Almost ripped off by Scoresense - you have to read the fine print people! Internet
I clicked on this Scoresense link for the alleged free 1.00 three bureau credit report.   I was reluctant to put in my CC number, I always am - but wanted the combined report so proceeded.  You have to READ the fine print - it's very clear that this is a 7 day trial period and you will be enrolled for credit monitoring for 29.99 per month if you do not cancel in time.  This is what it says in the email confirmation notice We hope that you'll want to keep enjoying the benefits of membership when your trial membership to ScoreSense expires at 12:56 PM (CST) on 10/8/2012. If so, no further action is necessary on your part and we will bill the monthly membership fee to your credit or debit card. The charge on your statement will appear as OTL* If you wish to cancel your membership, please call us before your trial membership expires and your card will not be charged. I was not impressed with the report so I called to cancel within HOURS of the membership.  The person on the phone was nice enough, almost TOO nice and I just wanted to get the thing cancelled so I continue to be polite as possible - she started in on the high pressure sales so I would keep the service - offering her employee discount of only 9.99 per month... NO THANK YOU... the pressure continued... it got down to 2.95 per month for something - NO THANK YOU... please just cancel it... she was miffed... but cancelled it - I got the confirmation - I am hoping this does not show up on my credit card despite it all For those of you reporting that you didn't know you were going to be charged, it's because you dont read the information, you just read some of it and dont follow up on your emails.  These trial memberships are VERY common - so if you get ripped off it's because you were not paying attention.
Entity: , Internet
58, Report #937427
Sep 06 2012
09:00 AM
Scoresense Scoresense charges your credit card account with NO warning Internet
Signed up for a free credit report which I downloaded.  Little did I know that doing this signed me up for a $29.95/month service.  I looked at my credit card statement 4 days into the month and saw the charge. I immediately called scoresense to cancel the service and have the charge removed.  I was denied have the charge removed or even the unused portion of the charge removed.  Seems like companies with common sense integrity are getting hard to find.  DO NOT do business with a company like this that tries to take advantage of its customers.
Entity: , Internet
59, Report #935744
Sep 01 2012
11:19 AM
scoresense I'm a retiree in Indianapolis and got ripped off by scoresense while completing info for a job! Dallas, Texas
ScoreSense ripped me off for $29.95!  While completing application information for a job, they indicated that the company would be doing a credit check and I could get a Free printout; I needed to click on submit to complete the job application.  Then I checked my bank account to verify my debits, and there was the ScoreSense charge!  What a racket they have going; scam for the senior citizens . . . sign up! 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
60, Report #962200
Oct 30 2012
02:32 PM
Scoresense Scoresense are building their wealth on our backs without our knowledge Internet
This company withdrew money from my account without my knowledge and my consent, I did not sign up for their services and they claim they got it all through one of the credit reporting companies when I was checking my FREE annual credit report.  When I called them they listed a long list of services they offer and thought it wasn't a  good idea to cancel, but I never asked for their services. This is like stealing from a person so you protect him.  
Entity: , Internet
61, Report #765962
Aug 16 2011
03:10 PM
Scoresense ScoreSense, a Product of One Technologies LP Scoresense charged 29.99 to my credit card without my permission! Internet, Washington Dallas,, Texas
I too am reporting  OTL*SCORESENSE for charging my Credit account $l.00 and then $29.95. I did not request any trial or yearly posting on my Credit Scores. This is a real scam. Please help us get our Money back. They claim I must be approved by the Main Headquarters for review. That will take up to three weeks. Get these guys. Thanks
Entity: Dallas,, Texas
62, Report #890305
May 30 2012
06:10 AM
scoresense can never reach to cancel,continue to debt account monthly. Internet
first used in may tried to cancel before the 7 day period but was unable to reach company by phone or able to cancel on website.still having problem reaching anyone, a definite rip off.
Entity: , Internet
63, Report #818038
Jan 04 2012
05:35 PM
Scoresense I didnt even know they were charging my account until I got my monthly statement Internet
I just so happen to get my monthly statement because money was being missing off my card and notice that there were charges that I didnt authorize on my account.
Entity: Internet, Internet
64, Report #820148
Jan 09 2012
02:25 PM
Scoresense They charged my credit card $29.95 for a service that I did not sign up for. Internet
Last month I received a charge for $29.95 on my credit card. I did not sign up for this monthly service. When I called to stop the monthly charge, I asked for the details on when I enrolled in the program.  The person at Scoresense was unable to provide this information. To her credit, she was quite agreeable to canceling the service.
Entity: , Internet
65, Report #838101
Feb 12 2012
06:26 PM
Scoresense hit my credit report with a 50 point deduction when i canceled my membership. Internet
To whom it may concern,     I  was signed up with scoresense for the trial period and i was going to cancel when they offered me they chance to get the services for 9.95 a month in which i accepted.I had the services for several months and was fine with it until i found a totally free website that basically the same thing for free(Now when i called the people to cancel i was on both web sites looking at my credit score which was at 719,718,and 703 according to their reports,and by the other website it gave me an overall score of a 719). as soon as i got off the phone i noticed my credit score fell to a 664 like someone ran a check against my report .......I DON'T KNOW MUCH...BUT THAT SEEMS WRONG TO ME......and it really hurt because i am just starting to get my credit straight.
Entity: , Internet
66, Report #825296
Jan 19 2012
01:37 PM
Scoresense this company is an absolute scam artist and rip off ,BEWARE, Internet, Internet
I reviewed this company on the website and it said it would give me a credit report for $1.00.  I filled out the information including my credit card number BUT NEVER HIT THE SEND BUTTON TO CONFIRM MY PURCHASE. I immedately then see a monthly charge of $29.99 and when I contact them, they refused to refund my money.  I suggest you contact your State's Better Business Bureau, file a small claims action against them, or notify the Attorney General's office in your state about this absolute fraud.  DO NO, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT give this company your credit card information.
Entity: Internet, Internet
67, Report #828542
Jan 25 2012
03:21 PM
ScoreSense Charges your bank account for a FREE credit report trial... Internet, Internet
I signed up for a FREE credit report on, and was charged $1.00 to my bank account. There was no notification from the website that I was about to be charged. I never even got to see my credit report! It may only be a dollar, but it's still not free, and it's not fair that they don't let you know beforehand.
Entity: Internet, Internet
68, Report #827166
Jan 23 2012
01:39 PM
ScoreSense They are refusing to issue a refund promised me back in December. Dallas, Texas
I thought I was getting to view my credit reports for $1. When I received my credit card bill the $1 charge was there along with a second charge of $29.95. I immediately called ScoreSense and asked what the charge was for. They said I signed up for their service. I was unaware of this and cancelled the account and asked for a refund. I was assured the account was being closed and a refund would show on my next statement. Upon receiving my next statement, I found that a refund was NOT issued. I again called and was told that the first agent didn't put one through and that they would notify me in 48 hours. i received an email from them in 48 hours telling me they weren't issuing the refund. I again called and was passed between two customer service reps. The second rep said she would put another request in and we asked that she state that we were told in December that a refund would be issued. We now have to wait another 48 hours for a response. Beware of this company.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
69, Report #914888
Jul 20 2012
09:08 AM
Scoresense Stole money from my account.Asked for $1.00 took $30.00. Will Not refund my money. Internet
I thought I was spending $1.00 for three reports.Only got one report. Then without my knowledge they took $30.00 out of my account. They will not refund my money. They are stealing money, this is a scam.
Entity: , Internet
70, Report #713025
Apr 02 2011
11:31 AM
scoresense Credit Score Ripoff-Charged 29.95 Without Authorization-Fraud Dallas, Texas
Simular story to others. They say $1.00 for a Free Credit Report but then charge $29.95 after 7 days that they say is a free period. On the phone the girl said they would stop the charges and refund the money ($29.95).  Today I received this email reply:Dear Elijah,After careful review of your ScoreSense account, we have determined that we're unable to approve your request for a refund for the charge of $29.95 that occurred on 3/29/2011. Your request was denied because you requested the refund after your initial free trial period expired or because there is not enough information to substantiate a fraud claim.I wish there was a way to ban Scam Artists like ScoreSense from the Internet. Beware! Beware!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
71, Report #765471
Aug 15 2011
02:55 PM
I went online for free credit score through Scoresense.  They asked for a credit card number and applied a $1.00 processing fee.  The next month there was $29.95 charged to my account, even after I contacted them and cancelled the service immediately after receiving my credit scores.  I contacted them with my complaint and they tried to sell me more services (which I have no need for whatsoever).  They told me that Corporate would be contacting me within a few days because they were not authorized to issue refunds.  This is the biggest ripoff company!  They're website doesn't mention any fees and I did not given them authorization to charge anything from  my account.  Consumer beware!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
72, Report #963896
Nov 02 2012
02:49 PM
OTL Scoresense Deceptive Marketing; will not refund credit card charges Internet
Used the online free credit report to evaluate my credit after my husbands death.  I did authorize a $29.95 charge for what I read as unlimited credit reporting for a full year.  I subsequently received MONTHLY charges of $29.95 for allegedly those same services.  When I noticed the billing after the initial 29.95 I called the 800 number on the credit card bill to 1) cancel membership effective immediately.  I spoke to Anna who persisited trying to upsell me on the services after I requested her to just cancel .  After her 3rd attempt to upsell I asked to speak to her supervisor.  Her supervisor was in a meeting but she could send in a request to corporate for a refund.  I declined and said I would wait for a supervisor who then magically could speak with me.  Cornelius  said he was unable to refund any charge.  He would email corporate and I would be contacted with a decision within 2-3 working days.  There was no physical way for me to speak with a living person in the refund dept as per Cornelius.  I told him while I was on hold waiting I was filing a complaint with Ripoff Report and filing a fraud charge with my credit card.
Entity: , Internet
73, Report #966541
Nov 08 2012
03:23 PM
ScoreSense Would not give me my refund of $29.95 Dallas, Texas
This is the email I received from Scoresense. This email was sent to you by ScoreSense. Please add to your address book to ensure delivery to your inbox. scoresense Membership ID: 22525379 Dear C, Thank you for contacting ScoreSense Customer Care. After careful review of your account, the following refund requests have been processed: Transaction Date    Billed Amount    Refund Status 11/02/2012    $29.95    Not Approved Important Refund Status Information: Approved: The refund should post to your credit card or bank account within 3-5 business days. Not Approved: The refund was not approved because you requested the refund after your communicated billing date. If you have any further questions about your ScoreSense membership, please call us at 1-800-678-5464 (Monday through Friday 8 AM 8 PM CST, Saturday 8 AM 5 PM CST or Sunday 12 PM 6 PM CST). Sincerely, ScoreSense Customer Care SSCS31 Celeste Greenville, South Carolina
Entity: Dallas, Texas
74, Report #931648
Aug 23 2012
02:53 PM
scoresense used free credit report scam to put charges on credit card, Internet
I asked for these people to remove the fraudulent charge they placed on my credit card and they asked for every piece of information that would be necessary to steal someone's identity. When I said no they said they could not verify who I was without it so they could not issue a credit. I am going to have to call my credit card company again to dispute yet another fraudulent charge. Do not ever give these people any information. They obviously have more than they need if you got a charge on your card.
Entity:, Internet
75, Report #947628
Sep 27 2012
04:54 PM
scoresense unauthorized use of my debit card - they made monthly withdrawals, Internet
in 9/9/2011 Scoresense took advantage of me by prolonging a week's service for $1.00 to monthly debits of 29.95 from 9/09/2011 to  9/09/2012.  I called them yesterday and they cancelled my account but refused to show me my authorization and to prove it also, for them to continue to debit my account.    They said they did not have to prove or show that I approved this membership.    They have taken $359.40 of my money and are not willing to discuss any kind of remuneration.  I have filed a claim with their management but they probaly all speak the same language.  What to do?? \
Entity: Internet, Internet

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