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51, Report #542636
Dec 20 2009
11:58 AM
Sears Holdings Redding, California Sears vstore horrible delivery, customer service Internet
My wife and I bought a new washer/dryer from Sears in Redding, CA.  Our washer was totally shot.  When it was delivered the pedestal for the washer was missing and the proper parts to hook up the dryer were not there.  We had to wait another week for the next delivery where we live.  Due to Sears mistake, another $50.00 at the laundromat.  The second delivery, washer installed, STILL no correct parts from Sears to install the dryer.  They even suggested I go to the local hardware store and install it myself.  I wrote Sears custoner service, explained the situation and expected some type of cut off the price, drop of delivery fees, something like these companies used to do when they fouled up.  This was on top of the lousy service in the tool department the same day we bought the washer.  The sales lady in the appliance section actually sold me the tool kit I wanted because the sales people in tools were standing around.  So now I have to nwait another week to get the dryer installed.  And all we get from Sears are 'canned' e-mails.  They are not the store they used to be.  I will not shop there again, and I have shopped there for well over 25 years.
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52, Report #546516
Dec 28 2009
08:21 PM
Sears Sears & Roebuck Price Match Policy & Customer Respect Pottstown, Pennsylvania
At a recent trip to Sears to buy 3 major appliances with a total of nearly 4300.00 my wife and I had a rather pleasant turned sour experience.Day 1: Shopped in store, picked out numerous appliances we liked and ended up ordering all 3 that day.Day 1: Later that evening, my wife was looking online for competitive prices, to see if we can go back and make an even better deal. Success! Day 2: Return to store with print outs for local -- and i mean local as in 3 minutes down the street competitors - Lowes & Home Depot.The Home Depot Pricing & their ResponseWe were informed that the pricing from their website was not valid as the site said Internet Special -- yet we had just been in the home depot, and they had the same prices in store. They had a 10% mark down on all prices in the appliance department. The general manager of the Sears stated that while they could match the standard price for the refrigerator they would not honor the 10% off price. If we had done as the GM had stated, we would've saved around 200.00, not the 400.00 we would've saved going to Home Depot. While this made little sense to my wife and myself as as price is a price, whether its a 10% discount or a 150.00 mark-down, its still a discount. We canceled the order for the refrigerator. Lowes Versus SearsWe then had another price we wanted to match. This one I was thinking would be difficult, as unlike the home-depot price match, we had 'slighlty' different product numbers from Sears to Lowes. While both had matching features, the item numbers were off by 1-2 digits. Same model, same look, same buttons, dimensions etc. They of course did not match this either.End of story? We really liked how our original sales person helped us, we despised how Sears treated us in regards to the price match policy.Below is a more detailed recollection of the event:While i spared the above details the emotions involved, the first reaction to our attempt to price match by the sales person was to brush us off and tell us they could not do the match because they were 'internet prices'...for a local B&M. After pulling over an area manager who quickly read the print out and said yup, can't do it, and walked away...we pressed more for added help. We were told we would need to go to home depot, bring a copy of the pricing over for them to match it for Sears to consider matching the price. We responded with doubt that we should need to go through the effort if a phone call & our print out from the website should suffice. After this pleading, the sales person said fine, and ended up calling home depot which confirmed the pricing. She found out our price was correct, but then said she still could not match it -- because the Home Depot dept had a 10% mark down, and they do not match that. With shock, i asked for a manager again. She said we had talked to one already, and I pursued further, when finally the GM of the store arrived. She then confirmed both that we couldn't match the price and it was all that she could do, but to match the 'non-sale' price at Homedepot, which was already 200.00 less than the sears price. We denied this and canceled the order, as it would save us 200.00, but not the full 400.00 that Homedepot could offer.. At this point, including the attitudes we had been given, we knew matching the prices on the washer/dryer would be a lost cause as in that scenario, the item #'s were slighlty different between Lowes & Sears. We canceled this as well, and ended up going to the local two competitors, paying less for the products and NOT paying shipping.
Entity: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
53, Report #646819
Oct 02 2010
07:50 AM
Sears Sears refuses to return payment for cancelled order! Internet
I ordered a Sears riding lawnmower online and later that day (5 hours) changed my mind on which one I wanted and looked up the Sears return policy and it allowed me to cancel the order with no penalty. I called and did so and the Sears employee helping me ( From another country apparently) refused to give me a cancellation number and tell me when I would get one. It was like the TV commercial when Peggy is on the phone. First thing is they said my phone number was not good and when I gave them my confirmation of the order that had the exact phone number on it they said that they did not have access to view my confirmation number?  lol   Took me an hour of debating before they found it.  After trying and getting no help I then called and asked to speak to a manager and we directed to another Sears employee who also seemed to be from outside the USA. She was a manager and also refused to help me and I asked for a simply email from Sears justing stating that the order was cancelled and she advised it was against Sears Company policy to do so. I then emailed the complaint dept. and one week later have not heard back from them either and as of this morning they still have my almost $2000.00 and refuse to give it back to me. I have lost $2000.00 and still have no riding lawnmower!
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54, Report #668775
Dec 06 2010
09:32 PM
sears sears steals christmas!!! huffman estates, Illinois
took my vehicle in for a simple oil change on november 19th, went to pick up my car, several technicians watched me as i got into my car and tried to start it. it made a huge noise like it was going to blow up. i turned off the key and jumped out of the car and looked back and the techs had all scattered! they let me get into the car knowing that it would not work!. i went back into the shop and after several exchanges between myself ,the man that handed me the keys and the tech that actully worked on my car i left the shop and told them to repair my car and i was not taking it until they did. the men that worked there would give me no names or phone numbers to call a manager or area manager, they insisted they did not have numbers or did not know their names! the next day i went into the shop and the manager was there , he told me dont worry maam i will fix it i told him thank you so much, i was so worried that you were not going to repair it!!! he said he would take care of it. several days went by and after no word from the shop i went back over and was told by the manager his area manager was coming down to authorize the repairs on the car. i said ok just please have it repaired by thanksgiving i need to drive it and i am borrowing another car! ok maam i left. the next day the manager informed me that the area manager said it was merely a coincidence that when they drove my car into their bay,  it suddenly broke down and they were not going to repair it! i became very upset and left the shop once again! after an hour went by the store manager called my cell phone and said maam we have decided to go ahead and take your car to a third party shop to see whats wrong with your car. at this point i am telling them to do whatever they deem necessary to get the car repaired. the monday after thanksgiving i noticed that they had not moved the car anywhere and i called their executive customer service line and then suddenly early that morning they took the car to the third party shop( a shop that sears refers work to all the time). this shop reported back to sears that the repairs would be well over 2500 dollars and that i could purchase a whole new engine for less than that! sears destroyed my car and they have no intentions of fixing it! they have now assigned an insurance adjuster to the case who when i spoke to this person was also saying already that it was a coincidence and no fault of sears . i believe they drained the oil out of my car and did not properly put oil back in and started and drove the car with no oil in it! it is now december the 7th and i am still waiting for a repaort back from the insurance adjuster. i cannot purchase christmas for my children because i dont know what it will take to fix my car or if i may have to purchase another car!! sears stole our christmas!!
Entity: huffman estates, Illinois
55, Report #812626
Dec 21 2011
07:00 PM
Sears Sears Holding Corporation Failed Delivery / Poor Customer Service Internet
Customer Service Department,   I am writing to express my disappointment and extreme frustration with the experience that I have had with Sears during this Christmas Holiday season. On November 26, 2011, I ordered a Sportspower 12' Light Up Trampoline and Enclosure for two children from a low income family as a Christmas surprise for them and their parents. I specifically ordered from Sears due to the quality of the product and customer service that I had received in the past. When ordering, I paid special attention to delivery options. To be exact, I made sure that Sears could deliver after 5pm. In fact, the website stated that deliveries could be made up until 9pm. This was very important, as I previously stated, this was for a low income family with a mother that works during the day. It is not feasible for her to leave work to have a Christmas present delivered. Upon ordering, I was able to schedule a delivery date of December 13, 2011. Without my knowledge, the mother was contacted on December 13, 2011 about scheduling the delivery. At that time, she was told that the delivery could not be completed after 5pm. However, she was extremely excited about receiving a Christmas present for her children that she was not able to give them that she explained the situation to her supervisor and she was allowed to leave for the day so that she could receive the trampoline. THE TRAMPOLINE WAS NOT DELIVERED. We have yet to receive a viable explanation. While the young mother's supervisor was courteous enough to let her leave work early, the time that she took off was unpaid. It is my understanding that deliveries can only be made to their specific zip code on Tuesdays. Since the trampoline was not delivered on December 13, 2011, the delivery was rescheduled for December 20, 2011. Again, the mother was contacted and told that deliveries could not be made after 5pm. She was told that they could deliver during her lunch time and gave her a time of 12:15 to 1:15pm. She waited at home until 1:45p and took a two hour lunch. Again, the time off was approved by her supervisor but with the loss of pay for the extra hour. She waited at home until 1:45pm and then had to return to work. She received a call at 2:15 stating that they were trying to deliver the trampoline to her house. THE TRAMPOLINE WAS NOT DELIVERED AGAIN. At this time, it was agreed that they would make the delivery after 5:00pm. As of 9:00pm, there was no delivery and no phone call with any sort of explanation.  Upon speaking with several customer service representatives today, I am being informed that the trampoline cannot be delivered until after Christmas. The earliest anticipated date is December 27, 2011. This is not acceptable and is very devastating. The point of a Christmas present is to receive it on or before Christmas. Throughout my long and multiple conversations today, I was told that the reason that it wasn't delivered was because the product did not come in. Well, this just tells me that the customer service at Sears is pathetic and untrustworthy, because they were just making up things and excuses and had no sincerity in assisting me. The product was definitely in or there would have never been an attempt to deliver it. I have no patience for being treated as if I am unintelligent. Upon speaking to the third and fourth representative with the last contact being a lady named Sharmeka, they were under the impression that I wanted to cancel this order and reorder. NOW, what sense does that make?  Why would I want to cancel an order because I could not receive it before Christmas and yet order another one that I would still not receive before Christmas? Although it did not alleviate my problem or frustration, Sharmeka was very nice and informed me that she did not directly work for Sears that she worked for a third party. I asked her could I possibly get the trampoline sent to a store so that it could be picked up at Sear's. She said that I could do that but it would take 12 days! This was not acceptable either.  At this point, my only solution is to cancel my order and request a refund. Sharmeka told me that she could not cancel my order but would put in a request to cancel my order and that it could take 3-5 days for me to receive an email about my request. From there, it will take 7-10 days for a refund. I paid $291.02 for this trampoline! So, where are we now? I have 2 children that will not receive their Christmas present for Christmas and a low income mother that can't afford to buy her children anything other than a few items from the dollar store for Christmas. To add to this grotesque story, she has now missed approximately 6 hours from work that was unpaid that I will now have to reimburse her for in addition to my rapidly building expenses. I am out $291.02 until Sears decides to refund my money. It is curious that you quickly charged the price of trampoline when I ordered but now it sounds like I may be looking at around 2 weeks before I get my money back. So, in order to get these children something for Christmas, I have to have the $291.02 tied up in your process and now I have to expense out of pocket for another trampoline from another retailer that will hopefully have a little more competence than Sears.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. I can't even find the words to express what I would like to say to you. Unacceptable, ridiculous, incompetent, unreliable, untrustworthy, and inexcusable do not even begin to describe this entire incident. Needless to say, I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN whether online or in-store. I will advise anyone I know to do the same. And I will post this Christmas Story on every website, social media, and blog that I can find and I assure you that it will be many.  Respectfully,  Paula Landry 
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56, Report #969590
Nov 15 2012
09:38 AM
Sears Telemarketer Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Sears has curtesy called 3 to 4 times a week for the past month with an offer for  life insurance.  I have declined every time and finally told them one more call and I am cancelling my card.  Well today I have cancelled my card. Thank-you Sears for pissing of a card holder and customer since 1977. Not a big ripoff but I want to let Sears know that they should tell their telemarketing company that no means no, especially after  5 or 6 phone calls.
Entity: Winnipeg, Manitoba
57, Report #977698
Dec 04 2012
06:40 AM
Sears Black Friday Toolchest Scam Internet
I too was a victim of Sears Black Friday Online Scam.  I got up at 2 a.m. to be first online to order the Craftsman tool box kit for my husband's Christmas gift.  The three tool boxes were combine total of $199.  I ordered it, paid for it, received my confirmation number, and then went on my merry way to the rest of my Christmas shopping, assured that I would pick up his tool chests at my local store in 3-5 days as I was told.  When I didn't receive any further communication from them, ( the emails they sent went straight to greymail in my internet carrier), I contacted sears through confirmation number and found that they had cancelled my order after 2 p.m. that day.  Had I known that they were going to do that, I would have either went to my local Sears or their competitor that day and purchased one earlier.  When I asked why they cancelled my order I was told that the ran out.  There were 203 in the entire nation, so I probably wouldn't have received one had I gone to the store either.  When I asked why they were still available online that day, I was told that I could reorder one, but at the new price of $351 plus tax combined, but that they could not honor the price I ordered it at.  They  generously offered me a 10% discount for my trouble! When I went higher up and found a person that would honor the price, his email didn't read the same way at the company as it did on my computer.  I was asked to resend him the email  and ask him to send them the directions to give me the original price.  I was then asked to wait for 24 hours for it to reach them.  Meanwhile they had someone else respond to my email, offering to cancel my order< ( which I didn't ask for) and telling me that if I reordered it, they would generously give me a 5% discount!  This stinks!  I am out of a Christmas gift, and two days of my life, and they get by with this crap all of the time! I will not shop Sears or KMart anymore if they don't fix this!
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58, Report #987408
Dec 26 2012
09:17 PM
Sears Refund RIPOFF Omaha, Nebraska
I purchased a snow blower on 12-02-2012 for $577.68. On 12-04-2012 they canceled the purchase due to lack of inventory. Since 12-04-2012 I've been calling and emailing Sears daily trying to get my money back. When I call them they tell me it will be 5-7 days before I get an E credit or a gift card in the mail. When I email them they tell me I'll have it in 1-3 or 3-5 days. It has been 22 days and I have nothing but false promises from Sears and it's employees. I've been a loyal Sears customer for 40 years and this will be the last time I ever shop there. I will shop where I am appreciated and treated with dignity, even if it costs me more of my hard earned money!
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
59, Report #1019628
Feb 24 2013
05:17 PM
Sears Misleading Sales , Internet
Sears advertised this week that they were having a mega tool sale.  The biggest tool sale up to 50% off.  When I checked their prices for a set of impact sockets the price was $25 cheaper last week.  Some Mega Sale!!  I can understand a store wanting to rotate sales, but don't misrepresent your prices...that's bad business.  What happened to that company.
Entity: Internet, Internet
60, Report #929515
Aug 19 2012
03:48 PM
WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLIANCE FROM SEARS AGAIN!!! Late on Friday July 27th our freezer died and we were going to loose a side of beef unless we purchased a freezer within 24 hours..  We went immediately to the Puyallup Sears store at 9 a.m. on the 28th.  We asked to buy the floor model of this Frigidaire 20.6 cu.ft. upright freezer. We had researched this Frigidaire freezer on the web and discovered that this was a highly rated model. The clerk in the appliance department said Sears won't sell the floor model.  We requested to talk to the manager of the store and a person who said she was the manager (We later found out she was not a manager.) confirmed that Sears won't sell floor models but assured us that she had this exact model in the Kent warehouse.  But Sears couldn't deliver the freezer until Tuesday.  However, Sears said we could rent a trailer and pick up the freezer ourselves the next day, Sunday. On Sunday, we rented the trailer, picked up the boxed up Frigidaire freezer in Kent and returned to our home in Puyallup.  We cut open the box only to discover that while the carton was labeled Frigidaire Model Number FKFJ21F7H, the freezer in the box was a Crosley brand freezer and not a Frigidaire. We immediately took a digital photo of the freezer door that said, Crosley, and went right back to the Appliance department at the Puyallup Sears.  None of the store clerks we dealt with on Saturday including the manager were in the store.  So we had to explain to a whole new set of folks what happened.  In the meantime our meat was rapidly defrosting. After a couple of hours of discussions and phone calls on Sunday Sears agreed that we should keep the Crosley freezer for the next few days and load our meat into it until Sears could figure out what to do. Sears continually insisted that they dont sell a Crosley Freezer and had no idea how one got into a Frigidaire box with Frigidaire labeling.  In fact on closer inspection we found that while the freezer door was a Crosley brand the actual body of the freezer and the motor were made by Electrolux.  Yet all of the warranty paper work and operating books were labeled Frigidaire. By Tuesday Sears suggested that we just keep the Crosley freezer and dont worry that it wasnt a Frigidaire.  Since we paid nearly full price for a Frigidaire, we wanted a Frigidaire.  Additionally, since Crosley is made by Whirlpool, we knew that this freezer would have no manufacturers warranty because we didn't buy it from an authorized dealer.  Sears told us that we should just buy their extended warranty and not to worry about the manufacturers warranty!!!  We refused because the Crosley freezer door with an Electrolux body would void any warranty that Sears was trying to sell us. A week later Sears delivered the correct Frigidaire Freezer but they tried to take back the Crosley freezer before we even plugged in the new Frigidaire Freezer to see if it would work.  We refused to release the Crosley freezer which held our side of beef.  Once we determined that the new Frigidaire Freezer worked we transferred our meat and called Sears to schedule a pick-up of the Crosley freezer.  Sears was unwilling to pick up the freezer for another week. To insult to injury, the Frigidaire Freezer was missing the shelf bookends which we paid for and they are on order.  To date (August 17th) we havent received these bookends and dont know if we every will.  Sears ordered for us around August 1st. In the numerous Customer Service phone calls to Sears we never spoke to an American based call center.  All call center representatives were in India. In multiple phone calls to the Puyallup store and in multiple trips to the store we never spoke to the same person twice.  In fact we never again saw the lady and man who wrote up the initial sale and charged our credit card! Sears never offered us any compensation for our rental trailer or for even Im sorry.  There never was any follow-up by anyone to see if the Frigidaire freezer was working or to see if we were satisfied customers!  In fact after Sears charged our credit card/made the sale, they acted like they didnt care if we ever come back in the store! Weve been Sears customers for over 40 years but well spend our money elsewhere after this experience!!!
Entity: Puyallup, Washington
61, Report #940453
Sep 12 2012
11:57 PM
Sears Bad Customer Service - Delivery Internet
We ordered a refrigerator for my daughter because hers went out.   We went into the Laguna Hills store on Sunday.  They said the soonest they could have it delivered would be Tuesday.  My daughter had to take the time off of work to be home.   They called during the delivery time that was scheduled and said they would have to reschedule to Thursday instead.  There was a dent in the refrigerator.   I called them and told them that she had no refrigerator since Saturday and has 3 children!  I asked if they could leave the dented one until they could deliver a new one. It didn't seem to matter with them.   I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was put on hold for 10 minutes.   Finally, she came back on and said they are still researching it and would call me back.  NEVER did.  When they said they wanted to reschedule for Thursday, my daughter told them that it would have to be after 4:00 p.m. because she could not take off work again.  They said they could arrange that.   They called tonight, Wednesday and said that they would deliver it between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.  She explained that she was told 4:00 was o.k. when they last talked.  The lady said that it the scheduled time (1:30 - 3:30).  My daughter asked to speak to a Supervisor and they hung up on her.   So I called and explained the situation and was put on hold.  No one ever came back.  So I called again and talked to another lady.  After a very long hold, was told that they could deliver it @ 3:30.  I explained that it would have to be after 4.   She said that is the best they could do and  hopefully, the delivery would be  @ 4:00 - that sometimes the drivers are late.    I am so disgusted with Sears and the bad customer service that we encountered.   Will NEVER shop there again. 
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62, Report #952376
Oct 08 2012
12:00 PM
Sears Unbeatable Return Policy Internet
Think twice about Sears. Ordered from Sears which when returned product to store, we were told it was a third party vendor. Called third party vendor, and wouldn't take it back.  They said it was received 8-29-12 and we called (Sears third party vendor) on 9/24/12 and they said it was passed 30 days.  The person talked to was Glen and they just kept saying it was past the time when pointed out it wasn't past 30 days.  I'm stuck with the product after calling Sears customer service and talking to the case supervisor, Maria.  Sears are changing by using third party careful ordering from Sears for the holidays.  I've made a formal complaint with the Attorney General.
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63, Report #995386
Jan 11 2013
05:48 PM
Sears Deceptive Practices , Internet
I need your help securing a refund from items purchased at Sears Online. I purchased brassieres from Sears online and never received confirmation of the purchase, nor any status updates regarding delivery. I was suspicious as I have ordered from Sears many times and always received status updates. I contacted Sears to find out what happened and they said it was not their mistake, it was Easy Fit Brands' mistake as they were the actual vendor. I thought I had ordered from Sears and would have never trusted a second-party vendor sight-unseen. I eventually received my items but by the time I received them, I did not need them anymore. The items are unworn and in the original packaging with all tags intact. I needed to return the items and I spent 1 hour driving to the Sears store and dealing withcustomer service there. The customer service center at the store in Thornton,Colorado referred me to the corporate office. I spent two hours on the phone while in the Sears store trying to resolve the issue to no avail.  I spoke with several people, and the last identified herself as a Case Manager and said that no one was above her when I tried to escalate the issue. She eventually put me on hold and no one ever came back on the line. Very frustrating! This transaction is a deceptive business practice. I thought I was buying from Sears. The website has the Sears name and Sears info plastered all over it with the name Easy Fit Brands in small type that is a faint shadow. I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. Please help me return the items in order that we may reach resolution.
Entity: Internet, Internet
64, Report #1047707
May 01 2013
01:33 PM
Sears On Line Ordering Internet
I called Sears to get parts for my gas grill.  The call center agent was very helpful in looking up the model number of the grill and the replacement parts that I needed.  He asked for a credit card number (which I did give) and then told me the price of the parts.  What he did not tell me was that he hit the enter key before he gave me the cost of the replacement parts ($208.00).  I told him that I can by a new grill for just a little more that the cost of the parts and did not want the parts.  I then found out that there is no way to cancel an order after it is entered into the system.   I asked to be transfered to a supervisior and which he did.  The supervisior told me the same thing - once the order was entered, it can't be canceled.  She did issue me a return authorization but the cost of the parts is on my credit card and will not be removed until after the parts are returned and the credit has been processed.  Since it takes about 7 to 10 days to get the parts to me and several days to return them to Sears, the charge will be on my monthly bill before the credit is applied.   Please make sure that you know the cost of anything bought through the call center before you give them any credid card information.   I personally will never buy anything from Sears again.
Entity: Internet
65, Report #1041035
Apr 05 2013
03:30 PM
Sears Horrific service Lawrence, Kansas
My complaint is related to Sears merchandise and service. I purchased a new refrigerator 8/19/09. Today, I was told by a qualified service person the refrigerator was low on refrigerant, indicating a Sealed Refrigeration Unit problem. I called Sears...1st mistake. The first person barely spoke English, the second person spoke some English, the third person was helpful as far as it goes. Except, they argued the warranty did not cover the Sealed Refrigeration Unit as it was out of warranty. I told them my manual indicated a five year warranty. They acknowledged such, but then tried to tell me I would be responsible for parts and labor. After I read the passage, Costs for pick up and delivery of the appliance required because of service. Costs for labor, parts and transportation other than with respect to the cabinet liner or Sealed Refrigeration System. they finally agreed to send me to their scheduling department. By now, I have been on the phone for more than an hour.  Their scheduling person says, The soonest we can have anybody there is the afternoon of the 18th (nearly 2 weeks away). I explained this was the lone refrigerator in the house and it needed to be fixed as soon as possible. They adhered to the 2 week schedule. Fully one and a half hours later, I am convinced Sears is third rate merchandise and service. So, now I am on a mission to let everybody know how lousy their merchandise and warranties are. I wouldn't buy a towel from them now. You can help by spreading the word.
Entity: Lawrence, Kansas
66, Report #1060024
Jun 18 2013
10:48 AM
Sears Mistreatment La Jolla California
Sears has a long tradition in my family.  Large portions of my parent’s kitchen, shed, and washroom appliances have all been purchased here.  The jeans I am currently wearing I purchased at Sears.  The bicycle I learned to ride on was purchased from Sears.  I grew up with this as the go-to store for things you need in order to get stuff done. I drive daily, I am a commuter, and I put miles on my car.  Knowing only what my father has showed me, I am a novice beyond checking my oil and changing a flat.  My father goes to Sears, so when it came time for routine maintenance on my car, naturally, I chose Sears. I needed to have my A/C fixed for the summer, I figured I should get a tune up, I wanted my battery checked, and I needed brakes.  The price, $500, steep for a kid still in college, but if I had learned anything from my past, it was that Sears is a place that consistently gets the job done.  I go catch a movie, and pick up my car a couple hours later, and drive home. The next morning the check-engine light came on, and I brought the car in after work.  This is where things turn south.  Normally, I can just drop off the car under my father’s name, give them my cell phone number, and pay when I pick it up.  This time, I was told that I cannot use another person’s profile, and must fill one out.  The attendant struggled to figure out the computer system, and after a couple of minutes the attendant was able to add me to the computer.  No problem.  This is normally the part where I get to go wait somewhere.  However, the attendant required my presence at the car as the mileage was recorded, and plastic was placed over the steering wheel and seat.  Back inside, I signed the work order and was on my way. I decided to grab a bite.  After placing my order, I received a call from the attendant stating that the only employee with the engine code reader has left for the day, and had apparently taken the reader home with them.  I was told to bring in my car tomorrow, and come pick up my keys. Twenty minutes later, I show up to pick up my keys and be on my way.  There are four people in front of me.  Which in a repair shop is about a 20-minute wait, the attendant from earlier helps one customer before punching out for the day.  Another attendant, I’ll call this person #2, now proceeds to take over and gets the line moving.  Finally, it is my turn, I explain what I was told, and #2 proceeds to explain that since no work was done, the ticket needs to be voided out before I can have my keys.  After voiding the sale, which equated to what I assume means delete from queue of open tickets, the attendant proceeded to find my handwritten ticket, and return my keys. This is where the problem arose.  #2 then walked into the shop, and came back empty handed, saying, “I’m sorry sir, but I cannot find your keys.  Since I did not open your ticket, there is nothing more I can do for you.  I will call my manager, but until I receive a call, please wait in the lobby.”  I begin to think that this is not a normal procedure, and after waiting patiently for 30 minutes, I go to see if the manager has returned the call.  #2 says that the manager will not be in until 8 am and there is nothing that can be done.  This is where I lose my temper.  I ask #2 to please check the shop again, and after 20 minutes #2 returns empty handed and proceeds to move on to helping the next customer.  I then proclaim, “Where are my keys?”  To which the answer was “I do not know sir, I only work nights here.” What kind of cop-out is that?  You are working here now; I don’t care what else you do.  You own up for someone else’s mistake, and help me.  I reply, “How do you lose someone’s keys?”  #2 then says he will check one more time, and disappears into the shop.  10 minutes later, I decide to walk into the shop, and what do you know.  There is only one mechanic, and #2 is nowhere to be seen.  Now unless #2 was in the bathroom (no pun intended), he has left for the day as well. I have now been waiting for my keys for over an hour, and decide to ask advice.  I call my parents house, and tell them my situation.  They suggest I call the cops.  I think this is a bit drastic, but I agree and proceed to call the local police station.  To my surprise, the local police station is closed on Mondays, and I am greeting by a recording, which suggests I call another number.  I ultimately decide that this is not 911 worthy, and decide to go rogue.  I walk into the shop and walk around the counter.  The lone mechanic is busy, and does not notice.  I begin to look around, directly behind the counter on the wall I see a bin labeled, “Overnight”.  I reach in and pull out the first ticket.  I look for a name, and notice that it says my mother’s name (why did I spend all that time making a profile?).  I am so angered at this point I take the entire pouch and walk to my car, which was left unlocked and call home to let them know I have my keys. So 3 hours later, I still have a check engine light.  I paid $500 for service, which now requires another shop, not Sears, to look at it and fix the situation.  I can understand apathy for your job, and I do not hold any grudges against the individual employees.  However, I do hold the corporation responsible.  I believe these employees acted to the extent of their training, which probably only included pointing out how to use the computer and which box to put tickets in.  I do not need to be subjected to this display of degradation. I am R**** **** and I am boycotting Sears.
Entity: La Jolla, California
67, Report #1058617
Jun 12 2013
12:58 PM
Sears Not their problem Internet
 In March I ordered a table from Sears. Before I ordered it I asked on the phone if i was not happy with the product could I return it. I was very weary of ordering something very expensive online. The table was 1250.00 and wanted to make sure I would be happy with it. When we finally recieved the shipment I was wrapped in a large palate. We signed for the palate and began carrying it inside. After unwrapping it It only contained 4 boxes and it was supposed to contain 6. After months f calling sears and filing claims and sheading tears the merchant finally sent me the legs of the table so I could atleast ste up the table. We are still missing 2 chairs so sears investigated and the conclusion to their investigation was basically told to me that it wasn't their problem. The problem lies in the merchant since it was not a sears product. He however has not responded to emails or answered phone calls. The shipping company notified me that the claim I filed with them was denied because they picked up the package and it was already wrapped. I just lost my teaching job and are not able to buy new chairs. Sears refuses to hold any responsibility for the product they have endorsed and refuse to do anything since I was told they have tried to contact the merchant but got nowhere.
Entity: Internet
68, Report #1058808
Jun 13 2013
08:27 AM
Sears Account-Care Illinois
 I've been a credit card holder for many years. I bought into the account-care for credit cards,I never thought I would have to use it ,but did. I became un-employeed for 7 months and started to fall behind on my credit cards.Sears called me and reminded me of this service, account-care and that I qualify for under the terms,they put in. So I applied for it,sent all the information they asked for. And to this day nothing has happened?? I quess this is another type of insurance you pay for, but get nothing!! It must be nice to be able to charge a fee for something,and then turn around and not do anything for a long term customer, who fell on hard times?? I now do not put insurance of any type on products I buy,including credit cards.Because none of them stand behide, THERE POLICY!!    
Entity: Illinois
69, Report #1092796
Oct 18 2013
06:33 AM
Sears Repair rip off toledo Ohio
 Purchased a push lawnmower with electric start etc for $400 in June 2013.   Ran fine for a few months and then started smoking badly.  I immediately shut it down and took it to Sears on 10/14/13.  I was told over the phone originally that the issue would be disagnosed at the store and if it could not be fixed it would be sent to Detroit for repairs.  At the actual store i was told that my information was incorrect and that my mower would be sent to Detroit for diagnosis and it would take 2 - 3 weeks. After spending nearly an hour trying to drop it off - there were only one other customer and he was being waited on - i finally completed the transaction.  I was told that I would be contacted with the problem.    I was called on 10/17/13 and told that there was an issue with oil and that my cost would be $105 and that it was not covered under the warranty but a rather rude female.   Upon reviewing my repair slip that evening i noticed that I would be charged $40 regardless.   I decided to go ahead with the repairs.  When i called the 888 number for the repair center i was told that I had already declined the repair.  I stated that I was well aware of that but in realizing that I would be charged regardless I would like to find out what the total out the door cost would be for the repair.   Now, i am told that the repair cost is $115 and that if i decline it would be $45.  Interesting that the price increased for no reason on both ends.  I told the girl to forget it and get my mower back asap as i am sure i can get the simple repair done for a much more reasonable price.   I will not longer shop at Sears or any of their other holding - such as Kmart - no will any of my family members.   Congrats for losing our business for $40...............or is it $45.  Guess it depends on who you talk to there.
Entity: toeldo, Ohio
70, Report #1104472
Dec 04 2013
10:24 PM
Entity: marietta, Ohio
71, Report #1155088
Jun 16 2014
07:43 AM
Sears Warranty repair scam Nationwide
They wanted me to pay over a 100 dollars on a warranty repair of a well maintained push mower. I realized they wouldnt fix it  after it was already on the truck to their repair center. Fortunately I got it back up and running and it's a great mower but I understand their warranty that comes with their mowers are a scam to try and get people to pay for costly repairs. The mower was 200 dollars, I bought a 4 dollar can of starting fluid and had it up and running again. will be weary of future purchases from sears. 
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #1147206
May 16 2014
08:09 AM
Sears Whynotleaseit Dishonest Byram Mississippi
I went into Sears and used their why not lease it option since I was in a hurry to purchase a lawn mower.  Mine had just broken and I needed to get my grass cut.  I purchased the weed eater cash and used their why not lease it plan on the mower.  The mower's price was $400-450, and I have since paid over double the amount of the purchase price.  I called the company and advised them that I wanted to exercise my buyout option on the mower.  I got the price of $186 to pay it out after I had made 10 payments of 62.71.  I accept the fact that after the first lease went out, I did not buyout when I needed to so I accepted that and carried on.  The second time I called and spoke with a female who I told once I got paid I was going to buy it out.  When I called to actually pay it, the phone number I dialed hung up on me twice!!!  I am contacting my bank to reverse the charges and I will buy out at the price I was given or I will stop the payments all together until they contact me in person.  I believe that when you have leased and paid over the amount of the product, they should allow you to have the merchandise since they have received more than what they would have gotten if I had bought it outright
Entity: Byram, Mississippi
73, Report #1151333
Jun 01 2014
09:58 PM
sears searswhynotleaseit false advertisment searslease to own chicago Nationwide
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #1194092
Dec 09 2014
07:49 AM
Sears Appliance FRAUD Nationwide
I purchased a dishwasher thorough Sears, using my Sears Credit Card, in Novmeber.  It was due to be delivered on 12-2-14, then again 12-8-14.  Never delivered and they cannot locate the order.  I have spent nearly 20 hours on various Sears telephone numbers trying to locate my purchase.  Today is the 9th and still no news on when it will be delivered. They tell me that it is no being delliverd to a different state.I strongly suggest that you stay away from any and all online Sears purchases, as they do not have the internal work-flow processes in place to handle such an order.
Entity: Nationwide
75, Report #1197920
Dec 27 2014
10:34 PM
Sears Contractor Mike Diaz Philadelphia PA
Mike Diaz moved Philadelphia area!! New Jersey - be aware.   please check the link below - his photo is the number one on the photo collage. The article said  Charged with threats or extortion, public assistance fraud and three counts of petty theft..  

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