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26, Report #1194466
Dec 10 2014
12:02 PM
I saw the advertisement on Facebook. My husband is a huge Cowboy fan and knew he would love the shoes, and also a great Christmas gift. They were quick to take the money out of my account. I received and email thanking me for my order and they would send an email with my tracking number to my email address. A week later I called there number provided. I talked to a woman about my order cause I hadn't heard anything from them. She said it would 6-8 weeks cause the order the shoes from Nike and once they receive them the customize them and then they are shipped. I had funny yesterday to call them and when I tried the number gives a busy signal and the website is gone and they are not on facebook. I can get over not getting the shoes, but what about my money. That was $257.64. Now I want to know how can I get my money back.
Entity: CORSICANA, Texas
27, Report #1375347
May 25 2017
11:54 AM
Sevenmileonlin Took money no goods received. China Internetchina
 I bought a bycycle wheel from sevenmileonlin and have not received the item. It cost 13 pounds. They are almost impossible to get hold of and will not reply to my query.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #477925
Aug 09 2009
05:54 PM
d**k's Sporting Goods Would not take back BRAND NEW BIKE NO WEAR!!!!! Bourbonnais Illinois
This is a copy of what I sent the BBB, only to have them close the complaint because the store said I was satisfied. Here is what took place: 1. Purchased 3 bikes from Dicks Sporting Goods on 6-24-09, 2 diamondback bikes, and a matt hoffman bike model number XG3HOFFMAN/N, all with 2 year warranty's. 2. Took bikes home only to have to return the Matt Hoffman bike as the brakes were not working correctly. 3. Bike Tech, Aaron could not repair the brakes properly, took home after he had the bike for 4 hours, brakes would not stop the bike. 4. Took bike back to store 6-25-09, Terry, i believe the bike manager, told me a bike tech from up north was coming down that weekend 6-27,6-28-09 and was better at repairing the bike brakes since it was a new style. Then I got a phone call from a person claiming to be from Dick's telling me that my bike was ready for pickup. Only to find that it was a employee that quit and took my information as well as others and called them. I still do not know if my information was compromised or not as they would not admit to it. Their reasoning was the original papers were there, like copy machines do not exist. 5. Got no phone calls about the bike as of 7-3-09, called and was told the bike tech would be down this weekend 7-03,7-04-09. 6. Went the to the store today at 1:15pm as Terry the manager was suppose to be sometime after 1pm, only to be informed that he was coming in at 2pm because he was running late. We talked to april who said she didn't have the authorization to refund or exchange the bike and to wait till the bike tech fixed it on Monday 7-6-09. That is the third date I was given that this 'bike tech' was coming to fix the bike I bought over 10 days ago that I have yet to ride. I got this as a response when I requested information about returning bikes to the store. Yet the bike had only left the store approx 1 hour when I returned it as it was not working. Hello Steve, Thank you for contacting Dick's Sporting Goods Customer Service Department. Our return policy allows for the return of new merchandise. In the case of a bike purchase, this is more of a safety factor. We certainly would like to see if we can assist you in the repair of your bike. Please feel free to continue to work with the store to correct the issue you are having with your brakes. Please feel free to write back if I can be of any other assistance. Best regards, Kim Dick's Sporting Goods Customer Service Rep 6 The people I talked to were April, Terry, and Aaron. I am done with this nonsense and I am requesting that the store refund my purchase as they have had the bike ever since I bought it, I rode it once for an hour with almost no brakes. This is extreme to me as its just a bike and it takes 2 weeks to fix why would I want it after this mess. My desired resolution was this: I have asking for an exchange or refund since the management kept changing the dates the bike would fix the bike. I am looking for a refund now as I do not feel comfortable with the repair tech's that they have in the store for the type of bike I bought. This was the final result: I was able to return the bike to the Highland, IN store with no problem at all, I would like to keep this complaint available so people can see what kind of service the Bradley Dick's Sporting Goods store has. I also tried to purchase another bike from the Bradley store but skip the bike manager from looking at it since the other 2 bikes had to be taken else where to be repaired. The brakes still did not work properly, my purchase was refused due to I did not let him check the bike out before purchase!!! He messed up the other 3 bikes he looked at why would I want him to look at the new one that was going to a professional bike shop for a tune up after my purchase anyway. THEY CLOSED THE COMPLAINT BECAUSE OF THIS, THIS IS WHAT I REPLIED WITH: My complaint was NOT SOLVED!!! THE STORE IS NOT customer friendly and does not honor its own policy... BUYERS NEED TO BE AWARE!!!! Stiven bradley, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bourbonnais, Illinois
29, Report #468170
Jul 10 2009
05:39 AM
T And B Sporting Goods double charged me and sent me fake golf clubs. then did not refund my $1020 Bellevile Pennsylvania
i purchased a set of golf clubs (callaway x-22 iron set) which t and b sporting goods claimed to be real but canadian. i purchased the clubs and was told they would be shipped in 48 hrs by the owner himself. i was then charged twice for the clubs. (519.99 twice). well a month later, i recieved the clubs after fighting with him about it and always getting lies and excuses. the clubs came and they were fakes. i took them to dicks sporting goods and confirmed that the x-22's were fake. i sent them back and t and b never refunded my money or my double charge. my bank is fighting the credit card company for my money back. i got half of it back so far. this company WILL lie to you and send you sub par merchandise. they don't answer telephones and they try to rip you off. i didn't fight in iraq so americans can take advantage of other americans. Matt brownsburg, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevile, Pennsylvania
30, Report #760761
Aug 04 2011
08:53 AM
Guangzhou Jianhua Sporting Goods Factory Leo * Scammer * Fraud * Ripoff * Scam Do Not trust him. He will scam you... Ripoff... Fraudster... Scammer Internet, Internet
This guy Leo is a professional con artist, Fraudster & scammer!!! His fraudlaulent company Guangzhou Jianhua Sporting Goods Factory can be found on  His cell phone number is: +86 13416128089  His email addresses are: & also He promises to make you a G-1 pool table that is identical to the Authentic original. He then asks for a 50% deposit & delivers absolutely nothing. He steals your money & scams you. Do not trust him as you will be just throwing your money away... He is un-ethical & a god dam crook. I am contacting the authorities in China to make sure he does not get away with this & defraud anyone else ever again. SCAM *** RIPOFF *** FRAUD *** CON ARTISTS *** SCAM Do not trust this company: They are a SCAM. They will take your money & you will never see the G-1 pool table you are ordering. I found this GOLD member on thinking I was safe doing business with them. The email communication was beautiful until they got my money & then they dissappeared. They conned me out of $900 USD. I tried to use & they said no. Finally, I wanted to believe that it was for real so I sent a western union. This Leo character is unscrupulous & a theif... I am going to create a firestorm of problems. I am PISSED & determined to get even... They will be arrested soon as I am filing complaints with:, Ripoff, Law Enforcement in the Republic of China, the Hong Kong police, Peoples Armed Police (PAP), the Public Security Service (PSB), Quasi parapolice cheng guan & I am going to ruin their web presence online & take away their freedom to ensure they will never defraud anyone ever again...    SCAM *** RIPOFF *** FRAUD *** CON ARTISTS *** SCAM
Entity: Internet, Internet
31, Report #1039346
Mar 30 2013
03:10 PM
Green Acres Sporting Goods Stolen Layaway Gun - Misappropriation of legal Layaway Merchandise Jacksonville, Florida
I had a layaway on hold at Green Acres which I made a substantial Down payment on.  It was agreed to be held up to until Christmas 2012.  I borrowed the money from the bank to go and pay it out BEFORE 12-25-2012.  When I ask to pay it out I was informed that Green Acres had sold my Gun!  I was told they would re order it and call me when it came in.  I waited over a month and no call ever came.  I take great insult to this as it was a contract.  I think it was wrong, if not illegal for Green Acres to do this to me and I will never shop there for anything ever again, nor will I ever recommend them to anyone ever again. Below are pictures of three of the men responsible for this Rip Off.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
32, Report #1391386
Aug 09 2017
05:55 AM
Guangzhou Jianhua Sporting Goods Factory Dishonest company, promises a great experience, but ripped me off in the end. Guangzhou Internet
I ordered a fusion dining/pool table and in the beginning they were all keen on getting me on board but the lady I dealt with called Laura Jenny ended up being very dishonest.   I'm not going to write half a book becasue they aren't worth more of my time but I'll just sum up the issues: - First issue was her communication is just aweful. She keeps asking the same questions. - When the goods got to Auckland, New Zealand, the Logistics company couldn't release my table becasue they did not have the bill of lading and the reason for that was that they had not paid their shipping company. Laura's answers via WhatsApp were:  We didn't pay the shipping cost In our factory, the boss didn't pay the shipping cost to the logistics company   You can go to Alibaba to complain The order is guaranteed transaction In our factory boss didn't pay Our boss didn't pay shipping company, they didn't receive money, they don't send me documents My Boss, not a good man You need to complain to Alibaba, tell him my boss doesn't pay I've told my boss many times to pay He is not a good man, he is old man, in his fifties, in his old age, he has no mailbox These messages went on and on and on and on, just like the above, same all the time for days. Finally he paid anyway, so there really was no point delaying the whole thing.   - Then I received the bill here from the logistics company and guess what... it had a charge from their shipping company on it for US $113.14... even though I had a contract for all shipping charges to New Zealand included. Alibaba conveniently didn't want to do anything about it because they put Handling fee on it... that is such bullshit, what a SCAM and DISHONEST bahaviour. - Next up!!! When the table arrived and I unpacked it, the top has scratches all over it and when I did make a complaint about that Laura had the nerves to respond with the following: Before the shipment of our factory the buyer inspected the quality of the products without any problems The buyer is in the process of handling and assembling The product surface scratches the problem It was the buyer's own improper operation I mean, are you serious??? How is that even possible? She sent me some grainy photo's and how can I inspect them from New Zealand when she is in China. I have to be able to trust them when I am paying for a custom made table. - And last, after all that, when the table arrived I received children's pool cues??? When I agreed to buy this table the contract was for 4 cues to be included. I asked her what the size of the cues were and she said: Please don't worry, the cues size of the dimension is made according to your requirements It turns out the 4 cues are 120cm long (48 inches) which is a children's cue size. I tried to amicably solve this issue with her and she has not answered my messages and after I told her all this information she tried to change the contract and put in it that the included cues are 48 inches??? She can't change the contract now, after I have already received the goods that are not what she promised, it's just ridiculous!!!  This company is a big FRAUD, the are LIARS, SCAMMERS and they will try anything they can to get out of issus even though they say they will look after you and solve any issues you have.  
Entity: Guangzhou, Internet
33, Report #1305121
May 12 2016
08:04 AM
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1343806
Dec 17 2016
10:44 AM
Teams Goods Team Sports Wear Swm Warren Ohio
Purchased a NY Giants Jersey for my fathers birthday on October 29 2016 for $89.98. My father noticed the NFL emplum was faded and the Nike logos that are suppose to be on each arm were missing and the collor was off lined. It was a counterfeit jersey as we already have a couple of Jerseys from the NFL site.  Went to the company website to the return link and it stated that you had 365 days to return the product if for any reason you are not satisfied.  Contacted the company it took 3 days before anyone answered me. After a couple back and forths the response was would I be willing to take a partial refund and keep the product as a return would have to be to China and the shipping costs would be very high and the chance of the product getting lost was great. They offered me to take a 15% refund. I told them I wanted a full refund as their website stated and why couldn't I return it to OHIO. My invoice says Teams Goods United States. Since then we keep going back and forth with them giving me the run around. They say OK I can return the jersey for a full refund. I say OK can I have the return address. They respond telling me to  pack the jersey could and take it to the carrier and refuse acceptance. I tell them OK give me the return address and the carrier that they used. They just keep telling me OK return the product for a full refund. But they give me no return address. I'm getting no were. This site obviously is not a USA company and is not in the USA. This is a company in China selling counterfeit jersey's.
Entity: Swm Warren, Ohio
35, Report #1188139
Nov 11 2014
07:04 AM
Entity: West Chester, Pennsylvania
36, Report #817261
Jan 03 2012
Intended to purchase full set of Taylormade irons -- price was good, photos were of the real deal, and website stated the company has a no questions asked return policy.  When the good arrived, it was obvious they were NOT authoentic, totally counterfeit and of poor quality.  When I asked for the address to return the items, they responded by stating that they'd give a 10% refund -- after I refused, they upped it to 20% -- after I demanded the address for the return, they have COMPLETELY ignored me.  In short, this website is selling counterfeit goods from China and literally ripping off the American public.  In addition to this report, I have reported the website to the authorities, but may be just as (if not more) effective and shutting these scammers down.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #453287
May 19 2009
09:39 AM anaboliczworld taking money and not sending goods. Istanbul Internet
I sent payment to anaboliczworld for product to be sent. they informed me they do not ship to my country any longer. I have used them 4 or 5 times in the past. Before I sent payment, you have to send them your billing address and shipping address. It was then, they should have informed me they no longer ship to my country. Instead, they directed me instructions where to send the payment. 2 days later after they received my payment, I received an email stating they no longer ship to my country sorry for the inconvenience. I sent 4 or 5 emails to them with no response. Bohemian Mississauga, OntarioCanada
Entity: Istanbul, Nationwide
38, Report #753669
Jul 16 2011
06:02 AM
I would like to issue a complaint against Supply cheap golf (,they are not the real thing if it comes to supplying original golf accessories. They are advertrising they can better any other golf retailers price but as we all know it is easy to do that if you sell fake goods. I received the driver on the 15th March 2011 with a flex shaft and actually ordered it with a stiff shaft,i took it this morning to my local pro shop to put a other shaft on and that is where i got the bad news that ive bought a fake R11 Taylormade driver. The golf club cannot be adjusted as a original should and we even broke of the screw because of the bad workmanship,this complain i hope will go out to all the poeple out there in the world to warn them not to make the same mistake as me.
Entity: hong kong, Internet
39, Report #960278
Oct 25 2012
09:30 PM
I purchased a New Era Leather Raiders Baseball Cap from this website. it was $65. I received it 4 weeks later, scrunched up in a tiny box. It was a cotton fake, no name brand. it was crumpled up and unwearable. I contacted the website and they said to take a photo and send it which i did. I said I wanted to send it back. They said that i should send it back because it will cost me too much, but they would be happy if i kept it and they would offer me 20% off my next purchase with them. I said that they need to pay for it to be returned and send me the hat i ordered. They said it wasnt their fault (supposed shipping company error, yeah right) and therefore not really their problem, but they will push to offer me 30% off my next purchase and can i give the hat to a friend that might like it instead. When i said i will not be purchasing another item from them ever again and to stop offering me a discount, they offered me 50% and that they will now be out of pocket to offer me such a discount. After looking on the internet and finding this site, i saw another person had the same experience with them. Almost identical. They have 2 websites and do not buy from these people. they send fake goods and are a total ripoff and the customer service is really bad. After i informed them of this website and the other report i havent heard back from them.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #1194760
Dec 11 2014
02:57 PM
Customsportsgears Took my money, did not deliver goods. Shanghai Internet
I ordered a youth track suit on this site and payed by credit card, I never received the goods and the site is gone!!!  
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1373667
May 17 2017
06:10 AM
fishingreelbest Hardy Hakim Rian Hidayat Took Payment for goods and never sent them........ Lampung
fishing reel best is run by the same con man set up as Banax Tackle Shop,  Hardy Hakimthey even have their own shipping company web site,  so that they can give you  tracking number,  very good,i paid them 3200usd with no goods getting to me,  got to Singapore Airport and they stopped replying to my emails when the goods sat there for over a week,  they still there to date...
42, Report #75630
Dec 22 2003
06:06 PM rip off Sarasota Florida
I ordered Jordan sneakers for my son in mid Oct. They were suppose to be shipped in 2-3 wks. After several emails, they finally answered stating sometime after X-mas but not sure when. Size 12 was a very popular size!! Phone number is not hooked up yet. Should have known they were phony when they would only accept a postal order. Have requested my money back several times with no reply. Nancy Phoenix, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
43, Report #209592
Sep 05 2006
03:38 PM
Wicked Rocket - ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
On 05/18/06 I purchased an ATV from wicked rocket yet have received it.. On 07/25/06 after calling to get shipment details we were told they were waiting on tracking number to forward to us. After several weeks of this game I decided to cancel my order and have been told my refund would be received in 8 to do business days. This have not happened and I cannot get through to them. Only get their voice mail and no call backs. I was getting this ATV for my little girls birthday and never received it..A Great Big thanks to Wicked Rockets for my five year old birthday present that she never got and I'm out over $550.00.I guess their family enjoyed it better than mine Jason Arab, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
44, Report #209001
Sep 01 2006
08:50 AM
Weslo ripoff Lousy product Logan Utah
I purchased this about 6 months ago. I put it together and viola!! Not!!!!!! After I put this together I noticed that the counter did not work, so I followed all directions (which involved taking the WHOLE thing apart completley,) and still could not get it going. I should have taken it back then and there but I decided to be lazy (it would have taken another 2 hours just to take it apart again,) so I decided to just use it without the timer and counter. It worked OK, after about a week the belt started to slip so I followed all directions to tighten it, as I did 4 times!! I wasn't easy to take it apart to preform this procedute. Now the belt has fallen completly off!!!! It is really difficult and time consuming to get it back on!! Talk about frustration. So unless you would like to take this thing apart every few weeks (it takes about 40 minutes after you get good at it) to fix it, I suggest you spring for a better one. Tanya Indio, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Logan, Utah
45, Report #173579
Jan 27 2006
02:26 PM
Linson - ripoff Fraudulent Internet
I got my skate shoes from Linson inc. I Opened the box and found oil from the spare wheels leaked on to the white shoes. I tried to clean them but the oil had seeped into the rubber soles. I contacted linson e-mail the minute I opend the package. I even attached digital pictures of the problem for them to see.I have tried to contact them several more times in the last 2 weeks and got no response what so ever. They are just ignoring me. I have no faith in them ever resolving this issue and think that nobody should trust them with any purchase. Frank Coral Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #215181
Oct 11 2006
05:40 AM
Skateamerica ripoff San Diego California
They owe me 70$ for a pair of shoes I never got. Didn't get any refund either and when i tried to contact them they just ignored me. Dont do busiiness with this company! Worst company I have dealth with since I started to buy over the internet some five years ago. Fabian GothenburgSweden
Entity: San Diego, California
47, Report #204013
Aug 01 2006
03:36 PM
Mxmotorsports dishonest,fradulent billing Wellington Florida
We purchased a SSR pit bike on our credit card form mxmotorsports inc. The bike came in a timely fashon but had been damaged in shipping so we refused it. We agreed to have them ship another bike, one week later the same damaged bike showed up at our home, we refused it again, and cancelled the order! Well eight weeks and over fifty phone calls have gone by and they havent credited our card yet! Now they wont even answer the phone when we call. My son is fourteen and doesnt understand why they wont return his eight grade graduation money he spent to buy this bike! As a father I honestly dont know what to say other than some people can not be trusted son. Help me return a smile to my sons face, and his money back to his account Please!! Sincerly Billy Jones Billy Minooka, IllinoisU.S.A. CHARGES TO YOUR CREDIT CARD If the charge was to your credit card (not debit card, check card, or checking account), contact the credit card company as soon as possible to request a dispute form. Consumers usually have a little longer to dispute fraudulent credit card charges (up to 6 months), but it is better to act right away. In this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful since fraudulent companies often won't contest the disputed charge. In rare cases, credit card companies will review disputes, but refuse to reverse the charges. If this occurs, complain to a manager and let them know you will be filing a report here. Remember Don't let them get away with it!Make sure theymake the Rip-off Report.. The more Reports filed on a Company or individual, the more likely it is that the authorities, media and attorneys will want to take action.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #203023
Jul 26 2006
11:03 AM ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
Wicked Rocket sold me a defective kids ATV. They made several attempts to send parts to get it repaired, finally they agreed to take back the bike for a refund. This was March of 2006, it is now July of 2006 and I have yet to recieve any refund. I call and e-mail weekly inquiring about the refund, each time I get the comical response of 'The check's in the mail'. Before you buy from this company check the internet for other complaints. A search of google will show multiple web sites hosting complaints against wickedrocket of defective ATVs, poor customer service and generally just ripping off its customers. If you want company that sells a poor quality product, has no return/warrenty policy or when they do accept a return refuse to refund your money is a good choice. My advice would be to spend the extra money for a honda or suzuki and get a usable bike with a usable warrenty/refund policy. Sean Owings, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
49, Report #131645
Feb 16 2005
06:57 PM ripoff misleading photo in ad Ebay internet
seller uses photos in ads then ships different items. Then claims that item discription explans differences. Ebayer Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #134554
Mar 10 2005
10:15 PM
Bicycletires ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
I ordered a parks crank puller on November 21 2004 from the website. Weeks later there was a message on my answering machine declaring that they did not have the part in stock. I called back leaving a message that I wanted my money back. I have since called and e-mailed several times, with no response. Joseph Abilene, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana

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